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Diddy to John McCain: There Aren't Even Any Black People in Alaska!

Diddy to John McCain: There Aren't Even Any Black People in Alaska!

Diddy, aka Sean Combs, is quite angry that Republican presidential nominee John McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. In his latest vlog, Diddy says:

John you are bugging the f— you. I don’t even understand what planet you’re on now. This is the job to be the leader of the free world. No disrespect, I love ya, I want you to live to 110, but what if, God forbid, you got a running mate, you become President. Alaska? ALASKA? ALASKA? ALASKA? Come on, man. I don’t even know if there are any black people in Alaska. John, come on. Sarah [Palin]? What in the hell? ALASKA? You’re bugging the f— out. Sarah Palin, you ain’t ready to be vice president. ALASKA MOTHERF—-ER? What is the reality in Alaska? There aren’t even any crackheads in Alaska. There aren’t no black people in Alaska.”

Check out the video below! What do you think of Diddy‘s rant??

Diddy to John McCain: ALASKA?????
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336 Responses to “Diddy to John McCain: There Aren't Even Any Black People in Alaska!”

  1. 1
    mslewis Says:

    What does he care who McCain picks for his running mate? And, Mr. Diddy, there are Black people in Alaska. Try visiting and see for yourself.

    On second thought, don’t visit. You’ll smell up the place.

  2. 2
    TRe Says:

    He doesn’t have a grasp of proper English, and who is he to judge Palin and McCain. The use of the Black issue is so old, why must he and Obama fanactics always whine about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P. Diddy, every hear of wah your mouth out with soap!!!! If you have something intelligent to say use proper English and spellcheck!!!!

  3. 3
    Nicole Says:

    He is such an idiot. This is EXACTLY why celebrities should stay out of politics – there aren’t many that are known for their brain power.

  4. 4
    Sal Says:


  5. 5
    gshock Says:

    i dont think he’s making sense.

  6. 6
    eddie jones Says:

    big talk out of someone that has made millions in this country thanks to people like John, War heros. What has Diddy done for this country, has he served his fellow man? From what I recall he was involved in a shooting not to long ago and walked out scott free. He should keep his fingers crossed and his opinions to himself, if a poorer man, even a black man were involved in that shoot situation Diddy was in, he’d surely be in Jail.

    Why does this election have to be about race? If there are no blacks in Alaska, maybe Diddy can move to Alaska.

  7. 7
    domenic Says:

    That’s probably why Alaska has a low crime rate. No morons like this *** Diddy runnin around.

  8. 8
    jorgie Says:

    WTF?!?! I’m all for freedom of speech, but please shut this idiot up!

  9. 9
    Sam Says:

    lol, Domenic Good Point!!
    He definitly is smoking something from the sounds of this ranting!!!!

  10. 10
    Walsh is a cow Says:

    Diddy is an idiot!

  11. 11
    the shiznack Says:

    ppl the guy is delusional

    dont forget he’s aspiring to be a great actor

  12. 12
    ariel Says:

    Haha he’s right though, he just worded it all really wrong. McCain went left field with her. They’re really going to rely only on the womens vote because no minority will ever identify with her.

  13. 13
    Keri Says:

    Ariel , you shouldn’t try to speak for all women or minorities, you are the one who has it wrong along with this NUT!!

  14. 14
    Tina Says:

    There are many indigenous people in Alaska, when people say “black” really they mean “minorities”, so he’s totally wrong about Alaska.

  15. 15
    happy lol day Says:

    To me this is the bigger issue about her she is not exactly an animal lover


  16. 16
    tia Says:

    this video makes him look really stupid. but i freakin hate john mccain and think that his VP choice is a cheap way to get votes. OBAMA 08!

  17. 17
    celest Says:

    Seriously what has Alaska got to do with black people? I really don’t get it … Diddy is making a big deal out of nothing!! Im a black myself and everybody has a choice if he does not like Mc Cain or his choice the just leave it at that !!

  18. 18
    Lauren Says:

    i actually think hes right! he just kinda went about it the wrong way. and now ppl are gunna be stupid and say that hes playing the race card. but hes not. im white and even i was thinking that, like i went to alaska once for a school trip(random, i know) and there was ONLY white ppl. I never once saw a black person, hispanic, asian, anything.

    These 2 make me sick and I was a republican! But now I am definatley voting Obama!

  19. 19
    dont pay attention to diddy Says:

    ahhh lol why did he do this??? now everyone is gunna think all democrats are this stupid…but we’re not i promise!!

    OBAMA 08!

  20. 20
    Bee Says:

    OMG Diddy shut up and just do music, please…

  21. 21
    Katie Says:

    if you actually watch the video it makes alot more sense than it does just reading that statement

    i agree with him

    hes actually making alot of sense.

  22. 22
    Charlotte Says:

    ok so im watching the video right now and you know what, hes actually pretty smart! i mean, hes not wording it that good, but hes making ALOT of sense….

    I will definatley be voting for Obama on November 4th. As is every single person I know

  23. 23
    kitkat Says:

    hes makes a really good point when he says that alaska doesnt have much diversity. because how good sarah palin come from somewhere wheres shes only used to middle/upper class, very religous, very pro war people, and try and run a whole country which is incredibly diverse and very differant to alaska. I kinda wish he hadnt done this video just because hes making himself seem like an idiot. but if you actually just listen to what he’s saying. and dont judge, just listen. he’s saying what alot of people are thinking

  24. 24
    Ouch! Says:

    Apart from the fact that he’s an idiot, I love how he’s basically sayin “black people = crackheads”!

  25. 25
    Zoe Moon Says:

    Why is it that whenever Diddy opens his mouth nothing good comes out. Diddy, there are black people in Alaska. There is just not that many of them. But they are there. I am happy for your success because you have worked hard to get there. But next time keep your mouth shut.

  26. 26
    lisa Says:

    i wish he hadnt done this because now people are going to use this as an excuse to be racist. such as #8 and #25.

    He’s done more harm than good. I guarantee you this post, by the time it has a ton of comments, is going to be full of racial hatred.

    but Im still a proud Obama supporter

  27. 27
    fox Says:

    umm HELLO I’m from Effing Alaska and IM BLACK!!! And excuse me? Did you say NO diversity? Alaska’s pretty diverse. I really dont think you should judge a place if you havent even BEEN there……Yes it may be dominately overrun by a bunch of those so-called “white” people everyone mentions but Alaska has natives, blacks, polynesians, Asians. Its not ALL white people. And I dont really appreciate the fact that the BLACK card is always pulled out of peoples asses! Its like an excuse now for people people not to vote for McCain. WHy? cuz he’s NOT black? I think you should listen more to their ideals and stop looking at the color of a persons skin. Im not a McCain person but honestly….think people! Diddy is acting STUPID in the video. He hasnt even given PALIN a chance

  28. 28
    memememe Says:

    i think its a shame that people come to talk in terms of colour of the skin or even the gender.Dont let yourselves get distracted!
    I think that comes down to devide and conquer .YOU need UNITY in this country; you are ALL citisens with each granted the same right to vote; woman/men/black/ latino /white…..
    In general ; its thinking FOR people instead of the people thinking for themselves.
    I think the person able to vote should make uop is own mind and not judge by the colour of skin or gender; not even refer to that.
    Its not Mac. Cain or Obama who makes up laws people; remember its the party behind him/her; BEFOR giving your vote please consider looking behind the scenes; be smart; its YOU future in THEIR hands;

  29. 29
    @24 Says:

    Why do you assume people are super religious and pro war in Alaska?! I’ve never heard such stereotypes.

    I think Fox said it best.

  30. 30
    Ouch! Says:

    Lisa, r u retarded?!
    I OBVIOUSLY don’t think that black people are crackheads, HE is the one saying it!

  31. 31
    Jess Says:

    LOL at “you should have got Michelle Obama to be your running mate, that would be strategic”

    No Diddy that would be impossible.

  32. 32
    Jess Says:

    LOL at “you should have got Michelle Obama to be your running mate, that would be strategic”

    No Diddy that would be impossible.

  33. 33
    omg Says:

    Who said there are no black people in Alaska!?!

  34. 34
    mihay Says:

    Was this jackass drunk when he started out on his rant? He needs to do his homework before he goes off on something he knows nothing about!

  35. 35
    Natasha Says:

    Thank you memememe! #24….How do you know that alaska has no diversity? I bet you’ve never been there so dont say that they dont alaska has a fair amount of african americans just like any other state. Dont be quick to judge. And what does being black have to with anything? Votes? I’m Sorry Mr. Diddy but does that mean because Obama is Black that he’s got your vote? Favoritism is probably the lowest thing a voter could do in an election because it shows how stupid people are and it doesn’t really help our country. Instead focusing on a persons skin color, you should be more concerned with what their gonna do good for our country and this video is ridiculous! Please go back to writing music and being the self centered super star you are.

  36. 36
    Sheri Says:

    Diddy has just shown how truly ignorant he really is. He not only has insulted all Alaskans – but also all women. I lived in Alaska for five years – and believe me – there are people of every race. What a stupid, narrow-minded thing to say. He should be ashamed of himself. Regardless of one’s political affiliation, Sarah Palin appears to be a highly intelligent woman who has run one of the largest states in the union. She needs to be given the benefit of the doubt and let us all get to know her before we judge. Shame on you, Diddy … get a life.

  37. 37
    Keisha Says:

    Half you people haven’t even given the woman a chance yet. AND KITKAT who said Alaska was Pro war? and very RELIGIOUS! Dude your an A**Whole! Get a flippin brain…do some research or something where F*** did you get that idea? And no black people in alaska? wtf*** this is seriously pissing me off!!

  38. 38
    Hun Says:

    MInus the cuss words and the total focus on just blacks and the youth… If he just kept all this out it would be more acceptable. Diddy, not making Obama look any better with this message. Sorry.

    I agree that Mccain made a mistake with Sarah. Alaska … Sarah? Really? Come on. I respect this lady to the fullest but I dont think shes ready tp be President in worst case scenerio.

    Diddy must be high or something with his ranting.

  39. 39
    candace Says:

    who even cares about alaska. seriously. ihalf of the time its not even considered a freakin state!

    and diddy may sound stupid here, but he makes some VERY valid points.

    regardless though, i would NEVER IN A MILLION years vote for palin/mccain! they are disguting and basically bush clones.

  40. 40
    31-screw you Says:

    31-your DISGUSTING! im african american and I cant believe you just said that!!! wtf is your problem?! piece of sh!t racist. I just graduated harvard with a degree in law, but oh, Im black so I MUST be uneducated. f*ck you. not everyone says stupid things like he is saying.

  41. 41
    black Says:

    P.Diddy————what a joke.

    Learn the language first, you idiot. And if you want atention, get it somewhere else.

    Hoenstly now—-like Diddy even knows where Alaska is.

  42. 42
    andrew Says:

    31- I disagree with what he is saying as well, but take your disguting racist views somewhere else.

  43. 43
    Kaye Says:

    This (!?!) coming from the guy who is WHINING because he has to fly COMMERCIAL!!! Like poor Diddy… he now has to fly first class in a commercial airline because it costs him $250,000 dollars to fuel his private jet in order to fly from NY to LA. Get a grip of reality Diddy before you start to blab about.

  44. 44
    kyle Says:

    you don’t have to pretend to be a harvard student to prove a point. this shows how low some black folks are.
    racism still exists because of people like diddy and you “harvard-grad-haha-you-wish.”

  45. 45
    Gossipscoop Says:

    Puff daddy, p diddy, daddy paff go for music….

  46. 46
    Someone Says:

    Race aside, he has a point about McCain chosing an Alaskan Goverment for Vice?!!?!

  47. 47
    Kabuk1 Says:

    WOW. Words cannot express how much I despise this uneducated ass hat. Every single statement that comes out of his mouth is some ignorant, self-pitying, poorly-worded rant about how the world is against him black people. “OMGS!!!1! McCain isn’t a crackhead from the ghetto, he can’t POSSIBLY understand the black man’s plight!”. Here’s their ‘plight’- they grow up listening to morons like Diddy & think “thug life” is the only way to live. And WTF do crackheads have to do with anything anyway? They don’t vote. And truthfully I could care less if the future president cares about “crackheads” anyway, cause I could care less if every last ghetto crackhead(black OR white) dropped dead.

    Yes, I’m white. I’m as lily-white as they come, straight European, Russian & Romanian. But before you accuse me of being “racist”, guess what? My best friend of 20 years is black, my boyfriend is Iranian, and were all voting for McCain & Palin cause they’re the only ones without their heads up their asses. So go ahead & vote for racist Obama just because he’s black. Cause that’s the only reason the majority of Obama supporters are behind him.

  48. 48
    sunny Says:

    What does he care who McCain picks for his running mate? Maybe Diddy cares because if McCain wins, this neophyte from the barren north could end up as President! McCain is an old man and he’s had melanoma removed from his head. With his choice of running mate, I’m wondering if the malignancy spread to his brain. If McCain dies in office or is incapacitated, it’s the Vice President who takes over. That means we’d have a “hockey mom” from Alaska running the country, one whose position on abortion is: not under any circumstances, including incest and rape. Ask yourselves this: is Sarah Palin ready to meet with world leaders on an equal footing and command their respect? Is she ready to be President of the U.S. Senate? Is she ready to command the most powerful army in the history of the world? Is she ready to be the President of the United States of America? Have you ever heard of her before? It matters plenty, and you had better face up to your responsibility as voters, people of America!

  49. 49
    Sabrina Says:

    woooooooahhhh some of you are such disgusting racist! im actually shocked because usually on justjared people on like this…..

    i think someone said earlier in this post that there would be alot of racist. guess they were right

  50. 50
    Sabrina Says:

    my bad, i mean usually people ARENT like this..

  51. 51
    azislite Says:

    THANK YOU #49 Kabuk1!!!!

