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Jennifer Aniston Gets Revenge

Jennifer Aniston Gets Revenge

Revenge is sweet and Jennifer Aniston just may be plotting hers!

According to OK! magazine‘s latest cover, Jen is said to done with John Mayer and finally over her obsession with Brad Pitt.

Will tabloids finally side with Jen? Are the “Poor Jen” stories coming to an end?? Just maybe???

Other pictures below include the 39-year-old actress arriving at West Hollywood’s Madeo restaurant on Tuesday for dinner. Aniston reportedly dined with director Woody Allen.

OK!‘s cover image is from this set of photos, with Jen wearing the boyfriend jeans.

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  • happy lol day

    :) Talented lady like her should move on, she has so much to live for don’t worry about men anymore. When the right one comes along she’ll know :)

  • Jules

    Who says she even thinks about Brad? Anniston doesn’t.

    Stop making stuff up to get clicks on your pathetic site Jared.

  • then&now

    Hasn’t she been all about revenge. Oh, puleeze.

  • gforce
  • gforce
  • um

    What end, she didn’t have an obsession with Brad. The tabloids need to give it up, and let it go already. It has been years.

  • Rain

    gforce, there is no denying the Jolie-Pitt kids are very cute but so will Jenn’s when she has them. Give Jenn a break, there aren’t too many good men around and she has had her share of losers but I’m sure she’ll finally end up in a good relationship. Stop comparing her to Jolie, she wasn’t the one that broke up a marriage so why is she constantly being punished.
    Go Jenn! You look great but stay out of the damn sun.

  • hahaha

    So she was obsessed with Brad, I doubt she finally is over Brad.

  • me

    Wasn’t OK mag the reliable source that claimed Jenn and John were getting married just a few short weeks ago?

    Or have I got the wrong mag?

  • oh pleassseee!

    She is so telling. The one photo she made sure her ring finger which displays a cracker jack ring is photographed… I mean she has not put a ring on that finger in photos since her divorce, why now????

    I smell pr plant: Hmmm, let’s see Brad Pitt this week in Venice, oh yeah she has to top him! Troll has not moved on.

    If she wants to change her pitiful image she can do it overnight by performing in a porn flick. That will put a halt to the boring triangle & pitty stories. She will get rid of the minivan society forever.

    If she don’t want to do that then she can move her boring ass out of Hollywood and go hide under a rock somewhere.

  • gforce

    jen’s wishing for?

  • why?

    Why does she wear a ring? Does she still dream of marrying John? What a loser.

  • Opal

    Yeah I doubt Jennifer Aniston even gives a hoot about Brad Pitt and it’s just the greedy tabloids and obsessed fans that keep up the hype.

    Even she did still have a thing for her ex-husband, wouldn’t most of us if our spouse abruptly left us for someone else and we had to have our private lives splashed over every media outlet in the world? While our ex and his new life were painted to be perfect, no less.

    What happened to sympathy? Are we all just a bunch of judgmental, hypocritical, gossiping high schoolers?

    You seem like a smart guy, Jared, and are obviously much nicer than a lot of other entertainment blogs out there. But gossip and celebrity obsession is ruining our society and wasting our time. Why don’t you shut down your celebrity blog and make better use of your time?

    As for the rest of us, let’s spread love, not hate!

  • dits

    revenge? :O great… I will wait for another VF interview :P

  • Opal

    Wow! Is it still the 1940s were a woman can’t wear a ring on ANY finger she wants to without having a ton of speculation thrown at her?

    People, LOVE!

  • To Jules

    if you, Jules, think that this site is pathetic why are you here? Must like it pathetic then, huh? And, Jennifer is jennifer, she is over both men, Come on, she dated other men… she’s gonna find someone someday.

  • argi

    Oh, please, L E A V E HE R A L O N E.

  • poor Jen

    poor Jen will never get over Brad Pitt. Everything to her is about revenge. She should know she never will win.

  • boo(real)

    Why does it have to be revenge? Revenge against who???? Brad?? who has not been anywhere near her disaster-of a-life for 41/2 years.. or that fiasco that was the John Mayer publicity stint????

  • tia

    number 2- If you think this site is ‘pathetic’ then why the f*ck are you even on it?!?!

    doesnt make any sense..

  • go jenn!

    Go Jenn! She is such a great gal and actress. I’m glad she has moved on from John Mayer..they just were not on the same page, sadly.

  • boo(real)

    I am soo tired of this has been and her rejected hag club. Maniston is the symbol of every man that REJECTED THEM. Maniston is their pathetic poster child.

  • NightNurse

    Botox’ed. Kind of scary.

  • hm

    The only reason she is perceived as Poor Jen was because of the interviews she did with Vanity Fair and Oprah. She made herself look pathetic and now it is coming back to bite her in the a**.

