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John McCain to Sarah Palin: I Choose You!

John McCain to Sarah Palin: I Choose You!

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate at a campaign rally on Friday in Dayton, Ohio.

Governor Palin is a tough executive who has demonstrated during her time in office that she is ready to be president,” the McCain campaign said Friday. “Governor Palin has the record of reform and bipartisanship that others can only speak of. Her experience in shaking up the status quo is exactly what is needed in Washington today.”

This move will sure pick up a few of the Hillary Clinton voters!

Little known facts: Palin came in second place at the Miss Alaska pageant in 1984. The 44-year-old Idaho-native also is the mother of five children.

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  • patty

    “This move will sure pick up a few of the Hillary Clinton voters!”

    Why? Because Hillary voters are all stupid pawns that will only vote for a woman, even if that woman goes against every single belief they hold dear? I don’t think so. Most liberal women will never vote for an anti-choice woman.

  • sheryl

    Sarah Palin is an impressive woman. A great wife, mother, business woman, citizen government worker, mayor and governor. She is fantastic on the single biggest domestic issue facing America, oil.

    She is a reformer like McCain, works across party lines, hates government waste with a vengenance (when she became Governor she had them sell the governments private jet because she thought it was excessive and that she would fly commercial).

    She gave great deference to Hillary & Ferraro but added that with her being VP, women plan on shattering the glass ceiling once and for all.

    GO SARAH….McCain/Palin 08!!!

  • interesting

    McCain has a better chance to win with this VP. She is a woman with beauty, brain,charisma and integrity.

  • sam

    So democrats argument is that the VP of one ticket has to have more foreign affairs experience then the the Presidential nominee of the other ticket also she has more executive experience then Obama and Biden combined and congresses approve rating is at 12% do we really believe electing two senators both with the sink of Washington will change anything there.

  • jules

    Sorry but I just made up my mind. I wouldn’t vote for this woman EVER! She is Alaska’s worst nightmare. Her stance on protecting the environmenat in Alaska is horrible, can you imagine what she’ll do to this country? She think it’s ok to slaugher wolves and bears so her hunting buddies have more elk and moose to kill. McCain, I admire you and think you are a great person. BUT you’ve just lost a vote.

  • interesting

    I am a Hillary supporter, I will vote for McCain.

  • ANNe

    Will vote republican for the first time, with picking Palin McCain proves that he is willing to shake up Washington and that the American people have someone who is not going to do what is safe but what needs to be done which is what we need now more then ever.

  • aeon

    # 52

    what the hell are you saying any choice as long as it is a woman is good? The hell for the real issues of policies and causes and changes.

    In other word, this choice is just good enough. Is that what you are saying?

    You are an idiot…

    By the way I am a female.

  • aeon

    #56 stop pretending you were ever a Hillary supporter. What you are is a racist, sexist and an idiot.

  • interesting

    Obama said “new, fresh, change” yeah, right, he picked a oldest politician in Washington. Give me a break.

  • ANNe

    Can’t stop laughing all democrats have been talking about is that Palin has no foreign policy experience, I see, that was so important to democrats that they pick a community organizer who is a first term senator and for most of is time in the senate he has been running for the Presidency of the United States, how much more desperate can democrats get.

  • aeon

    # 57

    I really wonder about some of you. What are you saying is McCain is synonimous with change in Washington. McCain and change…LOL.

    please ….

  • Keeneko

    There is no way that this inept-GOP-puppet with a vagina will reel in any Clinton supporters. This is an insult to women of any party. Women are not easily swayed because a woman is on the Presidential Ballot.

    What a joke, and what a DESPERATE move from McCain.

  • aeon

    # 61 ANNe @ 08/29/2008 at 4:04 pm

    Please his experience and policies are way more than Palin what 5 months as governor and 2 years as Mayor. Yeah right…

  • antenalol

    Hell he’s so not going to win this election for sure

  • Meg

    I laughed when people called Joe Biden inexperienced and now this is just priceless. Gov. of Alaska? As one of the most traveled through states, I’m sure a hell of lot more people have been to DE than Alaska.

    Hell, Delaware may be small, but we’ve got more people than Alaska does!!!

    Have you heard her kids names? She’s insane, under investigation, and admitted to smoking pot!!

    It’s sad McCain picked her b/c he wants Hillary’s voters.

    He’s stupid and while most Americans will see right through his desperate ploys, I have to admit there are a lot of stupid people here too. Like those of you who are voting for McCain just b/c he picked a female VP.

