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Diddy to John McCain: There Aren't Even Any Black People in Alaska!

Diddy to John McCain: There Aren't Even Any Black People in Alaska!

Diddy, aka Sean Combs, is quite angry that Republican presidential nominee John McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. In his latest vlog, Diddy says:

John you are bugging the f— you. I don’t even understand what planet you’re on now. This is the job to be the leader of the free world. No disrespect, I love ya, I want you to live to 110, but what if, God forbid, you got a running mate, you become President. Alaska? ALASKA? ALASKA? ALASKA? Come on, man. I don’t even know if there are any black people in Alaska. John, come on. Sarah [Palin]? What in the hell? ALASKA? You’re bugging the f— out. Sarah Palin, you ain’t ready to be vice president. ALASKA MOTHERF—-ER? What is the reality in Alaska? There aren’t even any crackheads in Alaska. There aren’t no black people in Alaska.”

Check out the video below! What do you think of Diddy‘s rant??

Diddy to John McCain: ALASKA?????
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  • jess

    PDiddy is an idiot

  • fliprose

    oh my gosh….he’s such an idiot i live in anchorage, ak and let me tell you there is a large african american population as well as other minorities here. in fact white people dont rule anchorage the minorities do!! i just i can’t help but think what an idiot DIDDY is~!

  • jill


  • 1arcticfox

    Before I rant or spout off…..I do research and look at the facts first. CLEARLY…… did not do that, Diddy.

    As a 42 year resident of Alaska, and a person having worked against crime/gangs in Anchorage in the past, I ca tell you that you clearly do NOT know what you are talking about, I’m sad tto say. I wish we didn’t but we DO have crackheads here.

    As for not having black people here, I suggest you call the pastor at Shiloh Baptist church and tell that to him. I think the black people up here would be quite perlexed and some very offended by your statements.

    As for our Governer, Sarah Palin, she is highly admired here for her actions to get rid of state corruption…..and I am one of those admirers…..and I am not even Republican and will probably vote for Obama.

    But don’t make the mistake of counting her out. She is one savvy, competant, intelligent, driven, hard–working, charasmatic, tough cookie….with the brains to learn foreign policy in 3 weeks!

    So come on up to Alaska, Diddy and I’ll be happy to be your “tour guide” and give you the education you should have had….BEFORE you ranted about something you know nothing about. Education is knowledge and…..knowledge is power!

  • yaya

    ok diddys ranting was pretty funny to me. he a lil crazy but i have to agree. im sry but in my opinion i think that mccain thinks that us americans are some ignorant fools. i dont doubt that he picked a female to be vp just cause he wants all of the voters who supported
    clinton. i mean in a way it was a smart move but also in a way he ‘s basically calling us stupid without actually saying it. im a female and i think it would be nice to have a female leader. but mccain is just using her to get votes and i dont think he really cares about the issues. i mean this man agrees almost 90% of the time with bush i mean wtf. i dont want another dumb*** in presidence (excuse my language). i dont think people want a female vp that badly to be dumb enough to vote for mccain. IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE. BARACK OMBAMA 08!!!

  • ugh

    Why would anyone seriously want to vote for Palin? An anti-feminist, anti-abortion,oil-drilling tyrant. Abortion should be a PERSONAL decision, an OPTION. And what woman would seriously consider her as a VP. or President for that matter? This is so sad.

  • Gigi

    You know I am just so blown away by the reaction of the democrats on this pick, so much hate, its unbelievable. The animosity is astonishing, if your candidate is so great and wonderful for the country, then no worries, just vote and relax, who else was McCain supposed to choose?, someone who is everything that conservatives are not? That’s why there is an other side,,,We believe what we believe because it is our right, just as it is yours, RESPECT is lost in this country , there is no diversity of opinion. I f Obama gets elected i won’t freak out, although he is EVERYTHING I am against, I kind of want to see him put all of his promises into practice AND I want to see history …just VOTE!!

  • jg

    He’s right that McCain made a dumb choice. But why did he have to say crackheads? That’s just stereotyping right there on his own race. He didn’t have to bring that up, it just makes him look foolish. Anyway Vote Obama! This lady is a pro-gun anti women’s rights. If McCain thought by having her on his ticket he would get HIlary’s voters, think again, this woman is the exact opposite of what Hilary stood for. Does McCain really think that we are that stupid? I’m insulted.

