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Sienna Miller Rocks Baggy Jeans

Sienna Miller Rocks Baggy Jeans

Just like Katie!

British actress Sienna Miller strolls through central London rocking the baggy jeans look on Friday.

Sienna, 26, recently responded to all of the attention she’s received, saying, “When I’m not working, I want to be myself. I don’t have assistants, bodyguards or even a driver because I try to pretend in my own head that this isn’t happening.”

She continued, “I think a lot of actresses live in this cotton wool world but I’m very free-spirited and I want to be able to live the life I do. I was well known before I had a film out but I don’t court attention. I don’t go to other people’s premieres. I haven’t been out to a club in London for years.”

Years Sienna?

10+ pictures of Sienna Miller rocking baggy jeans…

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sienna miller baggy jeans 01
sienna miller baggy jeans 02
sienna miller baggy jeans 03
sienna miller baggy jeans 04
sienna miller baggy jeans 05
sienna miller baggy jeans 06
sienna miller baggy jeans 07
sienna miller baggy jeans 08
sienna miller baggy jeans 09
sienna miller baggy jeans 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • really!!!

    FIRST :)

  • joe-lover

    second :D

  • shea

    Is she kidding? She is ALWAYS at the London clubs…especially when was living with and engaged to Rhys just a couple months ago- ahh yes that was just before she dumped him for her lastest catch that happens to still be married with 4 young children and has yet to file for divorce! Oh and they are apparently buying a mansion together in LA…pulleezz Sienna you are a PHONY!

    And how were you a well known actress before you had a movie out???? I have never heard of you before you were in Alfie with Jude Law. Maybe in your own inflated mind you were famous. You are a delusional Liar.

    And, on the flip side you like to pretend that you are not a famous actress? Are you saying you don’t like the media attention- HA! give it up, you expect us to believe that the biggest famewhore in the business doesn’t want to be photographed….Yeah Right!

    Sienna Miller= A BIG JOKE
    Sienna Miller= ZERO CREDIBILITY
    Sienna Miller- Go Away!

  • laurie

    Love the jeans she is so pretty..

  • Nicole

    I like her style and her carefree spirit! She seems like she would be a lot of fun to hang out with!

  • Anna


    What she does in her private life isn’t non of your buisnes, OK?
    And also the man who has 4 kids, HE is the one doing something wrong, not she.

    He has a family and is married, NOT SHE.

    If you must hate somebeody, atleast hate the one doing the wrong thing. And thats HIM.

  • lucy

    bit of a fame whore if you ask me….anyone who hooks up with a married man KNOWS they’re going to get attention and people are not going to ignore it

    grow up Sienna

  • PardyHardy

    Wasn’t Victoria Beckham the ‘first’ to wear baggy jeans, I remember pictures back at Disney Land with her kids a couple months ago…

  • happy lol day

    Simple and chic, lots of complicated pieces are not needed to look good :)

  • unbelievable

    @Anna – Sienna has made her private life “our business” by talking about it constantly. She used it to become famous, and she continues to use it to stay famous. Read her interviews – she starts just about every one of them complaining about the interest in her personal life, then she spends the rest of the interview talking about her personal life.

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    Simple is good. Good for her!

  • Gasol_fan16

    I love the jeans! I don’t like who’s wearing them! LOL! :lol:

  • Katie

    I love the baggy jeans look. Waaaay more attractive than the skinny jeans and way more attractive than low rider butt cracks. I think she looks great.



  • Halli

    I like Sienna. I don’t care what people say about her personal life. She’s a really good actress if people actually went out and saw her films.

  • victoria

    PARDYHARDY!!!!!! I have seen them on Victoria Beckham also on different sites, also on Jessica Simpson once a couple of months ago. People act like Katie Holmes is the only walking being that ever pulls them up over her body, but I see them everywhere , near where we live….

  • omigod

    Sienna is hot! Could care less about all the Getty drama. The dude is a loser anyway.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    see… kate cruise has everyone doing it now.

  • yeah sure

    I don’t care how beautiful she is. Her actions are UGLY. She is UGLY.
    What the hell is the matter with all of you “I love Sienna’s”? Can’t you find someone who is worthy of your loyalty? Or are you on her payrole?

    She MADE her private life public business when she allowed a married man to suckle her nipple on a public street. Just because her in scum doesn’t make her less of a selfish twit!!

  • sami

    She was in Pittsburgh 2 years ago doing a movie and she had a hissy fit in one of the local clubs because nobody knew who she was. Actually, nobody really cared and the hissy fit didn’t do her any good. I think she was tossed out anyway. Now I am wondering what ever became of that movie? Hmm…. Has she actually been in anything other than Alfie? At least anything that didn’t go straight to DVD.

  • Michelle

    who made those jean they are really cute!

  • KrissyKitty

    Now that is how you wear some baggy jeans and not look ike a total moron…

  • KrissyKitty

    Sami, she was in a movie called “Layer Cake” it also starred Daniel Craig. Great movie. I highly recommend it to ya you will not be dissapointed..

