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Tim Gunn: Jennifer Aniston Looks Desperate

Tim Gunn: Jennifer Aniston Looks Desperate

Project Runway fashion guru Tim Gunn ripped into Katie Holmes’ style and now he’s taking down Jennifer Aniston!

“Sometimes I think she has ‘desperate character’ written on her,” Tim told OK! at the Manhattan launch party for Tide and Downy Total Care. “The clothes we wear send a message. And I think that’s the message — I don’t think that’s her intention though.”

Aniston seems happy being man-free but apparently Tim doesn’t think so!

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  • wow

    I am not a fan of Aniston but I think things have gotten out of hand. Maybe its time to just let her be.

  • poor jen

    Poor old Jen, so sad
    From a girl-next door to former TV star aka nobody or ex Mrs. Pitt
    From a girl with large number of devoted fans to an old hag with 200 posts here on JustJared where at least 100 is from people who dislike her!! (PREVIOUS THREAD)
    Well she wanted this pity party (never forget Oprah show in 2005 and crying and Vanity and crying)
    Well Jen, what you wanted – you got it! Injoy in your life now!!

  • luvd80s2

    Thank u Tim for saying what everyone is thinking but not having the “cajones” to say! Now beware the Maniston looney fans, there pyscho!!!!! Jolie-Pitt 4-ever!

  • African Girl

    Am I evil for thinking this is the funniest thing ever? LMAO

    Speaking of desperate, how do you think she’ll do on desperate housewives? It’s a good show, she could play Bree’s hupity sister who looks down her nose on the other housewives coz she thinks they too desperate and the irony will come the fact that she is even more so. No insults intended but I can see her on the show.

    Good Luck JA.

  • Jilli

    I agree with Tim Gunn. “Sometimes I think she has ‘desperate character’ written on her,”
    That’s the most honest comment I have heard. I’m not a fan of Jolie/Pitt.

  • justme

    Seriously, where’s the desperate look everybody is talkng about?!! I just don’t see her ”desperate” AT ALL!!

    Besides why is everyone saying ”Jolie-Pitt 4 ever” in every single topic about Jennifer?, Can you guys just get over it?!! F**ck!

  • sAYWHAT?

    She needs to chop her hair again.

    It’s the droopy hair that is affecting everyone’s opinion.

    At least she dresses her age.

  • Haters

    Wow, you guys really have a problem, please go get help. Adoring or Hating people you don’t t know is really pretty sad. I expected more from Tim I thought he had a lot of class and lately his comments have been pretty harsh and off base. Desperate are people like Britney, Pamela or Gisele who poses basically naked. Jennifer has a very natural style and so does Angelina. If anything they both try to avoid clothes that will bring too much attention to themselves. They are both older now and dressing very age appropriate.

  • Beck

    I agree 100%. Tim Gunn is a smart guy, but you don’t have to be a genius to notice that.
    She is sooooooooooo DESPERATE.
    Poor Aniston.

  • kate

    She brings this to herself. I am gald she is tasting how it feels to be bashed. God said revenge is mine don’t revenge. That is what happening to her. His revenge.

  • Suzi

    Jen and Jessica Simpson are the most desperate ladies I have seen in a long time. Both tried to get John Mayer so they can stay significant in Hollywood.

  • bet

    Wow people are getting crazy.

  • Gina

    Jen is so desperate. Funny how she is trying to drag John’s name down because he dumped that pathetic clown.

  • amanda

    Leave the poor woman alone .
    Justme is right .

    It’s been a while since the Jen / Brad split . It’s time to get over it .
    I really can’t stand Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt but whatever .
    They really aren’t special enough to be headline news .

    Whoever this guy is just has his panties in a bunch . He needs to shut up .

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`tim just won more points in my book.

    anyone who thinks jen’s` happy… is a ‘dumbfcuk’.