  • twpumpkin

    Diddy is an idiot! John McCain has more class in his little finger then Diddy has in his whole body. Sorry Diddy money does not buy you class. I wish all these celebrities would shut the *** up!.

  • cathy

    mimi @ 08/31/2008 at 1:50 pm

    you are more than right; diddy is definetly not intelligent. but boy am i glad he supports obama. with people like that i’m sure the democrats will got far; very far away from us in alaska. i never thought i would be grateful to have canada -the second largest nation in the world- to be standing between me and the lower 49. you democrats do know where canada is right???

  • LYNN

    Proof that Blacks are an angry race, why the hell would we want OBAMA running our country!!! Crime would go up, and he would put money into the welfare system for HIS PEOPLE!!!!!!

  • Marieme

    As ineloquent as always that Diddy. But I understand his anger. I am so offended that as much as McCain claims to want to protect America this is the best he can offer in terms of a running mate! He made a politcal gamble and it will cost him in November. Fool.

  • Razorback

    As an African American male and a former Clinton now Obama supporter, he sounds so fucking stupid it’s sad to watch. This is the problem with this country. He is no different than people who say Obama shouldn’t be president because he is black. His whole arguement doesn’t make any since at all. Using black people and crackheads in the same post is sad and just shameful. It’s his community (the hip hop community) that’s casting a black cloud on us every freaking day. Just shut the F UP.

  • Ren



  • wtfareyouthinking



  • Emil

    Riddy, littie, mitty, shitty lil ditty

  • janelle

    To many idiots on this thread.
    Get it straight, Obama is a black man raised by a white woman. Quit with the black and white issue. He is a human being!!
    If you think Obama is soo inexperianced, well McCain just picked Palin as his running mate who has less experiance than Obama. George W has eight years of experiance and he hasn’t done crap for the US. Go figure.

    Yes we can!

    And as for Diddy… he’s and idiot too.

  • Jim treacher

    Diddy’s just waiting for McCain to die so he can stand on somebody’s gravestone besides Biggie’s.

  • tarly!!!♥


  • tarly!!!♥

    CHUCKY1 @ 08/31/2008 at 5:16 pm

    He is wrong there are 3

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  • Lynnie

    I could not agree with Diddy more! I understand the point he is trying to make, despite his grammer. We ARE talking about a man that is 72 years old! What IF something were to happen to him? Ms. Palin is NOT ready to run the free world if something were to happen to John McCain, if he were to become President. I am a woman and I am all for a woman President. I believe women can do anything a man can do, sometimes MORE than a man can do, but Ms. Palin is not the woman to run this nation, if needed. Why, it’s simple, LACK OF EXPERIENCE! What kind of experience could she possibly have about ANYTHING living in Alaska? From what I can tell, she has never even had to deal with anything in the real world! I mean, what is the worst thing to happen in Alaska? From what I hear, she did have a real life experience concerning her 16 year daughter being pregnant. How did she handle that? She supposedly lied and is passing off her Grandson as her own! Let’s hope that is not true, because if it is and she ends up running our country? Come on, she can’t even face reality when it comes to her own children, how in the world will she run a country or even HELP run a country?! That alone should tell us all what kind of person she is and her lack of experience and her poor choices in a real life crisis. If that IS true and McCain wins the election (GOD FORBID) and she gets in the White House, we are all in BIG BIG trouble. We at least need someone in that can handle a real life situation without lying and covering it up! If this is all true, does anyone really think that John McCain did not know all of this before he chose her as his running mate? You bet he did and he chose her for all the WRONG reasons! He knows he is in a sinking ship and is grasping for the female votes. Boy, did HE SCREW UP! Our country deserves the BEST person for this job and that is OBAMA!

  • Brr

    domenic @ 08/31/2008 at 4:03 am wrote:

    “That’s probably why Alaska has a low crime rate. ”

    Maybe it’s because of their high suicide rate.

    Oh and shut up, Diddy.

  • diddyisanembarrassment

    Diddy is a complete embarrassment….please don’t go to Alaska Diddy…stay where you are and continue to spend tons of money on stupid reality shows. Don’t send the money to help the poor or do something productive with it…just continue to put down people who don’t agree with your point of view…believe me “Diddy”…you might make your mom proud but you’re pretty much an embarrassment to everyone else.

