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Charlize Theron is Cipriani Sexy

Charlize Theron is Cipriani Sexy

Charlize Theron holds hands with her mother Garda after having lunch at Hotel Cipriani in Venice, Italy on Sunday.

At the restaurant, the 33-year-old Academy Awards winner bumped into Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani. (On Thursday, Charlize attended the party for the movie Valentino: The Last Emperor.)

During lunch, Charlize chowed down on some pizza. Afterwards, the mother-daughter duo strolled through the streets of Venice and dropped into the Bruno Magli boutique.

Charlize has been in town to promote her new movie The Burning Plain at the 2008 Venice Film Festival.

10+ pictures inside of Cipriani sexy Charlize Theron

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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Cambria

    love her and she has the best shoe collection!

  • Grc

    Absolutely gorgeous woman!

  • Disappointed

    Who cares — where are Brad and Angie….

  • uam

    The Most Beautiful Woman I have ever seen in my whole life!!!

  • uam

    Disappointed @ 08/31/2008 at 1:58 pm
    Who cares — where are Brad and Angie….

    Who cares about where these two are…..

  • victoria

    She is so pretty and I love those shoes !!! She could wear a tater sack and look beautiful….

  • Joey

    That’s the mother that killed her father.

    strange family!

  • Ivana

    Love her with Stuart…. where is he???

  • Cheetah

    @joey, if you don’t know what you are talking about, then shut up. Her mom did not Kill him, she act in self defense to protect her kid (charlize) because her drunk husband wanted to shoot charlize. He already had shot 2 times, and forced a door to get to charlize who was about 16years old. To me this woman is a hero, not a murderer! so SHUT THE F*CK up!

    Charlize looks so fresh and young today.

  • Ivana

    Her mother is great woman… :-))))
    Where is Stuart, don’t tell me they broke up……

  • babydoll.

    omg, they didnt? why do act like that? she is just hanging out with her mum. mother-daughter bonding time. c’mon.

  • SundayRoast

    The same mother that shot Charlize’s father dead? Just wondering. It never gets mentioned. Ho hum,, looks like a lovely day.

  • SundayRoast

    ..And the killer wore Bruno Maglis..

  • hottest couple ever

    love her!!!!

  • Nahla lover

    i love charlize, she’s a real actress and she’s super-pretty. one of the most beautiful actresses out there actually!
    her mom is great….and yeah, she’s rather a hero. lol

    but, where is stuart? …personally, i’d hold his hand! i mean….such a hot man and she’s holding hands with her momma?!!!!!! ….it could be my mom and the best one in the world, i’d prefer stick to my hottie dude

  • hmmm

    she looks pretty

  • jg

    #3 you need to get a life if you are one of those Brangelina fanatics that want to know every detail about them all the time and nothing about anyone else matters. You are the reason everyone else is getting sick to death of those two. They aren’t even interesting. Why the hell should we want to see about Brad and Angelina? They are boring and i along with everyone I know am sick of the two of them. I’d rather see Charlize she’s atleast more down to earth and cool and stylish and not a media whore who gets attention based on who she is dating or what crazy interviews or photo ops she stages. She made it on her talent alone. You can’t say that about Brad and Angelina.

    And Charlize has got good genes. Her mother looks great for her age. She killed Charlize’s drunken, abusive father in SELF DEFENSE. I saw someone on some other blog say that Charlize is a murderer, and a father killer and I just can’t believe how dumb some people are. They just want to find something awful to say about her because she pretty much stays out of trouble and just makes it all about her work and that’s why I respect her.

  • Stella

    who makes those shoes she’s wearing? and sunglasses? i want them!

  • Calypso

    GO CHARLIZE GO!!! Great woman!

  • mimi

    jg @ 08/31/2008 at 4:25 pm

    To jg, you must be maniston fan, you are here to talk about Charlize but devoted almost your entire time talking about Brad and Angie. Your jealousy is written all over your face, just watch the wrinkles before you end up needing some of those botox your idol lives on.

  • 1

    HEY! its the same shoes kate bosworth is wearing but in black instead of white!! surprised no one noticed that yet :D

  • happy lol day

    Wow I could wear this everyday, well you know what I mean :)

  • charlie

    Disappointed @ 08/31/2008 at 1:58 pm Who cares — where are Brad and Angie….

    Now this is the woman for Brad not that mad hatter Ange!!

