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Jessica Biel is a Bisazza Babe

Jessica Biel is a Bisazza Babe

Jessica Biel plants a sweet kiss on boyfriend Justin Timberlake‘s cheek after furniture shopping in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon.

Justin, 27, and Jessica, 26, picked up a few items at mosaic brand Bisazza on Melrose Avenue in Beverly Hills.

The Devil Wears Prada star Anne Hathaway recently expressed how envious she is of Jessica‘s body: “I want to be curvy and muscle-y. I want to look just like Jessica Biel. Unfortunately I don’t look anything like her – but she is my inspiration for working out so hard.”

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jessica biel bisazza justin timberlake 02
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  • Taylor

    cute! first

  • Taylor


  • hudgenslover

    they are such show offs and zac and v arent


    jessica is a fugly tranny

  • thetruththetruth
  • thetruththetruth

    according to this site laineygossip

    Have a look at the video below – Jessica Biel and Pip saying goodbye. Characterised by the agency taking the shots as “romantic” but to me, to me that is a dude who’s more than a little impatient and seems to be protesting a little something. Maybe it’s just me.

    how interesting

  • thetruththetruth
  • Lola

    Why is it that over the past few months we keep seeing pictures of these two that look very staged??

    both of them are very boring and not really up to much are they trying to drum some interest??

  • latasha

    She looks preggers!

  • houbabouba

    I never believed the “staged” rumours, but the second pic looks very much so…
    Just very interesting that Justin did the same thing, with Cameron Diaz back when they were together.


    Awwww so sweet!

  • bridget

    Um..if you watch the the vid poster #6 is talking about..they come across as a perfectly normal couple saying goodbye with a sweet,short kiss,cause’ they realize cameras are near. Why would they need to stage anything?? I don’t get all these weird conspiracies some folks have..I’m sure some would say my man looks impatient every now and then..and we’ve been together 8 years!

  • anonymous

    I agree these photos look stage and it looked like Justin wasn,t going to kiss Jessica but she put her arms around him so he had to Justin defineitly looked annoyed

  • vidstr1

    don’t know…have nothing against jessica, and i like justin, but they just don’t seem like a perfect or good match…

  • sarah

    they r the most boring couple ever…justin and cameron were okay but JUSTIN AND BRITNEY FOREVER

  • sil

    I see a baby bump there…. she looks pregnant

  • definitely preggers

    Poor Justin.

  • thetruththetruth

    bridget only time will tell right..but like i said before something is not right

  • thetruththetruth

    bridget only time will tell right..but like i said before something is not right

  • mims


    lol that looks so staged to me. A few times they quickly look at the camera like at 1.21 lol I also loved how interact in perfect view for the camera.

    All well, we know all celebs tip and stage pics, it just backfires when it’s so obvious. :p

  • thetruththetruth

    oh and bridget nice to know they u have 8 years under your belt..good for you :)

    just dont forget..this is HOLLYWOOD we are talking about

    nothing lasts..just ask sure she didnt expect her and jt to be done..but ok

  • Carly

    That kiss does look staged.

  • abby

    I flove them :)

    Thanks Jared

  • Lea

    In my opinion, she used to have the most sex appeal among hollywood women. No so much lately…….since she is w/ Justin actually!!!

  • @


  • lisa

    I been saying this for awhile know that there relationship looks fake, and these pictures look stage,and in the video of this he look like he didn’t want to kiss her either, Jessica isn’t fooling me she is lesbian.

  • Sasha

    I hate her I want him to be with BRITNEY they are perfect

  • lisa

    Another thing she doesn’t look pregnant.

  • lisa

    Another thing she doesn’t look pregnant.

  • happy lol day

    awww cuddles so cute

  • mEEEE

    I always got the “gay” vibe coming from him…..he always seemed so effeminate.

  • sarah

    cute couple <3


    They look as in love as Orlando and Miranda.

    If I were her, I’d be planting a “sweet kiss” on another Justin cheek. (-:

    Anywho, I think he’s playing for the other team right now, and that’s why we have this phony-schmony set up.

  • Bee

    I don’t think she’s pregnant…but if she is maybe she just told him and that’s why Justin looks so pissed. The idea of her actually being pregnant makes me sick to my stomach…and I’m not sure why since I never cared about any of his relationships since Britney..
    And these pictures look so staged. Haven’t her people been known to tip off the paps before?
    I still think JT belongs with Britney.

  • wtf

    IS SHE PREGNANT OR WHAT?????? JT has just ruined his life if he made her pregnant….

  • Dont’ be fooled

    Don’t believe any Hollywood relationship. The majority of them are to further their own careers.