  • TYE

    1) Diddy there ARE black people in Alaska
    2) What does that have to do with anything??
    3) “There aren’t no black people” = double-negative.. therefore you are saying there ARE black people
    4) Just shut the fuk up… you are stuck up, and you don’t know how to manage a record label properly.. Danity Kane, Cassie, and Day26 all need to leave you!

  • P

    you’re all retarded…while Diddy’s comment is far from “grammatically correct” he makes a correct assumption about the republicans’ vice presidential choice in that she knows NOTHING nor has any prior history in dealing with the needs and concerns of the inner city Americans that have already been denied if not forgotten by the white house FOR YEARS.

    …go ahead Diddy, say what’s on your mind bruh!

  • P

    you’re all retarded…while Diddy’s comment is far from “grammatically correct” he makes a correct assumption about the republicans’ vice presidential choice in that she knows NOTHING nor has any prior history in dealing with the needs and concerns of the inner city Americans that have already been denied if not forgotten by the white house FOR YEARS.

    …go ahead Diddy, say what’s on your mind bruh!

  • theresa

    mimi @ 08/31/2008 at 1:50 pm
    the problem is that he’s just one more celebrity democrat who doesn’t know what he’s talking about; only this time he opened his mouth about alaska without knowing the facts. his statement “i don’t know if there are any blacks in alaska” please!! i’m sure this was stated elsewhere but it should be repeated: the population of alaska as of 2006 was approx 670, 053. whites make up 70.9 %, blacks 3.7%, native alaskan/american indian 15.4% and hispanic/latino 5.6%

    but hey, mimi, i have an idea. people like me will stop harping on the idiotic rants of diddy etc if you democrats in the lower 49 states promise to leave the state of alaska alone. leave us to own devices. stop telling us what we can and cannot do in our own state permanently.

  • dolby

    typicall black person who sees every situatiion in life through the goggles of race,and then tries there best to some how turn into racism,thank the liberals for this and expect it to get worse if obama wins,this country is turning into a disgrace.

  • Lyn

    Mccain just want to win and he has sold his soul to the devil for money to run his campaign. He certainly did not look comfortable with his choice. I think they said he only met her one time and his aids went to talk to her. Mccain talked to her for the first on the phone and offered her the Vice President position. Diddy is saying Man it is more serious than just pulling a name out of a hat. There are enougn intellignt Republican women he could have called that would be ready to step into that office a the drop of a pen, and I know you republican know that is right. I dont think he knows this person at all. I dont think they are concerned with what need to be done for this country and has no ideas on how to fix it. PDiddy might not have said it like most of us would say it , but people are scrathing their heads thinking what was he thinking. We all would like to see a woman in the white House, .but this person has no personality. I could not listen to her for very long because she was whinning and had this high pitch voice like a very young uneducated girl .

  • Kelly

    This guy is an idiot. He’s such an embarassment to himself.

  • CH

    Diddy – get over yourself. Why should any of us care what you feel about anything to do with running the country?

    Jared – enough of this. We know who you are voting for but I don’t think anyone of us are here to listen to it and have it shoved down our throats.

  • Lyn

    You people talking about P diddy have lost his mind. I dont care if P diddy lose his mind but we cant not afford for John Mccain to have lost his mind. He is acting like he had a gun held to his head when he was picking the woman. When she was talking he was standing back and seem to be saying what did I just do? Even Cindy McCain seem to have been caught off guard. You can make it about P diddy if you want to, but it is more serious than that. Diddy going to be fine regardless of who is running the white. Mccain you are buggi the F**k out of me. LOL

  • stephen

    Its a shame that our youth actually look up to such a vagrant, illiterate individual. Just listen at how he talks. No Crackheads in Alaska? No Black People? Lack of education is all this guy is displaying.

    Is having no Crackheads a bad thing? You’ve got to be kidding me. This is coming from the same guy who refers to women as b*tches, sl*ts, and wh*res in his speeches with beats behind them. The same guy who glamorizes killing people and doing drugs. Yeah, nice. Let’s take advice from this guy.

    A shame our media actually feeds off of such ignorance as this. Turn him off.

  • Rodi

    This sounds just as stupid as his Vote or DIE! CRAP

  • Lyn

    She was the Mayor of 9,000 People and how many people is she governor of. I think a bunch of us need to take a trip to Alaska and see for ourselves. I think he said there are no blacks in Alaska and there are not crakheads meaning if you have not come in contact with either one that much you have no idea whats in store for you. We have crakheads all over the country.

