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Diddy to John McCain: There Aren't Even Any Black People in Alaska!

Diddy to John McCain: There Aren't Even Any Black People in Alaska!

Diddy, aka Sean Combs, is quite angry that Republican presidential nominee John McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. In his latest vlog, Diddy says:

John you are bugging the f— you. I don’t even understand what planet you’re on now. This is the job to be the leader of the free world. No disrespect, I love ya, I want you to live to 110, but what if, God forbid, you got a running mate, you become President. Alaska? ALASKA? ALASKA? ALASKA? Come on, man. I don’t even know if there are any black people in Alaska. John, come on. Sarah [Palin]? What in the hell? ALASKA? You’re bugging the f— out. Sarah Palin, you ain’t ready to be vice president. ALASKA MOTHERF—-ER? What is the reality in Alaska? There aren’t even any crackheads in Alaska. There aren’t no black people in Alaska.”

Check out the video below! What do you think of Diddy‘s rant??

Diddy to John McCain: ALASKA?????
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  • http://none Marlee

    I just watched Diddys ignorant speech about McCain, Palin and the presidential election. I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and am blown away by the racist and ignorant way that Diddy reacted to the decision that McCain made to have our governor VP if elected. For Diddy to ask “is there any black people in Alaska?” and “are there even any crack heads in Alaska? is just plain stupid. I thought that Diddy was someone who was aginst racism but I guess he sees it as a double standard. I hope that all Alaskans see this idiotic video that he made so he can see how many fans he lost from our beautifull northern state. Diddy is just a rich, stuck up mother fucker who thinks his word means something but is obviously mistaken. If he actualy did some research about the state of Alaska before making his speech then he would see the reality of his twisted viewpoint. NEWSFLASH FOR DIDDY: NO ONE GIVES TWO FUCKS WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT OUR GOVERMENT, EAT SHIT AND DIE, KARMA WILL BITE YOU IN THE ASS FOR YOUR RETARDED STATEMENTS!
    oh and by the way ‘ Candace’ (some other idiot that posed on page 2) says “who even cares about Alaska?” Are you fucking serious? No your just as ignorant as Diddy. I’ll tell you who cares about Alaska! How about the thousands of people (people that live all around the US) that work in Deadhorse, Alaska (A.K.A. The Slope) that get you the oil to run your car bitch. Has everyone been eating paint chips or am I just crazy. Fuck! Go back to school.

  • snoop

    he’s right it’s like in france they put cops that are unemployed who grew up in the countryside, they ain’t know shit about what life is for us in the suburbs (french ghettos)

  • Ellie

    There may be no blacks in Alaska, but there are plenty of them where “you brothas come from.” Since no educated white man becoming president will satisfy you, might I suggest you go back to DRUMROLL PLEASE …

    Freakin’ AFRICA where you came from. You all can sling guns, knives, do drugs in the streets, let your kids be raised by dogs and no one will jail you – no white cops and no white judges. Just go run with the apes. You’ll be amongst family.

  • HAHA

    HAHA..Diddy is so smart. Sarah Palin doesn’t have the experience to lead this country? How about Obama? What experience does he have? Sitting on Congress for half a year gives him enough experience to run for President? Sarah Palin is just as qualified as Obama is, and she’s not running for the top spot.

    OMG Obama is black..I’m going to vote for him!~* Liberal Idiots.

  • HAHA

    Oh Yea.. and Obama doesn’t even identify with the”black people” Diddy is talking about. He had silver spoons pouring out of his ass for his entire life. He has a half-brother in Africa that lives on $12 a day? Does Obama care about that? No…because Obama only cares about what will get him elected. Everyone is blinded by the rhetoric of this Obama figure that is the so-called “Messiah.”

  • Lauren is a dumbass

    There’s no point to even really comment on Diddy. The guy’s last video was him bitching because he has to fly commercial now b/c it costs $200 ,000 roundtrip to fly from New York to LA. I have a question for Lauren though. Why does it matter that there aren’t many black people in Alaska?

  • hairy beast

    seriously, sean comb, p.diddy, diddy, puff daddy or whatever else you want to be called — take a chill pill. To disqualify Sarah Palin because you don’t think there’s black people in Alaska is simply preposterous. You have made the fact that you support Obama quite clear, one has to be deaf not to hear you repeating that statement. Forcing your electoral decision on others by making an uneducated racial statement like that is quite shameful and certainly not the platform of the Obama campaign. The US has already been plagued by slavery and racism for centuries, why take a step backwards to perpetuate that conflict by dismissing Palin because of her ethnic background. Or is it because she’s a woman? Great, another place that the US society can take a step backwards.