  52. 52
    lilly Says:

    This is to number 49-ur best friend may be black. but your still a racist. you can try to sugarcoat it all you like. but your a racist

  53. 53
    Hilary Says:

    hahahah ‘Kabuk 1′ I love how you defend the fact that ur not a racist by throwing in that you have a black best friend. first off based on everything you said before that, thats probably a load of bull, and 2ndly, having ONE black friend does not redeem you for all that crap you just said.

  54. 54
    Saida Says:

    Diddy, SHUT UP!.

  55. 55
    California Surfer girl Says:

    kabuk1-you REALLY have a black BEST friend?? wow. i would be freakin offended if I was black and your friend after reading what you just wrote. so yeah im thinking ur lying about that to try and cover up the fact that plain and simple. your a racist.

  56. 56
    Diddiot Says:

    What a stupid comment, i didn’t know Diddy was such a idiot.
    Who said a person has to speak like a retardard because he is black. come on Diddy, what a stupid speech, you have money get a education man, that’s priceless.
    Watch Obama, follow his example .

  57. 57
    Jamie Says:

    kabuk1–wtf…your saying people only like obama because he’s black thats a load of bull. if he was old and white like mccain what would your reasoning be?!?!?!

    People like him because he is the change this country needs! not because of the colour of his skin. Only racist like you think that because you cant come up with any other reason as to why somebody could *shock horror* actually BELIEVE in what a black man has to say.

    your ‘argument’ you made was pretty much a joke.

  58. 58
    hhmm Says:

    Alaska is the 49th smallest state in America. I’m sure there are people of color but it is probably a smal number. The USA is a melting pot comprised of a plethora of minorities not just indigenous people.

    The issues that the USA has to deal with span the globe. Diddy is right. I can’t see Sarah Palin from Alaska sitting down negotiating with Putin or any world leaders for that matter. Experience dealing with diverse cultures and people gives one such experience.

    In order for the US to pick itself up from where we have fallen in the international realm we need someone with such experience. Sarah Palin is a joke. Our money is worth nothing, our armed forces are spread thin and our economy is in the crapper. Let’s start thinking seriously/

  59. 59
    Obama/biden 08! Says:

    even though he sounds like a total idiot in this video and its almost painfull to watch him make such a fool of himself, I do agree. Took me a while to totally understand what he was saying though lol

    Obama/Biden 08!

    how could anyone in their right mind vote the other way? I guess some effed up people want america to keep going as if bush(worst president ever) was still running it…

  60. 60
    amy Says:

    ahh jared i wish u hadnt of posted this!!,. you usually dont post things that are gunna start this much controversy and this is getting alot of racism started which is disgusting(but from the title that you choose for this post im kinda thinking you knew that would happen…). im actually really surprised that this many racist come on this site!

  61. 61
    Jessi b Says:

    Diddy just insulted his race by assuming having black people in a state means you have crackheads in a state. By the way…Does he smoke crack???

    Anyone who would listen and go along with a celebrity’s political view points is a fool. Seriously. Most of them have no clue what the politician stands for in the first place. I wonder if most of tax payers in the US even have a clue how much tax they will be paying if Obama is elected.

    Then again…when Obama supporters make comments like this…it doesn’t surprise me that they simply do not care.

    Keep your mouth closed, Diddy, and you sound a lot more intelligent!

  62. 62
    Jessi b Says:

    Anyone who says they “agree” with Diddy on this is basically a fool. Sorry. That’s the truth.

    Have you ever been to Alaska?

    Did you know that Sarah Palin has not lived there her entire life? She is just governor there.

    So every argument “Diddy” (is that even still his name?) uses is pretty much ridiculous nonsense.


  63. 63
    jarron Says:

    The comment above was from me, by the way, not jb. ;0)

  64. 64
    hfn Says:

    if you look at the pictures you would see that in 1984 palin lost miss alaska to a black woman……………if they are so prejudiced how did the black woman win, and if there are no blacks in alaska, how did she get in the picture as the winner??

  65. 65
    belvin Says:

    Diddy…you are making black men around the U.S. look like fools. WE DON’T SUPPORT YOU, DIDDY!!! Stop trying to bring us all down!

    If you want to make a point, do it in an educated way. I have been to Alaska several times on business, I am black, and yes, THERE ARE BLACK PEOPLE IN ALASKA. Oh…and no, they are not crackheads.

    Let’s not let this video let us look bad any longer, and not waste any more time commenting on it!!!

  66. 66
    Really?? Says:

    This is coming from the same person who is whining about gas prices because he has to fly commercial now and cant take his fancy jet. He must really be in need for some ratings or something…get a life!

  67. 67
    i think he's right Says:

    those of you might think diddy is being ignorant and all that,
    but i think he kinda got a point here…i mean ALASKA?
    that state is like on the mooooon shooot, haha
    and yes, what if John McCain you kno….and the VP is gonna up for our president.

    but yes foreal, what does alaska know about the U.S., even thoe it is part of u.s.

    haha, thats all im saying.
    OBAMA o8!

  68. 68
    malcolm Says:

    why ppl think celeb should not have opinion?. they pay more in taxes than lots of you will ever made in your life. they’re American citizen
    John McCain is just one step away from nursing home or his grave. he had so many encounter with cancer. how can he talk about Barack don’t have experience when he choose a woman who’s from a state
    where they are more deer & bears than ppl

  69. 69
    bill Says:

    If you all want to know who the real John McCain is go read about his first wife, Carol McCain and how he dumped her for the rich Mrs. he’s with now. He is classless, a cheater and a fraud.

    Also the now Mrs. Cindy McCain has two half-siblings she does not acknowledge because maybe then she would have to share her fortune with them.

  70. 70
    go sox Says:

    Shows what an ignorant idiot he is! How does he know there aren’t black people in Alaska? What a slap in the face to them. I don’t care what color his skin is. He has no class, and money hasn’t given him any.

  71. 71
    harry Says:

    Rich people pay taxes too and have a right to speak. McCain sold out America by selecting this nice lady who knows nothing about anything. Plus he insults women by thinking they are stupid enough to vote for her just because she has the same body parts as they do. This choice is so pandering to the far right it stinks.

  72. 72
    meemee Says:

    I’m not an American and can’t vote in this election but I am disappointed in Diddy for dissing Ms. Palin like that. I agree Sarah Palin may not be the wisest choice as a running mate but I think Diddy needs to take a trip to Alaska. There are black people there! I have relaltives living in Alaska ( yes, I am black).

  73. 73
    P DUMMY Says:

    what an idiot. i cant believe he doesnt realize how foolish he sounds!! and hes trying to “rally our youth?” holy jebus save us all. alaska is actually full of crackheads and minorities. the state has the highest per capita illegal drug-use rate and crime rate!! people should educate themselves before opening their pie holes. p diddys horrible regurgitation of cnn’s latest spin is not only an embarrassment for himself, but for democrats, black people, and the country itself. HOT AIR AND FANCY RHETORIC are not going to change this country… fearlessness, hard work and commitment are. At one time I really was excited about obama’s “change” campaign, but now I realize if we really want change we need to REFORM WASHINGTON FIRST!! and who better to reform washington than two mavericks with a paper trail miles long of creating change and overturning corruption within our government. my vote is still in the air… but each day coming closer and closer back down to earth with mccain… whereas obama’s ideas (and arguments) are floating higher and higher into the sun. thanks for posting… i hope the whole world sees how foolish this man and his ideas really are!!!!!

  74. 74
    theresa Says:

    there is no way around it; this man is a fool. yes there are blacks in alaska just as there are whites, asians etc. we’re at the top of the world so to speak not on mars. oh yeah; we also have polar bears. you know cute, cuddly, roly-poly bears with teeth and claws. so if this idiot ever comes up to alaska we could always introduce him to a bear or two. but that wouldn’t be right now; i mean we don’t want to infect our bears with his stupidy. all i can say is that with people like him it’s wonderful we are separated from the lower 49 by thousand of miles of land owned by another country; THANK GOD FOR CANADA. also, i hope he’s a supporter of obama because republicans don’t need an idiot like him.

  75. 75
    Steph Says:

    Ummm, Look I’m ethnic… but for Pete’s Sakes!!! There are other ethnicities in the US!!!! Not just “black” people!!! How lame is he?!??!

    I usually try and respect people that JJ brings on, but this guys is ridiculous!

  76. 76
    wow Says:

    hfn, good point she was beat by a black women in Alaska. It’s a smaller population but there are black people there. Palin could be from Chicago and still he’d say something stupid like that. This isn’t anything new, they always assume whites just don’t understand. I’m not from Africa or Chicago but I understand, really. Apparently Obama supporters are worried they are already attackiing Palin with being prejudiced.
    Palin has just enough experience as Obama but he’s running for president she’s not.

  77. 77
    CrazyDaisy Says:

    I am an Obama supporter but Diddy does not even bring up and useful facts about why Sarah Palin is not a good pick. She’s doesn’t think humans are the cause of climate change! . She was elected Alaska’s governor a little over a year and a half ago. Her previous office was mayor of Wasilla, a small town outside Anchorage. She has no foreign policy experience. Palin is strongly anti-choice, opposing abortion even in the case of rape or incest. These are just a few things why she is not a great pick… but hey she is just like McCain.

  78. 78
    Mimi Says:

    Diddy is being vulgar about it, but damn, he’s right.

    This Palin woman has only been governor of the state of Alaska, population 700,000 for about 18 months. It ‘s remote from the real USA and it’s issues and problems.

    There are 300,000,000 diverse people and problems in the rest of the United States.

    McCain is old. There’s a good chance he won’t live out a full term of office and this untested woman, with NO national or international experience would become President.

    She’s very conservative, anti-choice, anti-environment, her husband is an oil man, she has 5 kids including a Down’s syndrome infant that need her attention and she’s under ethics violation investigation in Alaska.

    Palin is a former beauty queen, like MeCain’s trophy second wife. I guess to him, that’s enough, as he likes pretty women around him and he wanted a trophy VP too.

    She is not qualified to be our Vice President, not to mention possibly being a heart beat away from being the President of the USA and leader of the free world.

    What the F* was he thinking? Is McCain senile ?

  79. 79
    elisa Says:


  80. 80
    Grace Says:

    Another racist comment coming from an Obama supporter.

  81. 81
    alllie Says:

    This Diddi person sounds very ignorant to me

  82. 82
    WTF? Says:


  83. 83
    lol Says:

    how much you wanna bet that this a** hole will start to backtrack his comments?

  84. 84
    noyb Says:

    He looks and sounds like an uneducated idiot. **** like this is what makes Bill Cosby want to renounce his race.

    There are more issues in this election than black people and crackheads. WTF?

    To everyone who is critcizing the use of Palin to go after the female vote, what the hell do think Obama is relying on. While I personally believe the person best qualified should be president, you know damn good an well that the great majority of black people are going to vote for him just because he is black, irrespective of his qualifications. So what if some people chose Palin because she is a woman (which I doubt will happen, quite frankly).

  85. 85
    woot Says:

    You know, I don’t even like “Diddy”, “Puff Daddy” or whatever the hell his ridiculous nickname is these days. But this is great. lol Alaska has an extremely LOW population. This chick has no experience as it is. Then she probably knows the name of every single person in Alaska by now. Come on. lol The ONLY reason McCain chose her is because she’s a woman. He didn’t choose her for her “skill” because she very obviously doesn’t have any. Anyone who votes for him deserves to be executed by a bunch of angry Russians.

  86. 86
    zanessa fan Says:

    I thnk Diddy went about saying what so many are thinking in the wrong way. No offense to Alaska, but as #24 has stated, if something DOES happen to McCain, we’re left with a President with very very litle experience. A risky move and honestly a foolish one. Prior ot being MAYOR, Palin was a Mayor of 9,000, before that co-owner of a all terrain vehicle shop with her husband. He is using her to attempt to alter the dynamic and it is a dangerous move.

  87. 87
    to mimi Says:

    you’re right the lady is very conserative; but that isn’t a crime. she’s entitled to her own political beliefs. is she anti-choice? that she is. her husband is an oil man? you bet and proud of it. anit-enviornment? well before the democrats say anything consider this. obama wants to end the dependence of the united states on oil from the middle east. so where do you suppose the oil will come from to take care of america until he gets his enviornmental package going? texas; canada; and now get this; alaska. that’s us. it would not be a good idea to irriate the state that has the untapped oil now would it.

  88. 88 Says:

    This is such a strategy road!!! A woman, who has five children…the last one which she choose to have instead of avorting eventhough she knew it would have down syndrome…such a publicity stunt by McCain!!! But is she ready…hell no!!!! Alaska? give me a break…this woman has too little experience…and believe me, I’m all up for a woman being president one day, I think they would actually do a better job than the Bush’s of the this world.

  89. 89
    Tammy Says:


  90. 90
    gypsy marie Says:

    Huh? What an idiot. He is successful like forest gump is successful! McCain saved his butt but chosing her! Genius move!

  91. 91
    Sick&tired of race card use Says:

    DIDDY is and idiot and should shut his mouth up.
    Saying Alaska has no blacks and Palin is white and not qualified is as dumb as DIDDY can get. Isn’t what he is saying the same as saying DIDDY is dumb so black Obama is Dumb and all black can’t think straight. Stupid right???

    I am a miniority but NOT Black . Black should stop thinking that they are the only miniority that matters. Quit being so self pitiful and try to better your fellow mates by sharing your wealth. Talk is cheap .,.,. damn cheap , action matters.

    I am sick and tired of Blacks always using the race card whenever they can’t win . Being of another miniority I am sick and tired of them crying foul whenever things don’t go their way . Do you see or hear Hispanic, Asian or Native Americians pulling out the race card everyday … the big ANSWER is NO . We all believed that it’s not an entilement but it’s something you need to work towards and be respected for . Respect needs to be earned .. not just because you have the right simply based on color.

