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Sienna Miller is a London Lover

Sienna Miller is a London Lover

Sienna Miller is spotted out and about with friends in London on Tuesday night.

Upon parting ways, a much older looking man grabbed Sienna‘s head to give her a kiss before he left.

Sienna, 26, and her new beau Balthazar Getty are reportedly looking at houses together. They have already looked at a luxury mansion in LA’s ultra-exclusive Trancas Canyon in Malibu.

“They came in together and were very touchy-feely,” a source tells The Mirror. “There was a lot of handholding. There is a saltwater infinity pool and an open-air shower. Sienna loved that.”

Earlier in the week Getty, 33, took a peek around a place in Malibu’s Broad Beach area but told pals it wasn’t remote enough.

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  • Halo

    I was waiting for the day we hear they would move in together. This relationship isn’t going to last…

  • Jesus

    God bless her

  • sarah

    loveely :)

  • Lori

    She looks very pretty

  • real world

    I don’t that’s going to happen to after all the stuff that went on with the media. Didn’t he was trying to get back with his wife. I wouldn’t go back with until all the legal problems are solve with wife.I’m sure that going to cost him apretty penny.He just going to do it all over again.If he cheat on his wife what you think he will do for her.But glad to see her having fun.

  • Ann

    I think that they absolutely deserve each other – two self-centered, selfish and arrogant people who didn’t care how much they humiliated the mother of his children. He is a nasty and cruel bastard and she is just a fool for not being more discreet about their relationship and causing so such damage to her reputation and career. Advice to Ms. Miller – next time you have an affair with a married man, try to do it more quietly!

  • mju8

    Why does she always look so smug? like she has just won something. Stealing another woman’s husband is not winning, it’s stealing – and nothing to be proud of!

    She should be keeping a low profile, at least until her adultering boyfriend actually has the guts to actually file for divorce


    to ann, well said ,they are looking at houses price range 12 to 20 million, getty and his wife have a 1.5 million dollar home, what does that say to you, she saw the dollar signs. its always the way , his wife helped him when he first started, now he is going for pastures new. what a waste of space, hope mrs getty gets to tell her story soon. then all the lies will some into the open.

  • Where is the money?

    He and his wife live in a $1.5M house, in HW? That’s poor people’s standard for the area. He doesn’t have money. She is dumb to risk her reputation and career for a nobody. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • shea

    I agree with the concensus of posts 6-9….

    What are we supposed to like her now???? Well, I don’t.

  • hot dating

    We are reading a lot of fake news these days. Did you remember the news about Britney’s pregnancy, Lindsay’s joining on the famous rich men seeking affairs “”"”"W e a l t h y L o v e m”"”"”"”"? Is this news true or not? who knows…

  • hot day

    We are reading a lot of fake news these days. Did you remember the news about Britney’s pregnancy, Lindsay’s joining on the famous rich men seeking affairs “”"”"W e a l t h y L o v e m”"”"”"”"? Is this news true or not? who knows…

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • C2

    1) First off, BG is still the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN so that would make SM his mistress. SM and her PR team are trying hard to turn this affair into something “romantic”(reports on other sites actually used the word romantic). We’re supposed to think that they are “happy and in love” or “romantic” because some report released by SM and her PR team says that they were “touchy-feely and holding hands” while house hunting. He always looks so miserable and bored when with her and they want us to believe that they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other? So when they were all over each other while house hunting, BG must have been wearing a pair of swimming trunks while SM was topless and wore just some underwear or a bikini bottom.

    2)That’s funny, once again it’s “pals”(SM or her PR team) that are giving details about Getty. The NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN continues to remain silent about the affair, while his mistress keeps putting out these ridiculous stories.

    3) SM wants compassion and sympathy and here she is once again trying to flaunt her relationship with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN to hurt RG/kids and to show that they are “happy and in love” to prove that everyone was wrong about them. If they are so “happy and in love” she wouldn’t have to keep releasing stories like this or having photo-ops where she is kissing the married man. Since BG is still MARRIED, no one is going to find stories about being “touchy-feely” or “holding hands” with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN romantic.

    4) Many posters brought up something interesting about BG living in a $1.5 million house and “supposedly” out with SM shopping for a $15-$20 Million mansion. We all know that RG was supporting BG for quite some time, so could it be that SM has now taken over RG role? First, we have them shopping, lunching, and once again looking at houses together. SM wants the public to think that BG is spending his money on her (instead of RG and the kids), when in reality she has been spending her own money to support him (maybe his family cut off his funds). She probably thinks that if she “helps” him out and waits long enough, that her affair with this man will eventually pay off($$$$$). She didn’t do her research, though.

    5) What’s up with these recent stories about her being seen with other men? Is she trying to make BG jealous? If she was trying to use these “SM was seen with other men” stories to make us think that she and BG weren’t together, then she ruined it by releasing this story about them house hunting. Since BG was spotted talking to another women, SM will be back in LA in no time. She can’t allow another woman to “upstage her”.

  • mju8

    Re: NONO

    You post the same thing 50+ times, and you can’t even get his wife’s name right. It’s ROSETTA not ROSEANNE you dumb-ass!

