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Jessica Simpson: Tony Romo Is The Love Of My Life

Jessica Simpson: Tony Romo Is The Love Of My Life

Jessica Simpson couldn’t be happier in life with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, she tells People in its latest issue. Here’s what the 28-year-old aspiring country singer had to say:

On finding her true love: “I just told him today, ‘You’re the love of my life.’ I don’t really ever say that to anybody.”

On changing her cell phone number and e-mail address to cut off any potential communication from her exes: “I don’t want anybody that’s been in my life [before] in my life anymore. I don’t even want them to have any way of contacting me.”

On her relationship with John Mayer, which began in 2006 and fizzled out last summer: “I had to regain self-esteem and self-value.”

Jessica‘s debut country album, Do You Know, hits stores on Tuesday, Sept. 9. You can listen to the full album at

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  • whatever yo

    sounds like John Mayer really has a way of tearing down a woman… maybe that’s why Jennifer Aniston dumped his ass.

  • JJ

    someone shut her up all she can do is pimp her relationships

  • alyson

    hate joe jonas

  • victoria

    Is she trying to convince herself, or us?? The love of her life for TODAY ?? What about tomorrow ?? Did anyone bother to ask ROMO?? He is supposedly texting Carrie Underwood…. What REALLY gives with this story.. Who cares …

  • jo

    lol she said her ex husband was the love of her life b4. lol
    i will eat my hat if tony romo doesn’t dump her.

  • mari salvo

    love joe jonas

  • http://justjared blah

    joe jonas looks like michael jackson

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    pathetic loser.

  • geniass

    Deja vu…didn’t she have a cover like this last year when John Mayer was the “love of her life”?

  • Carrie

    Someone needs to shank this dumb bitch.

  • http://JustJared WHAt

    She said the same thing about Nick. And when Nick started dating His current girlfriend, she sdaid she will always love Nick , They are still in contact and anybody she is with will have to understand that. Tell Jessica go jump…………..

  • Lemon

    Wow, she changed her email address AND her cell phone number? That’s a sure sign of true love. She’s such a loser!

  • Grace

    If she couldn’t talk about her relationships, she’d literally have nothing to say. She’s a sad, sad girl. RUN TONY RUN. And I don’t even care for him, but damn she’s pitiful.

  • yeah right…..

    Tony Romo is the love of her life….John Mayer is the love of her life….Nick Lachey is the love of her life. Have many lives has this woman lived? I doubt Jessica is in love with anyone but herself.

  • jill

    I, along with the rest of America, will be laughing at her a** once this relationship ends and everyone knows that it will…this woman needs to learn to keep some things private. Ok lets give her the benefit of the doubt that he is the love of her life..does she have to announce it to the world? If he is that’s fine but that is such a statement considering she’s a public figure and everything that she says will come back to haunt her.

  • meg

    “I just told him today, ‘You’re the love of my life.’ I don’t really ever say that to anybody.”

    so she told him she loved him on that day, what did she run to people magazine next to tell them that, and you have never said that to nobody, i thought she was married at one time in her confused life so i am pretty sure she said that to nick when they were married.

    “I don’t want anybody that’s been in my life [before] in my life anymore. I don’t even want them to have any way of contacting me.”

    honny don’t flatter yourself, your exs are proably thinking god everyday that they dumped you.

    “I had to regain self-esteem and self-value.”

    meaning i had to get a new boyfriend for the moment. sad

    when tony decides to become smart and breaks up with her maybe this will teach jessica to not run to the tabs about every little thing about her and tony. he will proably have a hard time getting out of the simpson family, if he even thinks about leaving joe simpson will proably have his rifle loaded holding him hostage. that family gives me the creeps

  • jade

    #16-yeah right,

    I was going to write the same thing. I have heard “love of my life” from her before. I agree with you.

    I really don’t care for her now. I did like her,when she was with Nick.

  • girl

    She sucks. Why is she even famous?? I don’t want to listen to her crap about men. If you ask me, it’s really immature to just change your phone number and email address every time you break up with someone.

  • v

    Barf! I doubt the exes are even thinking about her rough man face and that butt crack that she has on her chin. She needs to learn some class and not talk so much. She gives way too personal info. We all know you are a slut. Just shut up!!!

  • sinna

    JS shut the he11 up and sit your dumb a$$ down. This chick gives new meaning to the phase “bumb blonde”. Sounds like desperation to me.

  • sinna

    i mean “dumb blonde”

  • Edie

    You would think she’d learned her lesson about putting her relationships out in the public arena… some people never learn…

  • Ginger

    Tony and Jessica won’t last. He probably feels obligated to date her longer because the media is wanting them to break up so he’s just trying to beat the media.
    But I know Tony is not ready to settle down at all! If he is, he is dumber than I thought.

  • Crystal

    I feel sorry for Tony Romo. Jessica never shuts up about their relationship, she needs to learn how to keep her love life private.

  • hhmm

    She’s an idiot, why don’t you get married first to make statements like that “..he’s the love of my life…” I hope he goes back to Carrie Underwood.

  • Anna

    Does this broad know how to shut up? Seriously! Although when you have no talent, I guess you have to resort to dragging out your “relationship”. Hon, he’s gonna dump you – they all do.