    Ask yourself a serious question why some people can’t get out of the rut, why some race tend to fill up prison cells, why some people do not make it up to the top rank …why why why why.?? ……. I am not trying to generalised but just saying that ….there are many other factors including emphasising on EDUCATION , HARD WORK, SAVING FOR the FUTURE , FAMILY VALUES ….values that will drives people to achieve their best through hard work, responsibility.

    So maybe DIDDY is concerned because he thinks Palin does not know how to manage a prison ????

  92. 92
    Tammy Says:

    Don’t let that ignorant racist bother you.
    Congratulations on your success.
    Just keep doing what you are doing.
    Obama is going to win and the world will start to heal from GB and his nightmare of 8 years in Washington.
    If McCain and this nobody get in, I am moving out of the US.
    Peace out,

  93. 93
    ugh Says:

    # 95
    ITA with you. I am sick and tired of Blacks always using the race card too. Obama should win only because he’s black. Come on. He isn’t Luther King. I respected MLK but Obama is an ass. Biden is a strategy road too. Poor Hillary

  94. 94
    black Says:

    It´s really no wonder, that so many black people come across as uneducated.

    I am not being a racist here, just stating the obvious.

    First of all, most of them don´t even bother to learn one language well. I´ve heard so many black people talk, people who were born in the US. And yet, they still had no grisp on the english language.

    And it´s no wonder—–when it even seems that they take pride in talking like morons. Just take a lok at their idols.

    Idiots like P. Diddy, Rappers, Gangsters—————-why the hell listen to idiots like that?

    There is only one solution—–education. Get that right first and everything else will be much easier.
    You´ll learn the language the proper way, you´ll get knowledge, a better job——and you sure as hell will stay away from morons like P. Diddy!

  95. 95
    haha Says:

    Luckily for Mr. Diddy, he can vote for Obama. Hello!!!

    The truth is the McCain/Palin ticket worries him. If it didn’t he wouldn’t have made such an assinine remark.

  96. 96
    go sox Says:

    Sorry to bust the Obama bubble here, but OBAMA doesn’t have much more experience, and he’s the PRESIDENTIAL candidate, not the running mate. So let’s not go there.

  97. 97
    Jj2 Says:

    McCain really is checking out his new pick, and his poor wife and daughter are sitting right behind him while he is doing it. Old dogs keep doing the same old trick.

  98. 98
    McCain for president!! Says:

    A classic display of ignorance Mr. “Diddy.”

  99. 99
    Jj2 Says:

    Check out McCain’s brain on youtube He is checking out Ms. Palin’s assets. Cindy and Megan McCain are sitting right behind him as he is doing it.

  100. 100
    Khaj Says:

    According to the census bureau….

    Alaska: (2006 – population estimate 670,053)
    whites…. 70.9%
    blacks… 3.7%
    American Indian / Native Alaskan… 15.4%
    Hispanic / Latino… 5.6%

    For comparison, I’ll throw in my state…

    Connecticut: (2006 – population estimate 3,504,809)

    whites… 84.6%
    blacks… 10.2%
    American Indian / Alaska Native… 0.4%
    Asian… 3.4
    Hispanic / Latino… 11.2


    Just so we all know exactly what we’re talkin’ about here…

  101. 101
    allie Says:

    As a registered Independent I’ve got to say this choice floored me. If this is his first important decision as a future president, I must say he sealed the deal for me. I will choose Obama/Biden in November.

  102. 102
    kieyella Says:

    Celebrity endorsements are infuriating. Many of them only see race as the issue which will only leave us with clever t-shirts and a false idea of what it means to be black today. I refuse to make race a priority for ANY situation. People need to realize that this type of mentality is going to set America back. I am a black woman and neither of those qualities about me should affect the way I see a candidate’s ideas on the issues. Also, no celebrity, no matter the influence they seem to think they have on me, will change the way I will vote. The fact that Diddy is bullying black people into not voting for the uncool white dude and Alaskan lady because there’s a black man running and that’s all that should matter. Issues matter. Points of view matter. He needs to stop making “vlogs” for a few minutes and do some research.

    Bottom line: if this affects the way you vote, you’re as dumb as Diddy.

  103. 103
    isabella Says:


    i love it when people don’t know what the heck they’re talking about. and i love watching it diminish their credibility just because they decided to open their mouth, have an opinion, and then fail at justifying it.

    he’s such a dumbass.

  104. 104
    Rosie Says:

    The choice of Sarah Palin is the turning point. I am an independent voter. I will vote for McCain and Palin.

    Go McCain!
    Go Palin!

  105. 105
    Ouch! Says:

    “Do you see or hear Hispanic, Asian or Native Americians pulling out the race card everyday”

    Exactly! And Native Americans would have all the rights to do it, since they’ve been treated in such an horrible way from “Americans”…

  106. 106


  107. 107
    reverse effect on me Says:

    Oh, Diddy doesn’t like Palin? Well that seals my vote for Obama. NOT!

  108. 108
    Jess Says:

    What an idiot.

    Stick to singing. You open your mouth for anything else – you just look ignorant.

  109. 109
    Besane Says:

    He sound completely uneducated but fortunately and unfortunately there are a lot of youth who would listen to him. If he can bring in the vote why not. We can’t afford another 4 years of a trigger happy grandpa.

  110. 110
    VOTE McCain + Palin Says:

    Choice of Sarah Palin energizes California delegates
    ‘She’s a hero for us,’ says one, as they arrive in Minnesota for the Republican National Convention.

    BLOOMINGTON, MINN. — California Republicans are outnumbered. Their president is unpopular. But as they arrive here for the GOP national convention, John McCain has given them a jolt of excitement by choosing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.

    “She is a hero for us,” said Mike Spence, head of the California Republican Assembly, whose members are among the most the state’s conservative voters. “She took on the Republican sellouts who just want to hold onto power.”

    Spence, who initially backed Mitt Romney’s candidacy, figures he and McCain are in accord on maybe 80% of the issues.

    But on Friday, Spence was in the hotel banquet room with the Council on National Policy, the influential group of religious and other conservatives, when Palin’s selection was announced. Like others there, he stood and applauded. “This energizes disaffected Republicans,” Spence said. “This is exactly the message of change that was needed.”

    California’s Republican Party long has been split into conservative and moderate factions. Moderates tended to embrace McCain. Conservatives were critical. Whether the state’s most conservative Republicans would fall in line behind McCain had been in doubt. Not now, though, with Palin on his ticket.

    Several delegates cited Palin’s decision to have a baby, 4-month-old Trig, knowing he had Down syndrome.

    “We have a lot of pro-life rhetoric,” said delegate Tom Bordonaro, the San Luis Obispo County assessor. “She has been there and made the choice. She made the choice for life.”

    Delegate Miryam Mora, 26, will be voting for the first time in November, having gained citizenship a few months ago. Mora grew up in El Monte, the daughter of migrant farm and garment workers, and was the first in her family to graduate from college.

    She is taking leave from her job to volunteer full-time for McCain. When McCain selected Palin, Mora became more certain that she had made the right choice in supporting the Republican ticket. “I’m so amazed by her story,” she said, noting that Palin is a mother of five, was involved in the PTA and “took on her party” by running against Gov. Frank Murkowski.

    Her decision to have Trig affected Mora too: “She was faced with a decision of having an abortion, and she decided she was going to be there for him. . . . It shows a lot about her character.”

    As the Republican National Convention opens, many of the 343 California delegates and alternates originally backed candidates other than McCain.

    But they said their objections to Democrat Barack Obama provided the glue that united them behind their soon-to-be nominee.

    Former Gov. Pete Wilson, who started out supporting former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, headed into the convention confident.

    “It is a combination of enthusiasm for John McCain and the prospect of an Obama administration that is, to say the least, sobering,” Wilson said. “It scares the hell out of people, rightly so.”

    California delegates saw a potential gain, but also some risk, in McCain’s selection of Palin.

    Wilson lauded the choice, saying that although Palin lacks foreign policy experience, “she is a very gutsy young woman willing to take on special interests . . . [and] corruption, even when it was in her own party.”

    In 2003, after Palin was appointed to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, she led an ethics investigation against a fellow panelist, the state Republican Party chairman, who later admitted to violations.

    Some analysts contend that Palin’s inexperience could undermine the McCain contention that Obama lacks the experience to lead the nation. Democrats have wasted no time citing her limited world travels and tenure in office — she took office in 2006, and Alaska’s population is less than one-fourth that of Orange County.

    But California delegates who are Palin fans brushed that issue aside, saying that she has balanced state budgets and vetoed bills.

    “If they want to put a spotlight on Sarah Palin’s experience, it will turn into a mirror for Obama,” said delegate Tim LeFever, chairman of the Christian conservative group Capitol Resource Institute in Sacramento.

    “She wasn’t put on the ticket because she has 36 years of experience,” he said. “Maybe that’s why Barack Obama put Joe Biden on his ticket.”


  111. 111
    TMath Says:

    I do not even live in Alaska. I have visited about 3-4 times. No blacks and no crackheads….Hrrrmmmm… Diddy OBVIOUSLY has not been there. HUGE drug problems there. Yes, African Americans are there. What ignorance. To top it off, how about looking and respecting a different minority… the Eskimo/Alaskan natives! Diddy is flat out encouraging racism and discrimination by bringing attention to issues that are bogus. He is creating them.

  112. 112
    Lin Says:

    There ARE blacks in Alaska. He should check his facts before he shoots off his mouth and talks like an idiot. I think this election sucks. Obama doesn’t have the experience needed to be president and McCain will just be more of George Bush. I hate that people have made this a race and gender issue. Just when I thought I lived in an intelligent country, I hear people say they’re voting Obama because he’s black. Yeah, he’s black but he’s also white. Omaba is biracial, so all you people out there that won’t vote for him because you think he’s black, you’re a bunch of idiots. If I vote in this election, something that i’m not sure I’m doing because I think we have 2 lousy choices, I’ll vote Obama because he’ll get our troops out of Iraq safely and will help fix the economy, like Clinton did when he had to fix the “other” Bush’s screw ups. Obama lacks experience, something that we need as president, this is why I have issues with voting for him. Hopefully, Biden has that experience and will help guide him in the right direction. McCain’s choosing of this this woman was totally stupid. It’s clear that he’s trying to get Hillary’s women voters. Most women aren’t that stupid and will vote for the better person. This woman, as nice as she may be, has no experience and is pro-life, through and through. She doesn’t believe in abortion and was chosen because of her conservative beliefs, so if you’re a woman voting for her just because she’s a woman, you might want to check her views on topics that are important to you. Let’s hope that we make it through the next 4 years with a president that will be there for ALL the people and will get this country of of its recession and back on its feet.

  113. 113
    mina Says:

    if all the people are the same, then what does it matter what colour are the people of Alaska!?
    this diddy, puffy, puffdiddellydoo guy is such an idiot!

  114. 114
    sdjf Says:

    Black people are so self absord they are the most racist people in this world all they care is about themselves. They always separate themselves, he could’va just said their aren’t any people in alaska but he has to say they aren’t any black people in alaska. This is going to turn off alot of people from voting for Obama.

  115. 115
    Robyn Says:

    He is not allowed to speak until he can put a sentence together.

  116. 116
    A thought Says:

    I’m ethnic… I’m not caucasian… I could be black, asian, indian american, muslim… but my quesiton is… by the way this African American man is ranting now…. how is it going to affect ALL the black people in America?!?!? Are they going to be as cocky, vulgar and ludicrous like this idiot is acting right now??? Gosh I hope not. I hope that if Obama wins, they’ll see him as just another American President, who’s job is to take care of ALL (not just african americans) American people!

    This isn’t just an African American country…. it’s a country full of different cultures and race. Grow up and remove the chip on your d**n shoulder!

  117. 117
    McCain for president!! Says:

    mccain was looking down at the press. are you representative of the obama voter?

    you’re as dumb as Diddy.

  118. 118
    jughed Says:

    Well, in his own way Diddy makes a good point, but he needs to improve his vocabulary and syntax if he wants to be on the debate team.

    Give him a break, he’s a musician.

  119. 119
    Sophia Says:

    Is he trying to convince us to vote for nObama? If he is, he needs to stop, because what he is saying reflects who he is and his judgement.

  120. 120
    Debbie Says:

    Why does this man continue to make an ass of himself?

    He had the nerve to beg the Saudis for more oil because poor Diddy has to fly first class now instead of on his private jet. aaaaaahh boo boo


  121. 121
    lofua Says:


  122. 122
    emily Says:

    I can’t understand John McCain’s choice. She is governor of a small place. I lived in a town that I considered small and yet there were far more people in it than this lady has governed. There are women who are more qualified than this. No one know’s who she is and voting is in the next 2 months.

  123. 123
    dumb diddy dumb Says:

    Is he nervous Palin will steal Democratic votes? Why is this fool even opening his mouth? Guarantee he is not helping.

  124. 124
    wow Says:

    I wonder if anyone in Diddys family is serving his country!! I think McCain made a good choice by choosing Palin as VP.

  125. 125
    ana Says:

    He said it right!!!!
    I SOOOOO agree with Diddy on this one.
    You said it man. Good for you!

  126. 126
    jamie Says:

    he is seriously ingnorant if he is going to say all of those things and not even know the facts. i mean i don’t even know all the facts but i am not a celebrtiy blogging to the world cursing every other word about something i know nothing about. give me a freaking break. i am so sick of celebrtiy opinion, and it sucks people are actually going to listen to this guy.

  127. 127
    johanna Says:


  128. 128
    johanna Says:


  129. 129
    k Says:

    PLEASE!!! if you want black people over there so badly, then tell your people to go there!

  130. 130
    Violet Says:

    No offense to anyone’s opinion on what they believe, but Diddy probably did not go to school, he sounds like an idiot. Someone like him should not voice his opinion unless he has something intelligent to say, and if he was in fact intelligent. Also I do not like celebrities voicing their opinions at all, because they live a completely different life than the rest of the world.

