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John McCain to Sarah Palin: I Choose You!

John McCain to Sarah Palin: I Choose You!

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate at a campaign rally on Friday in Dayton, Ohio.

Governor Palin is a tough executive who has demonstrated during her time in office that she is ready to be president,” the McCain campaign said Friday. “Governor Palin has the record of reform and bipartisanship that others can only speak of. Her experience in shaking up the status quo is exactly what is needed in Washington today.”

This move will sure pick up a few of the Hillary Clinton voters!

Little known facts: Palin came in second place at the Miss Alaska pageant in 1984. The 44-year-old Idaho-native also is the mother of five children.

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298 Responses to “John McCain to Sarah Palin: I Choose You!”

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  1. 101
    Lynda Says:

    McCain has totally lost it by picking her.
    She is a soccer mom and has no clue what a vp does (she did an interview that is on you tube)
    If he does win and something happens to him she will be president………scary thought!

  2. 102
    shine Says:

    count me in. i’m Hillary’s supporter voting for republican for the first time. I like Sarah Palin, she stands for what is right and is outright against those full of bs politicians. And the blood sucking lobbyist in Washington DC just got to stop. I took notice when it took SIRI and XM radio way too long to merge because the National Association of Broadcaster was lobbying hard against it. It’s about time for a few good men to reside in DC. whose with me?

  3. 103
    Jess Says:

    McCain has a history of health problems that include bouts of melanoma, a potentially deadly form of skin cancer.
    At some point, voters will have to ask themselves who they would want running the country if it ever became necessary: Joe Biden or Sarah Palin????

  4. 104
    Bob Says:

    If McCain wins (which I doubt he will) and dies in office, this woman would be our President! She’s the Gov of Alaska for ***** sake and hasn’t even served a full term! She has next to nothing when it comes to experience. Hillary supporters should be offended that McCain thinks they’d vote for him just because his VP has a ******. Desperate, sad, and pathetic.

  5. 105
    Jess Says:

    McCain is trying to appeal to the Hillary voters and using her for that purpose.
    To borrow a phrase from Sen. Lloyd Bensen addressing Sen Quayle, one step removed ….. “Gov., I knew Sen. Clinton. Sen. Clinton was a friend of mine. Gov. you are not Sen. Clinton”
    Palin is not Hillary!!! and She won’t ever be!!!

  6. 106
    whatever yo Says:

    If you vote for him just because he chose a woman for VP, you’re a bigger idiot than Bush is.

  7. 107
    shine Says:

    watch and see Sarah Palin will blow you away. She is a natural and has no tolerance for power over principle. Give her a chance and watch the most awaited debate. Biden will be put in his little corner.

  8. 108
    Bob Says:

    All you people talking about experience need to remember that George W. Bush had more “experience” than Obama OR Palir. And look what happened to America under his presidency.

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2008!

  9. 109
    whatever yo Says:

    McCain is 72 years old.

    She is an avid hunter and life long NRA member.

    PETA supporters, vegetarians, etc shouldn’t support her, I’m not sure that they will.

    She is also against all abortion rights and wants to outlaw it… even if you get raped and such.

    And she calls herself a feminist? It’s so dumb!

  10. 110
    Maggie Says:

    There are so many issues that, not only need to be addressed, but that need correction as well! I can say that without my political views getting in the way, Barack Obama is the only way positive changes will come about. Most importantly, I want to go abroad and not be embarrased that I AM AN AMERICAN! I returned here in May after living in Italy for six months, and it is downright staggering the amount of negative response I recieved just by my being AMERICAN. Ten years ago, people would have treated me as a hero just because I was AMERICAN. We should as a whole nation restore the good name of AMERICA before people forget about how good AMERICA has been in the past. I am proud to have a leader who I sincerely feel will bring us to where we should be!

  11. 111
    lol Says:

    SATAN/MEDUSA 2008!

  12. 112
    Bob Says:

    SATAN // MEDUSA in 2008!

  13. 113
    The BIG boss Says:

    McCain is a pimp he likes having all those women around him I’m sure former runner-up for miss alaska can be a great vice president. W***E cough cough .McCain is as old as dirt he and Hugh Hefner are probably best buddies there both like the same age we know he takes visits to the mansion when wifeys out of town

  14. 114

    To all those out there complaining about who isn’t and who is a true Hillary supporter…GET A LIFE! Obama was dumb enough to not pick Hillary (the winning ticket) so he gets what he deserves…a LOSING RACE!!! Before everyone ******* and moans bout McCain’s choice, how about actually researching the facts on her record not just posting what you “heard” about her! MCCAIN/PALIN 2008!!!

  15. 115
    Anne Says:

    Joe biden’s son is also headed to Iraq. Do you know anything?

  16. 116
    someone Says:

    I can not believe people would vote for Mccain just because he selected a woman as his VP running mate. Are you freaking people kidding me. Hilary was never on Obama’s short list (and she never wanted to be VP any way she wanted to be President). Have you guys even listed to any of these candidates speak on any of the issues. Everybody that is saying they are now switching their votes to MCCain because he has a woman on his side never had any intentions of voting for Obama in the first place. Voting for somebody because of what sex they are or what race they are is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard. Listen to what these people have to say before you go and make a really stupid choice. I am not trying to convince you to vote one way or the other but at least know where each candidate stands for.

  17. 117
    hehehe Says:

    If Obama loses, blame nobody but himself. wrong choice of VP.

  18. 118
    Paulie Says:

    Sarah Palin’s views represent everything Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has worked against throughout her life.

  19. 119
    sheryl Says:

    Palin isn’t going to peel off Hillary pro-choice, hard core feminists but she will appeal to the blue collar folks and working class women who were voting for Hillary in droves.

    BTW, you are factual wrong that Palin is against all abortions. She supports having an abortion if the mothers life is in danger.

    LIke her or don’t like her but get your facts correct when doing it.

  20. 120
    Jess Says:

    Palin isn’t the right person for VP…
    Back in June she said it herself…she is not the right person for that position…and she said she would stay in Alaska because there’s a lot to be done there…

  21. 121
    sheryl Says:

    Joe Biden said the same thing. Almost every VP candidate says that they would stay in their current position…….duh!

    It doesn’t look to good for a Governor or Senator to say they essential don’t want the job they currently have if given a choice.

  22. 122
    the dq Says:

    “And the blood sucking lobbyist in Washington DC just got to stop. ”

    She and her state are the biggest blood suckers of pork there are. Get a clue.

  23. 123
    smart Choice Says:

    This is a smart choice for McCain.

  24. 124
    Jess Says:

    The difference is that she said she wouldn’t do it to Alaska!!! because there’s a lot to do there! just a couple a months ago Alaska needed her and suddenly they dont anymore?!?!?!

    How stable from her!

  25. 125
    sheryl Says:

    When she became Governor she gave back money to the federal government for “the bridge to know where”.

    She went against her party to do that. She probably hates government wasteful spending mor than McCain.

    Also if feminists go after Palin for abortion it will shine a huge light onto Obama’s position and voting record.

    That position being he actual voted against the Born Alive bill in his state that would’ve proteceted a child that survived an abortion.

    So put simply Obama supports infanticide. As a pro-choice woman, I find Obama’s voting record on this topic vile. I don’t want Obama to select judges to the Supreme Court that would support his extreme abortion views.

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