  • bella

    they look like they have no chemistry!
    in the video, the kiss looks so forced! and it looks like jt couldn’t wait to leave. he just rushed to his car!
    there was always talk that jessica and her publicist tipped off the paps and I hear that they still do it!

  • mark

    Any celebrity that is on Melrose Ave WANTS to get seen!

    I call this another PHOTO OP! Probably done by Jessica nd her people!

  • Thebestever

    Wow could he look any less interested in those pictures. And that kiss has absolutely no chemistry just like all their other pictures. I’m not buying it, I think justin is starting to check out. I surely hope she didn’t pull something desperate like getting pregnant, cause justin has not made it clear he doesn’t want kids anytime soon.

    Lets be real justin does not have an album coming out anytime soon, so he will be out of the public eye. So he needs to drum up public interest by dating someone famous (albeit semi). Although it worked a lot better with cameron who is an actual movie star that people had interest in and knew about and had an actual personality…okay I’ll stop rambling.

    Sorry but I love justin and everytime I see him he looks bored to tears.

  • Thebestever

    And she is not pregnant, I saw the video and it is really windy outside, it keeps blowing in and out of her shirt which is loose to begin with. And she certainly seems to be playing it up for the camera’s, and I think justin is starting to catch on to that. Why is it always a point to be photographed while buying furniture stuff, we get it you moved in another publicity point. Okay this time I’m done for real.

  • gwen

    The video of these two together when they didn’t know they were being watched proves their no chemistry between them! They were talking miles apart from each other and Justin didn’t seem interested at all in that kiss. and what’s up with that stupid expression on her face when she’s infront of the car? Don’t feel/see the chemistry with these two as in his past relationships. don’t think it’s going to last too much longer, but they are living together now so who knows?!

  • Sara

    She is being friendly again with the paps now because she has a movie coming out. Thats why she has has been smiling lately or trying to look lovey dovey with Justin.

  • Mel

    Her and Justin don’t live together! Thats just a stupid story her pr team put out to get the tabloids to write about them.

  • Trina


  • Becky

    these two look more like friends than lovers, he seemed more interested to wave good-bye to the two ladies that were in the store with them when they rode by him than he did to say good-bye/kiss Jessica. I don’t think they belong together, I understand why he likes being with her, she’s a tomboy (said he’s always liked tomboys) and has a nice (though very musculine) body. So it’s like hanging out with one of his friends when he’s with her and he gets other “benefits” from her too. I don’t find her attractive at all (or talented), but I assume from their dating almost two years that he does. I would assume also that their living together from the photos of her buying boxes and them being together alot more lately in the press and going furniture/tile shopping now. Like him alot better with Britney, think they made more sense as a couple than these two. Good for him though if he’s happy, hope she’s not using him for press as many on this site and others have speculated.

  • lisa

    Justin and Jessica don’t live together there still taking photos of her in brentwood,and just because photos of her buying boxes,and them going shopping furniture/tile means nothing because unless we get evidence that the actually bought something it means nothing it makes a great tabloid story. Also in these pictures I don’t see anything in his hands the only person came out with some thing is her. He dated Cameron for three years you would think they moved in together but the didn’t and I doubt he moved in with her either he doesn’t strike me as that type. If a photographer can get pictures of Jessica/Justin walking her dog,or Justin coming out of her gate then they can get pictures her coming out of his house,that pretty much tells you how fake this relationship

  • Ali

    I don’t think they live together but he and britney did so it’s possible…but i highly doubt it.

  • bud

    she is beautiful AND cool. you are all jealous skanks. go back to skanky skankland, you skankasaurus rexes.

  • Janine

    Wow, duck lips looks more terrible than usual!

  • booradley

    why staged? these pics were not taken upclose…they were from far away…if u were saying bye to ur boyfriend i doubt u would be noticing the cameras that were photographing u from 40 feet away…of course shes kissing him…theyre dating!!! i dont get how thats staged…and in other pics of them that were really upclose of course theyre not gonna be lovey dovey and smiley because they have 50 million cameras up in their fce! if u had so many cameras flashing so many lights that u can barely even see and ur just trying to walk, would u be grinning?

    i dont get it… u guys say theyre staging it when theyre affectionate and u say theyre both sourpusses when they’re not….put urself in the position…u cant analyze every photo like that…i think sometimes ppl like u forget theyre human beings….they have jobs (the only thing is their jobs are a bit different….they travel, act sing) but they are normal outside of that…they go out to eat, they walk on the street…they’re dating…. its not that deep. go analyze barack obama’s policies instead of this because it is honestly so sick how much time u guys spend over it. it honestly really is.