  131. 131
    OK now Says:

    Apparently Obama will take care of all crackheads. My educated vote now goes to him.

  132. 132
    gabi Says:

    i agree with #28 (fox)
    diddy can’t even speak english properly and his songs are all about women, sex, money.. who is he to tell mccain that sarah isn’t the right choice?
    btw, i would vote for obama, but mccain has`n done anything wrong (except 4 the paris hilton video lol)

  133. 133
    ray Says:

    Maybe Diddy was dizzy from filming that rant on his outside rotating 360 degree bed.

  134. 134
    emily Says:

    I just watched his entire blog. I may not agree with all diddy said but I am really baffled by this choice. Diddy appeared to be baffled to as are many americans. It seems a very irrational choice and I was wondering if he is trying to lose this election.

  135. 135
    killershoes Says:

    he probably would have selected Condileeza Rice but the liberals dissed her and the blacks vile envied all she is and accomplished.. Shame on them all.

  136. 136
    mileyfan; Says:

    i think it’s rarely stupid he said that.
    sarah palin is ready to be vice president.
    same with john of president :D
    if i could vote i would vote for john mccain :D
    diddy isn’t giving sarah a chance.
    a lot of people from alaska say she was really good as governor.
    he just wants a black president.
    i am not rasist(sp?) at any levels, but lets just stick with the white people & old ones who guys.
    we have these laws made up over 200yrs ago, why change them now?
    this would be very very wrong to the ones back 1789.
    but diddy isn’t going to give sarah or mccain a chance.

    Vote for Mccain.
    Make the right choice.

    McCain 08′

  137. 137
    democrat Says:

    Look Diddy does say things that are a bit dramatic and it comes across sounding bad.

    BUT, he does have good reasons to be angry at Mc cain!

    John McCain only chose Palin because she is a woman!!!!!!!!

    she has LITTLE EXPERIENCE!!!

    if Sarah Palin was a man with the same political experience then she would have NEVER beeen chosen as VP.

    we all know its because to get the female supporters and the hillary clinton fans who are angry she did not get the nomination and dont want to vote obama.

    but if Mc Cain were to win the election, and if something were to happen to him or something… then SHE would be the President!!!!
    GOSH its ridiculouS!!!!

    women should not vote for her just because she is a woman.. i mean,.. shes anti-abortion !! and shes trying to act like she really cares about working families!

    I hope all the hillary clinton supporters realise how pathetic this McCain and Palin TACTIC is!!!

  138. 138
    John mccain supporter. Says:

    women should not vote for her just because she is a woman.. i mean,.. shes anti-abortion !! and shes trying to act like she really cares about working families!
    the reason she is anti-abortion is because she thinks every child should live
    & she really does care about working families & the united states.

  139. 139
    caroline marie Says:

    o shut the **** up .. he just knows obama sucks and is gonna lose period.

  140. 140
    proud John mccain supporter. Says:

    Diddy has just shown how truly ignorant he really is. He not only has insulted all Alaskans – but also all women. I lived in Alaska for five years – and believe me – there are people of every race. What a stupid, narrow-minded thing to say. He should be ashamed of himself. Regardless of one’s political affiliation, Sarah Palin appears to be a highly intelligent woman who has run one of the largest states in the union. She needs to be given the benefit of the doubt and let us all get to know her before we judge. Shame on you, Diddy … get a life.

    thank god.
    someone actually knows what their saying.
    your the only one who actually is making since.
    i am have never been in alaska.
    but it looks like a really great state.
    sarah palin is ready to be vp.
    john mccain is ready to be the president.
    if i could vote i would vote for mccain with in seconds.
    McCain 08′

  141. 141
    Leigh ann Says:

    Oil, that’s what’s in Alaska Diddy! What a fool!

  142. 142
    allerina Says:

    WOW. r u kidding me? his spelling and belief that black people dont even live in alaska shows he has no intelligence. and if hes trying to say he wants black people to have a bigger voice in government, he shouldnt have insinuated that they are crackheads!! dont say that, man. dont act like your speaking for your race when ur talking like theyre a bad stereotype!!

  143. 143
    allerina Says:

    WOW. r u kidding me? his spelling and belief that black people dont even live in alaska shows he has no intelligence. and if hes trying to say he wants black people to have a bigger voice in government, he shouldnt have insinuated that they are crackheads!! dont say that, man. dont act like your speaking for your race when ur talking like theyre a bad stereotype!!

  144. 144
    allerina Says:

    WOW. r u kidding me? his spelling and belief that black people dont even live in alaska shows he has no intelligence. and if hes trying to say he wants black people to have a bigger voice in government, he shouldnt have insinuated that they are crackheads!! dont say that, man. dont act like your speaking for your race when ur talking like theyre a bad stereotype!!

  145. 145
    allerina Says:

    WOW. r u kidding me? his spelling and belief that black people dont even live in alaska shows he has no intelligence. and if hes trying to say he wants black people to have a bigger voice in government, he shouldnt have insinuated that they are crackheads!! dont say that, man. dont act like your speaking for your race when ur talking like theyre a bad stereotype!!

  146. 146
    Bunny Says:

    IGNORANCE…has he ever been to Alaska? Probably not…so where does he get off talking that? I love how when “minorities” which aren’t the minorities anymore are the ones who keep pulling the race card when they get pissed and dont like how something turns out or they don’t get their way.

  147. 147
    msmerlin Says:

    I don’t think he means other races, I think he means just what he said, black (“there are no black people in Alaska”). First of all, he’s wrong about his facts. Second, there already is one black candidate. If he wants to vote for a black candidate, vote for Obama. Duh………

  148. 148
    Madison r. Says:

    Diddy check yourself. Sarah Palin was beat out for 1984 Miss Alaska by a Black Female…

    Beside that are we all to make our decisions based upon any one particular race. Let’s see African Americans make up 15% of the United States Population…hmmmmm…..

  149. 149
    hello to all Says:

  150. 150
    cliff Says:

    this guys obviously an ignorant fool. maby the crack. i dont know how someone can be so incredibly stupid. look at it this way. fools like this piss anyone with a brain off. this is the mentality of most of the obama suporters. lets call it the “crack head mentality”. i mean after reading these posts iv noticed most of these people defending this ignorant buffoon can hardly articulate thier comments and feelings ( i use the word’ feelings’ because theres obviously no ‘thought ‘ going into thier sensless defence) onto legiable or comprehendable form.

  151. 151
    HAssan Juma Says:

    clearly everyone here is whiite,
    white racist haters, diddys just saying his opinion if u disagree then just let it be

  152. 152
    MElissa Says:

    seriously, why is race always an issue with him. He always seems to bring it up. He has no clue who she is so why is he bad mouthing her. This is rediculous. All these celebrities need to stop voicing there opion. I think its rediculous that if a celebrity speaks out about who there representing they get all this attention. They are no more important then any other person whos voting. Dont get me wrong i like diddy, but i think he needs to keep his thoughts to himself.

  153. 153
    Equity Demanded Says:

    Diddy is a racist! He’d vote for Mickey Mouse for President of the United States if he were the only Black running!! It’s about leadership not color or sex!!!

  154. 154
    jesse Says:


    Mccain/palin 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. 155
    This guy is stupid Says:

    There was no eloquence, intelligence or any of the english grammar in the speech he gave. I would cringe if I were black! I am cringing now and I’m not!

    Obama is only there because of idiots like this guy. IT’s ok to bash a woman but make a black joke is not PR…Hil should be our Dem. Pres. candidate…not some radical muslim lover Obama.

  156. 156
    maryanna. Says:

    what a stupid dumbass!!!!!!
    maybe he should move to alaska, since he thinks there are no black people there!!!

  157. 157
    Cutie Says:

    I have black family members and I agree with Kabuk1!!

    McCain/Palin 08

  158. 158
    over it Says:

    seriously, i hate the celebs that think they are more than what they really are. brad pitt, before angelina never made headlines for helping people or talking about various causes. its great now but publicity? selling photos of your children then bitching to no end about the paps? double standard? does the money really go to charity? diddy, puff whatever he is dont you have some band to try to make famous? do your job not everyone elses. im BEYOND sick of the race card, obama isnt even 100% african american. we need a leader that is going to help the american people, black white or green. its not like mccain didnt think about his decision, alaska is still a part of the united states. maybe diddy should shut up between his rants about politics and his lack of traveling by private jet because of an increase in fuel prices im sick of hearing about him.

  159. 159
    SundayRoast Says:

    Diddy is on to something. Just needs to develop his thoughts, craft them into a Real weapon, but he IS onto Something..

  160. 160
    KK says.......... Says:

    Are there really black people in Alaska?????

  161. 161
    Meg Says:

    soo…according to diddy other minorities don’t matter?

  162. 162
    Ha ha ha haHAAAAAAA Says:

    It’s really hard for me to be nice here, but OMG F Didd……are you smoking tooo much of the wrong medicine?????? Please stop yourself, you sound like a FNG TOOL…..listen to yourself speak…… THE FREE WORLD A FAVOUR (that one cracks me up) do what we all know your good at, making music, producing music, making Fuuuu…ccckn aweful clothing and take all that hard earned money from the kids that buy your STUFF and that pay your bills and shhhuuuuve it where the sun don’t shine :P

  163. 163
    bo Says:

    dumb asses

  164. 164
    Sara Says:

    I just wonder … if obama doesn’t have enough experience to run the country, how will this hockey mother of five that has only been messing with government for the last few years gonna know anymore??

  165. 165
    i agree Says:

    Okay, so he used some profanity, but everything he said makes perfect sense. Sarah is NOT ready to lead our country, and if McCain should die, then SHE would be prez? No. In Alaska, there’s about 2% minority and practically NO crime. How is she expected to rule the whole country coming from a population of 9,000 whites? Not gonna happen. Anyone who votes for these two are idiots. Our country will suffer even more than it has these last 8 years.

  166. 166
    Dale Says:

    Puffy-wuffy chooses to draw a race card on this?
    Everything is a freaking race card now with “these people”.

  167. 167
    jEN Says:

    Diddy is a racist angry BLACK MAN, his music sucks, HE degrades WOMEN all the time, look at his BABIEs MAMA that he treats like crap all the time, with WHITE WOMEN at that!!!! SHAme on you, uneducated, ignorant, black man. Start in your own
    backyard and clean it up,, before you judge McCain/PAlin.
    p.s. use some of your money to educate yourself, and invest in CONDOMS!!!!

  168. 168
    ..... Says:

    The only reason majority of you are getting OFFENDED is because your are WHITE. Just let it go. You aren’t of minority, so you don’t understand. AND YOU NEVER WILL.

    Just Let It Go.

    Diddy is right. If you didn’t have sticks up your asses you’d know that. Sarah is not experienced enough to be VP or President if McCain should die. It’s true…

  169. 169
    cliff Says:

    hey 155.its not about white racest haters.cant us white people have an opinion? were just expressing our opinion. just let us be. and since were expressing our opinions….. im not sure i want a black leader. blacks talk to much and make very little sense. they cant control thier children or themselves. no governing abilities. black on black crime. did i mention the crime? brits gave africa back and they’ve completly destroyed the place. gangsta rap/hiphop lyrics basically no contribution to society.and african quesine, what termites and grubs. funny how that never cought on in the states. at least the mexicans make good food. but “your lovin it” ( McD’s).oh one more thing. i used to work for a bay area construction company. union labor. we had to hire blacks. problem is they spent most of thier time slogging around trying to avoid work (which dosn’t go unnoticed) the staff avoided much confrontation with the black workers because it was futile to try to call it to thier attention , thier blowin it. they would always argue and deny the obvious (lazy and stupid) then go about thier business of looking for a way to get injured on the job so they could go out on disibility or find a way to make some kind of descrimination claim. thank god the mexicans would drive them off the jobs fairly fast. us white supervisors just let the other workers (mexicans) handle it. and justly so. we didnt dare confront them.thier always trying to sue . call me a racest because i express my casual observations (not my feelings). im sure this post will insite anger in many who read it. i’ll be ready to vote for a black when im convinced you actually ‘think’ and not just ‘emote’. and turn your finger of blame the other way, deal with your problems, contribute positively to society. good luck.

  170. 170
    Skyeatsme Says:

    i hate diddy with all my heart.

    his ******* head is so far up his ass, it’s literally funny.

    ******* DIE DIDDY !!

  171. 171
    Tami Says:

    Diddy, it’s not about race or gender. In this video, you’ve proved yourself to be both racist and sexist. Let’s treat all people with respect regardless of what they look like.

    Some of us vote on integrity and issues, not race or gender. Palin is a smart choice for McCain, just as Biden was a smart choice for Obama. Both VP picks complement the top of their respective tickets. Obama needed the “experience” and McCain needed the “reformer.”

    People, don’t listen to celebrities. Study the issues and know the candidates, then vote based on who best matches us with your own values and convictions. People who based their decisions on what Oprah thinks are the idiots. Think for yourself, people.

  172. 172
    to susie Says:

    if this idiot is an example of obama supporters then the republican party has nothing to worry about. please let’s hear from any other suppposedly intelligent celebrities who support obama. give the repulican party more reason to attack the democrates then it already has. PLEASE! PLEASE!

  173. 173
    Mrs. D Says:

    I hate to tell Diddy but there are a FEW black people in Alaska. Some are military. I had a girlfriend whose dad was stationed there briefly. But whether there are any black people there is neither here nor there. To me Alaska has too few people of any kind.

  174. 174
    hottest couple ever Says:

    LMAO……..who’s bugging off????? C’mon Diddy pleeeease!!!!!

  175. 175
    we Says:

    diddy is a dumbass.

    Diddy is a dumass.

    diddy is a d ass.

