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Sienna Miller Enjoys Mommy-Daughter Bonding

Sienna Miller Enjoys Mommy-Daughter Bonding

Sienna Miller takes her dogs out for a walk with her mother Jo in London on Thursday afternoon.

The 26-year-old British actress and her Brothers & Sisters beau Balthazar Getty reportedly have been house-hunting together. The couple viewed a $20 million, four-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion in LA’s ultra-exclusive Trancas Canyon in Malibu.

A source told the Sunday Mirror: “They came in together, and were very touchy-feely. There was a lot of hand-holding.There is a saltwater infinity pool and an open-air shower. Sienna loved that.”

10+ pictures inside of Sienna and her mommy Jo

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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • 19

    She’s only 26 I thought she was in her 30′s.

  • iminlovewithjoejonas

    comb ur hair

    i love joe jonasssssss
    i hate taylor swift

  • lola

    So pretty!

  • Lynda

    She looks a lot older than 26….must be all the sleeping around she does

  • Steph x

    I love her, such a good actress & she is pretty, i like her with brown hair more.


    loose loose girl. her mama should be proud.

  • ashley

    Why do you ALWAYS copy titles from Gossip Girls?

  • Anna

    Poor thing, I feel so bad for her about all the hate.

    Dont be jealous just because she can have any man she wants, you haters! Get a life!

  • mickey

    She’s really pretty. It’s too bad she’s so slutty. I can’t help but thinking that she has herpes or some kind of VD.

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Anna,
    Yeah any man can have her. But, every man she will get and go f-king about for a while with will get an STD. Then, she will dump them and move on and give some other dude and STD. WTF do I have to be jealous of? At least I’m not a STD carrier. Her mom must be proud! LOL! :lol:

  • ana you are her know she has a disease ..haha…sienna is beutiful men love her. don’t be envious it doesn’t make you look good

  • mia

    love her hair. sienna reminds me of brigitte bardot. not as gorgeous as brigitte, but sienna is a very beautiful girl.


    $20 million dollar house, what a gold digger. Too bad Getty is broke. Everyone in LA knows his wife has supported him for over a decade.

  • Tealeaf

    ..She looks like a bland, blonde.. I don’t see what’s beautiful or pretty about her..she looks about 35

  • zOE

    Surprised she can stand up with her rounded heels.

    She’s already washed up. In a few years when she’s really desperate then she too will get a reality show and show everyone what a B I T C H and a S L U T she truly is.

  • Ruth

    First off, I was a fan of Ms. Miller’s work until recently.

    I am fascinated by the comments about jealousy. How could anyone be jealous of a pretty and talented young actress who is destroying her own career by stupidity? Several years ago, she was betrayed by her fiance who had an affair with the nanny of his children, which must have been a very stressful and humiliating public experience for her. Sadly she didn’t learn from this and has now embarked on a very public relationship with a married man + children, who has yet to file for divorce.

    If she had any brains whatsoever, she would have kept the current affair QUIET AND DISCREET until such time as he was free of his marriage. The flaunting of the affair has undoubtedly damaged her career and lost her many fans, including myself, and she can blame no one but herself for the public’s reaction.

  • Edie

    Mama S*ut & Baby S*ut- you’d think they could at least comb their hair before going out for their “candid” pap photos.

  • Lynda

    looking at Sienna and her mum it looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…………..they look like trailer trash………..LOL

  • tawi-tawi

    I like her, she is a decent actress, and very pretty, and has a style. All the haters should get a life, and not spend so much time judging others’ lives!

  • C2

    If she can have any man she wants, then why does she always goes after one that is already attached to another woman? She goes after men that are already attached to another women, because she is insecure, selfish, and only feels good about herself when she has hurt another woman. She targets married/engaged men because she thinks they are “easy targets” and that she doesn’t have to put much effort into making them like her. She just does the opposite of the wife. If the wife doesn’t go topless, then SM will make sure that she never wears a shirt/bra when with the married man.

    She doesn’t even respect/love herself enough to see that these men have little or no respect for her. She had to follow BG to Italy or LA because she thought that he was going to try to get back with his wife. She had to publicly expose her affair with BG because she couldn’t get him to “commit “to her (the release of balcony and Italy pictures) . If she had any respect for herself she would have told the married man “no” and to “go home to his wife”. If she had any respect for herself, she would work on her self esteem and let the married man work on getting his divorce.

    No one is impressed by her antics with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN. She thinks that her photo-ops with and nonsense stories about the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN are going to make people think they are “in love” and forget about the married man’s wife and kids. She was and still is wrong, people have not turned a blind eye to the pain/stress that BG and SM caused by having this affair and making it so public. She overestimated and still overestimates her “star-power” and now is upset that the media and public won’t kiss her **** or give her an award for having an affair(not a “romance”) with a married man.

