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John McCain to Sarah Palin: I Choose You!

John McCain to Sarah Palin: I Choose You!

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate at a campaign rally on Friday in Dayton, Ohio.

Governor Palin is a tough executive who has demonstrated during her time in office that she is ready to be president,” the McCain campaign said Friday. “Governor Palin has the record of reform and bipartisanship that others can only speak of. Her experience in shaking up the status quo is exactly what is needed in Washington today.”

This move will sure pick up a few of the Hillary Clinton voters!

Little known facts: Palin came in second place at the Miss Alaska pageant in 1984. The 44-year-old Idaho-native also is the mother of five children.

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  • lee

    Obama’s big thing was “change” and saying McCain is ‘old washington”. The he goes and picks and old washington guy for his vp. Obama says he is just fine on foreign policy even is he has no experience and then goes and picks a guy who has foreign policy experience to bolster his own lack even though he says he doesn’t lack it. go figure. Obama says McCain is same old same old but McCain gets the last laugh picking a fresh face for his VP pick. Guess McCain had the guts to change that Obama doesn’t. And for all those saying she is this or that-how about you actually listen to the lady speak. This gal is smart, charismatic, and spunky. There are those who say she doesn’t have a lot of experience-well, see, she is the student, McCain the older statesman-the teacher/professor. She learns from him. Barack has it backwards. Biden should be the teacher/professor because Barack doesn’t have anything he can teach anyone. Maybe how to sit under a racist pastor and how to be friends with an admitted terrorist. People should actually check out Palin and listen to her speak before bashing her.

  • Now

    I will vote for McCain. I am very disappointed about Obama’s so called “change”. He could make the first change by choosing Hillary as vice President, but he totally blew it.

  • Now

    Obama is a fake, phony.

  • jade

    OBAMA/BIDEN 08!!!

    YEP dems, its christmas in august!!!!

  • jessica

    Before McCain chose this VP, I thought Obama has a huge chance to win. But after McCain chose Sarah Palin, I think Obama chance to win has reduced a lot. He may even lose.

  • Sara

    I am glad McCain made Palin his VP choice. I will vote for him. I am a woman, well-informed on the election, and prefer McCain over Obama any day!!!!

  • Brandy

    I 2nd what Sara said above. And why is everyone saying Obama has been a senator for so long? I looked up his bio and it clearly states US senator 2005 – present. My vote is with McCain!

  • gina

    I was so excited about this choice I almost peed my pants.

    No one will reverse ROE vs. WADE. You are stupid if you think so. At a certain point in pregnancy fetuses should get rights. Partial Birth Abortion are just sick.

    I’m so excited that Palin could be the next VP of America. McCain has shown time and time again that he is for change. Most of you apparently forget these last 8 years. McCain fought Bush and took a beating from him in 2000. He is moderate republican and isn’t as far right as you perceive.

  • amber


    Some of you (fake?) posters claiming to be switching to John McCain are really scaring me.

    As an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter I am just disgusted reading all the troll posts claiming to be a “Hillary supporter” Yea right,

    Listen carefully.

    McCain is 72 years old.

    72 year old is the average life expectancy for a HEALTHY male.

    John McCain has had cancer multiple times.

    This woman knows NOTHING about foreign policy.

    This woman knows NOTHING about economics.

    She is was the mayor of a town of 7,000 people.

    She is in an investigation with the authorieties.

    Nobody knows her

    Would you really want her leading this country????



    I am repulsed that John McCain thinks women are all this stupid. Do you know you are just falling for that old mans trap? You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • trueblueamerican

    Obama (the mouth) vs Palin (action) hmmm, I think Palin wins in the experience debate!

  • remember da truth

    I can’t believe people are still saying that Obama made a bad choice for VP and should have picked someone who didn’t want it and was never in the running for it just because she’s a woman.

    You people are absolutely the reason why Bush is still in office, and why America is the laughing stock of the world.

