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Katie Holmes is a Brown Boots Babe

Katie Holmes is a Brown Boots Babe

Katie Holmes sports a new pair of brown boots as she heads into Minetta Lane Theatre for rehearsals in New York City on Thursday.

The 29-year-old actress will make her Broadway debut in the much-anticipated Arthur Miller play “All My Sons” next month.

Her husband Tom Cruise recently gushed to the New York Post about his family, saying he looks forward to wife Katie‘s debut on Broadway. When asked about his adorable tot Suri, Tom said: “She’s so charming; she’s so beautiful; she’s just great!”

Tom also spoke about the stepping down of partner Paula Wagner from her post as CEO of United Artists, saying, “I’ll say this of her leaving United Artists – whatever Paula wants is what I want her to have! And I hope we’ll continue working together on future projects.”

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Credit: Ron Asadorian/Janet Mayer; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`jared, if you had another one of those ‘fake give away contest’ for those boots… you’d have 3 million comments from every bish on this site begging for “kate’s” boots. lol

  • Biki


  • Biki

    I love her, Katie and Brenda Song are my style icons. Well Brenda is pretty much the best dress disney channel girls anyways Katie is so pretty.


    It cracks me up how you write a ‘new’ pair of brown boots.


    By the way, does there really exist a person called ‘Jared’?

  • jone

    Amazing…she is so nice and sexy ,I seemed to see she had a personal account on the dating site __???mybikermatch. com? with profile and blog .what does she look for there? Don’t u want know?

  • Deneb


  • Deneb


  • lilly


  • DivaGuru

    This woman is a SKANK… Who the heck cares what she wears on her giant, Sasquatch feet??

  • -

    i knew this new thread was coming. lol. i’m wondering again what’s the next title for her next thread.

  • lilly

    For those who don’t like Katie’s pictures being posted again, STAY away from this thread.
    love katie Thanks JJ.



    Leggings and a sweater, leggings and a t-shirt, jeans and a t-shirt.

    What every middle class 15 yr old wears to Jr. high. YAWN

    For special occasions, she wears these boring basics but showcases her “personal style”, and I say that sarcastically, by adding huge overly high ugly shoes/boots that consistently DON”T match the cut, color, of the outfit she is wearing.

    They also never match the occasion. Huge block heeled shoes to a playground, to a park, to walk to work in NYC.

    Ergo, the only trend she is capable of starting is being a fashion Don’t.

    It’s obvious her life is so shallow/empty she only does this for continued paparrazi attention.

    Please no more pics of this suburban Ohio fashion victim.

  • dancer

    Well, that looks attractive, boots not zipped up because the jeans don’t really fit in them. They look idiotic on her this way. This woman does not know how to dress! If she wants to wear boots with the jeans at least choose a pair that will zip or else don’t tuck the jeans in.
    The jeans look dirty too. Thought grunge went out years ago.

  • ae

    S-L-O-P-P-Y! She does NOT know how to put herself together. You are not suppose to wear these boots the way she does. What a fashion victim and not icon.

  • sami

    So who really cares about this TWIT!!!!!

  • sarah

    So beautiful .. like usely
    love her boots

  • ally

    uh if your cankles and legs are so fat you can’t even zipper up your ankle boots you’ve got some serious styles issues and shouldn’t even be wearing skinny jeans.


    i’m sick of these kate tom crusie post who cares?! more brad and Angelina

  • Marta

    ugly shoes

  • THE girl



  • defap

    Katie looks wonderful.

  • sweetie

    Katie is very pretty but she does not look good here. Nice boots though.

  • happy lol day

    :) Cute idea. Like Tim Gunn says Make it Work! :)

  • meana


  • Debba

    Skinny boots on cankles…which she cannot even zip. She’s a flat out fugly mess. hahahahahaaa

    Tom thinks his dauhter is “charming”. It sounds like the kind of compliment you’d give someone you barely met.

    Family of FREAKS! Only in Hollyweird.

  • Debba

    “Like Tim Gunn says Make it Work”

    Like Tim Gunn says, Katie it’s NOT working.

    “…I think she’s in a dip right now,” Gunn tells People magazine. “I can’t explain it.”


  • sarisue

    Just got back from a morning at the beach. Over 80 degrees in NYC.

    Katie is in jeans, leather boots and a wool cardigan.

