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Shannen Doherty & Jennie Garth Cover Entertainment Weekly

Shannen Doherty & Jennie Garth Cover Entertainment Weekly

Rumored rivals Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth locks arms on the new cover of Entertainment Weekly.

The reunited-at-last pair will dish on their rocky past, unlikely reunion and why the new show shocks even them! The cover feature with Shanne, 37, and Jennie, 36, will later appear on

“There was almost a comfort in knowing that I was getting to work with somebody who had been on the original with me and gone through the same experiences,” Shannen recently told Radar. “Like, ‘Okay we’ve been through the war together already.’ I never even gave any thought to it being awkward. I know how much I’ve grown up since then. I would assume that she’s grown up the same amount.”

90210 premieres @ 8PM ET/PT on Tuesday, Sept. 2 on The CW.

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  • Grace

    Shannen is the reason I won’t be watching the reprise. I was at least going to attempt it because of Jennie and Tori and in the hopes of a Kelly/Dylan continuation. But once they added Brenda to the mix all bets were off. Didn’t like her then, don’t like her now. And she’s still completely childish in regards to Tori. Grown up, indeed.

  • Melissa

    The only reason anyone will tune in is because of these two, adding Shannon was the best move they could have made. The show was never the same when Brenda left, I am glad that Kelly and Dylan split up. I never liked them together. I think it would be great if they said that Kelly was married to Brandon.

  • 90210Fanfaithful

    I agree these 2 cover girls make the show, if it wasn’t for all the controversy and media hype over the drama from years past I do not think they show would be getting this much attention. They should try and get some of the guys back too!!! The show changed once Brenda left and it was never the same. I’m hoping to love the show but have a feeling these new kids will not live up to the originals.

  • seth

    They are both ugly and looks older than their ages.

  • Sherry

    I agree with Melissa (#2). I preferred Kelly with Brandon and would love it if they had them married in the new version, even if we don’t actually see him.

    When Kelly was with Dylan she was still immature and spoiled; when she got together with Brandon, she had grown up and matured.

    I can’t wait to see if the new show can hold up to the original, and I’m excited that the lead actress is a Canadian from Degrassi!

  • Aaron

    First they got the buzz. Then they got Jennie. Then they thankfully dropped that untalented, horse-faced example of why nepotism doesn’t work (Tori Spelling…seriously. What kind of science project mess is THAT?) Then they hired Shannen, so we’d get to see Brenda Walsh, or at least Shannen Doherty in Beverly Hills again. Then we all went nuts.

    And now they’re on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Congrats producers and bigwigs at the CW. You got your pop culture moment.

    And congrats to us. We got ShanDo and Jennie Garth together again!

  • Debbie

    OMG please stop remaking these terrible shows. Move on already. Entertainment Weekly has sunk to a new low.

  • Zana

    I am a Shannen Doherty fan and I am really proud of her. She has grown up so much since her BH90210 days (obviously) and she feels comfortable about coming back, both to this new show, and to tell people her side to the story. I think she’s awesome.
    Brenda and Kelly made the show and it really was never the same after Brenda left. I’m glad both of them are back :)

  • Miha

    wow great cover!!! and Shannen looks great!

  • jenna

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! i love shannen & jennie! this is epic for sure..i just hope shannen gets a lot of screentime cause SHE IS the only reason why i am going to watch this…ohh ya and they better not bring back tori spelling, or luke perry…they’re ugly disfigured gremlin wrinkly bratty faces already got enough screen time in season 9 and 10…it would take the show leaps in the wrong direction to see them cause they degraded the original in the last few seasons…the only exception is if dylan is paired WITH brenda!!! fans want to see that the most, it been 14 years!!! dylan and kelly also degraded the original and left 99% of the fans hating the end of the original show…so why would they even bother having luke perry be paired with kelly….we all know how shitty the ratings go when they’re together!!!! ohh and i dont want shannen to deal with any triangle bullshit!! she deserves a hot new love interest..or to have dylan PURSUE her!!! and if kellys autistic son is dylans than the writers need to f*cking get off the crack pipe!! kelly had enough love interests in the original and her best fit is brandon..most of her fans want to see BK!! dk already got their lame storylines in the original…the writers would only turn off and lose their fan base(which 99%is brenda/dylan brandon/kelly fans) if they contrive another dylan and kelly situation!!