    Biden with Obama was BRILLIANT. Now he can make all those changes he’s talking about because he has a Washington guy who has built relationships for years and can get things done. Otherwise, it’s just gridlock.

    Also, all the lack of experience is about FOREIGN POLICY experience, you idiots!! Are you people really that ignorant that you hear some phrase or snippet on TV and start repeating it without knowing what you are talking abou?!?! Obama has less foreign policy experience than McCain, but this woman might not have ever even left the country, except as a tourist!!

  • Leanne

    Slam f-ing dunk!!!!
    Bye bye uhhhhhhbama!!!
    Even my 8 yr old makes fun of uhhhhhbama and his uhhhhs and stutters……
    This woman is the real deal!!! Love her!!! Her speech, totally about her, and what she stands for…… I won’t go into how the dem/libs are total liars!!!

  • Original jpf

    # 211 remember da truth @ 08/30/2008 at 8:41 am

    I can’t believe people are still saying that Obama made a bad choice for VP and should have picked someone who didn’t want it and was never in the running for it just because she’s a woman.


    RDT, those who claim to have ever been a Hill supporter never were if they’re now choosing to give it to McCain/Palin simply because of some false sense of womenhood solidarity and especially when these two women couldn’t share more different views on the biggest of female issues.

    For McCain to pick Palin in the belief that now “all the girls will now come running” because they now have a “replacement” for Hillary is one of the most insulting political moves I’ve ever witnessed.

    He diminishes the groundbreaking accomplishments of HRC becoming the first woman in America’s history to finally crack open (she didn’t simply crack it) the glass ceiling to make way for a woman to run as a contender from now on instead of a novelty, and basically he’s saying that women are stupid; that we will put our fundimental reasons for voting for Hillary aside in favor of throwing are weight behind him (McCain) because he’s now got a woman on the ticket, and sadly, there will be those who will allow themselves to be used by McCain/Palin proving that yeah, the only requirement needed to get their vote is two X chromosomes.


  • remember da truth

    Original JPF,

    You’re right, but look at how easily manipulated people have been by Karl Rove for eight years, and it’s the same soccer moms who read the tabloids and believe whatever makes them feel good rather than use their brains.

    These are the same women who themselves think one woman is the same as another, and a man will leave one woman he’s with for another simply because she’s pretty, or younger, or flirts with him, without ever thinking of WHY that man is with that woman.

    We were with Hillary not just because of women’s issues, but because of economy issues, foreign policy issues, energy policy issues, etc. Each woman is as different as each man, and I really believe that yes, America CAN be that stupid.

    I was proud to be American again after the Democratic convention. Someone comparing the fireworks to the Olympics in Beijing is why I say America is stupid. Apparently, they thought it was some sort of contest over who had the best show, instead of listening to the speeches and thinking about what was being said.

    Anyone who paid any bit of attention for the last three months would know Hillary did NOT want the VP slot and wouldn’t have taken it. She did everything she could to get that message across, and to say, look, Obama is similar to me on the issues. It wasn’t about voting for me, it’s about voting for what’s best for the country. Bill Clinton told why he “loved” Joe Biden for the choice.

    To pick a woman who sounds like a kindergarten teacher giving a speech about our beautiful children at a PTA meeting who has already been found to have flip-flopped on the bridge to nowhere (Sheryl, you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about if you can’t even spell it), is under investigation, and has only ‘stood up to her party’ to be even MORE conservative is not the person to have in a position she herself wasn’t even sure entailed.

    I can’t imagine this woman meeting with the Saudis, or European leaders. Can’t you just see her talking to Putin? She has “spunk” — oh good, she won’t cry or run away, but really, does she have the fortitude of a Kay Bailey Hutchison or Hillary Clinton to go toe-to-toe with world leaders? If she doesn’t know what the VP does, she probably doesn’t even know who the world’s leaders are!

