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Sarah Palin Didn't Give Birth To Down Syndrome Baby?

Sarah Palin Didn't Give Birth To Down Syndrome Baby?

On Friday, it was announced that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was chosen to be Republican presidential nominee John McCain‘s running mate. The 44-year-old Idaho-native claimed to be the mother of five children, the youngest of whom was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Palin‘s decision to have the baby was applauded by the pro-life community.

Here’s some new evidence Daily Kos has brought forward, showing Sarah Palin is not the mother of four-month-old Trig:

– On March 6th, Sarah announced she’s seven month pregnant. Even close members of her staff were surprised.

– Her water broke one month before Trig was due, but she kept a previous speaking engagement in Texas and then flew 8 hours to Alaska. No one on board noticed that Sarah was going into labor either. The flight lands in Anchorage, Alaska. Instead of visiting a medical facility that can accommodate a premature birth in Alaska’s most equipped city, she drives 45 minutes away to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, right outside the small village she used to govern as Mayor, Wasilla.

– On April 18, 2008, Trig was born one month premature. Sarah returned to work after three days. (Trig was diagnosed with Down syndrome while still in the womb.)

Trig is not Sarah‘s son, but grandson. It was her 16-year-old daughter Bristol (pictured right) who was carrying. (80% of the cases of Down Syndrome are in mothers under the age of 35.)

– Family had taken Bristol out of Anchorage High School due to contracting “infectious mononucleosis”. Reports say she was absent from school for five to eight months. Mono can last anywhere from two weeks to three months.

To read all of the incriminating evidence “proving” Palin is a liar, visit

Methinks Diddy has enough ammo for another verbal lashing in vlog #17! (Watch #16 here.)

UPDATE 1: The Associated Press has released an undated photo of a pregnant Palin, probably with her first child. And for kicks, this photo manip is so clever! This scandal is just calling out for Tina Fey to return to SNL to spoof all of this.

UPDATE 2: DailyKos posted a picture of Palin with what appears to be a baby bump. Check it out here.

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609 Responses to “Sarah Palin Didn't Give Birth To Down Syndrome Baby?”

  1. 1
    M Says:

    So what? So she covered up her 16 year old being pregnant? Who wouldn’t do that? It doesn’t change fact that they didn’t abort the baby when they figured out he had Downs- Syndrome.

  2. 2
    Angeline Says:

    That’s confusing…

    But ok.

  3. 3
    kyle Says:

    jared, u r dumb. this is an entertainment blog!

  4. 4
    heyyyo Says:

    so she carried the baby for her daughter? i’m confused.

  5. 5
    mia Says:

    pictured right*

  6. 6
    Mike Says:

    Didn’t this happen on Desperate Housewives in season 3?

  7. 7
    anna Says:

    omg! this is movie-like

  8. 8
    rawdawgbuffalo Says:

    well from this libertarian, well im just happy politics is interesting again, not to mention
    sarah got a gun lol

  9. 9
    di_n Says:

    jared…….i guess i know who youre voting for….obama.

  10. 10
    McCain for president!! Says:

    McCain/Palin has my vote. Nice try Jared.

  11. 11
    liberals are scared Says:

    Jared, it’s going to be okay. Your guy won’t necessarily lose just because of Palin. You can back off the sexism stuff and just focus on being offended by the gaybashing you see around every corner.

    It’s a lie and Jared is just a scared liberal. Their hatred of this woman shows they are scared their liberal god won’t win. Calm the f down liberals and stop lying.

  12. 12
    Just Jared Says:

    Hahaha, Mike. Yes, a similar situation happened to Bree Van de Kamp (Marcia Cross) and her daughter Danielle (Joy Lauren).

  13. 13
    piper, with a low Says:

    # 4 heyyyo @ 08/31/2008 at 11:33 am

    No… Bristol, the daughter, was pregnant, but Sarah, allegedly, tried to cover for her by pretending to be pregnant. When Bristol, allegedly, gave birth, the child she had was passed off as Sarah’s child.

    This sounds like bull$h*t to me.

  14. 14
    me Says:

    i cant believe you would even post this bogus crap. just because the democrats are all afraid now because a smart choice was made to select her doesnt mean they should start to create all these stupid lies.

    why do you think young people dont vote? because were sick of all the stupid attacking that both parties do to each other. its time to end that . sarah will be an amazing VP because shes real. it is what it is. who cares what has happenen. make your decision who to vote for then shut up. dont go around attacking the other person thinking ull sway the vote…cause u wont.

    and for those democrats who say she is inexperienced….she actually started in politics way before your front man obama did.

  15. 15
    Besane Says:

    This woman has a LOT OF SKELETONS in the closet! This rumor was not new— because of her ‘anti-abortion’ stance she couldn’t have had her daughter abort a baby she probably didn’t want, but offered to cover up for her. WHAT A MESS. Now it’s all out.

  16. 16
    that is not right Says:

    If you are so Pro Life then why not admit your under age daughter is pregnant and let her publicly be pregnant and have the baby?

    Why lie to the public and basically perpetrate fraud by telling your administration and friends you are the one who is pregnant.

    For someone who is running under the campaign theme of transparency and truth and non corruption.. that would be counter intuitive. And could be devastating for the race.

    Will be interesting if this is proven correct.

    And M.. no it isn’t understandable.

    Understandable would be admitting your daughter is pregnant. Supporting her in seeing out the pregnancy and then deciding to give the baby up for adoption or helping her raise the baby… lying to everyone and raising your grandchild as your child and having a child call his mother sister has serious mental and emotional consequences.. ask Jack Nicholson and others who came forward declaring betrayal and serious emotional distress by family members deceptions.

  17. 17
    ace tomato Says:

    If this is true, and that remains to be seen, then she covered it up to protect her young daughter. I don’t think that is wrong – it’s called privacy, and parenting.

    And M is absolutely right, it shows family commitment and a commitment to her pro-life values. This would be a scandal if she secretly had her own daughter get an abortion while espousing a pro life platform, but as it stands (and again, just a rumor right now) it is an example of her integrity, not a black mark on it.

  18. 18
    Nina Says:

    Yeeeeeeah this is fake. This doesn’t change my vote, and I thought this was an ENTERTAINMENT blog, ya psycho.

  19. 19
    Besane Says:

    Good going, Jared, you should keep exposing these people in your blog. This is a celebrity blog, not an entertainment only, right? Get over it Republicans, and deal.

  20. 20
    well... Says:

    If this is true WOW

  21. 21
    McCain for president!! Says:

    You people are so stupid. If this was true, it would have been out by now if it were true. The Dems have been attacking since the first moment they heard the name Palin so it wouldn’t have taken Just Jared to enlighten you.

    You people are running scared and I luv it!!!

  22. 22
    anna Says:

    Haha! That is complete bull. For instance, if her daughter was the one carrying, why would she go into labor?? Common now. Nice try.

  23. 23
    jesse Says:

    WHAT iS YOUR PROBLEM JARED? You know, I come to this blog because you are always a good person who leaves the negativity out. On that note, THIS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING I HAVE EVER HEARD. How bout you get some confirmation before you post something so crazy. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, yes, but this is absolutely a new low for you. Posting something like this as fact to try and sway opinions is disgusting. How bout you respect the OTHER side for once. I’m so sick of liberals preaching open mindedness while they completely bash conservatives. I’m over it, and I’m over this blog.

  24. 24

    The democrats are shaking in fear! They are spreading malicious lies!

    Sarah Palin is the re-energizer of the Republican Party troops that defeated GORE, KERRY … and soon OBAMA!


  25. 25
    m Says:

    #3 kyle, daily kos is not entertainment blog! It’s a well-established political insiders’ blog!

    having said that,

    > 80% of the cases of Down’s Syndrome are in mothers under the age of 35.

    i think this information is wrong. over the age of 35.

  26. 26
    innominedei Says:

    fyi, Jared didn’t make this stuff up, he even had the source cited. so why u all ran to the conclusion that he’s running for Obama?!! maybe he is, maybe not. that’s his choice. come on, voting is a personal choice anyways.
    it’s his blog, let him post what he finds interesting. and to be honest, it is an interesting post, regardless of whose side ur on. after all, both sides should know more about the ppl running for the offices… be those infos malicious, truthful, patriotic or whatever… these are the things that give us an idea of the kind of ppl they are… then we can decide on our choice…
    no need for personal attacks… that’s a cheap shot and just goes to show the person that u are.

  27. 27
    well... Says:

    Here is where it matter. Her first statement to the American people as vice president nominee was a LIE.

    I will write again WOW.

    If she would do all this to protect her daugther than you know she used her power to get that trooper fired.

    I will write again WOW. What won’t she do for what SHE thinks is right?

  28. 28
    JC Says:

    That photo is from 2006, see Anchorage Daily News:

    I’m guessing they kept the teen on the downlow and there’s no images of her. It’s the photos of Sarah, announcing when you’re 7 months pregnant and nobody knowing beforehand, the odd behavior in Texas – flying after her water broke, and the removal of images off her official .gov web site which raise alarms to me.

  29. 29
    kate Says:

    Taking her daughter out of school was probably as far as she should have gone with that. But telling people that your pregnant when ur not is just dishonest. she should have accepted the concequences of people finding out about her daughter being pregnangt. A 16 year old having a baby is no big news it happens to many teens and families.

  30. 30
    Calypso Says:

    Even if it’s true I don’t see anything wrong with what she did. I Actually respect her for keeping the baby and for trying to protect her daughter.

    C’mon people, Try to have more respect for situations like this!

  31. 31
    JC Says:

    As for those saying “so what”, there likely is issues of fraud involved with insurance, the birth certificate, and any maternity benefits the state may have provided. There’s an argument it was noble to do, but it could have been illegal. And the nobility goes out when she decides to accept the VP slot, knowing the eyes of the world will be snooping into her family’s business.

  32. 32
    jim Says:

    How bout I never see any negative things posted about Democratic candidates? And how bout I am SICK of people like Diddy opening their mouth and saying the most ignorant of things. And you applaud that? Shame on you, Jared.

    The Dems have NOTHING negative to say about Palin so they’re going to try to make stuff up. Obama has already said back off of Palin, so why don’t you listen to him?

    McCain/Palin ’08!

  33. 33
    TrekMedic251 Says:

    The source is the Daily Kos, so I don’t put ANY faith in its veracity. This is the same blogger that refused to break the Edwards scandal because it would make Obama look bad, then banned the blogger that DID break the story.

    “Nuff said.

  34. 34
    ... Says:

    Its really sad that JustJared is using his blog to better the democratic campaign, and make them look like the better ones. shame on this site.

  35. 35
    jane Says:

    The reason it’s important is because Sarah Palin WHORED out this ‘pregnancy’ and held herself up as an example and paragon of virtue. Palin took every opportunity to assert that she was keeping the baby because every life has value and yada yada yada.

    What she actually did though is illustrate why so many women do have abortions! Rather than support her daughter she HID the teen’s pregnancy–because teenagers can be embarrassed by becoming pregnant! She proved that their is a social stigma to teen pregnancy and perhaps she even realized that becoming a parent can ruin a young person’s life.

  36. 36
    ... Says:

    #32 AGREED!!!

  37. 37
    neil Says:

    How brave of her to insist HER DAUGHTER not get an abortion.
    But all irony aside, I actually feel good about her nomination. It isn’t because I want her and McCain to win but rather since the two opposing teams are now firmly set we can safely assume that in the next administration the Neo-con slime will be kept away from the levers of power. Whether you like John McCain or not he has reestablished his maverick credentials with this choice. This puts his team firmly outside the Bush, Cheney, Neo-conservative ADVENTURIST policies of the last administration. Yes, they are still conservative but as a Canadian I can live with that.

  38. 38
    Dana Says:

    This is just political mess and really, to use the daily Kos as your fact source is appauling. The Kos is a VERY left site that one would never use as fact. I mean if she were a democrat and Anne Coulter had posted this on her site, would you believe it and plaster it on the web? Come on, this is ridiculous….

  39. 39
    test Says:


  40. 40
    Stephen Says:

    Palin is a LIAR .. and someone with as thin a resume as hers I can only imagine what else she is hiding. The Republicans obviously did not vet her. She is so ANTI-CHOICE, anti-birth control and anti-condom it makes the Bush admin look like liberals. You people need to see how this 20 months ago mayor of 5000 in the middle of nowhere really stands on the issues before you give your support. She is a nutjob.

  41. 41
    Besane Says:

    If this rumor turns out to be true, or if Palin cannot provide the evidence to the contrary (that she indeed is the true mother), her record as a public servant is tarnished as a LIAR. I don’t condone a mother trying to cover for a daughter, but do you want her to LIE to you as a potential President of the USA? It’s all about integrity which she will be perceived to have NONE if this story can’t be extinguished. So, if this is indeed a bogus, come on now and show us the proof. She is parading her down-syndrome son as a sign of “pro-life”, so own up to it.

  42. 42
    share Says:

    The risk of Down’s Syndrome INCREASES with age, so it is more likely to occur in someone OVER 35, not under.

  43. 43
    noname Says:

    This is ridiculous! Liberals are picking at anything to hurt her. How do you think her family feels when they read this stuff? And her oldest daughter?
    JustJared is supposed to be an entertainment blog. I have put up with the obvious endorsement of Obama for some time, however this has just gone to far. I think that I will be finding a different celebrity blog to follow. I am extremely disappointed by the lack of professionalism demonstrated by this blog.

  44. 44
    To M Says:

    # 25, i think you are the one who has down’s syndrome. lol
    # 3 was saying justjared’s an entertainment blog.
    you need to learn the difference between “this” and “that”

  45. 45
    Besane Says:

    Oh and people of Alaska, I am sure the Republican “fixers” are on plane right now heading your way, looking to drop some serious cash to keep you quiet. THIS IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO CHANGE AMERICA. Don’t accept bribes!!!! You will have your children to answer to.

  46. 46
    Alex Says:

    I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I have NEVER heard of infectious mono lasting 4-5 months. Ask your doctor. The most serious cases generally last 2-4 WEEKS.

  47. 47
    hhmm Says:

    I believe it…these right wing christians are crazy. It keeps coming out they are gay having sex with boys…and all sorts of crazy stuff.

  48. 48
    amanda Says:

    Im voting for Obama, but this is the dumbest thing I have every heard. People need to be very careful with putting stuff like this out there. It’s one thing to attack her and other thing to go after her kids. You better get some evidence, other than piecing together storylines from recent Lifetime Movies.

  49. 49
    A2B Says:

    Jared, what are you thinking? You have reported this as if it were completely factual! Outrageous! So who had the womb with the baby in it to be diagnosed as Down Syndrome? Sarah’s daughter? Wasn’t this obvious, then, to alot of people, all of whom are covering up? And they would do this, even though it was the governor of their state, so kind of a very big deal? That entire facility, all those people? And her water broke on a plane, yet she wasn’t pregnant? Did she have a water balloon under her skirt? Take this down, Jared. It is beneath you.

  50. 50
    Besane Says:

    Personally I would fear for the life of the obstetrician who delivered Bristol Palin’s baby. Tell him to go into hiding if anybody knows him.

  51. 51
    brad Says:

    The liberal press refused to investigate the reports of John Edward’s illegitimate child for MONTHS until Edwards himself confirmed it in the wake of overwhelming evidence in the National Enquirer.

    But the same liberal press doesn’t find anything wrong with making insinuations about Sarah Palin’s private life because she’s a Republican.

    Talk about a double standard. Right, Jared??

  52. 52
    Palin is a STAR Says:

    Obama’s resume is thinner than Palin. Palin has more experience in governance. Obama does not have any.

    Vote McCain-Palin 2008!

    Vote Hillary 2012!

  53. 53
    Calypso Says:

    I think that even public persons have the right to lie (sometimes) about their private life if it doesn’t affect others…they’re trying to protect their privacy.

  54. 54
    Besane Says:

    brad @ 08/31/2008 at 12:10 pm

    Hello? Edward isn’t running for President. Palin is. (VP)

  55. 55
    Andrea Says:

    It is all speculation by a left wing blog. Democrats are scared of what Palin running as VP will do to their chances of winning the presidency so of course they are going to start some ridiculous rumor

  56. 56
    Sarah Palin is a STAR Says:

    Obama’s resume is thinner than Palin. Palin has more experience in governance. Obama does not have any.

    Vote McCain-Palin 2008! Vote Hillary 2012!

  57. 57
    Zen Says:

    I’m not going to judge her. Just like I’m not going to call people names for supporting who they want to support for president. “RESPECT PEOPLE’S VOTE” just like you want ppl to respect yours.

    Also Jared pay’s the cost to be the BOSS up in here. He can post whatever the **** he wants to. If you and your “party” don’t like it … F-off!

  58. 58
    G550 Says:

    She’s a nice woman, a real go-getter, a wonderful example to young women to follow their dreams and take career risks. And she does not have sufficient background in constitutional law or the proper scale of legislative experience to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. While acreage big and cozied with big oil, Alaska is not a suitable practice ground for the job, sorry. Maybe if she were a 2d term governor or she had a solid background as a jurist or interpreter of law, great.

    Please don’t underestimate the value of legal background with candidates. Lack of it is what has gotten us into the Iraq mess, with citizens and legislators opting to “support our president” as if he were a fragile ego monarch, and going along with a war and subsequent powers that are at best, illegal.

    You also have to question the judgment of someone to take on this job. If you have only flown a Cessna and recently gotten your license, and someone asks you if you would like to fly this here 767 with 400 passengers on board for the next couple hours, and try a landing into Hong Kong, what is it that makes you say “Sure!” Is it hubris or out and out stupidity, especially when you have gone on record saying you don’t know WTF the VP does. (You know, tie-breaking vote in Senate, run National Security Council, little **** like that.) Either way, not good.

  59. 59
    G550 Says:

    She’s a nice woman, a real go-getter, a wonderful example to young women to follow their dreams and take career risks. And she does not have sufficient background in constitutional law or the proper scale of legislative experience to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. While acreage big and cozied with big oil, Alaska is not a suitable practice ground for the job, sorry. Maybe if she were a 2d term governor or she had a solid background as a jurist or interpreter of law, great.

    Please don’t underestimate the value of legal background with candidates. Lack of it is what has gotten us into the Iraq mess, with citizens and legislators opting to “support our president” as if he were a fragile ego monarch, and going along with a war and subsequent powers that are at best, illegal.

    You also have to question the judgment of someone to take on this job. If you have only flown a Cessna and recently gotten your license, and someone asks you if you would like to fly this here 767 with 400 passengers on board for the next couple hours, and try a landing into Hong Kong, what is it that makes you say “Sure!” Is it hubris or out and out stupidity, especially when you have gone on record saying you don’t know WTF the VP does. (You know, tie-breaking vote in Senate, run National Security Council, little **** like that.) Either way, not good.

  60. 60
    julia Says:

    # 19 Besane @ 08/31/2008 at 11:45 am Good going, Jared, you should keep exposing these people in your blog. This is a celebrity blog, not an entertainment only, right? Get over it Republicans, and deal.

    Cheers Besane..

  61. 61
    ... Says:

    I don’t see what’s so bad about that? It’s not like she covered up some national scandal, she was protecting her pregnant 16-year-old daughter, which is what a mother’s supposed to do.

    I’m assuming you’re pro-Obama, Jared?

  62. 62
    AC Says:

    I’m proud of you Jared!

    The Republican party has taken women back a generation by using a completely unqualified woman on the ticket and then assuming all women are mindless sheep that will vote for anything with ovaries. Hillary Clinton was chosen by 18 million (she lost, but still); Sarah Palin was selected by one person.

    On the experience issue, don’t dare say she’s as qualified as Obama:

    “Alaska is a much smaller state than Illinois, the political base of Barack Obama, whom Republicans have repeatedly criticized for being inexperienced, having served nearly four years in the U.S. Senate after eight in the Illinois state Senate.”

    “Palin has no experience in national office. Before becoming governor in December 2006, she served as a council member and mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, which had a population of slightly more than 5,000 during her time in office.”

  63. 63
    Cutie Says:

    Besane, Edwards was campaigning for the Presidency….

    Jared, you are a moron.

    McCain/Palin 08! So excited to see all of the other supporters of McCain/Palin here!!

  64. 64
    Equity Demanded Says:

    The media is going out of it’s way to try to dig up dirt about Sara Palin, they are bashing her for her womanhood, attacking her family, and making false accusations against her, all because she is a WOMAN. Where is the fairness? She is the First Woman to be nominated in the Republican Party to run for such esteme office…BUT…Barack Hussin Obama is the First Partial Black to run for such an esteme office. My question: where is the equity in the media covering both candidates? I have yet to read multiple attacks on Obama’s parentage, where he was raised the first years of his life, his wife’s papers in university calling for black supremacy….bash one, bash both, at least be equitable about it……I prefer knowledge based in fact to make my important decision this Nov. 4th. Our country is in dire need of capible leadership….so we ALL need to delve into what we read and search for the true person behind it

  65. 65
    ck Says:

    My God,, are using something like the Daily Kos as your source?
    What happened..the Weekly World News site is offline?

  66. 66
    Cutie Says:

    Obama is an ideologue…promising some vague notion of change. Impressive public speaking abilities ALONE shouldn’t qualify you to be President

    MCCAIN/PALIN 08!!!

  67. 67
    Lauren Says:

    Very Desperate Housewives.

  68. 68
    Meg Says:

    Wow, i mean i see why she would want to cover this up, she took a very risky step trying to protect her daughter , i respect her decision to keep the child, also, but she must have understood how this would impact her political career.

    This is a plot straight out of Desperate Housewives, i didn’t know people actually did this in real life. LOL

  69. 69
    HALLE Says:

    The source is the Daily Kos, so I don’t put ANY faith in its veracity. This is the same blogger that refused to break the Edwards scandal because it would make Obama look bad, then banned the blogger that DID break the story.

    “Nuff said.



  70. 70
    jen Says:

    you republicans are all so insane ! This is not a pro-life/pro-abortion issue. This is about the fact that she LIED and COVERED UP her daughter’s pregnancy instead of being honest and forthright. This shows bad judgement and bad character on her part. You conservatives can spin it however you want , Mccain’s choice was a lousy one!

  71. 71
    Something is amiss Says:

    I have ever heard of someone pregnant over 40.. walking several blocks at high speed, drinking coffee, in heels when their is snow.. you are already a high risk pregnancy.. why would you take the risk of caffeine and a fall on the slick sidewalks? Nor flying without after 7 months without alerting the airline to your condition. Nor leaking amniotic fluid which could be an indicator that something is seriously wrong and thinking ah so what.. let me finish my speech, fly for Texas to Alaska (once again without alerting the airline that you might be in fetal distress labor.. not showing any outward signs of labor or distress to stewardess’) and then not go straight to a hospital that has neo natal facilities but drive an additional 45 minutes to a small hospital without premie unit but within your control of power to give birth??? WTH??? I have had two babies… I couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough and that was a 10 minute drive.. If I thought something was wrong… I would have broken land speed records..

    She was out of town and got the call that her daughter was in labor.

    And NO NO NO NO it is not honorable or commendable to lie as a politician building your career on truth, transparency and honor to fake a pregnancy to cover for your 16 year old daughter… the daughter, her sister, and this child will need serious therapy if they have to carry this secret with them into adulthood.. he is my child.. he is my grandson son.. and has down syndrome??? Poor poor poor baby!!

    And for someone who calls herself a feminist for ProLife.. a feminist would have proudly helped her daughter get through the pregnancy and face the challanges openly and honestly.. this isn’t 1950 where you say.. Oh she has mono (wink wink) for 5 to 8 months!! Good greif!!

    She was barely investigated by McCain.. he FD up choosing her.. just because she has a ****** doesn’t mean people are stupid enough to vote for her.. she is anti choice, anti equal pay, under investigation for abuse of power and now may have lied about her child/grandchild. Lets just step backwards with female rights about 50 years with this choice McCain.. are you going to take the female right to vote away next?

  72. 72
    sarah Says:

    I actually applaud her for protecting her daughter, how dare you embaress this poor teenage mother, shame on you!

  73. 73
    cutie pie Says:

    She needs to stop lying,, oh what a web we weave and this is who they pick for VP, what a crock of lies you people give out, so her daughter is a unwed babys mama welcome to the real world , it happens in all races and some abort thats why you dont see the baby. If it was Obama or a black person you folks would be all over it talking about oh those blacks this and that , ok well jump on this mess and that mess of a mess with that Casey lying Anthony chick, that woman is pathetic, why dont they just let all the criminals out to tell where their victims are … bunch of covering up idiots, as long as they treat her like shes on vacation,, interrogate her like they do all others, oh i forgot she was going with a cop so be nice to her!! damn shame!

  74. 74
    KrissyKitty Says:

    WOW! Those are some accusations. If it is true so what people have been raising their grandchildren as their own for years.
    But this is politics. I hate it when it gets so personal.

  75. 75
    G550 Says:

    McCain’s judgment is a dodgy, too. You know, when you interview for the biggest job in your life, don’t you typically do about 3 rounds of interviews? At least??

    So when you are looking for someone who is supposed to have commander in chief potential, don’t you think you should put a bit more effort in beyond a first time meeting in February, then a phone conversation, and then another meeting on this past Thursday morning? Even if they spent the whole day and night each time, that’s a total of 72 hours.

    People need to wake up.

    Someone joked that she was vetted by eHarmony. eHarmony would have spent more time, and the stakes are lower.

  76. 76
    Paulie Says:

    Look I’m voting for Obama/Biden but linking to DailyKos is a major turn-off for me, a Hillary supporter. Kos and the gang smeared Hillary and it looks like their new target is Palin. That site and many of its posters are sexist, and they don’t even know it. And you’re headline is misleading. You’re stating that Palin didn’t give birth to the baby as if it’s a fact and she has confirmed it. It’s a rumor, period.

  77. 77
    Sarah Says:

    I’m VERY confused!

  78. 78
    A2B Says:

    I am reading comments from others who should know better but have accepted this idiotic story full of inconsistencies and impossible odds as if it is gospel truth, just because they would like it to be true to further their own political hopes. Disgusting, and demented. Could you grow a brain, people?

  79. 79
    Seth Says:

    If this is true, she is a calculating liar. McCain should drop her and get a newer more honset one. Hope this will be proven right or wrong soon so we could move on. Really do not want a woman who could not accept reality of a teenage pregnancy.

    on the other hand it is had to beleive she is so stupid as to cover up something like this. she comes out as a cunning politician looking for bigger positions otherwise.

  80. 80
    African Girl Says:

    Wait. . . what? Is they Synopsis of a VC Andrews book?

    Jared You got some ‘xplaining to do.

  81. 81
    ace tomato Says:

    This is so dumb. If Bristol was pregnant and they were covering it up, she wouldn’t be out wearing a tight shirt for photographs..

    THINK people. THINK.

    Bristol would be the one wearing loose tops.