    Her mother is really proud of her, she said that she couldn’t understand why everyone were upset that her daughter was sleeping with a “separated” man. First of all, a separation is not a divorce and a divorce which is granted by the courts ends a marriage, so her daughter was and still is having an affair with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MAN. Secondly, the “separation” stories were created to justify their behavior AFTER pictures of BG and SM surfaced. Her mother also was on the boat with her and the married man; however, SM and her PR team tried to rewrite history by saying that BG met her parents for the first time in Malibu. What mother is proud that their daughter is sleeping with a married man that has so little respect for her daughter that he won’t divorce/legally separate from his wife before shopping, vacationing, and “house hunting” with her daughter?

    SM is not a person to be jealous of or admire. She doesn’t get to be the victim when she is sleeping with another woman’s husband, flaunting it through ridiculous PR stories/photo-ops, and telling lies about RG/the stauts of her marriage to BG.

  • Nébuleuse

    i’m totally agreeing with Ruth’s comment!! you’re so right. i completely think the same =)

    too bad she flaunted this affair like this…made me hate her and made me think like everybody else do, she is a w.h.o.r.e

  • ouch

    Sienna- she’s the one that should be on a leash!

  • meme

    she is talentless looks like she almost 40 and she isnt even30.. her behaviour and disgusting pr spin has lost her any fans the way she callously went after breaking a marriage after a cheap flong, Getty denied it and denied it cos he wasnt seperated and didnt want to be, but she got him too wasted to notice the paps and made sure the wife was humiliated her press releases, the I moved in the house the wife just left, but hes buyign me a house cos I dont like being reminded about the wife, ‘ her pr keep referrign to her as rhe ex wife and that there was a seperation, but there is no divorce, there was never a seperation and sienna disgustingly portrays herself as the victim, no the victims are the kids,and the wife, she knew what she was doing and always does this.. she is the lowest of the low

  • not given

    Although i think (you) sienna are nice looking.If i saw you in the general public i do not believe i would recognize you.It’s amazing the harassing photographers do.

    Although it could be because i am black and you seemed to be the average,nice looking,young white woman to me.

    good luck

    citizen of virginia(united states of america)

  • amanda


  • amanda


  • shea

    I can’t stand looking at her smug face. OR her pathetic mother.

  • Firenz

    HAHAHA every man wants her because she’s what you call a “sure thing”.

  • happy lol day

    I am not that familiar with her but I would love to have a bad hair day look that good :)

  • kaitlin

    i think that she is really pretty. and you people who judge the things she does are stupid. no one knows what goes on in her life but her.

  • sarah

    love her so much (L)

  • Susan

    Call me jealous, a hater or a moralising judgementalist and I will say I am responsible for providing my child with a set of values to guide her through life, values that will help her “treat people the way she wants to be treated”. I do not want her emulating SM’s behaviour in any way shape or form and I would not want her to waste any time with a man like BG who has shown absolute disrespect for the woman he has spent 8-years married to and had 4-children with.

    BG & SM have been added to my growing list of Hollywood celebrities whose work, products, etc, I no longer support. I don’t expect that it will make any difference to their wealth,fame and celebrity
    in the overall scheme of things because there are so many who really don’t care to look beyond the superficial but at least in my home with those I care about my actions will make a difference.

  • laurie

    She is so pretty but she looks like a train wreck right now…She needs to get that hair cut.

  • geez get over it

    Why is everyone so quick to judge & blame Sienna it takes two apparently He and his wife were not in a happy marriage.

  • ouch

    #34- she had a CHOICE. She chose the wrong way and will pay eventually for her actions. Just wait and see.

    She has no respect.

  • C2

    If it takes two, then why do SM defenders always make excuses for SM and try to diminish/reduce her role in the affair, while putting ALL of the blame on BG and RG? Both SM and BG are EQUALLY responsible for the affair and the pain/stressed experienced by RG and her kids. Since BG is MARRIED, SM only option was to reject his advances for sex and move on to the next unattached man. She didn’t say “no” to the married man’s request for sex and flaunted the affair for RG and his kids to witness. Just because she is a woman and people are calling her out for not exercising control with a married man, does not mean that she is a victim of double standards. Neither is she “naive” or a victim of “BG’s charm”. She could have walked away at anytime, but instead she followed the married man to Italy and LA. Was it really necessary for her to be seen shopping, kissing, or lunching with the married man? Was it necessary fo rher to put out stories that she wanted to marry the married man? Was it necessary to put out stores that she was living or house hunting with the married man?

    Only SM, her PR team/”friends”, and mother are claiming that the marriage was over or that BG was separated when he got involved with SM. The separation stories are lies created by SM and her PR team to justify her antics with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN. The married man announced that he and his wife were separated only AFTER those pictures of him and his mistress surfaced. A denial by his friends stated that BG and his wife WERE NEVER SEPARATED when he started his affair with SM. SM, her mother, and “friends” are liars and are the ONLY ONES claiming that the married man’s marriage was over.

    SM is insecure, selfish, and has no compassion for others; therefore, she is not a woman to be jealous of or admire. She is just 26 years old and looks “used up”, no woman would be jealous of looking much older than what they are actually are. You’re upset because people are not condoning SM actions with a married man? Where is your compassion/sympathy for the real victims? You expect us to have compassion/sympathy for SM when she hasn’t even expressed an ounce of compassion/sympathy towards RG and her kids?