  • Isis Lara

    This is simply not just black and white, there are gray issues as well. As a Democrat and a HRC supporter, I cannot and will not in good conscious vote for Obama. Never had faith in his empty sales. On the other hand, McCain by far has more experience but is in the wrong party. Admittingly, choosing Palin has sparked an immense curiousity. Will it be enough to pull that lever in November?

  • blue

    Byotch is not going to break the glass ceilig, she is going to put women’s rights back one hundred years!!!!! Obama-Biden 08. At lest Obama won’t trample the constitution he is a constitutional lawyer and has run a campaign like no other in the history of the United States….now that is alot of experience. He is a genius and that’s what we need in the white house someone who understands the issues, he gets the people of the United States and the world!!!!!!

  • http://http Sarah Palin is my New Hero

    I am falling in love with Gov. Sarah Palin. She has a very fascinating story. She has more experience in governance than Obama.

  • corrupeted

    First she was for the bridge to nowhere than she’s against it…flip flop….now she is under investigation for abuse of power…I wonder what else is she hiding under that beehive lol. Mccain couldn’t even let her stay on stage by herself, the body language was so awkard…I bet Rove’s people made him pick her It was an awkard blind date because he only met her once and spoke to her over the phone. LMAO!!!!! I don’t trust his judgement he seems a little out of it…plus he really wanted to pick Joe Liberman but he knew that the Rove people would trash him like they did Harriet Myers. I see Paris Hilton in this pick LMAO. She really got somewhere by being pretty.

  • bella

    I hate politics. He has made a good play though. I think he only picked a woman because he knew that would shake things up. I doubt very much if Hilliary was running against him he would of chosen a woman. This woman looks plastic and too perfect.
    In the end although I would like to see Obama win, it may very well be McCain. I wish Hillary was still in the race. She has worked her @ ss off and deserves to be president.

  • hell

    It is so hard to let go of power and the republicans will do anything to keep their corrupted administration going. They have no idea what Country first means especially John Mccain. He hides under his POW status but he is has PTS I would hate someone like him having his hands on nuclear weapons…..we are all going to hell!!!

  • deledda

    I love Sarah Palin, I will vote for McCain because of her. She will be a fantastic Vice President or President. She can do it. McCain/Palin 2008.

  • sick

    I am sick of Obama’s cheap talk no action. Go McCain/Palin 2008.

  • MCShame

    You’re americans are ridicolous. McShame is a fuck…. joke. You’re idiots of the first category if you gonna vote an old guy that have picked another idiot (beauty queen and idiot!) anti-abortion, yes to the death penalty, no to the animals (she kills them and love it!!) and NO foreign experience.



  • Gigi

    Loves it! After the spectacle that was the DNC the other night, I was starting to wonder if I should switch loyalties, no more, Obama is full of fairytale promises, everything to all men, you name it, he’ll make sure you have it.. SAD. McCain you did the right thing here, this woman has grit, she is feminine and strong, I am so fired up right now, Mr. McCain you’re getting a check from me today!!

  • lAURA

    It is beyond ridiculous that any supporter of Hillary Clinton would vote for McCain simply because he chose a woman as his VP running mate. If you care AT ALL for the principles for which Hillary stands, you should not vote for a woman whose platform is exactly the opposite. Clinton supporters, please, this is not rational thinking and you know it! Palin is anti-choice, supports creationist teaching in schools (under the label “intelligent design”) and is an NRA supporter. This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of how vastly her political beliefs differ from that of Hillary’s. Please, don’t be reactionary! Remember why you support Hillary and don’t disavow Obama because you feel betrayed by the Democrats. Otherwise, you are just giving into superficial partisan politics that not only does a disservice to women (and women’s rights), but seriously underestimates the ability of American men and women to make intelligent and rational decisions about who we want to run our country.

    Obama/Biden 08!

