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Diddy to John McCain: There Aren't Even Any Black People in Alaska!

Diddy to John McCain: There Aren't Even Any Black People in Alaska!

Diddy, aka Sean Combs, is quite angry that Republican presidential nominee John McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. In his latest vlog, Diddy says:

John you are bugging the f— you. I don’t even understand what planet you’re on now. This is the job to be the leader of the free world. No disrespect, I love ya, I want you to live to 110, but what if, God forbid, you got a running mate, you become President. Alaska? ALASKA? ALASKA? ALASKA? Come on, man. I don’t even know if there are any black people in Alaska. John, come on. Sarah [Palin]? What in the hell? ALASKA? You’re bugging the f— out. Sarah Palin, you ain’t ready to be vice president. ALASKA MOTHERF—-ER? What is the reality in Alaska? There aren’t even any crackheads in Alaska. There aren’t no black people in Alaska.”

Check out the video below! What do you think of Diddy‘s rant??

Diddy to John McCain: ALASKA?????
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  • HAssan Juma

    clearly everyone here is whiite,
    white racist haters, diddys just saying his opinion if u disagree then just let it be

  • http://justjared MElissa

    seriously, why is race always an issue with him. He always seems to bring it up. He has no clue who she is so why is he bad mouthing her. This is rediculous. All these celebrities need to stop voicing there opion. I think its rediculous that if a celebrity speaks out about who there representing they get all this attention. They are no more important then any other person whos voting. Dont get me wrong i like diddy, but i think he needs to keep his thoughts to himself.

  • Equity Demanded

    Diddy is a racist! He’d vote for Mickey Mouse for President of the United States if he were the only Black running!! It’s about leadership not color or sex!!!

  • jesse


    Mccain/palin 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This guy is stupid

    There was no eloquence, intelligence or any of the english grammar in the speech he gave. I would cringe if I were black! I am cringing now and I’m not!

    Obama is only there because of idiots like this guy. IT’s ok to bash a woman but make a black joke is not PR…Hil should be our Dem. Pres. candidate…not some radical muslim lover Obama.

  • maryanna.

    what a stupid dumbass!!!!!!
    maybe he should move to alaska, since he thinks there are no black people there!!!

  • Cutie

    I have black family members and I agree with Kabuk1!!

    McCain/Palin 08

  • over it

    seriously, i hate the celebs that think they are more than what they really are. brad pitt, before angelina never made headlines for helping people or talking about various causes. its great now but publicity? selling photos of your children then bitching to no end about the paps? double standard? does the money really go to charity? diddy, puff whatever he is dont you have some band to try to make famous? do your job not everyone elses. im BEYOND sick of the race card, obama isnt even 100% african american. we need a leader that is going to help the american people, black white or green. its not like mccain didnt think about his decision, alaska is still a part of the united states. maybe diddy should shut up between his rants about politics and his lack of traveling by private jet because of an increase in fuel prices im sick of hearing about him.

  • SundayRoast

    Diddy is on to something. Just needs to develop his thoughts, craft them into a Real weapon, but he IS onto Something..

  • KK says……….

    Are there really black people in Alaska?????

  • Meg

    soo…according to diddy other minorities don’t matter?

  • Ha ha ha haHAAAAAAA

    It’s really hard for me to be nice here, but OMG F Didd……are you smoking tooo much of the wrong medicine?????? Please stop yourself, you sound like a FNG TOOL…..listen to yourself speak…… THE FREE WORLD A FAVOUR (that one cracks me up) do what we all know your good at, making music, producing music, making Fuuuu…ccckn aweful clothing and take all that hard earned money from the kids that buy your STUFF and that pay your bills and shhhuuuuve it where the sun don’t shine :P

  • bo

    dumb asses

  • Sara

    I just wonder … if obama doesn’t have enough experience to run the country, how will this hockey mother of five that has only been messing with government for the last few years gonna know anymore??

  • i agree

    Okay, so he used some profanity, but everything he said makes perfect sense. Sarah is NOT ready to lead our country, and if McCain should die, then SHE would be prez? No. In Alaska, there’s about 2% minority and practically NO crime. How is she expected to rule the whole country coming from a population of 9,000 whites? Not gonna happen. Anyone who votes for these two are idiots. Our country will suffer even more than it has these last 8 years.

