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Tim Gunn: Jennifer Aniston Looks Desperate

Tim Gunn: Jennifer Aniston Looks Desperate

Project Runway fashion guru Tim Gunn ripped into Katie Holmes’ style and now he’s taking down Jennifer Aniston!

“Sometimes I think she has ‘desperate character’ written on her,” Tim told OK! at the Manhattan launch party for Tide and Downy Total Care. “The clothes we wear send a message. And I think that’s the message — I don’t think that’s her intention though.”

Aniston seems happy being man-free but apparently Tim doesn’t think so!

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# 1

I am not a fan of Aniston but I think things have gotten out of hand. Maybe its time to just let her be.

# 2

Poor old Jen, so sad
From a girl-next door to former TV star aka nobody or ex Mrs. Pitt
From a girl with large number of devoted fans to an old hag with 200 posts here on JustJared where at least 100 is from people who dislike her!! (PREVIOUS THREAD)
Well she wanted this pity party (never forget Oprah show in 2005 and crying and Vanity and crying)
Well Jen, what you wanted – you got it! Injoy in your life now!!

# 3

Thank u Tim for saying what everyone is thinking but not having the “cajones” to say! Now beware the Maniston looney fans, there pyscho!!!!! Jolie-Pitt 4-ever!

# 4
African Girl @ 08/28/2008 at 5:38 pm

Am I evil for thinking this is the funniest thing ever? LMAO

Speaking of desperate, how do you think she’ll do on desperate housewives? It’s a good show, she could play Bree’s hupity sister who looks down her nose on the other housewives coz she thinks they too desperate and the irony will come the fact that she is even more so. No insults intended but I can see her on the show.

Good Luck JA.

# 5

I agree with Tim Gunn. “Sometimes I think she has ‘desperate character’ written on her,”
That’s the most honest comment I have heard. I’m not a fan of Jolie/Pitt.

# 6

Seriously, where’s the desperate look everybody is talkng about?!! I just don’t see her ”desperate” AT ALL!!

Besides why is everyone saying ”Jolie-Pitt 4 ever” in every single topic about Jennifer?, Can you guys just get over it?!! F**ck!

# 7

She needs to chop her hair again.

It’s the droopy hair that is affecting everyone’s opinion.

At least she dresses her age.

# 8

Wow, you guys really have a problem, please go get help. Adoring or Hating people you don’t t know is really pretty sad. I expected more from Tim I thought he had a lot of class and lately his comments have been pretty harsh and off base. Desperate are people like Britney, Pamela or Gisele who poses basically naked. Jennifer has a very natural style and so does Angelina. If anything they both try to avoid clothes that will bring too much attention to themselves. They are both older now and dressing very age appropriate.

# 9

I agree 100%. Tim Gunn is a smart guy, but you don’t have to be a genius to notice that.
She is sooooooooooo DESPERATE.
Poor Aniston.

She brings this to herself. I am gald she is tasting how it feels to be bashed. God said revenge is mine don’t revenge. That is what happening to her. His revenge.

Jen and Jessica Simpson are the most desperate ladies I have seen in a long time. Both tried to get John Mayer so they can stay significant in Hollywood.

Wow people are getting crazy.

Jen is so desperate. Funny how she is trying to drag John’s name down because he dumped that pathetic clown.

Leave the poor woman alone .
Justme is right .

It’s been a while since the Jen / Brad split . It’s time to get over it .
I really can’t stand Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt but whatever .
They really aren’t special enough to be headline news .

Whoever this guy is just has his panties in a bunch . He needs to shut up .

[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 08/28/2008 at 5:51 pm

…`tim just won more points in my book.

anyone who thinks jen’s` happy… is a ‘dumbfcuk’.

BETSY SMITH @ 08/28/2008 at 5:52 pm

Who cares about the JOLIE-PITT clan.. What do they have to do with
Jen Aniston.. She has dressed like this for years..Even when she was
married to BRAD PITT…She does not care about her ex husband..

So why not have her get together with Ben Affleck who also gets his
ex in all his publicity too.. She has not changed anything..She never
cried on Oprah.. She announced that she was over Brad.. So when
can she move on.. with her life.. and not include JOLIE-PITT in her
publicity …She did not cry in VANITY FAIR..

Tim’s right. She is almost 40 but she dresses and acting like a 20 year old.

Now you jenhags can see it not just people at JJ.
Can’t wait to read what Jen’s freinds say about Tim. You know it won’t be nice.

I don’t see desperate at all. Of all the celebs…Aniston?
I can think of so many others more worthy of that title.
I think Tim, not unlike Anderson Cooper is rather enjoying their rising fame….and the opportunity to over share

Angelinaequalsdesperate @ 08/28/2008 at 5:57 pm

Desperate and need of attention is a person who covers herself in tats, cuts herself, hooks up with other women for attention, makes out with her brother in publc, wears blood around her neck, acts like a loser, pimps her kid out to hook a married man, looks like a loser all in the desperate act of attention. That act gets old as she does so now she switches to the Saint routine, thinking anyone gives a sh*t what she says or does. Angelina has a life full of desperate acts. She wrote the book on it.

I like Tim Gunn…but if I spoke the way he did I’d think twice about mocking anyone.
He has the gayest gayspeak that ever gayspoke!

Betsy Smith, you are right. I am so sick and tired of everytime something comes up about Jen, there’s more Jolie-pitt crap than about Aniston. She’s a strong woman, doing her own thing. So she doesn’t have children to ***** out, it doesn’t look like it’s bothering her to me!

And shut up GUNN, you don’t have much room to talk.

hes so funny. in that sane interview he said that miley cyrus dresses like a tart! lol

look what kind man against her, useless , the only job is just looking what poeple dressing , no job man. we figure out what kind men hate her. Men with no job. ugly old man. No we know who you are behind the computer. You go girl , all the man with no job hate you.

because someone stand up and say it just as it is. lol What her everymove shows

He just wants to ride other people’s popularity to get publicity…

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