  • Ivermom

    #223–YOu need to chill out a little…….:(

    I like this little shake up……..things are going to get interesting

  • McCain+Palin 2008

    McCain+Palin TEAM will get all the “bitter” votes that Clinton got in suburban/rural America. That is what differentiates between winning and losing in Ohio, Pennsylvania and other battleground states.

    McCain+Palin TEAM 2008!
    Hillary 2012!

  • john

    lovin the sarah palin move by mccain. Now obama and his slave biden can stfu. GO MCCAIN 08/HILLARY 2012

  • the real tita

    Palin was not chosen to get just the women’s votes. She was chosen to reenergize the Republican party and the way it went, she has succeeded. Donations came pouring in from people who were not so enthusiastic in opening their wallets.

    She’s a fighter, she’s smart and she has that likeability factor. Just wait till she goes on the campaign road. She has more executive experience than the other 2 candidates from the opposite side. Her state borders both Canada and Russia. She has dealt with them firsthand and she has been CIC of the National Guards. F-15s are in Alaska constantly patrolling the borders. So she has had more foreign relations than they’ve ever had. Alaska is a whole different animal than all the other states. Don’t sell this woman short.

    She also flies planes, shoots guns and races. A woman after my own heart!

  • right

    Obama is an idiot for not picking Hillary Clinton. He will lose the election because of that.

  • Judy

    Cindy better hang on I can see Johns new girlfriend lolo

  • McCain is out of touch

    I pray to God every night McCain doesn’t get elected and now here is yet another reason.

    This woman actually said that the VP spot is beneath her and she would only accept it if it best benefits Alaska first. What about the rest of the country? What about world issues? She is also a gun toting anti environmentalist.. who would rather shoot a polar bear and throw its skinned fur on her floor as a rug then allow them to be entered into the official endangered species list. (And they are endangered since the ice and the food is disappearing due to global warming.

    And she profits directly from Alaska oil drilling personally through her husband. And it has already been proven that the oil in Alaska and off the coast is not enough to support us for even 5 years and it will take 30 years to even see any benefit at all from it.. what we will see though before any short lived benefit is the destruction of our tourism industry a possible loss in 700 billion a year to resorts and businesses along our shores and the pristine condition of the Alaska Preserves for no damn reason (the Valdez spill is still harming the waters and coastlines where the disaster happened).

    Please people wake up and make smart educated decision on Nov 4th.. would you like to represented by someone who puts people of all walks of life and take home pay first. Someone who had the chance to take the quick buck path and instead worked for the rights of the poverty stricken.. people who had lost jobs? Someone who has respect for the constitution and wants equality for us all?

    Or for an elitist who will continue to reward the rich(can’t even tell you how many homes he owns and that from an Arizonian.. I am watching my neighbors lose their houses left and right in his precious state and that man doesn’t know how many homes he owns.. one of them was sold recently for 3.5 million and the new owners have to look at the initials MC caved into the giant marble fireplace.. egotistical much McCain??) , the oil companies, those who profit from war, who will ruin our beaches, oceans, preserves without any benefit except lining his oil friends pockets with more untaxed money, and who will over turn Roe vs Wade and then leave it to the states instead.. meaning all you have to do is drive to another state who will preform it.. or go across the border to some back alley doctor(how does that stop abortion??).. sounds safe and healthy. Meanwhile he will continue to take away the programs and benefits of single mothers who their will be a lot more of. Not to mention not being able to secure our borders here in Arizona or protect these poor people from kidnapping and human trafficking here in Phoenix where he owns a 4 million dollar condo!!! Do you really think that if you make less than 500,000 dollars a year.. he will give a rats ass about you and the issues you care about?

    McCain will be a disaster.. Obama may not be perfect.. but he is a way lesser evil and very well might get it back on track.. as a country, as an example to the world that power also requires diplomacy.