  • Dale

    Puffy-wuffy chooses to draw a race card on this?
    Everything is a freaking race card now with “these people”.

  • jEN

    Diddy is a racist angry BLACK MAN, his music sucks, HE degrades WOMEN all the time, look at his BABIEs MAMA that he treats like crap all the time, with WHITE WOMEN at that!!!! SHAme on you, uneducated, ignorant, black man. Start in your own
    backyard and clean it up,, before you judge McCain/PAlin.
    p.s. use some of your money to educate yourself, and invest in CONDOMS!!!!

  • …..

    The only reason majority of you are getting OFFENDED is because your are WHITE. Just let it go. You aren’t of minority, so you don’t understand. AND YOU NEVER WILL.

    Just Let It Go.

    Diddy is right. If you didn’t have sticks up your asses you’d know that. Sarah is not experienced enough to be VP or President if McCain should die. It’s true…

  • cliff

    hey 155.its not about white racest haters.cant us white people have an opinion? were just expressing our opinion. just let us be. and since were expressing our opinions….. im not sure i want a black leader. blacks talk to much and make very little sense. they cant control thier children or themselves. no governing abilities. black on black crime. did i mention the crime? brits gave africa back and they’ve completly destroyed the place. gangsta rap/hiphop lyrics basically no contribution to society.and african quesine, what termites and grubs. funny how that never cought on in the states. at least the mexicans make good food. but “your lovin it” ( McD’s).oh one more thing. i used to work for a bay area construction company. union labor. we had to hire blacks. problem is they spent most of thier time slogging around trying to avoid work (which dosn’t go unnoticed) the staff avoided much confrontation with the black workers because it was futile to try to call it to thier attention , thier blowin it. they would always argue and deny the obvious (lazy and stupid) then go about thier business of looking for a way to get injured on the job so they could go out on disibility or find a way to make some kind of descrimination claim. thank god the mexicans would drive them off the jobs fairly fast. us white supervisors just let the other workers (mexicans) handle it. and justly so. we didnt dare confront them.thier always trying to sue . call me a racest because i express my casual observations (not my feelings). im sure this post will insite anger in many who read it. i’ll be ready to vote for a black when im convinced you actually ‘think’ and not just ‘emote’. and turn your finger of blame the other way, deal with your problems, contribute positively to society. good luck.

  • Skyeatsme

    i hate diddy with all my heart.

    his fucking head is so far up his ass, it’s literally funny.


  • Tami

    Diddy, it’s not about race or gender. In this video, you’ve proved yourself to be both racist and sexist. Let’s treat all people with respect regardless of what they look like.

    Some of us vote on integrity and issues, not race or gender. Palin is a smart choice for McCain, just as Biden was a smart choice for Obama. Both VP picks complement the top of their respective tickets. Obama needed the “experience” and McCain needed the “reformer.”

    People, don’t listen to celebrities. Study the issues and know the candidates, then vote based on who best matches us with your own values and convictions. People who based their decisions on what Oprah thinks are the idiots. Think for yourself, people.

  • to susie

    if this idiot is an example of obama supporters then the republican party has nothing to worry about. please let’s hear from any other suppposedly intelligent celebrities who support obama. give the repulican party more reason to attack the democrates then it already has. PLEASE! PLEASE!

  • Mrs. D

    I hate to tell Diddy but there are a FEW black people in Alaska. Some are military. I had a girlfriend whose dad was stationed there briefly. But whether there are any black people there is neither here nor there. To me Alaska has too few people of any kind.

  • hottest couple ever

    LMAO……..who’s bugging off????? C’mon Diddy pleeeease!!!!!

  • we

    diddy is a dumbass.

    Diddy is a dumass.

    diddy is a d ass.

