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Kate Bosworth is Pink Pretty

Kate Bosworth is Pink Pretty

Kate Bosworth dons a cute pink scarf after leaving One Sunset restaurant and lounge in West Hollywood on Monday with model boyfriend James Rousseau.

It also has been reported by every blog and their mother’s blog that Kate and James were also spotted waiting for valet outside Chateau Marmont this past Thursday.

Um, hello! Not James. Not even close! Just another guy friend, people. Just a friend.

15+ pictures inside of pink pretty Kate Bosworth

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Credit: Josephine Santos; Photos: Flynetonline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
Posted to: James Rousseau, Kate Bosworth

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  • kiki

    love the shoes!

  • posickle

    Aw, she’s so pretty! I love her!!!

  • kristin

    I love that floral top she’s wearing.

  • Ls

    she looks cute in both sets, I love the pink scarf
    the other guy is Jack Huston, they are friends…no biggie

  • mamastepper

    She’s so classy.

  • Kay

    I think she used to be really pretty but I’ve ntoiced that she’s gotten uglier over the years. She looks really bad in the pictures where she’s wearing that pink scarf.

  • Betoma

    I love Kate, she’s pretty!
    and James is just HOT!

  • Calypso

    C’mon people, STOP idolizing beauty!

  • lukyu

    Hey #8 – I don’t think people are idolizing her beauty but admiring it . Kate’s lovely, bright, and I agree w/ #5 that she’s classy. Kate and James are an appealing couple. I like Jack Huston too.

  • nevermind

    he looks like he could be Christie Turlington’s brother… gorgeous guy. Maybe a tad too pretty!

  • happy lol day

    Love both outfits, the black floral the best :)

  • http://justjared what??????


  • eeeso

    ^ The paps take her picture because people like JJ posts them, and people like you comment on them! Duh!

    Seriously, I like Kate. She’s got class.

  • Cambria

    her boyfriend is a hottie and i like kate my only wish for her is to get back to her body when she was in blue crush

  • style

    Kate’s style is very classy. I love the scarf. She looks better with darker eyebrows as well; defines her face much better.


    Love her!

  • carol

    he is so hot :O

  • http://justjared what??????

    sorry but where do you see all this class do you personally know her? and is someone really saying that she is classy because of a cute scarf ? wow

  • OpsSS!!!!

    damn that guy is soo HOT!!!…..(:

  • lukyu

    Nobody is saying she’s classy because of a cute scarf. She’s a cool girl who knows how to conduct herself and have fun w/o being stupid.

  • lukyu

    #19 – Nobody is saying she’s classy because of a cute scarf. She’s been in the public eye for years now starting at a fairly young age 19-20 and she seems like a very cool girl.

  • velveeta


  • Angry Monkey

    Classy? We are talking about the same chick that bragged about being fall down drunk at work right? And the same chick that had a nipple slip and stayed out partying all night in Paris with Lohan right? Plus the speeding tickets and fender benders. Not saying she’s supposed to be perfect, but I’d hardly call her classy by any respect. Ditzy yes, but not classy.

    Not to mention the fur hag angle. Classy is not exactly the word I would pick.

  • just saying

    Rumor is her boyfriend is her drug dealer. She does coke to stay thin.

  • just saying


  • http://justjared classy?????

    for god sake i know that who wrote that is the same person who is a fan her only fan of course we don’t know her and we don’t know if she is this classy young woman and i don’t care but let’s talk what kind of actress she is i see no one saying what a good actress she is may it be because she is one of the worst actress out there

  • eeeso

    #23- You sure do know a lot about her, for someone who isn’t a fan. Hmm, let’s look at your ‘arguments’. One, she was out w/LL in Paris over 2 years ago, that’s ancient history. She did have a nip slip , if youre’ referring to the Fashion Week thing – again that was a long time ago & she was going through some rough times.
    She didn’t get a speeding ticket, she was talking to the cop, asking directions or something. She did have a minor fender bender w/a cab & got out & exchanged info (Uh, that makes her NORMAL, BTW, not sleazy). She did make that comment about getting drunk on the set of 21, which Jim Sturgess also said, and I found very surprising that the director would allow two stars to drink on the job. You’re right there – that was ‘not classy.’ Yeah she wore fur like 4 years ago at the Beyond the Sea premiere. Personally I don’t like that & she eats meat too but no one said she was a saint. But she’s not a habitual partyer/speeder/fur wearer/whatever you’re griping at her about. If you take her in the context of Young Hollywood & look at what others her age are doing, she’s very tame….

    #24 – James is NOT her coke dealer. That is just a rumor, completely unsubstantiated.

    She’s not perfect. No one is saying that.

    I’ve met her twice (well, said hello & gotten an autograph), & I saw her at a premiere. Compared to other ‘stars’ I’ve seen she’s very nice & down to earth. She doesn’t do that whole ‘Oh, meeting me is the high point of your life’ thing that other celebrities do.

    Whenever someone criticizes her so much and yet follows her actions like you do, #23, I know something about them. You want to know what’s not classy? Well, for starters, having a bad car accident and walking away from your bleeding and moaning passengers. That’s not classy. Or telling a woman in front of the press, “I’d like to shove my face into your bosoms.” that’s pretty tacky. Or, how about pulling down your pants and turning around to moon a pap while you’re supposedly on vacation? Hmm? That’s not classy either.

    Bottom line, if you hate her so much, avoid her.

    #26, she’s pretty good as an actress. I mean, she’s somewhere behind Meryl Streep but she’s ahead of Kirsten Dunst, if you see my point.

  • http://justjared @27

    listen i assume you are her only fan who changes names so to make it look like someone cares abut this nobody but her threads here have only 27 maybe 30 comments on a good day so no one cares about her and don’t you dare bring the names of meryl streep and kirsten dunst when trying to say she is an actual actress she is not. Kirsten is an oscar worthy actress next to kate bosworth and please what has orlando bloom the only reason she is worth mentioning has to do with the discussion if she is classy or not

  • eeeso

    I didn’t mention Orlando Bloom, what are you talking about? And, I wasn’t trying to criticize Meryl or Kirsten. Calm down, little girl……

  • http://justjared @29

    im sorry i over reacted but come on to say kate bosworth is a bettr actress that kirsten dunst that is an insult to poor kirsten i thought you were talking about orlando when you said it is not classy leaving your friend bleeding or being naked on vacation