    Who cares about the JOLIE-PITT clan.. What do they have to do with
    Jen Aniston.. She has dressed like this for years..Even when she was
    married to BRAD PITT…She does not care about her ex husband..

    So why not have her get together with Ben Affleck who also gets his
    ex in all his publicity too.. She has not changed anything..She never
    cried on Oprah.. She announced that she was over Brad.. So when
    can she move on.. with her life.. and not include JOLIE-PITT in her
    publicity …She did not cry in VANITY FAIR..

  • well…

    Tim’s right. She is almost 40 but she dresses and acting like a 20 year old.

    Now you jenhags can see it not just people at JJ.
    Can’t wait to read what Jen’s freinds say about Tim. You know it won’t be nice.

  • scout

    I don’t see desperate at all. Of all the celebs…Aniston?
    I can think of so many others more worthy of that title.
    I think Tim, not unlike Anderson Cooper is rather enjoying their rising fame….and the opportunity to over share

  • Angelinaequalsdesperate

    Desperate and need of attention is a person who covers herself in tats, cuts herself, hooks up with other women for attention, makes out with her brother in publc, wears blood around her neck, acts like a loser, pimps her kid out to hook a married man, looks like a loser all in the desperate act of attention. That act gets old as she does so now she switches to the Saint routine, thinking anyone gives a sh*t what she says or does. Angelina has a life full of desperate acts. She wrote the book on it.

  • buckley

    I like Tim Gunn…but if I spoke the way he did I’d think twice about mocking anyone.
    He has the gayest gayspeak that ever gayspoke!

  • Firenz

    Betsy Smith, you are right. I am so sick and tired of everytime something comes up about Jen, there’s more Jolie-pitt crap than about Aniston. She’s a strong woman, doing her own thing. So she doesn’t have children to whore out, it doesn’t look like it’s bothering her to me!

    And shut up GUNN, you don’t have much room to talk.

  • tia

    hes so funny. in that sane interview he said that miley cyrus dresses like a tart! lol

  • bet

    look what kind man against her, useless , the only job is just looking what poeple dressing , no job man. we figure out what kind men hate her. Men with no job. ugly old man. No we know who you are behind the computer. You go girl , all the man with no job hate you.

  • haha

    because someone stand up and say it just as it is. lol What her everymove shows

  • mm

    He just wants to ride other people’s popularity to get publicity…

  • so what

    Oh please #1 katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie get way more crap than poor little Aniston will ever get.

  • happy lol day

    :D LOL I love when Tim gets biotchy.. I don’t always agree with him but I always luv him :)

  • Trump

    shut up man @ 08/28/2008 at 5:48 pm
    That’s really nasty, disgusting…But is true

  • Bystander

    Good luck on having anyone STFU about Jen, when her hens can’t move on and STFU themselves. What do they expect when they’ve been bashing the Jolie-Pitts non-stop for going on 4 years.

  • JohnMayerfan

    She is indeed desperate. I’m glad John woke up from a bad dream being with the most pathetic, clingy manipulative woman.

  • well…

    I think Tim, not unlike Anderson Cooper is rather enjoying their rising fame….and the opportunity to over share

    He has the gayest gay speak that ever gay spoke!

    Well we already knew Aniston’s fans are racist now it seems they are also gay bashers.

    What does Mr Gunn being gay have to do with his statement. If you don’t like his statement than say that but of course you ” faux classy” folks go for the lowest insults. I am sure this list will be added to.

  • OMG

    OUCH !!!

  • haha

    Why you bring your usual milking machine jolie-pitt here? LOL this is about her and how she present herself and how the inside influence the outside.

  • bdj

    Whoa Mr. Gunn ruffeled the feathers of the rabid hens. That is no way to talk about Poor Jen. However, hens the thread is about Poor Jen and not Angelina Jolie. I can understand the hens coming to the rescue of Poor Jen. Why this is on the same level as the comments Kimberly Stewart made about Poor Jen. We wouldn’t want Poor Jen to read these comments and have her whole weekend ruined. Poor Jen was making such strides and is now seeking revenge. So save the rant aganist Angelina Jolie hens and go get that terrible Mr. Gunn. By the way, Mr. Gunn stated the following about Angelina Jolie.