  • Gail

    I just love all of these comments…she has no experience? Do not go that way…Obama was a senator for 143 days before he announced his presidency, She runs a state, a governor has more hands on, practical experience than a lawyer. Cause that is what he’s been. I’ll admit, he’s got the rhetoric, but asjk him a one-on one question, he is very halting, take a look and see. She is at the bottom of the ticket and Obama is at the top of your ticket, don’t get it twisted and don’t go there!! She can do it all, you got this girl

  • Diddy Republican

    Diddy is probably a republican at heart. He probably wanted John McCain to pick someone that represents everyone in the republican world. Last week he was complaining about fuel for is jet so you know if those tax cuts become permanent it would be great in his tax bracket and he could stop using JetBlue!

  • Hun03984

    Although not said correctly, I feel that what Combs is trying to say is that McCain was being irresponsible when deciding to chose his running mate. Reason being is mainly because of her lack of experience. The woman was Gov. of Alaska…. Come on…. What kind of real life issues does she actually face by being the Gov of Alaska?… I mean… The northern part of Alaska goes months at a time without any daylight…. I think what Combs was saying was that Alaska has very little in common with the other states in the country. An McCain has hand picked our potential future leader from this state… He is Truly an Idiot!!!! Go Obama!!!!!

  • LYNN

    You sound like an idiot yourself Hun03984. How in the world did you get all that out of his illiterate ranting? One more Obama Fanatic(NOBAMA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LAdyDelish

    Diddy is a dumbass

  • emily

    This decision to choose Sarah Palin is very irrational indeed. This is proof that he cannot be trusted to make decisions that could affect the american people. This is indeed a poor gamble.

  • emily

    This decision to choose Sarah Palin is very irrational indeed. This is proof that he cannot be trusted to make decisions that could affect the american people. This is indeed a poor gamble.

  • A Voter

    I really don’t understand why anyone would vote republican this year its like passing a failing student to go the next grade when based on their school record they should be left back! Republicans know how to run an election but they don not know how to run government!

  • emily

    A Voter @ 08/31/2008 at 8:56 pm
    Because people are dumb. They are the first to complain when there is a war or the economy is going bad but continue to vote for republicans who brought us here in the first place.

  • sara

    #6 – you’re extemely right. P. Diddy does not have the right to criticize McCain’ choice of a running mate. Just because Obama is black does not mean that he’s a good candidate for president. What has Obama got to offer to the Americans? He’s not even a hero. P Diddy is just showing that he’s a racist person. He should know that by commenting re the running mate of McCain some voters would no longer vote for Obama because race is becoming an issue. And it is very dangerous if Obama wins, the black people headed by Diddy would become very abusive.

  • Original shar

    He’s a moron!!!

  • caitlin

    diddy is being so f ing stupid right now
    he just needs to stay out of politics
    wow hes so disrespectful too!

  • jen

    I’m white n I agree with him…ALASKA??? Where the hell is that??? I didnt know people lived there!! LOL jk jk..,but really, only about 10,000 people live there , she doesn’t have much experience and the only reason he picked her was to get the womens vote ( which was smart for his campaign but wrong) anyway bush has made living in America for thepast 8 years a living hell…MCcain has the same exact mentality as bush so I’m ready for obama……n if ur 18 years old, please vote!!!!!! N don’t just listen to what ur parents think, actually listen to what they have to say

  • William

    SO what how he said it he is right
    come on like mccain is old like really old and god forbid he die
    we going to have a soccer mom as our president
    i’m sorry but that was not smart {{at all}}
    would you want your mother to be president??
    so what if he said it kind of well you know
    he is right!!

  • SLC

    So many people sound so stupid.. I can’t believe it. I am a Eskimo BORN and RAISED in Alaska but I took the time to READ about the Lower 48′s and SAVE money and take a SHORT plane trip TO the lower 48′s to EDUCATE MYSELF. Instead of talking shit about Alaska like we are some far off planet, why dont you GOOGLE it and see for yourself that we are right here.. doing the same shit you are. INFACT we are better off w/ our gas pipe line… we get money just for LIVING HERE. Nothing he (diddy) says in his vid is valid. ” would you leave your kids with her, no blacks in alaska, she is a heart beat away”.. SHUT THE FUCK UP. and I call more bullshit. ” government name” No your MOM GAVE YOU THAT NAME!