  • 93

    “Her obsession with Brad Pitt”

    They shouldn’t have really phrased it like that. If it’s true, I’m glad she’s finally letting him go. She really needs to move on and find that guy she deserves. Hope she has better luck with relationships in the future though.

  • some advice

    Why can’t some of you jenfans get the word to her that she needs to jettison her PR and stop the pity party. She can look at the behavior of both NicoleK and UmaT for pointers, neither of them have been viewed as pity party victims for years after a divorce but as strong adult woman (maybe the difference is that they are both mothers).

    Almost four years later jen is stuck in a rotating wheel that is going nowhere fast in endless circles. No one in their right mind at age 39.5 would want to be seen as a needy clingy woman dumped by a younger man in such a public manner. Don’t you jenfans see that?

    And please don’t fall back on that “when jen has a baby all will be OK”, face the truth that jen does not want a baby and that is OK as that is her decision to make. What she does seem to want is a booming movie career and that is most likely not going to happen for her. I am not saying it is impossible, but look at the film roles she has lately, 2 can’t get released and 1 has been pushed back multiple times. Not a good track record. But who knows if she gets off the pity party train she might get offered a role in a good movie and achieve some of her career dreams. JMHO.

  • Kabuk1

    I honestly cannot believe that the names “Brad” and “Jen” are still being strung together in the same sentence. Theyve been divorced longer than they were married! Christ!!! Find something new to whisper about already, this is the OLDEST news ever. Yes, Angie ‘broke up’ the marriage, but it was doomed already cause Brad wanted a family & Jen wanted a career. Hell I’d have dumped her too. Why stay with someone who isn’t what you want & who is on a complete different page than you?

    It does seem that whenever Brad & Angie are in the news a lot, Jen seems to come up with some shenangans to get equal attention. I laughed out loud when I read about her & John Mayer, I thought “is she serious?!” It seemed like such an obviously desperate move just to steal some of the spotlight.

  • Maddie

    The only thing I see is a woman walking into a restaurant.

    Maybe Jared called the Psychic connection to read Ms. Anniston’s thoughts. Not even Jared would be ridiculous enough to believe anything in that OK tabloid.

    The above byline is pure silliness.

    And…wasn’t the Vanity Fair interview over three years ago?

    Seems the jared fans are the one who need to move on, LOL

  • some advice

    go jenn! @ 08/27/2008 at 2:11 am

    By no industry standard has Jen been judged to be a great actress, she is a mediocre rom com actress who is rapidly aging out of those roles. Cameron Diaz at age 35 just said she is getting to old for most rom com roles. Jen appears unable to see that sad true fact of life in the film industry. She looks in the mirror and sees a 20 something instead of reality. All the money and most expensive treatments in the world will not hold back time forever.

    No great gal acts as she has acted and invites people to view her as an object of pity and cloak herself in that role for years and years and years. Great gals do not lie down and and wallow in pity like in a pig sty.

    The residuals from Friends won’t last forever.

  • hmmm

    Isn’t it funny we haven’t seen a photo or heard from her for what a few days. Allllll of a sudden Brad Pitt get photoed in Venice, and “POOF” here’s Jenny!

    I tell you she makes herself look pitiful. Her photo op timing always seems to coincide with the Jolie-Pitt’s, you can’t tell me she does not know what she is doing. It has happened toooooo many times.

    Jennifer the gig is up, haven’t you heard the news?? No body cares about you anymore, well except your handful of holding on for dear life fans.

  • Janie

    Wasn’t the Oprah Interview February of 2004, hell I was even married then, I watched it with my bridesmaids, now I have a 3 year old!


    Move on people !

  • Jojo

    is that an ENGAGEMENT RING ? what’s happening?

  • Madge

    The Vanity Fair interview was summer 2005, the Oprah question was in Feb of 2004.

    Move on people !

  • Janie

    Sorry, I was NOT even married back them, and yes, my child was concieved after my wedding. I’m not an actress.

  • http://deleted addictedfan

    First !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jojo

    Isn’t it funny we haven’t seen a photo or heard from her for what a few days. Allllll of a sudden Brad Pitt get photoed in Venice, and “POOF” here’s Jenny!

    and isn’t it funny how Jen A and Mayer are well known for being very into photography and snapping pics of eachother and POOF, Brad decides to snap pics of Angelina with the kids?

  • Janie


    No none of your posits are funny, they also aren’t even remotely intertwined, just go to bed.

  • lanay

    I’m more interested in that ring than the boring OK story.

  • ja

    jen is busy right now. I think she’s working really hard for her production company. She’s meeting with allen, I guess he will be the director of the movie. She’s very hardworking. I know she can do it. she’s very positive!goodluck jen. excited all your film

  • Jonston

    Anyone can see that is not an engagement ring, it’s just jewelry. Looks like a $400 ring.

