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Charlize Theron is Mile High

Charlize Theron is Mile High

Charlize Theron walks side by side with Stuart Townsend to the premiere of Battle in Seattle at the Impact Film Festival in Denver, Colorado, the Mile High City.

“I’m incredibly honored to be a part of this film,” Charlize said. “It is the kind of film that, when you walk out, really makes you want to go out and be proactive.”

Battle in Seattle centers around five fictional characters whose lives intersected with the 1999 Seattle protests against the World Trade Organization. Although it began as a peaceful protest with a goal of stopping the WTO talks, it escalated into a full-scale riot and eventually, a State of Emergency that put protesters against the Seattle Police Department and the National Guard.

Battle in Seattle stars Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, and Michelle Rodriguez, and will have a limited release on September 19th.

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  • Suzan


  • sinna


  • sarah

    such a sweet women <3

  • mediterranean

    She looks gorgeous, he looks good but they don’t look handsome together.

    He looks so boyish beside her. She needs someone else with more manish look. Someone like ……

  • zoe

    she looks gorgeous! i dont really think her boyfriend matches her but as long as she’s happy…

  • udgfyt

    someone like BP or GC?LOL
    She is so pretty.

  • udgfyt

    zoe, I agree with you…
    He is ok, but not that good for her…

  • angie

    she’s such a beautiful lady :-)

  • Halo

    nice sandals

  • Halo

    nice sandals

  • P

    Stuart is sooo hot :D

  • angell cakes

    are u kidding me!!! lol i just love stuart, i agree with u #11!!!

    i think they are perfect for each other, and they both seem to be really happy. i mean who cares if they dont seem good together, opposites attract right?

  • Madge

    Stuart is gorgeous! Always was, the perfect man Great actor too.

    So, all the 100+posters about her politics are eting crow today, eh?

    In Denver to meet her boyfriend, LOL

    MEDITERRANIAN: a couple cannot “look handsome together” That isn’t even English.

  • Madge


    You are an idiot. Sometimes a thought expressed clearly but simply states the facts best.


    You’ve never met Townsend or Theron. You know NOT one thing about either one of them. They have been together for 6 years and are happy.

    They are people, not a fashion advert for yu to style.

    BP, as you call him isn’t even half as handsome as Stuart. Have you ever met Pitt? I have. Too thin, effeminate mannerisms, pock marked face, not very bright, pothead, changes wives/fiance’s every few years. Are we up to no.5 now?

    Stuart, classicly trained stage actor, international humanitarian, doesn’t cheat, educated and in love with Theron.

    Watch “Trapped”, maybe you’ll figure it out.

  • Cheetah

    I love Charlize, and i love the fact that she is with Stuart. Them both have the same interest and are somehow opposites who make the other complete.

    I have to admit, picture wise Stuart isn’t as good for her as George Clooney when she dated him.

    But everything else is just PERFECT!

  • marisol

    he is soo hot

  • tm

    she’s always so stylish! Look at her outfit with the bracelet. Stuart is so cute. I don’t know what you guy are talking about. And you can tell they are really in love. It’s not a fake thing played up to the cameras like so many hollywood couples. She belongs in the films from the 40s. She’s not even wearing that much dramatic makeup, it’s more of a fresh clean makeup look and look how gorgeous she still is? She’s the classic beauty of our time. And yall leave Stuart alone. Have you seen him in Queen of the Damned? Enough said. lol.

  • tash

    anyone know who her dress is by?

  • Rochelle

    Um…I am from Seattle and lived there at that time.
    It was NOT that bad! Jeesh, way to try and make a movie out of nothing.

  • angell cakes

    lol tm, oh yes!! queen of the damned is where i saw him first, and BAM! i fell in love!!! and then i found out hes with charlize and it made me soo happy!!

  • tiffany

    God i love this beautiful couple ! they are so hot and so down to earth , they are not a media whores ,they are talented, in love, and private.

  • Nikki

    Mediterranean…I agree.

    I think Charlize and Will look so much better together.

    They were smokin’ hot in Japan last weekend.

    Wonder if it was their stylist who had them in matchin’ colors or Will and Charlize’s idea.

    Queen of the Damn?!?! Wow that’s the “boyfriend’s” claim to fame.

    K. No wonder I’ve never heard of him.

  • sarah

    What a natural beauty, with a barely makeup and looking even more gorgeous,i love her she is a class act, she is down to earth, talented, and funny.The dress is hot .

  • John

    udgfyt @ 08/27/2008 at 10:13 am

    someone like BP or GC?LOL
    She is so pretty.
    I agree with you. Stuart is ok, but his star is not big as her. They don’t look match.

  • clara

    I like GC but i have to say that i don’t find him as hot as Stuart ,i mean George used to look hot in the past few years but now he looks like a gray granpa with his gray hair, puffy eyes..he looks old they will not match,as for BP he is wrinkled now and he is blonde( and why bp since he is married and got silly and idiot)…i would see charlize with Stuart or Christian Bale,johnny deep.. charlize seems to prefer a masculine guys with a black hair rather than blondes.. she is more into the males with a black/brown hair stuart and johnny look similar. she is more into that style of male.

  • cp

    They are hot,young,talented , i pick the younger,hotter, fresh,low key man and a smart one aka stuart anyday! stuart’s directorial debut movie Battle in Seattle is a master piece . Can’t wait to see his up coming creations !

  • marica

    Charlize Theron looks soooooooo gorgeous. Stuart Townsend is really hot too!!! My favourite couple in Hollywood.

  • alex

    I sound like a broken record – but Charlize Theron is very beautiful woman indeed. Love her outfit.

  • LILY

    love the lena wald spike earrings!

  • linda

    beautiful woman but I hope she quits smoking. smoking will damage your skin and health!

  • Screensonic

    She is more kind of obliged to part of that production, not honored, because it’s her ex-bf’s directing project.

    She is so lovely.