    People are so gullible.

  82. 82
    Craig Says:

    The problem here is not so much what Palin did, but McCain’s judgment in choosing her. He obviously didn’t vet her at all, or if he did, she lied to him. Not good either way.

  83. 83
    victoria Says:

    AGREE ALEX NUMBER # 46…….. My daughter who works in a Dr.’s office, says they laughed themselves silly over this after church this morning. ( those who already read it ). In all the years she has worked there as an R.N., not any of them have encountered a MONO. case that has lasted THAT long, to keep a child out of school that many months… UNLESS, she had OTHER ongoing problems. ( obviously )……. Who cares if the daughter had a baby, for Lord’s sake ? It is 2008, the last time I woke up. If Palin is THAT far behind the times and has to hide things because she cannot deal with them, or does not want to think about what OTHERS think about HER or her family, then I will have to really think about BOTH sides all over again. But, I guess time will tell on THIS issue. The truth WILL come out, it ususally does. Look at EDWARDS.!!!!! YAWN< Here we go again !!!!

  84. 84
    maryanna. Says:

    so what!? its no one’s buisness! atleast she is more experienced then that attention-***** barack osama.

    and as far as “puff daddy” is concerned, he just needs to shut his trashy mouth and stick to lip-synching and creating stupid bands…

  85. 85
    WTH???? Says:

    If your water breaks in Texas.. you go straight to a hospital in Texas… especially a month premature.. especially over 40.. COMPLICATIONS!!! Any idiot would know that..esp someone who had been pregnant before.

    It requires swift action. If she is incapable of realizing that!! If she is willing to put her unborn baby in jeopardy while flying for 8 hours and then pass a well equipped hospital to get to a small hospital?? What does that say about her judgment skills? Her child was not a priority? Was it because she knew he had down syndrome.. she could callously risk his life with an 8 hours plane ride and and 45 minute drive???

    What can she possibly do if there is an emergency in the country that needs her immediate action???

    I have never heard of such a stupid thing? Well, sitting in a class room reading My Pet Goat for 15 minutes while the nation was under attack maybe.. or taking more vacation time then any standing President EVER leading up to 9/11.. that pretty stupid.. Oh congratulating someone in charge of relief efforts for a job well done while people die in New Orleans.. that was pretty stupid too.

    Great choice again Republicans!!

  86. 86
    ace tomato Says:

    This goofy rumor is DOA.

    Look at other pictures of the family from the same time. They are out on the web, easy to find with Google.

    Sarah wears looser fitting clothes, and Bristol wears form fitting tops and dresses. She has a little chub on the middle, but nothing beyond normal teen years baby fat. No baby included.

    There is nothing in any of the photographs that even remotely suggests Bristol Palin is trying to conceal a pregnancy. Instead, she is showing her figure and looks NORMAL.

  87. 87
    cutie pie Says:

    maybe she should have schooled her daughter more on condoms instead of abortions, stop the sperm before it develops into a fetus and i wouldnt vote for mc cain or her for all the tea in China, if she lied about her fast daughter what else will she lie about? A child can see thru those lies.. believe it and what damn grand mother says the kid is hers, not where i come from they dont lie and say that, the grandmother may help raise the kid but lying and saying its yours to protect your fast daughter is pathetic.

  88. 88
    tellin it like it is Says:

    Well, everyone saying this is an entertainment blog, it is all about CELEBRITIES and I think that it is DEFINITELY arguable that the presidential and VP candidates have become quite the celebrities. So what if there is talk on here about McCain, Obama, Biden, Palin, Beau, or Bristol. They’ve all been on TV and I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there (if only there were a raised hand icon) who find all of this controversy very entertaining. How McCain chooses a VP candidate who is a woman, obviously trying to pick up some last minute Hilary Clinton Fanatic votes, (cough cough sexcist cough cough). How said VP candidate has less than a full term of governer under her belt. How McCain is 72, with 4 bouts of cancer under his belt, so, uh, while it isn’t exactly pleasant, could die under presidency. How if that happens, we’d be stuck with Palin as president, and then where exactly do you think we’d be. How everyone seems to want to make this woman look bad. How everyone seems to want to make her kids and family look bad, and make Trig look bad. How everyone seems to think that the election is no where near entertaining and has no place on such blog. How everyone is complaining relentlessly to Jared about the above statement. I don’t know about you, but I personally find ALL of that INCREDIBLY entertaining.

  89. 89
    G550 Says:

    Equity Demanded @ 08/31/2008 at 12:17 pm
    The media is going out of it’s way to try to dig up dirt about Sara Palin, they are bashing her for her womanhood, attacking her family, and making false accusations against her, all because she is a WOMAN
    Not at all. She’s fair game, and if she wants to play, well, she’s gotta play. She doesn’t get a 2d or softer set of rules than everybody else. Why, that would be some sort of special interest, curved scoring approach (which, if she had the qualifications of a Christie Todd Whitman or Kay Bailey Hutchison, she would not need).

    In the internet age, you don’t have to go out of your way to find information. It’s all out there. Permanently, whether you think you take down your My Space page or not.

    Also, you are supposed to dig to find out all you can about politicians, and make an informed decision, not throw away your vote in a beauty contest or blind allegiance. This is not a monarchy where you just shrug and get the next thing the family spawns for you.

    Wake up!!!!

  90. 90
    Tina Says:

    If it’s not on (which it isn’t), then it’s false. The internet is full of rumours.

    Don’t you think people would’ve noticed if she wasn’t carrying a bump?

  91. 91
    fran Says:

    I love the republicans saying us democrats are scared of this news. Are you f**king kidding me! This is awesome, this has nothing to do with abortion this is about her being a liar and deceiving woman. And by the way, why was she so ashamed of her own daughter that she she covered for her.

  92. 92
    Marsha Says:

    Wake up people this is politics… Its not a tea party. Its going to get uglier and nastier before Nov.

    And if this is true. Do you really believe all this was for her 16 year old little girl??? Or was some of it to protect her “Repub values” ?! Having a 16 year old knocked up daughter is a no no with the Repubs.

  93. 93
    jesse Says:


    Mccain/palin 08!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. 94
    jaye Says:

    Good Grief ! Why are people up in arms about this. So Jared posted this, it goes with political territory. No was was complaining this much that it’s a celebrity blog when he printed the other threads that were political.

    Yes people do have skeleton’s in their closet. I understand how she’d have a problem telling the truth after all this time, but people can’t expect EVERYONE to ignore it if it turns out to be true.

    She can expect more of this; it happened to the male candidates, you can’t expect her to be treated differently because she’s female. That’s not sexist, that’s politics.

    Although what she did may be admirable to some, others will see it as just lying and wonder what other things she might be lying about. There is also the ‘other’ problem of her being under 2 ethiics investigations springing from accusations that she abused her office to pursue a personal grudge. If things keep coming out, after a while it doesn’t matter if they are true or not. We all know the voting public can be fickle.

    I know no one is perfect, but in politics they act like people should be.

  95. 95
    SundayRoast Says:

    Wow, that lady is Shady. Will the Real Slim Shady please stand up!

  96. 96
    Vote for All-American Family! Says:

    Wow! What a beautiful family portrait! They are a genuine All-American family!

    Vote All-American! Vote McCain-Palin 2008!

  97. 97
    Davey Says:

    For those that see nothing wrong with it. You honestly see nothing bad about her lying. She covered it up. She’s under investigation by her own state and now this. This woman and her family are a wreck. I don’t know about others but my parents taught me to live with my mistakes. I was taught that when I messed up I had to take responsibility and it was on me to deal with the consequences.

    But it’s okay because she’s a woman. An under qualified woman, but one about to make history, right? I voted for Hillary in the primary because I agreed with her views on how the country should be run. I’m now for Obama because he’s the candidate I most agree with. It would be highly offensive to my feminist mother that went to countless of rallies and protest in the 60′s & 70′s to vote for someone just because they’re a woman. That is not feminism. Feminism is what Hillary did.

  98. 98
    the real tita Says:

    If this is true, then she is more of a better mother than most. If she’d let her daughter have an abortion, then it would have been not so cool. Shows you what a good mother she is. She is willing to sacrifice as any good parent should.

    I like her even more now!

  99. 99
    ugh Says:

    I can’t see the problem.

    I can’t stand Obama.

  100. 100
    elizabeth Says:

    This lady is a dumb ***** and shes crazy. crazy stupid republican. we dont need any more you!

  101. 101
    Linda Says:

    I SOOOOO hope this is true; it’d be great to see that gun-toting, anti-environmentalist, anti-choice tw*t exposed for being a liar. It’s obvious that McCain only chose her because she’s a woman and he’s trying to court all of the Hillary supporters by making them think that he’s so progressive that he’d ask a woman to be his running mate. Hopefully they’ll not buy into that crock of b.s. and see that Palin and her anti-choice supporters would love nothing more than to take away women’s rights rather than uphold them.

  102. 102
    elizabeth Says:

    What a ******* dumb *****!!

  103. 103
    Davey Says:

    the real tita

    A good mother would have taught her daughter to take responsibility for her actions. We don’t hold our kids accountable anymore and its a shame.

  104. 104
    katy Says:

    She lied and faked a pregnancy and republican supporters are saying “so what” . Are you nuts, what she did was horrible! And this is not a pro-life issue, I myself am pro-life but she is just not VP matarial

  105. 105
    shoes4life Says:

    Well it could be true. Read this article of the interviewer who interviewed said when she claimed to be 7 months pregnant.

  106. 106
    Emeline Says:

    Before commenting on Down Syndrome stats, maybe you folks ought to Google DS? The facts are that yes, a woman over 35 is more likely to have a DS baby and those odds increase as she gets older. However, since most woman who have babies are still UNDER 35, the stat is correct-more women under 35 have DS babies simply b/c more women under 35 have babies. In addition, the odds of having a DS baby are also increased for extremely young (i.e. teen) mothers.

    Whether the story is true or not, the circumstances are very, very strange. If she is indeed so vehemently pro-life, then why would she put her special needs baby’s life at risk by insisting on delaying medical assistance for 8+ hours while in labor? And what a dedicated mother! Back to work 3 days later? Was the baby in intensive care since it was a preemie? Who was taking care of him while mommy was at work? And now that he’s all of 4 months old she’s going to campaign for VP? Let’s hear it for family values!!!

  107. 107
    Vote for All-American Family! Says:

    Vote All-American! DO NOT VOTE for a KENYAN!

  108. 108
    just me Says:

    If this is proven false, I will not visit this website again.

  109. 109
    lylian Says:

    If this story is true, it reflects badly on Sarah Palin.

    Yes, she may have been a loving mother protecting her child but anyone with an ounce of sense will know the best way to protect your daughter in these circumstances is to stand by her side and help her go back to school, help her take care of the baby. It isn’t to create a lie for your daughter to live for the rest of her life. It calls into question Sarah’s judgment, and her values. Ask yourself, would you do this to your daughter? How would you feel if your mother had wanted you to do live this lie?

    Here are some facts about downs syndrome.

    (1) Though the incidence of downs syndrome babies increase with age, even young women can have a downs baby.

    Does the risk of Down syndrome increase with the mother’s age? Yes. The risk of Down syndrome increases from about 1 in 1,250 at age 25, to 1 in 1,000 at age 30, 1 in 400 at age 35, 1 in 100 at age 40 and 1 in 30 at age 45 (6). Women over age 35 have been traditionally considered most likely to have a baby with Down syndrome. However, about 80 percent of babies with Down syndrome are born to women who are under age 35, as younger women have far more babies (2).

    (2) You cannot tell for certain whether you are having a downs baby just by ultra sound. However, using ultra sound, you may get some clues whether your baby might have downs.

    There are several other items that can be found during an ultrasound exam that some researchers have felt that may have a significant association with Down syndrome. These findings may be seen in normal fetuses, but some obstetricians believe that their presence increases the risk of the fetus having Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormality. These “markers” include echogenic bowel, echogenic intracardiac focus, and dilitation of the kidneys (pyelctasis). However, these markers as a sign of Down syndrome are still controversial, and parents-to-be should keep in mind that each marker can also be found in a small percentage of normal fetuses. In early 2001, a study (Smith-Bindman, 2001) was published that looked at all of the previous studies on this topic. The authors concluded that “[these markers] could not discriminate well between unaffected fetuses and those with Down syndrome.” A more specific marker that is currently under investigation is the measurement of the fetal nose; fetuses with Down syndrome appear to have smaller noses on ultrasound than fetuses without chromosomal abnormalities.

  110. 110
    ez Says:

    Here is a YouTube video of a state GOP convention meeting in March that very clearly shows a very pregnant Governor Palin.

  111. 111
    Rose Says:

    Justjared can put anything they like on their web site it is called his site and freedom of speech. Also I don’t know if all of this is true about Mrs. Sarah Palin but one thing I do find fascinating is that looking at this story I do know that when a women has had more than one kid you show bigger in your pregnancies not the other way around. I also feel it does make a difference if she is lying about having this baby, this women is already under investigation. This is a problem people, what will she do in office! Have we not had enough of this from the current administration? As has been said, she is pro-life. She should have supported her daughter, this proves people like her will throw us back to the 1950’s with this way of thinking.

    Also, women I hope you are not voting for her because she has a ******. That is like African Americans voting for Obama because he is Black. If you were voting for Hillary then you would not vote for her and McCain. Mrs. Palin is Hillary light and she stands for NOTHING Hillary believes in.

    My rant


  112. 112
    G550 Says:

    the real tita @ 08/31/2008 at 12:42 pm
    If this is true, then she is more of a better mother than most. If she’d let her daughter have an abortion, then it would have been not so cool. Shows you what a good mother she is. She is willing to sacrifice as any good parent should.

    I like her even more now!
    If this is true, the issue is not the pregnancy, it is the lying about it when you are a publicly elected official. Defender of your local constitution, ratifier and enforcer of your local laws.

    Please, no rosy pink glasses because she is a woman. She’s an elected official and if some guy tried to pass or not pass a kid off as his, that would be defrauding the state of dependent benefits, and that’s just the start of it. Equal playing field and equal pain for equal pay.

  113. 113
    KrissyKitty Says:

    McCain for president~
    I am Democrat voting for Obama… I am not scared by her nomination and I look forward to the debates. I cannot wait to see her under pressure. As a woman I am excited to see a woman as a VP Nominee, weather she is Rep. or Dem.
    As for this article it does not bother me one bit. As a mother I can understand that she would do that for her 16yr old daughter with her whole life ahead of her. A parent will do anything for their children. If it is true I would hate to see this become political fodder, it is a very personal issue that could harm her daughter and that little baby and has nothing to do with politics…

  114. 114
    sunshine Says:

    Davey @ 08/31/2008 at 12:48 pm

    the real tita

    A good mother would have taught her daughter to take responsibility for her actions. We don’t hold our kids accountable anymore and its a shame.

    Forget a good mother. She seems like the same old politician. Lying about her personal life to get votes. She was suppose to represent integrity . She was suppose to be a person of CHANGE not doing what other politicians did. What a fraud(if this is true)

  115. 115
    Mar Says:

    Your an a***&*&. This is for entertaimnet. Stick with what you know. It has nothing to do with the election and stay out of political blogging or lose fans….

  116. 116
    prettyme Says:

    ok, jared, this post is so dissappointing. Full of crap, and if you like Obama, then just say so, instead of coming with bogus ****. I honestly thought you were better than this. I guess, you and other democrats were pissing your pants, when you found out that Palin were republicans candidate for vicepresident. McCain did the right thing, showing how he truly stands for change, whilst Obama didnt have the guts to choose Hillary as vicepresident, but choose a oldie like Biden. Go McCain!!! (and, please stop posting posts like this, just sooooo dissappointing)

  117. 117
    Marsha Says:

    And for you guys who are *itching about the source need to understand… The Edwards thing started in the NE. NO ONE in main steam media (CNN or FOXNews) picked up the story. (at first) Because it started in a supermaket tab.

  118. 118
    helen Says:

    LYING is what’s wrong with that, do you want this woman to be our president once McCain is gone???
    This woman who will cover things up for us, and never tell us the truth about situations. (and brush up everything under the carpet)
    Come on people, wake up, it’s clear that she should not be our VP, not now and not ever.

  119. 119
    shoes4life Says:

    I look at it this way if she covered this up and plus trying to cover up that she did not have her ex-brother-in-law fired she is already showing her lying side. Just like Hillary did when she was running from sniper fire and the girl in the hospital story. To much risk in going with a known liar. I don’t care what you say a lie is a lie.

    We don’t need another liar in the White House. 8 years is enough!

  120. 120
    Go McCain Says:

    You are starting to lose a lot of fans by publishing things like this Jared. Lay off the negativeity and find credible sources. Also, enough Diddy, can we please get some intelligent celebrity info for once?

  121. 121
    sAM Says:


    MCCAIN & PALIN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. 122
    Davey Says:


    I’m a med student and it all doesn’t add up for me. She was leaking amniotic fluid but still insisted on getting on 8 hour plane ride to Alaska. Okay… Then the staff says she was showing no signs. Okay… Then she goes back to work when she just had a DS premie baby. That’s just not the way a person reacts fifth baby or not. That’s not even taking into account how much she put that baby in jeopardy by choosing to fly instead of going to a hospital near by. I’d also like to talk to her doctor. Since when is it okay to fly during the 3rd trimester.

  123. 123
    happy lol day Says:

    SO bizarre why not speak in favor of helping girls who are pregnant and children with DS not make an elaborate lie but then have pix of her daughter pregnant. It’s not such an uncommon thing but this kind of lying, well is not so un-politician-like :(

  124. 124
    david G Says:

    Gul-li-ble!! Everyone knows that the incidence of downs syndrome increases with the age of the mother. it would be a massive surprise for a 15 year old to give birth to a child with that but a fairly common occurance for a 45 yrs old woman to do so.

    nice try – better luck next time mate!

  125. 125
    carrie Says:

    jared, you seriously don’t believe this do you?

    i can’t believe you have that posted….

  126. 126
    ez Says:

    Here are pictures of Sarah Palin pregnant.
    Do your research Jared.

  127. 127
    Larry gwaltney Says:

    Jared, you can’t seriously believe that ridiculous tripe posted on the Daily Kos is a reliable source of information!

    This has been debunked six ways from Sunday for at least 24 hours.

    You need to retract this post.

  128. 128
    julia Says:

    Jesus At Some of You People.. You can’t tell Jared what He can and Cannot post… If You don’t like it, Leave.. It’s called Freedom Of Speech..

  129. 129
    Besane Says:

    Republican or Democrat, if you are running for Presidency you shouldn’t LIE. Edwards is NOT running for Presidency ANY MORE, is he? Palin should provide the proof of her pregnancy; if not this story of her LYING will not go away = she will be McCain’s biggest liability.

  130. 130
    matthew Says:

    If this is not an “entertainment” story, then why did McCain & Palin’s families (EXCEPT for McCain’s adopted daughter, who is from Bangladesh) appear in PEOPLE? These are public figures, people.

    Second, NONE of this story has been made up by Democrats or by anyone having anything to do with the Obama campaign. In fact, when she surprised the state of Alaska and announced she was 7 months pregnant, local papers asked all these same questions.

    Finally, remember that USUALLY, this kind of thing would be caught in the vetting process. But this time around, John McCain—by his people’s own admission—wanted a “shake things up” candidate. She was vetted for a couple of days and he’d only ever met her briefly once prior.

    In his mind, women will vote for any woman. In reality, MANY more fundamentalist Christians WILL vote for ANY candidate, like her, who his anti-abortion with zero tolerance.

    But the fact remains, this person was not investigated deeply. There is a very good chance this story is true (just like the John Edwards story wound up being true) and that it will be exposed. She is not the VP nominee until she is officially nominated at the convention, and even then, she can still be off the ticket.

    Watch for that—it’s coming.

  131. 131
    Kristine Says:

    This is pretty cowardly of her. I’m glad they kept the baby, but she is still a coward for not admitting this was her daughters child.

  132. 132
    A2B Says:

    Watch the video in #110. The woman is obviously PREGNANT. End of story. Idiots. I am ashamed of every one of you who just never questioned the insanity being delivered in this pathetic, pathetic garbage trash story . People “laughing” about it after church? cutie pie, you know she has a “fast” daughter? How judgemental, how small-minded, how ignorant you all sound. Ugh.

  133. 133
    mat Says:

    Although 80% of Down’s syndrome babies are born to mothers under 35. The incidence of a Down’s syndrome among mothers over 45 is 20x as high among mothers 45+

  134. 134
    Sarah Palin is My New Hero Says:

    …:lol: ….:lol:

    I can’t believe the Obama lovers are losing their heads. Sarah Palin must be a real threat.

  135. 135
    Besane Says:

    ITA. She isn’t officially nominated yet. The Hurricane Gustav might turn into as a blessing, if GOP decides to postpone the convention. They will have time to pick a replacement. At this point the mistake choosing Palin is pretty clear so if they are smart they will ditch her pronto. She is too much of a liability for McCaine.

  136. 136
    r Says:

  137. 137
    Renesmee Says:

    Oh please. This is only because the democrats have to crap on her, so they have to find something.

  138. 138
    Hun Says:

    IF this is true, I’m not worried about her trying to protect her daughter but for LYING to the American people.
    But who knows if its true or not. i would like to know for sure.

  139. 139
    Renesmee Says:

    And even if it was her daughters baby, so what? What’s wrong with protecting your daughter?

  140. 140
    nancy Says:

    I am very disappointed in JJ for printing this complete and unsubstantiated CRAP from DailyKos, of all the raving lunatic websites!!! RIDICULOUS rumor. JJ is not a political blog, last time I checked. Well maybe it’s becoming one. That would be a shame as most of us come here for light celebrity entertainment not get into political arguments. And yes, an older mother as Palin was, in her 40′s, is waay more likely to have a Down’s syndrome baby than a teenager. The Democrat hacks must be getting worried to be spreading this kind of garbage!!

  141. 141
    Besane Says:

    Seriously, how is the Republicans going to educate Palin on foreign policy? SHe has to debate Biden! Put her through some kind of a boot camp?

  142. 142
    Amy Says:

    That site is full of crap. It’s also toting “McCain hates children because he doesn’t support no child left behind” which is the hugest slant I’ve seen yet because MOST TEACHERS don’t support it. It’s a broken program that’s really hurt the education system.

    As for the “80% of down syndrome babies are to mothers under 35… that’s because most births, period, are to mothers under 35. I can skew statistics too, ready? The average Democrat has an IQ below 95… because the average American does.

  143. 143
    Besane Says:

    Renesmee @ 08/31/2008 at 1:16 pm
    And even if it was her daughters baby, so what? What’s wrong with protecting your daughter?


    LYING, honey.

  144. 144
    me Says:

    What woman goes back to work THREE DAYS after giving birth?

    And especially when over 40 and the baby has downs.

    This part of the story astonished me right from the beginning.

  145. 145
    Fingerhut Says:

    YOU ALL SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!

    HPOE FOR THIS LAND, HOPE FOR THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. 146
    obamafan Says:

    OMG, I cannot believe how so many americans are still so uberconservative!!! Or maybe they just post much more than relaxed people?

    I have respect for her decision to keep the baby,but that does not give her the right to make that decision for other women and that is what she does with her antiabortion blabla!


  147. 147
    scrooge mcduck Says:

    In 1886, The Republicans used the campaign slogan, “Ma Ma, Where’s my Pa?” The controversy about public service and private morality raged across the nation. The choice was between a man of personal immorality and public service integrity (Grover Cleveland) and one of a model family man guilty of using public office for personal gain (James G. Blaine). Cleveland narrowly won.

    After his election the Democrats answered the Republican ditty with “Gone to the White House, ha ha ha!”

    now we have: “Pa Pa, who’s my ma?” re: Palin

  148. 148
    what's funny Says:

    To me it is hillarious that this woman comes out of “NO WHERE” mind you, no one knows her, governor for less than 2 years, and a mayor of a very small town (like somone said a mayor over what 2 people and 3 grizzly bears)and the republicans were praising her in an hour of the announcement and didn’t know a darn thing about her. You guys would cheer on a goat (because you already have a monkey in office) as long as you don’t see the Democrats get in.

    The Republicans don’t care about change or trying to make America better they just won’t to keep the same ol’ rigged ass, take care of themselves, broke down oil machine going.

    Well, you might as well get ready because even some of your own faithful republicans are jumping ship because of this retarded nomination by your nitwit McCain, a bad decision before the voting begins. That says a HELL of a lot to me.

  149. 149
    bob Says:

    GO BACK TO POSTS #110 AND #126.


  150. 150
    taNIA Says:

    OMG this is soooo Desperate Housewives !!

  151. 151
    Sarah Palin is my New Hero Says:

    McCain Says Palin a Better Leader than Obama

    August 31, 2008 12:37 PM

    On Fox News Sunday this morning (watch HERE) Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said that his new running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, has been a better leader than his opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois.

    “What this brings is a spirit of reform and change that is vital now in our nation’s capital,” McCain said. “Eighty four percent of the American people think the country’s on the wrong track. In our Party, we have corruption. We have former members of Congress residing in federal prison, so it’s not surprising to me that we’ve seen an incredible invigoration around our Party and around the nation, not just Republicans, but Democrats. By the way, in the last day and a half or whatever it’s been, we have raised $4 million on the Internet. I wish I had taken her a month ago.”

    McCain said that Palin has “got the right judgment. She doesn’t think, like Senator Obama does, that Iran is a minor irritant,” McCain said, stating something as fact that Obama never ever came close to saying.

    “She knows that the surge worked and succeeded and she supported that,” McCain continued. “Senator Obama still, still to this day, refuses to acknowledge that the surge has succeeded. She’s been commander-in-chief of the Alaska Guard that has served back and back. In fact, as you know, she’s got a son who’s getting ready to go. But she’s had the judgment on these issues that Senator Obama, he’s had all the wrong judgments. Governor Palin understands these issues, and she understands the challenges that we face.”

    “She’s had twelve years of elected office experience” — McCain said, including her 10 years as Mayor of Wasilla, an Anchorage suburb with less than 1/10th the population of the arena Obama spoke to Thursday night.

    McCain said that Palin’s experience included “travelling to Kuwait, including being involved in these issues, and look, I’m so proud that she has displayed the kind of judgment and she has the experience and judgment as an executive. She’s run a huge economy up there in the state of Alaska. Twenty percent of our energy comes from the state of Alaska, and energy is obviously one of the key issues for our nation’s security.”

    McCain said that “as governor, she has had enormous responsibilities, none of which Senator Obama had. When she was in government, he was a community organizer. When she was taking tough positions against her own party, Senator Obama was voting present 130 times in the state legislature. On every tough issue, whatever it was, she was taking them on. That’s the kind of judgment that I’m confident that we need in Washington.”