  • jill

    “Sienna was given a stern shakeup recently by a member of her management team, and these were the words that supposedly hit closest to home:

    “Women don’t like you at all. And men don’t like you enough to make up for it.”

  • rebecca

    shea, your right on. sienna gets papped stumbling out of clubs a lot! her and rhys were boozehounds together! not that i mind a woman who has a drink and a good time, but c’mon she shouldn’t deny it. embrace your sluttiness sienna. be badass, don’t act like some pathetic victim.

    p.s. i like the jeans and thanks for not looking like a drowned cat in this one. ;)

  • Edie

    jill- that’s about right! I hope it penetrated her bubble of self-absorption.

  • ouch

    #6- It takes TWO to tango!

    SHE knew he was a married man with 4 kids. SHE chose to do what she did. HE did not force her…..

    Shame on both.

    I only have one word for Sienna- S*L*U*T.

  • andré

    Not like Katie at all.
    Sienna is stylish.
    Katie is amess like Tim Gunn said.

  • pegged jeans

    The only way to bring back SEMI-BAGGY jeans is to PEG them…

  • what!?

    I pegged my jeans in the 80′s..and I DON’T think they’re attractive!

  • KarenA

    Fantastic outfit. I love those jeans!

  • just saying

    There’s something hot about her. I don’t know what though. She can be my wh0re anyday.

  • Sue

    SM is a LIAR, a PHONEY and a HYPOCRITE. I wish she’d fall into a bottomless pit where rotten people like her belong.

  • yeah

    I like the baggy look way more then those skinny leg jeans! I especially hate the skinny leg jeans on guys.. it’s so femme looking.

    The paint on jeans look is so 70′s/80′s

  • zoe

    these baggy jeans looks great on her. she might not be tht great as a person but she’s a fashion icon. she always looks good and edgy.

  • C2

    This must be the major overhaul to clean up her image. All of those attempts to make her into a victim did more harm than good, so now they are trying to show us “what a good person SM is”. First the “I’m not a ****, that’s just the way the media portrays me” and now the “I’m just like normal people” photo-ops and PR stories. She walks the dogs for her mother and can even walk down a street without removing her clothes everytime she spots a man’s wedding band, so she must be a good person, right? Don’t be surprised when she starts the “I’m a humanitarian” act.

    1) SM is an actress, since when? I thought her job was posing for photo-ops with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN and writing those ridiculous stories about her adventures with the married man. What exactly is being herself, prancing around Prague, Italy, NY, and LA as the mistress or other woman?

    2) She doesn’t have assistants, bodyguards, or a driver because they would stop/prevent the papz from getting pictures of her and the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN. Her mission is to inform every single person on this planet that “they are happy and in love”.

    3) She wants to pretend that what isn’t happening? That she didn’t call the paps and tell them where to meet her for a photo-op? That she didn’t fax those crazy stories about her adventures with a married man to various media outlets? Or maybe she wants to pretend that the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN doesn’t have a wife and 4 kids? Since BG always looks miserable and bored when with her, she probably wants to pretend that the married man is madly in love with her and can’t keep his hands off of her. Wait, isn’t that one of her PR stories? She can’t make the married man look interested in her without getting him drunk and taking off her clothes, so she makes up for it through PR stories.

    4) She is “free-spirited”? That would explain why she doesn’t have a problem sleeping with married or engaged men, allowed the married man to grab and suck her breast (s), grabbed the married man’s crotch, stood naked/topless with the married man on a balcony,boat, and beach, and followed the married man to Italy and LA as he chased after his wife and kids. No wonder she is angry with RG, she wants RG to be “free-spirited” too so that she doesn’t have to be held accountable for sleeping with her HUSBAND.

    5) She was well known before Alfie? The first time I ever heard about SM was because of the JL and nanny affair. Maybe what she meant to say was that before she started the film industry, she was well known for sleeping with married or engaged men. She doesn’t go to others premieres because she is afraid of being upstaged by other women. These other women have character and compassion, something she lacks.

    6) She doesn’t court attention? Really? So then why did she allow the married man to grab and suck her breast? Why did she follow the married man to Italy and LA? Why did she stand naked/topless on a balcony, beach, and boat with the married man? Why did she make it a point to be seen kissing, shopping, or lunching with the married man? Why did she kiss the married man outside of LAX? Why did she spread lies about the married man’s marriage and wife? Why did she leak stories that she was living and house hunting with the married man? Why does she keep leaking stories about the married man being unable to keep his hands off of her? Why did she have her mother and “friends” comment on the married man’s marriage? Why did she and her PR team set up those “personal attacks” at LAX and her mother’s home? Why does she keep putting out stories that she is a victim of double standards? Why did she leak photos of her recent vacation and now of her in London? Why does she say that she wants privacy and then turn around and put out stories and photos like this ? If she doesn’t court attention, then why does this story exist? She courts attention because it is the only way to make herself relevant. There have been days without any pictures or stories, so it is possible for her to live in this “cotton wool” world.

