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Daniel Radcliffe Brings It To Broadway

Daniel Radcliffe Brings It To Broadway
  • Daniel Radcliffe takes the Broadway stage
  • Jessica Simpson is not with child, but with dog
  • Adriana Lima pairs up with Doutzen Kroes
  • Missy Elliot, Slipknot, and The Verve drop albums
  • Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are still going strong
  • Ben Affleck leads the way for the Democratic National Convention
  • Liz Hurley is back together with Hugh Grant
  • Karl Lagerfeld designs a teddy bear that looks like him
  • Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan and singer Michael Bolton have called off their engagement, the actress’ spokeswoman said on Tuesday.
  • Ben Stiller has been selected as this year’s honoree for the Museum of the Moving Image’s 24th annual black-tie salute.
  • Britney Spears won’t perform on this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, according to her manager.
  • Twelve movie extras are seeking $11 million in damages from Tom Cruise and his production company after suffering broken bones, cuts and bruises in the filming of World War Two picture Valkyrie in Berlin last year.
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  • Kellie

    Yum! Daniel Radcliffe!! Glad you’re finally starting to post more on him!!!! :) And I’m apparantly 3rd… but i’ma guess that i’m actually… 5th ?

    Kel xx

  • Agus!!

    Oh, Daniel looks so cute in the photo (L)

  • katty

    handsome Dan, thanks for posting more pics of Daniel

  • cHRIS

    I am sure he is quite nice and genuine and better in most respects than 99% of movie stars. Still as he as grown up the unique innocent charm that he had in David Copperfield and the first Potter movies has faded away. I saw him last night on Conan and instead of the delightful kid of earlier interviews he came across as just another Hollyweird actor. He laughed a lot, as they always do, nervously and pointlessly, talked about really nothing, and had a self confidence that blotted out the diffident shyness that used to be so adorable. Of course people grow up; sadly enough when they were perfect as children, as Dan was, that process often is for the worse. I wish him well, but he isn’t the unique person of yore. Where has that adorable little guy gone to?

  • tarly!!!

    yay dan! ♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥☻☻

  • Kellie

    In reply to Chris …. Its odd.. Because that Conan interview seemed to me to be one of Dan’s more childlike interviews… the giggling was just that, nervous giggling and i find it totally endearing ! He full out laughed a lot too, throwing his head back uncontrolably… I find that most hollywood actors DON’T do that… they’ll laugh politely.. and chuckle along with no meaning.. not full out guffaw !!

    Dan also went off on a couple tangents .. about how he got lost while out running on his own and how some american names make him laugh! Surely that is more interesting to listen to that the usual response to questions ? And not many people talk about things like that? Not that I see anyway! They don’t seem to be genuinly interested in what the interviewer is saying either? nor do they respond with such eagerness!!
    But yeh I personally find he has sustained a lot of his adorable qualities…yes he has gained some confidence, which is good ! Everyone needs to have some confidence in themselves, particularly in the film industry!! If he didn’t he’d get shot down in a heartbeat! And I suppose to some people , they mistake the odd showing of confidence as arrogance?

    But trust me, that adorable guy is still there! I just don’t know why you didnt see him?

    Kel x

  • tERRI

    He is so charming and so fuinny . The ” little boy of yor” as Chris put it is still there oh yes. He is one of the sweetest people God ever put on this earth. And is so easy to talk to. Some friends and I got to meet him 3 years ago for a brief few minutes. Since he will be doing equus soon I am bothered NOT by the fact that he will be naked for 7 minutes at the end of the play BUT how the media has ONLY fixated on that making some people outraged. They must not know what the play is about. That ending is a vital part of the play. He DID NOT write the play. And he IS 19. He should not be seen as just Harry Potter BUT as a person first and an actor second. The media needs to stop this hype about Dan being naked and write about what the play is really about. It’s about a disterbed young man who has a fixation with horses. If these people who are uncomfortable about Dan being naked at the end of the play no one is pointing a gun in their face and making them stay. They can leave or not even go to the play. Young people under 18 can’t see it anyway.

  • tracy

    wow that’s great

  • nomy

    hot dan is hot

  • cHRIS

    Sorry have to disagree. Look at his interview in 2001 with Regis and Kathy and you will see the big difference. Even an earlier interview with Conan where he was more composed and did his twisted hand trick was far better. This time the laughter with Conan was nervous and artificial; Conan and he laughed at everything as is typical, say, of Jake G. when he has an interview. You can say “I walked around the block” and everybody would be laughing hysterically as if they had never heard anything so hilarious. Very little calm and charm; just hysterical laughter to fill the time until the interview was over. I have no idea what is charming about asking ambulance drivers the way; or talking about another actor, Oldman. I fear you are blinded by adoration for Dan, He has grown up, is doubtless and nice guy, or seems so, but he has become just another movie star doing publicity for his movie. And giggling and laughing nervously through his interview about basically nothing. The little boy is gone; face it. He has vanished.

