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Katie Holmes is a Buckled Babe

Katie Holmes is a Buckled Babe

Back to more important news, Katie Holmes was spotted sporting a brand spankin’ new pair of blue buckled Rogier Vivier shoes in New York City on Sunday morning.

The 29-year-old actress arrived at Minetta Lane Theatre to rehearse for her Broadway debut in the Arthur Miller play All My Sons.

Again, Katie toted around her favorite Fendi “Secret Code” Handbag in brown watersnake. Other pictures include Katie donning a cropped leather jacket outside Minetta yesterday after returning from lunch.

10+ pictures inside of buckled babe Katie Holmes

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katie holmes buckled 01
katie holmes buckled 02
katie holmes buckled 03
katie holmes buckled 04
katie holmes buckled 05
katie holmes buckled 06
katie holmes buckled 07
katie holmes buckled 08
katie holmes buckled 09
katie holmes buckled 10
katie holmes buckled 11
katie holmes buckled 12

Credit: Wilson/Thornton, Dara Kushner, Tom Meinelt-Jackson Lee; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • nysro

    Whew… I was geting worried that I didnt know what this hag was wearing today… thank you for saving a suicide!

  • fan

    gosh what size of shoes she is wearing 49? gosh her feer tis too long. the robo is out to do her daily boring entertaning .

  • KrissyKitty

    Sheesh, she looks like she cannot walk in those shoes…. What a moron!

  • inb4 Jefferson

    $cientology is a business
    that operates as a cult
    pretending to be a religion.


  • hello to all
  • victoria

    Love the shoes, but not with the jeans and shirts !!!! I still do not care for that handbag…. Love Katie though….. Maybe the handbag is on a ” to die for list “, because they cannot kill enough of those snakes to make enough of them. They need to leave those poor snakes in the swamp lands of the jungle…. The ” to die for ” AND ” on a long list ” purse is not THAT attractive no matter WHO carries it.

  • mia

    so beautiful. love katie

  • diana

    she looks great dressed this way. i like everything.. the shoes the jeans…all looks great.

  • -

    back to more important news? jared is this a joke?
    since when did katie became an important news? oh i forgot, you’re obsess with her. lmfao!

  • Tom

    Dear Just Jared,

    Thank you for promoting my robo-bride daily. I’m sure no one is sick of seeing my beard……..wife going to work everyday. I appreciate your cooperation in promoting her since the tickets to her show are not selling. You know, she’s not much of an actress and she dresses like a bag lady, but she does whatever I tell her to do.

    The check is in the mail.

  • prettyme

    love the shoes and the jeans, i want her shoes, hi-hi :)

  • Tyra

    She looks eternally unhappy. Her eyes are dead, devoid of any sparkle, a far cry from pre-Tom katie


    OMG! I’m so sick of seeing pics of KH everyday! Who cares other than the same people who keep posting over and over? No other site bothers with this crap!

    PLEASE JJ, give it up! She’s a nothing actress, dresses like a homeless person and is married to the worlds biggest freak.

    NO MORE KATIE HOLMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keri

    STUPID BROAD,, EVERYDAy, we see this FREAk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we say on Cruise’s PAYROLL!!!! Jared Please stop the daILY CRAP OF THIS alien!!

  • happy lol day

    I love a white buttoned down short, my fave was Uma’s in Pulp Fiction :)

  • Just jessse

    Jared – thanks for giving us such a cross sample of celebs on your website whether we like them or not. You are doing a great job. Not too fond of your censorship of certain threads and your allowing certain crazy fans to detemine who gets banned but all in all you and your current writer (jared 2) are doing a great job. Thanks.

  • betty

    What is wrong with that girls feet. They twist in all kinds of weird directions! Is she drunk or something!

    Scientolo-wife needs to get herself a stylist pronto.

  • Clinton

    Its just your tabloid-fueled imagination, #12.

  • acer

    love her

  • blue

    so pretty, i want her shoes and whole getup

  • spooky

    classy and chic

    God Bless this family

  • ouch

    she must have a whole closet just for her shoes!

  • manette

    Thanks Jared and take that Tim Gunne

  • Jan

    She should start a shoe line as justjared would give her free advertisement as you take a picture of her feet EVERY day. Are you a FOOT MAN???? or SHOE MAN?????

  • :)


  • katya

    she is fab and now waiting for some photos of Tom and Suri.
    Wishing her luck on Broadway.

  • Aubrey

    Its just your tabloid-fueled imagination, #12.



    No. It’s what we’re seeing with our own eyes! KH looks lifeless and dead. Her eyes are vacant. She looks depressed and tired all the time, even when she is interacting with her daughter. It’s a huge leap from the sunny, happy, full of life girl we used to know before she got with Cruise.

    I wouldn’t go see her or Cruise in a movie (or play) if someone paid me. They’re insane.

  • Vickie Christina

    Tim Gunn was right, # 23. She looks ridiculous! Without her stylist, KH is lost.

    What does she do besides parade around for the paps? Her movies bomb and I her play isn’t selling tickets. She’s just like Paris Hilton. Famous for being famous.

    She had so much promise. The minute she married that nutcase Tom Cruise and got involved in a cult she destroyed her life and her career.

    I used to love her on DC but I can’t be bothered with her anymore.