    VOTE McCain-Palin

  152. 152
    lola Says:

    Wow, republicans are crazy. No one is afraid of Sarah Palin. It was an interesting article and I’m glad Jared posted it. Onward Christian soldiers? I hope you all fall on your swords.

  153. 153
    Davey Says:

    Hey Jared, make a post on how Palin was almost recalled as mayor of Wasilla for firing the city police chief and library director because they supported her opponent John Stein.

  154. 154
    You/Me Says:

    The only thing that really disaapoints me is that JJ posted this at all, mainly because I come to this site for entertainment purposes….not political. But, hey, it’s his site so he can post whatever the h*ll he wants.
    As for the post itself, IF it is true then anyone who is whining and crying about how she lied to the American people and all that cr*p is a totally naive dumba*s because whether you like it or not ALL politicians lie. Some just manage to get away with lying longer than others and lying about your child being pregnant and you being the mother is really just all that big a deal to me. I mean, seriously, Clinton looked American’s in the eye and flat out lied (I DID NOT SLEEP WITH THAT WOMAN, anyone remember that?) and just beause he lied about that didn’t really affect his capability to run this country. Anyway, this won’t change my vote for McCain/Palin.

  155. 155
    Obama for President. Says:

    FYI, Republicans, the Democrats are not scared of Sarah Palin. She’s a joke, and has only made McCain look more like the idiot that he is.

    Hillary supporters are NOT STUPID and they won’t vote for McCain just because his running mate is a woman.

    So Right Wingers, Neo-Cons, Faux-Christians, Fascists, Racists, Homophobes, Morons, whatever you call yourselves, PREPARE TO LOSE.

    But in the end we will all win when Obama wins. America will repaired from the damages that EIGHT years of Republican rule has done to this great country.

  156. 156
    jaden Says:

    I am shocked by this posting. My friends and I have lost so much respect for this site and will no longer visit :(

  157. 157
    ANGIE Says:

    Sarah Palin could sue Daily Kos, Jared and all the other sites for libel.

  158. 158
    Jan Says:

    Jared, I pray you really researched this information as your blog may lose all credibility on this one.
    As for experience Obama has been a senator for 3 years and has spent one and one half of those years running for president. There is only ONE president that was elected that was a senator. It was John F. Kennedy. Is Obama strong enough to be the second one? There has been more governors elected president in our history.

  159. 159
    nk Says:

    Seriously, anyone would applaud a mother supporting her teenage daughter’s pregnancy, but the REAL ISSUE here is that SHE LIED to the public for some strange, unethical, crazy reasons….

    Also, please view this video of Palin laughing like a 13 year old at another woman being called “a ***** and cancer” on the radio. She’s a good role model for all of us women, isn’t she?

    This lady has so much class and integrity… not.

  160. 160
    fuck republicans Says:

    i fuccking hate repubilcans they are all the same if mccain win i’m going to be sso pissed off he is just another bush a racist piece of **** and in my opinion a most republicans are rich stuck up racist people who would love if the world would go back to slavery they are nothing but liars and decievers and i’m doing my damnest to make sure Obama win
    Barack The Vote *******

  161. 161
    To Bob Says:

    There is a newsweek article in which she announces to the interviewer that she has to leave because she is in labor and the interviewer was in shock. He said he didn’t even know she was pregnant let alone 7 months pregnant. He said she wore a loose black dress but no signs of being pregnant. I read this on Friday before the news even started about this and I thought it was strange and blew it off but now it is a concern.

    There is such a thing as a prostetic maternity belly which in order for her to cover for her daughter she wore in different stages of the month. Because she seems to be a short woman she will carry more weight than a taller woman and it would be noticeable in her face. If you look at the photos she does not look pregnant and the sky lodge photos should have been just left off all together it looks like she do now.

  162. 162
    sayanything Says:

    Like Obama covered up his affiliation with/indoctrination by that venom-spewing pastor of his whom he had been listening to for TWENTY YEARS????????????????????????????????? Just because he suddenly quit that church amidst all the outcry doesn’t mean a leopard changes his spots! I’m disappointed in your obvious lack of subjectivity, Jared.

  163. 163
    one less reader Says:

    Jared, I am so disappointed in you. Truly, this is lower than I would have ever expected you to go. The picture you use to back your story up is from 2006, and there are literally hundreds of other pictures out there that show Gov Palin pregnant. To use the Daily Kos as your source just made you look so partisan, so…unfair. Im just appalled. In can barely find the words to say that in the way I really feel it. Disgusted, disturbed, so so disappointed.
    If you are right, what? Brownie points, I guess? You are hardly the first to break the story. But if you are wrong, Jared, what then? You have raised serious and awful allegations about a family who has done nothing to deserve it. You have made a child out to be a liar, made her forever see herself as fat, made people forever look at her as a liar. And you have tarnished what was a very honest feel good story about a baby boy born despite tremendous pressure to abort.
    Do your own research. Palin’s Dr spoke up for her after the delivery, saying she was ok to fly. Is her Dr lying too? Seriously, the damage done by such crass insinuations is deplorable. And I cannot in good conscience be a part of it.
    Oh, and for future referance? I have a child with DS, too. A child WITH Down syndrome. Not a Down syndrome child. And I had her at 31, which bears true for the fact that most babies with DS are born to younger mothers. The risk is higher in older mothers, but they have fewer babies.
    And when you are a mother, a strong woman, and a fighter, you do what you have to do to make it ok. If that means going back to work right away, if that means hopping a plane to be in your own comfort zone to deliver a baby you know will need to be surrounded by loving family…you do it. You dont ***** and whine and carry on. She had several months to get prepared for what DS would bring, she was ok with it by the time he was born. I am sure she also had level 3 and 4 ultrasounds, which showed the baby to be healthy, no cardiac or bowel issues. Babies with DS arent sickly, needy babies, jared. They are just babies. Its been nice knowing you, Jared.

  164. 164
    debjosy Says:

    B esane, you are always attacking people for putting down the Jolie-Pitts without facts. You do not smear another woman without facts. I am a lurker at this site and a Jolie pitt fan but I will never again read your post in the same vein.

  165. 165
    ahahah Says:

    “i fuccking hate repubilcans they are all the same if mccain win i’m going to be sso pissed off he is just another bush a racist piece of **** and in my opinion a most republicans are rich stuck up racist people who would love if the world would go back to slavery they are nothing but liars and decievers and i’m doing my damnest to make sure Obama win
    Barack The Vote *******”

    Ladies and gentleman, the average, idiotic, democrat.

  166. 166
    chris Says: must be really worried that the republicans will win huh? You are acting as crazy as perez hilton. Dont be a douche. Barack Obama has LESS experience than mccains VP haha….thats funny. And hes a LIAR cause he says hes a christian and hes not. His beliefs on abortion prove it. BTW My votes going to mccain…who actually has wisdom and experience unlike obama.

  167. 167
    HILLARY Says:

    Anyone who supported Hillary during the primaries, and is now voting for McCain is a TOTAL COMPLETE MORON! What are you guys thinking? Do you have your heads stuck completely up your asses? McCain is diametrically opposed to almost EVERYTHING Hillary stands for. And OBAMA is not.


  168. 168
    ybba Says:

    You all seem to be forgetting this is a GOSSIP website. Most of the stuff isn’t true, it’s just gossip. And what does her baby have to do with her politics? Oh right, she lied to us. But didn’t Obama lie about the whole Reverend Wright controversy? Seriously, you’re all so hypocritical, democrats and republicans alike.

  169. 169
    hope Says:

    This is just like that rumor being spread by Obama’s opponents that he is Muslim. Dirty tricks isn’t the monopoly of only one party.

  170. 170
    Davey Says:

    We democrats don’t fear Palin. Without her we wouldn’t have much to laugh about.

    We just come on strong because we’re baffled that people ignore all controversies just because she’s a woman. We’re even offended for the republican women in gov’t that have the credentials that were overlooked for the crazy moose eating lady.

  171. 171

  172. 172
    Jen Says:

    John McCain is SATAN. And anyone who votes for him wants America destroyed.

  173. 173
    nk Says:

    Dear #151 (Sarah Palin is my New Hero),

    It was also Fox news that said, “Palin do have some foreign policy experience because she is from Alaska, and Alaska is near Russia”. Ouch!!! If you call this journalism, let alone common sense, then you really really should vote for McSenile/Palin….

  174. 174
    steph Says:

    obama is the change we need to see in this country.

    this article makes me even more pro-obama/biden.

  175. 175
    Jen Says:

    “That’s confusing…”

    Ladies and gents, the average conservative.

  176. 176
    dean Says:

    ALL THE LIES!! This is sooooo funny!

  177. 177
    Sarah Says:

    I completely agree with you chris (#166). There’s no way I’m believing this bs story. Have some respect for the woman for not aborting the baby. Palin is a true hero.

  178. 178
    rocking Says:

    That is too funny, Republicans hoped for rain for the Democratic convention and their party is being rained on. Mccain was so jealous of Barack’s sucessful convention that he tries to court Hillary’s voters by finding a questionable woman from Alaska that people are wondering if she is passing her daughters baby as her own to hide her daughters “shame”…now I see how all of the Mccain people will be defending her…..LMAO.

  179. 179
    humanist Says:

    “Barack Obama has LESS experience than mccains VP”

    “And hes a LIAR cause he says hes a christian and hes not. His beliefs on abortion prove it.”

    stupid republican.

  180. 180
    BEL Says:

    Wow, I read your site every morning with my breakfast because you are usually entertaining but if you are going to start spreading political rumors for the DNC…guess I will find another site.

    I can’t wait for Nov. 4th to be over with I am so sick of the presidential race.

  181. 181
    oy Says:

    “But didn’t Obama lie about the whole Reverend Wright controversy?”


  182. 182
    oh stop Says:

    The Republicans are fearing McCain’s decision as well. Especially the hardcore up at the top Republicans. Most of you guys are running around supporting a person that none of you knew or heard of until 3 days ago, and yet she is the best choice????

    If McCain wanted to chose a woman why didn’t he chose Kay Bailey Hutchinson or some other stronger republican woman that is known.

    He made a dumb ass decision and a dumb one for a man that could drop out at anytime and yet you knuckleheads are ready to vote for him to put a person in office that was a mayor of a small town (not much executive experience going on there, maybe if she was mayor of Dallas then i would say okay) & governor for less than 2 years by default??? I see why our country is in the state that it is in. Proof is in the republican pudding

  183. 183
    Wakeupppl! Says:

    I have to say that majority of Republicans are the most IGNORANT people in the WORLD. Why are you willing to vote for a man who is clearly lying to you all and is running for presidency for his own selfish reasons just like George W. Bush? It is so OBVIVOUS that Palin was chosen at the last minute after the DNC. If in fact that McCain does win, I hope that everyone will see his true colors.

  184. 184
    MA Says:

    If this story is true, no one can blame Jared for posting it. IF the story is true, the person who “made a child out to be a liar, made her forever see herself as fat, made people forever look at her as a liar” would be that child’s mother – not Jared.

    Something is not right in the Palin household. A parent who returns to work with a 3 day old baby is nothing to be proud of – whether it’s the mother or the father. Flying 8 hours in the third trimester is risky enough, flying 8 hours with leaking amniotic fluid is assinine. And, the snowmobiler/dad’s comment “Can’t have a fish picker from Texas”. What an idiot. Better to risk the baby’s health than let it be born in Texas – that is, if that’s where the biological mom really was…

  185. 185
    brittany Says:


    if someone says they are a christian but refuses to put CHRISTIAN LAW into effect in this country, that doesn’t mean they aren’t christian. this is a democracy, not a theocracy. if you want your faith to run your state affairs then move to the middle east where you belong.

  186. 186
    I have an idea... Says:

    I have a brilliant beyond brilliant idea…how about you stick to sharing “unbiased” gossip about crap celebrities and leave the political talk to someone who knows what they’re talking about!

    JustJared? Really? Get over yourself and go back to that “unbiased” gossip reporting (unbiased as long as it fits your agenda and adheres to what you want to report)….I’m 100% over your site and plan on never visiting it again!

  187. 187
    mela Says:

    If this is found to be true…I believe the problem people will have with her is that she covered up her daughter’s pregnancy by lying to the goverment and the public.

    Sure she has a right to privacy, but when she opened her mouth and claimed to be pregnant she made it a public issue.

    As a public official, she is expected to be honest. It’s one thing to not discuss a “private issue”. It is a whole other thing to out right LIE to the public in an attempt to cover it up.

    If this article is true, I think it’s safe to say she lacks the proper ethics needed to be a VP of our country.

  188. 188
    nk Says:

    Sorry but I don’t understand why you guys are getting so worked up because JJ posted this news on his own site. Is it because Palin is a woman so there is this need to run to her defense? I really don’t think the feedback would had been this angry had Palin been a man…

    The fact of the matter is that Palin is not experienced or qualified, nor will Hillary supporters think twice about her, let alone give her the respect.

  189. 189
    emily Says:

    Jared, if your accusations prove to be false, will you issue a retraction?
    You better.

  190. 190
    I have an idea... Says:

    Are we really going to be taking “advice” from a 3rd rate gossip blog? MCCAIN/PALIN all the way. Maybe if Obama wasn’t such a celebrity JustJared wouldn’t have commented, interesting isn’t it?

  191. 191
    oli Says:

    Jared, you should donate whatever money the publicists of celebrities give you to promote their clients- you should donate it to a fund for children for Down’s Syndrome.

    Blogging about the most inane things(Katie Holmes’ shoes?) proves that you are on their payroll.

  192. 192
    me Says:

    “Something is not right in the Palin household. A parent who returns to work with a 3 day old baby is nothing to be proud of – whether it’s the mother or the father. Flying 8 hours in the third trimester is risky enough, flying 8 hours with leaking amniotic fluid is assinine. And, the snowmobiler/dad’s comment “Can’t have a fish picker from Texas”. What an idiot. Better to risk the baby’s health than let it be born in Texas – that is, if that’s where the biological mom really was…”

    I totally agree with this! Even if Palin is the mother it hardly puts her in a good light, to say nothing of a doctor who would allow an 8 month pregnant woman to be flying when she would have been at high risk simply due to her age.

    The story makes no sense, whether Palin is the mom or her daughter…. it doesnt make her look good in any way at all.

  193. 193
    mela Says:


    I am curious. Do you have any links to pictures of Palin pregnant?

    I’ve yet to come across any and would welcome evidence of her pregnancy.

  194. 194

    First, teenage girls don’t get amnios at 12 weeks pregnant. Someone who is high risk (35 +) would be offered an amnio

    Second, there are many people who don’t “look” pregnant when they are seven months along. Nicole Kidman???

    Third, there are many reasons the daughter wasn’t in school during that time and 5-8 months absense is a pretty big discrepancy.

    Finally, the fact that she had a slow leak is irrelevant. People can have leaks in their bag of waters for weeks before delivery.

    This story is far from being a slam dunk for Obama supporters. They are many many holes in it. Good luck, Jared

  195. 195
    Chicago jim Says:

    If it’s true, she lied and she’s a hypocrite. If it’s not true, it will benefit her election efforts immensely.

  196. 196
    mela Says:

    Calypso, so you applaud Palin for being a liar?

    You support her choice to lie to the public?

    Little white lies lead to bigger liars. How could you want a liar in public office????

    Give me a break. It’s people like you who screw up these elections.

  197. 197

    Haha again Republicans are going down. Good job McCain, pick someone just like you, who lies and covers up the truth, is this who we want running our country together? I think not. But then again I figure you same idiots you are voting for McCain also voted for Bush TWICE and look where that got you. Idiots!

  198. 198
    ERM Says:

    ANGIE #157 – in order to sue for libel the statement would have to be false. If she does not sue then I guess she cannot prove it as a false statement.

    It’s classical republican nonsense to describe the democrats as running scared… Not as scared as naming an unknown and unvetted individual as a running mate. If this story is true (and it can very easily be proven), then once again nice job RNC.

  199. 199
    sid Says:

    I believe that picture is from 2006. WHich means she wouldn’t have been pregnant then.

    Desperate attempt here.

  200. 200
    ernest Says:

    Jared, go back to posting nonstop articles about vapid celebrities like Rachel Bilson and Vanessa Hudgens.

    Politics isn’t your forte.

  201. 201
    mela Says:

    I think Palin needs to come up with evidence proving SHE was pregnant or this is going to get out of hand, FAST.

  202. 202
    Thoughts Says:

    All you Obama supporters are sure taking to the celebirty sites in droves!!! It makes me proud that McCain and Palin are featured in far more reputable and unbiased media outlets who focus on fair reporting. JustJared has obviously jumped on the celebrities for Obama campaign. I want JJ to post an intelligent and unbiased article on all of Obamas shortcomings (the list could take multiple posts), but of course he wouldn’t because that’s not the popular celebrity endorsed (nevermind intelligent) outlook! Got to pay those bills huh? Seriously I worry for our Country if Obama is our “leader”…

  203. 203
    emma Says:

    LOOK at the girl’s stomach area. LOOK. she is PREGNANT. that is not bloating from eating too much cabbage. it is not a fatty stomach. there’s a BABY in there. DUH. the girl got pregnant cause she was promiscuous (what a shock when it’s repulican girls! think bush twins! ***** city) and the mother LIED and covered it up to avoid embarrassment. trig is sarah’s GRANDSON. sarah’s a liar.

  204. 204
    remember da truth Says:

    People are actually repeating the Republican mantra that she’s had more experience than Obama!!

    You people will believe anything if it’s said often enough, and the Republicans got you to vote for Bush twice, using fear and lies, so I can believe you idiots will fall for it again.

    The “inexperience” is about Obama having now FOREIGN POLICY experience. And experience as a mayor of a town of 8,000 is not the same as being a state congressman for the state of Illinois, nor a senator on the national/international stage, nor being smart enough to pick someone as your running mate who will be able to get your message across to Congress.

    This stuff is crazy and I’m not sure I believe it, but heck, the woman has been found lying already on the bridge to nowhere, and is under ethical investigation (apparently her own state thought that there was enough there to spend $100,0000 to look further into her reasons for firing someone).

  205. 205
    Lani Says:

    Not only did she lie about the baby to protect her political career, but her daughter Bristol Palin is wearing a ring on her engagement finger. This is definitely damaging for her daughter, you people don’t realize the emotional stress of having to lie about a baby that you gave birth to. Sarah Palin needs to come clean about it. Sarah Palin is also under investigation for abusing her power by getting a state trooper fired… which so happens to be her ex brother in law that was in a custody fight. Sarah Palin had a lot of family photo’s up, but now the link is dead on her website. Either way John McCain only met her once before meeting her once again to tell her she was picked. McCain did NOT fully vet her. This die hard Clinton Loyalist will not support Sarah because she is far more conservative than George Bush. Sarah is the polar opposite of Hillary Clinton, and needs to stop using Hillary’s line of 18 million cracks. Sarah also called Hillary a whiner during the primaries.

  206. 206
    al Says:

    Go back to Post # 110 and # 126. There are pictures and video of Sarah Palin pregnant.

  207. 207
    ridiculous Says:

    The woman is a liar and phony hypocrite, Miss Family Values and right-winger is as much a liar as any fundamentalist.

    What’s her perfect family doing with a pregnant teen? She knew it would hurt her political career, so she covered it up.

    I don’t care if it had happened, but be honest about it. Painting herself as ethical when she’s the opposite is like McCain saying he’s a maverick when he votes with Bush, and being a “reformer” when his own campaign has ethical issues with lobbyists.

  208. 208
    mela Says:

    She gave “birth” in May.

    Here’s video of her “pregnant” in February.

  209. 209
    G.A. Says:

    “majority of Republicans are the most IGNORANT people in the WORLD.”
    Brilliant, just an utterly brilliant observation. Please! Liberals are just as ignorant! That is the problem with politics today, each side continously calling each other idiots and not working on strengthening our nation, on bettering the country for the people. Stop the attacks and focus on politics.
    If it were true that Democrats are oh so flawless and self-sacrificing this wouldn’t be the most useless congress in our history. Stop the blame game and work on getting both sides to work together for US instead of doing nothing and blaming the other side of the aisle. Both parties suck, we must find a third way of true public servants.

  210. 210
    Dems in fear? Says:

    Of course the Democrats are fearful of this soccer mom!

    The Republicans have used lies and fear-mongering to get the racists out to vote before and have used it again. No Hillary supporter would vote for the policies of the McCain/Palin ticket. It’s all the racists who won’t vote for a black man that are running to the McCain/Palin ticket!

    Racists are for McCain/Palin, and the proud people on here running to that ticket are showing their true colors — white, and far to the right!!

  211. 211
    MC and Palin 08! Says:

    WHO CARES ” JUST JARED” ! They still have my vote! But it’s nice to see your another idiot blogger who tries to be bias about their personal opinion. This is an entertainment blog. If you want to talk politics shut this baby down and go work for gold ole liberal CNN!


  212. 212
    Wynters Says:

    For everyone that complains about this being a celebrity site— McCain called Obama the biggest celeb out there. May as well turn the table on his camp.

  213. 213
    Anie Says:

    That picture? The newspaper identified it as taken in 2006.
    The baby was not born until 2008. Neither was pregnant at the time.

    As for what happened, the doctor talked about the delivery, back in April for the Anchorage Daily News.

  214. 214
    Kameryn Says:

    Sarah Palin is AGAINST SEX ED! She believes in ABSTINENCE ONLY! And this rumor started in Alaska, because she never ever appeared to be pregnant at all. Downs syndrome babies usually have to stay in the hospital at least 3 days, so there’s no way she could go back to work so soon, and if she did give birth and go back to work only 3 days later, she is just IRRESPONSIBLE! This woman in the White House is a JOKE!

  215. 215

    Obama doesn’t have supporters he has fans……its so funny. HAH boy they are gonna be sad on election day! Poor Mrs. Obama is gonna have to stop lightening her skin (which you at pics from the past to present) she obviously does!

  216. 216
    McCainMoreoftheSame Says:

    No Bush or Cheney at the Republican Convention, hmm, I wonder why, maybe to save them from getting booed!!!
    Congrats to McCain for nominating Tina Fey for VP!

  217. 217
    ANNe Says:

    I can’t believe that you post crap from Daily Kos, are you people for real. Democrats are running scared, as if a million people from the hospital to every friend, family member and co- worker wouldn’t know that this is not true. And are the doctors and nurses in on the lie too, Jared you are pathetic as if a Governor could cover up a fake presidency and then cover her daughter being pregnant, I like how in the last sentence you state this has fact, Daily Kos a left wing website, that’s like going to a KKK website for objective views on black people, your sad Jared.

  218. 218
    MC and Palin 08! Says:

    That’s private info about her personal family who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  219. 219
    jimmy Says:

    Even if Sarah covered for her daughter ‘s pregnancy and doesn’t tell the public about this, so what, that only shows she is a wonderful mother. I have difficuties with drilling. I am an animal lover and want nothing more then to protect every innocent animal I can and fight for the environment. I also want my country to not be dependent on countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudia Arabia for our energy. If I heard Pickens correctly we can with windmills supply 20 % of our energy needs but we also need to drill drill drill to get out from under these foreign countries that support terrorism and we also have to find alternative energy at home. What is more important animals and the environment or our courtries wealth and independence, that’s the million dollar question for me.

  220. 220
    gina Says:



  221. 221
    Try and be me Says:

    AMEN ANNE!!!! THEY ARE RUNNING SCARED TELLING BULL. It’s so funny. They have to make up crap to make those two idiots running for the dem’s look good! Rockstar Obama running with the guy who SAID HE WASNT READY TO BE PRESIDENT!!! HAHAH HIS OWN RUNNING MATE SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OBAMA 08 In another country!

  222. 222
    Caring Says:

    How can people say in this blog, that if it is true nothing is wrong with what she did?! SHE LIED!! is that who you want to be your VP?!!! wake up people!!

  223. 223
    Elle Says:

    I got mono and had to drop out of school for 5 months because I was so tired and sick. I attended night school instead which was only 2 hours long. Certain people get it worse than others. I personally had it really bad.

  224. 224
    gina Says:

    I’m a foreigner who obviously can’t vote in the US elections, but these allegations are stupid. Anyone with a normal IQ can see that the “proof” that Jared is peddling doesn’t add up.

  225. 225
    steve Says:

    Americans are stupid at math. No wonder the Chinese are beating them when it comes to economics.

  226. 226
    you and me Says:

    Sarah Palin story is an improbable story, but not an impossible story. Until we hear proof that her story is fictional, then and only then should be question her judgement. The story is starting to circulate now.

    However, it should be know that Ms. Palin is staunch opponent against abortion and birth control; and promotes only “abstinence only” policies.

    So we have a reason why she would lie, especially when she is a governor. One hopes it is not true that she lied about giving birth to a baby with downs syndrome.

  227. 227
    sorry to tell you but Says:

    It’s obvious this girl just gave birth

  228. 228
    John Says:

    Palin and McCain now have more in common – they’re both grandparents! :)

    Frankly, I don’t buy this story but it is very fishy. The weird part is: she boarded a plane from Dallas to Alaska after her water broke with a high risk pregnancy?? She’s a FREAK! Or, at the very least, an irresponsible mother. OMG!

  229. 229
    just shaking my head Says:

    Her teenage daughter (Feb’08) Baby born in April.

    The other photo is 2006 .
    Unless she’s an elephant, the gestation period is all wrong.

    I’m embarrassed for this young girl and the accusations thrown out about HER. She’s not running for anything.

  230. 230
    rfb Says:

    This story is sick. You really think people are this dumb to believe this?

  231. 231
    annie Says:

    The photo above is from 2006, and the baby was born April 2008! And we have seen that the baby is still an infant just last Friday. So how could they based that her daughter was the one who got pregnant from that pic alone in 2006. Does it mean that she carried the baby for like almost 2 years?? Lol, Its impossible right?

    Clearly, the story is a fabrication and a pure rumour!!!

    I think Jared should put it down, as it really baseless!

  232. 232
    sti Says:

    I thought all this sh** was funny, then I saw this posted on my favorite web site Now tell me she is not lying!!

  233. 233
    just shaking my head Says:

    Ok you Einstein’s … how do you propose she faked the breast feeding at the office? Some secret agent trick to make you lactate too?

    Really, try and find something more worthy of the space.

  234. 234
    peepee Says:

    Here is a link to the medical information:

    80% OF CASES OF DOWN SYNDROME HAPPEN IN WOMEN UNDER 35. I thought otherwise too before I read that but then I looked it up on Google.

  235. 235
    A Greek Says:

    This is UNBELIEVABLE. If this is true then this woman should not be allowed to deal with USA domestic and foreign policy. It is obvious she is against sex education, she did so many things to cover up her daughter´s -in all probability UNWANTED- pregnancy … imagine what this woman is capable of doing to cover up things that will not appear right to the American people if and when the republicans get ellected. I believe though that this is all a hoax since the repub party would have searched her background extensively before they would nominate her as VP. Nevertheless, she shouldn´t have gotten pregnant at 43 and thus producing a child with Down syndrome, I bet she is against contraception.

