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Katie Holmes is Trench Coat Cute

Katie Holmes is Trench Coat Cute

Katie Holmes sports a new khaki trench coat as she makes her way to rehearsals in New York City on Wednesday morning.

The 29-year-old actress headed into rehearsals to prepare for her Broadway debut in the Arthur Miller play “All My Sons”.

Her former Dawson’s Creek co-star Joshua Jackson was asked if he’ll see Katie on Broadway. He told media at Monday’s NYC Fringe premiere: “Of course! Of course!”

Katie accessorized with her usual Chloe “Partay” handbag and a new pair of flats.

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Credit: Dara Kushner; Photos: INFdaily
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  • moi

    Why is she dressed like it’s the middle of winter? It’s New York in August for crying out loud. Lose the trench coat!

  • sarah

    Shes cutie
    i love her much <3

  • dancer

    Cute trench coat? You’ve gotta be kidding? FUG. And leggings? Katie get a stylist.


    OH MY GOD WITH THIS HAG ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~she is only going to her rehearsals for a play that is going to close within a month of opening. She has not been wearing anything “fashion forward”, why the hell have you been posting all this CRAP about her?!!!
    ~enough already. It is getting ridiculous.

  • jesse


  • abel

    Honestly, JJ, you are out of interesting materials with all the KH postings.
    LOL :-) :-) but, you are still a Hawaii cool in my book.

  • Kiki

    I’m beyond tired of seeing these countless pic of Katie Holmes. She’s not cute, not a style icon and she’s not even a good actress. Enough of seeing her, Tommy Cruise, and that poor prop they call a kid every friggin’ day.

  • jessica

    More of Katie

  • lolol

    Some dont like Katie alright but they look at her and spend the day and night posting and commenting about her.

  • Joan

    Poor Katie is so brainwashed by tom she doesn’t know what season it is! I give that Broadway show 1 more month.

  • meg

    Hey JJ, where’s the photos of the REAL stars of the play – John LIthgow and Dianne Wiest. I’m surprised we aren’t getting daily photos of them coming and going from their play practice…or are you not on their payroll?

  • Yvonne

    FYI she is only doing Arthur Miller for a month. They wanted more months from her but she declined to do more just like she declined Batman.
    Actually there are cold days in NY when I visited there especially living in hotels is so cold.

  • *

    She is classy,stylish and very pretty.

  • poppy


  • :))))))))

    I want her attire
    for myself

  • coco

    i dig her trench coat.

  • vote mccain

    i miss her long hair but on the new dos she has she is still very lovely and more grown up and sophisticated…..

  • Cruise fan

    Me too Coco

  • Cruise fan

    Im also watching Tropic Thunder later on. I love Cruise,Stiller,Matthew and Downey Jr.

  • flying

    I heart her! She really channels Jackie O!


    Websites make money by number of “hits”, if you click on a story, then post on that story, the subject/Katie will be repeated.

    Paps will be kept on assignment to take her pic, then sell it, then it’s posted, then you click on it……………………………..

    If you want less Katie, skip clicking the Katie stories.

  • pinkydoo

    I like the post from Morons.

    I must say, I remember Katie was living in some tiny place in LA, not doing too well professionally, and then boom, Tom Cruise comes on the scene and she’s living in luxury and getting a role on Broadway. I wonder what her parents and family think of what she has done to her life. I would love to hear what Nicole Kidman and Tom’s first wife know that we don’t know already.

  • sacha

    Katie Holmes always looks beautiful. Trench coat? Two words…air conditioning. S.

  • Kiki

    Yvonne-She didn’t declined the Batman movie. She was replaced. She was under contract to appear in the sequel but the producers wanted a stronger (read: better) actress. Makes sense. Her acting skills or lack there of were painfully obvious.

  • happy lol day

    A Mini Trench! :) Cute :)

  • Rosie

    I totally concur with everything #4, #5 & #7 had to say. How about some pics of Joshua Jackson? You’ve been SORELY LACKING in them!!!!!!

  • ouch

    I don’t know- but of all the photos I have been seeing, etc..of Katie- she really seems like a different person now. More snotty.

    No more friendly, cheerful personality.

    I guess that comes with having lots of money and friends like nose in the air Victoria Beckham

  • WTF

    JJ you should have wrote:

    He told media at Monday’s NYC Fringe premiere:

    “Of course! Of course!”, sarcastically.

  • Megan fox rocks

    she looks pretty

  • Shannon

    is it really cold in NY? because katie’s always wearing scarves, jackets, etc. like its winter time. odd


    New York City Weather today:

    80.3 °F / 26 °C
    Humidity: 29%

    Erego…hot, no rain.

  • twpumpkin

    She always looks so pissed!!!! She chose to marry crazy Cruise. So why does she always look so mad.

  • Truman/ Jefferson/ Clinton

    I know Tom and Katie personally.
    I know exactly what goes on in their lives.
    I am never wrong about them.

