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Michael Phelps to Host SNL

Michael Phelps to Host SNL

Beijing Games hero Michael Phelps will host the upcoming season premiere of Saturday Night Live!

In front of a live audience, the 23-year-old super swimmer will help kick off the 34th season of the long-running NBC comedy show. The SNL season premiere kicks off four live shows in a row.

The musical guest for the night will be hip-hop superstar Lil Wayne. The season premiere of Saturday Night Live will air on Sept 13. @ 11:30PM ET/PT on NBC.

Phelps will also be dropping by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday, Sept. 8.

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  • tia

    oh god im seeing this picture everywhere and it creeps me out! look at his freakin head! its tiny in comparison to the rest of his body!


  • Orange Clockwork

    He’s so damn ugly.

  • picolo

    Hero or not this guy is REALLY UGLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • picolo

    Hero or not this guy IS BLOODY UGLY!!!!!

  • caroline

    I was just thinking the other day that Phelps will no doubt host SNL. Based on interviews, I don’t think he’ll be that good at hosting. The athletes never are. Oh well, I’m excited for the new season of SNL anyway.

  • happy lol day

    He has certainly become a star, he is very talented I like that he shows you don’t have to be gorgeous to be a gorgeous man :)

  • sarah

    hwo care ><

  • Larice

    He is so ugly. I am sure his ears help him to swim fast, they must be like the fish’s fins.

  • To Caroline

    I take it you use SNL as a method of inducing sleep if you are looking foward to it that much, Caroline. Give me a break.

  • To Caroline

    I take it you use SNL as a method of inducing sleep if you are looking foward to it that much, Caroline. Give me a break.

  • wow

    What’s with the photoshopping of the medals on the cover?

  • dana

    I’m sure he’s doping, just like every other athlete at the Olympics. Not impressed. Plus, he looks like a foot.

  • daisy

    why is everybody hating on michael? He’s talented and gracious and I personally think that a lot of girls like him because he comes across as a nice, genuine guy. He never claimed to be God’s gift and when he was informed of his increased hotness status, he looked embarrassed and said that he wasn’t used to it.

  • daisy

    oh, and


  • Samantha

    Geesh, people that post on JustJared are so damn rude. The guy just won 8 Olympic gold medals. What else does he have to do to impress some people? And don’t even say, be a Hollywood actor or anyone like the sort. I’m glad he’s hosting SNL. I’m eager to see it. :)

  • scout

    He is going to suck at SNL. But I do want to see Penelope one-up him.

  • AThinker

    I commend him for his achievements but this is a horrible cover

  • Luver


  • caroline

    #9 (and #10) – the hell you talking about?! “looking foward to it that much”? Yeah, I’m looking forward to a new season of a show I watch. It doesn’t go any further than that.

    Wow, you really read way too much into things.

  • Samantha

    I agree, it is a horrible cover, but why does he have to look like some gorgeous creature to get accolades? I don’t even think he’s as ugly as people are making him out to be, but we do live in a “I only care about my vanity and how beautiful/handsome I look” society. I wish I lived in the old days when other things were more important than how someone looked.

  • Becca

    lmao I know he’s won the most medals ever but seriously no way he won that many xD jk

  • cb

    wow. you can dress the monkey in silk. but it still remains a monkey.
    dude. use all the endorsement cash for a little nip and tuck.
    (start with the ears)

  • MOnika505

    Oh pls! give me break! I dont want to see that picture ever again.. I am sick of his ego!

  • misstee2U

    damn, mike here come the haters. i wonder if he was the one who suggested li’l wayne…since that’s his favorite rapper apparently….i’m sure he’ll be giving him his props since phelps said he was listening to wayne every time you saw him with the iPod on…hey apple where’s his endorsement! i guess it doesn’t do much for them that he won eight golds….

  • Christina

    It’ll be interesting to see Michael Phelps host SNL. I’m definately watching it!

    I can’t believe you guys are so mean. I’m speechless with these childish comments. You all need to get a life!!! Grow up!