  • About Jessica Romo

    Jo ,get ready to eat your hat. Meg ,Joe is not going to hold a shotgun on Tony.
    I really think if Tony Romo does not marry her during football season or right after, Jessica Simpson is going to attempt suicide or have a nervous breakdown. I said it first. Tony is going to marry her. He must really love her and want to marry her or if not ,he must know he has tomarry her becaus he has stayed in this relationship withher too long, 10 months, and Jessica is not stable and her whole career in country music rides on them marrying. She has built her whole life and country career around him. I say he’ll marry her and then they will have ababy ASAP and then get a good, nasty dirty, DIVORCE! How come Tony has never publically professed his love for her ?
    Didn’t she learn to not talk up to the press so much about your personal life?

  • flutters

    I don’t know how Tony Romo puts up with Jessica but maybe he likes that she’s completely turns into whatever he wants just to keep him happy. Not that Tony Romo’s any special prize.

    Anyone else listen to the album? Can someone please tell Jessica to stop screaming because it’s obvious her voice can’t handle the notes. In that one song Dolly shows Jessica what real singing is about but Jessica butchers its with the caterwauling at the end.

  • kk

    When newlyweds first came out, at the time Jessica’s album didnt do so well, so she re released it right at the time Newlyweds became a big hit, and in all her interviews she said “I am the happiest Ive ever been, I’ve found my true love, and life is so good” seems to me her happiness is based on how hot she is for the moment and who she is dating. If her country album doesn’t sell and Tony dumps her, then I guess she will get sad again and make a jazz or blues record.

  • bridget

    She has GOT to be brain-dead…She has not yet learned to shut up about her relationships??? Girl is freakin’ mental.

  • Sherylsp

    Good God, I agree with EVERYONE here…it’s so sad how this silly broad only defines herself and her career based on who she happens to be involved with at the time, or, I’m sorry, who’s “the love of her life” at the time. What’s so wrong with enjoying just being SINGLE for a while, Jess? Maybe get an education or pursuing your own cause for a while?? And what kind of guy would appreciate being talked about like that in the press anyway?! He must be the butt of TONS of locker room jokes by his teammates thanks to her barfworthy public proclamations of eternal love! Shutup already, Jessica—or find something worth discussing besides your sad excuses of relationships in the press…oh wait, there’s nothing else worth discussing in your shallow existence otherwise, is there? Sad, sad, sad….

  • Nébuleuse

    oh my gosh!! is joe jonas really dating that bitchy loser taylor swift?! lol eww…..i’d be better joe :D …anyway, i kinda think jessica is right to cut off any way of communicating with her exes……..but i don’t think she “never,ever ever” said the “you’re the love of my life” line to “anybody” IMO…..

  • Tealeaf

    The reason Joe Simpson in a Wig relationships don’t last is because she uses the guys for PR, and she is dumb.

  • michele


  • JB RULE :]]

    whoever said that they hate Joe Jonas is stupid
    he is freakin’ HOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!
    and whoevr said that he looks like MJ
    all i have to say is GET A LIFE and stop hating Joe

  • JB RULE :]]

    whoever said that they hate Joe Jonas is stupid
    he is freakin’ HOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!
    and whoevr said that he looks like MJ
    all i have to say is GET A LIFE and stop hating Joe


    You know a celeb is on the way out when they request with intereviews to People, US, or OK.

    Hey, Jess, say hello to Brit and Denise.

  • Tami

    A relationship should be between two people. When you’re talking to the world about it, that means things are not going well and you’re trying to prove something.

  • JANE

    you all on here have said it all!!! she never learns a lesson to keep her fat trap shu!! it amazes me……………wasn’t she in love with john mayer also?? didn’t she think she was going to marry him?? yes……
    she’s been thru how many guys???????????? and they all dump her…….. but she had to change her #…?? they dont want u jess…they dumped u…remember?????? u think sooooo highly o yourself!!! and i know u read these things……even write on here…don;t u?? yes………..
    i listened to your country album… was hard to get thru…..bas…as i knew…it is sooooooo bad!!!!! next tony will dump u…………..

  • vIvien

    Honestly, who cares about this loser? I give this relationship less than a year … she’s not news anymore!

  • ouch

    just another hollywood bimbo.

  • amanda

    It’s extremely annoying when people bash others they don’t even know .
    Yes , she’ll always love Nick . In a sense . She’s not in love with him anymore . You people have no idea what goes on behind closed doors , so all of you who have a problem with her , keep your mouths shut . And keep your opinions to yourself .

  • Jilli

    whatever yo @ 08/28/2008 at 2:12 pm sounds like John Mayer really has a way of tearing down a woman… maybe that’s why Jennifer Aniston dumped his ass.

    Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston are the same kind of pathetic losers. They need men to stay significant in Hollywood. They have no talent to live off of their own names.

  • ouch

    #45….I had to laugh at your comments. What do you think this thread is for?

    regardless…..Jessica Simpson is just another hollywood bimbo that won’t last long. simple.

  • amanda

    Oh , and if you really dislike her , stop wasting everyone’s time with your ridiculous words . No one cares .

    Jump off a bridge , it’d save time rather than having to read your stupid shit .

  • amanda

    Okay , ‘ Jilli ‘ , I think they both have a lot of talent .
    And you probably are just jealous that you don’t even have half of what they’ve got .
    So , get over your jealousy , it makes you ugly .

  • punkette

    yeah yeah!! joe jonas rocks <3 x3 <3 x3

  • mediterranean

    How many life does she have? Because so far, she had “3″ loves of her life…….. And she is only what, 27?

  • JB RULE :]]

    i think that she needs to stop advertising that she is in love
    she might want to tell the person that she loves them b4 she tells the world in “people” mag

  • SAD

    Run, Tony, run! Don’t walk, RUN!