  236. 236
    hailie Says:

    80% of the cases of Down’s Syndrome are in mothers under the age of 35.

    i think this information is wrong. over the age of 35.

    very true. its a huge risk for women over the age of 35 to get pregnant and are closely monitored for down syndrome and other diseases

  237. 237
    Besane Says:

    We aren’t asking much. Give as the DNA RESULT if you want this rumor to go away. Or would you rather have a VP “who might or might not have lied”? Is USA setting for that?

  238. 238
    Ivermom Says:

    Nice story…….very confusing and very DUMB

    I don’t thing Sarah has much for skelton’s in her closet, if so , let’s hear it.

  239. 239
    after birth Says:

    We know it’s her baby and she loves it because she is breast feeding on the campaign trail to give it a good start in life and healthy attachment….right? Uh…..

  240. 240
    after birth Says:

    We know it’s her baby and she loves it because she is breast feeding on the campaign trail to give it a good start in life and healthy attachment….right? Uh…..

  241. 241
    sti Says:

    Also, as justjared just posted, the Associated Press also posted this photo of her pregnant another time. Look at her face in her other pregnant photo and her last pregnant photo. Something is fishy about this women and it is not only because she loves to fish!!! LOL

  242. 242
    hailie Says:

    Obama’s resume is thinner than Palin. Palin has more experience in governance. Obama does not have any.

    Vote McCain-Palin 2008!

    Vote Hillary 2012!
    could anything you just said be more true? agree completly!

  243. 243
    ah ohhhhhhhhhh Says:

    the truth is slowly slipping out pro-life candidate’s daughter is found to be pregnant well just do what most hyprocites do lie coverup denial and then make judgement on others about their private lives. but this palin women can decide public policy about a wman’s right to choice………………………….the nrecon are such a scary lot …………………………obama/biden08……………………peace

  244. 244
    MA Says:

    IF the story is true – I don’t necessarily condemn Sarah Paulin for trying to cover up her daughter’s situation. BUT, do so out of the public eye. Step aside, resign. Don’t try to fool people. Don’t put the kid through this scrutiny.

  245. 245
    LIAR LIAR Says:

    Now, who wants a liar like that to be a heartbeat away from the presidency if by some small chance the warmonger McSame is elected. SHE IS A STINKING LIAR.

  246. 246
    why it is important Says:

    the reason this is relevant (if it is true) is because sarah palin has a pretty strong stance on abstinence-only education. it didn’t work for her family, but she could try to force it down other people’s throats by law. i don’t know if whether or not this is all true, but it definitely is news-worthy. I don’t mind if a 2 gay guys solicit sex from each other in a bathroom…but when one of them is a US congressman who supports anti-gay legislation, then the privacy argument falls to dust. same thing here. a mom protecting her little girl is fine….but her stance on abstinence only education takes a serious hit.

    in addition, one of her “badges of honor” is that SHE decided to have a baby known to have DS instead of aborting. that dog don’t hunt though is we’re talking about someone else’s baby. I admire her convicition if this really is Bristol’s child and Sarah still insisted on going through with it….but the real badge belongs to the daughter…

    lastly, if this baby IS hers (Sarah’s) then shame on her for flying after her water broke. again, her child,her decision…..but that’s pretty poor parenting in my opinion (and that of the americal medical association as well….and the flight authorities’, now that I think about it).

  247. 247
    MA Says:

    Oops, I just realized I misspelled her name in my last post – Sarah Palin.

  248. 248
    ah ohhhhhhhhhh Says:

    thanks jared for the info i just knew you were more than just a entertainment blogger. we all shoulld be more aware of politicsand not just what starlet is sleeping with what’s his name or which hunk is popular or not . some of us are more aware of the more important and pressing issues of the day

  249. 249
    ah ohhhhhhhhhh Says:

    thanks jared for the info i just knew you were more than just a entertainment blogger. we all shoulld be more aware of politicsand not just what starlet is sleeping with what’s his name or which hunk is popular or not . some of us are more aware of the more important and pressing issues of the day

  250. 250
    chuck Says:

    This Palin babygate makes me disgusted with some of my fellow Democrats.
    They are on the same level as the Obama is a gay muslim crack smoker types.
    A pox on all their houses.

  251. 251
    mcRN Says:

    80% of children born with down’s syndrome are born to women OVER the age of 35….not under as stated

  252. 252
    Tami Says:

    does anyone remember how nicole kidman looked at nine months pregnant?? you couldn’t tell! DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THAT ANGELINA JOLIE TOOK FLYING LESSONS WHEN SHE WAS 7 MONTHS PREGNANT!!

    This whole thing indicates how DESERATE the liberals are to no cost. PATHETIC!

  253. 253
    Team Lara Croft Says:


  254. 254
    Jill Says:

    heyyyo @ 08/31/2008 at 11:33 am
    so she carried the baby for her daughter? i’m confused.

    No. Her daughter was pregnant but like a good “family values republican” she didn’t want her daughter being an unwed mother, and she doesn’t believe in abortion, so once the baby was born Palin claimed it as hers. Think Bree in “Desperate Housewives”.

  255. 255
    SundayRoast Says:

    I’d like to see the statistics on in-breeding and the rate of D.S.. Who was the 16 year old having a baby with? WHere was her Mom.? WHat does it teach her daughter to lie about one’s own life? What sort of backasswardslady of the backwoods is she?? I would have her elected as the Mayor on a David Lynch movie set. I want to hear more from the Officer she used her power and influence to destroy his career for not being looyal to her! As if! People We Do Not Need THIS. Thanks, i wil jump off the stump now. Peace, Ya’all

  256. 256
    albert Says:

    Another picture of Sarah Palin pregnant from March 2008.

  257. 257
    parisqueen Says:

    Focus on entertainment news and keep out of politics. One more time of this preaching of your political views and I’m out.

  258. 258
    sheryl Says:

    Good grief, people asking this question are absurd and should really examine their sanity leveling this kind of hateful vicious lie towards Mrs. Palin.

  259. 259
    haha Says:


  260. 260
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Satrah Palin CAN AFFORD IT if her daughter gets pregnant and keeps her bay – she can afford to have 5 kids and feed them. WHAT ABOUT POOR GIRLS???? Should we let them keep kids they can’t feed to exhaust our government programs or should we not focus on getting young girls to know about birth control, etc? WAIT!!! Palin and her freaks don’t believe in birth control. Guess what Miss Alaska, let us send all the unwanted pregnancy births to your house and YOU can raise them. Oh and make sure you don’t teach those kids about those pesty DINOSAURS cause creationisma and all, you know? What a freak. You don’t respect women Sarah – you are a NAZI! WHy? Cause you support Buchanan who had nothing but nice words to say about the Nazis!!!! Des are no afraid – this is good – now we see what kind of “Judgment” our 72 year old, 4 time cancer stricken repub nominnee really has. Bring it on!!!!

  261. 261
    kc Says:

    The liberals are so crazy. Keep them from the White House until they regain their sanity.

  262. 262
    sheryl Says:

    OMG, Just Jared is an idiot….getting information from the Daily Kos is pahtetic……it shows just how out of you depth you are on political issues.

    Daily Kos is nothing more than a garbage in/garbage out website.

  263. 263
    lol Says:

    lol at all the people getting butthurt over him posting this. Get over yourself morons, this is pretty much gossip type news. It has been posted everywhere. Not mention posting has nothing to do with political views, news is news. Yeah its a celeb blog but it’s his blog, you leaving makes no diff, the majority of the people who come here don’t give a **** about this.

  264. 264
    anonymous Says:

    I’m been thinking about this.

    BE CAREFUL! Remember how Dan Rather got fired (the information he reported was true but the one document, which was false was a plant)

    Maybe this is true BUT if it is not it could be just

    ANOTHER KARL ROVE TRICK to draw attention away from the many, many, reasons this candidate for VP is a flop.

    Don’t give the republicans a chance to take control of the political conversation!!! ….dragging people away from the real issues and getting another sneaky slime on the democrats. After all, the republicans are running scared this year…..just like they did in 2004 when they swift boated Kerry.

  265. 265
    jaye Says:

    oh stop @ 08/31/2008 at 1:51 pm

    The Republicans are fearing McCain’s decision as well. Especially the hardcore up at the top Republicans. Most of you guys are running around supporting a person that none of you knew or heard of until 3 days ago, and yet she is the best choice????

    If McCain wanted to chose a woman why didn’t he chose Kay Bailey Hutchinson or some other stronger republican woman that is known.

    He made a dumb ass decision and a dumb one for a man that could drop out at anytime and yet you knuckleheads are ready to vote for him to put a person in office that was a mayor of a small town (not much executive experience going on there, maybe if she was mayor of Dallas then i would say okay) & governor for less than 2 years by default??? I see why our country is in the state that it is in. Proof is in the republican pudding
    A vote in a lot of cases is wasted. Many people don’t vote with their head, they vote with their emotions. It’s either their side or our side, not what is good for the country. Truthfully, most people couldn’t have a decent conversation on the issues because they don’t know them or what their candidate fully stands on.

    I’ve heard some ludicrous reasons for people voting for a candidate from she’s a woman to the NRA told me to vote for him. Oddly, Americans are in possession of a powerful tool, the vote; yet, they use it with the least amount of judgment. I’m not saying ALL Americans, but a great deal of them just don’t ‘get it’.

    Another point of emotions running the public is this ascertain that the story can’t be true. It COULD be true. More importantly it’s easy enough to prove that it’s NOT true and stop this train in it’s track. I’m assuming she didn’t have this child in the backwoods with a mid-wife. I don’t say she should do this simply for the public, but because she is running for the 2nd highest office in the land. She should be willing to set aside the notion that’s it’s personal to remove any taint from her nomination. I don’t care what her political affiliation is, I’d same the same of a Democrat.

  266. 266
    raye Says:

    mcRN @ 08/31/2008 at 3:03 pm 80% of children born with down’s syndrome are born to women OVER the age of 35….not under as stated

    I think it meant that the actual stats showed that 80% of children with DS are born to women under the age of 35, simply because those are the age where women are still fertile and there are many recorded births. Whereas women over 35 up are not that fertile anymore. so there are less birth hence less births with DS.

    although, it is true that the older the women giving birth the higher chances of them giving birth to DS babies, except that there arent many recorded births for old women compared to younger women, hence there are also few DS babies for those over 35 years old.

    Having said that, I think the story is just a fabrication, and I dont think Sarah Palin would accept the VP nomination if indeed there is such a cover up in their family.

  267. 267
    erica Says:

    I had no idea there were as many idiotic leftwing nuts as there are idiotic rightwing nuts in this country, willing to swallow a story hook line and singer because it paints the other side in a bad light.

  268. 268
    LIAR LIAR Says:

    # 42
    share @ 08/31/2008 at 12:03 pm

    The risk of Down’s Syndrome INCREASES with age, so it is more likely to occur in someone OVER 35, not under.
    Medical stats say, 80% of Down’s Symdrome cases are women under 35. Do your research.

  269. 269
    jaye Says:

    oops that’s assertion in # 265, not ascertain, but you knew that. lol

  270. 270
    just asking Says:

    Has SP denied the story????????????????????????

  271. 271
    Stephanie Pepi Says:

    That’s absolutely absurd. This is an intelligent, powerful woman who seems to be way to squeaky-clean for most in politics to comprehend. Therefore, fictional stories are created. The fact that you even post this means you pander to the unintelligent readers who be dumb enough to believe this. Don’t post things that aren’t true, it’s just make you look like the idiot.

  272. 272
    vote obama Says:

    It is like something out of a movie. Tha’s what I was thinking when I read this story. Hopoefully, this will ruin McCain’s chances of being president. If he was to become president, he would just be another Bush, who supports war and terrorism. Bush and McCain are the American equivilent of Adolf Hitler

  273. 273
    jen Says:

    For all of those of you who are saying that you wouldve protected your child by covering up for her and pretending to be pregnant must have no sense of what parenting is.. How is taking the responsibility for your child’s action helping them for their future, so what now? Everytime she does something wrong shes gonna run to mommy? is that how you teach your kids responsibility… this defintely made me change my mind about picking this lady, plus i find it offensive McCain pretends for us women to just vote for someone just because they are the same gender..

    Obama/Biden 08!!

  274. 274
    Paulie Says:

    Sarah Palin’s neanderthal views represent everything Hillary Rodham Clinton has worked against during her career. How DARE Palin use Hillary’s name and her achievement! Any Hillary supporter who would now vote for McCain simply because he is using Palin as a pawn should be ashamed of themselves. We supported Hillary because she was the right person for the job, NOT simply because she is a woman. Hillary would not want her legacy to be Vice-President Palin, an anti-gay, anti-choice, hardcore conservative.

    Sarah Palin, I know Hillary Clinton and you are no Hillary Clinton.

    Obama/Biden ’08

    Hillary Clinton 2016

  275. 275
    Terumi Says:

    If Mccain becomes president and she becomes VP than im moving to canada because he is just going to ruin our country like Bush did…it may not be intentional but he doesnt know whats right for our country…and Obama does!!!

    Obama FTW!!!

  276. 276
    Benny mars Says:


    Wow jared another fake posting. Still voting for Mccain/Palin.

  277. 277
    Stacy Says:

    I call bullshit on this one and I’m a Democrat. Sorry guys.

  278. 278
    Independent Says:

    Thank you for bringing this to attention. Whether it’s true or not, from the story it sounds like it does deserve some looking into. It also sounds like the proper vetting might not have been done?

  279. 279
    Independent Says:

    Thank you for bringing this to attention. Whether it’s true or not, from the story it sounds like it does deserve some looking into. It also sounds like the proper vetting might not have been done?

  280. 280
    NY Daily News Says:

    Sarah Palin’s Mother-In-Law: Considering Voting For Barack Obama

    WASILLA, Alaska – Sarah Palin’s hometown rallied around her as mayor – now Republicans wonder if the rest of America will warm up to the surprise pick from cold country.

    Though her mother-in-law has doubts.

    Faye Palin admitted she enjoys hearing Barack Obama speak, and still hasn’t decided which way she’ll vote.

    “We don’t agree on everything. But I respect her passion,” she said. “Being pro-life is who Sarah is.”

    Faye Palin said the governor never considered ending her recent pregnancy when genetic testing showed her son Trig, born in April, would have Down syndrome.

    “There was no question,” she said. “She was going to have that baby.”

    With a population of just 6,715, Wasilla is a fast-growing railroad town that got its start as a mail and supply hub linking the coastal towns of Seward and Knik to Alaska’s interior mining camps along the Iditarod dog sled trail.

    Scores of reporters descended Saturday on the A-frame wood hunting lodge where Sarah Palin’s parents live amid hundreds of sets of trophy antlers and a taxidermy collection that includes a giant moose head and a full-grown mountain lion.

    Faye Palin said the entire family was shocked by the news on Friday.

    “I’m not sure what she brings to the ticket other than she’s a woman and a conservative. Well, she’s a better speaker than McCain,” Faye Palin said with a laugh. “People will say she hasn’t been on the national scene long enough. But I believe she’s a quick study.”

    She said people doubted Sarah Palin when she ran for City Council, but that her daughter-in-law had a “singular focus.”

    “She was out there with [then-young son] Track, pulling him around from house to house in a wagon,” she said.

    Sarah Palin is well known as a former high school basketball star, cross-country runner, beauty queen, hockey mom, city council member and Wasilla’s mayor from 1996 to 2007.

    “I think it’s great. She’s a hometown girl from Smallville, USA,” said Felix Bruno, 43, a masonry contractor who plowed her driveway. “She’s not afraid to speak her mind. She really dropped the hammer on the politicians fleecing Alaska.”

    At the local Mat-Su Family Restaurant in downtown Wasilla, a Bible-study group that includes two ex-mayors from neighboring cities cheered her pick as McCain’s running mate.

    “She’s an excellent social conservative, fiscal conservative and political conservative,” said Tom Baird, 68, a Vietnam veteran who sat with his Gideon Bible opened to 1Corinthians. “If she can energize the conservative base, it won’t matter if she gets the women’s vote.”

    “This is a really nice person, and she’s disarming in that way,” said George Carte, 67, a retired geophysicist who was mayor of neighboring Palmer when Palin was mayor of Wasilla.

    “I was very impressed with her as mayor,” said Carte. “She did some housecleaning with her department heads. She had to learn about the sewers, the libraries, public safety.”

    But even with her impressive approval rating, Palin still has work to do even in her own hometown.

    “I’m still leaning toward Obama. I think Sarah has been really good for our state, and it would be wonderful to see her in the White House, but she’s on the ticket with McCain, and I can’t vote for McCain,” said Eileen Moe, 33, a second grade teacher at Iditarod Elementary, which Palin’s kids attended.

    “If it was her running for president, there’d be no question in my mind,” Moe said. “The Republicans right now are about big business and big oil. I don’t see Sarah as a staunch Republican in that way.”

    Not everyone is convinced her experience as mayor and governor are enough for a vice president who would be next in line to the presidency.

    “I wouldn’t say she’s qualified,” said Bill Gleason, 60, a contractor from nearby Big Lake. “I want someone with a little more experience. ”

  281. 281
    rini Says:

    I don’t mind stories like this getting posted on blogs. Thats why blogs are so great. To many gatekeepers are controling the mass media, but bloggers have the freedom to get stories like this out there to the public, weither it is true or not. The public has a right to know it something shady is going on and get the answer they need.

  282. 282
    debjosy Says:

    Why the hell wasn’t o’bama vetted with all of his Rezko and ayers dealings? Was he even born in the good old Usa.? How about him being a muslim and lying about it. I am black democratic woman and I’ll be voting Mcain/Palin this election. Don’t worry about Hillary she’ll be fine after the way she was treated by Obama and his minions. i hope mrs Palin sues Jared and all you neatherdals on behalf of her daughter and herself when you all look like fools when this is proven wrong.

  283. 283
    calman Says:

    Gustav is the sign that God tell you to go home taking care of your 4 month baby with special need. You chose to receive this gift and can’t run away from your duty caring for him. He’s crying now for mother!
    If you don’t accept your God’s call anymore then you and people voted for you already know what will happen in the near future. In the end, you’re going home anyway in defeat and suffering.
    PS: Please relay this message to Sarah. She seems very busy now doing something else and not hearing her baby cries.

  284. 284
    ace tomato Says:

    I’m amazed at the amount of supposedly liberal people ragging on Sarah Palin for going to work right after having a baby.

    So women can have both careers and families for the Republicans, but the Dems say they have to stay home if they have babies.


    On the Obama/Palin experience issue – here is a direct question. We know what Sarah Palin achieved in her terms as Governor of Alaska.

    What are Obama’s achievements as a Senator? I read he supported a bill against nuclear missile proliferation, but that’s been a policy for both parties and all Americans for decades. It’s hardly innovative or any sort of fresh approach to anything.

    Seriously, could some of you list out what Obama has achieved while in public office? What did he DO as Senator that makes you think he is effective?

  285. 285
    KARA Says:

    I say GO Jared for posting this!

    My mother is a physician and she said there is NO WAY any medical professional would allow a woman 8 months pregnant leaking amniotic fluid to get on a plane for 8 hours before seeking medical attention. THEN-rather go to a large hospital with more resources go to a small out of the way hospital that does not have a means to deal with a HIGH RISK birth such as Downs Syndrome baby who are prone to any number of medical complications. There is also no record of this baby being born at that hospital per the hospital website…

    There is a great deal of protocol that an airline has to go through to let a woman at her fragile condition fly and NO one on the plane noticed she was in labor ????

    Although she was protecting her daughter , I also think she did not want to upset her Evangelical base by having a daughter who engaged in pre-marital sex and had a child out of wedlock.
    She certainly had no shame using the baby as a political pawn to advance her anti-abortion agenda.

    Any fair minded person would find these whole sequence of events to be very ODD AND QUESTIONABLE.

  286. 286
    . Says:

    i honestly can’t believe people are siding with sarah. this woman is running for a position where she needs to be TRUSTED by the americans and she lied to us all. i dont care if she was covering for her daughter, it’s ridiculous. there are plenty of teen mothers in this world, i wonder how her daughter felt when he mother pulled this stunt to hide how ashamed she was, i know i’d feel absolutely terrible.

  287. 287
    paula Says:

    McCain/Palin have my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love her, personal life, not really an issue. Unless she did something evil. Even if it where true still sounds like an act of love.

  288. 288
    Grace Says:

    Some of you people arent very bright. What the artical is saying is that she pretended to be pregnant while it was her daughter who was really pregnant. And it is bad that she did that because she lied about something as small as her daughter being pregnant. So if she is going to lie about that than what else could she be lying about or could she lie about if she were to become president. I dont understand how ANYONE could feel comfortable with either her or Mccain becoming president. Obama actually seems to be a very very smart man who can run our country, unlike Mccain and this Palin’s lady. Its really upsetting for me to think that I could be living in a country that is going to be even more distroyed than it already is, And that terrifies me because I am only 15 so hopefully I have a long time to live. But I dont want to live in a country that we cant be proud of, and if Mccain becomes president than that is just what is it going to be…a country we cannot be proud of(not that I am proud of it now). Why would we want to be in war for generations? I just want this war to end! But Mccain seems like he just wants to win..even if that means risking EVERYTHING. Obama doesnt care if ending the war may seem like he is a quitter, All he cares about is what’s right for the country and whats right for our country is to get out of this war soon..but also safely and that is what Obama will do. Although Mccain may not want to make our country worse than it will be if he becomes president, Because he wants to stay in the war..and idk about you but I dont want this war to possibly still be going on when I have kids. I dont want my kids born into a country falling appart and fighting whoever for God only know’s what reason Mccain would say why we are going to war with them.

    Yes and I am only 15…probably surprising to some of you that a 15 year old could be so interested in our country and whats right for it. But I truely do believe that Obama is the man who will get our country back on track to being a place where I can be proud to say I live in.

  289. 289
    Meredith Says:

    I am still voting for McCain/Palin. Obama can’t seem to form an opinion about anything. Don’t even get me started on him not saluting the American flag.

  290. 290
    Christine Says:

    I love how, whenever their party comes into question, Republicans snap into defensive mode. Yet if it were the Democrats in this exact position, the Republicans would be the first ones to stand up, point their fingers and chant: “I told you so, I told you so”.

    Republicans can throw crap around, but can’t take it when it’s thrown back at them. They’re a party of hypocrites. That explains why Palin even got the VP nomination in the first place.

  291. 291
    Brad Says:

    she is breastfeeding this child do you have any explanation for that. This article is pure crap they have no evidence whatsoever. Just look at newspaper clippings from alaska about the birth. I am sure the vetters wouldn’t of missed this. Don’t you think she would of turned down the nomination if she had a skeleton like this in her closet.

  292. 292
    lola Says:

    I don’t understand the people posting on here saying this story is bogus. It doesn’t seem far-fetched to me at all. Covering up a teen pregnancy is nothing new. It was done way back in the day all the time. Jack Nicholson grew up thinking his mother was his sister. And since republicans, in general, hold on to values that were strong in the 1950′s (anit-abortion, anti-gay, anti-feminist) it’s not that surprising that she would cover up for her daughter. Clearly she would not want her Republican puritan image scarred by the misdeed of her daughter.

  293. 293
    Amanda Says:

    This is so ridiculous. Jared, when you usually post scandalous stories, you give celebs the benefit of the doubt, yet you can’t give an upright and accomplished woman the benefit of the doubt. To see this blatantly leftist, completely based on conjecture, article is extremely disappointing.

    McCain/Palin ’08!

  294. 294
    malcolm Says:

    PP l dont dismiss this. so easy . The entertainment blogs was talking about John Edwards affair for almost a year before the regular news media jump onto it. so we need to just wait.

  295. 295
    marisa Says:

    wow, NICE. just kidding. mhm.. jared, why don’t you post something about obama’s choice for vp that’s negative or about obama and save the world some down talking

  296. 296
    the real tita Says:

    #103″ People make mistakes all the time. Look at Edwards….and a lawyer to boot…look at Bill Clinton.

    Since when does protecting your young one from hurt a crime when it doesn’t hurt anybody but themselves? If I thought my kid had a future, I would have done the same.

    The thing is Dems would have had mass hysteria if she had encouraged the kid to get an abortion. This coming from the party that advocates early to late term abortion and from a candidate that wants kids who survive abortion to be killed. Hypocrites shouldn’t throw stones.

  297. 297
    sm Says:

    I have spent more time vetting baby-sitters and nannies for my darling daughter than this McCain dude has spent vetting this woman.

  298. 298
    Ms.Nanny Says:

    Stop bshing the Democratic party for this story. They are not putting out this story, but some militant ,fringe group is saying this UNTRUE STORY ABOUT PALIN. The Republican party has militant fringe groups too and you Republicans here, what about their sad ,stupid, ugly, mean, and untrue stories. They, these groups, will have some cray y stories out too about Obama.
    Get real people. This is ridculous.
    I am a Democract and I approve of this message.

  299. 299
    the real tita Says:

    If you guys think that this will ruin her chances with the women, then you have another think coming. Real parents would understand and see her as a lioness protecting her cub. Since when does being pro-life a sin in the eyes of God and his children.

    Pro-choice means pro-abortion. I wonder why liberals are too afraid to use that word? They’re not pro-life but they never will admit to their choice.

  300. 300
    debra77 Says:

    I’m glad you reported this. So much is made about character. I am sure if this was Obama bloggers would report it as well. I find it interesting about this cover up if it is true. It just shows the cultural divide. Minority groups are criticized about teen pregnancies. “Middle class” people and “Upper class” people get pregnant too. They just cover it up in an elaborate scheme. I realize if she was protecting her child, but a lie is still a lie.

    I applaud McCain on picking a woman, although I think he waited until Obama’s speech to decide who he would pick. This was not a proactive decision. It was a strategic move. He is not pro women.. This is fact not an attack. I hope people make the best choice not the easy choice.

  301. 301
    Ross Says:

    If Sarah Palin’s daughter is really the mother of the child, then who is the father? Furthermore, many children born under these circumstances (down syndrom) is because of incest. So who is the father? Did Todd go to college? Is she being a good christian wife and protecting her family?

  302. 302
    nisha Says:

    I am sorry but I think it may be possible that this isn’t her baby and I say that not just as a Obama/Biden voter, but also as a journalist and educated American…too much stuff just isn’t right…I don’t care how many kids you have had or how old you are…when those labor pains hit…forget giving a speech or flying for 8 hours and I’m sorry no matter how in shape you are you are gonna show and people are gonna notice because even your manneurisms change…you touch your belly without thinking about it, you waddle somewhat. something in your demeanor changes…also check out her wikipedia page and the photo of her daughter holding baby trig? And what’s up with their kids names?