  • andamentothat

    Sarah Palin was a mayor first but is the current governor of Alaska.. which means she has exec experience.. I think her speech was very credible and yes they are trying to get in some Hillary voters.. well they got me!

  • Davey

    That’s exactly what I don’t get. How is Palin change? Just because she’s a woman? I thought we were looking for change in how the country was run not genders in the white house. Silly me for actually caring about the issues and not publicity stunts. November when I vote I will vote purely on what ground we can break and not whether I think they can do good for the country.

    I remember something I heard during a Jackie Robinson documentary. How while it was important for him to be the first black player it was even more important for him to be a great baseball player. If he failed he would set back any progress they had made. When we get a woman in the white house it should be because she’s worked to get there not as a stunt to pick up votes.

  • Melissa

    why isn’t it mentioned that she is being investigated in Alaska for firing someone because of domestic relationship issues

  • required

    this choice is lmao!
    mccain + old age + desperation + dementia + cloudy irresponsible decision making concerning future of all americans + one heart beat away = PRESIDENT PALIN.

    if you are in a city right now
    beware of large falling elephants.

  • Meg

    Melissa @ 08/29/2008 at 4:11 pm why isn’t it mentioned that she is being investigated in Alaska for firing someone because of domestic relationship issues


    I was wondering the same thing. Not to mention said someone she fired was her state trooper ex brother in law.

  • LOL

    LMAO! I am laughing my ass off. LOL. She’s a beauty queen. If oldCain was so confident, why did he have to go for a gimmick?

    The “so-called” Hilary supporters…YOU’RE NOT. It’s an insult to Hilary to compare her to this woman. Hilary is PRO women’s rights. This beauty queen is ANTI women’s rights. Hilary has something to say. She doesn’t. Hilary was offered the #2 slot–she said “no thanks” and chose the “Secretary of State” position instead.

    What a joke. I hope women aren’t stupid to vote for this chick simply because she’s a woman. She’s a misogynist.

  • hmmm

    Obama’s “change’” is only in his words not action. McCain shows his “change” in action. Go McCain/Palin 2008.

  • The Way It Is

    Here’s The Deal @ 08/29/2008 at 2:37 pm This move will sure pick up a few of the Hillary Clinton voters!

    You bet. Which is EXACTLY why he picked her.
    And I’m one of the Hillary voters who will be voting McCain. If Obama wanted “change,” he should have left the old school political set in his ways senator Biden off his ticket. Practice what you preach Obama, then may be others will listen to you. Big mistake not choosing Hillary & come November you will know how big.

  • hilary

    If Obama loses the election, it is because he makes the mistake of VP candidate.

  • aeon

    # 74 The Way It Is @ 08/29/2008 at 4:17 pm

    Please you were never a Hillary supporter so don’t lie.

  • fabiiia

    MCcain is supid!!!!
    everyone knows he did this to upset hillary but why pick this women…she has no experience wat so ever and everyone has heard of MCcains issues (sick/old) if MCcain dies now and this women is our vice president what the fuckkk is she going to do????
    id rather biden over this chick!!!!!
    no one is going to take him seriously with a women as a vice president no offense thats just the way it is
    they cant go to foreign places with that shit
    hell no…… OBAMA 08!!!!!

  • Say

    The Way It Is#74, You are NOT a Hillary supporter. This beauty queen is against EVERYTYHING Hillary believes in…EVERYTHING. Are you too stupid to realize that she’s being used as a GIMMICK by the Republicans to snag stupid people?

  • Say

    The Way It Is#74, You are NOT a Hillary supporter. This beauty queen is against EVERYTHING Hillary believes in…EVERYTHING. Are you too stupid to realize that she’s being used as a GIMMICK by the Republicans to snag stupid people?

  • hail mary

    homerun ticket

  • yup

    i agree with #6
    he is just using her

  • aeon

    #68 Davey

    Excatly what I am saying. The choice is a joke more of a publicity stunt then an actual consideration on why we really vote.

    Republicans are only jealous of the limelight that Obama and the Democrats. They want some for themsleves. Hint this selection.

    This is a Rove strategy to the hillt deflect attention from the real reason why we are voting for change in November.

    To end the war, better economy, stronger foreign policy and allies, not because we just want to break the glass ceiling in the White House. Wake up and smell the coffee people. This is a Republican ploy once again.