    Any way you spell it. He has no idea what he’s talking about. he may, like, have a point that choosing a running mate from Alaska isn’t helping to support black americans…But, asking a presidential candidate why he’s bugging the **** out….hmmmm, isn’t exactly the best way to get your point across. And did anyone see the Vlog where he ******* about having to fly commercial now because his private jet is too expensive to fuel?? he then goes on to ask his Saudi Arabian brothers and sisters to throw some oil his way… Yeah, Diddy, Puffy, Sean, W/E the **** your name is.
    I, too, want Obama to win. But get some class

  176. 176
    Android Says:

    now if u could use u’r 2% more of the brain….. wat diddy is implyin… is kinda bloody obvious… alaska has got like 0.22% of the population of the US ….

    and the alaska govenor is supposed to be experienced enough to step in as the president if it is required ???

    she dun hav no nuthin of a serious credible experience to be a vice president… except tat she’s white and its a she… to get the hillary supporters……hmm…

    then again bush got in… retarded people = retarded democracy

  177. 177
    mimi Says:

    It looks like Diddy has hit a lot of raw nerves. I’m sure majority of the people spilling blood here are whites and can’t stand it that a black man is criticising a white woman, McCain’s choice but they were the same people who tried to dictect to Obama who to pick. as his VP. If it was ok to detect to Obama so it must be ok to detect to McCain as well. What is good for the gander is also good for the goose. You shouldn’t all be rattled, you know now how it feels to be pushed around by a bunch of non-entities who only judge you by your skin colour. What Diddy has done is not different from what a lot you have been doing. He may sound unintelligent but he makes a lot of sense.

  178. 178
    LISTEN Says:

    Why is this moron still around? SHE HAS MORE EXPERIENCE THAN OBAMA the superstar. Obama hasn’t even been at his job over 200 days. WOW, it kills me how every idiot is jumping on the Obama train. Paint him white and no one would vote for him!

  179. 179
    idiots. Says:

    Hey Mimi why does everyone keep making this a black and white thing? Oh right….that’s why everyones voting for Obama the inexperience man of the hour. People are voting for him b/c he is black…..I HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT BY BLACK PEOPLE! Don’t say white people don’t want him…. JUST AS MANY WHITES ARE VOTING FOR HIM AS BLACKS.

  180. 180
    Wow Says:

    I’m black and Diddy be getting on my nerves so whateva. As for Obama. I don’t think he’s ready to run the country but I am voting for him cuz I feels a brother does need to get in the house.

  181. 181
    raye Says:

    this is a great land i live in…. oh yeah jj you suck!

  182. 182
    black man who isn't Puff Says:

    Puff Daddy AKA PUFF AKA Diddy AKA SEAN JOHN…….you suck at “rapping”, your ugly, you speak like you came out the gutter, your just a low life who got lucky with money. You make the rest of us black people in America look like IDIOTS. SHUT UP. LET people vote for who they want to. The more people SHOVE OBAMA down peoples throat the more people are going to walk about. Damn.

  183. 183
    Mandy30 Says:

    he is such an idiot and he’s only voting for Obama because he is black
    why not look at the issues and there are people of color in alaska

  184. 184
    Sherman Says:

    Puff= Idiot. Boy we have a lot to look forward too!

  185. 185
    just me Says:

    Folks politis is like a strange bedfellow,people always make comments without knowing or checking all the facts.p sayshe does’nt know any blacks in or from alaska,the pop.of alaska is approx 600,000 of which about 20,000 are black.Now what would he have said if mccain had picked a running mate from wyoming,where the stae pop. is smaller & less blacks.Before reading everybodys blogs, i had just read where P is complaining about fuel prices cause he can’t fly in his private jet & now has to fly commercial airlines,hey we all got our problems.I’m not one thats into politics,cause what i’ve seen in my last 40 yrs its all bogus everybody promises but how often do they come threw

  186. 186
    Danielle Says:

    what the hell? P. Diddy sounds like the biggest idiot. Honestly, he does. THESE STUPID CELEBRITIES ARE WHO ARE ENDORSING OBABMA. vote for mccain!

  187. 187
    sarah Says:

    the only reason why your saying **** about MCcain is b/c you LOVE OBAMA b/c he’s black to and you think he’s gonna do so much for this country he isn’t gonna do **** ! Obama makes all these promises BLAH BLAH BLAH he just runngin so he can be the first Black President .. blah blah GO MCcAIN !!!!!!!!!!!

  188. 188
    stella Says:

    this stupid idiot. stop using race fot everything you idiot. she is running for VP. We have Obama with no experience running for president why dont you talk about that. But no hes black so its all ok you ignorent fool.

  189. 189
    sarah Says:

    FU ! tia :)

  190. 190
    Phil McCrevice Says:

    Another uneducated black man doing nothing but embarassing his race. If I was black, I would be furious at that moron.

    Unfortunately, the black youth idolizes that ghetto trash piece of garbage.

    I’ll be voting for McCain so I don’t have to watch “Diddy” become Obama’s Chief of Staff.

  191. 191
    567 Says:

    why the hellllll does it matter if there are black people in alaska?????? wow. what an idiot. all diddy is doing is making people hate him more.

    and of course there are black people in alaska.

  192. 192
    Ben Dover Says:

    Diddy is a racist.

  193. 193
    Ceilidh Says:

    I find it ather ironic that a man who is so militant about the race issue has spouted this racist rant. Then again Diddy isn’t exactly renowned for his brains. McCain picked who he thought was the best for the job, and Diddy is giving Obama supporters a bad name. I’m not American and don’t quite understand the system (there’s only so much you learn from The Daily Show repeats) but I know that Diddy’s rant is the epitome of stupidity.

  194. 194
    latasha Says:

    I’m black and from Alaska. Although I am an Obama supporter, Diddy or whatever your name is, you give us blacks a bad name. STFU!!

  195. 195
    Helen Says:

    Wow. This Alaska bashing is amazing. If the VP had been Governor of Vermont, Wyoming, or North Dakota nobody would be complaining. Yet Alaska has a greater population than any of them. And Alaska has only around 180k less people than Joe Biden’s state of Delaware. Alaska has the 32nd largest budget in the US, greater than many countries in the world.

    Sarah Palin, although in office for less than 2 years has an 88% approval rating here. Unlike Obama, Biden, or even McCain, she has experience running a department of education, law enforcement, delivery of health care, and balancing a very large state budget. She’s the only person on either ticket with executive experience. The 3 senators have sat on various legislative committees (as has Sarah) but none have ever run a government, on any level, not even a city. And this talk about foreign policy experience, what is that? Lets not pretend. If you haven’t been President or Secretary of State, then you have no foreign policy experience. Ronald Reagan had no foreign policy experience and he is largely responsible for ending the cold war.

    Give her a chance to show who she is and what she’s about. Then vote your conscience. Don’t bash my state. And please don’t let this ignorant celebrity influence your decision.

  196. 196
    chloe Says:

    173 your a disgusting piece of scum low life racist. Im a white american and people like you make me embarassed to be a white american! i am SO shocked at what some of you are saying. you say ‘ohh black people always play the race card’.

    well FYI! alot of you caucasian people are playing the race card as well!!!!!

    My family, friends and every single person I know want to see Obama win…

    People who actually support mccain/palin and all their effed up views on what america needs are just as bad as all these disgusting racist…chances are…they ARE the disgusting racist

  197. 197
    Jersey Says:

    saral palin stands for everything i disagree with. shes anti gay, pro war, pro life(which is fine but if your a 11 your old girl who gets raped and falls pregnant, she expects you to have that child. she has no right to decide that)

    and what I also find interesting is that shes pro life…..yet shes all for the needless killing of animals, whether it be for her to wear a fur coiat of for her husband to hang in one of the many houses(they dont even know how many they have!)

    How anyone in their right mind could consider a vote for McCain and Palin I cant understand. Yes, Diddy is making himself sound like an ignorant fool…but now people are using that as a reason to not vote for Obama. Umm does Obama talk like that? Does he say stupid things like that? NO! and people saying he always plays the race card….wtf when has he EVER done that???? .

  198. 198
    Jersey Says:

    saral palin stands for everything i disagree with. shes anti gay, pro war, pro life(which is fine but if your a 11 your old girl who gets raped and falls pregnant, she expects you to have that child. she has no right to decide that)

    and what I also find interesting is that shes pro life…..yet shes all for the needless killing of animals, whether it be for her to wear a fur coiat of for her husband to hang in one of the many houses(they dont even know how many they have!)

    How anyone in their right mind could consider a vote for McCain and Palin I cant understand. Yes, Diddy is making himself sound like an ignorant fool…but now people are using that as a reason to not vote for Obama. Umm does Obama talk like that? Does he say stupid things like that? NO! and people saying he always plays the race card….wtf when has he EVER done that???? .

  199. 199
    Kenzie Says:

    201-go throw yourself off a bridge. I just moved here with my family from Australia a few years ago(im a white australian for thoose of you who feel the need to know) and I am DISGUSTED by the racism I have seen here! My parents are thinking of moving the family back to auzzie because we cant believe how ignorant some of you are. I cant imagine being black, or any minority for that matter and having to deal with all the crap you are all saying

    How can you judge someone for the colour of their skin when they have no control over that!!! I mean seriously, I dont understand how some of you can look at a black person and think all these horrible things when they cant change the fact that their black. seems like a cheap way to hate someone.

    So I hope all you americans are proud, your the most hated country in the world and yet you dont seem to care. Congratulations.

  200. 200
    tom c Says:

    There are “Black people” in Alaska.
    But why does that matter???
    Diddy is sounding really ridiculous.

  201. 201
    jess Says:

    PDiddy is an idiot

  202. 202
    fliprose Says:

    oh my gosh….he’s such an idiot i live in anchorage, ak and let me tell you there is a large african american population as well as other minorities here. in fact white people dont rule anchorage the minorities do!! i just i can’t help but think what an idiot DIDDY is~!

  203. 203
    jill Says:


  204. 204
    1arcticfox Says:

    Before I rant or spout off…..I do research and look at the facts first. CLEARLY…… did not do that, Diddy.

    As a 42 year resident of Alaska, and a person having worked against crime/gangs in Anchorage in the past, I ca tell you that you clearly do NOT know what you are talking about, I’m sad tto say. I wish we didn’t but we DO have crackheads here.

    As for not having black people here, I suggest you call the pastor at Shiloh Baptist church and tell that to him. I think the black people up here would be quite perlexed and some very offended by your statements.

    As for our Governer, Sarah Palin, she is highly admired here for her actions to get rid of state corruption…..and I am one of those admirers…..and I am not even Republican and will probably vote for Obama.

    But don’t make the mistake of counting her out. She is one savvy, competant, intelligent, driven, hard–working, charasmatic, tough cookie….with the brains to learn foreign policy in 3 weeks!

    So come on up to Alaska, Diddy and I’ll be happy to be your “tour guide” and give you the education you should have had….BEFORE you ranted about something you know nothing about. Education is knowledge and…..knowledge is power!

  205. 205
    yaya Says:

    ok diddys ranting was pretty funny to me. he a lil crazy but i have to agree. im sry but in my opinion i think that mccain thinks that us americans are some ignorant fools. i dont doubt that he picked a female to be vp just cause he wants all of the voters who supported
    clinton. i mean in a way it was a smart move but also in a way he ‘s basically calling us stupid without actually saying it. im a female and i think it would be nice to have a female leader. but mccain is just using her to get votes and i dont think he really cares about the issues. i mean this man agrees almost 90% of the time with bush i mean wtf. i dont want another dumb*** in presidence (excuse my language). i dont think people want a female vp that badly to be dumb enough to vote for mccain. IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE. BARACK OMBAMA 08!!!

  206. 206
    ugh Says:

    Why would anyone seriously want to vote for Palin? An anti-feminist, anti-abortion,oil-drilling tyrant. Abortion should be a PERSONAL decision, an OPTION. And what woman would seriously consider her as a VP. or President for that matter? This is so sad.

  207. 207
    Gigi Says:

    You know I am just so blown away by the reaction of the democrats on this pick, so much hate, its unbelievable. The animosity is astonishing, if your candidate is so great and wonderful for the country, then no worries, just vote and relax, who else was McCain supposed to choose?, someone who is everything that conservatives are not? That’s why there is an other side,,,We believe what we believe because it is our right, just as it is yours, RESPECT is lost in this country , there is no diversity of opinion. I f Obama gets elected i won’t freak out, although he is EVERYTHING I am against, I kind of want to see him put all of his promises into practice AND I want to see history …just VOTE!!

  208. 208
    jg Says:

    He’s right that McCain made a dumb choice. But why did he have to say crackheads? That’s just stereotyping right there on his own race. He didn’t have to bring that up, it just makes him look foolish. Anyway Vote Obama! This lady is a pro-gun anti women’s rights. If McCain thought by having her on his ticket he would get HIlary’s voters, think again, this woman is the exact opposite of what Hilary stood for. Does McCain really think that we are that stupid? I’m insulted.

  209. 209
    twpumpkin Says:

    Diddy is an idiot! John McCain has more class in his little finger then Diddy has in his whole body. Sorry Diddy money does not buy you class. I wish all these celebrities would shut the *** up!.

  210. 210
    cathy Says:

    mimi @ 08/31/2008 at 1:50 pm

    you are more than right; diddy is definetly not intelligent. but boy am i glad he supports obama. with people like that i’m sure the democrats will got far; very far away from us in alaska. i never thought i would be grateful to have canada -the second largest nation in the world- to be standing between me and the lower 49. you democrats do know where canada is right???

  211. 211
    LYNN Says:

    Proof that Blacks are an angry race, why the hell would we want OBAMA running our country!!! Crime would go up, and he would put money into the welfare system for HIS PEOPLE!!!!!!

  212. 212
    Marieme Says:

    As ineloquent as always that Diddy. But I understand his anger. I am so offended that as much as McCain claims to want to protect America this is the best he can offer in terms of a running mate! He made a politcal gamble and it will cost him in November. Fool.