  • mickey

    His face is so not attractive. I’m happy about all the medals he won and hopefully he’ll do well on SNL but that face, Oy.

  • MiHay

    Goooooooooooooooo Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #12- LOL about the foot comparison.

  • oh snap!

    hell yes i’ll be watching that SNL 4 sho, in love lil wanye <3 this is gonna be great

  • Lisa

    I love michael phelps!!

  • Michael phelps rocks

    Wow haters you need to grow the hell up.I can’t wait to see Michael on SNL.

  • Ivy

    Are you sure he won?
    Kisses from Serbia :)

  • Anal Annie

    See kids, even if you suffer from cerebral palsy you can land magazine covers and host rubbish “comedy” shows.

  • Lisa

    He can win a million medals it won’t change the fact that he’ll look like that for the rest of his life…

  • Melissa

    I knew that it wouldn’t be long before the unhappy people of the world would start bashing Michael, he is sucessful, hard working, a great guy, an awesom son. He has no ego to him at all. It is hard for people who really don’t have any success in their life to be happy for someone elses accomplishments. He has talked about being bullied as a kid, I guess your jealous comments about him just remind us that bullies never grow up.

  • jill

    I never watch SNL but I will definately TIVO it, so I can watch it later. Michael is going to be great.

  • tina

    WOW, the jealousy I sense on this website is astounding. I feel really sorry for all of you who feel the need to say nasty comments about someone that you don’t know just because it is hard to accept the fact that this kid worked his ass off and he did it without the use of steroids. He is a successful swimmer but above all he is a successful human being. He truly cares about his family, friends and helping people.

  • EMily

    this one is better than the second one (the one wear medals look like they form a women’s bathing suit)

  • Holly

    You guys are all obviously jealous mother fuckers.
    He’s a 8-time gold medalist and he gets all the chicks.
    so you all that put him down and call him ugly, stfu. jealous assholes.

    oh and when you say negative things about others, it means that you’re talking about yourself.

  • Lisa

    Oh, Holly do you know what it says about you when you go out of your way to defend a dog ugly sub-human? Yeah b-i-t-c-h, you probably look even worse than he does.

    And tina/melissa, he can swim. That’s it. Why would any one be jealous of that? You make it sound like the guy discovered the cure for cancer. How’s he successful? Because he lives in a country where sport stars make millions because of their ability to sell shoes and cars and people who do good work and who improve the lives of others get nothing. Your skewed view of success and importance speaks volumes, b-i-t-c-h.

  • Anal Annie

    @HOLLY: He gets the chicks? Correction, he gets the w-h-o-r-e-s who love money and attention. If he wasn’t America’s new it-boy, no self-respecting woman would even give him the time of day, unless she looks like you of course, pig.

  • Kaitlyn

    What is with you people? So what if he’s absolutely gorgeous? He’s not as ugly as you guys are making him out to be. I don’t think you could win 8 gold medals so shut up! Micheal is amazing and he is so down to earth so don’t even start talking about his ego! I’m excited to see him on SNL.

  • enaihs vien

    He’s not ugly! I think he’s a very attractive person. Why are people so rude. If you don’t anything nice to say, don’t say it! How would you like if someone comes up to you and say you’re ugly! MP rocked SNL!

  • Danielle

    Michael Phelps totally was NOT funny on SNL. Half the time you couldn’t understand what he was saying because of his lisp. The other half you couldn’t hear him because he talked to low. Bad move SNL. The whole show flopped the only funny part was the opening skit with Tina Fey as Palin. The rest was a snore fest. Who’s writing over there????

  • mother

    oh my gosh! please!
    He just won 8 gold medals and represented for America in the oympics. What more do you want?
    As his mother, i think your wrong

  • Mike

    I am so sick of hearing about this guy. Is he an incredible athlete? Absoloutely. Was he the only athlete at the Olympics? I’m not sure since he is all we have heard about. Alot of other American athletes did great things but we never hear about any of them since the media and americans in general continue to have orgasms over this guy. Looks do not matter, but he really is one ass ugly brotha. Move on people.