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Katie Holmes is Fendi Fantastic

Katie Holmes is Fendi Fantastic

Katie Holmes stays sharp (and dry!) in a long black rain coat as she arrives for rehearsals for her in New York City on Saturday morning. (She’ll be making her Broadway debut in the play All My Sons next month.)

The 29-year-old actress toted around the Fendi “Secret Code” Handbag in brown watersnake ($3840). Not yet available for us normal folks!

In October, Katie will play a nonprofit attorney on the small screen when ABC’s Eli Stone returns. (The show’s creator and executive producer Greg Berlanti, who worked with Katie on Dawson’s Creek, invited her.)

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Credit: Jay Thornton, A. Macpherson; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • KarenA

    Go Katie. Another great outfit!

  • di_n

    she looks lost w/out Tom

  • kayla

    i hate her so much why is she always out and about everyday.
    she tells the papz where she is!

  • zaina..

    eww.. that bag is hidious!!!….

  • jesse


  • p


  • dido

    ı miss tom and cute suri

  • nanci

    so classy
    thanks jj

  • anon

    Beautiful Katie and she looks so professional.

  • cinema

    Hi Jared,other sites have the promotional pics of Katie for Eli Stone already. I wish her a lot of luck for the tv episode and also Broadway.

    My prayers to Americans too on fleeing the storm Gustav.

  • mary

    Why the incessant need for the daily reports????

    Her ‘style’ is no big deal. Her fashion accessories really don’t matter to this readership who cannot afford or desire a different $3000 purse and/or pair of shoes on a daily basis much less a lifetime.

    Wherever my sense of Ms. Holmes has been before, it has steadily declined. Just what is the interest? She does not smile, we have known for months she will be in a play, we know who her husband and daughter are. What else is there to this person besides shoes and a purse??? Personally, I think this ‘dress down’ fashion she has and pics of Suri are a PR attempt to bolster Mr. Cruise’s image by copying the style of the wonderful Jennifer Garner & family – Doesn’t work because the personality and warmth are not there.

    She is not royalty by any means and this coverage has, at least for me, left a rather distasteful image of her. I have begun to shudder at the sight of this family! It has only been successful in that she is now a clone of Victoria Beckham. Good – if that is the effect she was hoping for!

    Sorry, folks,,,,,but can’t you just move forward and away from this???

  • Jefferson’s mother

    Ms. Holmes has been busy shopping now that she doesn’t have to care for her daughter.

  • Tom

    Thanks for plugging Katie’s schedule and for keeping up the PR campaign, as we agreed. The check is in the mail.

  • David Miscavige

    A check will be forthcoming from Scientology as well. Thank You JJ for promoting our messiah Tom Cruise and his “wife”.

    Despite the fact that everyone but a few fanatics are completely sick of them, we appreciate your continued PR.

    David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board, Scientology

  • curiosity killed the cat

    So, how does this blog know all about Katie’s expensive handbag if it’s not available to anyone yet? DSomeone had to tell them all about it. So, either Fendi’s onto the Cruise family circus and alerting JJ, which sounds really odd for a sophisticate designer, or someone within Tom’s camp is alerting them. What a joke!!!

  • Halli

    WHy is she wearing that? Its humid and muggy in New York right now.

  • pinkydoo

    Ineresting, before Tom came along, I bet she was going to Payless. She lived in a teeny LA house and needed a job. Tommy Boy came along just at the right time for her. I bet she wishes he never saved her.

  • pinkydoo

    Oopsie, I meant to say Interesting.

  • curiosity killed the cat

    She paid a big price to be a material girl. Remember, she had to sell herself to a cult in order to have those things. She’ll wake up one day, but right now she’s still too immature to understand.

  • jamesey

    That purse is so ugly, and it’s obvious she’s deliberately showing it off for the cameras. The paps are tipped off about Katies whereabouts every day, the purse is being pimped, why must JJ subject us to this? I think he’s paid off, too, and I’m also disgusted because snakes are skinned alive for these ugly bags, which makes them as inhumane as fur.

  • ebmo

    All I think of when I look at her and Suri is “Stepford Wife & Stepford Kid”.

    Yes, they are both beautiful, but they never look “natural” like they are having fun or are happy.

    Suri cringes all the time when they parade her around. Katies smiles, as if on cue, when they are with Tom, but alone she looks like an automan even when she is with Suri.

