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Gisele Bundchen is Super Mom

Gisele Bundchen is Super Mom

Brazilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen shows puts her mommy skills to work as she enjoys a relaxing day out with quarterback boyfriend Tom Brady and his young son, John Moynahan.

What a cute family!

Gisele was playing with John and she was giving him bottled water,” a spywitness shared. “She was really looking after him.”

Added the source, “Gisele and Tom just sat there talking and laughing. It looked like a nice family afternoon together. At one point, Tom put John on his shoulders and danced around. He looked like a terrific father.”

John turned 1-year-old earlier this week. His mom is actress Bridget Moynahan.

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  • Cait

    I love seeing little babies drinking out of water bottles. John is so cute the way he’s standing with his arms out like he’s trying to balance himself!

  • Veezy

    It’s called a PHOTO-OP. Since when do they mingle so PUBLICLY? They claimed to be so private. Please, it’s nothing more than an effort for Tom to prove he’s not a deadbeat dad.

  • edie


    That title is so offensive to Bridget Moynahan, the boy’s birth mother and the woman who is taking care of the boy on a daily basis.

    Exactly how is Gisum a super mom? Because she plays with the kid a few times a month. I don’t think so.

    You are shameful.

  • atelier

    thank god is not gisele`s
    she is too beautiful and too stunning to get pregnant

  • jenny

    Brady and Bundchen are total media wh*res.

    Obviously this is a staged photo op to make Brady look like a doting dad, because there is no way paparazzi and photographs can get into Gilette stadium unless they have official authorization.

    Not only are Tom and Gisele media wh*res, they are also hypocrites because they claim to want privacy and hate photogs, but they happily and shamelessly use it to try and make themselves look good.

    So much for protecting your kid’s privacy, Tom.

  • Paula

    omjoe, she’s brazilian and i’m too! thats soooo beautiful.. haha, omjoe, how i want to be famous :O
    she is so beautiful, love you gisele

  • theoriginalbiotch

    oh no you didn’t Jared!!!
    daddy’s current piece o Azz is not that kid’s mom!!!
    How tacky.

  • pamela


    How dare you use such a title?

    I agree with the other posters – it’s offensive and tacky.
    Not to mention it is untrue.

    Bridget Moynahan is the super mom here. Why not give her the props she deserves for doing such a great job with her son on a daily basis.

  • t.

    the head line is TOTALLY out of line
    but I like tom gisele and jack is a cutie

  • Antineah

    Why is the baby named Monyahan instead of brady, didn’t he recognize him?

  • Kelly

    I think Jared is being sarcastic…..

  • Dani

    What would all you haters like? For Tom to totally ignore his son? For Tom to have gone back to BM after he broke up with her and then she found out she was pregnant? For Giselle to treat the child meanly?

    I think it is great that she accepts the little boy and makes an effort to be a positive influence in his life. Why turn this trio (Tom/Gisele/Bridget) into a stressful situation for the kid. I don’t particularly care for Ashton, Demi and Bruce, but I truly admire the way they put the kids first and are able to do things together for the children (or young adults now). Why should this baby be punished because you all don’t like Tom and Gisele palying with him. A child can never have too much love and too many people carrying about him or her. So be happy the child has three adults who appear to really love him.

  • stunned

    awww, thats so nice Gisele is trying to be close with Tom and his baby. I give her props! and quit this business gisele vs. bridget. they are adults and actually get along, despite what the media likes to portray. it’s not highschool people. Gisele is a wonderful person. (and gorgeous) hehe

  • go sox

    Gotta agree with everyone here about the title of the thread……it IS offensive to Bridget. It may have said Giselle is playing mommy, or something like that.

    Here’s another example of the media trying to cause problems. GIselle had nothing to do with JJ and this thread, but she’s going to be the one blasted for it.

  • bella

    agree with #14

  • JLS

    Nice try Tom. Won’t work. We still don’t believe you.


    WHAT? HOW IS SHE A SUPER MOM??? JUST BECAUSE SHE’S PRETTY? GEEZ, JARED! Mom is some one who look after you every minute of the day since inception. Gisele, in this case, is just a girlfriend of John’s dad. get it now?

  • pinkydoo

    she doesn’t seem the least bit interested in that kid!

  • bobbi

    Oh for crissakes, it’s great that it appears all these ppl are tying to get along for the sake of the baby which is most important.

    I agree w. #12 wholeheartedly. No need to repeat.

