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Sophia Bush is Piccolo Pretty

Sophia Bush is Piccolo Pretty

Sophia Bush grabs lunch with her One Tree Hill costar Michaela McManus at New York City’s Piccolo cafe on Friday.

Later in the evening, the 26-year-old actress glammed up for her appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. On the show, Conan admitted that Sophia has the sexiest voice on the planet. Sophia returned the favor, saying,

“Your face makes me laugh. (audience bursts into laughter) I knew as soon as that came out of my mouth, I’d phrase it incorrectly. But the reason I was going to say is, you have that thing that Jim Carrey has. You have incredible facial comedy. You can do expressions better than anybody. And I watch you and say, ‘He’s so on it!’ And as a comedian, you really get it. So that’s my compliment for you. I have the voice, you have the face, we could like…”

Conan interrupts, saying, “WE COULD WHAT?” and proceeds to strip off his clothes. He gets so excited, he even loses his microphone!

10+ pictures inside of Piccolo pretty Sophia Bush

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sophia bush piccolo 01
sophia bush piccolo 02
sophia bush piccolo 03
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  • loren

    love her


  • happy lol day

    There are my fave sandals again :) She looks great with styled hair in the white :)

  • isla

    she is stunning and an amazing actress

  • a

    in that first picture her head looks pasted on, weird!

  • vivir sin aire

    I saw that on Conan. it was hilarous. Sophia is gorgeous.

  • L.

    she is stunning!ove her

  • L.

    i love Sophia and Micaela

  • ilana

    Love Her <3
    She’s so Beautiful and so pretty.

  • tia

    LOVE her!~ shes so gorjuzz and i freakin love her character brooke on one tree hill!

  • Jen

    OMG, SHE LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOO HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE SOPHIA BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zanessa-love4life

    She’s an amazing actress, and cant wait for OTH!!

  • kay

    i love how she is cool with saying that a lot of photos she’s in are photoshopped because she doesn’t really look like what is in magazines. she knows we all have flaws and doesn’t mind people knowing that.

  • chelsea

    She is so pretty!! I loved her on conan, it was so funny and he was like hitting on her the whole time, priceless

  • sarah

    Her voice is gay,and the 1st pic looks like her head is pasted on a body.
    she needs to talk with real voice,not like she’s choking on something.

  • yeah

    Agreed, Sarah. I couldn’t believe she lied about that on Conan. What was the purpose of it? All anyone has to do is go back a year or two on One Tree Hill to know that she has not always talked like that. Sure, her voice has always been a tad on the husky side, but she didn’t sound like she had a permanent cold like she does now. And with the excuses that have been given out about her tonsils… it was just weird.

  • Her Friend

    looks like the female version of William Mosley

  • wo

    she has the weirdest body ever. she has a pretty face but ewwwwwwww.

  • yaya

    she is so beautiful and i love her voice as well

  • rache

    Ive seen sophia in person so many times and no matter what, pictures do her absoloutley no justice. I see these paparazzi pics and she always looks like she has kankles and she always only looks decent. but in real life, shes super tiny and shes gorgeous. pictures are misleading!

  • ew

    she needs to not show her legs anymore.

  • ANNA

    her body is messed up

  • jone

    OMG. She is very gorgeous. I was surprised to see her nice profile on a biker dating site with hot pics and videos. It seems called ” __mybikermatch. com”". Was she dating with a rich man? Is she single?

  • Justin

    Sophia has one of the most AMAZING bodies in Hollywood. As a guy, I love women who have beautiful curves and don’t look like skeletons like most actress’s in Hollywood. But Sophia has an incredible body.

  • kristen

    she’s so gorgeous, I love her voice.

    I wonder what they were looking at in the last one? Other people were looking too…

  • Dana

    #14 and #15
    Are you guys stupid?? Sophia has the sexiest voice ever. Everyone loves her voice and even Conan said it himself last night during the interview and how sexy he finds her voice. And #15, where the hell have you been?? Because I’ve been watching OTH from the very first episode and Sophia’s voice has ALWAYS sounded like that. Any body will tell you that. So I’m just gonna assume that your deaf or something because thats the only logical explanation for your ridiculous post.

  • s

    She looked prettier with her old her. and wth about her voice, it HAS always been like that, it just got worse recently. Obviously she just has a problem, she isn’t doing it herself, no body can talk like that on purpose all the time.

  • yeah

    Um, if her voice has always been like that, then how come people attached to her have spent the last year making excuses for it? Mark Schwahn talked about it on the podcasts last year, saying her voice was sounding the way it was because she talks all the time and doesn’t get enough sleep. That they were having to do all of this voice dubbing for her that they didn’t have to do. Sophia herself said last year that she was just battling a cold. And her people were online just a few months ago saying it was because of a problem with her tonsils that, because of recovery time, she couldn’t take care of just yet. So, why all the excuses if its just always been that way.