  • the real tita

    #86: I would rather have her on the reins than Biden who has terminal foot in mouth disease and is a known plagiarist. He’s been wrong on so many of his votes and choices. Better her than him. She will not hesitate to surround herself with people who knows how to help her…unlike Mr. Big Ego who thinks he knows everything but has never been anything but second banana even with all his years in the Senate.

  • Hillary

    Hillary wouldn’t have run with Obama.. I doubt she would have said yes. Not because she doesn’t like him or think he is capable of being president.. but because the democrats need her in their back pocket if Obama doesn’t get elected.. then she is a clear winner for 2012..

    Problem now is that if McCain is elected their may not be anything left to lead in 2012.. he will lead us into a path of destruction, war, aggression without negotiation that we will not return from.. the poor will be as poor as those in Ethiopia.. the rich will be as rich as those in Dubai. The middle class will vanish completely. We will have nothing left when he is done with us.

    My family history I can trace back to the 1700′s.. and here in America we have a long tradition of serving our country.. including myself.. but if McCain is elected I am seriously considering taking my family and moving to Canada.. enough is enough.

  • the real tita

    #231: Are you crazy? Have you seen her husband? He’s not only young, he’s goodlooking and a sportsman. He’s a stud who’s not afraid to cook and help out with the kids while mama is out doing her job.

    These two are the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt of the political world. They’re beautiful, smart, compassionate, adventurous and they have 5 beautiful kids!

    Read more about them before you start flapping your mouth!

  • x`q

    Cheap talk, no action what?
    Please enlighten me and tell me exactly what must he do.
    And all of you morons that want gas prices to go $7 a gallon and want thousands more innocent soldiers to die by all means, vote republican!

    Electing Palin as VP WILL NOT be change from the current state we’re in. All of you think she’s change because she’s a female but what good is a female if she doesn’t do anything?

  • hmmm

    the real tita @ 08/30/2008 at 1:36 pm

    #231: Are you crazy? Have you seen her husband? He’s not only young, he’s goodlooking and a sportsman. He’s a stud who’s not afraid to cook and help out with the kids while mama is out doing her job.

    These two are the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt of the political world. They’re beautiful, smart, compassionate, adventurous and they have 5 beautiful kids!

    Read more about them before you start flapping your mouth!
    yes, I can see Sarah Palin has some Angelina Jolie in her.

  • jesse

    first of all what if something happened to mccain if he were elected and all of sudden he didnt make it??? we have this broad as the back up president to run the country?? i dont think so

  • Davey

    You ex-Hillary voters for Palin do know that the dems will just end up sending Hillary after Palin, right? When Hillary rips her a new one and Palin responds where will you stand?

  • Excited about election at last

    Yeaaaaaaaa! The Glass Ceiling is about to be broken – Sara Palin is a terrific pick for VP of the US by either candidate. Yes, they can chose their running partner outside their party if they so choose. Sara, as i’ve googled her, shows great leadership and executive qualities and experience; as Governor of Alaska, she’s dealt with foreign policies with Russia and other countries regarding fishing waters for one, she’s the “Reformer” of Alaskan “good ole boy” politics, and considers herself to be a servant of the people who elected her….she’s tackled Big Oil and never backs off righting a wrong. She’s the new Lara Croft!! Palin the Terminator of graft in politics….way to go McCain. As a life long registered Democrat, i will be voting Republican this November 4th. The country’s needs go beyond party lines this election….i choose REFORM over CHANGE.

  • Davey


    What kind of Dem are you? Fiscal? Social? Palin is very conservative. If you’re a lifelong Dem chances are your issues don’t match up with hers. Apparently that’s fine because she’s a woman.

    BTW, she said she knows Russia because it’s close to Alaska and that she doesn’t know what a VP does. Ummm, excellent choice. Like one of my favorite tv personalities said, she’s also near the north pole. She must know Santa as well.