  • Big Up

    natural beauty, i love her what a brave woman after all the horor she has gone through , i’ll go crasy or shoot myself if i were in her place, , some psycho media whores who said once they wanted to commit a suicide because they were bored. and who visited the psychiatric hospital….should take some notes from the courage of this woman,im wondering what they will have done then if they were in the place of the nightmare of charlize , she has chosen to love the life , she handel it and succed by her own hard work, i say big up to this brave woman.She gave us a real lesson of courage.

  • chloe

    I love her style ,cool, sexy ,class, she has a good sense of style, Charlize and Stuart were together last week for the screening of their movie Battle in Seattle for a festival at the denver convention, he stayed to prepare his movie for another film festival.

  • sf

    Awww it’s so sweet , seeing her taking care of her mom, she took her everywhere with her, awards shows, festivals,she bought her a house close to her house, a car;she spoiled her ,it’s so rare to this kind of relationships in hollywood most of the actresses are in bad terms either with their mom or their dad….they love each other, they are in fusion it’s wonderful , hope that my sister will see this ! i remember her oscar speech whene she was thanking her mom all moved with tears telling her you sacrified so much for me…it was moving ,these tow womens came from a tough ,dramatic journey , it’s so nice to see theme happy now.

  • kelly

    Gorgeous, and super talented. She’s getting rave reviews for The Burning Plain.

  • michelle

    Ummm her mom’s name is spelled Gerda, Jared!

  • lynne

    It looks like Charlize Theron is very fond of her mother. It’s so sweet when your kid still cares for you although she is already adult :)

  • zoe

    its so awesome how she ‘bumped’ into valentino. charlize is a gorgeous and a very talented actress. not liking what she’s wearing here though…like the shoes though

  • Lia

    Charlize is amazingly beautiful and talented and probably nice too !!!

  • jg

    mimi, I didn’t know I need to worry about wrinkles at 22 first of all, just because you’re some middle aged Brangelina obsessed housewife, doesn’t mean everyone else is, and it also doesn’t mean someone who doesn’t care for Brangelina supports Jennifer Aniston. I don’t give a damn about Jennifer Aniston. Why is it people think you either like Brangelina or Jennifer Aniston? I don’t care for any of them. That’s so stupid. That part of my post was just my response to number 3′s dumb post is all. Are you number 3? Jealousy? And that’s another ignorant statement to make that because someone is sick of all the media attention on Brangelina that we are “jealous” I guess 90% of America are “jealous” then. lol. If I were going to be envious of anyone it would be Charlize! She’s beautiful, rich, talented, stylish, elegant, and doesn’t deal with the paparazzi bullsh*t that Brangelina deal with daily. So there you go! You Brangelina fanatics are so annoying and you buying all the magazines with Brangelina on the cover are the reason why this cycle continues. Get a life please. You know you’re pathetic when you assume anyone sick of Brangelina attention has to be jealous or Jennifer Aniston fan. lol.

    Back to Charlize….she’s STUNNING and I can’t wait to see her film the Burning Plain. I hope she gets nominated for another Oscar. Us fashion lovers would love to see her grace the red carpet with her glamourous styles since she said she doesn’t go to awards unless she is nominated. Which is cool, unlike some stars like Jennifer Lopez who show up at the Oscars every year just to walk the red carpet, she doesn’t even get nominated.

  • jg

    Big Up I agree. Charlize Theron has such enormous strength. I respect her because she had such a tragic life but you don’t ever see her flaunting it for the press the way these other stars do for minor problems. She only talked about it once, and talks about how she moved on to make a life for herself. That’s a strong woman. You have these stars that were born with a silver spoon like Gwyneth Paltrow always whining to the media how hard their life is, Paltrow from the beginning has been stating “I was going through a depression at this time” and “I was depressed because I stopped yoga” they just look so vapid when you compare it to someone like Charlize Theron who had such a difficult childhood and background, and no showbiz parents or connections to help her along. She had to work hard to get where she is.

    She was so beautiful that she was only casted for her looks and people didn’t want to notice her talent so she had to Monster to show them what she could really do as an actress. Now she’s an Oscar winner and she’s got two acclaimed Oscar buzzed movies coming out, The Burning Plain and The Road. She deserves it after all she’s been through and because she really is talented and professional.

  • nanny

    God it’s so nice to see charlize ! thanks jared for the pictures, that change us from the attenion sluts who are just famous for their tabloids covers …glad to see this talented,down to earth,generous woman who knows the real value of the life.

  • Karen

    She is a beautiful woman, her and her new secret boyfriend they make a beautiful couple.

  • Secret boyfriend

    Charlize looks lovely. She once won a modeling contract to Milan, but there is even a lake in Italy named according to her mother. That’s something indeed.