  • Sanna

    only thing I miss now is Brandon…and Andrea..and Tori…and Luke..and Steve..and Brian..

  • Sanna

    Wow!!! Jennie and Shannen look great!!!

    It`s just a nostalgic thing….this show were my company so many sunday evenings..before the boring shoolweek started again…and if I missed a episode the whole beginning of the week felt strange……and I always had a cup of tea and sandwiches when I wathed it…and there were no comercial breaks at that time…

    Now I`m no longer in highschool but I think the new can`t beat the original…but I`m gonna give it a chance.

    But the show wasn`t the same when Shannen left it.

  • sarah

    cute cover !! looking great

  • redstar

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Shannen! and I also like Jennie Garth. ironically, they are not the main stars of this show but they are getting all the limelight. i don’t even know the names of the new kids nor do i care about then. it’s all about Brenda and Kelly!

  • Rick

    These women have become cougars. Move on – nothing to see here.

  • Diana / Shannen Doherty fan

    I was not even going to watch the new 90210 until Iheard that brenda was going to be on it . I stopped watching the original 90210 after season 4 it just was not the same without

  • Diana / Shannen Doherty fan

    I was not even going to watch the new 90210 until Iheard that Brenda was going to be on it . I stopped watching the original 90210 after season 4 it just was not the same without Brenda.The only reason I watch the new 90210 is Brenda.I watched the four episodes that she was in and i thought it was so cool but i think that they did not show her enough.i was kinda bummed when i heard that she was only starring i four episodes i was hoping she would be on at least as many episodes as jennie garth.but then again i was just so thankful
    that Shannen even considered reprising her role as brenda. i say keep shannen if she wants more money give it to her she’s worth it.
    if brenda goes i go.i love you SHANNEN YOU ROCK!!! I’m your #1 fan always have been and always will be i’ve always supported you and stuck up for you. i look forward to more of brenda walsh.Also i think that you an amazing actress and your gourgeous and it makes me so happy to watch you on the new 90210.

  • Ines

    I was like 11years old when i watched 90210,was on the air when Shannen was in it,I’m from another country.But now i live in USA,so i watched on soup Chanel reruns.And i don’t know what they wore thinking to put Kelly whit Dilan that make me dislike Kelly,I did heard they wore fighting in real life.I think Jannie Garth is pathetic going in pres and talk about Shannen like she was possessed.She was desperate for a tension,but anyway I’m glad they made up.

  • alma

    It sounded like Brenda is going to have baby in the show,Looks like Ryan is gonna be the father,or would be cool to be twist,to come out that is Dylan father.I can wait to see.

  • Dina

    I loooved 90210 as a teen.
    I ADORED Brenda, and liked Kelly too.
    When Shannen left, the show was not the same.
    I occasionally watched it and sincerely disliked Kelly in the development of the character. I mean her change was not credible. The show just got so boring with everyone becoming a “saint”, and only new girls (Gina, etc) being the “bad” ones?
    It got dull.

    I just watched an excerpt on youtube (Regis and Kelly). The Kelly/Brenda reunion was moving.
    I watched the show as a teen – and it touched me.
    I am now watching the adult Kelly/Brenda regretting having lost years, and not having met. I have several very close friends I am separated from geographically (Brenda went to London didnt she in the series?) and it really moved me.
    Great idea to bring it back – Brenda was the strongest character and a fan’s favourite.

    It would not make sense if she were not there.
    Sad Brandon and Dylan are not going to be part of it.
    The other characters were less important, if one s honest. Especially Donna – come on, she was on the show because of Aaron Spelling. She s talent-free, and her character was the most boring one.
    I d love Andrea back, too. She was interesting.

  • Julia

    Love Brenda. After she left the show was never the same. If anything she was more emotional than the rest of the girls and spoke out. Tori Spelling is the real brat of the show and 90210 ended up becoming all about her, that’s what she really wanted from the start by putting Garth and Doherty against each other. She was never the truly talent of the show and clearly made Aaron Spelling put her as the main protagonist of the show. Smh Brenda should have stayed there was so much more development there for that character. Oh well