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Solange Knowles Mistakenly Accuses News Anchor

Solange Knowles Mistakenly Accuses News Anchor

Solange Knowles is trying to step out of her older sister Beyonce‘s shadow, much like Ashlee Simpson did with older sister Jessica. But when Solange was interviewed by Fox News Las Vegas, things didn’t go quite the way they were supposed to.

Before her interview went live, Solange was asked if she would talk about the closing of Jay-Z‘s Las Vegas Club 40/40. The answer was obviously no, so the anchor agreed not to mention it on air. Solange wasn’t aware that this happened off-camera, so after she was enthusiastically welcomed to the show by the news anchor, she sternly said:

“I have to say, that was not a very professional introduction before. Please don’t tie me into family and my brother-in-law’s establishment.”

The news anchor gets confused and profusely apologizes. Someone from her news team then blurts out, “That wasn’t live, Solange. That wasn’t on [live] TV.”

Solange didn’t look very happy. But at least we have confirmation that Beyonce‘s married–straight from her sister’s mouth! Check out the video clip below.

Solange Knowles Mistakenly Accuses News Anchor
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  • Delilah

    lol what a tart

  • me

    haha first

  • me

    oh well i was second

  • CrazyDaisy

    jezz what a snob

  • taylor

    well that’s embarrassing.
    she’s so…stupid… =|

  • k

    I have to say, Solange really strikes me as a rather big brat. Everytime she’s interviewed, she acts like she’s god’s gift to the entertainment world. Sweetheart, you’re not a star. You’re not popular. You don’t mind trading in on your family connections when it’s getting you gigs that you don’t really deserve.

    Ugh, big brat. She and her sister needed a father, not a manager. The sense of entitlement from these girls, particularly Solange, is unreal.

  • alkimi

    hahahaha… she sure isn’t Beyonce… dumb dumb dumb
    and I’m glad that she was the first to “slip” about her brother in law

  • geniass


  • Candy

    Jared, I think you mean brother-in-law not father-in-law :p

  • Matthew

    What a down-right snobby prick.

  • katie n

    This reminds me of the other stupid woman who lashed at Larry King saying ” I came here to talk about my charity work and not about my relationship to Paul.” Heather Mills (ex mrs. McCartney).. How come these women do not get it that they get invited in the first place because of these famous family members.

  • alkimi

    Don’t for get to buzz up the story so Jared will be on Yahoo

  • jaye

    I think she forgot that her sister is the one that is a celebrity. If it weren’t for her family connections no one would give her the time of day. With her attitude she’ll never make it in the business. She should put THAT under her weave and think about it for a while.

  • screaam

    what a b1tch

  • alexanderina

    LMAO omg what an idiot

  • kt

    Lol what an idiot.
    can you say wanna-be and NEVER will be lol

  • Hey Jared! it’s me again:-)!

    She sounds so stupid! Why can’t they learn to speak proper English.
    Go take care of your ugly kid, loser!

  • sillyme

    It must run in the family…or, in the water. Because, there’s something about her and Beyonce (and even Kelly) in interviews where they don’t sound particularly bright.

  • wtf

    “She should put THAT under her weave and think about it for a while.”

    BEST LINE EVER! Solange is such ghetto trash! How come no one in that family can speak properly?

  • Ginger

    That was very embarrassing. I think after that, she felt so stupid and didn’t really want to talk!
    Yeah, she does sound like brat and she’s not even pretty like Beyonce. It’s just weird how one sister is gorgeous and the other is not.

  • joss

    lol, that was embarrassing…she thinks she’s amazing and so talented, too bad she’s not, haha

    she will never step out of her sister’s shadow, she just doesn’t have that star quality

  • fuuugz

    what a stupid twit

  • caroline

    The anchor handled it well, that’s for sure.

  • happy lol day

    People born into such a blessed talented family have to have a certain amount of gratitude for their gifts, not treat people badly, know that with your amazing place in the world you can afford to be patient and kind. No need to be mean to a hard working lady who is their to help promote you :(

  • jo

    she is dumb…….that’s why she isn’t famous

  • Mario G

    HAHA seriously poor her. but that only shows how new she is to this type of stuff, and the lady handle it really professional. HAHA oh my word

  • Halli

    Look at Solange’s demeanor. Her body language says a lot about her character in this shot. Riding on your sisters coat-tails and acting like the world owes you something. F-ck off Solange.

  • tia

    omg i liked her up until now!!! what a b!tch!!! beyonce woulda acted more professional than this!

  • beasley

    wow…. she was so rude. She acted like she was too good for that show. Who does she think she is. Her sister is famous NOT her

  • Christina

    Not really feelin’ Solange’s attitude…
    Jared, don’t waste space on your board for Solange.

  • rose

    just after revealing in one of her songs that she drinks and does drugs and confirming this in an interview, she goes and does this. i think someone is crying out for ATTENTION!!!

  • mickey

    That stupid twit ought to be glad that they asked her about anything related to her brother in law or sister on air or off, since if it wasn’t for them no one would give two you know what’s about her. Zero talent and entitlement issues–scary combination. Please flush her posthaste.

  • Katherine

    haha that was embarrassing!

  • Yum!

    And THAT is why this ugly beeatch will NEVER be famous. She is rude, uncultured, lacks sophistication and poise. Somebody media train this high school drop out. Betcha NO ONE buys that stank album of hers!!

  • carol

    i love how the anchor’s smile slowly fades

  • Nel

    She looks like Orlando Jones. Ew.

  • a

    LOL, news flash Solange-you ain’t all that or a bag of chips!!

  • Me

    What an effing brat! lol

  • http://justjared constance

    that was embarassing….she looked really stupid

  • tom c

    She’s so rude. Even if the question were asked on air, she didn’t need to say it was “unprofessional” of her right on live camera. She needs to go back to kindergarten where they learn to be polite to others.

  • Seth

    The anchor did well to recover, graciaously apologizeo for something she did not do on air and go on as nothing happened. Good work lady!!

  • Mizzy

    What a biz-natch…Snobbly little brat…and solange I hope you see this…cause u suck!

  • Kaila

    what a snob. and her song is horrible.

  • Nina

    that was very rude of her! they didnt even say that. she need to loosen up her attitude!

  • Jess

    what a dumbass you’d think she’s have realised the moment they said good morning was when the interview actually began.

  • pinkypinky

    She’s incredibly rude, and dumb to boot. When confronting the interviewer, she couldn’t even get a proper sentence out. And there was definitely a lack of personality, sounding so flat and monotone.

  • DP

    Solange is bitter cause Beyonce got the looks and talent in the family.

  • MiHay

    What a snobby ass bitch! Take your attitude somewhere else you talentless brat!!!

  • Ree

    Wow, she’s just a brat.

    It sucks, because Beyonce had to work really hard to where she is now.
    But, her sister just probably said she wants an album and got it.

    She should credit her sister, if it wasn’t for her. I doubt Solange would even be “famous”.

  • robert

    that was really stupid of her! ha!ha!ha! and yup – she aint got what her sister has. and whats with that attitude – putting that elbow on the chair back sure didnt look lady like – it looked smug and uhm, yeah – uncomfortable. if she thought she could look intimidating in that pose – i think its more infuriating. honey, you dumb!!!!!!