    Regardless of who you elect as your next president and vice president of United State — the pair’s experience and ability to properly manage and lead the nation is more crucial than skin color or gender orientation — because at the end of the day, the ability to lead and make defining decisions is not a derivative of race and/or gender.

  • Angels

    Some of us believe in Palin and her beliefs of a normal society. A country who stands behind president and Our Troops!!! We see were are country is with liberals,divorce rates, etc. Diddy brings race issues into play because he is a idiot, Period!!!! I think all the “Celebrities” need to shut up I dont care What they think!!!!

  • lil Mo

    that was so comical……diddy is buggin; i can feel his passion for saying that mccain made an improper choice in selecting his vp, but i think that he made a terrific choice because this will make all the people who were indecisive vote 4 Obama; mccain has always thrown up the experience card w/ Obama and now he picks someone w/ less experience than Obama (makes since, huh); if peeps think about it, this man is in his 70′s, if something happens to him, do we really want her (of all people) to be our president????COME ON PEOPLE, THINK RATIONALLY HERE! Diddy may have sound crazy w/ his ranting and raving, but if you look into Palin’s background, you can see why Diddy’s ranting and raving! Some of his points are a bit off, but he just want people to think about mccain’s decision……….

  • http://youtube Joe blevins

    Would love a couple of rounds with you tough guy, Diddy the Sissy. Might be able to teach you some manners. Don’t know if you could learn, but the lessons would be free.

  • Tre

    His kind belong back in their Mother Land, there are plenty of illiterate primates running around in Africa!!!

  • kkcc

    it does make more sense watching the video rather than reading that. people should def watch before commenting.

  • what.da.f**k

    well, I believe that if he was trying to help obama with his vote that was the wrong way to do it. He made black people look really bad he could have done it in a more classy way!!



    Diddy you are the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luke

    how old are you people who keep saying “watch the vlog before you comment”…? he makes himself look like a dumb thug with alot of money. why does he even care he is for obama and obama is going to win because all the dumb blanks who think diddy is saying something worth hearing are going to out vote us old cranky white folks. i have come to terms with the fact that this nation is about to get hairy. you think the gop has its boot up our rump? you aint seen big brother nad big government until the far left takes over. free food stamps, ss checks, and health care for everyone!!!!yayyyy

  • sadboy

    Not only in this rant silly, but those going out of their way to defend it make me really sad. If you cannot bring yourself to condemn this idiot, then there is no hope for America. There are some really well spoken liberal speakers who have serious points to make about class disparity. This moron and his association of “crack heads” and “Black people” in the same sentence angers me greatly. While some may still find fault with the current system and some will always see the boogie-man of racial inequality… the fact remains that the human conditions instinctually leans toward like-homogenous behavior. It takes real enlightenment to see past our own internal psychosis and reach across social, racial, and religious divides to ford ahead a true melting pot. While I feel there are sone significant barriers in this world, P. Diddy is part of the problem, not the solution.

  • sarah

    He sucks. He’s stupid. And who cares…talk about inexperience? Hello, Obama!!

  • Nathan

    You people make me fucking sick. Why is this an issue? He’s a producer. He as well as countless other artist in his genre have built and funded their empires by selling illegal drugs. And then, they are praised for it by god damn idiots like you. If this man’s opinion means anything to you you deserve the lies that you’ll vote for. Mccain served his time in the military and is a hero. I cant really say the same for Obama. Mccain had to witness his comrades die on a daily basis for 10 years in a Vietnamese death camp (or Hanoi Hilton). So go ahead and vote for the man with too many faces to count and just become another puppet. Just remember that the ones who allow bullshit like this to be aired and just follow the pack are always the loudest to cry. Great publicity stunt. You proved your point and just took your whole race down a few notches. No valid points were made, he has called a presidential candidate a, “Mother Fucker”, and made himself look like a failure as an american. I strongly advise all the targeted demographic when I say…dont look to a ex-con, an artist, or entertainer. They are regular people just like yourself. Find out the truth for yourself.

  • Tammy

    Lauren, you dumb bitch. I happen to *LIVE* in Alaska, and I happen to see black people, and asian people for that matter everyday here. You along with P Diddly Dumbass should be shot for stupidity, get your facts straight. You make it sound like Alaska is another country it’s apart of the your own country you fuckin retard.

  • ayeeee, kid

    uhhh. i live in alaska.

    and i am a crackhead. xDD.

    but yes, kids do drugs here and there’s this high school full of black kids.


    eat it, diddy.