  • http://deleted joke

    Is that an effing wig?

  • whatever

    Sienna, you look so smug. Someone oughta slap that smile right off of your face. You RUIN LIVES BEYOTCHEE!! What a selfish spoiled brat! The world would be better if you were not here.

    The only reason anyone believes you have talent if becuase you play yourself in every role.

  • melinda

    Ruth @ 08/28/2008 at 4:42 pm

    First off, I was a fan of Ms. Miller’s work until recently.

    I am fascinated by the comments about jealousy. How could anyone be jealous of a pretty and talented young actress who is destroying her own career by stupidity? Several years ago, she was betrayed by her fiance who had an affair with the nanny of his children, which must have been a very stressful and humiliating public experience for her. Sadly she didn’t learn from this and has now embarked on a very public relationship with a married man + children, who has yet to file for divorce.
    She was “betrayed,” but she wasn’t hurt by it, because she had already left her live-in boyfriend to live with Jude just like she suddenly dumped Rhys for Getty. She didn’t deserve the pity back then, either, because THIS is the girl she is.

    And to those whining about the “double standard” that’s being shown in regards to Sienna, that she’s getting most of the blame…well, she’s courted the tabs more, and Getty is a nobody, so there you go…but let’s talk about the double standard that SIENNA possesses…Jude and Sienna weren’t married, yet Sienna (alias drama queen/media harlot) publicly threatens Daisy…unlike Rosetta (who IS married w/children), who refrains from such public displays and has the class card in her favor.
    Sienna was, is, and always will be classless. She doesn’t deserve pity because she brings it all on herself.

  • al

    jealous, hate…)). she had everything and now she loses everything. just like she loves to say “the damage is done”. yeah, the damage is done, and people will always remember her as a sl*t and not as an actress whatsoever. there is only one way now for her to be remembered for her work and for people to go see her movies. it’s a tragic way.
    as a matter of fact, when I look at her now, I think we all should feel pity for her, and her mother shouldn’t have sent her to the boarding school. but now she is who she is, and you can’t straighten a bending tree.

  • degzy

    I think if you look at the images more carefully her right eye is bruised. And her careers over. I’m from the UK and she is hated.
    Career suicide aided by incompetent PR….

  • http://deleted janet

    Its probably a mixture of hair extentions and obsessive backcombing! see her hair with natural colour-

  • Lynda

    her hair extensions look as bad as Britney’s

  • victoria

    WEll, SAID RUTH, NUMBER # 16…. and FIRENZ NUMBER # 28 … Her Mother looks as pitiful as she does.. trying to look like her daughter, does NOT appeal to many… It is sad…

  • clara


  • real world

    WHY bring him back up again and their stupid relationship.WE all know what she all about.She nothing but trouble and a golddigger at heart.. So this suppose about mother and daughter bonds.she didn”t bring her up right.

  • Sandra T

    I still remember the outcry when Jude cheated on her with the nanny. At the time, it was poor, poor Sienna. Bad, bad Jude. It’s like Jude was the most horrible creature on the face of the earht. The message was: “How could Jude cheat on such a beautiful, lovable girl”. HA!

    No one ever questioned why Jude cheated on her.

    Sometimes people cheat because they are selfish and emotionally immature.

    But most of the time (in Jude’s case), people cheat because their needs are not being met. The other person will not or cannot meet those needs. So they cheat, it’s like a desperate cry for help or a way out of this relationship.

    I read that Jude told her that he needed her with him, she would not meet his needs. She partied all night and slept all day. I think that’s probably what happened. It happens all the time with many relationships. Celebreties are no different than the rest of us.

    I’m not saying that Jude handled this the right way, but he is just human and sometimes us humans don’t always choose the right path or make the most rational decisions.

    I’m a huge Jude Law admire. At the time of this fiasco, I thought to myself, everyone on the planet right now is ready to crucify Jude, but no one really knows the true story. It takes 2 to tango, eh.

    It seems that the real story of how Sienna is , is finally coming out.

    I’m happy I did not judge Jude at the time.

    I still remain his greatest admire.

    Sienna is a beautiful girl, but I don’t think she knows it or that she really values herself. Being this beautiful, she does not need to steal someone else’s man. Heck, I don’t understand why Jude was not good enough for her.

    I maintain that she is emotionally immature and will eventually grow up. When that happens, she might regret alot of her actions, and realise that she let go of some very qualify relationships.

    Still I wish her well

    Remember, she is just human after all.

    Sandra from Canada

  • allie

    hahahah i cant wait till she dumps bathalzar and leaves him with NOTHING..

    im so over them both stupid hos.. jared please dont waste blog space on that trash

  • Tulip

    The only reason she hasn’t screwed those dogs yet is that they aren’t married.

  • Kasia.

    I love Sienna. She’s stunning, is a great actress and has a super cute boyfriend.

    She has 2 films that have been released this year and 5 in the making. That’s hardly a washed up career.

    I bet all you haters are so jealous of her because you are all ugly and couldn’t score a guy like Balthazar in a million years and try to take your own problems out on Sienna, because she’s everything your not. And by that I mean beautiful, successful, famous and rich.