  • Rachel

    Omg this is really scary! If McCain get’s elected to be President it’s bye bye for America. Please guys, because i’m powerless in this election please vote for Obama. It will be the best thing for your country. These Republicans don’t care about anything except war and getting rich. They only care about what benefits the rich also. I will so cry if McCain wins. Obama speaks sense. I love that guy. McCain and his little puppet bitch cannot win!! And to all the “Hillary supporters” who are now saying you will vote Republican i am kind of glad about that because you come across as stupid people who don’t have the ability to be loyal, just what the Republican party looks for and wants you to be so go ahead, fuck up your country more than it already is. Personally, i can’t see how anyone would ever choose McCain over Obama it is so crystal clear who would make a more worthy President and that is Obama!

  • Original jpf

    remember da truth, I’m sitting out the rest of this thread (and others along these lines) because it’s not worth wasting time debating with minds that believe that the Messiah-ette has arrived, and in one days time she’s been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt worthy of the accolades being heaped on her. The hypocrosy by some on here I’ve known since first coming to JJ’s is blowing my mind, and before I blow a gasket, it’s better to ease back and out.


  • rocking

    241, you rock!!!!

  • Rachel

    Hahaha oh my fukin god can you seriously imagine President Palin?!?! Oh geez if that doesn’t scare the sh!t outta ya i don’t know what will!! I really hope McCain has fuked up his chances of becoming President by picking this young, inexperienced puppet. Haha she has nothing on Obama and Biden. neither does McCain the old, senile fool!

  • Rachel

    How f*cking dumb can some of you Republican supporters be. I like the way you all say “Obama makes empty promises”. Well gee, why don’t you just f*cking all get together and make a society of Mystic f*cking Megs. How can you know if his promises are empty when he’s not even President yet??!! I f*cking wish i could see into the future like you guys and grin wildly when Obama becomes the next President of America in november. I know you American’s have got a real bad reputation of being a nation full of war-loving dumbasses (thanks to your President George Bush who you guys voted in twice lol) but seriously we all know America is an admirable country and needs to be restored to it’s former glory. Only Obama can do that. Who the f*ck would be so extremely right-wing these days anyway??? The Republicans don’t do shit. I hate them all. President Palin lol. I still can’t get over it!!

  • Kristine

    What a looser! You can really see he doesn’t care about the people. He is using her. I hope many can see right through that…Vote OBAMA!!!

  • Kira

    Remember the “ex-beauty contestant” who became a man and had a baby?! I’d say beauty contests are meaningless though I did notice how the “old loose cannon” and “Father whithered Time”, John McCain, was checking out her fanny while she was speaking. His affair with the woman which surfaced earlier this year but quickly got silenced is not behind him, yet!

    Having voted for Senator Clinton and now Senator Obama, this ‘gun totin’ Annie Oakley (whose idea of femininity is to shoot Moose) is not a replacement for Senator Clinton and, hopefully, at some point in the near future Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro, and Debbie Wasserman will bring it on with this pawn of John McCain and the right-wing of the Republican Party who helped Bush-Cheney start the war.

    We all must do everything possible to get Obama-Biden elected so Senator Clinton can become a Supreme Court Justice!

  • Carrie

    Feel sorry for her for having been used as a pawn? I don’t think so….she’s got bigger gonads than the ones John McCain lost while running in 2000 against his BFF, George W. Bush!

    John McCain is an angry former POW who didn’t learn his lesson regarding war and is proving weekly to be less than stable psychologically. We’ve all seen the real “man behind the mask” in recent weeks and he does not deserve to be elected to the White House.

  • john ruckstaetter

    Experience? Obama has 146 days in the senate. That’s it folks. Otherwise, he was just a state senator…not running a state. Get a clue folks. This obama noob is nothing as he says nothing, is nothing, then goes out and hires an old washington crony. Same ol party line politics. He had to try to cover up his experience. Bottom line now is, who do u want to look at for 8 more years: biden or palin? Choice is clear. The rest is”change”. Lmao at the commie libs.