  213. 213
    Razorback Says:

    As an African American male and a former Clinton now Obama supporter, he sounds so ******* stupid it’s sad to watch. This is the problem with this country. He is no different than people who say Obama shouldn’t be president because he is black. His whole arguement doesn’t make any since at all. Using black people and crackheads in the same post is sad and just shameful. It’s his community (the hip hop community) that’s casting a black cloud on us every freaking day. Just shut the F UP.

  214. 214
    Ren Says:



  215. 215
    wtfareyouthinking Says:



  216. 216
    Emil Says:

    Riddy, littie, mitty, ****** lil ditty

  217. 217
    janelle Says:

    To many idiots on this thread.
    Get it straight, Obama is a black man raised by a white woman. Quit with the black and white issue. He is a human being!!
    If you think Obama is soo inexperianced, well McCain just picked Palin as his running mate who has less experiance than Obama. George W has eight years of experiance and he hasn’t done crap for the US. Go figure.

    Yes we can!

    And as for Diddy… he’s and idiot too.

  218. 218
    Jim treacher Says:

    Diddy’s just waiting for McCain to die so he can stand on somebody’s gravestone besides Biggie’s.

  219. 219
    tarly!!!♥ Says:


  220. 220
    tarly!!!♥ Says:

    CHUCKY1 @ 08/31/2008 at 5:16 pm

    He is wrong there are 3

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    you sir/mam are a perv who has no common sense… good day

  221. 221
    Lynnie Says:

    I could not agree with Diddy more! I understand the point he is trying to make, despite his grammer. We ARE talking about a man that is 72 years old! What IF something were to happen to him? Ms. Palin is NOT ready to run the free world if something were to happen to John McCain, if he were to become President. I am a woman and I am all for a woman President. I believe women can do anything a man can do, sometimes MORE than a man can do, but Ms. Palin is not the woman to run this nation, if needed. Why, it’s simple, LACK OF EXPERIENCE! What kind of experience could she possibly have about ANYTHING living in Alaska? From what I can tell, she has never even had to deal with anything in the real world! I mean, what is the worst thing to happen in Alaska? From what I hear, she did have a real life experience concerning her 16 year daughter being pregnant. How did she handle that? She supposedly lied and is passing off her Grandson as her own! Let’s hope that is not true, because if it is and she ends up running our country? Come on, she can’t even face reality when it comes to her own children, how in the world will she run a country or even HELP run a country?! That alone should tell us all what kind of person she is and her lack of experience and her poor choices in a real life crisis. If that IS true and McCain wins the election (GOD FORBID) and she gets in the White House, we are all in BIG BIG trouble. We at least need someone in that can handle a real life situation without lying and covering it up! If this is all true, does anyone really think that John McCain did not know all of this before he chose her as his running mate? You bet he did and he chose her for all the WRONG reasons! He knows he is in a sinking ship and is grasping for the female votes. Boy, did HE SCREW UP! Our country deserves the BEST person for this job and that is OBAMA!

  222. 222
    Brr Says:

    domenic @ 08/31/2008 at 4:03 am wrote:

    “That’s probably why Alaska has a low crime rate. ”

    Maybe it’s because of their high suicide rate.

    Oh and shut up, Diddy.

  223. 223
    diddyisanembarrassment Says:

    Diddy is a complete embarrassment….please don’t go to Alaska Diddy…stay where you are and continue to spend tons of money on stupid reality shows. Don’t send the money to help the poor or do something productive with it…just continue to put down people who don’t agree with your point of view…believe me “Diddy”…you might make your mom proud but you’re pretty much an embarrassment to everyone else.

  224. 224
    TYE Says:

    1) Diddy there ARE black people in Alaska
    2) What does that have to do with anything??
    3) “There aren’t no black people” = double-negative.. therefore you are saying there ARE black people
    4) Just shut the *** up… you are stuck up, and you don’t know how to manage a record label properly.. Danity Kane, Cassie, and Day26 all need to leave you!

  225. 225
    P Says:

    you’re all retarded…while Diddy’s comment is far from “grammatically correct” he makes a correct assumption about the republicans’ vice presidential choice in that she knows NOTHING nor has any prior history in dealing with the needs and concerns of the inner city Americans that have already been denied if not forgotten by the white house FOR YEARS.

    …go ahead Diddy, say what’s on your mind bruh!

  226. 226
    P Says:

    you’re all retarded…while Diddy’s comment is far from “grammatically correct” he makes a correct assumption about the republicans’ vice presidential choice in that she knows NOTHING nor has any prior history in dealing with the needs and concerns of the inner city Americans that have already been denied if not forgotten by the white house FOR YEARS.

    …go ahead Diddy, say what’s on your mind bruh!

  227. 227
    theresa Says:

    mimi @ 08/31/2008 at 1:50 pm
    the problem is that he’s just one more celebrity democrat who doesn’t know what he’s talking about; only this time he opened his mouth about alaska without knowing the facts. his statement “i don’t know if there are any blacks in alaska” please!! i’m sure this was stated elsewhere but it should be repeated: the population of alaska as of 2006 was approx 670, 053. whites make up 70.9 %, blacks 3.7%, native alaskan/american indian 15.4% and hispanic/latino 5.6%

    but hey, mimi, i have an idea. people like me will stop harping on the idiotic rants of diddy etc if you democrats in the lower 49 states promise to leave the state of alaska alone. leave us to own devices. stop telling us what we can and cannot do in our own state permanently.

  228. 228
    dolby Says:

    typicall black person who sees every situatiion in life through the goggles of race,and then tries there best to some how turn into racism,thank the liberals for this and expect it to get worse if obama wins,this country is turning into a disgrace.

  229. 229
    Lyn Says:

    Mccain just want to win and he has sold his soul to the devil for money to run his campaign. He certainly did not look comfortable with his choice. I think they said he only met her one time and his aids went to talk to her. Mccain talked to her for the first on the phone and offered her the Vice President position. Diddy is saying Man it is more serious than just pulling a name out of a hat. There are enougn intellignt Republican women he could have called that would be ready to step into that office a the drop of a pen, and I know you republican know that is right. I dont think he knows this person at all. I dont think they are concerned with what need to be done for this country and has no ideas on how to fix it. PDiddy might not have said it like most of us would say it , but people are scrathing their heads thinking what was he thinking. We all would like to see a woman in the white House, .but this person has no personality. I could not listen to her for very long because she was whinning and had this high pitch voice like a very young uneducated girl .

  230. 230
    Kelly Says:

    This guy is an idiot. He’s such an embarassment to himself.

  231. 231
    CH Says:

    Diddy – get over yourself. Why should any of us care what you feel about anything to do with running the country?

    Jared – enough of this. We know who you are voting for but I don’t think anyone of us are here to listen to it and have it shoved down our throats.

  232. 232
    Lyn Says:

    You people talking about P diddy have lost his mind. I dont care if P diddy lose his mind but we cant not afford for John Mccain to have lost his mind. He is acting like he had a gun held to his head when he was picking the woman. When she was talking he was standing back and seem to be saying what did I just do? Even Cindy McCain seem to have been caught off guard. You can make it about P diddy if you want to, but it is more serious than that. Diddy going to be fine regardless of who is running the white. Mccain you are buggi the F**k out of me. LOL

  233. 233
    stephen Says:

    Its a shame that our youth actually look up to such a vagrant, illiterate individual. Just listen at how he talks. No Crackheads in Alaska? No Black People? Lack of education is all this guy is displaying.

    Is having no Crackheads a bad thing? You’ve got to be kidding me. This is coming from the same guy who refers to women as b*tches, sl*ts, and wh*res in his speeches with beats behind them. The same guy who glamorizes killing people and doing drugs. Yeah, nice. Let’s take advice from this guy.

    A shame our media actually feeds off of such ignorance as this. Turn him off.

  234. 234
    Rodi Says:

    This sounds just as stupid as his Vote or DIE! CRAP

  235. 235
    Lyn Says:

    She was the Mayor of 9,000 People and how many people is she governor of. I think a bunch of us need to take a trip to Alaska and see for ourselves. I think he said there are no blacks in Alaska and there are not crakheads meaning if you have not come in contact with either one that much you have no idea whats in store for you. We have crakheads all over the country.

  236. 236
    Gail Says:

    I just love all of these comments…she has no experience? Do not go that way…Obama was a senator for 143 days before he announced his presidency, She runs a state, a governor has more hands on, practical experience than a lawyer. Cause that is what he’s been. I’ll admit, he’s got the rhetoric, but asjk him a one-on one question, he is very halting, take a look and see. She is at the bottom of the ticket and Obama is at the top of your ticket, don’t get it twisted and don’t go there!! She can do it all, you got this girl

  237. 237
    Diddy Republican Says:

    Diddy is probably a republican at heart. He probably wanted John McCain to pick someone that represents everyone in the republican world. Last week he was complaining about fuel for is jet so you know if those tax cuts become permanent it would be great in his tax bracket and he could stop using JetBlue!

  238. 238
    Hun03984 Says:

    Although not said correctly, I feel that what Combs is trying to say is that McCain was being irresponsible when deciding to chose his running mate. Reason being is mainly because of her lack of experience. The woman was Gov. of Alaska…. Come on…. What kind of real life issues does she actually face by being the Gov of Alaska?… I mean… The northern part of Alaska goes months at a time without any daylight…. I think what Combs was saying was that Alaska has very little in common with the other states in the country. An McCain has hand picked our potential future leader from this state… He is Truly an Idiot!!!! Go Obama!!!!!

  239. 239
    LYNN Says:

    You sound like an idiot yourself Hun03984. How in the world did you get all that out of his illiterate ranting? One more Obama Fanatic(NOBAMA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. 240
    LAdyDelish Says:

    Diddy is a dumbass

  241. 241
    emily Says:

    This decision to choose Sarah Palin is very irrational indeed. This is proof that he cannot be trusted to make decisions that could affect the american people. This is indeed a poor gamble.

  242. 242
    emily Says:

    This decision to choose Sarah Palin is very irrational indeed. This is proof that he cannot be trusted to make decisions that could affect the american people. This is indeed a poor gamble.

  243. 243
    A Voter Says:

    I really don’t understand why anyone would vote republican this year its like passing a failing student to go the next grade when based on their school record they should be left back! Republicans know how to run an election but they don not know how to run government!

  244. 244
    emily Says:

    A Voter @ 08/31/2008 at 8:56 pm
    Because people are dumb. They are the first to complain when there is a war or the economy is going bad but continue to vote for republicans who brought us here in the first place.

  245. 245
    sara Says:

    #6 – you’re extemely right. P. Diddy does not have the right to criticize McCain’ choice of a running mate. Just because Obama is black does not mean that he’s a good candidate for president. What has Obama got to offer to the Americans? He’s not even a hero. P Diddy is just showing that he’s a racist person. He should know that by commenting re the running mate of McCain some voters would no longer vote for Obama because race is becoming an issue. And it is very dangerous if Obama wins, the black people headed by Diddy would become very abusive.

  246. 246
    Original shar Says:

    He’s a moron!!!

  247. 247
    caitlin Says:

    diddy is being so f ing stupid right now
    he just needs to stay out of politics
    wow hes so disrespectful too!

  248. 248
    jen Says:

    I’m white n I agree with him…ALASKA??? Where the hell is that??? I didnt know people lived there!! LOL jk jk..,but really, only about 10,000 people live there , she doesn’t have much experience and the only reason he picked her was to get the womens vote ( which was smart for his campaign but wrong) anyway bush has made living in America for thepast 8 years a living hell…MCcain has the same exact mentality as bush so I’m ready for obama……n if ur 18 years old, please vote!!!!!! N don’t just listen to what ur parents think, actually listen to what they have to say

  249. 249
    William Says:

    SO what how he said it he is right
    come on like mccain is old like really old and god forbid he die
    we going to have a soccer mom as our president
    i’m sorry but that was not smart {{at all}}
    would you want your mother to be president??
    so what if he said it kind of well you know
    he is right!!

  250. 250
    SLC Says:

    So many people sound so stupid.. I can’t believe it. I am a Eskimo BORN and RAISED in Alaska but I took the time to READ about the Lower 48′s and SAVE money and take a SHORT plane trip TO the lower 48′s to EDUCATE MYSELF. Instead of talking **** about Alaska like we are some far off planet, why dont you GOOGLE it and see for yourself that we are right here.. doing the same **** you are. INFACT we are better off w/ our gas pipe line… we get money just for LIVING HERE. Nothing he (diddy) says in his vid is valid. ” would you leave your kids with her, no blacks in alaska, she is a heart beat away”.. SHUT THE **** UP. and I call more bullshit. ” government name” No your MOM GAVE YOU THAT NAME!

  251. 251
    chanty525 Says:

    what i think diddy is tryin to say is that we really don’t know anything about her and that he should have pick someone here in the USA…that knows what the fellow americans needs are and who is going to here as well as give great view points that will help Mr. Mc Cain view points stand out…..If some of you have notice that there are alot of minorities out there who isn’t really feeling him right now… and all diddy was trying to say was why would he pick her out of all the educated females here in america This is really our first time hearing aswell as seeing her remember if you trying to win votes you have to give the people what they need….someone who can give us what we want….I just pray that who ever becomes president they dont do a weak ass job as Bush did

  252. 252
    yallia Says:

    there is a huge multicultural population there… including Mixed Race of 4.9% like OBAMA. 3.7% black, 15% Native American & Alaskan, Hispanic etc. Get facts Diddy. I will celebrate when the first african american becomes prez but let’s not force Obama in just because he is half. Weird uprising over this. It’s like Halle Berry (mixed race) and all the drama about her oscar.. it’s just not authentic. Does diddy really think he is inspiring young people like us? or mixed race like us? he just comes off as reverse racist and self-serving attention seeker.

