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Katie Holmes' Floral Explosion

Katie Holmes' Floral Explosion

Katie Holmes rocks out a bold floral Missoni top and her fave Chloe handbag as she arrives for rehearsals at the Minetta Theater in New York City on Friday morning.

Parade was recently asked, “Was Katie Holmes offered the chance to reprise her role as Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight.”

The mag responded, “Yes. She turned it down because she already was committed to Mad Money, with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah. That comedy bombed at the box office, while The Dark Knight”with Maggie Gyllenhaal, 30, in Katie‘s role”is one of the highest-grossing films ever. Katie, 29, won’t have another chance to play Rachel, since that character was killed off in the film.”

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Credit: Isabella; Photos: INFdaily
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  • coza

    First !.

    She looks cute.

  • coza

    First !.

    She looks cute.

  • mia

    love it. katie is so beautiful. i really like the haircut. bring back the pegged jeans katie, i love them. where is suri? Europe loves TomKat

  • KrissyKitty

    Keep trying to hide that belly Katie… It only makes you look obvious… so when is the baby due?

  • emma

    she looks great…

  • Alie

    Thanks for spoiling the Dark Knight for me :(

  • Debba

    What’s the matter with her arm? She’s holding it at a weird angle like it’s broken.

    She’s a very strange person.

  • Dancer

    Oh my god she looks awful. The top doesn’t fit, the sweater is an old lady sweater and once again she looks like a blue light special clothes shopper. Phew. Get a stylist please.

  • pam

    what the hell has happened to Katie?

  • sandra

    I love the Chloe handbag!

  • Molly

    gosh i’m so tired of this robotic woman….

  • http://Ha!Ha! peepee

    Posture like a preying mantis. Check. Print that only a grandma could love. Check. Hair that ages her about 15 years. Check. She’s got it down just wrong, so wrong with all of Tom’s millions and connections and yet she carries herself with zero style. How is this possible? Please explain.

  • sandy

    always the same unhappy and tired face….what happened to the old Katie?

  • -

    what’s with the slouching?

  • GrayGoose

    I’m going on the record now with bulimia or anorexia. I know Kate had one or the other during her TV series run. The misery, the bruising, the sallow coloring, dead eyes, skeleton skinny (despite heavy legs).

    Too bad she’s not going to get any kind of help for herself through Tom’s kooky celebrity “religion” (aka one of the world greatest money-making schemes).

  • nikita

    that’s the answer she said no to TDK because its a dead character.

  • enid

    very very pretty

  • team usa

    Love her fashion choices and she is becoming a great beauty.
    She’s a better acterss than Maggie G and much easier on the eyes too.
    This was not Maggie’s movie really but more on Bale and Ledger also the amazing performance of Eckhart.

  • yvonne

    Thanks JJ. Katie looks adorable.

  • hayden

    Yeah Baby!
    Go TomKat!!
    Go McCain and Palin!!!

  • spy

    Check out because Mad Money didnt bomb for a movie that only cost 12.7 to make and CNN Money watch said the dvd sales for Mad Money and rentals were top of the month when it was released.

    Iron Man/Stark Enterprise had a cameo on Mad Money’s host tv program.

  • rj

    Katie is beautiful in her floral explosion but also worth to see the miscast Maggie in the Batman explosion.

  • Lauren

    She looks like a haggy old witch.

  • HereWeGoAgain

    team usa, spy, rj,nikita, etc…. why don’t you and all your other many aliases find a better use of your time and someone more worthy of your blind devotion and support?

  • why so serious?

    #24 why dont you find better use of your time and something worthy to do other than spreading hate and envy for people you dont know.
    Why are you on a site for people you dont like?
    spend time on a site and cause you like.
    redirect your own statement for yourself…………

  • 911

    adorable as usual

  • Clinton

    Yes, 36. They should have done that.

    She’s not anorexic, #15. She’s not skeletal or msierable at all, her brusing can be explained by other reasons and you’ve been saying her eyes ilook dead (what a stupid thing to say) for ages because of her supposed brainwashing. She doesn’t need any help.

    I’m pretty sure that it cost 22 mil to make, #21. Sytill, while it flopped it was no ‘bomb’ by any means.

  • lurking

    Thanks Jared for this Katie pics but please get credible sources not from tabloids. Cruise was not part of the lawsuit nor U.A. on Valkyrie but its the German studio Babelsburg. Its the real news today from CNN and Associated Press.

  • a Fashion Don’t

    Once again, dressing in the Dark.

    After five, cocktail blouse designed to be worn with matching satin skirt is paired with cotton soccer mom cardigan.

    I AM AN OHIO soccor mom, and I DRESS BETTER.

  • happy lol day

    She looks great, I like that she is dressing casual and like almost anyone else would :)

  • raquel

    It’s very evident that the woman does not know how to comb her own hair and needs a stylist when she goes out on the town ’cause I don’t think she knows what to do when she picks up a comb or brush.

  • Tina

    It’s not her fault that she had already signed a contract for Mad Money before she was offered to reprise her role in the Batman franchise. We all know the movies are in a different league, Mad Money had a budget of about $20million. As they say in Hollywood, you are only as good as your word, and you don’t get long-term respect if you break contracts!

  • KrissyKitty

    You know what is sad? This chick has a stylist and she still walks out of the house every day in mis-matched clothes and shoes, looking like she got her stuff off the discontinued rack…
    ~I think Tome should ask for his money back and fire the blind stylist that dresses his Beard…

  • Megan fox rocks

    she looks so cute , love this woman

  • Rosie

    Again with the daily ritual of seeing this robot go to rehearsals…BORING!!!! Enough already!!!!