    Any way you spell it. He has no idea what he’s talking about. he may, like, have a point that choosing a running mate from Alaska isn’t helping to support black americans…But, asking a presidential candidate why he’s bugging the fuck out….hmmmm, isn’t exactly the best way to get your point across. And did anyone see the Vlog where he bitches about having to fly commercial now because his private jet is too expensive to fuel?? he then goes on to ask his Saudi Arabian brothers and sisters to throw some oil his way… Yeah, Diddy, Puffy, Sean, W/E the fuck your name is.
    I, too, want Obama to win. But get some class

  • Android

    now if u could use u’r 2% more of the brain….. wat diddy is implyin… is kinda bloody obvious… alaska has got like 0.22% of the population of the US ….

    and the alaska govenor is supposed to be experienced enough to step in as the president if it is required ???

    she dun hav no nuthin of a serious credible experience to be a vice president… except tat she’s white and its a she… to get the hillary supporters……hmm…

    then again bush got in… retarded people = retarded democracy

  • mimi

    It looks like Diddy has hit a lot of raw nerves. I’m sure majority of the people spilling blood here are whites and can’t stand it that a black man is criticising a white woman, McCain’s choice but they were the same people who tried to dictect to Obama who to pick. as his VP. If it was ok to detect to Obama so it must be ok to detect to McCain as well. What is good for the gander is also good for the goose. You shouldn’t all be rattled, you know now how it feels to be pushed around by a bunch of non-entities who only judge you by your skin colour. What Diddy has done is not different from what a lot you have been doing. He may sound unintelligent but he makes a lot of sense.


    Why is this moron still around? SHE HAS MORE EXPERIENCE THAN OBAMA the superstar. Obama hasn’t even been at his job over 200 days. WOW, it kills me how every idiot is jumping on the Obama train. Paint him white and no one would vote for him!

  • idiots.

    Hey Mimi why does everyone keep making this a black and white thing? Oh right….that’s why everyones voting for Obama the inexperience man of the hour. People are voting for him b/c he is black…..I HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT BY BLACK PEOPLE! Don’t say white people don’t want him…. JUST AS MANY WHITES ARE VOTING FOR HIM AS BLACKS.

  • Wow

    I’m black and Diddy be getting on my nerves so whateva. As for Obama. I don’t think he’s ready to run the country but I am voting for him cuz I feels a brother does need to get in the house.

  • raye

    this is a great land i live in…. oh yeah jj you suck!

  • black man who isn’t Puff

    Puff Daddy AKA PUFF AKA Diddy AKA SEAN JOHN…….you suck at “rapping”, your ugly, you speak like you came out the gutter, your just a low life who got lucky with money. You make the rest of us black people in America look like IDIOTS. SHUT UP. LET people vote for who they want to. The more people SHOVE OBAMA down peoples throat the more people are going to walk about. Damn.

  • Mandy30

    he is such an idiot and he’s only voting for Obama because he is black
    why not look at the issues and there are people of color in alaska

  • Sherman

    Puff= Idiot. Boy we have a lot to look forward too!

  • http://yahoo just me

    Folks politis is like a strange bedfellow,people always make comments without knowing or checking all the facts.p sayshe does’nt know any blacks in or from alaska,the pop.of alaska is approx 600,000 of which about 20,000 are black.Now what would he have said if mccain had picked a running mate from wyoming,where the stae pop. is smaller & less blacks.Before reading everybodys blogs, i had just read where P is complaining about fuel prices cause he can’t fly in his private jet & now has to fly commercial airlines,hey we all got our problems.I’m not one thats into politics,cause what i’ve seen in my last 40 yrs its all bogus everybody promises but how often do they come threw

  • Danielle

    what the hell? P. Diddy sounds like the biggest idiot. Honestly, he does. THESE STUPID CELEBRITIES ARE WHO ARE ENDORSING OBABMA. vote for mccain!

  • sarah

    the only reason why your saying shit about MCcain is b/c you LOVE OBAMA b/c he’s black to and you think he’s gonna do so much for this country he isn’t gonna do shit ! Obama makes all these promises BLAH BLAH BLAH he just runngin so he can be the first Black President .. blah blah GO MCcAIN !!!!!!!!!!!

  • stella

    this stupid idiot. stop using race fot everything you idiot. she is running for VP. We have Obama with no experience running for president why dont you talk about that. But no hes black so its all ok you ignorent fool.

  • sarah

    FU ! tia :)

  • Phil McCrevice

    Another uneducated black man doing nothing but embarassing his race. If I was black, I would be furious at that moron.

    Unfortunately, the black youth idolizes that ghetto trash piece of garbage.

    I’ll be voting for McCain so I don’t have to watch “Diddy” become Obama’s Chief of Staff.

  • 567

    why the hellllll does it matter if there are black people in alaska?????? wow. what an idiot. all diddy is doing is making people hate him more.

    and of course there are black people in alaska.

  • Ben Dover

    Diddy is a racist.

