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Lauren Conrad Has Football Fun

Lauren Conrad Has Football Fun

It’s game on for Team Lauren and Team Heidi!

Lauren Conrad and her roommates Lauren “Lo” Bosworth and Audrina Patridge fumble their way onto the latest cover of TVGuide!

Most-hated couple Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are featured in an inside spread.

“I think LC is going to figure out what my sister [Stephanie] is like,” says Spencer, “that she’s not a trustworthy person.”

“Why does Stephanie have to be friends with Lauren?” Heidi asks of the alliance between her best frenemy (Lauren) and possible future sister-in-law. “I just feel like, you know, there are lots of girls in LA to be friends with.”

Where’s Whitney? Busy filming her spin-off show??

Be sure to tune into Jimmy Kimmel Live! this Friday, August 29th. Lauren will be a guest!

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  • LOLA(stop stealing my name!)

    Lauren is GORGEOUS

  • tia

    omg lo bosworth….why is she there! its so obvious that all she really cares about are the superfical things in life e.g fame, money, looking good, only being friends with certain types of people. i really dont like her. i probably dislike her more than i do heidi! atleast heidi isint a total b!tch

  • katie

    lo acts like shes still in highschool. in that pic she looks all nice and cute but i dont buy one second of it. she always acts like shes better than everyone else and i seriously wish mtv would just kick her off. i mean, she already had her 15 minutes of fame back on Laguna Beach, now its time for her to dissapear.

  • lo needs to leave the hills

    LO NEEDS TO GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gforce

    Everyone needs to leave Lo alone! She has been a best friend to LC since elementary school. She was in the cast of Laguna Beach. Chill out Dudes !!!! The on that got on my nerves was Kristin from Laguna Beach!

  • happy lol day

    Lauren is very nice seeming and Lo is sort of mean.. sad really because the show is a great opportunity to launch a career make a life and she is coming off badly. oh well! :)

  • candace

    lo is a stupid self centered biatch and gforce, no1 needs to leave her alone!! shes brought all this hate upon herself. maybe if she didnt act like the whole entire world revolved around her and lauren ppl would like her more

  • lilly

    gforce-how can you defend lo? and who cares if she was onlaguna beach! that was 4 years ago. she should have grown up and matured since then. instead, shes become even more self involved then she was when she was in high school

  • hayden

    team audrina!!! :

    lauren has become way overrated.

    lo is a stuckup little brat

    and spencer and heidi make me wanna puke

    oh lol and i forgot about whitney. the most boring person on this planet

  • Joyce

    I don’t care how long Lo and Lauren have been friends, that girl is a friggin biatch and that is the damn truth. She acts like a self entitled spoiled rich girl all the time. BLEH.

  • Amy

    i love lauren

  • liz

    spencer looks creepy

  • gforce

    I guess you guys do have a point !!!! lol.

  • Joe

    There sluts are way too overrated for DOING NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Put real talented stars like Brenda Song and Hilary Duff. Where are there girls all we see on this stupid site is ashley weedale and seelna gomez, two way too overrated disney girls with no singing talent. And what about the Jonas Bros. we never see posts about them. IT’S ALL ABOUT HSM AND WEEDALE.

  • ashley

    doooode, why the hell does spencer call lauren LC?! seriously, he has no right to. her friends call or called her that. it always bugs me when he does, cause it just proves that he watched laguna beach and all he wants is fame. :’D

    he disgusts me. so does heidi, and lo’s starting to. -.-

  • me…

    i seriously cant STAND Lo. She tries to act like Lauren and she just cant. People who say she is ugly……she is not ugly she is just not pretty, she is somewhere in the middle.

  • faylie

    Hedi is ugly .

  • AeH

    Really Heidi, there are a lot of girls to be friends with in LA?? Then why don’t you find some friends?! And that doesn’t count the friends that are cast for you on the show! YOU ARE PATHETIC!

  • AeH

    Oh yeah…and all the stuff about Lo being a bitch…it’s called editing. They are trying to create a story and characters based around a few hours of shooting. Someone has to be portrayed as the bitch! And they chose Lo.

  • LOlO

    Who is this Lo girl.

  • charlotte

    lo bosworth reminds me of that stereotypical mean girl that everybody knows but no1 likes

  • kaccee

    19-lmfao umm its NOT editing. they cant edit her to say the b!tchy things she says. they cant edit her to give dirty looks. they cant edit her to act better than everyone else.

    plain and simple, lo bosworth is NOT a nice person

  • Hilary

    lo is not a nice person and never has been. even on laguna beach. i remember one episode where Trey invited her and Lauren to this concert thing he had organised and they got there it wasnt the kind of music lo liked or the kind of ppl she would hang out with and after 2 minutes she wanted to leave and in the car she was like to lauren ‘ just not into that whole hippy, lets sing songs and hold hands crap’ or something very similar to that.

    shes just very very very self absobred and self centered and she really doesnt see the world for how it is. I would love to see her have to hang out with someone who wasnt white and blonde. shes so ignorant and narrow minded she would probably have a heart attack

  • sarah

    Nice !!

  • O

    didn’t lauren say this herself, something along the lines of….. “the show has a lot of editing but at the end of the day you did say those things and make those faces.”

  • hillsfan

    Lauren is adorable. She outshines all of them. as always

  • sinna

    it’s sad when people are “famous” for not doing a damn thing is on the cover of TV Guide. There’s real talent out there that could have graced the cover. I will be so happy when this show ends and these twats 15 mins are over

  • EMily

    team Lauren

  • Cindy

    I am so tired of these people!!!!!!!! Take them OFF the air!

  • jj4ever


  • newport beach, 92660

    **SIGH** Lauren : You probably don’t even know the basics in football.. But I still love you’re fashion sense. Lo: stop being such a wannabe, you’ll never be Lauren or Audrina for that matter. Audrina : ….you’re just awesome k? stay that way!
    Heidi : You need to take vocal lessons… sorry. Spencer : You are such a douche! How can you even treat your sister like that? Go DIE!

  • Lulu

    I hope Heidi,Lauren and Audrina can be friends again.I agree Lo is bitch.

  • Bebe

    Lauren is so cute

  • KIM

    Team Lauren and Team Audrina!!

  • Dalemurph

    I got 90210 as my main cover not The Hills.

  • levett

    i dont like lauren at all. but i definately dont like LO more than anyone. shes a total b!tch and annoying looking.

  • (:

    team lauren, all the wayy.
    speidi sucks!

  • Lottie

    Heidi was so nice before Spencer


  • Hallie

    I love Lo.

  • michelle

    I love this picture!!! All of the girls on The Hills are gorgeous except for Lo and Heidi (especially).

  • michelle

    #38, I agree. Heidi got brainwashed by Cabbage Patch looking Spencer’s bad, rude, arrogant, personality.

  • karma koma

    i don’t care, LC needs to step back and let Audrina get her spotlight! she IS the HILLS and we all know it!!! i love her in this dress …

  • Kim

    This is fake– TV Guide I bouight today has spencer and Heidi on the cover, THey look good, Somebody telling stories.

  • marine wife..

    Ok I love this show, but yea I do agree, they get paid for talking shit about on another! Why don’t they do a REAL reality show, like I don’t know……..military wives taking care of the family while there husbands are deoployed!?!? Something that really means something!

    Oh and really you can’t judge people you don’t know…… Lo may be the nicest person you will ever meet…. just cause she rolled her eyes at someone doesn’t make her a bad person! I mean come on, doesn’t that make yall bitches too for judgeing someone you don’t even know?!?!?!?