  303. 303
    Maria Says:

    low blow. you’re talking about a baby with disabilities and now you’re going to smear? I read more into this woman’s background and what she did for her state and how much the alaskan people and journalists covering the state all said the same thing about her; she’s a very popular Governor and she gets the work done. A true leader and a multitasker. Hindsight, she is well loved by both parties.

  304. 304
    anita Says:

    Talk about reporters being SNAKES in the grass, but from I remember she had the decision to have the baby even though it was known to have Down’s syndrome, yes that was said, but no where did I hear she was pregnant, said she was the mother of 4. I am confused with being my grandson’s mother, I have raised him for the last 5 years. So she did not say, NO my 16 yr old is the mother. You all are just rying to find something low and dirty, this will not wash!! libs, you all are running scared! EVERY MOTHER WILL SIDE WITH HER ON THIS! THAT IS A LOT OF VOTES!

  305. 305
    Debbie Says:

    Whats with all of these sights bashing the republicans every move. i mean i expect it of Perez because he is a flaming hater of anything not liberal. I come here for entertainment not this ****. And if you thing for one minure Diddy has any freakin sense then im glad im a republican. ********. I hope Obama loses just to rub all the Hollywood peoples noses in **** the next .day. Dont tell me who to freakin vote for Hollywood.

  306. 306
    Lulu Says:

    Woah, this is exactly like in Desperate Housewives, isn’t?
    Before reading the entry, i noticed some sort of “baby bump” like on the girl at the right, but of course it doesn’t mean anything… just saying that it’s understandable that people think SHE was the one pregnant, not her mother.
    Anyway’s, even if the story is true, it simply shows that the Palin are ready to do anything to protect their childs, and frankly, who wouldn’t?
    Oh and btw, GO Obama/Biden 08!

  307. 307
    Ross Says:

    Children born with down syndrom increases with incest! If Ms.Palin’s daughter is the mother, then who is the father?

    Where did Todd go to college. Can anyone tell me that?

  308. 308
    the point is Says:

    the real tita @ 08/31/2008 at 5:02 pm #103″ People make mistakes all the time. Look at Edwards….and a lawyer to boot…look at Bill Clinton.

    Since when does protecting your young one from hurt a crime when it doesn’t hurt anybody but themselves? If I thought my kid had a future, I would have done the same.

    The thing is Dems would have had mass hysteria if she had encouraged the kid to get an abortion. This coming from the party that advocates early to late term abortion and from a candidate that wants kids who survive abortion to be killed. Hypocrites shouldn’t throw stones.

    The point is if this story were true then she LIED. Obviously by your statement you don’t think there is anything wrong with lying. Wouldn’ t you as a co- worker, friend, spouse or parent.

  309. 309
    Mathew Says:

    This “rumor” has been circulating for a few months now – well before Palin was selected as VP running mate. I’m not sure of the impact this will have to the McCain ticket, and I’m still wading through all the information myself before making a vote decision, but the Palin decision was clearly misguided and ill advised. I would have hoped for better. Obama is actually looking better and better to me. We’ll see..

  310. 310
    james Says:

    You should stick to petty gossip about katie holmes pants and stay out of poilitics little Jared. Don’t quit your day job!

  311. 311
    To me Says:

    I feel that if she is pro-life then why hide your daughters pregnancy??? It could have been used as an example and an example as to why abstaining from sex until marriage is good (since she don’t won’t to promote sex education of any kind).

    I think she hid it (if true) because she is against sex education in the school system and a strict conservative and she needed to keep face. That old hide the pregnancy shame game is pitiful and it only hurts the life of the child that was born in the future. Because no matter what you all think or say that support this action say a LIE is A LIE. If she is a true Christian and not a Evangelical Religious Man Made Rule follower, then she would know that God would not approve of any lie. No matter what it is. That along with many other sins is what you are redeem for through the Blood of Christ.

    Yet she chose not to trust God with her situation (again if true) and be honest to the situation, but instead created a curse upon her family with covering up her daughter’s pregnancy. I hope she has asked for forgiveness but she couldn’t have because she is still perputrating the lie as truth.

    By the way for you folks who wonder way I say she has cursed her family is because she has put generational curse upon them with the spirit of lying & a spirit of deceit upon her childrens head and her children’s children head. Sarahs actions will affect one or all of her children and future children until someone breaks that curse that has been created.

  312. 312
    tilou Says:

    I’m totally a democrate, but I think this story is bullshit….

    I mean, if the baby is her daughter, she could probably pretend coming back home in Alaska and then going into labor and giving birth to the baby…
    If you go to these lenghts to cover up your daughter being a teenage mum and if you are an intelligent woman (despite some questionnable moral positions, she’s still a governor after all!), I think you invent a much less far fetched story and stick to a more basic story…

  313. 313
    response to me Says:

    By the way for you folks who wonder way I say she has cursed her family is because she has put generational curse upon them with the spirit of lying & a spirit of deceit upon her childrens head and her children’s children head. Sarahs actions will affect one or all of her children and future children until someone breaks that curse that has been created.

    Christ broke the curse on the cross.

  314. 314
    Ross Says:

    Thou shall not lie….

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we pratice to deceive..

    For conservatives Thou shall not lie (unless you have a good reason)

    Thou shall not commit adultery (unless he is the Republican nominee). This Troll ticket is a joke and continues to grow. The mayor of hick town, AK. Don’t make me laugh.

  315. 315
    hm Says:

    First of all this is a woman who believes that women and young girls who are raped or victims of incest should be forced to have babies by the men who raped them. Second of all she doesn’t believe in abortion even to save the life of the mother. So, the fact that she kept a child with a disorder isn’t even a story because she is so extreme in her abortion position.
    It is hysterical that Republicans are now saying it’s no big deal that she may have lied about having a child rather than say that her daughter actually gave birth to the baby. And btw, anyone who watches the tape when McCain announced her as the pick in Ohio, look at the daughter in the background holding the baby. I noticed on Friday that she looked very maternal. She was so attentive and loving that I even remarked to someone that she must take care of that child a lot because she almost seemed like the child’s mother. And then I find out that she may be the mother.
    More importantly, if Sarah Palin would lie about this what else would she lie about. Remember, it’s a question of character and the same people who were critical of Edwards for lying about his relationship and baby should be up in arms that Palin may have lied as well.
    Hopefully, the Enquirer will do an investigation and those at Fox who helped spread the story will be equally vigorous in spreading this one.

  316. 316
    Niki Says:

    Actually 80% of down syndrome cases are by women under 35. Google it. It’ll come up.

    This woman LIED if this is true. It’s 2008. What do they protect her from? Other teens having babies? It’s better to lie about something than accept the truth and live a honest life?

    I guess that is better for an abstinence preaching mother.

    Wait…she went back to work three days after delivering a child with down syndrome? WTF? You flew on a plane after your water broke? Endangering your DS child? What mother does that?

    I see some whining ass conservatives on here. It’s okay to bash the liberals but when the shoe is turned, you no likey?

    Great job of staying neutral. When Edwards’ love child proves to be his I expect a story on that as well.

  317. 317
    eddie jones Says:

    ah well look on the bright side, obama wants to kill babys, at least palin does what she can do to preserve babys, even if they aren’t hers.

    Quoting Barack “I wouldn’t want my daughters to be punished with a baby, if they made a mistake”.

    So give the girl some credit, she was obviously just trying to cover up that her 16 yr old was knocked up, you know the hollywood trend that we have that seems to be acceptable anywhere else.

  318. 318
    Brr Says:

    More on this story:

    Obama killed no one. As you see his wife has her two beautiful babies and she didn’t even have to HIDE it for the public.

    Kay Bailey Hutchison is looking so much like a better VP choice. Someone call McCain’s camp and alert him to the better choice!

  319. 319
    mike Says:

    true is true and wrong is wrong, I thing it is true ,are something goes like that ,people look and see

  320. 320
    Aaron Says:

    You really need to check the facts a little better, starting with the picture…

    This link is to the picture from the Alaska Daily News above and clearly states that it is from 2006. The baby was born in 2008.

    Also there are other pictures there from 2006 that appear to be from the same photo shoot, they are wearing the same clothes.

  321. 321
    itzzzkimmm Says:

    WOW that is some CRAZY stuff!!! oh my goodness! WOW!!!!

  322. 322


  323. 323
    Debbie Says:

    now we are getting our news from JustJared and Perez. Just great

  324. 324
    happy Says:

    I agree with #268, do your research before you post.

    Does the risk of Down syndrome increase with the mother’s age? Yes. The risk of Down syndrome increases from about 1 in 1,250 at age 25, to 1 in 1,000 at age 30, 1 in 400 at age 35, 1 in 100 at age 40 and 1 in 30 at age 45 (6). Women over age 35 have been traditionally considered most likely to have a baby with Down syndrome. However, about 80 percent of babies with Down syndrome are born to women who are under age 35, as younger women have far more babies (2).

  325. 325
    the real tita Says:

    #280: So where does it say that she is sure to vote for Obama? Some people run with the ball even if they don’t know where the goal post is. Rather stupid, doncha think?

  326. 326
    the real tita Says:

    #302: hey Ross, we’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t let us in on your family secrets. If incest is the norm in your family, please keep it to yourself or seek outside help. Leave your perversions at home, please.

  327. 327
    TARHEELS#1 Says:

    Just Jared,
    Please leave your political opinions off this site. McCain has my vote and Mrs. Palin.

  328. 328
    elvis Says:

    For all you say well she is breastfeeding so that makes her the mother ha ha ever heard of hormones.
    More than one woman who has had children via surrogate used hormones to induce lactation so your she is breastfeeding argument doesn’t prove a thing.

  329. 329
    someone Says:

    Why are you guys so sure this story is false. Obviously none of you have been pregnant. lets first look at she was supposedly 7months along in Mar. (if she had a good doctor they would have advised her to not fly at that time) and if her water broke nobody would have allowed her to fly anyway. If you look at the picture her daugher actually looks pregnant. That is very commendable that she wanted to help her daughter out and raise this child as her own but she choose to lie about who the actual mother is. People are going to start to think if she can lie about this what else is she lying about.

  330. 330
    Jingo Says:

    If Sarah Palin is the mother, it begs the question as to why she kept herself so thin during her pregnancy. Is it possible that an extreme fitness routine may have caused her to have the baby prematurely? What does that say about her judgement?

    Personally, I believe it indicates great judgement. After all, she was the hottest Governor going and what woman wants to lose her figure for a baby with some bad chromosomes. Now maybe she should have known better than to get preggers in her mid-forties, but I’m sure it’s hard to keep “First Dude” Todd Palin off her and they undoubtedly don’t use contraception because it makes God cry.

  331. 331
    Kim Says:

    #326. It doesn’t say she is sure to vote. The title of the article says “considering.” And some people do run with the ball. Like you did thinking it stated she is “sure to vote” for Obama.

    LMAO@ #328 telling the owner of the site to leave his political opinions off while posting his own.

    Here’s Sara Palin laughing at a woman being called a *****:

  332. 332

    You can make a stat work for any situation. You have to look at the numbers. Yes, 80% of ds babies are born to mothers under 35 years of age. HOWEVER, that is because that is due to the sheer multitude of people having kids in the childbearing years.

    A women over 35 has a 1 in 35 chance of having a baby is DS whereas a 16 year old would have a 1 in 1000 chance. Which do you think is more likely?? Use your heads.

  333. 333
    ouch Says:

    #14- you should know better. She was just picked because of “image”. That’s how the Repulsivicans operate. Repulsivicans and Bush are making the US look dumb and if they are not stopped- The US will be in dire shape.

  334. 334
    anon Says:

    I’m a dem. but I sincerely hope this isn’t true.
    How assinine would we look to the rest of the world? if our best and brightest are so pathetically stupid, as to think they could perpetrate this kind of soap opera-esque machination under the media spotlight?
    That weirdness aside she wants wants to censor library books y’all, cuase there’s sex and dinosaurs in em’

  335. 335
    anon Says:

    I’m a dem. but I sincerely hope this isn’t true.
    How assinine would we look to the rest of the world? if our best and brightest are so pathetically stupid, as to think they could perpetrate this kind of soap opera-esque machination under the media spotlight?
    That weirdness aside she wants wants to censor library books y’all, cuase there’s sex and dinosaurs in em’

  336. 336
    Brandy Says:

    I suppose that the people that cooked this up conspiracy also think that 9/11 never happened. I find this type of speculating about an innocent teenager who is NOT running for office absolutely disgusting and disturbing. Jared, I thought you were better than this post. :(

  337. 337
    Angela Flynn Says:

    I have no idea if the story is true, but I am amazed that so many people think her actions are either commendable or even not so bad if the story is true. You all think it is ok for the future leader of our country to lie and deceive?

    The only honorable action would have been to come out with the truth. The comments on this topic are an indication of the sorry state of the world where it is perfectly acceptable to lie and deceive each other. I am sorry that humans have reached such a low standard of decency.

  338. 338
    mARISA CLARA Says:

    I thought this story was too bizaare to believe till I googled Trig Palin. He is not event he same color as the rest of the family. He is a shade darker.

    See for your self.

    And which mother of 4 wears a tight black dress two weeks after having a baby at 44? Not even Halle Berry.

  339. 339
    mARISA CLARA Says:

    I thought this story was too bizaare to believe till I googled Trig Palin. He is not event he same color as the rest of the family. He is a shade darker.

    See for your self.

    And which mother of 4 wears a tight black dress two weeks after having a baby at 44? Not even Halle Berry.

  340. 340
    truvy Says:

    This was a rumor up in Alaska that the many liberal bloggers have gotten a hold of.

    If it’s true, it’s a shame that she was too embarassed to admit that her daughter wasn’t practicing abstinence. It wouldn’t be the end of the world.

  341. 341
    truvy Says:

    BTW, I’m very offended that Just Jared used this title. Why must Down’s Sydrome be included?

  342. 342
    CH Says:

    Geesh Jared – I didn’t expect anything like this from you and your site. Leave the politics to the other sites, please. Besides, there are a lot of mothers who would raise the child. Too bad someone didn’t do this for little Caylee! She might be alive today.

  343. 343
    mARISA CLARA Says:

    The baby is not even purely white. He seemed a shade darker.

  344. 344
    betty Says:

    i’m not a us citizen
    but i surely concern about your country’s president election

    well…that means Palin tried to cover her daughter’s pregnancy as her pregnancy.

    so she is a liar… it’s a shocking news and i guess McCain’s running would grow hard.

    good luck to them. haha

  345. 345
    anna Says:

    What exactly is the point of this blog?? Does Jared want to perpetuate ridiculous rumors?? Who knows if this is even true?? So what if it is?? This particular blog is sick. Stick to entertainment. I have to wonder if Jared is showing his preference for a political leader in an underhanded manner?!

  346. 346
    Band Room Says:

    This is horrible if it’s true. Another phony!!!

  347. 347
    betty Says:


    hey! you ask SO WHAT IF IT IS (true)?

    SO that means your vice-president-to-be is a liar. And this is shameful to cover sth like this. It’s irrational and stupid.

  348. 348
    CYNDI Says:

    I have been a loyal fan of your site for getting news and pictures on celebritie, but this is reprehensible. You put out this vile rumor from the daily kos (a far left blog site) as your reference for smearing Gov. Palin and her family and have no problem with that. There is no ounce of truth to it…and you know it. I am do disgusted by this behavior from liberals. They cannot debate on issues and ideas so they resort to lies, name calling and anything to destroy someone’s character. That’s all the left does. This will backfire BIG time come November!

    I will no longer be visiting your website for celebrity news….I’ll gladly go over to for that from now on.

  349. 349
    Dana Says:

    Conservatives are hilarious. They want to throw rumors out but can’t take it when it’s their time.

    If it’s relief for those conservatives who don’t like Palin getting picked on, here’s a picture of her teen daughter and what appears to be an engagement ring (holding her son). At least she’s trying to do right now:

  350. 350
    Joy Says:

    Cruel beyond belief. Leave the kids alone. If it is true -

    Maybe the daughter just couldn’t face the reality of her pregnancy until abortion was no longer an option, and had to deliver the baby. Tests show the baby to be a mongoloid. Who is going to adopt the baby? Not many. The mother makes the best choice for her daughter/child.

    So, saving her daughter from possible public ridicule (conservative area/religious beliefs in Alaska) by claiming the child to be her own – this could now come out for the entire world to judge. If Palin decides to decline her VP candidacy, or if the McCain/Polin ticket loses – this young 16 year old girl will feel responsible. She will become the focus of the world.

    Now, maybe Sarah should have further protected her daughter by saying “no thank you” to McCain. But I can understand it. You deal with something and it is over. Sarah probably feels that this child is now her child – just as if she had given birth. And, she made a sacrifice. Why another? Why shouldn’t she still be able to reach for her own goals?

    Cruel beyond belief to publish something that would hurt a young 16 year old girl so much. Remember all of those articles about how ugly Chelsea Clinton was? It just turns my stomach. Leave the kids out of the nastiness. Mean. Mean. Mean.

  351. 351
    Miz Says:

    So I’m not going to get political here in anyway, whatever anyone choses to vote for is their own opinion. But honestly this story seems bogus to me, and even if it isn’t this is a private matter for a family and really shouldn’t affect peoples voting choice.

    And whatever anyones argument that this is an entertainment blog and shouldn’t be posted here, if you’re going to post a story like this, i think you should respect your readers and post stories like this that have to do with scandals with the democratic candidates. If your choosing to go down the path of reporting scandals.

    I would really like to state that I’m not trying to argue any candidates side here. I’m not partisan and will chose who I vote for by looking at their individuals policies, not because of hype surrounding candidate

  352. 352
    ouch Says:

    Sarah Palin is the one that made the choice. She went as far as lying to her co-workers, etc …..about being pregnant. If she was to become the VP- will she do the same thing…lying to cover up something. We don’t want that. There is nothing wrong with her “adopting” her daugher’s child. But- pretending she was pregnant, etc………. Makes me wonder. If her daughter becomes the” focus of the world” as the above poster stated…..that is no one’s else’s responsibility ….Sarah Palin make that decision.

  353. 353
    ouch Says:

    # 349- you sound just like a Republican!

    Sarah Palin did this all on her own

  354. 354
    djbjustice Says:

    The issues for America remain the same, regardless of Sarah Palin.
    America has got to be more competitive, more green energy, more jobs at home and better education. Sarah is still talking oil. Not my pick. We need to be thinking about the future of our country, not what the personalities of the candidates are. I am voting for Obama, because I BELIEVE HE IS THINKING ABOUT AMERICAN JOBS AND THE PEOPLE!!!

  355. 355
    Gail Says:

    I just love all of these comments…she has no experience? Do not go that way…Obama was a senator for 143 days before he announced his presidency, She runs a state, a governor has more hands on, practical experience than a lawyer. Cause that is what he’s been. I’ll admit, he’s got the rhetoric, but asjk him a one-on one question, he is very halting, take a look and see. She is at the bottom of the ticket and Obama is at the top of your ticket, don’t get it twisted and don’t go there!! She can do it all, you got this girl

  356. 356
    Pete'smom Says:

    Okay, people:
    First of all, google IMAGES of Trig and you will see he is white, not darker skinned as some imply. Second, this is an awful rumor regarding a minor. What would happen if this story was about Chelsea Clinton? Lastly, speaking of the Clintons, when Bill had his affairs, we were told it’s between a man and his wife. Well, if this rumor is true, then it’s between a girl and her parents. Now, please stop gloating over a nasty RUMOR!

  357. 357
    Lonny Says:

    I hope this is true , Mccain will be over.

  358. 358
    Megan Says:

    Is that fear I smell? It’s amazing the vehemence against this smart, successful woman. She is a conservative, don’t expect her to act like a democrat. That’s why there is the other side, there is a choice. Don’t complain, vote for your non experienced candidate, who is at the top of your ticket.

  359. 359
    Obama will lose Says:

    The democrats are so desparate now that they are sinking lower than an episode of Jerry Springer to try and CREATE this scandal out of thin air. The dems look like a bunch of trout thrashing about in one inch of water. Truely pathetic. I so hope the liberal media runs with this story. It will be hilarious to watch them destroy the democratic party that they supposedly support. It will just be another nail in the coffin that the Obama campaign is lying in already.

    Speech? What speech?

    Obama gave a speech thursday? Who cares? It was lame and filled with nothing but empty promises and lies about hope and change. Tax cuts for 95% of Americans? Thanks for making that promise and not giving at least a small detail of how you are going to accolplish that.

    You see that flashing light in the corner of your eye Obama? It’s your career dissipation light. It just went into high gear.

  360. 360
    anon Says:

    I’m not saying Sarah Palin didn’t have her daughter/baby’s best interest in mind. I think she had good intentions. But if she really tried to pull a flim-flam of this magnitude on the American people, she’s an idiot. And by association McCain’s an idiot too.

  361. 361
    different strokes Says:

    Hmmm, it is so funny how when John Edwards story of his affair came out the Republicans said he is a liar and how there he do what he did. He should be shamed! This is who you wanted to be president or vice president, he should have told the truth from the beginning, yada, yada, yada.

    Now that the Republicans have a possible scandal it’s okay. It’s a mother protecting her cub, it’s a family matter and should be kept private. As long as it is someone else you want to grill them but when the crap is in your own backyard you want to bury it and move on. Well I tell you what we will know if that kid is hers soon once it’s features start coming in.

    This could very well be a cover up and once they are elected in what 65 days from now it won’t matter once the voting is done and they possibly win! The secret won’t be such a big deal because their in the office now. So she probably will not address this because it is on of their many ugly lies.

    They’ll be laughing in the White House saying the Americans are a bunch of morons we keep on pulling the wool over their eyes and they keep falling for it. hahahahahaha!!!

    Well not this American!

  362. 362
    Dee k Says:

    What I don’t understand is, do the Republicans really think women are stupid??? Women didn’t get Hillary so of course any women on a ticket is the one they will vote for? He position of V-Pres. is important. They take the lead if something happens the the Pres. Do women really want Palin just because she is a woman?

    If she is prolife good for her, then she shouldn’t have an abortion. She is a woman and as one should be trying to safeguard women’s rights.

    She is under investigation because she is accused of abusing her power. Dismissing people from their jobs because they wouldn’t be used to exact her revenge. What kind of person would even consider her as a running mate with that kind of cloud over her head?

  363. 363
    another reader gone Says:

    You lost another reader. I used to come to this site to read gossip about celebrities. – not gossip about politicians or your own political agenda. I’m not even sure who I am going to vote for yet. Not really thrilled with any of my choices. Tired of the presidential race all ready.

    Point being, I used to find your website one of the few relatively objective and fun, entertaining websites out there. If I want to read about the candidates’ platforms, I will go to a real news source.

    You have every right to blog about whatever you want, but I’m sorry that you are changing this gossip site into your personal blog. I’ll find another entertainment site, but it was fun while it lasted and good luck to you.

  364. 364
    katie n Says:

    Well, if the baby is really Sara palin’s, then she got on that plane hoping the downs baby would die at birth due to the rough air ride and then the 45 minutes car drive. there is no other reason I can come up for the shenanigans (running up hill at 6 months) she was into while on a high risk pregnancy (she is 44). Her last baby was about 6 years ago and the doctors would have asked her to be on bed rest by 7 months.

  365. 365
    jeramy Says:

    jared, I think you claims are outrageous and backed by absolutley no factual evidence!! this entire story you have fabricated shows just how ignorant you really are. the palin organization should go after you for slander.. i know for a fact that the child is in fact sarah palin’s daughter. heck my sister knows all of the palin children and is very good freinds with them. and she can vouch with complete honesty that the child is not bristol’s but it is in fact mrs. palin’s. dont be afraid of a woman who may indeed be the right hand person of the president of united states. you really are an ignoramous!!

  366. 366
    mcRN Says:

    How frequently does Down Syndrome occur?
    Down Syndrome (formerly called mongolism), named after Dr. Langdon Down, who described these children in 1866, occurs in one out of seven hundred births. The chance of having a Down Syndrome baby INCREASES with the age of the mother.

    Women under age 23—1 in 2,000 births
    Women at age 30—1 in 1,300 births
    Women at age 35—1 in 400 births
    Women at age 40—1 in 90 births
    Women at age 45—1 in 32 births
    Women at age 50—1 in 8 births

  367. 367
    anon Says:

    She’s a joke! she talks about breaking through the glass ceiling Hillary cracked but watch out ladies you won’t have a say about what happens in your own body.
    Oh and dinosaurs they never existed, so science watch you back too!

  368. 368
    sheryl Says:

    When Sarah had her baby here is statement she & Todd released:

    “Trig is beautiful and already adored by us. We knew through early testing he would face special challenges, and we feel privileged that God would entrust us with this gift and allow us unspeakable joy as he entered our lives. We have faith that every baby is created for good purpose and has potential to make this world a better place. We are truly blessed.”

    The fact that Just Jared would perpetuate such a crack pot evil lie by the Daily Kos kooks (who have endored Obama btw) towards this angelic mother is disgusting….just disgusting.

    You are an idiot of the highest order and a mean and ugly person inside and out.

  369. 369
    Janine Says:


  370. 370
    anon Says:

    Jeramy RE: post 365

    If your sister is such good friends with them and knows all the kids she would have told you the baby is question is a BOY. Now who is the ignoramus?

  371. 371
    jesse Says:


    MCCAIN/PALIN 08!!!!


  372. 372
    the real tita Says:

    $365: I guess these are the same people that believed Angelina Jolie had padded her stomach with a pillow and pretended to be carrying twins for many months. These may also be the same people looking hard for pics of Mrs. Palin in a bikini to turn the Evangelical Christians off.

    Somehow, if they ever do find a bikini pic and if it happened that she was pregnant at the time, they would still insist it was because of a very life-like prosthetic.I wonder why those who have no intention of voting for her anyway could be so concerned? If they outnumber conservatives and they have the election all sewn up, what is the issue?

  373. 373
    Curious Says:

    Jeramy RE: post 365

    IF your sister is such good friends with the palins (yeah right!) She would have told you the baby in question is a BOY. so WHO is the ignoramus now?

  374. 374
    mcRN Says:

    RE: #302
    Incest does not have anything to do with a child being born with Down’s Syndrome. Do your research before posting such idiotic statements!

  375. 375
    Joy Says:

    My point is again -

    Leave the kids alone. If this is a rumor – even more cruel to drag this young girl through this. Just hope she doesn’t jump off of a cliff, given her very conservative/religious background. People become so concerned with winning points, digging and delving to win more support for their own candidates. They don’t think past themselves.

    I remember being 16 years old, and being so concerned with image, being liked, fitting in. Can’t even imagine this child having to deal with even the rumor. I pity her. I taught high school for a while. SO HARD TO BE A TEENAGER. It repulses me that there is so little concern and consideration for children. LEAVE THEM OUT OF THE GAME. This is a kid. Not an adult. This is not the same as a candidate having an affair, etc., etc. Sixteen is a young and very vulnerable age, and it isn’t fair to take this girl down – in the quest to take down Sarah Palin and John McCain.

