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Victoria Beckham Prepares Perfume Launch

Victoria Beckham Prepares Perfume Launch

Victoria Beckham dons a conservative Giambattista Valli gown as she heads out to dinner at the trendy Ithaca restaurant in Manchester, England on Thursday.

The 34-year-old former Spice Girl is in town for the Harvey Nichols launch of her new perfume, Signature For Her.

“[The launch] was meant to be in London but I said no,” Victoria told the Manchester Evening News. “I said please can I go to Manchester instead? I love Manchester, it’s got a really good feel to it. So I thought why not – I usually spend a lot of time in London. I’m really excited about coming back because, of course, it’s where I met David. Manchester’s just so fashion conscious. And there’s great shopping.”

20+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham preparing for her perfume launch…

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victoria beckham perfume launch 01
victoria beckham perfume launch 02
victoria beckham perfume launch 03
victoria beckham perfume launch 04
victoria beckham perfume launch 05
victoria beckham perfume launch 06
victoria beckham perfume launch 07
victoria beckham perfume launch 08
victoria beckham perfume launch 09
victoria beckham perfume launch 10
victoria beckham perfume launch 11
victoria beckham perfume launch 12
victoria beckham perfume launch 13
victoria beckham perfume launch 14
victoria beckham perfume launch 15
victoria beckham perfume launch 16
victoria beckham perfume launch 17
victoria beckham perfume launch 18
victoria beckham perfume launch 19
victoria beckham perfume launch 20
victoria beckham perfume launch 21
victoria beckham perfume launch 22

Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Steve Searle/WENN
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  • babyvfan


  • jessica


  • alia

    i like her w/ dark hair

  • pinkypinky

    Love the dress and hair, but her clavicles scare me.

  • barf

    Gawd she’s irritating to me!

  • ouch

    she never smiles bec she does not want wrinkles and she’s snotty as well.

  • nevermind

    you wouldn’t smile either if you were constantly hungry. starving makes you irritable 24/7. she looks extra extra boney here.

  • Tyra

    I wonder what she eats in all those restaurants she frequents!! mmm..whipped air and sparkling water, yuuummmm

  • Stephanie

    She is so amazing!!!!!!

    I dont understand HOW THE HELL you can all say negative things about someone…when you dont even know them!!

    How shallow of you….

    You are listening to the press who just want money from lying…HOW PATHETIC OF YOU!!!!!

    Leave her alone…

  • Lulu

    The woman needs to eat a cookie and to FORGET about THIS hairstyle! Absolutely hideous!

  • natash

    She is so amazing

    i love u victoria even if u don’t smile your cute

  • happy lol day

    She looks nice but I think she really would look good with just a little more weight, not so sharp and angular, her beautiful bone structure would be less severe. :)


    She looks nice when she smile but we rarely see Posh smiles these days.

  • Bee

    Looks like it’s a culotte to me. Kudos to Posh for always trying something a little different and keeping it classy

  • hiro’s

    thats her life, whether she wants to smile or not..

  • MiHay

    The dress may be conservative but it is also UGLY

  • mrs. cullen

    i love that resto!
    manchy represent!!!!

  • josie

    I wouldn’t smile either if I was that hungry.
    She does have an amazing voice and is talented, but I don’t find her very attractive that thin.

  • Jess

    I love Victoria Beckham! She’s always wearing the nicest outfits and is so classy!


    34?! Does she smoke? Either that, or it’s amphetamines she uses to keep her weight down.

  • cathy

    She is such a liar, she refused to live in Manchester when Doivid played for manchester united, he had to travel milesfrom BErkshire to practice – she is such a liar and UGLY -

  • cathy

    She is such a liar, she refused to live in Manchester when Doivid played for manchester united, he had to travel milesfrom BErkshire to practice – she is such a liar and UGLY -

  • AShleigh

    She doesn’t smile because she doesn’t like her smile. She’s said so in interviews. It stems from teasing as a child. If you ever watch her in interviews, you’ll see that she’s very sweet and funny.

  • lANNNAH bABES (:

    I used to roleplay her but after i saw that program about her she was a right bitch and i dont think many people like her that more…
    I may be wrong but evryone i have asked have said after that program/interview they dont like her because she is like so stuck up !

