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Kevin Spacey's Butt Break

Kevin Spacey's Butt Break

Kevin Spacey pretends to be a proctologist while hanging out with a few guy friends at a nightclub in Hvar, Croatia on Friday.

These shocking new photos of the 49-year-old actor show Spacey wearing a newboy cap and pulling a young man’s shorts down.

Spacey has been in London the last few years as the artistic director of the Old Vic, one of the city’s oldest theaters.

Semi-revealing shots of Kevin Spacey‘s butt break inside…

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kevin spacey butt 01
kevin spacey butt 02
kevin spacey butt 03
kevin spacey butt 04

Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • shaneeka

    yeah, indeed, very ‘shocking’…??

  • Mary


  • apple

    sooo gay,lol

    good for him!

  • sophie


  • Mondo Bongo!

    When is his next movie??? now that would interest me.. >>>

  • moseley girl

    Ewww that’s gross.

  • argi

    that must hurt.

  • dfkwj

    I hate people like MONGO BONGO who come to gossip sites for all the wrong reasons, & then critize.

  • Ivana

    Go home Spacey, don’t do nasty things in my country…. :-)))))
    Such shame i used love him, he was brilliant actor and i think he still is….

  • erina

    is he actually gay? comment from “apple” has confused me.

  • Jackie

    Gay Gay Gay!!

  • parisgirl

    @ #10
    There always have been rumors about his homsexuality.

  • ILovePapaSmurf

    It’s very well known that he’s gay. Good for him. Go out there and get some ass!

  • Tyra

    If a guy is straight he would never go ‘there’, where Spacy has put his hands. Straight guys would never touch another guys butt, neither would they allow another guy to touch theirs. Spacy is gay, plain and clear. Its time to come out and be a proud gay man than a closeted homosexual pretending to be straight.

  • jo

    i always knew he was gay

  • katy

    isn’t that sexual harassment

  • Yum!

    Spacey is a well know homo – it’s not even a secret in Hollywood. It’s always middle America that can’t believe these things. Hollywood is fully of gay men pretending to be straight: Travolta, Chase Crawford, Ricky Martin, Clay Aiken, etc… I mean it’s no big deal and when pix like this come out, I love how these actors/singers try to “explain” it away.

    Explain the dong up your arse my friend!

  • Mondo Bongo!

    dfkwj @ 08/31/2008 at 3:18 pm
    I hate people like MONGO BONGO who come to gossip sites for all the wrong reasons, & then critize.

    Any time your unhappiness is my pleasure.. :lol:

  • Wynters

    Wasn’t there a movie based on Spacey being undercover gay? I could swear there was but can’t remember it…it didn’t actually say his name directly but there were rumors about that too. Ah well…I can’t remember lol

  • True blue

    That one fugly butt.

  • bridget

    Duh..everyone knows hes gay. Why dos that butt look so gross and red??

  • mcchicken wings

    #17 don’t forget zac efron………….

    woot woot kevin is getting his mac on..

    everyone in that photo want to tap that. good for them i guess… lol

  • lisa

    gay men are so nasty. you’ll never get me to see their “charms”.

  • leona

    Kevin Spacey is an amazing actor
    I find this article and pictures disgusting
    people should respect each other’s privacy and mind their own business
    these “eww”s are shame!
    just a croud of gossips

  • Mary

    There are no gay actors in Hollywood.


  • Liz

    Him and Ricky Martin being gay is the worst kept secret in Hollywood. Spacey cruises parks to pick up men and lord knows what his casting couch tally is.

  • lucius

    The comment from the person calling herself/himself Tyra is ridiculous and extremely narrow-minded. I take it you spend most of your time with non-artistic people.

    As for Spacey, good on him. It looks like fun.

  • Joey

    yeah..he’s gay..I think he’s still closet.
    Jared..this is a gross post of a drunk.
    must be a slow weekend, huh?

    where is the beautiful Brad Pitt?

  • Spanky


  • mia

    fudgepacker. eeeewwwwww

    old gays are gross

  • Ana

    he smoked marihuana too in Dubrovnik,i’m from Croatia so there’s been alot going on with him…he was so nice when he came but 2 days later he’s drunk and jelling..weirdoo

  • de Cosmos


    Look at his tongue! Ready for action?

  • cdn

    I find it a little odd that these images are on your site Jared.

  • murmur

    In my opinion these photos show no evidence that spacey is pulling the kids pants down. People throw themselves at stars all the time. This proves nothing to me. And Mr. Spacey’s eyes show that he is blasted… In the last photo he is even looking in another direction, to me it looks he is saying, get this kid off of me.

  • hmmm

    its funny , but whats with the third hand ???? hahah hmmm

  • hmm

    Pretty sure this post belongs on Dlisted or Perez, not here.

  • betina

    OMG, *shock*

  • http://bla tinA

    i m from croatia actually he was little drunk ands some paparazzi pictured him so this happened he isnt gay but i was on vacation on hvar and yeah i think we were fault to get him drunk but party was awesome he is great just he was little sad about whole paparazzi thin

  • Huh?

    “he isnt gay”

    How stupid people can be?

  • Ragazzo

    1. They purposely don’t show you the whole picture..
    2. You don’t know the context.
    3. Spacey is not the one who’s pulling down the shorts.
    4. This is a still pic that has been intentionally isolated from a very quick scene by a mischievous paparazzo..

    Conclusion: it doesn’t mean much.

  • Silly Ragazzo

    “Spacey is not the one who’s pulling down the shorts.”

    Spacey is playing with a guy’s naked butt.

  • Ragazzo

    Ah, tinA, were you there? Are you suggsting that the guy who’s gettting grasped is one of those intrusive paparazzi? That would be funny!

  • Kiki

    i know he filmed a new movie in Jacksonville lately about someone or something that way ga.y(something like that)but idk if these are from there or not. whatever.

  • Silly Silly Ragazzo

    > Spacey is playing with a guy’s naked butt.

    He’s just grasping him and pushing him aside. Read Ragazzo’s 4th point, he’s totally right. This so-called “scandal” is mere manipulation.

  • asx

    jared, are u gay? it looks like you hunt this topic…

  • fresh


  • oh snap

    i agree wit all yall saying that jjared posting this is a little odd if this site become like perez and tmz i will not be visiting it like i don’t visit the others

    please stick wit your stuff that makes you good jj

  • Clarisse

    Ragazzo, I’m with you. Sounds like the Croatian paparazzi are more vicious than any other paparazzi in the world.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Since when u but man ass in this site u r so gross woman nipple is wrong but man ass okay

  • um…

    I wasn’t aware that Kevin Spacey being gay was new information. He has been seen in the tabloid canoodling with young guys for years.