    By the way, I am neither a democrat or republican. Like/dislike some qualities about both Obama/McCain. Never sure what to believe. Still thinking about my vote. Just can’t stand the mean stuff.

  376. 376
    the real tita Says:

    #373: That person that keeps on harping on incest have it in the brain. Dreaming of a baby by her father or her brother or has already given birth to one. Anyone who can accuse other people of such scenarios have no decency at all. A sleaze can never be anything but a sleaze.

  377. 377
    smells funny 2 me Says:

    Hmmmm…..well what I do know about people, regardless of party, is that they WILL find out the truth.
    It’s our right to have all the information we need about our leaders in front of us to make the best decision.
    We don’t need our leaders to be “angels” perse, actually someone who is flawless is less appealing and untouchable but, we do need HONESTY.
    The truth will be uncovered.
    Let’s hope and pray for everyone’s sake this is just a rumor.

  378. 378
    Anti-Fact Republican Says:

    yeah, i hates my some libral demoncrap bloggers. ya’ll is just hatin’ on michae palin cuz yall is skeert. watch our upcomin’ GOP convention and WEEP. we will put yall’s to shame, you demoncrap devils !

    ..besides, all yall librals is STOOPID.

  379. 379
    Aperturius Says:

    For all of you people saying that it’s ok because she was protecting her daughter, NOT SO.

    IF this story is true, it’s obvious that Sarah Palin was only protecting HERSELF and her career. Think about it: you’re a republican who platformed on family values, which I’m sure included teaching abstinence along with being anti-abortion. Your 16 year-old daughter gets knocked up, and she doesn’t want to lose the baby. Your career could be in jeapordy, because you’re supposed to be a model parent who wouldn’t have a 16-year old daughter with a child!

    If Sarah Palin was protecting anyone, it was herself.

  380. 380
    Carolyn Says:

    If a woman is under 23 years old there is a 1 in 2,000 chance that her baby will be born with Downs Syndrome. If she is 45 years old there is a 1 in 30 chance.

  381. 381
    tellin it like it is Says:

    OK, whoa whoa whoa whoa, Jared is not the one who “fabricated” this story. Search for Bristol Palin on google and you’ll come up with a ton of hits about this situation.

    Basically, everything EXCEPT the chances of down syndrome is WAY to sketchy.

    I acknowledge that there are also rumors that Trig is the child of Bristol and her older brother, but I think that is stretching it a bit.

    The bottom line in this case, and the bottom line in any political scandal is unpure and simple. SHE LIED. She lied to our faces at the convention.

    Just put it all together, 16 year old get’s pregnant, is pulled out of school approximately 6-8 months before Trig is born due to mononucleosis (the kissing disease), Sarah doesn’t want everyone knowing the governor’s 16 year old daughter got pregnant, Sarah covers the fact up by faking her own pregnancy, Bristol goes into labor early, Sarah flys back to Alaska to be with her when she is born, the Palins choose a smaller hospital for delivery for a low key delivery, and a “more private” atmosphere for the “switch” to take place.

    Hence, hundreds of readers arguing over whether or not it was right on

    Plus, at the DNC, Sarah CERTAINLY did not appear to have delivered 4 months ago, however Bristol, (who did appear to have delivered 4 months prior,) was carrying the baby. One would have assumed that the father would have carried the baby out.

    Also, this new picture of Palin during one of her previous pregnancies looks QUITE pregnant, how one should look in the later stages of their pregnancy, and as a mother bares more children, her stomach grows bigger with each pregnancy, NOT smaller.

    Just some food for thought.

  382. 382
    somerandOMGUY Says:

    AMAZING lack of understanding about the alleged issue here.

    So…you are a governor, your VERY YOUNG teen gets pregnant (parenting skills, anyone? guess that abstinence thing doesn’t work ALL the time, eh?)

    As a parent of a pregnant teen, you decide that you’ll raise the child as your own (perhaps the girl agreed with that, perhaps she was coerced into it). Ok, so far, so good. This happens a lot. The child-mother has very diminished outlook, facing life as a very young mother. It is not uncommon for the grandparents to adopt the child in this scenario.


    You’re the governor. You can’t carry this off with the kind of low profile you’d like. The child (daughter) will be known to be the actual mother, and you’ll not be able to carry off the real goal, which was to hide the little girl’s unfortunate indiscretion.

    Instead, you try to pull off a “clever” ruse…you claim to be pregnant yourself! you feel confident you’ll pull it off…but there’s a snag. The young child-mother goes into labor WAY TOO EARLY. In fact, it happens while you’re in texas! so you fly all the way back to a little podunk hospital in the middle of nowhere, alaska, to “have the baby”.

    Problem is, ANY obgyn would IMMEDIATELY tell you to go to the nearest major hospital, and start getting care! But you can’t…because the doctors there would find you to be “not pregnant”.

    The reasons this is awful, if true, are several. First off, it represents a hypocrisy of monumental proportions. secondly, it will, at the very least, involve an actual crime, falsifying birth records. thirdly, it involves another very real actual crime, conspiring with others, who will have to be bribed or paid off in some way, to cover up the crime.

    This could have been avoided, and would be ok, if she had just “adopted” her grandson.

    I’ll bet that we’ll find that the obgyn has destroyed his records, the hospital has destroyed the records, there’s a conspicuously absent paper trail.

    My guess is that they “planned a home birth”, but the baby foiled those plans by coming premature…and if you care about the life of the baby even the least, you immediately abandon the idea of home birth and get your laboring butt to the nearest emergency room.

    Again, the problem with all this, if it is true, is that it is a grand deception, and at the very least, it would put the Vice President of the United States at risk for blackmail, and at best, it means that a deceitful liar is again ensconced in the white house.

    It’s a classic sign of ABUSE OF POWER…it’s a pathological lie.


  383. 383
    Anti-Fact Republican Says:

    Palin’s oldest son walks in to the Palin home and says “Mom, have you seen my pills? The bottle says LSD on the label?”

    Grandma Sarah Palin says “Fu<k the pills! Have you seen the dragons in the kitchen?!”


  384. 384
    JESSE1562 Says:

    I think several people are missing the big picture.
    One–freedom of the press, Just Jared is about entertainment and politicians can be very entertaining when they are being naughty–>looks like this lady might have dirty laundry
    Two–The people are entrusting this woman to be an honest public servant. We are literally going to put our lives in her hands if we elect her into office. McCain and old man, and that is just a plain fact.
    She may send our children in to battle. She may start wars that we have to pay for. If she is someone who engineers secrets, then I don’t know that I want to entrust her with my children’s lives, or my tax dollars.
    I am neither Red nor Blue, I am just looking out for someone who might come along and look out for me and my children.
    I am glad that she loves her children. I am a mother too. I bet her and I could spend hours sharing great stories about how wonderful our children are. But I am not electing her to be a mother. I am electing two people to run a country, get us out of this economic mess, get us out of this terrible war, reverse yet another horrible deficit, fix this energy crisis, and maybe create a better future for all our children.
    I know she wants that, but it isn’t achieved with lies. Did anyone watch that video, she doesn’t look pregnant, and she is walking on wet streets–in high heels–fast paced–in a skirt! Pregnant?
    I don’t want a liar. I would have really respected her if she would have just said, “I adopted my grandson who has DS.” She would have had my respect 10 fold, now she has my doubts.

  385. 385
    Tom Says:

    Jared might have the right to post anything he wants on his blog at least until lawyers start calling him but shouldn’t he have respect to his viewers and post honest stories, to perpetuate a lie that a lone person blogged on a radical leftist blog site about a person who is running for the second highest office is both irresponsible of Jared and just plan stupid and I have not seen Jared post negatives stories about Obama or Biden when there are so many out there truth or lies, so it shows that Jared is trying through underhanded methods to influence peoples views and I don’t think it’s a good indication of Jared’s character when he thinks he should act like 1930′s Germany and manipulate and lie to get people to vote for Obama, especially on a celebrity wed-site, people don’t come here to get Jared’s political views and he knows that that’s why he is so underhanded in his political coverage If Obama were the right candidate the media wouldn’t have to be so bias to get him elected.

  386. 386
    cutie pie Says:

    yes i said fast daughter and ill say it again fast daughter, judgemental my boot, i wish i had a dollar for everytime i have seen judgemental and stereotyping , id be rich as heck, and the woman is a liar and a idiot to be covering up for the daughter, doesnt she know it will come out in the light,, its obvious the girl is pregnant on the picture and that mono crap .. i wont comment on it because nobody in my family ever had it and i hope never will! but a grand mother covering up dont the idiots know that is will have to be told to the kid, stop taking up for her because she white, white people do stupid crap too or didnt you folks know that or do you just cover it up!

  387. 387
    gary wilson Says:

    Palin is a nut job. If she continues to drag her kids thru this kind of stuff, she is a bad parent. She should have aborted the Downs child…. no, giving him life was not the best thing. And how is she going to be a good parent to all those kids as VP? She wants creationism taught in schools. She doesn’t beleive humans cause global warming. She thinks wolves and bears should be exterminated.

    She’s a nut job!

  388. 388
    Dana Says:

    Folks can drop statistics ALL day every day. It’s not impossible for either the mother or the daughter to have a kid with down syndrome.

    This guy is on point:

    I do not believe a doctor would tell a woman who is carrying a down syndrome baby that it is okay to get on a plane and RISK an unhealthy birth when there is a hospital in Texas she could have went to. What woman water breaks, she goes on to deliver a speech, catch a flight to Alaska, drives to another hospital 45 minutes away, and then goes back to work three days after giving birth to a child with a disability she has NEVER dealt with?

    This isn’t liberal versus conservative. It’s truth versus a lie.

    You don’t have to lie to kick it, Palin.

  389. 389
    ur ass bitch Says:


  390. 390
    Chelseyc Says:

    Birth certificates are public reord. We could all stop believing gossip and try to access the truth.

  391. 391
    Amber Says:

    Mono can last longer than 3 months. My brother had it for 6 months.

    You can’t really tell with pictures if someone is pregnant. I’ve known people to NOT gain much weight during pregnancy and for their stomachs to go back in right after giving birth. It’s possible.

    Her daughter does look pregnant in that photo, but not enough to be “proof”. It looks very likely though.

    I will be interested in following this story. Surprised to see it here, but interesting just the same.

  392. 392
    yea Says:

    What do you want? To watch a youtube video of the baby coming out of Governor Palin’s bloody vag like a TLC show? You all are slandering a teenager and last I knew that was illegal. Be careful what you post if you don’t have absolute fact.

  393. 393
    remember da truth Says:


    As crazy as this story is, I just LOVE seeing all the hypocritical Republcans crying out for privacy, and how great it is that she was keeping her private family matters out of the political sphere. Of course, when Bill Clinton had a private family matter of adultery that didn’t affect HIS ability to govern, you all impeached him! You all had no excuses for HIS lying and cover up!

    Such hypocrites. You Republicans get more transparent each year.

  394. 394
    claire Says:

    eddie jones @ 08/31/2008 at 5:43 pm

    ah well look on the bright side, obama wants to kill babys, at least palin does what she can do to preserve babys, even if they aren’t hers.

    Quoting Barack “I wouldn’t want my daughters to be punished with a baby, if they made a mistake”.

    So give the girl some credit, she was obviously just trying to cover up that her 16 yr old was knocked up, you know the hollywood trend that we have that seems to be acceptable anywhere else.


    OMG!!! Obama is a BABY KILLER?

  395. 395
    Marla Says:

    If that’s true I think it’s disgusting. Why could she be open and honest. What if some thing happen with running the country what is she going to lie and hide it. I don’t trust her.

  396. 396
    African Girl Says:

    Ross @ 08/31/2008 at 5:28 pm

    Children born with down syndrom increases with incest! If Ms.Palin’s daughter is the mother, then who is the father?

    Where did Todd go to college. Can anyone tell me that?
    Incest? Are you kidding me with this? Ross please go back to school or at least try to do a little research before shooting your mouth off.

  397. 397

    I will vote for the one who respects and protects GOD’s most valuable gift to us …. HUMAN LIFE

    VOTE McCain-Palin 2008!
    VOTE Palin 2012!

  398. 398
    Denise Says:

    She is a f–king liar. Watch how they forge documents to cover this up. They are such evil hypocrites.

  399. 399
    Jessica Says:

    Grandma Palin is a LIAR (I know all politicians make false promises, but damn she is taking us for idiots). In the picture above mommy Bristol looks pregnant. I’m glad we found out this information early. I thought McCain picking her was a descent choice, well not anymore. If Obama was in this situation some of you would have been calling him everything but a child of God, but when Grandma Palin does it she’s doing something honorable. BULLSHIT!!! I already didn’t like her because she thinks woman should be completely stripped of their reproductive rights, but this is the icing on the cake.

    Obama/Biden ’08

    * Jared has every right to post whatever he wants on his blog.

  400. 400
    cc Says:

    # 396 If you are so religious you should be anti LYING as well and not just anti BABY KILLING. If this is true, then God help America if the future vice is a liar who will stoop to anything to cover up ****. GO OBAMA<–What a classy family!

  401. 401
    cc Says:

    Palin 2012? LOLLLLL this must be a joke right hahaha

  402. 402
    Ray Says:

    You every notice when Republican men cheat it’s with another man. When Democrats cheat it’s with a lady.

  403. 403
    Allie Says:

    If it is true I think that the fact she lied to the whole country is far worse than her daughter having a child 17. Would have been really that bad just say it?

  404. 404

    OBAMA called me a “BITTER”.

    I voted for Hillary in the primary elections.

    Although I am a democrat, I will vote for McCain-Palin.

    Will vote for Hillary 2012!

  405. 405
    jenanoelle Says:

    A politician lying? Really? (insert shocked look here)

  406. 406
    Mike Says:

    It should be Anti Lying too. This story must be true because the Republicans are trying to play this mess down.

  407. 407
    bitter? Says:

    Re: 403
    Wow!!! bitter AND willing to cut your nose off to spite your face. Let us know how that works out for you!

  408. 408

    cc @ 08/31/2008 at 9:54 pm
    If you are so religious you should be anti LYING as well and not just anti BABY KILLING.

    Those who spread lies (especially about an INNOCENT baby) will all B U R N In H e l l.

    THOU Shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

  409. 409
    Mike Says:

    Just great-she can’t run her own household, what the heck is she going to do with the country.

  410. 410
    Scott Says:

    This is crap you are just printing fake crap. Your attacking her because she didn’t want to have a abortion. YOur a really slimey person Jared. There is no proof and I feel bad for her family and her child.

  411. 411
    Scott Says:

    This is crap you are just printing fake crap. Your attacking her because she didn’t want to have a abortion. YOur a really slimey person Jared. There is no proof and I feel bad for her family and her child.

  412. 412
    you'll more bitter by 2012 Says:

    Then you were never really a Hillary supporter since McCain and Palin stand for everything Hillary has fought against.. and if elected there might not be a country left to lead in 2012. The woman doesn’t even believe in equal wages, let alone personal choice. I am surprised that she thinks woman should even be allowed to vote!

    By 2012 under the McCain/Palin ticket..

    The poor will beyond help,

    the middle class will be gone,

    Roe vs Wade will be over turned by the conservative judges they appoint and more children will be committing suicide, attempting home abortions and permanently damaging themselves, or going to states that will still vote for it to be legal,

    the rich will have more than ever…

    the oil companies and the terrorists will still be making money off of us since all the Alaskan and off shore drilling will benefit is the oil won’t lower the price of gas for 30 years and even then it will only last us about 10 and then we are right back where we started.

    and we will have to out source the refining to China and other countries..once again no job for Americans,

    the off shore drilling will negatively effect our 700 billion dollar tourism industry.

    polar bear will be extinct..but who cares??

    more children will be born into poverty with fewer programs..especially the programs that would assist you to take care of a disabled child (nice legacy you will leave women in your own predicament Palin!)

    we will still be fighting the war in Afghanistan and Iraq,

    the soldiers who come back will have fewer programs (slashed by McCain) to assist them with mental health and medial issues, no veterans assistance programs for continued education, or protection of their benefits (check out MIA/POW against McCain and Veterans against McCain),

    Osama Bin Laden will still be loose and planing attacks against us and our foreign allies,

    we will continue with hot headed warmonger McCain to burn bridges with other world leaders,

    McCain will still have more homes than he can count due to his pill pooping addict of an heiress wife, but the majority of Americans will have lost their homes, have had their credit ruined and will be unable to qualify again under the new standards.. yet they will bail out the greedy mortgage companies and banks that made this housing crisis possible.

    So if you are a Hillary supporter who ends up voting for McCain than you had better take it all in and realize you helped to make it possible. You are not to complain..take your asked for it. You are responsible for what happens. You are responsible as are all who voted for Bush for each American soldier and innocent man, woman and child who is killed in Iraq and Afghanistan..the blood is on your hands too.

  413. 413
    Howard Says:

    Huffington, Daily K0S, Newsvine and whoever else is running this story … if this is a rumor, why are you publishing it? Do you also publish rumors about Obama … like Obama being a muslim? It sounds like the kind of malicious reporting one would find in the National Enquirer. I wrongly assumed it would be beneath the journalistic integrity of these blogs. … or, are they in the tank for Obama? I hope this story comes back to bite these smear mongers in the ass. I would love to see law suits that would take every penny these irresponsible websites have. I’ll bet there are a lot of attorneys who would gladly work pro bono.

  414. 414
    Mike Says:

    Allie @ 08/31/2008 at 10:00 pm If it is true I think that the fact she lied to the whole country is far worse than her daughter having a child 17. Would have been really that bad just say it?

    Yeah, I don’t care about her daughter. I care about the lie she told over such a thing as that when girls get that way all the time. She is pathetic for coming up with such a fake scheme.
    She could just said she adopted the baby. She freaked out and lied. What is she going to do when a tough issues come up while in the white house. She probably will lie to get out of it. Better yet what lie is she going to tell if another daughter come up pregnant.

  415. 415
    jade Says:


    OBAMA/BIDEN 08!!!!

  416. 416

    ALL bitters unite and vote for John McCain. Obama is very foreign. He does not understand us. He calls us bitters. How can he be able to help us if he insults us.

    Vote McCain 2008! Vote Hillary 2012!

  417. 417
    jade Says:

    THANK YOU Dana @ 08/31/2008 at 9:00 pm

    I enjoyed this video!

  418. 418
    Ida Says:

    BITTER VOTER @ 08/31/2008 at 10:01 pm OBAMA called me a “BITTER”.

    I voted for Hillary in the primary elections.

    Although I am a democrat, I will vote for McCain-Palin.

    Will vote for Hillary 2012!
    Most of you are just prejudice as he!! that’s the true reason you will not vote for Obama. Racism still is big in America. You would rather see the country go to the pits by lying a$$ republicans than vote for a black man.

  419. 419
    tralalalala Says:

    Sarah has defined herself as a working mother of 5 (which sounds way more heroic than 4), one of which has Down’s syndrome (which also sounds heroic) in her platform as running Vice President.

    If neither of these things are true… then her credibility is in question. Suggesting that you are not what you are is misrepresentation. I find that strangely important in a running Vice-Presidential candidate.

    Unfortunately the side-bar to this are the suggestions that Sarah may have assumed this role to protect her daughter and that hiding the pregnancy was the right thing to do.

    Firstly, if this is true, I doubt that Sarah is protecting Bristol. It seems more about Sarah not losing face in her community allowing her to continue the façade needed for success in political office . Also I would think to hide both parents’ shame of a teen pregnancy.

    From what I can gather from the reports on Daily Kos, Bristol seems blithely getting out and about (and into 3 police reports they say), which gives me the impression she is rather care free.

    When Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant her mother did not feel the need to pretend and lie. There are plenty of parents out there that would rather this had not happened to their teenage daughters but don’t revert to deceit.

    Secondly, I don’t see how the decision to hide this be considered in any way moral or faith based. In fact it is probably completely irreligious to turn the mother into a sister and the grandmother into a mother.

    I hope this story isn’t true because it is an abomination for a child (Bristol) to be asked to live a lie.

  420. 420

    OBAMA is an ELITIST! Obama simply does not get it! He cannot be a president of the elite few.

    Vote McCain 2008! Vote Hillary 2012!

  421. 421
    nk Says:

    Guess what? Now Cindy claims Palin has foreign affairs experience because Alaska is soooo close to Russia. Too many Republicans are behaving like crack addicts these days. Oye.

  422. 422
    cc Says:

    This blog has nothing to do with an INNOCENT baby, it’s about an individual who will do anything to cover up her teenage daughter having a kid out of wedlock, what do you say about that ms. religious????? If we’re gonna get into the nitty gritty, and quote Bible passages how about not having sex at 16 and getting knocked up then having your mother lie about it…

  423. 423
    Howard Says:

    Huffington, Daily K0S, Newsvine and whoever else is running this story … if this is a rumor, why are you publishing it? Do you also publish rumors about Obama … like Obama being a muslim? It sounds like the kind of malicious reporting one would find in the National Enquirer. I wrongly assumed it would be beneath the journalistic integrity of these blogs. … or, are they in the tank for Obama? I hope this story comes back to bite these smear mongers in the ass. I would love to see law suits that would take every penny these irresponsible websites have. I’ll bet there are a lot of attorneys who would gladly work pro bono

  424. 424
    cc Says:

    Those who lie and get knocked up at 16 shall ************ as well. A sin is a sin in front of God.

  425. 425
    Susan Says:

    “> 80% of the cases of Down’s Syndrome are in mothers under the age of 35.”

    babies conceived by mothers over the age of 35 are far more likely to have down’s syndrome. If 80% of cases are to mothers under the age of 35, it is only because younger women have far more babies. It is much more likely that a 44 year old woman would have a downs baby than a 16 year old.

  426. 426

    cc @ 08/31/2008 at 10:45 pm
    This blog has nothing to do with an INNOCENT baby,

    This blog is about the INNOCENT baby whose mother you falsely accuse of LYING/COVER-UP You are a LIAR … worse than a LIAR.

    cc @ 08/31/2008 at 10:46 pm
    Those who lie and get knocked up at 16 shall ************ as well

    GOD said “Go and fill the earth”. God never said “I will punish those who get knocked-up at 16

  427. 427
    Male f/new dumbest US state:FL Says:

    What kind of mother leave her 4 months old sick baby alone?. I asked my mom her opinion as a woman and mother, she thinks it’s outrageous for a 44 years old woman to bring a baby to this world, a baby’s health is serioulsy compromised. She most had surgery to remove her ovaries after her 35th birthday or after the 4th child was born. If she’s a good mother she would renounce to the VP nomination for his baby’s sake. His baby need alot of attention and love. I’ll vote for Obama because he have Joe Biden as VP. The other dupla McCain / Palin is gonna sank our country. Mitt Romney as VP could have changed my opinion though.

  428. 428
    Cris Says:

    The correct term is Down Syndrome. There is no longer an apostrophe!!

  429. 429
    pp Says:

    #407 Anti-Baby Killing

    “I will vote for the one who respects and protects GOD’s most valuable gift to us …. HUMAN LIFE”

    Please tell me how voting for the Republicans is a respect for human life? I admit I don’t know as much about the policies of the two parties as I could, as I am from Australia. However, isn’t it the Republicans who have blithely sent your young people off to war … where is the respect for human life in that?
    Isn’t it the Republicans who dragged you into the whole Iraqi mess, i which hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed … where is the respect for human life in that?
    Oh, I get it! They’re not Christian!! So God doesn’t care about their ‘human life’??
    I don’t think so!
    I believe there is a God, there is only one God, and he is the God of everyone, regardless of race, religious affiliation, sex, age or whatever!
    So don’t be so hypocritical saying the Republicans care about the value of human life!

  430. 430
    lindiane Says:

    What a crock! That picture was from 2006, published in a paper, this is the most the left wingers could come up with to smear a good person! This woman should be admired instead of torn down.

    Here is the image as sourced with an article from the ADN.

    The article has a publication date of March 2008. But the photo was not taken then. Look at this article from 2006, also by ADN:

    The family are wearing the same clothes, and have the same hair. They are outdoors. The newspaper repurposed a file photo of the Palins for their article in 2008.

  431. 431
    cc Says:

    God also said Adultery is a sin buddy. Read your Bible then quote what God said. Go and fill the earth does not mean go and have sex as a teenager and bring an innocent child to this earth. If she did such a noble thing then why would her mother cover up the mess. Please.
    Killing innocent soldiers at war is not something that God wants either btw, where is respecting the value of human life in that?

  432. 432
    anon Says:

    God, this blog is tiresome. I just have to comment to all the people out there who are throwing “facts” around, according the the National Association for Down Syndrome, 80% OF ALL DOWN SYNDROME BIRTHS ARE TO MOTHERS UNDER THE AGE OF 35. Look it up on their website, or on lots of other sites, which repeat the facts.

  433. 433
    emily Says:

    I believe this story and it makes a lot of sense. shows you how crazy these ring wingers are. not that john mccain isn’t bad enough, but if he were to pass, and sarah palin is left as president? are you kidding? she is from alaska. she doesn’t know the real world. OBAMA 08 or there is no hope!

  434. 434

    cc @ 08/31/2008 at 11:05 pm
    God also said Adultery is a sin buddy.

    Do you know what adultery is? Go find a dictionary. It is not surprising then that you believe and spread LIES.

  435. 435
    cc Says:

    If we’re gonna quote God then He says sex before marriage is a sin as well. If she had done such a noble thing then the mother would be proud of her and not cover up the mess by lying.

  436. 436
    nicole Says:

    the first lie is that you are not 80% more likely if your under 35…. you’re more likely to have a child with DS if you are over the age of 40 and under the age of 18

  437. 437
    pp Says:

    #435 Anti-Baby Killing

    So fornication isn’t s sin in your eyes? Being so righteous and quick to judge as you are, you should know this one from the Bible!

  438. 438
    anne Says:

    Frickin hilarious! That picture is so obviously ’86 or so and she is HUGE. So, somehow with her 5th she stayed trim through 8 months?! Whatever, shmoes, with my 4th I was obviously pregnant at 8 weeks!!! Listen, it’s awesome that her daughter didn’t terminate a pregnancy but this woman is not at all VP material. In any way. Minus this story, be it true or not. End of story.

  439. 439
    cc Says:

    Go read your Bible then start sharing passages and what God says lol. Seems like you’re all for having sex as a teenager, getting knocked up then bringing and child out of wedlock into this world. Oh i see how religious you are. I know what an adulterer is my dear, i don’t need a dictionary. Maybe you should look up SIN is in the Bible.

  440. 440
    cc Says:

    Good job PP!!

  441. 441
    Jim d Says:

    This story sounds like something that the OLD National Enquirer would print, you know, before they nailed John Edwards lying about ******** around on his wife while his wife is dying of cancer.