    Seriously, she has to suffer from some disorder. Don’t robots have temperature controls?

  • Kaitlyn

    What a mess! Her jeans are too tight for her fat legs and she’s too lazy or her ankles are too fat to zip them up. Not to mention the fact that it’s HOT in NY right now! She should try running a comb thru her messy hair too. Fashion icon my butt! She looks like a bag lady.

    This broad has no talent. She’s no better than Paris Hilton except she gets paid to be married to the biggest freak in Hollywood.

    JJ, you are obviously on Tomkats payroll. Do you get your checks directly from Tom or do they come from Scientology?

  • Mav

    But Katies believes *herself* to be a fashion icon, with style every woman only wishes they could have.

    Isn’t that good enough?

  • Sacha

    Oh no. Please no Brad and Angelina. They don’t even live in this country. French? Angelina’s mother grew up living over a tavern in Chicago. There was a French- Canadian male somewhere along the line. Their movies have never made much money. Excepting Mr and Mrs Smith which was fun to watch once even though it made no sense at all. And the Ocean whatever movies. They are just media darlings. For now. S.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Another day another Katie post , she’s so beautiful

  • victoria

    Thanks Jared !! Love that Katie !!!!

  • dancer

    Sacha–did you forget Lara Croft Tomb Raider? Made lots of money. So did Kung Fu Panda, Shark Tale, Gone in 60 Seconds. Many of AJ’s movies are art/indie/serious and she has won an Oscar, three Golden Globes and an Emmy. Although most of Brad’s movies haven’t been blockbusters, they’ve made money and most have had critical acclaim (and a few stinkers have been in there). He has been nominated for an Oscar, won a Globe and a Bafta.

    Katie on the other hand has starred in a series of blah movies with the exception of Batman Begins. Which she was nominated for a Razzie for worst actress. She did win a razzie for most annoying tabloid couple. As well as a teen choice award for her first movie. No other wins and most of her nominations for awards have been Teen Choice nominations or Razzies.

    And this is the person who is playing in an Arthur Miller play with real actors like Lithgow, Weist and Patrick. She can’t dress herself and can’t act and is married to a manic Scientologist. Gee, that qualifies her for the stage.

  • Rescue59

    #29…JJ does this daily because of the comment board. He doesn’t really think anyone cares about her boots, scarf, sunglasses, bruises, or robo-acting….the fighting on the comment board, the hits to the page…all money. TC is pure money because people will argue over and over about his freaky self. Then, a guy/girl like Truman (JJ employee? Think about it…he never misspells anything..perfect diction) will come in and argue with each individual person, prompting more commenting, thus more money.
    It’s a scam, but the scam gives more money to the pap’s, thus making fools like TC actually think people enjoy him, whereas the truth is far from that. Tom and robot think we care, because the pap’s are taking pictures of mundane, nothing moments and then the paps actually make money because JJ buys *nothing* pics for next to nothing prices. His pap has a foot fettish, too. Egads.
    Seldom are there high dollar pictures of ANYONE on here. JJ is liked among the celebrity sect because he never makes negative comments, not because the pictures are of great quality or reputation.
    It’s all quite shoddy, but perfectly legal. Capitalizing in America. That’s JJ’s cross to bear.
    That’s my two cents for the day.

  • err

    more shoes…more clothes…it all came down to shopping and more shopping.

  • b

    Isn’t she hot? It is August in New York City and last I checked it was hazy hot and humid.

  • Love

    she needs so much shoes. poor girl.

  • To Rescue59

    That guy Jefferson or Truman or Clinton or whoever he is today does this across every TomKat board on the internet. He was Yorick at the imdb boards until people caught on and now he is Collateral-Vincent there. He spouts off constantly, trying to contradict anyone with a remotely negative comment and sound smart, until the posters on that board finally catch on that his posts are full of his biased opinions only and devoid of any factual proof.

    It would make more sense if he were hired to do it, but it comes only from his warped obsessions.

  • Mav

    The likes of Angelina and Kidman use their star power to meet with official from the UN and try to improve world conditions in any little way they can, thanks to celebrity status.

    Katie Holmes uses her celebrity status to get the new Chloe handbag not yet on sale at stores!