  • Ceilidh

    I find it ather ironic that a man who is so militant about the race issue has spouted this racist rant. Then again Diddy isn’t exactly renowned for his brains. McCain picked who he thought was the best for the job, and Diddy is giving Obama supporters a bad name. I’m not American and don’t quite understand the system (there’s only so much you learn from The Daily Show repeats) but I know that Diddy’s rant is the epitome of stupidity.

  • latasha

    I’m black and from Alaska. Although I am an Obama supporter, Diddy or whatever your name is, you give us blacks a bad name. STFU!!

  • Helen

    Wow. This Alaska bashing is amazing. If the VP had been Governor of Vermont, Wyoming, or North Dakota nobody would be complaining. Yet Alaska has a greater population than any of them. And Alaska has only around 180k less people than Joe Biden’s state of Delaware. Alaska has the 32nd largest budget in the US, greater than many countries in the world.

    Sarah Palin, although in office for less than 2 years has an 88% approval rating here. Unlike Obama, Biden, or even McCain, she has experience running a department of education, law enforcement, delivery of health care, and balancing a very large state budget. She’s the only person on either ticket with executive experience. The 3 senators have sat on various legislative committees (as has Sarah) but none have ever run a government, on any level, not even a city. And this talk about foreign policy experience, what is that? Lets not pretend. If you haven’t been President or Secretary of State, then you have no foreign policy experience. Ronald Reagan had no foreign policy experience and he is largely responsible for ending the cold war.

    Give her a chance to show who she is and what she’s about. Then vote your conscience. Don’t bash my state. And please don’t let this ignorant celebrity influence your decision.

  • chloe

    173 your a disgusting piece of scum low life racist. Im a white american and people like you make me embarassed to be a white american! i am SO shocked at what some of you are saying. you say ‘ohh black people always play the race card’.

    well FYI! alot of you caucasian people are playing the race card as well!!!!!

    My family, friends and every single person I know want to see Obama win…

    People who actually support mccain/palin and all their effed up views on what america needs are just as bad as all these disgusting racist…chances are…they ARE the disgusting racist

  • Jersey

    saral palin stands for everything i disagree with. shes anti gay, pro war, pro life(which is fine but if your a 11 your old girl who gets raped and falls pregnant, she expects you to have that child. she has no right to decide that)

    and what I also find interesting is that shes pro life…..yet shes all for the needless killing of animals, whether it be for her to wear a fur coiat of for her husband to hang in one of the many houses(they dont even know how many they have!)

    How anyone in their right mind could consider a vote for McCain and Palin I cant understand. Yes, Diddy is making himself sound like an ignorant fool…but now people are using that as a reason to not vote for Obama. Umm does Obama talk like that? Does he say stupid things like that? NO! and people saying he always plays the race card….wtf when has he EVER done that???? .

  • Jersey

    saral palin stands for everything i disagree with. shes anti gay, pro war, pro life(which is fine but if your a 11 your old girl who gets raped and falls pregnant, she expects you to have that child. she has no right to decide that)

    and what I also find interesting is that shes pro life…..yet shes all for the needless killing of animals, whether it be for her to wear a fur coiat of for her husband to hang in one of the many houses(they dont even know how many they have!)

    How anyone in their right mind could consider a vote for McCain and Palin I cant understand. Yes, Diddy is making himself sound like an ignorant fool…but now people are using that as a reason to not vote for Obama. Umm does Obama talk like that? Does he say stupid things like that? NO! and people saying he always plays the race card….wtf when has he EVER done that???? .

  • Kenzie

    201-go throw yourself off a bridge. I just moved here with my family from Australia a few years ago(im a white australian for thoose of you who feel the need to know) and I am DISGUSTED by the racism I have seen here! My parents are thinking of moving the family back to auzzie because we cant believe how ignorant some of you are. I cant imagine being black, or any minority for that matter and having to deal with all the crap you are all saying

    How can you judge someone for the colour of their skin when they have no control over that!!! I mean seriously, I dont understand how some of you can look at a black person and think all these horrible things when they cant change the fact that their black. seems like a cheap way to hate someone.

    So I hope all you americans are proud, your the most hated country in the world and yet you dont seem to care. Congratulations.

  • tom c

    There are “Black people” in Alaska.
    But why does that matter???
    Diddy is sounding really ridiculous.