    $cientology pays me to make sure no one will get away with making negative comments about the ‘most normal family in America’.

    #1 you’re wrong and I’m right
    #2 you’re wrong and I’m right
    #3 you’re wrong and I’m right
    #4 you’re wrong and I’m right
    #5 you’re wrong and I’m right
    #6 you’re wrong and I’m right
    #7 you’re wrong and I’m right
    #8 you’re wrong and I’m right
    #9 you’re wrong and I’m right
    #10 you’re wrong and I’m right
    #11 you’re wrong and I’m right
    #12 you’re wrong and I’m right
    #13 you’re wrong and I’m right
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    #15 you’re wrong and I’m right
    #16 you’re wrong and I’m right
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    #32 you’re wrong and I’m right

  • Rescue59


    You’re poking a stick at the little, angry alien-hugger!!!

  • Stephanie

    Oh look. It’s KrazyKatie the Robo-Wife again!! Girl looks dead in the eyes and obviously doesn’t know what season it is! I live in NY and there’s no need for a jacket, let alone the scarves she’s been wearing!

    She always looks so miserable but then again, I would look miserable too if I was married to that cult freak TC. I guess he took her baby back to LA. If I were Katie I would get a good lawyer. When the contract is up, you know that kid is going with Cruise!

  • Mary, mary quite contrary

    I know why Katie is miserable. Today one of the top Broadway writers wrote in The Times that tickets to her play are not selling!! I went online to check the availability and you can still get tickets for any night!! That’s unheard of!! No one wants to see her on Broadway or anywhere else!! Not only can’t she dress (Katie, get a stylist!!), but she can’t act either.

    Poor Katie. When she married Tom Cruise, I bet she thought it was going to give her career a boost. I guess she didn’t count on him going nuts in public and ruining her career and his.

    When he divorces her, and he will soon enough, her career will sprout wings just as Penelope Cruz’s and Nicole Kidman’s did. Until then, she’s doomed to failure!!

  • Jennifer

    #33, Thanks for saying what we’re all thinking!

    Truman/Jefferson/Clinton or whatever name she’s using today, is stalker material if I’ve ever seen one! Not only that, but she’s (assuming she’s a she) is nasty, obsessive, arrogant, obnoxious and annoying as heck, a know it all who know’s nothing at all, and a general pain in the butt who needs to get a life and get offline for a hour or two!

  • Truman/Jefferson/Clinton

    You’re all SP’s!! I know Tomkat personally even though they have a restraining order out on me! They need me to save them from all of you scary SP’s! L. Ron Hubbard demands it! I am paid by Scientology, the greatest religion in the world, to defend them all over the internet! You will submit to me or I will track you down and audit you to death!

  • Jefferson

    It’s getting really cool in NY, #1. If she wants to wear a trench coat, then let her. It’s not your problem so why so upset?

    “She’s not cute, not a style icon and she’s not even a good actress.”

    Speak for yourself, #7

    Right, #9

    No, #11. They’re just not as famous. Admittedly, they are more talented but nowhere near as famous.

    That’s not what Nolan and other have said, #24. And I think I’ll take THEIR word for it rather than anonymous bloggers on the internet.

    How is she more snotty, #27? She hasn’t said or done a thing to suggest that.

    No more friendly, cheerful personality?!?!?! Are you serious?!?!?!

    Because of all those cameras in her face perhaps, #32?

    Get a life, #33

    He’ll divorce her soon enough, #36? Let’s just wait and see…

    (And are you sure that wasn’t the NY Post instead of the NY Times?)

    SHE, #37 I’m a GUY. You got me mixed up with someone else.

    If I’M ‘nasty, obsessive, arrogant, obnoxious and annoying as heck’ then what are you?

    I have a life and all I’ve ever done was point out the fact that not I or anyone else knows anything about TomKat’s private life at all.

  • victoria

    Katie’s trench coat is great looking….. Thanks Jared as usual !!!!!

  • terry


  • Rescue59

    It’s back.
    Everyone ignore the Oedipus Complex known as Jefferson.
    Just ignore it.

  • dale


  • Jen

    She is so lovely.

  • Mav

    Josh Jackson is a very funny, funny guy. With great sarcastic wit.

    I admire his diplomacy and tact.


  • Mav

    “Of course” he’s going to see her on Broadway. By opening night they’ll be giving the tickets away for free.

  • usa


  • friends

    The real All American family in Hollywood. Looking forward to see some pictures of Suri and Tom very soon. Katie looks sweet
    and chic.

  • KrissyKitty

    #38 haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa!! you are hilarious, and a nut..

  • !!!!!!!!!

    I see much of Audrey Hepburn in her than Jackie Kennedy. I love her outfits and shoes including the sunglasses.

    My relatives in New York will be watching her play but non New Yorker moi will be missing out.

    If only Tom can pay for my plane tickets and play tickets
    (wishful thinking)