  • jill

    oh puhleze, is this the same woman who said that a 4 month fetus was just a speck right about the same time that Bridget was 4 months pregnant? Such hypocrisy on her part and now she’s playing mommy to Jack. I think their image is forever tarnished because of how they treated Jack’s mom when she was pregnant….Tom wasn’t there for her at all and because of all the hype surrounding the hoopla, he decided that he should play daddy once in a while. I’m sure if Gi had her way, he wouldn’t have anything to do with his own child. The super mom here is Bridget because she’s putting in all the hard work of being a mommy day in an day out. And why does it seem that there’ s always a picture of these 2 with jack when they come visit him?

  • milan

    Publicists are telling their clients to parade their children in front of the paps and act like they are “great moms”….than they have all their friends tell the news magazines that the celebrities are great moms, some friends even go as far as saying that they have never seen such great moms….give me a f#cking break. These celebrities exploiting their kids day in and day out are pretty destructive and disgusting. When these kids grow up they are going to be f#ked up!!!!!!

  • jo

    haha number 16…..

  • Bonitto

    I am laughing how you people are speaking for Bridget Moynahan, shut up fools and let Tom & Gi enjoy his son, so what if bridget moynahan is his mother – everything Tom or Gi do you all find fault, you people are sickening and insane – stop the hating you all make the world look bad, fucking jealous swines you all are.

  • Sunny

    Tom cant win with a few some…he is seen with his son on the field after practice…that is no photo op. Its life and Tom is being the man he is…a GREAT man and I bet a great Dad. If he’s not with his son, he’s deadbeat.

    People, what do you want from this guy? Face it, it was Bridget that screwed up this whole mess. She was not over Tom, tried to trap him and when he didnt cave she just got bitter and made it hard for him. Meanwhile, he has taken the high road and been there for his son. Mostly NOT publically. However, Bridget poses on OK magazine with a 4 week old and that is cool….not so fast.!!!! If anyone here is a media whore or just whore in general it’s the real mother!!!! She doesnt get the attention of Tom and Gi because BM is only famous for having Tom Bradys baby. Other than that, she is a dlister nobody!

    She is obviously still not over losing Tom. Cant blame her. Must suck to see him so happy and her son so happy and adjusted to life with his Daddy and Gisele. I hope it hurts like hell. The same hell she TRIED to put Tom Brady thougth.

  • happy lol day

    Gisele found the fountain of youth she is so pretty :) I think people would think a model doesn’t have time for children but she is looking very sweet there. I don’t know about titles but she is being super “mom” like :)

  • Kris

    Horrifically Offensive! Let’s not give undue credit to two people who do not spend much time around the child. Tom Brady will never be anything but a part-time dad.

    ALL credit should be directed to the child’s single mother – Bridget M.. If anyone is a Supermom, it’s all the single women out there trying to raise their children, basically alone.

  • dan’s mom

    I agree with those above that the title is an insult to John’s mother, Bridget. Gisele is not his mother; Tom may be his biological father, but cannot have logged very many hours with his son at this point. But if the father & his GF want to spend time with the little guy, and his mother has no problem with that, and the baby’s loved, then it’s all good. Personally, I don’t understand parents who are okay with visiting their babies “once in a while”, but whatever . . . Tom’s the one who’s really losing out here.

  • ihb

    I second Bonitto. I agree that calling her a Super Mom ( because of the super model status ) is over the line I certainly don`t believe that Giselle is as bad as some of the jealous and bitter posters here think.
    A good photo op? If it comes to someone else you call it a paparazzi picture and just because you don`t like Giselle in her case it`s a photo op. Get over yourselves, get a life.

  • neil

    # 12 Dani @ 08/27/2008 at 8:27 pm

    There idiots, Dani. Ignore them. This is a very sweet picture. Giselle is being a good girlfriend while Tom and baby are enjoying each others’ company. Thanks, Jared.

  • oldjg

    Wow, water. Why didn’t I think of that? No wonder I am a terrible parent. I never gave my kids water when they were growing up. The horror and shame that Gisele has brought down on me.
    I better go now. I have a bunch of brown plants to get rid….oh wait. Damn it, not again.

  • Leona

    Bridget?The BITC*…the glam GOLD DIGGER

    oh shut up

    i see gisele more time with the kid….and bridget?oh,buy some s*** with the brady’s money.


    giselle and brady PERFECT caple,a REAL perfect family,bridget is juts a pi*** of **** a GOLD DIGGER

  • gollal

    Well, the bottled water shedyke gave the baby was to get rid of him–a game of fetch–the same game she plays with daddy a.k.a errand boy.

  • Grc

    #2 and #5: Could not agree more.

  • vhc2

    Uh oh….I think Bridget Moynihan may be mad at Tom and Gisele….hopefully no one else was drinking out of the water bottle except John. Otherwise, Bridget may go bonkers if she sees those pics. I wouldn’t care myself, but I know parents who would care about cross-contamination, whether they’re crazy or not.