  • cHRIS

    It would have been a much better interview if Conan had teased him about being naked in Equus. He could have asked him if he came to the US to show us his “peen” and why did he think we needed to see it? Is he so proud of it he thinks the world, not just the UK, needs to have a peek? Has his peen grown recently? Does he want to show it off periodically? Does he show it off to attract dates? Why does he think “private parts” ought to be “public parts”? Or perhaps pubic parts? He could have taken that and run with it and it would have been really entertaining. Make Dan embarrassed. He is always more charming when he is embarrassed.

  • Vfan

    Dan does not look good.

  • Juno

    YAYY, Dan-yellow-teeth hat left UK
    You can keep him, we’ll not miss him at ALL

  • cari

    Seriously?? Ben Stiller gets the award??? NOT Chris Nolan??? How craptastic of them!

  • J

    agreed with Vfan ! ^^ ( too old )

  • breanie

    There are people that love Dan, there are people that don’t. I’m of the former. He charmed me when he was eleven, and he’s continued to impress me as he’s grown up. I think he’s simply a good kid (no drugs etc…) that has worked nearly full-time over the last 7 -8 years, and earned a fortune in doing so. How many teen’s can say that? I wish folks would give him a break. All the mean comments about his looks/appearance are so unnecessary. I wonder if those that make this type of comment could stand up under the public eye themselves and be found flawless…

  • cHRIS

    He doesn’t look “bad”. In fact when he is fixed up and shaved, etc., he is a good looking kid/young man. He goes around scruffy due to his Equus role. And he doesn’t any longer have the charm of his childhood. He has some appearance problems, however minor. His eyebrows are too heavy and thick and he is too short. He will grow to look “interesting” but not conventionally handsome. And of course Hollywood can fix you up so you look good even when you don’t, if you understand what I mean.

  • Sarah

    Chris why are you so negative??i was reading the comments in Youtube and EVERYONE think that he was adorable,charming and funny in Conan.Yes,he not looks excellent in the picture but you always look fine everyday??

  • Katty

    he’s a hottie, very charming, talented and very smart.
    Even with the scruffy look he does look very handsome, nothing Hollywood made up like Zac or other kids from Hollywood,

    I pretty much disagree with Chris, Dan was very cute in the show and very an easy, even tho I can see that he had a few nervous laugh which is normal for someone that doesn’t like to be seens as cool or Hollywood looking!

  • mary

    Well, Chris, your peen comment just revealed what an idiot you are. One minute you lament his lack of innocence and the next you wish Conan asked about his peen. Yes, that would have made it a much more innocent interview….

    People grow up. You should look into it.

  • cHRIS

    Oh Mary, you don’t get it. You see if Dan still had his innocence and then Conan teased him about his peen that would have been the catalyst for a lot of fun. Dan would have been embarrassed and giggly like a baby being tickled. Dan is always more than okay in interviews since he is a cut above other Hollywood types, but he was a lot more charming when he wasn’t quite so self confident and professional. The longer he stays in the businesss the more self confident he gets, and the less charming as a consequence. The sad thing about being an actor is that after pretending to be so many different people you lose what you really are and get hollow. To fill the void, many turn to drugs. Brando turned to eating . You give up your own soul if you spend you life pretending to be other people, people other than yourself. You hollow yourself out.

  • cHRIS

    You need to distinguish between being a child actor and an adult actor. When you are a kid actor, the whole thing is a lot of fun. Being on set is like being in a vast playground. Dan has said as much. He adored being able to goof around on the set swinging from the props and playing, etc. But when you grow up, the whole thing becomes just a job like any other and you get cynical about it. He is getting too old to just goof around on set and now he obviously is becoming a hardened professional. You should have seen the documentary re Brando that showed how lots of movies are filmed. People don’t even need to remember their lines since they are held up for them off camera and they just read them as they “act”. It is all complete fakery. And most scenes are done in bits and pieces and them stapled together in the cutting room. There is no “soul” in it. Just mechanics. And most actors, as a result, turn out to be rather hard, not very nice, people interested only in the money involved. Brando made that clear.

  • cHRIS

    Acting on stage and in the movies is very different and that is why most movie stars don’t go on the stage (a few do, but very few). I recall once seeing Bette Davis on stage (one of her very few ventures out of Hollywood) in Chicago where she was playing the role Ava Gardner did in the movie of Night of the Iguana. Problem was, she kept muffing her lines, forgetting the dialog, and trying to “wing it.”. She played the role for a week or so and then quit. She never went back on stage, as far as I know.

  • mary

    No, Chris, I get it. I’ve read your posts here and on the other Dan thread (new pics), and you like to have conversations with yourself. Go right ahead.

    People grow up. To me, he’s fun. No, he’s not a jumpy teeny any more, but that’s okay. That can be annoying. Nothing worse than people who don’t grow up.

    Oh, and if you want an interviewer to talk about his peen, you’ll have to find someone else and not a middle America talk show host. I’m sure Dan would answer just about anything because HE ALREADY HAS.

  • 4444