    What idiots!

    Yeah right, a woman going out to a casual dinner in LA is a direct her ex of 4 years ago hiring a water taxi in Venice.

    I’m about to make toast in LA, if my ex in New York goes to the Zoo tomorrow will that also be revenge in response to my toast? I used to like the New York zoo, it could all be a spooky coincidence !!!!

    Too Damn funny !

  • rien

    Well Some Advice (29)

    Did you know that Jen won an award for directing? A short film, but it showed that she could do directing if she wanted. The film doesn’t have to be a hit, but everybody can learn.

    I agree, she doesn’t have to be a leading lady all the time. Because she can act, and she proved it. Actually, there are films with her when she was not a leading lady. But of course, you have to see them to know them. She is an actress, and a good one.

    To play a normal woman, who would not be looked even with one eye or with mouth open, is harder than to play a cool, tough one. For me, Cameron played better when she played really normal girl who could not read, and not too many make-up. Sharon Stone, on the other hand, always plays herself. Tough, cool, glamour woman. Even when she had to play a convict, she failed.

    And Jen…well, you have to see her films, before you give comment about her skill.

    I think, Jen is already somewhere beyond the grief and pain. I think it is only the tabs that cook it and serve it for us. Because they know, Jen can sell. For those who likes her, and for those who do not like her. Some times I have the feeling, she reads all the articles and laughs at us. Because when I read this article now, I ask myself “How stupid do you think I am, whoever wrote that article?!”

  • to jojo

    Hey at least Brad has something that is worthy of photographing.

    What does your Jen have her dogs & old photos of John Mayer. All there to remind her of the family she don’t have and another man she couldn’t keep.

  • jorja

    I’m more interested in that ring than the boring OK story.

    Me too.

    That Ok story is a non-article, it’s about nothing. If she looks good then it’s revenge. :)

  • mike

    “What does your Jen have her dogs & old photos of John Mayer. All there to remind her of the family she don’t have and another man she couldn’t keep.”

    I would take a photo of Mayer over a photo of 6 kids and their mother living like pigs in dirt ( they said it) anytime of the day. At least Mayer is clean.

  • mslewis

    I was watching the trailer for “The Women” today and my first thought was “That’s the kind of movie Jennifer Aniston should be in”. It stars Annette Bening, Meg Ryan, Jada Pinckett Smith and several other women of all ages. It looks funny and fun to watch (sort of like “First Wives Club” from years ago). I believe all of the women in the movie are 40 or close to it. I wonder if Jen or her people ever think about her trying out for these types of movies? Anything to get her out of that “Rachel” mode she has gotten stuck in.

    Jen might have had lunch with Woody Allen but I cannot imagine her in an Allen movie!!! He’s such a pervert and he much prefers younger women for his movies. But, if he does want her for a role, it might be the best thing for her career. Allen’s movies are hardly ever big hits but at least they get talked about.

  • boo(real)

    I think Brad is saying to the RAGS… you have NO FAKE story that we EVEN saw each other!! OR
    hooked up!! NO EFFING WAY!!! I am with my SONS!! JENNIFER ANISTON is NO LONGER a part of my life. Good luck to her.

  • melody

    boo(real), Bradley’s not smart enough to think that much.

  • boo(real)

    maniston was not smart enough to think that John Mayer was into her

  • hahaha!!

    Why oh why do the magazines like to paint this pitiful picture of Jen??

    She is probably just enjoying living her life. They paint this picture of a clingy pathetic desperate to settle down girlfriend (when she was dating Mayer) and now when they’ve broken up they’ve painted this pyscho Ex!!!! Revenge?? what revenge?? Jeez at first when I read the heading Glenn Close’s role in Fatal Attraction sprung to mind.

    There are plenty of people who are dating and breaking up and they don’t seem to get as much coverage as Jen does. I feel sorry for her but then does this not all spring from the VF interview 4 years ago. The tabloids have just clung onto that one interview and labelled her as a victim and it really has just stuck ever since!!!!!!

    We will no dout be hearing the same old story in 5 years time.

  • sonia

    the problem with the story if it’s not true is, she needs the attention, she can’t help herself, she’s a media famew hore,, but she has nothing else going on for herself, I’m sorry, she’s pathetic, unattractive, talentless old hag now, she’s been to bed with more men than Paris Hilton, the sad part is, SHE’S FREAKING 40 and dumb as bricks choosing john Mayer as a lover, i mean who does that with his reputation? young inexperience girls, that’s who, even teeny boppers knew better, this person need professional help, and hello!!!, if she is so over brad, stop competing with him, i agree with another poster, every time brad is in the news, here comes her pathetic old ugly non acting self.