  • ladyalaska

    I am of eastern Indian decent and I live here. And lauren clearly you are bold faced lying b/c here in Alaska there is a HUGE amount of eskimos, upiks, aleuts, athabaskans, Klinqits, and I could go on and on. Alaskan NATIVES. GOOD GOD we are not all white here. Jebus. Diddy sounds like an idiot,a spoiled, rich, tyrannical idiot. And as for the hippy tree huggers that are saying she is against animals and nature… let Alaska worry about ANWR and our business. It is none of anyone elses business what we do w/ our state to oh you know get people JOBS n such. We have more resources then you could possibly imagine. What she wants to do is like taking one pebble off of the beach to put thousands in work. Would you hang on to that pebble to let your kids starve? Right. Didn’t think so. K thnks.


    No worries people because we all know that obama will not win because all the people that want to vote from him cant read therefore will not know how to vote for him. And McCain made a good chocie for VP but he is still a tool for the bankers of america. If you want to see a difference in this country Vote RON PAUL the only true American running for Pres and yes he is still in the running. Oh an another note check Obama’s background he is not an american citizen. Look it up

  • Diva200

    Apparently, Diddy did not do any research before ranting like a fool. I do hope that he stops by to read this:

    Rank African American Percentage In Alaska cities:
    1. Anchorage 6%
    2. Fairbanks 11%
    3. Juneau 1%
    4. College 3%
    5. Sitka 0%
    6. Wasilla 1%
    7. Kenai 0%
    8. Ketchikan 1%
    9. Knik-Fairview 1%
    10. Palmer 2%

    Now I agree it’s not like the % in DC or NYC, but there are Blacks in Alaska P. Diddy (idiot). Yes I am a Black woman who detest idiotic ranting. I will not dare to elaborate on Delaware (Gov. Biden). But check the history Diddy. “READ” sometimes…it does the brain good.
    I don’t know much about Gov. Palin and will not speak about what I don’t know as you have done Diddy. One more thing, how would like for someone to refer to your Mom as you did to Gov. Palin? Alaska M/F?? You make too much $$ to be so ignorant. Get a brain….


    this is real shit
    the damn truth


    this is real shit
    the damn truth


    Wow. So what really matters to Obama supporters is “diversity,” aka race, aka black? Well, Limbaugh conservatives have their “dittohead” company… perhaps the world needs “diddyheads” too.

    Diddy for Alaska Governor!

    Hmmm, or maybe it’s 40 years of such “diversity” that have put us where we are as a society – handouts, crime, born victims and “not my problem.”

    Diddyheads – try focusing on character and actually ignoring color. Or is that an unachievable goal?

  • cook

    Are there any blacks in Alaska? I never hear anything about Alaska, what goes on there? I thought there was just snow and Eskimos, and polar bears there. I think Diddy has a good point so everyone else shut the f_ _ _ up!!!!

  • marcellus

    Man i’m majority black and i might say Diddy is a dumbass

    He has no right to judge mccain in an ordinary fashion.

    Dumbass, there are black people in alaska

  • reba

    I am black, all around conservative, and I do support the Mc Cain?Palin ticket. Hear me out Sean Combs. I am exhausted of the constant complaining of Black this and black that. Without white people, Obama will not be where he is today. Without white people discrimination will still be where it was. The Republican party was formed against slaving.
    The DNC is always treating blacks and minorities as invalids and victims. That’s why I am not a democrat. The democrats are rich too
    but most will rather hide their money than pay taxes. Biden gave only nine hundred dollars to charity out of over three hundred thousand dollars. Celebrities, hide their money and film their movies outside the country and yet whine about jobs leaving this country. Is there any son or daughter of a Celebrity in Iraq?

  • bob

    I stumbled upon this site after finding things about blacks throughout Alaska. Some help drill the oil to power Diddy’s jets, and work in the military to keep the skies safe, and watch out for Russians who are still an enemy (watch the news and you’ll learn about new Cuban missiles and new Siberian bases,) and finally, Sarah Palin has a half white/half black aide in her governor administration. I guess maybe the blacks in Alaska are too busy working for a living than to be smokin crack and watching Diddy rap videos.

  • Big jay

    My God Diddy. I used to respect you for your entrepreneurship. I am glad I saw and “really heard” you on your video. Is this a stragegy to get the youth out to vote, or is it just natural? Please say it a’int so.

  • that one

    We are all disappointed in you Diddy!!!!!!!!

  • bob

    Being a person that lives in a very multicultural area and having expoused the tenets of equality every day. Diddy the Alaskans probably do not like you either. You need to move there for a while. Then judge. Come back with some real evidence of the Alaskan people. No, I do not like Palin either, but would it be better if McCain chose you as the VP? Jealousy comes in many forms Diddy. Stop ranting about Alaska. It is a state like any other and deserves to send someone to the highest form of government as any other. So, let it be. Calm down and sing a song or something.

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