    And seriously, I’m going to have to say that you’re deaf if you honestly believe that her voice has always been that way. Yes, she’s always had a husky voice, but now it sounds like she’s smoking ten packs a day. It has definitely progressed from sexy into sounding like a health issue.

  • payce

    i love her

  • kristen

    # 27 why do you care so much? lol! it bothers you! that’s so funny.

  • Mimi

    i love her soo much and she’s the most beautiful person on the entire world!!! i would kill to have her voice;)))

  • oh snap!


  • ****

    # 21, 26,2,0, and others– i am thinking and am reassured by your hateful comments that your bodies look nothing as good as sophias does. Just because you are jealous of a person’s beauty and fitness does not give you the right to verbally attack them.

  • me

    why in the world would she FAKE a voice like that? i mean, give her a little credit. she obviously does have some sort of voicebox problem (i’m no doctor, but it doesn’t take one to figure out that her voice is real) because faking it would probably be very hard and probably end up being painful after a while.
    people always have something to criticize i guess. i just can’t believe anyone would stoop so low as to say she’s faking her voice. what would she gain from that? and what do you gain from making such a dumb accusation? nothing.

  • Jimmy

    She is so incredibily gorgeous. I could look a pictures of her all day. And to the person who claims she should not show her legs – you are totally wrong on that. Every bit of her is gorgeous. And why the fuss about the voice? If she has a health problem, she’ll get it checked out. Not that haters really care about her well-being.

  • Cambria

    Some people just love to hate, love to criticize, love to pass judgment. If only we could see what some of you ugmos look like! There will always be haters instead of congratulators

  • kelly

    She is so gorgeous. I loved her on Conan!

  • Hannah

    Ehhh. I think she is REALLY pretty. Love her voice. Don’t actually care why her voice is the way it is.

    She is awesome!

  • ladiesnight

    i love sophia bush! i cant wait to see one tree hill’s new season! she and chad made a lovely couple, i’m still regreting their separation!

  • rache

    i cant beleve some of you people are actually saying shes fat. are you blind? thats not fat. kirstie alley is fat. not sophia bush. yeah shes not stick thin, but that surely does not make her obese.

    what has this world come to? ya’ll are seriously dilluted.

  • Nick

    I work out at the same gym as her, (O2 fitness in mayfaire) And this girl has a slammin body. great ass, nice legs, flat stomach. these pictures are very deceiving, TRUST ME, homegirl is way skinnier and fit in person.

  • Heather

    Conan and Sophia were awesome! He mentioned her voice first thing! I love her voice and he is right it is sexy as hell.I think her body is great. Skinny people look better in photographs because photos they add weight but I think she looks amazing. I still don’t like gladiator shoes on any one.

  • Dana

    Why do you care so much about her voice??????? I watched season 5 too and I’ll admit that Sophia’s voice sounded pretty bad for some of the episodes. I heard about that whole tonsil thing and her being sick and all a few months back so its not anything new. But the point is that Sophia’s voice sounded healthy again like it has during seasons 1,2,3, and 4, last night when she was on Conan. So its obviously getting better. So GET OVER IT. The girl has an incredibly sexy voice, END OF STORY.

    oh snap! a.k.a #31
    I’ve seen you post stupid shit on some other Sophia threads too. You wanna know who I think is ugly??? YOUUUU. You’re a b*tch because apparently you don’t know how to be respectful and you always sound like a jealous dimwit. If you don’t like Sophia, then why are you always reading these posts about her you fuckin imbecile???????

    Sophia Bush is drop dead gorgeous and stunning and her many fans(including myself) LOVEEE reading new stories about her. So if news about her bothers you so much then get the fuck out of here.

  • Kristen


  • Nan

    Sophia has so many girlfriends and that says a lot about her. I admire her ability to shine and ignore the handful of haters of OTH. Interesting how those haters need to spend their time trying to insult her, so silly. I hope she has a good life after OTH and I am looking forward to seeing The Narrows and Table for Three and Michaela is sooo pretty I like L&O so much I can’t wait to see her on that.

  • Lorna

    EWWW. Who is this chick anyways? Who ever she is she has bad fashion sense that’s for sure.

  • Lisa

    You obviously know who “this chick” is because then your little comment wouldn’t have sounded do unbelievably rude.

    And just in case you live under a rock and don’t know who she is-Her name is Sophia Bush and she is a very beautiful and talented actress.

    And FYI, Sophia has great fashion sense. She looks stunning in those pictures.

  • abby

    I love her. Her voice is hot.


  • Ullis

    yay Sophia looks great in th white dress :) and Im looking forward to see the conan interview on yt :D It sounds like a great interview

  • anonymous

    wow jared two posts about sophia in one day? LOVE YOU!

    i love how she gets along with everyone off the set! loved her in conan last night!

  • cutiepie

    dropdead gorgeous
    she is the best actress around these days :)