  • Dominica

    She’s not anorexic, #15. She’s not skeletal or msierable at all, her brusing can be explained by other reasons and you’ve been saying her eyes ilook dead (what a stupid thing to say) for ages because of her supposed brainwashing. She doesn’t need any help.


    OK Clinton, Truman, Washington, Lauren…etc, it’s time to call you on your obnoxious behavior.

    How the hell do you know whether Holmes is anorexic?? Do you know her personally? Does she tell you all her secrets? Only in your delusional mind. You have no idea whether she needs help or not or whether she is brainwashed by a cult. You don’t know her. She doesn’t care about you and wouldn’t care about you if she tripped over you on the street. Her eyes DO look dead and many people agree. What makes you think your arrogant, obnoxious comments are right and everyone else is wrong. It’s just your stupid opinion so STFU, you creep.

    You love to call people names. How does it feel it back? You’re the most miserable, nasty, obnoxious person on the internet. The only one who HATES is you and I think you’re one sick, delusional, sad little puppy.

    By the way, Katie’s blouse looks like my shower curtain and she ought to try running a comb through her hair. She looks like a homeless person with that baggy, mismatch sweater.

    I’m so sick of this girl and the 1 or 2 freaky fanatics that post over and over on this site to make it seem as Katie has any fans. She doesn’t. Get over it. You’re not changing anyone’s mind.

  • ninjas

    not only she is pretty but has many endearing qualities

  • Kristy

    So Katie Holmes is a bag lady now? That’s what she looks like. That top looks like a clown threw up all over it! Does she dress in the dark? Nothing matches!

    What a bizarre woman. Married to a freak. Can’t act. Can’t dress. Dead looking. Don’t understand why anybody bothers with her.

  • texas


  • mya

    It’s not a stylish way to be dress. Since she arrived in New York, she dressed like an ordinary person. But the taste is getting worst everyday. Being simple doesn’t mean to dress like a grandma. And I could say that they are grandma’s who dress in a better way.

    She always look tired and hair uncoombed. Maybe she just get out of the bed at the very last minute…

    By the way, no sign of Tom and Suri since a few days…Have they locked themselves in the L.A. house?

  • 3>


  • chase

    Eventho Rachel Dawes was just sacrificial lamb on the Dark Knight many would have been happier if she finished the sequel.

  • donna

    hugs for Katie

  • :))))))))

    Happy Happy Joy Joy…..Katie looks super cute!

  • victoria

    FIRST OF ALL.. NUMBER # 11 .. ENOUGH WITH THE ” ROBOTIC WOMAN OR ROBOTIC KATIE, WE ARE TIRED OF SEEING “. Well, move on up, or over or down. If she is THAT hard on your eyes every single day, go on to other celebities please. HEY DANCER, MAV, DALE, CLINTON, ( OR JEFFERSON ) AND RESCUE,…… what do you guys make of this rumor ?? ……… Tabloid trash or maybe some truth to the story ? ….. I live on the East Coast, but my best friend lives on the West Coast in Malibu. She says, she has been hearing a ” rumbling ” from a former Scientology Minder/Handler. This person has had to change her name to protect herself ( twice ), and move several times, because she left the group when she was ” in a higher up level status”. OK…… SHE has claimed OR sworn, that TOM CRUISE has been trying to get his family OUT of the ” cult ” for the past three years. They have threatened HIM, KATIE, SURI, HIS MOTHER, HIS SISTER, BELLA, CONNOR, AND HIS SISTERS CHILDREN AND CLOSE FRIENDS. ( when my friend laughed, she said it was true, just wait and see ). This MINDER person said someone of TOM’S level in the group is NOT about to be allowed to leave. They call his cell phone AND Katie’s all day, and leave threatening messages, and tell them they better ACT like nothing is wrong with the Scientology Centre>>>………. AND that Bella and Connor AND Toms sister better show up and do what is expected. It is taking such a toll on Katie that she is constantly looking over her shoulder and cannot sleep. AND, they tell Tom he better show up for the Centre’s function’s as well. Katie refused the last one. ( a major dinner ). She also said Katie’s dad is working behind closed doors with high-powerd attorney’s and some other people, to help them shut down the Centre and expose all of them. SO, she claims THIS is the reason of Katie’s sad expression and Tom’s lack of enthusiasm and appearances. He has been working with attorney’s to help his family OUT of this mess, while helping Katie AND him keep up appearances. …………………….. They also threatened Paula his co-worker and friend. ( one reason she left the movie production ). She wanted space between them, and was frightened away………….. WELL, GUYS DO YOU ALL BELIEVE THIS STORY ???? OR NOT????SHE SEEMS TO THINK IT WILL BE OUT BY THE END OF THE YEAR…….. and tom has added more body-guards to his family. Write back and give me your thoughts…… I didn’t know whether to laugh or really think about it, after seeing pictures of Katie recently !!!!

  • emma


  • yankee

    Where is my Tommy??????????

  • bess

    awww so sweet

  • leggy

    Thanks Jared

  • Kristy

    #45, you and your post are full of crap. TOTAL BS. Not one word of it is true.

    If any of it was true, why wouldn’t Cruise go to the police? BECAUSE IT’S NOT TRUE, that’s why!! If a high level member of Co$ and a “moviestar” went to LA cops with this, the FBI would be involved so fast your head would spin. Cruise would be protected and the entire cult would be brought down.

    Way to try and make Cruise look innocent in his involvement with Scientology, but guess what? It’s not working. His sisters (all three) are high level members. His mother is an OT III and one of his sisters and his Mother live at the Celebrity Center here in LA. He’s best friends with David Miscavige and donated 5 million bucks to Scientology just recently (he was thanked in one of their magazines).

    The facts are that Cruise is a high level member of the cult who has NO DESIRE to get out. If he wanted to, he could. Saying anything else from your imaginary friend is complete trash.