    You may think that Rosetta looks like a witch, but Sienna’s innocence betrays the cold-hearted b*tch within. Her looks will fade soon enough, and at least now people see her for what she really is, rather than the “victim” she likes to portray.

  • Love

    sienna is so hot!


    to nono, now we know why the world is such a bad place sometimes, with people like you ,i only go by facts not what i read .if you have the brain to look at wireimage you can see mr and mrs getty at the LA ANTIQUE SHOW ON THE 23RD APRIL, three weeks before getty met miller in prague, if the marriage was not happy then you divorce but you do not parade a half naked woman in front of your wife and children. , mrs getty by all account is a well like woman, maybe you have been the other woman now that makes sense. a lady in LA met getty in february in her office and he boasted to her about his amazing wife and beautiful children, but this is gossip not fact. but why should the lady lie.

  • rien

    Nono, I can read your post. You don’t have to scream.


    Indeed she is a care-free. This is something new for me. After 4 children, 8 years of marriage, and you said a complicated and not working marriage?

    What do you think if Rosetta said to Getty, “Well Babe, you can take your 4 children. I want to be free from all the problems we have.”

    Do you really think this “care-free” girl would love to take care of the 4 children?

    What would she do then? Say goodbye to Getty, when her own marriage did not work? Too complicated, heh?

    Don’t mind my question. Because I think Rosetta will fight like a wounded tiger defending her children from any danger.


    NONO you are and idiot who obviously thinks that looks are everything. It’s people like you who support sluts like Sienna that make the world such an insensitive immoral place.

  • Allegra

    It’s so obvious that she loves the pap-attention. Smug, little wh¤re!

    I hope Rosetta takes Balthazar to the cleaners.

  • al

    NONO, without you, this world would be boooooring )))))

    but with people like you, this world is doomed.

  • marcus

    Get a grip, nono! Breathe….just breathe….that’s it…in…out…in…out…in…out…

    What a coincidence…that’s Sienna’s mantra…

  • stay in UK

    Please, can’t her visas be revoked or something. Like we need yet another rich douchebag in Malibu.

  • jo

    Sienna is smug because she thinks she has won a major prize ie. getting the billionaire off wife and kids and can now live off his $$$s in luxury and that proves to her that she must be of a higher calibre than the wife etc…hence the distasteful gloat on her piggy face and mean little piggy eyes.

    But she has won nothing, it is easy to seduce a man from an older woman, easier still if she has had 4 children, and no effort at all if he is married.

    Single men are far more independent and far too much of a challenge for Sienna.

    Sienna you are a loser.

  • lindon

    Sienna looks as if she has hit the jackpot, she has always been thrifty, look at her london home, and realistically and to be objective she has pursued this relationship so fervently because she wanted to save her cash, and live off his or his family’s.

  • lindon

    Sienna looks as if she has hit the jackpot, she has always been thrifty, look at her london home, and realistically and to be objective she has pursued this relationship so fervently because she wanted to save her cash, and live off his or his family’s.

  • Wilde.

    Sienna looks so gorgeous. She’s very stunning.

    I hope her relationship with Balthazar works out. They make such a cute couple. Sienna definitely is a step up from Rosetta.

  • I mus tspeak

    Wilde, are you on crack? Sienna isn’t step up to anything. She has no tatent, whatever looks she ever had are burning away. It seems that a large, vocal majority would hang her head from a flag pole. Sienna has been ridden more than the penny ride at the supermarket. She’s stupid, classless, and skanky, and selfish. The would would be better off without her type.

    Sienna-s not a step up from a septic gutter.

  • jo

    Its true, looks are not everything.

    Besides, the only thing Senna has in her favour looks wise is bleached hair.


    wilde, how shallow you are, its not about looks its about 4 children having been humiliated and will find out one day how their father disrespected their mother , when he first met his wife they were a lovely and loving couple, holding hands etc. photo on the internet. his wife is 12 years older than miller and looks a lot better for her age.wait when he honeymoon period ends for miller and getty he will most likely treat her the same , and she deserves it.

  • melinda

    Sienner looks like she’s been rode hard. In a few years I bet she turns out to be one of those tough dames that has the raspy voice that comes with hard smoking and hard drinking, and that mucous-y cough. Classy.

  • jason

    The only advantage she has now is youth and in the future, maybe next week, maybe next year she will have no chance of keeping her man whoever they are, some truly beautiful woman will have no guilt about coming between them.

  • fi

    Yes Jason, but why would any woman want a man after he had been with her?

  • http://deleted fi

    Whats that saying you treat people how you want to be treated?

    All the siennas relationships are a free for all from now on!

  • Steph x

    *7 no one looks smug you only think she does. I love her, brilliant actress and her personal has nothing to do with any of you.


    all i can say is thank god jude law dumped her…….she used him from day one as she is doing now with getty.

  • whatever

    #35-Okay-go pick up your check from Sienna’s PR company. You’ve done your thing.

    She can’t act for peanuts. She is only famous for the men she’s had sex with. She might have been beautiful once, but now she just looks tired and used.