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Diddy to John McCain: There Aren't Even Any Black People in Alaska!

Diddy to John McCain: There Aren't Even Any Black People in Alaska!

Diddy, aka Sean Combs, is quite angry that Republican presidential nominee John McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. In his latest vlog, Diddy says:

John you are bugging the f— you. I don’t even understand what planet you’re on now. This is the job to be the leader of the free world. No disrespect, I love ya, I want you to live to 110, but what if, God forbid, you got a running mate, you become President. Alaska? ALASKA? ALASKA? ALASKA? Come on, man. I don’t even know if there are any black people in Alaska. John, come on. Sarah [Palin]? What in the hell? ALASKA? You’re bugging the f— out. Sarah Palin, you ain’t ready to be vice president. ALASKA MOTHERF—-ER? What is the reality in Alaska? There aren’t even any crackheads in Alaska. There aren’t no black people in Alaska.”

Check out the video below! What do you think of Diddy‘s rant??

Diddy to John McCain: ALASKA?????
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336 Responses to “Diddy to John McCain: There Aren't Even Any Black People in Alaska!”

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  1. 1
    mslewis Says:

    What does he care who McCain picks for his running mate? And, Mr. Diddy, there are Black people in Alaska. Try visiting and see for yourself.

    On second thought, don’t visit. You’ll smell up the place.

  2. 2
    TRe Says:

    He doesn’t have a grasp of proper English, and who is he to judge Palin and McCain. The use of the Black issue is so old, why must he and Obama fanactics always whine about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P. Diddy, every hear of wah your mouth out with soap!!!! If you have something intelligent to say use proper English and spellcheck!!!!

  3. 3
    Nicole Says:

    He is such an idiot. This is EXACTLY why celebrities should stay out of politics – there aren’t many that are known for their brain power.

  4. 4
    Sal Says:


  5. 5
    gshock Says:

    i dont think he’s making sense.

  6. 6
    eddie jones Says:

    big talk out of someone that has made millions in this country thanks to people like John, War heros. What has Diddy done for this country, has he served his fellow man? From what I recall he was involved in a shooting not to long ago and walked out scott free. He should keep his fingers crossed and his opinions to himself, if a poorer man, even a black man were involved in that shoot situation Diddy was in, he’d surely be in Jail.

    Why does this election have to be about race? If there are no blacks in Alaska, maybe Diddy can move to Alaska.

  7. 7
    domenic Says:

    That’s probably why Alaska has a low crime rate. No morons like this *** Diddy runnin around.

  8. 8
    jorgie Says:

    WTF?!?! I’m all for freedom of speech, but please shut this idiot up!

  9. 9
    Sam Says:

    lol, Domenic Good Point!!
    He definitly is smoking something from the sounds of this ranting!!!!

  10. 10
    Walsh is a cow Says:

    Diddy is an idiot!

  11. 11
    the shiznack Says:

    ppl the guy is delusional

    dont forget he’s aspiring to be a great actor

  12. 12
    ariel Says:

    Haha he’s right though, he just worded it all really wrong. McCain went left field with her. They’re really going to rely only on the womens vote because no minority will ever identify with her.

  13. 13
    Keri Says:

    Ariel , you shouldn’t try to speak for all women or minorities, you are the one who has it wrong along with this NUT!!

  14. 14
    Tina Says:

    There are many indigenous people in Alaska, when people say “black” really they mean “minorities”, so he’s totally wrong about Alaska.

  15. 15
    happy lol day Says:

    To me this is the bigger issue about her she is not exactly an animal lover


  16. 16
    tia Says:

    this video makes him look really stupid. but i freakin hate john mccain and think that his VP choice is a cheap way to get votes. OBAMA 08!

  17. 17
    celest Says:

    Seriously what has Alaska got to do with black people? I really don’t get it … Diddy is making a big deal out of nothing!! Im a black myself and everybody has a choice if he does not like Mc Cain or his choice the just leave it at that !!

  18. 18
    Lauren Says:

    i actually think hes right! he just kinda went about it the wrong way. and now ppl are gunna be stupid and say that hes playing the race card. but hes not. im white and even i was thinking that, like i went to alaska once for a school trip(random, i know) and there was ONLY white ppl. I never once saw a black person, hispanic, asian, anything.

    These 2 make me sick and I was a republican! But now I am definatley voting Obama!

  19. 19
    dont pay attention to diddy Says:

    ahhh lol why did he do this??? now everyone is gunna think all democrats are this stupid…but we’re not i promise!!

    OBAMA 08!

  20. 20
    Bee Says:

    OMG Diddy shut up and just do music, please…

  21. 21
    Katie Says:

    if you actually watch the video it makes alot more sense than it does just reading that statement

    i agree with him

    hes actually making alot of sense.

  22. 22
    Charlotte Says:

    ok so im watching the video right now and you know what, hes actually pretty smart! i mean, hes not wording it that good, but hes making ALOT of sense….

    I will definatley be voting for Obama on November 4th. As is every single person I know

  23. 23
    kitkat Says:

    hes makes a really good point when he says that alaska doesnt have much diversity. because how good sarah palin come from somewhere wheres shes only used to middle/upper class, very religous, very pro war people, and try and run a whole country which is incredibly diverse and very differant to alaska. I kinda wish he hadnt done this video just because hes making himself seem like an idiot. but if you actually just listen to what he’s saying. and dont judge, just listen. he’s saying what alot of people are thinking

  24. 24
    Ouch! Says:

    Apart from the fact that he’s an idiot, I love how he’s basically sayin “black people = crackheads”!

  25. 25
    Zoe Moon Says:

    Why is it that whenever Diddy opens his mouth nothing good comes out. Diddy, there are black people in Alaska. There is just not that many of them. But they are there. I am happy for your success because you have worked hard to get there. But next time keep your mouth shut.

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