  • Victoria

    why do i have to know what she wears every fucking day.

    oh. let me se what katie is wearing today. duh

  • stella

    I really like photo 5

  • lola

    She’s a cutie and my all time favorite actress. Cruise was awesome on Tropic Thunder!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sacha

    Don’t you people who love to hate take a day off? It would be nice for those of us who are pure of heart and mind if you gave it a rest. Take your medication and settle down. #12…you don’t have to see any movies or plays even if you could afford to. S.

  • HaleyFinn

    Jared posts pics of Katie all the time because he knows how many out there loathe and detest her and her crazy maniac midget husband. Why do you think he always adds a little comment to get everyone going?

    Jared knows how much people can’t stand her smug ugly mug. You have it wrong thinking he’s her biggest fan. He’s taking advantage of her in the worst way humanly possible, making money off her image and hoping people will come to voice their negativity and displeasure.

    Do you reall think he believes this is important news? LMAO. That was put in there specifically to up the number of negative comments posted. He wants everyone to hate Katie, because that spurs on more discussion and debate, which translates into more postings and hits.

    Katie Holmes is a big joke now, a sad shadow of what she used to be and someone who sold out her beliefs and dropped friends from her life all to grab onto the fame and money Tom Cruise could offer. But even I feel bad that she is being used in ways she doesn’t even realize.

    And Clinton needs to just shut up.

  • sacha_is_a_Hypocritical_loser

    “It would be nice for those of us who are pure of heart and mind”

    Oh give me a break…rolls eyes.

    Glad you think so highly of yourself. Of course in the very next sentence you insinuate someone you don’t even know of having a condition that requires meds, and then you also insinuate that they are too poor to see a movie or play?

    So everyone remember that even though SACHA likes to pick on those he/she believes to be poverty-stricken and mentally or physically handicapped, he/she is better than us.

  • ninja

    She is a beauty but a real wonderful person on that inside that sets Katie apart from many in hollywood.

  • iron chef
  • Dancer

    hey VICTORIA–
    Don’t die of shock, but I actually like what she is wearing today. My only criticism is her jeans are too long and she is stepping on the hems. I would never wear that in NYC. Sidewalks are way too nasty!!! The city does a great job with the garbage detail, but still…millions of people dropping stuff, spitting etc., garbage is put out on the walks for pick up etc. I just wouldn’t want to walk around on that crud. My own opinion. I do like the t-shirt with the jacket (although why she needs a jacket when it is about 85 degrees is beyond me), jeans fit well and don’t emphasize her thicker thighs and calves, shoes are good too. Can’t say I am lovin’ the bag, but it is a Fendi (one of my fave designers), so I’ll zip it. Also like her in the charcoal pants with the white blouse. But don’t like those shoes. However, I do think she’d look much more smashing if she accessorized with a really cool belt and some trendy type jewelry that was understated, elegant, but cutting edge. :)

  • popeye


  • ?

    why does what katie is wearing everyday really matter? i liked the pre-tom katie better. she was more bubbly

  • Dancer

    It doesn’t matter. JJ is just posting and most of us are bored or whatever and commenting. I personally think she is a fashion disaster, but liked her outfit(s) today. No deep thinking needed.

  • Clinton

    You’ve been saying that for ages #27 and now you’re starting to sound absolutely ridiculous.

    There are pics where Holmes is vibrant and happy and yet you say: ‘You can see she’s trying to hide the sadness in her eyes’ or some other lunacy.

    How are they insane? What have they done?

    What did she do that was so wrong that you can’t bother with her anymore, #28? Marry someone you don’t like?

    No, #33. The regular critics need to shut up and get a life.

  • DEbba

    “The regular critics need to shut up and get a life.”

    And leave the thread to the regular nutcases like yourself who are so obsessed with an actor or actress that they patrol the website 24/7 to try to censor people from speaking their own opinion? No, thanks, Clinton. You Scientology types might believe in silencing all critics but the rest of us are free to exercise our right to free speech.

  • hmmm

    katie holmes i mean cruise , KC where is your sunshine smile?
    ew shes carrying around a dead snake lol
    no shes all posh like

  • m

    f.u.c.k you

  • Ismael

    love her style <3

  • Max

    Like her! She is beautiful and classy.
    BTW, she is working with no weekend. What a sweet American girl!!!

    Disgusted with bigots on TomKate’s threads.

  • KrissyKitty

    #35- “She is a real wonderful person on the inside”

    Really?! While she walks around with her thousands of dollars in designer clothes and shoes {probably given to her for free because the designers know that for know she is highly publicised} what is she or her husband for that matter doing for thier fellow MAN?
    ~ While ppl are struggling to keep food on their table and a roof over their heads, what are those people doing that sets them apart from the rest?

  • Dancer

    #47 KrissyKitty
    Why KrissyKitty, don’t you know–we have this from Tommy’s own mouth-he has personally saved hundred and hundreds of drug addicts from their habit because Scientology has the only system that works! He has saved people from drowning and helped people who have had accidents (amazing isn’t it how the press always gets ahold of this information). Not to mention the thousands and thousands of folks he has personally helped get off ritalin. Tommy with his sci-fi beliefs is working on saving the world. And there is only one way the world will be saved and that is for us all to convert to this idiotic sci-fi founded religion of his!

  • cara

    I want that

  • …….

    Much like Jackie…..only the hotter version