    Btw and if you dont know what Roleplay is ? Type it in google :P
    I Roleplay Vanessa Ann Hudgens Now (:

  • OpsSS!!!!


  • OpsSS!!!!


  • sarah

    shes pretty !!

  • uncle fester


  • kelly

    Im from and live in Manchester and although I love my city fashion conscious is not how I’d descirbe it. Shes probably not big enough for London and Manchester still being a big city alot of people still like to buy into her

  • ryan



    victoria clothes don’t make you classy, you have to have class in order to excude class

  • david


    she is so lame, all she does in life is talk about fashion and put on make-up, clearly a dumb waste of space

  • depeche

    Those people who say how could people say negative things about someone who they dont know are just the same: How could You LOVE someone when You dont know them……

  • Faye

    Yeyy Manchester, thats where i live :)
    I wouldnt have thought she would have chose manchester over london though :S Manchester must be going up in England :D

  • Trendy

    She looks TERRIBLE
    I think it’s time for some french fries with gravy Posh.
    Get a grip.

  • Julien

    She still doesn’t do it for me!!! She gives the creeps…

  • jorgie

    What a liar! She never liked Manchester when David was playing for Man Utd., so what gives? Oh yeah, she’s out to promote her crap.

    What’s she doing at a restaurant anyway? Not like she’s gonna eat anything.

  • :D

    I Live In Mancester :)
    Yay :D

  • go sox

    I think she looks classy here. Pretty chic dress. Just wish she’d change that sharp, harsh-looking do.

  • Lynda

    mucky ears………..yuck!

  • zoe

    not a fan of what she’s wearing but she always looks good somehow. she looks younger with the sleek dark hair too…

  • Vicky

    I live in Manchester too!
    Pretty surprised at what she said abot it tho, Manchester over London? Fashion Conscious? Err….if you say so love!

    She was right about the shopping tho. The Trafford Centre is my HOME!

  • cathy

    She gives me the creeps. No matter what she wears or how expensive it is, no matter how large the diamond or whatever, she never looks right in it, she just hasnt the class, poise, elegance to make anything look classy, just tacky and she looks like she is dressed in drag. God she is one ugly bitch.

  • Cecile

    What’s “amazing” about a talentless, over the hill, vain, snotty, fugly as all h*** anorexic??? Hmm? Someone please clue me in, because I am lost as all h*** what there is to see in this “thing” that does NOTHING productive to enhance society just lives a shallow, self-absorbed, narcissistic, over-the-top lifestyle with no thought for anything but her own self-preservation, bulk net worth, shopping sprees and lavish, crass lifestlye? Please, clue me in. She is about as worthless of a human being as one can be… what you clueless “fans” “see” in her is beyond conprehension, maybe that’s something you oughta take up with your therapist(s)…

  • Villagevoice@bleeker

    All the people on this site complaining that she is too thin obviously must be fat and not too attractive. Victoria looks amazing…beautiful hair, clothes, figure…and a gorgeous husband as well! Eat your heart out all you jealous haters lol!

  • Faye

    Haha Ye The Trafford Centre Rules :)
    She was in manchester today too at Harvey Nichols

  • victoria

    Smash-Box Smile-less Face Poshy, does NOT want to smile, because she has stated that is HER image….. She is KNOWN for it… After reading about her Fragrance Launch on another site, is this the same place that she demanded the store their pink carpet to PURPLE to match her Decor launch??? This up-scale store was known for their PINK carpet and nice touches, and some employes were out-raged that the management would stoop low enough to rip out beautiful high-end carpet, for PURPLE stuff to please some-one they did care even care for, and was going to be there only for hours. Did anyone hear how that turned out ????

  • Frida

    She’s not wearing a dress, but rather a jumpsuit

  • Caring

    Someone PLEASE feed her!!!

  • Angie

    I like her, but she is too skinny =/

  • Maddie

    She looks like an ALIEN! She’s very ugly, has a pig nose and I can certainly see why David shagged Rebecca, she’s so much better looking. Posh only looks half decent because of the people who do her make-up and hair!