  253. 253
    chanty525 Says:

    what i think diddy is tryin to say is that we really don’t know anything about her and that he should have pick someone here in the USA…that knows what the fellow americans needs are and who is going to hear as well as give great view points that will help Mr. Mc Cain view points stand out…..If some of you have notice that there are alot of minorities out there who isn’t really feeling him right now… and all diddy was trying to say was why would he pick her out of all the educated females here in america This is really our first time hearing aswell as seeing her remember if you trying to win votes you have to give the people what they need….someone who can give us what we want….I just pray that who ever becomes president they dont do a weak ass job as Bush did

  254. 254
    I_hate_diddy Says:

    diddy is an unintelligent prick. why is that black people are the first to go around accusing everyone of being racist? he is the true racist….”no black people in Alaska”?!?! what a effin a** hole!

  255. 255
    Niki Says:

    Wow, what an idiot. Give a man a billion dollars for making horrible music and he thinks he has a right to talk out of his A$$ on a soap box promoted online. What does RACE have to do with any of this. A women is running as vice president, is this a threat PUFFY? I suppose if Oprah run, that would be ok? I am so sick of this race card BS. We are all human beings, good – bad – black – yellow – white – brown, and all those shades in between. A bad politician is a bad politician, and a bad musician is the SAME……and Puffy…..retire, there are no WHITE PEOPLE in your WORLD…

  256. 256
    Umber Says:

    Nikki you ROCk girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to say it!!! :)

  257. 257
    rachellelala Says:

    he sure sounds uneducated to me

  258. 258
    GERRI Says:

    Wow. Diddy is an ignorant piece of crap, no wonder he supports Obama. Having lived in Alaska for many years I can assure you there are black people. Most of them are there because of the military bases but hey, black people live there nonetheless. Palin has done WONDERS for that state and I laugh every time some bleeding-heart liberal douche underestimates her. Wait and see what she brings to the table.

  259. 259
    thabo Says:

    LOL …. DIDDY, TITI, PUFF DUMMY, stick to you guns, that is music, i will take your comments as a publicity stunt!! you are such a drama qween!!

  260. 260
    Busy Girl Says:

    He makes perfect since, even if I cant really understand him. What he’s saying is McCain picked a women so not ready, so inexperienced and ill prepared for a seat like this it blew his mind. All you have to do is look at her credentials to see that, if McCain died for any reason god forbid, we would leave this women in charge of a huge messy war and I’m sure she would have no clue to handle, an economy that’s in the toilet and a whole other slew of problems. So yea P.Diddy did sound like and idiot the way he said it but he did have a point.

  261. 261
    team shiloh Says:

    Who cares what that idiot no talent thinks. He should sample someone else’s words when he speaks. I doubt he’s ever been to Alaska. How many illegitimate kids does he have. Why doesn’t he shut his fat mouth and stop making ******* children while he’s at it?

  262. 262
    Tameka Says:

    This is why Obama shouldn’t be president. People like diddy will be coming forward and whine about black people. It’s not change that they are looking for. It’s who wins, black or white. Who cares?? As long as they do what’s best for the country. They’re not supporting Obama because of the possibilities for the country. They’re supporting him because he’s black. Has he even been in Alaska? Does he even know where it is? Probably not. Enough said..

  263. 263
    just saying Says:

    Barack is bi-racial. His black father abandoned the family. His mother is white! He was raised by his WHITE grandparents. He’s white on the inside no matter how hard he tries not to be.

  264. 264
    mimi Says:

    stella @ 08/31/2008 at 2:29 pm
    You’re the ignorant one and i’m sure you’ve never been anywhere outside the USA. You are also blinded by your prejuice to see anything beyond your own colour or race. It’s no use trying to educate people like you because you are hard core racists as many of you commenting here shows.

  265. 265
    mimi Says:

    I would also like to add this, I will not be surprised if Obama looses in November not because he is not the best candidate but because a lot of you on that day will vote for the white man. You will rather have a white man as President who will do a bad job than have a black man as your president. That is a fact.

  266. 266
    A Voter Says:

    I don’t think it makes sense to bring down Obama just because Diddy’s rant. Diddy does not represent black people or Obama or democrats. If anything he is probably fiscally republican because of his net worth.

    Umber what did you mean by that tropical statement???
    Why do I get the feeling that you were conceived out of incest…

  267. 267
    sam Says:

    God forbid Biden dies then what would Obama do, ah I forget Obama’s the actual Presidential nominee not the Vice Presidential pick, “O’ well there goes stupid Diddy Biddy what this rappers name is, argument.

  268. 268
    anti1clint Says:

    This just shows that Diddy is uneducated and doesn’t like white people! It’s a shame….Here we are in 2008 and he’s throwing out F-bombs and slamming a woman who works hard for her state and we all know its because she’s white and a woman. Shame on you Diddy! Your mama should beat your butt for yournegative and rude comments!

  269. 269
    blah Says:

    **** diddy

  270. 270
    blah Says:

    diddy is an unknowledgeable coon

  271. 271
    K Says:

    Diddy should educate himself before he speaks!
    What a loser!

  272. 272
    chop Says:

    I’m black, lived in AK for 7 yrs (military). Yes, the two major cities do have blacks & other minorities, but overall AK is not as diverse as most states. People are getting hung up on the presentation instead of the message. Obama was so unqualified according to the GOP, then they go out and get Palin someone who is definitely less qualified than Obama and is from a place that is not in tune with the majority of the United States. I see why America is so fucked you idiots need to get out and visit some foreign countries hell some other states other than the small bubble you’re living in you ******* have been brainwashed by the GOP.

  273. 273
    Lucky Lizzie Says:

    Hey Lynnie, if you want to spread dirt about Governor Palin (#224), search the Internet until you find some piece of trash that hasn’t already been shot down. Bye the way, genius, it’s “grammar.”

  274. 274
    sue Says:

    OMG! How embarrassing …….He sounds just like the other rapper Kayne somebody. Please , if you can’t rant properly in your Native language, just STFU!

  275. 275
    steph Says:

    oh dear. there are no words to describe diddy. he just made the democratic party look like morons, and we’re not!
    i do agree that palin wasnt a good choice – i honestly dont completely trust her. i dont understand why mccain picked her no matter what he claims – he had only met her once & she is very young & inexperienced – he’s been critisizing obama for that reason so it’s basically like he’s contradicting himself now.

    obama/biden has my vote.

  276. 276
    Amanda Says:

    This is why celebrities should stay out of politics–THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT! Diddy is such an idiot…ok, instead of just priding himself an Obama supporter only because Obama is black is just plain idiotic…now he’s taking it a step further by going against Sarah Palin because she is from Alaska. He has nothing to say about the subject because he doesn’t know the issues!! He’s an idiotic celebrity who has a handler, a manager, people surrounding him day in and day out, telling him what and how to think. Does he know the issues? Probably not. Diddy, pull your head out of your ass and take a step into the real world. Stop making these stupid f****** YouTube videos and get some common sense.

  277. 277
    Amanda Says:

    P.S. If Diddy had done is research, he’d realize that Sarah Palin has ten times more experience than his precious Obama.

    MCCAIN/PALIN ’08!!!!!!!

  278. 278
    Umber Says:

    STFU Crazy Jungle Fever, Sucks at Rapping, Baby-making ignorant Black idiot!!!! Go back to Africa if you want Black Folk!!!!

  279. 279
    Vshizzle Says:

    Moron….he is a moron – Just looking at him makes me want to hurl….he can’t even keep his pants on and disrespects the mother of his children…he has nothing I want and I don’t want to hear anything he has to say about politics. He is A RACIST…Yes A racist.

  280. 280
    Vshizzle Says:

    Umber, if he went back to Africa, he would be killed in no time…especially in the DRC…they kill men and rape their women…and leave them for dead. I say DIDDY GO THERE YA MORON! Ugh I am so sick of the BS.

  281. 281
    A Voter Says:

    DUmber @ 09/01/2008 at 11:47 am STFU Crazy Jungle Fever, Sucks at Rapping, Baby-making ignorant Black idiot!!!! Go back to Africa if you want Black Folk!!!!

    Just by the way you worded that I can tell your from the south probably in a trailer on a lot in bed with your sister eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches all day. Why are so angry and why are you hiding? You should voice your opinion publically instead hiding your self in the trailer being angry at the world. Mess around your family tree may have had a person of color. Hope you have a fatal heart attack when you find out.

  282. 282
    mike Says:

    So…diddy knows what it takes to be a VP now. A state must now have a lot of drug and crime problems for a govenor to be VP eligible.

    And what is all this talk of “black” policies.

    I see that racism is alive and well in the black community…unless diddy isn’t speaking for the black community.

    We live in a great nation where anyone may have the chance to become President as evidenced by the current election. Progress and freedom are, however, being threatened when we let people like diddy speak out loud.

    Racism and seperatism are no good…even in the black community.

  283. 283
    Temi Says:

    ok so all that talk about no black pple in alaska was pure sarcasm. get ur sense of humor back pple

  284. 284
    amerie Says:

    My name is Amerie, I am an African American R&B artist from Anchorage, Ak. You can view my lates video on the my website. I am not sure what P.Diddy is talking about in this video.

    Quick take: R&B’s hottest new voice – and face – has Anchorage roots.

    Sounds like: Modern R&B diva on the rise.

    Bio: A crossover star of stage (she has two major-label releases on Sony Urban Music) and film (she co-stared with Katie Holmes in the major motion picture “First Daughter”), the world knows her as Amerie. A handful of Alaskans know her as Amerie Rogers, a singer who performed at local talent competitions and spent her high school years at Bartlett High — her father was stationed at Fort Richardson in the early ’90s. After graduation, Amerie moved to Washington, D.C. to attend Georgetown University and take her shot at stardom. Since, she’s become one of R&B’s biggest new stars.

    Discography: “Touch,” 2005; “All I Have,” 2002.

    Web site:

  285. 285
    soiram Says:



    So that’s why he goes by this name.

  286. 286
    Shey Says:

    Wow, thanks diddy, I’m moving to Alaska!!

  287. 287
    jolielove~ Says:

    diddy~~what a f–kin idiot!!

  288. 288
    kayla Says:

    i hope john mccain wins,, so pdiddy will shut the **** up!! he gets on my nerves!! who cares what you have to say.. i dont! he only likes obama cause he is black!! thats so stupid!! i hate you pdiddy!! your an idiot!! you need to learn your facts before you get on here and start talking trash!! stupid ass!

  289. 289
    Teri Says:

    I with you Shey, sounds like Paradise, no B:lacks, Crime, Crackheads, and it’s one of our beautful Scenic States!!!!!
    Umber, you crack me up, but good point! If he wants Black people, then go back to Africa!!!

  290. 290
    Angelina Says:

    Mr. Combs used to be the it man of his industry and always dressed to the T. Now he is a ranting and raving lunatic who taste in fashion are extremely questionable. Sean? What has happened to you? Are the next celebrity to go off the deep end? Or is this the only publicity you can get anymore?

  291. 291
    carrienae Says:

    Diddy is as ignorant as other racists. STFU, Diddy… and just enjoy your millions!!!!

  292. 292
    newdawn72 Says:

    Oh please, Diddy, is worthless, never married the woman of his children, and knows what about anything? He is the example of what for American youth and black youths in particular. Just shut up and do what you do best, party with every white chick that you can.

  293. 293
    thetruth Says:

    did he compare black people to crack heads? was he high?
    remember, this guy makes millions talking about who’s got the best car, the best house dealing with drugs,treating women like hoes in his videos, but in the end his a fu**ing idiotTTTTTTTTTTTTTT peace Colmes huseein obama

  294. 294

    Diddy stupidly opened his mouth here bashing Sarah Palin and John McCain’s judgment. What experience does Obama have? None. He was elected into office for senator and quickly after, he started campaigning for president. He assumed his position there in January of ’05, and within a year or two started his presidential campaign. John McCain has had much more experience than a year or two. His running mate, Senator of Alaska has had more experience in office than Senator Obama. Palin assumed her position as senator in 2006 and until now has focused her thoughts elsewhere being McCain’s running mate. For Diddy to bring the racial card into this again is stupid, and what on earth does he know about the Alaskin population and how many black, whites, etc. there are there. What does it even matter? I’m sure he is for Obama because he is the same race as him, which is stupid. If you support Obama’s ideas or McCain’s that’s fine. That is the way people should be voting. They should not be choosing their president because of race, what does that matter? Age should not matter! The thought of the matter is what they will do for America. The issues that they focus on. This is not a popularity contest people!!!! Celebrity endorsements like this infuriate me. Just because they have their fans that worship them, they think that they can change their vote by doing something so stupid and ignorant like this. I hope you “Diddy” lovers will not listen to this guy, because he needs to do some more research before he opens his vulgar mouth. It disgusts me.

  295. 295
    Mike Says:

    Why even worry? Just vote for Obama!!

  296. 296
    Mike Says:

    Right on “P” you said it all!! You have a choice people. I hope it isn’t another four years of fainting at the gas pump!!

  297. 297
    buggin. Says:

    for all the people that actually agreed with diddy it just shows u are voting by the race of the person, he did not make sence he did not give one valid reason for why we should not vote for mccain ,besides bec “hes bugging the f out”.
    the only reasons that he is pissed about this whole situation is bec
    1.sara is not black
    2. there are no black ppl in alaska
    3.there are no crack heads in alaska
    4 and bec shes “one heart beat away” wtf does that mean anyways

    truth alaska is random but if u want ppl to listen and respect what ur saying dnt put up a blog like this.

    basically, Diddy just go home. maybe learn some normal english, and then maybe, MAYBE we will listen to what u have to say.


  298. 298
    buggin. Says:

    for all the people that actually agreed with diddy it just shows u are voting by the race of the person, he did not make sence he did not give one valid reason for why we should not vote for mccain ,besides bec “hes bugging the f out”.
    the only reasons that he is pissed about this whole situation is bec
    1.sara is not black
    2. there are no black ppl in alaska
    3.there are no crack heads in alaska
    4 and bec shes “one heart beat away” wtf does that mean anyways

    truth alaska is random but if u want ppl to listen and respect what ur saying dnt put up a blog like this.

    basically, Diddy just go home. maybe learn some normal english, and then maybe, MAYBE we will listen to what u have to say.


