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John Mayer Mayhem

John Mayer Mayhem
  • Can’t get enough of John Mayer!
  • Jessica Simpson likes plaid
  • Katy Perry has a cool blog
  • Ana Ivanovic is a hottie (But still lost)
  • Jack Black is back (with kids!)
  • Toni Braxton dances with the stars
  • Chad Michael Murray hangs with Skeletor?
  • Get the Lagerfeld teddy bear
  • Eva Longoria Parker sported two pins on her blouse at the MySpace Café at the DNC, one proclaiming “Obama for President” and the other saying “Hillary Supporter for Obama.
  • Ruben Studdard owes nearly $200,000 in back taxes, according to reports.
  • CW’s Gossip Girl was the 230th ranked program last year and could potentially be canceled if viewers don’t start paying as much attention to the show as they do the castmates off screen.
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  • Ray


  • Katherine

    Gossip Girl is my favorite show! :)

  • Kalilah

    They have a point. The show is like The Dark Knight off screen. But on, it seems like no body is watching. :(

    Maybe we’re watching it online too much?

  • m


  • African Girl

    Why do people find this guy attractive again??!

  • 93

    I wish I lived in America so I could contribute to the ratings!! It’ll be months before it comes out in the UK so I’ll have to watch it online. Maybe if loads of people buy the Gossip Girl DVDs they won’t cancel it (:

  • fox

    Mayer is soooooo uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. He always looks like he’s trying to push a hard one out of his ass.

  • tiffany

    NO!!! They cant cancel gossip girl!!!!

  • nanners

    i really hope the ratings improve, because that show is way too good for cancellation.

  • Brenda Song ROCKS

    People start watching GG on TV, don’t go on tv sites well i only go on them because i don’t live in the usa. But come Americans, start watching it on TV. I want to watch gossip girl on TV but we don’t have that. People in the UK can watch it on ITV>

  • ouch

    #7- you are funny!

    I agree! LOL


    Johnny is the sexiest thing in the world
    He’s always been and he’ll always be;)
    i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove him

  • latasha

    Eventhough I am a JP fan, I feel bad for Jen Aniston. John Mayer you are an A-S-S!

  • kat

    if they cancel gossip girl i may die.
    it’s partly the canadian networks fault.
    they took it off the air for the second half of the season.
    and forced canadian viewers to watch online.

  • Amy

    Seriously? Wasn’t GG the hottest new show in the fall? Did it fall off the charts so fast because of the writer’s strike? The time slot move didn’t help either. Sorry, we sold out of Heroes at Target day 1 we had season 2 on sale. GG sat on the shelves and took a week to get through the first stock of special edition ones. DON’T TRY TO COMPETE WITH HEROES!

  • May

    The Gossip Girl writers should seriously start following the storylines of the book. They loose most of their viewers because of the huge difference between the characters in the book and the way they are portrayed on screen. If they just adapted the book onto the screen they’d get both the fans of the books and new TV fans. I’ve decided to stop watching gossip girl after watching the 5 min preview of season 2. Its absolutely disgusting! Nothing like the book!!! while the book is chic and sophisticated, the TV show includes molestation (ala Nate and Couger) and too much attention on sex, as they attempt to attract viewers by being racy instead of having a good story.

    Hopefully 90210 will be better…

  • JohnMayerfan

    John Mayer rocks! I’m so happy he dumped that desperate, whiny, pathetic manipulative fugly woman.

  • what else?

    John Mayer is an attention seeker. He uses women to get ahead in Hollywood. He will turn old and regret his player way. He won’t be able to find any beautiful woman with money except some crazy immature female fans, which he would sleep with randomly.
    He is himself immature. He shouldn’t have said anything after his recent break up with Jennifer. He is stupid and no class. He stands in a middle of street and answer the paps random questions it only shows he is a loser.

  • Sara

    This is Jennifer Aniston’s scornfull revenge. She and her media team are trying to ruin John’s career just because he dumped her.

  • who cares

    Good! That is right! Need to shut that man’s mouth up.
    Sarah, you are so dumb.
    John Mayer is a douche bag. Jessica Simpson was his victim. He blogged on his website how he shooed Jessica away in his so called
    ” letter to an ex”
    He thinks he is something and did it again, making people believe he is always a dumper.
    He tries to date famous women so he gets talked about.
    Who cares about this guy, who is just full of himself.

  • Mike

    I see Jennifer Vindictive Bi#ch Aniston hire some more a$$wipes to try to smear her ex’s. That revenge seeking dried up hag. No wonder men don’t want her. You know what Jennifer is a douche bag to why else would she have pick a douche bag if she wasn’t one herself.
    I so agree with you Sara, Jen the revenge seeker is out to ruin him. John Mayer needs to wake up out of his coma.

  • fuuugz

    if i didnt know better i’d think john was truly FUG based on that pic.
    he gives “facial contortionist” a whole knew meaning.

  • hahaha

    Mike and Sarah are delusional! That guy is just merely ugly and media whore like Brad and Angie.
    Women in Hollywood now know if they come close to the guy , he either breaks their heart or trash them.
    so beware!

  • Angie

    LMAO!! what is wrong with his face?!

  • Brenda

    He is gay. He uses women as a beard. That face is hideous. So glad Jen dumped him.

  • leslie

    To Faniston fans, why the sudden bashing of John Mayer, I thought he was younger, hunkier, talented, better than Brad Pitt ? I thought he and your buddy idol Jenjen are the cutest couple in HW ? I thought he and your buddy idol Maniston are soul mate and gonna last a life time ??? hahaha………. Can’t believed their relation ended faster than his previous relations with J. Simpson or his short fling with Cameron Diaz. He was a looser so was Maniston!!!!

  • Team Mayer

    John Mayer does the right thing by speaking up first, before Maniston and her cronies Huvane start tearing him up thru their media manipulation. This guy is smart !not a gentleman and kind as Brad.
    but he does the right thing !!!!

  • Sara

    hahaha Jen has really showed us what a media whore is. Jen has her media team calling the paps to her locations to take pictures of her. Jen has her media team sending the pathetic story that she will guest on a TV show to every Internet spot on line. Jen is the queen of media who res.

  • Sara

    So true Team Mayer, John was a perfect gentleman as was Brad. Jen people started spreading lies about John he had a right to set the record straight. It’s just sad Jen side find a need to smear some one instead of moving on with their life.

  • Mal

    Why can’t jen and her friends just move on after a break up. Why do jen and her people have to mock Brad/Angelina and John? It didn’t work out Brad moved on, John moved on but what is wrong with jen and her people. Break ups happen all the time. jen people just let it go. Stop with the ugly lies and the pathetic leaks. If jen let the bitterness go then may be the bad karma will disappear.

  • mimi

    Maniston’s fans are so predictable. Now JM is ugly but few weeks ago he was the best thing to grace our screen, gorgeous, sexy and better lover than Pitt. They were even predicting wedding before Christmas. it shows how desperate they are for her to be seen with any man good or bad for her, just any man to continue their charade of maniston having more fun than the JP’s which we all know now is all lies and fake just ike her and her fans. In this picture she looks so ugly and manly and that is how she looks but she tries to disguise it with her hair pulled down to fool people.

  • Denise

    I guess Jen don’t need John any more so now he is not a sexy and better lover than Brad. I guess her next lover will be better than Brad, Vince and John now. I can see why men don’t want any thing to do with her and her friends. We really know the “friends said” leaks are really Jen. Jen is turning 40 fast and having a panic attack over it. I guess she is the only one who has ever turned 40.