  • Linda

    None of know the true story here folks. For all we know Bridget lied about birth control to get herself knocked up. From what I can see – she’s a biatch. Remember how she pimped out her son, eyes barely open, just weeks after he was born? Shame on her.

  • Linda

    None of know the true story here folks. For all we know Bridget lied about birth control to get herself knocked up. From what I can see – she’s a biatch. Remember how she pimped out her son, eyes barely open, just weeks after he was born? Shame on her.

  • susan

    Maybe a employee took those photos and sold them? Plenty of media goes in and out of the stadium daily. Maybe the took them. The photos are not clear. No way Brady would do a photo op with his kid.

  • remy

    Horrible, Jared. There is one Super Mom in this scenario and it’s Bridget Moynahan. Kudos to her, she’s a much better person that I.

  • Mia

    Nice pictures, Jared.

    Good to see John spend some time with Tom and Gisele. I know people think it’s horrible for her to be around his son, but that’s just ridiculous. This is the woman he is building a life with. It didn’t work out with Bridget, and that’s life. None of these people should be castigated for their decisions. They have to make the best of the situation for John.

  • LD

    This guy can’t win with some of his haters. I don’t really have bias here, in fact I am from rival NY and think Gisele is fug. That said, I don’t see this as a photo-up and I think it is great that all parties seem to working out their differences for the good of the child. I’m sure Bridget will be cringing when she sees these pictures, but she is doing the right thing by letting Tom develop a relationship with the baby. In the end, if she made it difficult for him, the kid would be the one to lose out on having a father in his life. Sooner or later Tom will have other kids, maybe even with Gisele. So establishing a strong relationship now between them all is a good thing imo.

  • Photo op

    You can’t tell me that Gillette security didn’t stop photos from being taken – Tom and Gislut are trying to salvage their reputations. This is Bridget Moynahan’s son – nothing to do with Gislut. Tom Brady dissed Bridget during her whole pregnancy – he was beyond cruel. He doesn’t deserve this beautiful child but Bridget wants her son to know his father. Shame on Tom for using his son in this photo op!

  • tc

    Wait a minute! I thought Gi was green now and only used filtered water at the house. Is that a commercial water bottle instead of a re-useable? DId they not re-up Brady’s smart water campaign for another year? Is it not good enough for his son?

    I don’t get it. Are they green or do they only support others being green?

  • Paul

    I loved to see those pictures! They are so happy together…. John doesn’t feel to be around strangers at all. He seems to be very confortable to be with Tom and Gisele, which proves that they are very present on John’s life.
    I loved to see that they do those kind of stuff. Enjoying a beautiful that with a beautiful kid!
    Just PERFECT! It’s great to see that things between those people are very nice!

  • lilly

    Tom and Giselle are not perfect but I cannot cheer a `super mother` either posing in underwear in a nursery ( oh, I mean Bridget ). Now that`s what I call a photo op.
    No matter what Tom and Giselle do you guys always going to have a reason to hate them. Why cannot you just get over it and let them be.

  • wow….

    I hate this couple so much and I’m not hating on them, I simply hate them!! They seem so fake and this attempt to look like they give a shit about Bridget’s son is appalling!!!

  • jaye

    wouldn’t you like to know what Gisele is really thinking when she looks at that baby?
    Good Grief SUNNY , do you have inside information?

    happy lol day @ 08/27/2008 at 9:00 pm

    What’s up with that comment that Giesele found the fountain of youth? Are not NUTS?! She’s not even 30 years old. lol.

  • alkimi

    Why doesn’t the kid have Brady for a last name or in his name? I’m not a big fan of them so I guess I don’t know the story…

  • anon

    Great his spending time with his son!
    But does he have to have the Gislut there always?!?!?

    Anyone else think Vida was drinking from that bottle too…..(let’s hope he/she has his/her dish)

  • Photo op

    Jack Moynahan doesn’t have the last name Brady because Tom was doing the new secret hookup Gislut at the same time he was in a realtionship with Bridget. He then decided to dump Bridget when she got pregnant and ignored her during the whole pregnancy – no support whatsoever – while he went on his world tour of public displays with the superwhore. He showed up after the birth for a few hours, but didn’t see his son again for months and months, preferring to spend the time with his superwhore. That is why this young boy has his mother’s last name and not the sperm donor Brady’s. Why doesn’t he go have a kid with Gislut now. Can you imagine the combo of the faces of those two – poor kid if they ever have one.

  • sarah

    HELLO she is not his mom, she is the slutty homewrecker that ruined their family!!!!!!!!