  299. 299
    buggin. Says:

    but i got to give him props for a rollin supper sweet sixteen for his son

  300. 300
    kayy Says:

    to amanda # 280 wooohoooo mccain 08 babayyy

  301. 301
    Marlee Says:

    I just watched Diddys ignorant speech about McCain, Palin and the presidential election. I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and am blown away by the racist and ignorant way that Diddy reacted to the decision that McCain made to have our governor VP if elected. For Diddy to ask “is there any black people in Alaska?” and “are there even any crack heads in Alaska? is just plain stupid. I thought that Diddy was someone who was aginst racism but I guess he sees it as a double standard. I hope that all Alaskans see this idiotic video that he made so he can see how many fans he lost from our beautifull northern state. Diddy is just a rich, stuck up mother ****** who thinks his word means something but is obviously mistaken. If he actualy did some research about the state of Alaska before making his speech then he would see the reality of his twisted viewpoint. NEWSFLASH FOR DIDDY: NO ONE GIVES TWO ***** WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT OUR GOVERMENT, EAT **** AND DIE, KARMA WILL BITE YOU IN THE ASS FOR YOUR RETARDED STATEMENTS!
    oh and by the way ‘ Candace’ (some other idiot that posed on page 2) says “who even cares about Alaska?” Are you ******* serious? No your just as ignorant as Diddy. I’ll tell you who cares about Alaska! How about the thousands of people (people that live all around the US) that work in Deadhorse, Alaska (A.K.A. The Slope) that get you the oil to run your car *****. Has everyone been eating paint chips or am I just crazy. ****! Go back to school.

  302. 302
    snoop Says:

    he’s right it’s like in france they put cops that are unemployed who grew up in the countryside, they ain’t know **** about what life is for us in the suburbs (french ghettos)

  303. 303
    Ellie Says:

    There may be no blacks in Alaska, but there are plenty of them where “you brothas come from.” Since no educated white man becoming president will satisfy you, might I suggest you go back to DRUMROLL PLEASE …

    Freakin’ AFRICA where you came from. You all can sling guns, knives, do drugs in the streets, let your kids be raised by dogs and no one will jail you – no white cops and no white judges. Just go run with the apes. You’ll be amongst family.

  304. 304
    HAHA Says:

    HAHA..Diddy is so smart. Sarah Palin doesn’t have the experience to lead this country? How about Obama? What experience does he have? Sitting on Congress for half a year gives him enough experience to run for President? Sarah Palin is just as qualified as Obama is, and she’s not running for the top spot.

    OMG Obama is black..I’m going to vote for him!~* Liberal Idiots.

  305. 305
    HAHA Says:

    Oh Yea.. and Obama doesn’t even identify with the”black people” Diddy is talking about. He had silver spoons pouring out of his ass for his entire life. He has a half-brother in Africa that lives on $12 a day? Does Obama care about that? No…because Obama only cares about what will get him elected. Everyone is blinded by the rhetoric of this Obama figure that is the so-called “Messiah.”

  306. 306
    Lauren is a dumbass Says:

    There’s no point to even really comment on Diddy. The guy’s last video was him bitching because he has to fly commercial now b/c it costs $200 ,000 roundtrip to fly from New York to LA. I have a question for Lauren though. Why does it matter that there aren’t many black people in Alaska?

  307. 307
    hairy beast Says:

    seriously, sean comb, p.diddy, diddy, puff daddy or whatever else you want to be called — take a chill pill. To disqualify Sarah Palin because you don’t think there’s black people in Alaska is simply preposterous. You have made the fact that you support Obama quite clear, one has to be deaf not to hear you repeating that statement. Forcing your electoral decision on others by making an uneducated racial statement like that is quite shameful and certainly not the platform of the Obama campaign. The US has already been plagued by slavery and racism for centuries, why take a step backwards to perpetuate that conflict by dismissing Palin because of her ethnic background. Or is it because she’s a woman? Great, another place that the US society can take a step backwards.

    Regardless of who you elect as your next president and vice president of United State — the pair’s experience and ability to properly manage and lead the nation is more crucial than skin color or gender orientation — because at the end of the day, the ability to lead and make defining decisions is not a derivative of race and/or gender.

  308. 308
    Angels Says:

    Some of us believe in Palin and her beliefs of a normal society. A country who stands behind president and Our Troops!!! We see were are country is with liberals,divorce rates, etc. Diddy brings race issues into play because he is a idiot, Period!!!! I think all the “Celebrities” need to shut up I dont care What they think!!!!

  309. 309
    lil Mo Says:

    that was so comical……diddy is buggin; i can feel his passion for saying that mccain made an improper choice in selecting his vp, but i think that he made a terrific choice because this will make all the people who were indecisive vote 4 Obama; mccain has always thrown up the experience card w/ Obama and now he picks someone w/ less experience than Obama (makes since, huh); if peeps think about it, this man is in his 70′s, if something happens to him, do we really want her (of all people) to be our president????COME ON PEOPLE, THINK RATIONALLY HERE! Diddy may have sound crazy w/ his ranting and raving, but if you look into Palin’s background, you can see why Diddy’s ranting and raving! Some of his points are a bit off, but he just want people to think about mccain’s decision……….

  310. 310
    Joe blevins Says:

    Would love a couple of rounds with you tough guy, Diddy the Sissy. Might be able to teach you some manners. Don’t know if you could learn, but the lessons would be free.

  311. 311
    Tre Says:

    His kind belong back in their Mother Land, there are plenty of illiterate primates running around in Africa!!!

  312. 312
    kkcc Says:

    it does make more sense watching the video rather than reading that. people should def watch before commenting.

  313. 313
    what.da.f**k Says:

    well, I believe that if he was trying to help obama with his vote that was the wrong way to do it. He made black people look really bad he could have done it in a more classy way!!


  314. 314
    YEA BABY Says:

    Diddy you are the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  315. 315
    luke Says:

    how old are you people who keep saying “watch the vlog before you comment”…? he makes himself look like a dumb thug with alot of money. why does he even care he is for obama and obama is going to win because all the dumb blanks who think diddy is saying something worth hearing are going to out vote us old cranky white folks. i have come to terms with the fact that this nation is about to get hairy. you think the gop has its boot up our rump? you aint seen big brother nad big government until the far left takes over. free food stamps, ss checks, and health care for everyone!!!!yayyyy

  316. 316
    sadboy Says:

    Not only in this rant silly, but those going out of their way to defend it make me really sad. If you cannot bring yourself to condemn this idiot, then there is no hope for America. There are some really well spoken liberal speakers who have serious points to make about class disparity. This moron and his association of “crack heads” and “Black people” in the same sentence angers me greatly. While some may still find fault with the current system and some will always see the boogie-man of racial inequality… the fact remains that the human conditions instinctually leans toward like-homogenous behavior. It takes real enlightenment to see past our own internal psychosis and reach across social, racial, and religious divides to ford ahead a true melting pot. While I feel there are sone significant barriers in this world, P. Diddy is part of the problem, not the solution.

  317. 317
    sarah Says:

    He sucks. He’s stupid. And who cares…talk about inexperience? Hello, Obama!!

  318. 318
    Nathan Says:

    You people make me ******* sick. Why is this an issue? He’s a producer. He as well as countless other artist in his genre have built and funded their empires by selling illegal drugs. And then, they are praised for it by god damn idiots like you. If this man’s opinion means anything to you you deserve the lies that you’ll vote for. Mccain served his time in the military and is a hero. I cant really say the same for Obama. Mccain had to witness his comrades die on a daily basis for 10 years in a Vietnamese death camp (or Hanoi Hilton). So go ahead and vote for the man with too many faces to count and just become another puppet. Just remember that the ones who allow bullshit like this to be aired and just follow the pack are always the loudest to cry. Great publicity stunt. You proved your point and just took your whole race down a few notches. No valid points were made, he has called a presidential candidate a, “Mother ******”, and made himself look like a failure as an american. I strongly advise all the targeted demographic when I say…dont look to a ex-con, an artist, or entertainer. They are regular people just like yourself. Find out the truth for yourself.

  319. 319
    Tammy Says:

    Lauren, you dumb *****. I happen to *LIVE* in Alaska, and I happen to see black people, and asian people for that matter everyday here. You along with P Diddly Dumbass should be shot for stupidity, get your facts straight. You make it sound like Alaska is another country it’s apart of the your own country you ****** ******.

  320. 320
    ayeeee, kid Says:

    uhhh. i live in alaska.

    and i am a crackhead. xDD.

    but yes, kids do drugs here and there’s this high school full of black kids.


    eat it, diddy.

  321. 321
    ladyalaska Says:

    I am of eastern Indian decent and I live here. And lauren clearly you are bold faced lying b/c here in Alaska there is a HUGE amount of eskimos, upiks, aleuts, athabaskans, Klinqits, and I could go on and on. Alaskan NATIVES. GOOD GOD we are not all white here. Jebus. Diddy sounds like an idiot,a spoiled, rich, tyrannical idiot. And as for the hippy tree huggers that are saying she is against animals and nature… let Alaska worry about ANWR and our business. It is none of anyone elses business what we do w/ our state to oh you know get people JOBS n such. We have more resources then you could possibly imagine. What she wants to do is like taking one pebble off of the beach to put thousands in work. Would you hang on to that pebble to let your kids starve? Right. Didn’t think so. K thnks.

  322. 322
    dREWBY1AK Says:

    No worries people because we all know that obama will not win because all the people that want to vote from him cant read therefore will not know how to vote for him. And McCain made a good chocie for VP but he is still a tool for the bankers of america. If you want to see a difference in this country Vote RON PAUL the only true American running for Pres and yes he is still in the running. Oh an another note check Obama’s background he is not an american citizen. Look it up

  323. 323
    Diva200 Says:

    Apparently, Diddy did not do any research before ranting like a fool. I do hope that he stops by to read this:

    Rank African American Percentage In Alaska cities:
    1. Anchorage 6%
    2. Fairbanks 11%
    3. Juneau 1%
    4. College 3%
    5. Sitka 0%
    6. Wasilla 1%
    7. Kenai 0%
    8. Ketchikan 1%
    9. Knik-Fairview 1%
    10. Palmer 2%

    Now I agree it’s not like the % in DC or NYC, but there are Blacks in Alaska P. Diddy (idiot). Yes I am a Black woman who detest idiotic ranting. I will not dare to elaborate on Delaware (Gov. Biden). But check the history Diddy. “READ” sometimes…it does the brain good.
    I don’t know much about Gov. Palin and will not speak about what I don’t know as you have done Diddy. One more thing, how would like for someone to refer to your Mom as you did to Gov. Palin? Alaska M/F?? You make too much $$ to be so ignorant. Get a brain….

  324. 324
    REALTALK Says:

    this is real ****
    the damn truth

  325. 325
    REALTALK Says:

    this is real ****
    the damn truth

  326. 326

    Wow. So what really matters to Obama supporters is “diversity,” aka race, aka black? Well, Limbaugh conservatives have their “dittohead” company… perhaps the world needs “diddyheads” too.

    Diddy for Alaska Governor!

    Hmmm, or maybe it’s 40 years of such “diversity” that have put us where we are as a society – handouts, crime, born victims and “not my problem.”

    Diddyheads – try focusing on character and actually ignoring color. Or is that an unachievable goal?

  327. 327
    cook Says:

    Are there any blacks in Alaska? I never hear anything about Alaska, what goes on there? I thought there was just snow and Eskimos, and polar bears there. I think Diddy has a good point so everyone else shut the f_ _ _ up!!!!

  328. 328
    marcellus Says:

    Man i’m majority black and i might say Diddy is a dumbass

    He has no right to judge mccain in an ordinary fashion.

    Dumbass, there are black people in alaska

  329. 329
    reba Says:

    I am black, all around conservative, and I do support the Mc Cain?Palin ticket. Hear me out Sean Combs. I am exhausted of the constant complaining of Black this and black that. Without white people, Obama will not be where he is today. Without white people discrimination will still be where it was. The Republican party was formed against slaving.
    The DNC is always treating blacks and minorities as invalids and victims. That’s why I am not a democrat. The democrats are rich too
    but most will rather hide their money than pay taxes. Biden gave only nine hundred dollars to charity out of over three hundred thousand dollars. Celebrities, hide their money and film their movies outside the country and yet whine about jobs leaving this country. Is there any son or daughter of a Celebrity in Iraq?

  330. 330
    bob Says:

    I stumbled upon this site after finding things about blacks throughout Alaska. Some help drill the oil to power Diddy’s jets, and work in the military to keep the skies safe, and watch out for Russians who are still an enemy (watch the news and you’ll learn about new Cuban missiles and new Siberian bases,) and finally, Sarah Palin has a half white/half black aide in her governor administration. I guess maybe the blacks in Alaska are too busy working for a living than to be smokin crack and watching Diddy rap videos.

  331. 331
    Big jay Says:

    My God Diddy. I used to respect you for your entrepreneurship. I am glad I saw and “really heard” you on your video. Is this a stragegy to get the youth out to vote, or is it just natural? Please say it a’int so.

  332. 332
    that one Says:

    We are all disappointed in you Diddy!!!!!!!!

  333. 333
    bob Says:

    Being a person that lives in a very multicultural area and having expoused the tenets of equality every day. Diddy the Alaskans probably do not like you either. You need to move there for a while. Then judge. Come back with some real evidence of the Alaskan people. No, I do not like Palin either, but would it be better if McCain chose you as the VP? Jealousy comes in many forms Diddy. Stop ranting about Alaska. It is a state like any other and deserves to send someone to the highest form of government as any other. So, let it be. Calm down and sing a song or something.

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