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Miley Cyrus: Passport Renewal!

Miley Cyrus: Passport Renewal!

Miley Cyrus stops by a post office in Burbank, California on Saturday afternoon to renew her passport with her momager Tish and younger sister Noah.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star was recently dissed by Project Runway fashion guru Tim Gunn. He told OK! magazine, “”[Miley Cyrus] is just a little too tarty, forgive me. I don’t want her to look like she’s going into a convent school, but it’s just a little too much for a 15-year-old. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was 25!”

You can still enter the contest to win Miley‘s Members Only leggings here!

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Credit: Sonny; Photos: INFdaily
Posted to: Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, Tish Cyrus

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  • thanh.

    I mean common’ look at all theses stars at 14-15-16.
    they look so much older.

    i love her bag !!!!!!!! and her haha


    i like her purse but miley looks like she is 25


  • Anna

    hahah poor miley, its always somebody who is trashing her down. She cant do enything right in the people’s eyes. Lol I feel sorry for her.

  • joss

    LOL I agree with Tim Gunn, it’s true, Miley does dress a bit older than she really is!

  • Zashley~lover

    I ove her bag!
    she loves pretty in those pix!

  • iluvmiley

    sometimes she dresses a little older, but not in these pictures. i don’t think she dresses older ALL the time…

  • Nina

    omg i love her and her bag!

  • anna

    haha, Miley might dress sometimes older but for the most part she is such a cute teen. Demi is the one who looks way older than her age because of her gobs and gobs of make up. no offense to her. she’ll get past that stage..

    MILEY IS THE BEST DISNEY GIRL!!!!!! more miley, jared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kimberly

    i love her bag it looks so kool!!!!!
    i guess Miley is becoming more mature
    miley roxs!

  • sarah

    She needs to take off her extentions .What?She cant show her real hair to the world? It’s probably thin as hell.
    She needs to get a life.
    hahaha Nick Jonas broke up with you!

  • Hiba

    She thinks she’s older than she really is.
    Act like a kid damnet!
    Ugly baby………

  • meghan

    tim gunn is retarted. he shouldn’t be commenting on how a 15 year old dresses. i love how she dresses, and it doesn’t look to old at all. all her outfits are so cute. :]

  • nourhan

    cute bag :)

  • nysro

    look close at her little sisters fingers.. she’s telling us all what she thinks!

  • joe

    #10 you’re probably right, she probably does have thin hair.
    Het bag is ugly

  • sflakf

    and i hope noah doesn’t have a cell at 8

  • melu

    i love herr and i think that sometimes she dress older than she is but she stilss looking beautiful for me, i mean u love her style i think she is very uniqe and has a very good tastee!

    lovee mileeyy love her new album, and her talent!

  • bee bee

    noah looks sooo young

  • sarah

    Noah is giving us the finger…hahaha

  • sweetie

    She’s a cutie! Love her bag.

  • http://none Katie

    Miley is amazing! And The project runway dude doesnt know what hes talking about… I mean if hes gonna say that say it about Selena, Demi, Nick, and like alyson. I mean they are all dressing too old for their age. But Miley by far doesn’t dress older then her age anymore. i mean selena gomez!?!?! WHo is she trying to kid with her clothes now. She changed her whole rocker and edgy look to sophisticated and old. When i say sophisticatied i dont mean it in a good way. Its all too much. Shes trying to be somebody shes not. AKA FAKE

  • mileyfan

    i love miley so much.
    shes amazing, my rolemodel 4ever!

  • rawya

    peace love miley

  • Vfan

    wat is wrong with these ppl.i don’t think she dresses older than she is.I mean these ppl think 15 year old should wear baby clothes.Maybe these ppl should look at 15 year olds on the street they dress exactly the same.

  • alyson

    lover her bag and miley

  • J’adore

    i love the show hannah montana and miley is pretty cute but i agree with tim gunn, if i didn’t know she was a 15 yrs-old, i’d probably swear she’s a 25 yr-old or something! however, i kinda like how she dresses………………..but if she looks older now, what will it be like when she’s really 25? ……she ages fast, i guess !

  • …….


  • miley

    I look hot here,yes I am conceited.haha don’t you guys love my voice,it’s better than anyones.
    wow I should loose some weight,ya right i’m skinny as hell!
    I’m going to go take a photo of me with my undies.BYE

  • kate

    Whens she out and about with her family, she DEFINITELY looks her ate.
    But at events, look at all the other disney girls as well, they are always dressed up.
    I don’t see the harm. What does tim gunn know??

  • tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva)

    Miley ur looking good :) I love that bag :D

  • kate

    She definitely looks 15.
    Obviously she will have makeup and hair done at events.

  • hiba

    #28 is soooo hilarious.
    you made my day!

  • heyyyo

    aw love her.
    that damn tim gunn bimbo needs to shutup.
    miley looks so pretty.

  • happy lol day

    She is very down to earth, her bag is adorable, Tim darlin can’t say that’s not 15 yr old approp, heck I like it! :)

  • adafa

    ok her mom should put on some makeup.
    and why does she always make that peace sign? its so gay

  • mileyfan;

    noah probably doesn’t even know what the middle finger means.
    she is 8years old.
    she doesn’t know what it means.
    no, miley doesn’t dress older :]

  • mileyfan;

    your a poser.

  • stephanie

    I love Tim Gunn!

  • http://dsafdasfdad PMLA

    I LOVEE milei cirussmoree milei jared =)))=)))
    she looks so preti

  • jone

    OMG. Miley Cyrus is very gorgeous. I was surprised to see her nice profile on a biker dating site with hot pics and videos. It seems called ” __mybikermatch. com”". Was she dating with a rich man? Is she single?

  • marias

    i lovee herrr and shee doess look like 15 and what she wears is right for her…so stop saying bad things about herrr

    lovee youu

  • marisss


    Miley and her mom are like dressed exactly the same…

  • Takara

    Ok, her younger sister is like what? 7 years old and she already has a blackberry? What does a 7 year old need a blackberry phone?

  • disneystarsz

    omg… kool
    noah wears limited too…=]

  • stfd

    I hate her, her voice,her show and really everything about her but is Tim Gunn blind or just an idiot? She dresses her age. Lmao there is NOTHING about her that looks 25, even at events when she wears too much makeup she looks disgusting & like a child playing dress up but you can tell she’s a teen.

    If you want 15/16 yrs old who LOOK, dress, and wear makeup like adults –that would be Ali Lohan & Demi Lovato.

    Why does 8 yr old Noah have a blackberry? There really is no hope for the future.

  • i don’t think she looks 25, but she certainly tries to act it. at least, she tries to act older than her age. her only friends are about 4 years older than her. shes 15 and shes already been in more relationships than people twice her age (and she lets everyone know it), she posed for vanity fair (a women, not teen, magazine) topless with a sheet, and all those “private” pics of her lying across a guys lap and pulling her shirt up to reveal her bra and underwear. that’s why i dont like her. she tries too much to act older in a bad way.

  • gforce

    Noah looks unfortunate like her mom with those big alien bug eyes! sorry she’s ugly!

  • .

    thts not a blackberry i think noah is holding mileys sidekick lx or it might be her sidekick but im 1000000% sure its an sklx

  • .

    or a sidekick slide in tht case it mite realllly b hers cuz miles has an lx the only reason i say slide is i cant c the silver shiny parts on the side of the phone like there is on an lx

  • .

    nvm now i can its an lx ppl…n im done commenting 4 the 901285923 time