    How low can the Democrats go? Sarah Palin is a winner and she will eat Joe Biden’s pompous ass in the debates. I watched her debate while she was running for governor of Alaska. Biden might as well be debating Ann Coulter.

  442. 442

    cc @ 08/31/2008 at 11:25 pm
    pp @ 08/31/2008 at 11:19 pm

    who committed fornication? who committed adultery? Are you falsely accusing the teenage daughter too? You are not contented with smearing the innocent baby and the concerned mother, but you RUMOR MONGERS want to victimize the sweet teenage daughter too.




  443. 443
    Rosie Says:

    ANTI BABY KILLLING @ 08/31/2008 at 11:36 pm



    GORE …. defeated
    KERRY ….. defeated
    OBAMA …. sure to be defeated too!

  444. 444
    kathy Says:

    what is wrong with most of you she is telling people thats her baby so when it grows up he will think that his mother is his sister that is so wrong, also she is not doing this for her daugther she is doing this for herself because she wants people to think she is a good chuch woman and so is her family so her kids shouldnt have sex before marriage. also why does her son decide to go to the army when she was running for gov why didnt he join when he turned 18???

  445. 445
    pp Says:

    #443 Anti-Baby Killing

    Are your eye balls red and are you spitting all over your keyboard??
    Calm down!
    Until this is proven one way or the other, I am not making any judgements about anyone! And even if it is true, I am not judging the daughter. At 16, it is easy to make mistakes – hey, it is easy to make mistakes at any age!
    If it does turn out to be true, the issue is that a future VP could do something so misleading ….
    What I have really taken issue with is actually neither of the Palin women! It is rather with hysterical rantists like you who are so rightoeus!
    And before you judge me, yes I am a Christian, and I do go to church, but I happen to think that right-wing foaming-at-the-mouth Christians are as dangerous as those from any other religion!

  446. 446
    anonymous Says:

    cc @ 08/31/2008 at 10:45 pm This blog has nothing to do with an INNOCENT baby, it’s about an individual who will do anything to cover up her teenage daughter having a kid out of wedlock, what do you say about that ms. religious????? If we’re gonna get into the nitty gritty, and quote Bible passages how about not having sex at 16 and getting knocked up then having your mother lie about it…


    Nooooo. This blog is about lunatics with imaginations running wild.

    Maybe Palin’s daughter also carried Angelina Jolie’s twins, Nicole’s baby and that alien baby Suri.

    Listen to yourselves. You have become freaks.

  447. 447
    just saying Says: isn’t a reliable news source. Nice try liberals. Not nice to make up stories.

  448. 448
    sh Says:

    First, McCain cheated on his first wife. Now Palin lied about her grandson. Great. I guess no one remembers the 10 Commandments any more!

  449. 449
    john Says:

    G0 BACK TO POSTS # 110
    # 126
    # 256
    # 321




  450. 450
    leslie Says:

    Just to inform you, your statistic is incorrect, women over the age of 35 have a greater chance of giving birth to a baby with mental challenges, NOT women under 35.

  451. 451
    just saying Says:

    Those pictures of her daughter look photoshopped. You liberals are so negative.

  452. 452
    cc Says:

    # 443 ANTI BABY KILLLING @ 08/31/2008 at 11:36 pm

    Listen you have got this election all wrong. It is NOT about ‘baby killing’!!! If by keeping that baby makes her for the job then we will be in ‘big s***’ if they win. Our economy will hit rock bottom, more innocent soldiers will die, more people will lose their jobs, just to mention a few. Do not be afraid of CHANGE. It is a good thing, we need to get out of this rut.
    And do not ever play the religious card, I didn’t see anything religious about these 8 years.

  453. 453
    truth Says:

    There is nothing to this baby story. (By the way .Sarah is using a breast pump on the campaign trail). If there was any evidence, the corrupt Republicans in Alaska that she outed would have smeared her with this. They couldn’t because there is NO basis for it.
    This is a sick attempt to smear a decent woman, her daughter, and a baby. This coming from the party of Michael Moore who was gleeful that a killer hurricane was on its way to NOLA so that the Rep. Convention would be disrupted. Oh, never mind the deaths because this party kills babies anyways. And what’s wrong with sacrificing 9 months to give a child up for adoption and let it live 90 years?!! Such selfish shortsightedness is pure BILE.
    I don’t want a candidate with so called “experience” which means years of sitting in office with your good ole boys and getting nothing done but getting rich. Translation…Biden. He is a heartbeat away from his 3rd brain aneurysm. It’s not how much time you have been in office, but what you DO when in office and Palin KICKS BUTT!! If Obama and his wife were to live in the White House, George Washington would roll in his grave because it would be the first time it would be occupied by people who do NOT love America despite their denials. You can judge people by the company they keep….Rev. Wright the hatespouter among many others and some being Communists!! Obama’s shine is coming off and the dull brass is showing. He is all air and no substance. He just said on CNN that the trouble with the Republicans is that they want people to pull themselves up with their boot straps but you can’t if you have no boots. Translation–take from the workers to give to the nonworkers and WTH???!!. He knows he’s in deep s*** and regrets the Biden choice. Hilary supporters are disgusted and they are leaving in droves to the McCain side. It’s over, folks. Nov. 4th will just make it official…..MCCAIN & PALIN 08
    PS TMZ, you all have cameras and looooooooooow IQ’s.

  454. 454
    boo hoo Says:

    Did the state trooper knock up her daughter? Is that the real reason she fired him? Still not as bad as what Edwards did. I bet Osama is having affairs right and left too.

  455. 455
    doc.kelly Says:

    80% of down syndrome babies are born to mothers OVER 35 years of age. That is why there is manditory testing at that age. Please at least get your medical facts straight before you try to use it as evidence.

  456. 456
    A2B Says:

    Jared, I have returned to this crap thread ten hours later, only to find it festering away with the most ignorance I believe I have ever seen displayed by my fellow countrymen, and you have to take full blame. You wrote this gleefully and fully aware of what you were doing. Are you proud of allowing the likes of post #160 to weigh in with that hate-filled rant? How about the one right after it, #161, who actually doesn’t sound as stupid, but is. Offering up some helpful possibilities for all to ponder on the availability of pregnancy prosthetics, in all different stages of pregnancy, no less, that might have been used. You all have ravaged a sixteen year old kid, you are her judge and jury. She’s guilty, guilty, guilty, right? She’s “fast”! Good bye to Jared, good bye to many posters I am familiar with who have shocked me like Besane. What you’ve done is actually criminal. You are all incredible losers. Let’s hope for your sake no one in your tiny little worlds EVER has the chance to savagely pounce on some crap gossip stupidity like this about someone in your family, and people blindly do what you have done–BELIEVE IT. The true disaster here is not politics, it is gullibility and hatefulness, obviously alive and well and still here on display, as ignorant as possible, so many hours later. I am voting for Obama, a man who would be mortified if he saw some of the horror his supporters are displaying here today. Never, ever coming back, Jared. Hope you’re happy down here at the bottom of the barrel, Ass.

  457. 457
    Indy Says:

    Why are people acting like this site is the Washington Post, Time Magazine, or Newsweek? It is a gossip site that discusses gossip. I don’t think Jared has held himself out as a journalist that has a responsibiity to check sources. Get over it.

    And it is irresponsible to assert Obama/Biden had anything whatsoever to do with this story. She has been the veep candidate since Friday. Obama’s campaign would not have had enough time to create such an elaborate story.

    The person who wrote the story has clearly been researching it for quite some time and has provided what he considers to be concrete facts that her “son” might be her grandson. Like it or not Palin is officially a public figure that could be the next veep of the USA. The public has the right to know if she can be trusted.

  458. 458
    Sunny Says:

    How i can’t wait for the vp debate. Biden will wipe the floor with Palin.

  459. 459

    pp @ 08/31/2008 at 11:54 pm

    Are you a Christian in the real sense of the word? True Christians are not that UNKIND and HATEFUL to malign an innocent baby, a concerned mother and a teenage daughter.

  460. 460
    cc Says:

    Does this look like an 8 months pregnant woman who’s pregnant with her 5th child? lol i think not.

  461. 461
    just saying Says:

    vicious lies!

  462. 462
    truth Says:

    Just Jared was once a decent gossip site but he has now lost a lot of readers with this CRAP. I’ve had it with liberal leftists trashing anything or anyone that dares to be good and decent.

    Everyone who is upset with this lying story don’t visit this site again. Let’s hurt him in the pocketbook. All together now say Gooodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I’M DONE with his stupidity.

  463. 463
    ERIC Says:


  464. 464
    groundcontrol Says:

    Sunny @ 09/01/2008 at 12:21 am How i can’t wait for the vp debate. Biden will wipe the floor with Palin.


    I’m not so sure. She did very well against a seasoned Senator Frank Murkowski. And we all know Biden loves to stick his foot in his mouth. He can be a real ass at times.

    We Dems are foolish to so easily dismiss her out of hand. She is not some dummy. She’s not a shrinking violet and she will get herself prepared for any debates. She certainly isn’t afraid of hard work.

    Palin was not chosen to appeal to Hillary supporters. She was chosen to appeal to the more conservative voters and the christians. And she has energized that base of voters. They are very excited now about this ticket and they weren’t excited about McCain before.

    Enough of this BS rumor. Jared, for gods sake don’t put up a picture from 2006 and claim that she looks pregnant for a 2008 delivery. Idiot. All that picture does is show the girl has a fat belly naturally. After all this nonsensical talk, the poor girl is probably on a bread and water diet as we speak puking her guts up.

    Maybe we can ratchet up this stupid story – Brad Pitt is the father.

  465. 465
    pp Says:

    #460 Anti-Baby Killing

    Now you’re just proving you have comprehension problems as well!
    Where did I malign either the innocent baby, the daughter or the mother???
    In fact, I said I didn’t judge them, and wouldn’t ! How is that maligning them???
    Maybe you just didn’t want to hear that the problem I had was with you & how you react! So there, now I’ve said it again for you – comprende???

  466. 466
    cc Says:

    Look at all the pics and tell me that woman is 8 months pregnant with her 5th child. Look at her first pregnancy photos and supposed last pregnancy photos… unless you are blind you should be able to see that the cat is out of the bag.

  467. 467
    cc Says:

  468. 468
    carla Says:

    Jared, just stick to what you’re good at. Getting paid for promoting talentless celebities on your blog.

  469. 469
    cc Says:

    I like this quote from the article “No matter what the real story is, her decision to fly from Texas to Alaska after waking up at 4am leaking amniotic fluid, with a premature, Down Syndrome baby, without even warning the airline about the situation — and that is all from newspaper reports — that is the height of stupidity and irresponsibility. If she’s that irresponsible with her own baby, do you want her in a position of power?” Well said!

  470. 470

    pp @ 09/01/2008 at 12:37 am

    pp @ 08/31/2008 at 11:19 pm

    #435 Anti-Baby Killing

    So fornication isn’t s sin in your eyes? Being so righteous and quick to judge as you are, you should know this one from the Bible!


    Who is guilty of fornication? Who are you accusing of committing fornication?

    I do not have reading comprehension problems.

  471. 471
    cc Says:

  472. 472
    cc Says:

    Palin gave birth to her youngest child, Trig, on April 18, 2008, while in office as governor. Testing early in pregnancy revealed the fetus had Down syndrome. Palin said she was sad at first but they now feel blessed that God chose them.[99] Though she announced that she was pregnant only during the start of her third trimester and one month before Trig was born, her pregnancy is reported to have surprised Alaskans, including her staff.[100] After her water broke, on the day of Trig’s delivery, Palin delivered a keynote address in Texas and then flew 8 hours to Alaska. She and her husband drove a further 50 minutes to Mat-Su Valley Regional Medical Center, where she gave birth seven hours later.[101] Palin returned to office quickly, just three days after giving birth to Trig.[25] Palin’s decision to have the baby has been applauded by the pro-life community. Don’t you find this a bit bizzzzzzzarrrrrr?

  473. 473
    goodbye, farewell Says:

    To all those complaining about this article Jared has posted. This is his site and he can post whatever the hell he wants. If you don’t like it then don’t come back. Jared has posted a couple of political articles on his site and that is his freedom to do so.

    All of you hollering that it is gossip, well this is a gossip site so there you go! You don’t mind reading about lies & gossip of celebrities but when it comes to political lies & gossip it is wrong for him to include it??

    You keep doing what you been doing Jared. Some of us are not stupid enuogh to take what we read as right or wrong until we either research it ourselves or the truth comes out, and trust me if there is story it will come out. Some of us can stay neutral on certain things and understand you are just doing the job of a blogger.

    Have a great week Jared!

  474. 474
    gojared Says:

    I’ve never realized how much Republican Americans are so out of touch and completely delusional!

    Dear John McCain,
    HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK WOMEN ARE??? So by selecting a random woman to run as Vice President in hoping to gain the Hilary leftovers..are a complete insult to women. Women supportted Hilary campaign not solely on her being a woman…it is becaus she is smart, experienced and above all has common sense and fair judgement. How insulting to ALL women out.
    Ladies….PLEASE DO NOT BUY INTO THIS PALIN/MCCAIN delusion. She is only being USED and frankly I feel bad for her for being a puppet !!!!!

    Thank you for listening. Jared, I truly admire your post!

  475. 475
    Palin is greater than Obama Says:

    Sarah “Barracuda” Palin never shrink from responsibilities.

    McCain said that “as governor, she has had enormous responsibilities, none of which Senator Obama had. When she was in government, he was a community organizer. When she was taking tough positions against her own party, Senator Obama was voting present 130 times in the state legislature. On every tough issue, whatever it was, she was taking them on. That’s the kind of judgment that I’m confident that we need in Washington.”

  476. 476
    June Gordon Says:

    Please pray for this crazy liar and her ****** daughter.

    Even Sarah Palin conceived her first child while she was not married, so the olive doesn’t fall far from the martini glass.

    What worries me, as a Christian, is that Palin obviously places more importance on her raw ambition than her children.

    Shame on her!

  477. 477
    bet betty Says:


    Actually I think the lie out there which was set to hurt Palin is gonna backfire on the democrats.

    The right will be united and the independants like me will be disgusted by the crats.

    Well done, Crats!

  478. 478
    michelle Says:

    Another reason why I don’t support McCain–Palin team. A bunch of liars and idiots.

  479. 479
    katie Says:

    “Most of you are just prejudice as he!! that’s the true reason you will not vote for Obama. Racism still is big in America. You would rather see the country go to the pits by lying a$$ republicans than vote for a black man.”


    oh god. becuase that would be the only reason to vote mccain right

  480. 480
    Mack Says:

    Wow, fairy tales now.
    Anyone who believes this is a complete moron.
    Simple way to check, The OBGYN keeps records.
    Paternity is easy to establish

  481. 481
    Sarah g Says:

    Way to be a champ. Why don’t you try focusing on supporting your candidate as opposed to demeaning the opposing team? I don’t know if this is true. I doubt it, but either way, can you grow up please?

  482. 482
    vicki Pasadena, CA Says:

    The picture is 2 years old and was published in the Anchorage papers in 2006

  483. 483
    truth Says:

    innonminedei #26

    Just because you have a source cited does not mean the source is legitimate. He obviously is favoring obama, that is seen because he is bashing Palin and there is no negative post towards the opposition. Voting is indeed a personal choice, so keep it personal and do not go out of your way to force other people to believe your way (which he unfortunately probably has because ignorant people will read this blog as fact). “both sides should know more about the ppl running for the offices… be those infos malicious, truthful, patriotic or whatever… these are the things that give us an idea of the kind of ppl they are” uh, are you serious? both sides SHOULD know the candidates but they definitely SHOULD knowTRUTH. If people spew untruthful information all over the media (which they do) then we don’t REALLY know the candidates, dumbass. No need for personal attacks at all, so why did Jared post this personal petty attack on Palin? Ignorant people like you all over inspire me.

  484. 484
    June Gordon Says:

    I can’t believe how many stupid Republican fucktards post on your site!!!

  485. 485
    sleeping Giant Says:

    McCain should have picked Huckabee.. Enuff said… Huckabee was a good man, a staunch conservative and he had the executive experience being a governor. Huckabee was the best choice….Sighsz.

  486. 486
    davey Says:

    Happy 3RD Anniversary (1 Sept)
    ….to Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens….
    Live In Love Zanessa!

  487. 487
    JESSE1562 Says:

    I understand why #457 is so upset. There are some real hateful comments being posted, but it is the season once again when politics brings it out. I am glad this is being aired. I hadn’t heard the story and to be honest I like to see it exposed.
    We have had supremisists posting hate flyers on our cars stating that to vote for Obama is wrong and unChristian. Just like some of the religious nut jobs are now trying to turn Palin into a Saint for having a Downs baby. She isn’t a saint because she went through with it. Democrats and Republicans alike make this choice to have these children. It isn’t just one set of politics and supporting Obama isn’t a vote for baby killers, so cut it out.
    If she lied, she is a liar and therefore a risk politically to the country.
    If the Republicans know she lied then they are covering it up, and just playing the voters as idiots. I think putting in a token inexperienced woman with a 4 month old special needs child was a cheep trick anyway. I work with special needs children. That baby does not need mommy distracted.
    I was fine with Hilary Clinton in office with her attention on us in the office, and if it were a new father of a special needs child I would have the same problem too. Parents of newborn special needs children have all sorts of problems, so it isn’t just about who gave birth. It is who is going to tend to the needs. Downs children have unique needs and are more prone to high instances of health problems in the first years of life. That means distractions too. Mother or father, this is not the best time for her to be in a presidential position–she should step down and go for it at a later time. If she really is about the child and now about selfish pursuits.
    I want leaders who are focused on the needs of the country, get us back on track, because the current leadership has really messed things up terribly. Focus!

  488. 488
    Phil Says:

    Yes, and ALIENS FROM PLANET X are the real father!

    Seriously, learn the dates of the photos, then kill yourself to prevent your genes from spreading to the next generation.

  489. 489
    groundcontrol Says:

    cc @ 09/01/2008 at 12:24 am Does this look like an 8 months pregnant woman who’s pregnant with her 5th child? lol i think not.


    cc, if you’re going to participate in this ridiculous discussion then at least get your facts accurate. It’s bad enough that people feel entitled to make things up – don’t make it worse by misreporting pictures.

    The picture in your link clearly states that it was taken on SUPER TUESDAY. That was February 5, 2008. That is ten and a half weeks before she gave birth to her son on April 18, 2008.

    If she was due in mid May then she was 24 – 25 weeks pregnant in that picture. That’s 6 months pregnant and yes she looks about 6 months pregnant in that picture.

    Good god now I am part of this stupid discussion.

  490. 490
    charlie Says:

    This post showcases the woefully deficient analytical skills of the American public, beginning with the owner of this blog.

    Sad, really.

  491. 491
    tina Says:

    I do not care whether she had the baby or chose to protect her daughter from the stigma of having a baby at 16. Go Palin!

    I thought the dem talking points was that she had a downs baby because she didn’t take care of herself?

  492. 492
    let's all take a deep breath Says:

    I am a Democrat, and I have to say that unless anyone has real proof, this sort of trajectory is not right. I can understand why Republicans would not like his post. Also, let’s not post Diddy’s response to anything as it is not worth beans. He is just one voice and frankly makes Democrats look less than tolerant, or really anything positive.

    I think JJ has a right to post what he wants, as it is his blog, but hopefully we can all agree to not spread this as fact in other channels as it just doesn’t make sense to. It will make everyone look bad if it proves not to be true, and if it does become official truth, then the truth will also take care of the matter.

  493. 493
    hanna Says:



  494. 494
    Bel Says:

    Sarah Palin is remarkable strong woman. She can balance the needs of motherhood and career. We need more women like her.

    Go Sarah go! You are a model to all women!

  495. 495
    AnYmOuS Says:


  496. 496
    you and me Says:

    There is no proof or smoking gun to prove this. She might of collaborated the birth of her some to make it more appealing, but her having another child would be consistent with part of her moral views.

    There has been outstanding work done by her supports to clean up her image. It is hard to determine whether she supports the use of contraception or abstinence only sex education.

    Either her image is contrived or there are attempts being made to make her less appealing. Unless there is proof, we should be more concerned with the other less palatable beliefs that she has.

  497. 497
    Mark Says:

    She may have done it to help her daughter, but it is stil cheating, dishonest and lying to the voters. It’s a bigger, more fraudulent lie than denying a little oral sex, IMHO.
    True or not, I don’t like her at all. There are many more republican candidates more exerienced and qualified than she is (both male and female), but they are not former beauty queens.

  498. 498
    Marc Says:

    While I can understand she wanted to help her teenage daughter, she shouldn’t have lied about this. It is not right.
    And also think it is wrong that she thinks that woman who are raped shouldn’t have abortions. I’m pro life too, but I wouldn’t want my wife, daughter, sister or any woman or girl be forced to go through a pregnancy, labour and childbirth in that situation. Being raped is already bad enough.

  499. 499
    michelle Says:

    Don’t care what happen to Palin or whether the story is true or bogus. Republicans always gonna get my vote. That’s it.

  500. 500
    AnYmOuS Says:

    this is a joke, the “small village” is Wasilla, and it is not a village, it is one of Alaska’s fastest growing cities. and Mat-Su regional is not 25 miles away from Wasilla. and, Mat-su Regional is not a small Hospital, it is a large and much needed Hospital, that is quite capable of taking care of pre-mature babies! and yes, Palin was pregnant. i can’t believe this story even came about.

  501. 501
    smeagol Says:

    Palin probably did a monica act in the VP vetting and Mc Cain probably had no choice but to offer her he Job…

  502. 502
    emily Says:

    Another pregnant pic

  503. 503
    sarah Says:

    so what?
    she protected her daughter.

  504. 504

    I have 2 questions. Why isn’t Trig white? Why is his color different from the rest of the family? Could it be that his father is of different color?

    Why isn’t there an off icial response to these rumours yet?

  505. 505
    you and me Says:

    “so what? she protected her daughter.”

    There is a huge difference between protecting ones loved ones and lying to the voters. Part of her appeal is that she is now an inspiration for many of people McCain wants to get their votes. To be inspired by a story and to find out that it is not true is never “So what?” The story is most likely untrue.

  506. 506
    Lola Says:

    Even if there are parts of this story that are inconsistent, somethings really have me scratching my head. Like someone pointed out, the daughter holds the child like she is the mother and Sarah holds him like she is the grand mother. When you google Trig Palin, his complexion looks a bit darkker than his parents.

    Most imprtantly, why haven’t we had a strong denial at this stage? This story has been around for more than 24 hours. It is potentially damaging. You would thing the republicans would be moving quickly to quash it.

  507. 507
    matt Says:

    The preg pic from years ago seems to be of another woman, with Palin on the left (why her family thought this was a cool pic of her to send out, I don’t know, but it’s not hard to believe her elderly parents thought that was their own daughter since I believe the two are cousins—she is the current mayor of Wasilla).

    But aside from all the images, facts remain: NO pictures of Palin taken AFTER her surprise announcement that do show her pregnant prove that she was. If you were faking a pregnancy, you would obviously fake it after the announcement.

    And no images, not of her or of Bristol, have anything to do with the bizarre chain of events:

    announcing in your 7th month (? why ?)
    total shock recorded by all her closest associates, including her staff
    flying in your 8th month
    staying around to do a speech and not seeking treatment after amniotic fluid leaked
    flying BACK to Alaska with a stop in Seattle after the fluid leaked
    driving to her smaller hometown hospital to give birth
    suddenly, she doesn’t have to give birth so urgently after all, so labor is induced
    no announcement in the hospital’s list of babies
    rampant rumors in Alaska about this birth that far pre-date her selection by McCain

    Face it: There is a genuine mystery here, either of a faked pregnancy or of a crazy decision-maker. Either would have been caught by McCain’s vetters…except she was not formally vetted.

    This was a crack-pot, last-second, shoot-for-the-moon decision.

    Once voters simmer down about her gender and focus on the issues, as they do after Labor Day in every presidential election, she is toast. Baby or no baby.

    Because a CLEAR majority of this country is pro-choice, and I’m willing to bet most sensible voters will panic at the thought of this small-town mayor turned small-state (population-wise) governor as commander in chief if McCain—already shown to be reckless—passes away.

  508. 508
    Untapped Resources Says:

    to #464
    Haha~Brad Pitt the father, next thing you’ll be saying is it’s an alien baby implanted by black ops or hey, it’s George Clooney’s or Wentworth Miller’s baby~a Prison Break baby haha.

    Wouldn’t that be special?

  509. 509
    suzy Says:

    wow the drama.

  510. 510
    Sandy Says:

    You guys are missing the point!! IF it is true, this has seriously damaged her character and political platform. For someone who is extremely pro-life, anti-birth control, and says abstinence is the ONLY way. Which we all know is unrealistic..teens are going to do what they are going to do no matter how much u preach to them…so what exactly do these pro-lifers expect to happen to all those babies?? Not everyone has a mother that can or will take the baby in and cover it up like it never happened. Her policies are proving that it will take us back to the dark ages! Wake Up people! Having someone like Palin in office will set women back 1000 yrs.

    IF the story is true…she is a liar, committed fraud, and cant even stand by her own convictions! Disgusting!

    I was on the fence before but now Im for the Dems.

  511. 511
    Sandy Says:

    Also, do you realize if this is true..she committed insurance fraud by claiming the baby as her own. Had officials lie on the birth certificate and so much more. There is no way this woman should be one heartbeat away from the presidency.

    Another point, for all u idiots who say if the daughter gave birth why did the mother go into labor. She obviously was faking the whole thing! No mother is her right mind would have her water break, and then hop aboard a flight for 10 hrs when it is a high risk pregnancy, and your fifth child. She couldve had the “baby” at any time and put his life in extreme danger without being near a level 1nicu. The only explanation that makes sense is that she was never pregnant. She heard the daughter went into labor and THATS why she rushed home.

  512. 512
    Untapped Resources Says:

    I agree, this woman should not be VP. I am truly angered that she wo uld put her daughter through such misery. This family surely needs some counseling now and more. Can you even imagine being 16 and having to hide this, cover it up…not a healthy scenario.

    Shame on Sarah if this is true. Get your **** together for your daughter’s sake.

  513. 513
    Love_D Says:

    DNA testing is needed NOW!

    I will definitely NOT vote for her!

  514. 514
    turtle & the Heir Says:

    Yes, another fraud in Washington

  515. 515
    Beautiful Sarah Says:

    How beautiful Sarah is! Both inside and outside. All America should be proud of her.

    McCain is indeed lucky to have her VP. Wise choice!

  516. 516
    Prison Break "Scandal" Says:

    @ #508

    Entertainment only

    YES, it’s a MISA baby! Michael’s sperm mixed with “Sarah’s” egg implanted into a 16 year old body covered up by mom.