  • anon

    Sorry to be the voice of conspiracy theories on Jefferson or Truman or Clinton or whatever – but it is an established fact that $cientologists are trawling the web in an organised manner to counter negative publicity on the cult and their high profile members.
    They have been doing this for years and years.

    In fact, if you go to youtube there is an ex member who posts there called magoo – she actually left because of her involvement setting up dummy accounts on forums and news boards. She was in the cult for over 25 years. She wasn’t alone in her activities.

    Tommy boy brings in the cashola for this cult and Katie is being groomed to be as prominent. Notice all the comments like “oh she looks like Jackie O” etc etc.

    On youtube on some highly viewed anti $cientology videos – there are literally round the clock pro cult comments left by the same users. This is a very organised approach. On the other hand the cult has a video channel which blocks all comments. lol

    This malicious money grubbing cult will stoop to anything to bring in the money. They are professionals at manipulating media and using celebrities in an attempt to legitimise their cult in the eyes of the general public.

    This is not some benign alien quasi religion. This cult operates hundreds of front groups and filters money through a web of corporations to access government funding and tax exemption.
    Ruining lives is simply the cost of doing business.

    screaming bigot is one of their favourite long established tactics.



    Jolie has never stated her mother was French. A direct quote from Allure 2004: “She (Jolie’s mother) is, however, extremely close to her mother, who is often wrongly identified as a French actress. “My mom is as far from French Parisian as you can get,” Jolie says. “She’s part Iroquois Indian, from Chicago. She grew up in a bowling alley that my grandpartents owned.”

    Jolie’s grand-father was originally French Canadian.

  • ouch

    man! wonder how many shoes Katie has? I bet hundreds??

    wanna guess?

  • m

    Looking great again Katie!! Love the boots!

  • Jefferson

    Amazing, #26. You actually spun it that Cruise calling his daughter charming is somehow wrong!

    Saying ‘real actors’ is such a pretentious thing to say, #34.

    Thanks for complimenting my spelling and grammar, #35. But I’m not an employee of anyone. Just a guy who can’t stand to see TomKat unfairly bashed.

    She NEEDS shoes, #38?

    I’m not Yorick or Collateral Vincent or anyone at IMDb, #39. I only defend TomKat here. You have me confused with someone else.

    I always back my comments up with facts. If they’re only my opinions, I make it known. I don’t even care that you don’t like TomKat. Hate their acting or fashion sense all you like. But I won’t let you spread misconceptions and rumors without backing them up.

    By the way, I AM smart.

    I hate the lousy ‘philanthropy’ argument, #40. It’s completely self-righteous and wrong. Also, hypocritical since the accuser doesn’t do anything themselves and doesn’t believe all that crap they’re spouting but say it only to bash some actress that they don’t even know and has never done a thing to them.

    It’s actually a disgusting thing to do because it makes actual, non-judgmental philanthropists look bad being associated with these hypocrites.

    I’m not a Scientologist, #41. It’s pretty crazy to think that anyone who likes TomKat must have some ulterior motive rather than just doing the right thing.

  • Mav

    Sigh. I feel like such a number when you talk to me, Jefferson Truman.

    I believe number 38 was using “sarcasm”, dear.

    “By the way, I AM smart.”

    Yes, you am.

  • Mav

    “I hate the lousy ‘philanthropy’ argument, #40. It’s completely self-righteous and wrong. Also, hypocritical since the accuser doesn’t do anything themselves and doesn’t believe all that crap they’re spouting but say it only to bash some actress that they don’t even know and has never done a thing to them.”


    Now, see what you did there, Jefferson Truman? “The accuser”? You’ve just condemned someone you don’t even know and has never done a thing to you, all based upon your own personal assumption.

    You’ve assured us you’re smart, so I know I don’t need to explain to you the true definition of hypocritical.

  • Mav

    “I always back my comments up with facts. ”

    Enlighten me as to when this occurred, because I’ve yet to see (read) it.

  • sniffles

    I totally love Katie, but she needs some help. I’m a 40 yr old mother who works full time and I have more fashion sense than this woman. She’s so beautiful, but she doesn’t seem to care what she looks like. Someone please help this woman.

  • voe

    Hers are legs not shaped for skinny jeans and leggings. The boots are ugly, as are her other shoes, as they do not flatter her feet or legs. It seems that she tries so hard to be trendy and a trendsetter that she fails miserably. She simply has poor taste. Tom’s money is wasted.