    I am a Hillary suppoter but frankly the reason she really lost was because she voted for the war and refused to acknowledge it. Americans were not buying it from her or McCain.

  • groundcontrol

    I am sick of these men insulting women.

    First the dems insult us by assuming we will vote for any man no matter how inexperienced he is just because he’s a dem and after a primary campaign full of insults to women. They top that off by not even seriously considering Hillary for Vice President.

    Now the repugs insult us by assuming that we will vote for anyone with ovaries.

    You know what ? They can both go take a flying leap.

  • pooh

    There is nothing remotely attractive about this person, at least politically, for former Hillary supporters. Just because she is a woman, doesn’t mean she is the RIGHT woman to be a heartbeat away from the presidency!

  • groundcontrol

    ganymede30324 @ 08/29/2008 at 3:11 pm Awesome! Experience and talent! Plus, she didn’t have to marry into her ‘accomplishments’, the way Hillary did.


    Hillary didn’t marry into her accomplishemnts. Before she even married Bill she was an accomplished Yale Law School grad who had already started a great career with the Watergate Subcomte and had begun working with the Children’s Defense Fund. She grew in accomplishments careerwise as her husband grew. Alongside him. She was never a housewife sitting home.

  • coco

    what if this man dies in office or has a stroke do you really believe this woman can run this country?

  • dee

    When I saw this choice, it was like Christmas morning for me! I can’t wait until the VP Debates, this woman has absolutely no experience that makes her a credible candidate!

  • -

    YAY Gov. Palin

  • yahoo

    McCain/Palin will win. Obama has no guts to change a thing.

  • aeon

    # 83 groundcontrol @ 08/29/2008 at 4:29 pm I am sick of these men insulting women.

    Amen to that.

    The only thing I would disagree with is, (1) I don’t think Hillary really wanted the VP job (2) She is too RIGHT for the presidency not VP and 3) beside that choice had more to do with the strife between the Kennedys and Clintons. IMHO.

  • the dq

    And, she’ll finish 2nd in this race/competition also. McBush is unbelievable……………does he think women are stupid????? This is just transparent and vile.

    Go here to get your Obama/Biden bumper stickers (free of charge):

  • pleaseeeeeeeee

    Obama, please walk your talks.

  • ouch

    OMG! The repulsivcans did it again! Sneaky way! Never heard of this woman. Don’t need another Bush type person……he could run this country to the ground.

    Too bad Obama did not pick Hillary. One smart lady.

    Having the choice of Obama or McCain- Obama will do the least damage and very possibly could turn this country around back to better days.

  • CrazyDaisy

    wWho cares McCain SUCKS!
    OBAMA RULES!!!!!!!!!!

  • ganymede30324

    Really, groundcontrol ?
    Hillary’s ‘jobs’ were tied to her marriage, and then she ran for President based on her ‘experience’ as First Lady! At least if Governor Palin becomes Vice President, it will be because she earned it. (Plus, she has MUCH better taste in husbands!)

  • Seriously

    If Obama didn’t have balls to choose a female VP, what else can he do? All his promise of change are empty.

  • Jill

    Here’s The Deal @ 08/29/2008 at 2:37 pm
    This move will sure pick up a few of the Hillary Clinton voters!

    LOL maybe five or six at the most. Palin is rabidly anti-choice. She’s Hillary’s polar opposite. Anybody who thinks women are going to desert Obama and vote for McCain just because Palin is his running mate is an idiot. Lest you all forget, Walter Mondale picked Geraldine Ferraro for his running mate. Fat lot of good it did either one of them. Bush Senior won in a landslide.

  • izzie

    Oh F**K Obama! I’ve loved Sarah Palin since i saw her on glen beck a few months ago… shes a hell of a lot better choice than damn BIDEN! this hillary supporter and independent is voting republican!

  • morgan

    Sarah Palin is nothing like Hillary Clinton. Palin is a strong conservative, opposing abortion rights and enjoying a life membership in the NRA. The only thing they share is the same gender. Hillary supporters are NOT that stupid.

  • nk

    Doesn’t matter whether Sarah is a man or woman because it’s Obama and McSenial who are running for presidency.
    At the end of the day, women are NOT submissive enough to be drawn to a female VP just because of her gender. Those who supported Hillary understood her insight and dedication, her ProChoice and fair wages. These are the same beliefs Obama has and SO MUCH MORE!
    McSenial random and impulsive pick out of hat for VP will make Bush look pretty good.