    The person who never disappoints in my view is Angelina Jolie. She is always occasion appropriate. She is always sophisticated and polished looking,” Gunn tells Extra.

  • Guchi

    What is Tim basing this on? her cloth?? lol Ive seen a WHOOLE lot more of desperate women with REAL desperate cloth!! I thinks its time for everyone to leave her ALONE!

  • JohnMayerfan

    shut up man @ 08/28/2008 at 5:57 pm
    JA is the one with mental issues she herself said she’s been seeing a psychiatrist for years. Unless she resolves her issues with her mom she’ll never be able to keep a lasting relationship.

  • bet


    we figure out the man behinde the computer. you guys are ugly old men with no job. the only job you guys have like his kind of job. Jelouse of her success and her accomplishment. you guys are ugly and desprate men , with no job, who wish you could reach to her level. becuase you lunatic are too desprate to talk about her, we find out who you are one by one. desprate men with old face. I was think women are the one hate her. I think the one they hate are men with no job , useless men.

  • jughed

    Yeah, I think Jen should be wearing clothes that say “I’m available and I like to par-tay!!!” :)

  • sarah

    im not a big fan of her.. but shes looking OK !

  • bet

    we know some of the men left her, afraid of her success she growing growing it scare them to see that she is going to be above them. Loser men like him hate her.

  • funky lit

    Hi Jared can u PLEASE start posting Brenda Song news, like the suite life on deck pics.

  • http://Justjared UNEEDALIFE

    Tim needs to get a life! I agree he just wants attention…leave these people alone JERK!

  • African Girl

    It’s gone too far? Really? How did it start in the first place?

    When She did this…

    When Jennifer Aniston opens the door to the Malibu bungalow she’s been holed up in lately, she gives me a radiant smile and an effusive hello.

    Then she bursts into tears.

    We have scarcely sat down in the living room, a serene little haven simply furnished with cushy white sofas and white flowers and white candles, when her face crumples. She is instantly aghast.

    “I haven’t been feeling emotional lately, really I haven’t,” she wails, fluttering her hands like Rachel Green in distress, except that this time it isn’t funny.

    She literally opened the door to whatever she is getting now. What you project is what people will see. You project desperation, then don’t wail and throw yourself to the floor when people call you desperate.

    What I don’t get, what I have always had a hard time wrapping my head around is why any woman worth her salt would want to swim in pity? WHY?

    Any normal sensible woman would go out of her way not to show how hurt she is…

    .”Oh divorce? hey it happens. Am I sad? of course I am but I’m already thinking of the next phase of my life. I am excited and honestly, this isn’t such a world-tilting off its axis event”

    This is what a sensible woman how has enough pride will say even if she goes to the bathroom immediately after that and cries her eyes out.

    But we have JA…
    Who knew the interviewer was coming, it wasn’t like a surprise interview.
    Who knew what they were gonna discuss.
    Who knew people want to know how she’s faring.
    And what does she do? She opens the door and bursts into tears…right on cue. My God! Mighty fine actress, she is.

    What was she doing before the bell rang? Do you imagine she was sitting on her white couch, Norman at her feet, flipping through the channels and as soon as she heard the door bell, she jumped up, flexed her shoulders, maybe even stopped by the mirror to see if her make-up was just right, gave herself a little pep talk, “Okay girl, you can do this” and then opened the door? Well that’s what I imagine because that’s how calculated and contrived the whole thing came off.