    Pictures of her from Before always seemed so natural and carefree.
    Miss those days!

  • required

    lol. when did she suddenly become miss fashionista icon?

  • sarisue

    It’s funny that Katie probably does consider herself kind of royalty now that she is married to Tom Cruise—when in actuality her level of celebrity contribution to the world hovers around the likes of Lauren Conrad or Hiedi Montag. Wait, no, Lauren Conrad actually has her own designer line of fashion and Katie’s is only a carefully placed PR rumor. But she is famous now for who she is with, not for talent or box office success or charitable ventures, etc.

    Katrie Holmes is like the new Paris Hilton, only with ten times less sex. (Since Tom any ounce of feminity or sexuality she may have once had has been drained right out of her.)

  • -

    can’t she smile?

  • eerrr

    Damn I love handbag but that’s one of the ugliest handbag i’ve seen by far.

  • Debba

    She’s so strange. She obviously loves to flaunt her celebrity status and Tom’s money through designer goodies she can get that aren’t yet available to us “normal folk”.

    Maybe she is having regrets about selling her soul and that’s why we see her looking miserable from time to time, but I don’t give her credit for having that much depth of character.

    I think it’s the times she can’t hide that snobby smirk that say it all.

  • gabi

    oh, right, it`s not =)

  • jone

    Yes, he is single now. I saw his profile on a big dating site —”” last week. It is said he is in relationship with a young beautiful woman on that site now.

  • uno


  • iron chef


  • Mav

    Greg Berlanti is a very nice guy. Katie is lucky he is so thoughtful when it comes to old friends. Too bad she cut ties to so many others.

  • sopranos

    She’s like Jackie O. I will be watching her play so
    Im so excited and I just cant hide it.

  • LuckBE A Lady

    Ah, jone, # 29….

    Katie is actually not a dude but I can see why you got confused there with the “he”. It could happen to anyone.

  • LuckBE A Lady

    “She’s like Jackie O.”

    How exactly?

    Was she educated at Vassar? No, she did not go to college.

    Was she named Debutante of the Year? No, she is not part of high society.

  • LuckBE A Lady


    Was she married to an Ivy League-educated President? No, she married an actor who is a high school drop out.

  • LuckBE A Lady


    Does she help restore and preserve the White House to create a lasting legacy there, so that every room would have some actual historical significance? No, she eats cupcakes in the 30 million dollar mansion Tom bought.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    yes, we know.. you all want that bag.

    but you cant have it.. so settle for worshipping kate’s.

  • B

    Please – no more Katie updates watching her walking to and from work, a vehicle or down a street.

    She offers ZERO reading material.

  • LOL!

    While you have to settle for worshipping her husband, [☆I n F a m o u s☆] .

  • Jaxon

    Why are we subjected to seeing this woman go to work everyday?


  • delta


    when will her episode come on?????

  • Megan fox rocks

    love love love her , katie is cute kinda hate the bag but whatever

  • J’adore

    this is funny because everybody here is like “boring, who cares, her accessories are ugly, she’s ugly, her family’s fake, she’s married to the devil, she’s a no talent and i could go on and on and on and on but i don’t want to!! BUT don’t you all realize that you’re still posting much more comments in here than in other threads?? this fact makes her most commented so jared keeps posting about her to have more buzz’s! and he’ll keep posting until you dumbasses will stop “worshipping” her and her freaking family as mr/mrs not”infamous” said.
    the more you talk shit about someone, the more that someone gets popularity

  • sharon

    I have nothing against Katie Holmes, but I sure am getting tired of seeing her walk to work in jeans and a baggy cardigan and carrying a $3K bag. Maybe that’s her idea of what a NY stage actress wears, but it’s getting boring. I think you’ve given her enough space, Jared. Go get some more pictures of Dita von Teese instead.

  • AnYmOuS

    lol, you weirdos, you cared enough to read her story, then comment about her. Katie is a nice person, they are a happy Family.

  • oh

    I love the bag!!!

  • goldie pyramid

    she looks great….i love her style.

  • happy lol day

    I love when they have a shoulder strap, great look! :)

  • sarisue

    What is the matter with posting and commenting on a freak show when it’s shown to us? The circus is a great tradition, enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

    You know who else gets tons of hits? Paris Hilton, all those girls from The Hills, Jessica Simpson, etc. People most love to hate! LMAO….