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Zac Efron is a Lucky One

Zac Efron is a Lucky One

Zac Efron hops out of his Audi and runs into a studio in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The 20-year-old High School Musical star carried around a pamphlet with “Lucky Ones” printed on it.

And if you haven’t already, check out the clip below of Zac playing around with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. The couple take dolls (“action figures” as Zac likes to call them) of themselves and talk in funny voices. Zac even takes a big bite out of the Vanessa doll head!!! Check it out!

10+ pictures inside lucky one Zac Efron running up a storm…

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Play With Dolls

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  • Valjam

    not so intersting 1st?

  • xoxo


  • kgg

    That video is hilarious! Looking good, Zac!

  • Renesmee

    Hahaha, Vanessa’s so cute.

  • JU!!!

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! ♥

  • anon

    the video is so funny, theyre hilarious. love em both!

  • michelle

    I love that video. it’s so funny. I love Zac and Vanessa. They are so cute together.

  • zanessafan4eva17

    super cute can’t believe he bit her head funny lol love them
    zanessa love

  • cl

    Aw I love him. And that video is too cute & hilarious, they’re wonderful together. Reality is nice. one of your pictures upside down or did zac fall?

  • manny

    lmao i love that video. zacs so hot

  • nadia

    for me zac , I dont like any more

    funny video

  • mishyB

    WOW I SAW THIS VIDEO LITERALLY TEN HOURS B4 THIS WAS POSTED. its really cute!!! I LOVE ZANESSA. STAY STRONG! haha Zac “why are you making my voice so high?…that’s better.”

  • mizwildthing

    aww so cute lovin zanessa and why did he bite the dolls head??

  • tia

    even when hes dressed like a boy

    he still looks like a girl.

    him and joe jonas should start a line that sells hair straightners and cosmetics.

  • yets

    cute i love zanessa.

  • katie

    is he gay??? hes very feminine! like his face and hair


    i love video
    i love zanessa

  • mishyB

    ♠♦♣☻☺♥ ♀☼♪♫ª↕│‼◄‼↕♫►•►►◄◄lol random stuff

  • naaagaah

    lovin zanessa. thanks jj


    ainnnnnnn love youuu Zac!!!

  • debra77

    I try not to jump on the ban wagon of the “Stars of the Minute” In about 5-10 years I want to see where all these kids are. If they are still popular and still somewhat relevant then I may be impressed. For not I’ll just say they are the “In” Celebs. But the “OUT Door” is always opened and waiting for them to enter. I wonder if someone could name the young stars popular 3 -5 years ago. Where are they now? There is just too much hype surrounding these kids who have not really done anything except sing and star in a very orchestrated vehicle. I don’t know maybe I’m to cynical… But I see this happening all the time.

  • iellidy

    zac parece estar bem, belo ragasso .
    o vídeo e manerissimo show.deus abençoe zac

  • laura a.

    so funny video

    HSM3 rockz!

  • happy lol day

    :) adorable! I always think at first glance it’s Jared Leto! Nope it’s Zac :)

  • :)

    I feel bad for V, having to pretend to be some gay guys boyfriend. Knowing he has no real interest in her at all…must suck.

  • grace

    love zanessa!!! and zac!!! video is super super cute! (bites dolls head) “wait, whos dolls are these?!?” lol so cute

  • mhay

    love the video thanks JJ
    We Love Zanessa.
    God Bless.

  • alessandrah

    awww Papii

  • vanessa .h. fan

    Dang those jeans are tight.

  • zanessa 4eVERRR!

    finally! lol
    ZANESSA is soooooooo cute in the video!

  • zanessa 4eVERRR!

    finally! lol
    ZANESSA is soooooooo cute in the video!

  • tami

    zac is walking on his head? funny.

  • Malia

    “The Lucky Ones” is a movie directed by Neil Burger.

    Isn’t is showing at this year’s TIFF?

  • Loiusa

    The boy needs a haircut now. And he better not take the scissors and do it himself. Lol.

  • manny

    aww he’s so cute!!
    the vid is hilarious!!
    haha when he bit gabbys head!! “wait whos are these”
    love them!!

  • ashlee

    if he’s going to wear his hair long he needs to comb it back off his face so he looks presentable.

  • star

    lol very cute

  • iluvmiley

    that video was so funny! i think my cousin has that troy doll…i mean action figure

  • Malia

    Here’s an excerpt from article about MAOW:
    Efron is stretching his talent in new directions. He shows truly impressive range here, as the heady environment of the theatre awakens his character’s confidence and brings him to an inevitable clash with Welles.

    Yeah for Zac!!!


  • Princessmikayla90

    That is like the funniest thing i have ever seen.
    i was pretty much on the floor pissing myself =P

    zac biting the dolls head was like ummm kinda weird.

    heheheh love zanessa stay strong =) cant wait for hsm3!!!


  • Amelia25

    I love the video, is so dunny. Beautiful couple.

  • kgg

    For information on “The Luck Ones”, try this link….it says it is being distributed by LionsGate and premiers on 9/26/08:

  • narf

    Aww, cute video.

  • emilie

    the video is hilarious
    and Zac is looking mighty fiiiine

  • marie

    haha cute video! i love when he says ‘ why you’re making my voice so high?” and the part he says ‘ my hair is not like this, he has a great hair” vanessa laughs so hard hahaha

  • Malia

    I thought maybe Zac might be going to the premier of “The Lucky Ones.” But if it’s on 9/26, he will be on the HSM3 promotional tour. I think.

  • jo

    they’re cute

  • http://hsm-rocks abi

    WOW I SAW THIS VIDEO LITERALLY TEN HOURS B4 THIS WAS POSTED. its really cute!!! I LOVE ZANESSA. STAY STRONG! haha Zac “why are you making my voice so high?…that’s better.”

  • Kelsey

    Two things I love:

    When he genuinely sounds annoyed….”Hey!”….when she starts using her doll to wail on his.

    And how cute and shy Vanessa is! She once said that he literally makes her laugh constantly, you can see she’s got her giggle on when he starts criticizing her high Troy voice. She also barely makes eye contact with him throughout this, and her eyes kinda dart towards him twice when he’s showcasing his Troy Doll action moves. For having dated for so long, she still seems shy with him, in this video at least. Sweet.

  • Kelsey

    OK, what does this mean:

    “This is Right Here, Right Now, and you’re chilling on my tree fort…”