    Also keep in mind this interview didn’t happen hours or days after the announcement, it had happened MONTHS after. I’ll digress a little here, was watching 20/20 a few weeks ago, a woman whose 6yrs old daughter was kidnapped, after searching for days on end, the daughter’s body was found, she had been raped and strangled. About 4-5months after the incident, 20/20 wanted to see how the woman was doing and they went to her home, she opened the door with a smile, welcomed them in, offered them something to drink (they declined) and the interview began, throughout the 25 mins segment, this woman didn’t shed a tear. You could she was still hurting and who would have blamed her if she fell to floor screaming “why me? why me? why me?” but she didn’t…she held it together even when they played clips of her little girl saying mommy I love you, she held it together when they showed clips of her daughter already in a body bag being put in an ambulance. She held it together when she waved the interviewer goodbye and thanked them for coming.

    My point, well except you are a dense Faniston, I’m sure you get it. The last thing you want to do is wear your broken heart on your sleeve….except of course you are not really heartbroken and you just want to play at being one. JA played the part, she played it so well that like her Rachel Green Character, she can’t get away from it. LMAO!

    Don’t blame the rags for the Poor Jen covers.
    Don’t blame Tim Gunn for the Desperate label
    Don’t blame real women who know a thing or two about pride for being disgusted with her antics.
    Blame Jennifer Aniston for acting like a desperate poor thing.

    She laid her bed and now she’s lying on it. Too bad it isn’t a pretty bed.

    Oh dear! I better find my out of the thread before Bet comes along, she should be done with her Tim Gunn Voodoo doll (to add to her collection of “People who done Jen wrong”) dolls, by now.

    Ciao Fanistons, have fun. :)

  • lol

    Now it becomes her trade mark to be called poor Jen.ohhhhh where is her virgin saint rescue team?

  • sshhii_baby

    truer words never been spoken! lol. love Tim Gunn. typical jenHO fans.
    racist and homophobic!

  • uumm

    Jennifer Aniston has opened the Pendora Box with that deadly VV article in 2005 and all the subsequent strikes she made to make sure she was still be relevant. Her acts and passive agressve way were aimed to link her endlessly to her ex husband and she is the instigator of the hatred campaign when she agree to it by she signing that TEAM ANISTON t-shirt with a smile on her face.

    Her last move with Mayer established her as a pathetic despearte cougar running after a notorious younger player and the pittiful handling of the end of their relationship sealed her perceived image as an eternal looser.

    It is easy to begin a war, it’s another one to end it and when you lit a powerful fire towards your ex, his children and his mate, make sure than the direction of the wind doesn’t change to come back at you. You may experience that fire will spare your ex while coming back in full force to consume you first and foremost. You will be the one getting burned ultimatly. The tide is up and that’s what Aniston is experiencing today.

    She should have known than public love is versatile and that American conscious is based on winners and conquerers. 40 years old is a deadly figure in Hollywood and its subsequent business : the press. People won’t be as charitable to you when you’ll reach that figure and still don’t show any sign of maturity. They would crown another younger America’s darling and made her the object of protection while they will pitty you or worse…despise you !

  • LoriLori

    She is desparate, since she is not beautiful she cannot be a cougar like Demi M. HalleB
    JA best bet is to find a rich old man before she has to get her saggy knees operated on you can only hide behind your hair for so long

  • terissa

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH, I’m happy someone has the guts to tell her that.

  • tim speaks the truth

    bet and like minded others Tim is just sayin what most people are thinking and talking about if they give a microsecond to the subject of JA. Her whatever with JohnMayer and the way she dressed to parade around NYC last week sealed the deal.

    bet and like minded others trying to drag Angie into this thread does not mask the truth, JEN IS NOW SEEN AS THE DESPERATE AGING WOMAN THAT SHE IS. Nothing you say about anyone else’s past makes any difference about JA’s present.

    NYDailyNews-CAA agents are calling around all over to get JA a date.

    She is now so toxic that her agents have to try to find her a date, who wants to date a 39.5 year old woman who hides behind her “friends” who give out PR lies. Well she has enough money to pay very well so some “escort” will pop up, maybe a Chippendale guy.

  • melissa