    Instead of being an adult and taking responsibility for her actions, here she is once again blaming someone else for her poor decisons and bad behavior. She wants us to believe that the media has blown her interaction with men out of proportion. So she wasn’t letting the married man suck or grab her breast, she was saying hi to him. Since BG was MARRIED her only option was to walk away or wait for the married man to file for divorce/legal separation first. She doesn’t get to be the victim or pretend to be a nice person when she was and is sleeping with another woman’s HUSBAND.

  • Fruit Loop

    I’m so bored of this. Why is she on here every other day? All you “Sienna friends” who are calling her pretty and a style icon, whatever. I bet you’re the same person. Anyway, what’s so f____n outstanding about a white top and pants? I can get that at the mall…heck, I think I DO have it.

  • Lee

    I’ve seen her at tons of premiers, at night clubs, and at awards shows.

    I’m fairly certain every single thing she said in that press release is a blatant lie.

    Here, at a club drunk:

  • Lee

    Here she is at a bar where she INVITED the press:,,20054233_20083247,00.html

  • Pinky

    She doesn’t court attention? Bull S H I T !!! Try keeping your clothes on Sienna, try not dating married men or breaking up existing relationships, try not sticking your foot in your mouth everytime you speak, act like a human being that actually practices good decision making and maintains a moral code.

    She disgusts me.

  • mju8


    everything that comes out of that w*h*o*r*e’s mouth is B-S.
    end of story.

  • Ruth

    Ms.. Miller has done nothing but court attention in her desperate attempt to become a star. Who can forget her posing completely naked for Vanity Fair early in 2007. All the other young actresses in the same photoshoot wore something but there was no hiding for our “IT” girl. And I remember thinking, why should a young talented actress be so anxious to show just about everything – what is she trying to prove?

    I agree that she is in the midst of a major PR operation to salvage her reputation and perhaps her career in the United States. She has parts in two big US films which have had their release delayed because of her recent behaviour. They are desperate to whitewash her and they will doubtless succeed. The public has a short memory.

    I have the following advice for Ms. Miller – next time you have an affair with a married man, keep a low profile. Discretion is vital at such times if you don’t want to ruin your reputation and, in your case, your public image which is so importantfor a young up and coming actress. Your stupidity and lack of caution during this short affair has caused the public’s contempt – did you really think that the naked public cavorting with a very married man with four small children would be acceptable bahaviour? You brought this affair into the public’s eye and now you will have to live with it.

  • gnmc

    She looks like a nobody to me. Oh, yeah…she is a nobody. Hasn’t been in any big release movies ever!

  • Alania

    Sienna: “I’m very free-spirited and I want to be able to live the life I do.”

    …. and by that she means the life of a shameless, publicity hungry, S L U T

  • babydoll.

    good for her that her lovely hair are back on this summer. i was tired of her post-Edie phase…

    i also recommed you all to watch Layer Cake. fantastic movie with great quotes.

  • mark

    oh! im sienna miller and im an actress but,.. but dont take my pic , im living my life normally but i want to be on tv and in the movies hehehehe, i dont want…….SMACK shut up ! then why not just go and live an average joe life and quit acting ???? pretend this

    you get no respect……….. hoochie

  • sarah

    heat the jeans !!

  • oh

    I personally like skinny jeans on guys

  • al has more interesting photos of her behaviour in that day.)
    and laineygossip calls her the “attention-wh*re”. rightfully so. “She lives for this sh*t. She feeds off every minute of it. “

  • Helen

    Of course she doesn’t court attention. That is why she allowed photographs to be taken of her a) topless, kissing BG b) stuffing her breast in BG’s mouth, c) grabbing his penis and d) kissing BG on a hotel balcony, again topless. Because she hates the attention and she didn’t DREAM that the paps would be there, watching with their zoom lenses and taking photographs…

    What a crock!

    To add insult to injury, this idiot then started screaming about her privacy being invaded. If she wanted privacy, surely she should have made sure she was inside with curtains drawn and doors shut and locked before she started grabbing at BG’s wood? She is so full of it.

    Sienna Miller has done nothing but court press attention since she dated Jude Law. No one knew who she was before she started dating him and it is only the fact that she passes through men, changing them as regularly as I change my knickers that anyone knows who she is. Because the woman has no discernible acting talent.

    When she was with Rhys Ifans, not a day went past when she wasn’t out and about with the man, allowing the paps to photograph them together. Not a day passed without her giving an interview about her love for him. Clearly the media attention was waning, hence her switching first to Matthew Rhys then BG. Got to keep those headlines coming. I wonder what she is going to move onto next.

    I read somewhere that she was arguing with BG at some restaurant in LA just before she came back to the UK. She apparently said huffily “I’m leaving” and left BG in the restaurant thinking she had gone to the ladies room. In fact she had left and after half an hour, he paid the bill and left too.

    It was all in the body language a couple of weeks ago. She is FAR more into him than he is into her and he is a weak man whose head is easily turned. I give them until Christmas – if then.