    “IT’s a boy!” Heir to the FOX empire!

    Haha I’m cracking myself up this morning!

    Gotta crack aafew eggs to make them Omelettes!

  517. 517
    austin g. Says:

    There have been updates in the story. Read this:

  518. 518
    Heir Raising Says:

    It just hurts my
    Skull & Bones
    to even comprehend this.

  519. 519
    lmao Says:

    Of all the entertainment bloggers, Jared is the only stupid one who put up this crap! Lol!

  520. 520
    Angi Says:

    I agree with #35 1000000000000000000%!!!!

  521. 521
    Amy h Says:

    helen @ 08/31/2008 at 12:58 pm

    LYING is what’s wrong with that, do you want this woman to be our president once McCain is gone???
    This woman who will cover things up for us, and never tell us the truth about situations. (and brush up everything under the carpet)
    Come on people, wake up, it’s clear that she should not be our VP, not now and not ever.


    Oh, yes, and Obama is the pinnacle of honesty. *rolling eyes* PLEASE. That’s the pot calling the kettle black if I’ve ever seen it done. If he wants to point fingers about LYING, he has 4 more fingers pointing right back at himself.

    This is such a load of crap. They are grasping at straws and coming up short.

    McCain ’08 – Because OLD is still better than STUPID.

  522. 522
    sweetpea Says:

    If this is all true, no matter what the reason is behind her covering up her daughter’s unwanted pregnancy, it makes her the wrong person to lead our country when we are trying to rebuild our leadership position in the world. While we have so many more qualified and experienced women out there who can do the job without drama. She is ruining all the future chances for any woman who will qualify to run our country. IMHO She wants her 15 minutes of fame so bad that she didn’t care about exposing her daughter’s unfortunate life event. Does she think that nobody will find her dirty laundry? She has no common sense and do we want someone like that who might be just a heartbeat away to become the President of USA???

  523. 523
    Palin more popular Says:

    The daily page view totals for even well-known candidates are striking. For example, according to a site that tracks the traffic to Wikipedia, the John McCain article had 645,000 page views in June. That month, Barack Obama had 1.35 million page views. Henrik Abelsson, who tracks the traffic, said that on Friday there were 2.4 million page views for Gov. Palin’s Wikipedia article.

  524. 524
    ally Says:

    I wouldn’t put it past this shrill dumb ***** to do something like that. To bad we can’t excommunicate her from womanhood.

    LOLOLOL at all the angry moms reading this and being upset.

  525. 525
    me Says:

    no one in life is perfect…not obama, viden, kennedy, mccain, bush, or anyone of you, including jared…yes, she is running for public office, so what? look at all the “stuff” in the lives of ALL political people, could scare you to death… she just might be the “thing” this sad society needs…all the “dirt” sells, our society always believes the worst in people and a lot of good is overlooked…sad…

  526. 526
    Update Says:

    This is all BS. Sarah Palin announced today that her teenaged daughter is CURRENTLY pregnant. The end of this speculation. Whoever spread the fake pregnancy now looks stupid.

  527. 527
    m Says:

    This story should have been removed from your site when you realized there was not an ounce of truth to it. Especially when the story involves a baby with a birth defect. Shame on you!

  528. 528
    eastcoastlove Says:


    It’s not true!. Her daughter IS preggers but she did not fake having a baby! Regardless they are good people Sarah decided to keep her baby and so did her daughter. Save this conspiracy Bullshit for unclassy blogs/websites!

  529. 529
    Dave Says:

    Saying your daughter is pregnant doesn’t establish that she is in fact pregnant. If — and it is a big if — Palin was willing to pretend to be pregnant herself, she could just as easily pretend that her daughter was five months pregnant now to prove that the daughter could not have given birth in April.

    This skeptical reasoning of mine should not be taken to mean that I think Palin is lying. Only that her statement in itself does nothing to establish the truth if her original claim, since her statement today is also just a claim.

    We need evidence of the her daughter’s pregnancy, not a mere assertion of it.

  530. 530
    Ms.Nanny Says:

    Bristol Plain is 17 yrs. old and is 5 months pregnant. She and her boyfriend are marrying. This is from CNN. “Gov .Palin is proud of her daughter for keeping the baby . Her daughter and boyfriend arr planning to marry and Gov Palin and her husband are proud of becoming grandparents ” per CNN.

  531. 531
    lorraine Says:

    You really should verify information before you write about it. I enjoyed your site until you posted this garbage… justjared is officially deleted from my favorites.. see ya!

  532. 532
    Ms.Nanny Says:

    Also, Gov. Palin told Sen. McCain that her daughter was five months prgenant at 17yrs. old. Sen. McCain still took her on as Rep. VP Candidate.

    This is from CNN.
    Once again. BRISTOLPALIN is pregnant. She will marry her boyfriend.

    Trig Palin, 4 months old , is for Gov. palin adn Mr.Palin ,not Bristol Plain.

    This slam blog had the story wrong.

    Now, Obama has to do the right thing, and keep Bristol out of the debate. Keep abortion out of the debate too.

    Too bad this girl has to have her teen pregnancy out there for the world to see , but when your mom is running as VP and has the possibilty of becoming pres of the U.S.A., what an______________ example for teen pregnancy ? Being anit-abortion? Family values? I do notknow. Fil i nth eblank. I do advocate teen pregnancy. I am Pro-choice. I am Pro-Adoption. I am Pro-Privacy.

  533. 533
    caribou truth Says:

    I could care less if Palin’s daughter is the real mother of the Down’s baby. But, I do care if Palin is a Liar and a Hypocrite. There is one thing I do believe – If any of this IS true, it will be proved.

    Politics is such a Grande Olde Par-tay!

  534. 534
    paul Says:

    “too bad this girl has to have her teen pregnancy out there”

    BLAME MCCAIN If he knew about this, he should have known what the media can do to a17-year old and said no to the Palin as VP.

  535. 535
    Bill Says:

    How you know a story is crap….. When it links to for supporting evidence.

    P.S. Barack Obama hates white people.

  536. 536
    Tracy Says:

    The deaf, dumb and blindness of the majority of our country has given us eight years of nothing good. Some people love this woman and she cannot do any wrong. They just would not consider it, it just can’t be, everyone’s lying and even if they are telling the truth its still okay.

    And that is why we keep the oil companies rich, Bush, Cheney and their families are all set for a life time, people are losing their homes and jobs. If it hasn’t affected you in some way perhaps you don’t care and will just continue to be deaf, dumb and blind.

    People will believe what ever they want to believe. We are a nation in denial. Perhaps none of the chosen candidates are any good for this country as there are no guarantees as to what will happen once they get in.

  537. 537
    Charles Says:

    hey, listen to Sarah Palin in her own words in this NewsWeek Video that was done back in March 2008! Its very telling!

  538. 538
    Greg Says:

    There is no shame in a parent doing whatever they can to “cover” for, or protect their children. However that does not extend to possibly registering a chld’s correct parents falsely. Claiming Insurance coverage for a child that is actually a grandchild.
    Of course the bar gets set higher if one accepts an invitation to the national stage, as Sarah Palin did. She should have known that “we the people” would want to know if what she says and does, matches what she says she will do and has done.
    On the upside, the McCin camp can now use the Gustaf inspired “interuption” of their nominating process, to locate a better qualiifed VP pick, and have that pick ready to go moments after Sarah Palin seeks to withdraw her selection by McCain citing “distraction” by the media in her family life..
    And so the dance continues…

  539. 539
    Shannon M. Says:

    Palin is a psycho that will do anything to have power and keeping money from Alaskans. This lady has tons of skeletons that are coming out. she is no saint that is for sure. No one that is in politics is a saint but sorry to say that I think this country would be better off with Obama. He is for brining everyone together unlike McCain and Palin they are nothing but dividers and helping to destroy the poor and middle class citizens.

  540. 540
    you and me Says:

    And in other news Sarah Palin will be a grandmother, as within about 5 months after Trig has been born, Bristol is 5 months pregnant and will be marrying the father.

  541. 541
    MARS Says:

    Today it was reported that Bristol is 5 months pregnant. The baby that Sarah had is only a little over 4 months old. So how many of you idiot conspiracy theorist bloggers are going to print a retraction of the story?? None, because you are all cowards, you make up stories about people without hard evidence, you only go on speculation and rumor and act like you have all the answers. Tell the world how now you think it is possible for someone to get pregnant while they are already pregnant??

  542. 542
    Cheri Says:

    It is absolutely frightening how some are able to divide and conquer. Racism is a powerful tool evidently. I am so amazed folks would be willing to vote in a woman with NO credentials to be President in a position under a man who will be oldest to ever be elected if he were to win, rather than vote in a “black” man. Because that’s what it boils down to, doesn’t it? Fear stoked by those who know how to do it best. Now, there is one baby out-of-wedlock, usually slammed by those of the Right and maybe two…. Lying, cover-ups, and all sorts of deception is alright, because at least the people doing it are not black??

    What??? I still think this country is better than this though…

  543. 543
    Male f/new dumbest US state:FL Says:

    TO 523:

    Palin is not most popular than Obama or anyone. We all want to to know more alot about her background. Popular is someone like Obama, demo and repu watched his discurs on National TV.
    I would like to see old **** McCain top that, wait a min, he can: While he talk and blink 1 million times per second (that’s so annoying!) Palin can shows 1 of her breast like Janet Jackson….You so ****** lucky McCain!

  544. 544
    greg Says:

    Republicans, it is clear, are simply in a “cult” rather than a political party. Cult members are brainwashed and will follow blindly no matter the facts nor how corrupt their leadership turns out to be. The more I watch the Republicans follow their leaders like lemmings over a cliff…the more I’m convinced that evolution is for real. After all…some of us have evolved and actually use the brains God gave us while many live in their ignorance to their demise (and, unfortunately, pull the rest of us along with them). God save us from these foolish people.

  545. 545
    Terry Mason Says:

    Sorry, can’t buy that a mother can leave her new baby (with down’s syndrome) with caretakers while she goes to work in probably the second busiest, second highest pressure job in the world with LONG hours and a steep learning curve. What kind of a mother would do that? Some women just pop their babies out and hand them over to someone else to take care of them – shameful! (and selfish). What are her priorities?

  546. 546
    jezabel Says:

    Too bad Hilary isn’t a pesidential candidate…..regardless of what party she is…she would have done an extrodinary job as president of the US.
    McCain chose Palin as a VP cantidate only because she is a woman…not because of her values…that is obvious…
    An insult to women..
    Politics are sickening….that is why I have previously igorned them mostly
    Palin needs to look and absorb the over-population of the world……HELLLOOOO!?!?!?…..the planet cannot support an ever growing population of humans….an anti-abortion or no conrtaceptive devices allowed stance is unacceptable.
    Also, the fact that her youngest child (her 5th) was going to be born with Down’s syndrome and suffer with it the rest of their life and she went ahead with giving birth.
    Has she not seen the recent affects of global warming?
    GO GREEN all you want, but nonetheless, the world’s population must decrease.

  547. 547
    remember da truth Says:

    I can’t believe this ridiculous story is still going on, but good for Jared putting it up — more hits for him than for anything in a long time.

    I’m just wondering how self-righteous the Republicans will be over the lies she’s ACTUALLY told. Maybe this is just to make people believe the real lies are also made up by the other side!!

    This woman is not qualified, bottom line. But, she’s sure shown how the Republicans can stir up the fundamentalists, who were probably indignant at Jamie-Lynn Spears’ pregnancy, but think it’s okay when one of their own is preggers at 17.

    All the racists and right-wing nutjobs will now run to the polls. And unfortunately, she speaks well, so the soccer moms will be too ignorant to look any deeper.

  548. 548
    DesperateDEMS Says:

    The DEMS will do anything to make this authentic woman look bad but it’s not working for me, she’s the real deal.

  549. 549
    Erick brisson Says:

    The usual bullshit. Its always about trying to twist something into something else. The usual liberal leftist trash. No evidence, just trash talk. What liberals are known for best. **** all of this talk! Lets bring the left and the right in the ring for the good fight. It has reached the time when violence is the only answer. The time for talk is over. It is time for action which will involve killing people. Thats the only way to make this work. With that thought in mind, the first place tio start is with the homeless bums the liberals love so much. With that in mind I will now begain a war on these homeless, worthless untermenchen. They must be the first to be exterminated. Therefore in the next 6 months I will execute 20 homeless scumbags. They are usless anway, why not. There is nothing you can do to stop me. I can’t be bought or bargined with, and I will not be caught. Death is the only way to resolve this issue, and murder is a noble job. When done to the lowest in our society.

  550. 550
    Jan Says:

    I have lost ALL RESPECT for you. I thought you were the truthful blog. NO MORE

  551. 551
    Aleezah Says:

    Thanks for posting this Jared. Mrs. Palin is not all she is cracked up to be. Whether or not the last baby was her daughters, she is pregnant now. So much for preaching abstinence.

  552. 552
    jeanette Says:

    The daughter is 5 months pregnant. How would it be possible to have given birth 3 months ago? People need to stop digging for dirt and let people live their lives.

  553. 553
    Barack obama's bro Says:

    This is about as desperate a ploy as I’ve ever seen. You Dems must be TERRIFIED of losing in November. And you should be.

    Why don’t you losers stick to the issues. You’re terrible liars and it isn’t helping your cause.

  554. 554
    tyrone Says:

    Using the Daily Kaos as a source in itself spells not credible, humorous, and unreliable. Keep up the good work though lol

  555. 555
    galloway Says:

    lol….I love how all the liberals and liberal media have just been PUNKED. You get it now? They let you all run with those hideous rumours about Bristol Palin being Trig’s parent until you were about neck deep in your own graves. THEN, they announce Bristol’s pregnancy.

    Repubs win and they win big. If knoooow Sarah Palin not aborting a Down Syndrome child and her daughter not aborting a teenage pregnancy will invigorate and solidify the Republican base. And all these attacks on these two women about THEIR choices will draw Hillary supporters.


  556. 556
    jen Says:

    all of you who doubt, are fools…. palin’s pregnancy tale is the most ridiculous tale ever told. it would be physically impossible and TIME-IMPOSSIBLE for her official story to be true.

    women claims water breaks at 4am (dallas, tx time), she then instead of going to a hospital, decides to give a speech in front of gop governors about energy…then still instead of going to the hospital, she boards a plane from dallas, tx to seattle, wa — now mind you, SHE IS SUPPOSEDLY 8 months pregnant with her water leaking and YET, not 1 stewardess thought she looked pregnant, she exhibited no behavior that led them to believe she was pregnant, and she never told the airline that she was 8 months pregnant….

    so we arrive in seattle, where she must change planes, again, no stewardesses know she is pregnant and she tells NO ONE….

    she lands in anchorage, ak some 9-12 hours after leaving dallas, remember all the while, with her water leaking (lets remember, this is a 45 yo woman who is on her 5th child that has DOWNS SYNDROME (and yes, they knew before he was born) and her water breaks 1 month early….

    then, does she go to a hospital in anchorage??? noooooooooooo… she then drives 45 miles — now it is 10pm ANCHORAGE TIME (remember her water started leaking at 4:30am DALLAS TIME), to go to the small town hospital where she used to be mayor to have her long-time friend and once receipent (awarded to her by Sarah Palin) Family Physcian of the Year, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson deliver her premature, special needs baby at a hospital that had NO natal icu unit.

    She finally gives birth at 6:30am 4/18/08 — now wasilla, ak time…. which is 3 hours behind dallas, tx time — which means she was in the stages of childbirth for nearly 30 hrs, most of which was travelling after her waterbroke….

    Now, even if all that is hard to swallow, here’s more….

    She claims she returned to work on Monday, after giving birth on Friday morning in Wasilla, AK…. Guess where work is??? 2000 MILES AWAY IN JUNEAU, AK, where she lives in the Governor’s Mansion at 716 Calhoun Av., Juneau Alaska( the official residence of the Governor of Alaska) — which there is video tape of her in February leaving to walk to work….

    So how is it possible that this woman gave birth at 6:30am on friday to her special needs child in wasilla, ak and then returned to work 2 days later, some 2000 miles away? Did she fly on a plane from wasilla, ak back to juneau on saturday with her baby? that’s highly unlikely…. did she leave her newborn son all by himself in wasilla, ak at a small town hospital so she could return to work on monday? she’s THAT important to alaska that they couldn’t spare her 1 day?

    All this combined with the fact that only 1 picture shows a ‘pregnant’ palin — and that picture was taken 5 days before she gave birth — reasonable….however, how did that woman who looked SO pregnant in those pictures escape the attention of not 1 but 2 sets of flight attendants? her doctor, dr. cathy johnson says SHE DID NOT ASK FOR THE MEDICAL OK TO FLY… why not?

    Also, her daughter was supposedly out of school for about 5 months from december to april, with what is the world’s worst case of mono (why isn’t this girl in the medical books for surviving a 5 month case of mono) AND yet, Bristol Palin was involved in a car accident in February 2008 while trying to turn into a business in WASILLA, AK — i can’t repeat enough, Wasilla is 2000 miles away from Juneau, AK… So, sick enough to miss school for 5 months, but not sick enough to not drive around town??
    Or…. her daughter got pregnant in Aug 2007 before school started and when they couldn’t hide it anymore, they took her out of school…they discovered that the baby had downs syndrome (and while yes, woman over 35 have a higher chance for a DS baby, 80% of DS babies are born to women UNDER 35) during genetic testing and realized that this baby would need a lot of medical care…. now, why is that important? because baby Trig would not be covered under anything, UNLESS, Sarah & Todd were the parents…their daughter had no way to provide medical coverage for her son…. Now, all that may seem noble, BUT….
    This woman either defied all odds of first ever getting pregnant (there is a 1-2% chance a woman at 45 would become pregnant w/o fertility), then staying pregnant (54% chance/miscarriage) and then travelled to mutiple cities without dr’s approval, fool 2 airline staffs and then bypass all the hospitals in AK to go to a small town one and then miraculously re-appears at work 2,000 miles away from where she gave birth to return to work 2 days later….Now, all of these things are true — not 1 thing I have said is UNTRUE or a LIE…not 1 thing…. i have researched this thing all weekend and have put all the pieces together and there’s only 2 conclusions…either this woman lied and pretended to be pregnant or 2, this woman was highly irresponsible w/her newborn.

  557. 557
    Ha! Says:

    I can’t even believe this was posted as if it was fact. You should be embarrassed, Jared. Seriously.

  558. 558
    republican/christian for life Says:

    you guys are devioius to make up stories like this .. for what……. to get votes for Obama… Be careful what you ask for.. You might just get it!!! Hope you are ready for the rapture…..
    But if that is your vote, you probably are not…. will be praying for your souls…. God will let this go on for long…. Thank you Jesus that I wont be here for the tribulation!!

  559. 559
    you are a moron Says:

    You are SICK. GET A LIFE.
    Low life scum bag.

  560. 560
    Elizabeth Says:

    This lady is a bad mother, she is stupid for having so many kids and for not aborting her ” unborn down syndrome child” before she had it. The child not only is going to be neglected but is going to be fucked up. Poor child. and as for her daughter no girl should be having a baby in the first place, its called birth control! the whole family is fucked up. America has no hope if mccain is going to be president, we might as well kill our selves.

  561. 561
    Vee Says:

    I think Sarah Palin is indeed the mother of Trig. I also think that if she insisted on giving her speech on April 17th after her waters broke, and then insisted on going on that 8 hours flight back to Alaska, it was because she knew that doing so could easily kill the fetus, and hoped that it would – a form of passive abortion which would save her face with regard to her position about abortion. It didn’t work, and now she is saddled with a Down’s Syndrome child.

  562. 562
    rON IN iRVINE Says:

    You need to take this false story down. Bristol was pregnant at the time Trig was born so she cannot be the mother. This was an ugly vile story with no evidence to back it up. I am surprised you ran with it.

    DailyKos is not a reliable source. They will probably be sued by Bristol Palin for this complete disregard for the truth. Kos has already taken the story down. If you do not, you may end up being sued as well.

  563. 563
    Kmac Says:

    I can understand why she would want to protect her daughter which is why she should have declined to run. What a terrible thing for her family to have to deal with.

  564. 564
    Abe Says:

    Data presented in this article is false. Fact: the probability of having a baby with Downs Syndrome increases with the age of the mother. A mother in her forties is almost 200 times more likely to have a Downs Syndrome baby than a teenage mother.

  565. 565
    rachel Says:

    you fools, her **** daughter had the baby and she’s covering up for her.

  566. 566
    WorseThannormal Says:

    Has anyone looked at the Associated Press photo linked to in the update?. Looking at photos from around the same time and this one, they seem inconsistent. The weight she is carrying in her face as well as her permed hair just don’t match up.

    Here she is on super Tuesday:

    And here she is at the end of Alaska’s legislative session (which end in early April by my best research) would have been after the delivery:

    The hair, the weight and the glasses are all wrong. I’m just saying. I guess we won’t really know until/if her daughter actually gives birth.

  567. 567
    Puhlease Says:

    Where the heck did you get your information?


    “Normally, at the time of conception a baby inherits genetic information from its parents in the form of 46 chromosomes: 23 from the mother and 23 from the father. In most cases of Down syndrome, a child gets an extra chromosome 21 — for a total of 47 chromosomes instead of 46. It’s this extra genetic material that causes the physical features and developmental delays associated with DS.

    Although no one knows for sure why DS occurs and there’s no way to prevent the chromosomal error that causes it, scientists do know that women age 35 and older have a significantly higher risk of having a child with the condition. At age 30, for example, a woman has about a 1 in 900 chance of conceiving a child with DS. Those odds increase to about 1 in 350 by age 35. By 40 the risk rises to about 1 in 100.”

    And if her daughter is already 5 months pregnant, are you saying she went ahead and got knocked up right afterward? Because going into labor is SO much fun. Puhlease.

  568. 568
    Puhlease Says:


    What an ignorant comment. How old are you? 2?

  569. 569
    Puhlease Says:

    “I have 2 questions. Why isn’t Trig white? Why is his color different from the rest of the family? Could it be that his father is of different color?”

    He looks white to me. And her husband has some Eskimo in his blood. But why am I trying to preach to the village idiots is beyond me.

  570. 570
    Amy Says:

    This has got to be the dumbest rumor I have ever heard.

    I have a sister with Down’s Syndrome.

    “Trig was born one month premature. Sarah returned to work after three days. (Trig was diagnosed with Down syndrome while still in the womb.)’

    First of all, they don’t do tests on anyone under the age of oh about 35 to see if the baby has down’s syndrome when the mom is pregnant, I had a triple test done, but only because I had a higher risk and I was 24. I had to request that test. They wouldn’t have given it to me otherwise. The triple test only tells you that you are at a higher risk. An Amnio is the test they do to diagnose it and there is no way they would have done that on a 17 year old girl.

    Plus, the returning to work thing. Some people do return to work right away. It is not that common, but it does happen. That is no proof that Palin didn’t give birth to this baby.

    (80% of the cases of Down Syndrome are in mothers under the age of 35.)

    This is not true, as I stated above. If it was that common in women under the age of 30, they would do amnios on women that young. I think this statistic is backwards. I have know many mothers of children with Down’s and most of the are over the age of 30. Only a handfull were under the age of 30.

    I think that people are falsly attacking this women. It is amazing some of the mean **** people are writing on websites like these. Everyone has Skeletons in their closets and I am sorry having a pregnant teenager is not a skeleton, compared to the rest of these slimey politians across the country.

    I have a friend who has totally bought into this, and this is the reason why she doesn’t like Palin. Maybe everyone should look past someone’s personal life and see where they really stand on the issues that are affecting us everyday, (like um, maybe how much it will cost to gas up my car today).

    Maybe we should start digging even more deep into Obama’s past and see what we find there….Wait a minute, wasn’t his mom a single pregnant 17 year old when he was born?

    These days, that should be the least that people should be considering as a deciding factor.

  571. 571
    Fred Says:

    There are several pictures on the internet that show she was pregnet. For example:

  572. 572
    candace johnson Says:

    People lets wake up, if a “pro-choice” woman will not only lie about a child that is not hers, has a daughter who obviously does not know anything about safe sex.. and honestly put her down syndrome child in the spot light to get votes… do you really want her as vice president.???

    Lets wake up… she has 5 kids, who she can’t handle… maybe she should be a stay at home mom

  573. 573
    GLORIA Says:

    Piper fixing Trig’s hair is adorable. Even a child her age knows how to love, it’s obvious with her gesture. Everytime Bristol was holding him she kissed him often. Not for the camera but because she loves him.They are not ashamed of Trig or Bristol and you(Jared,democrat and media) can’t stand it. They had to be taught how to love by someone, was it you Jared,”not”?! You dems are jealous. Even Obama agrees that you don’t attack anyone’s children. He’s smart enough to know that his family is normal and even though you try your hardest to instill right and wrong in your kids, they have minds of their own and will do what they think is right for them. Hello, does’nt take a genius to know that.Sarah is a loving mother before anything else, it’s obvious.Can’t be too bad still raising her family with the same man.They have a legitimate loving and strong family unit and all the lies and bull#@%$ can’t change that. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  574. 574
    m Says:

    it is highly unlikely that a woman under 20 would have a down syndrome baby

  575. 575
    Pari Says:

    While I was trying to watch the speech Gov. Palin was making, the camera repeated ly scanned the people in the aiduence as they clapped and cheered. It became very apparent to me that he whole room was completely full of breeders. Fat women with shoulder length hair, many bleached, and ill fitting, loose polyester garments. What a magnificient display of trailer trash, shades of win Peaks!
    Surely no one in their right mind would vote for Gramps and his latest coming attraction. Poor ole thing looked like he was in need of a diaper change by the time she finished her speech. Maybe that’s what it’s all about. He wants a new nursie younger than CindyLou, or else all that vigaro (sp) has eaten his remaining few brain cells away. Hold on folks, the best is yet to come!

  576. 576
    maryssa square Says:

    Here it is!!!

  577. 577
    grape Says:

    What a load. she’s a great female leader. Be afraid… very afraid. Wind of change is coming from the far north.

  578. 578
    Gwynne Says:

    If this is true, what does this say about John McCain? Is he going through midlife crisis?

    He is desperate!

    Is this the only way he can win the Presidential Election without putting “country first” in allowing people to ask. If it is on the Internet and she refuses to answer, what does that say about her?

    If this is true and she is lying, is this hat America wants – a liar and manipulator in office?

    Is she that committed to her baby who does have Down syndrome or is she more interested in becoming President of the United States?

    John McCain doesn’t know this woman. An interviewer asked her a question about being President; she did not correct him or say, “As Vice President, I will be doing this.” She already knows and John McCain also knows that God only grants us 70 years.

    If this is his way of getting back at the RNC and making a name for himself before he lives this world as “the man who help position the first Republican President, his name will go down in the records.

    But if this woman is everything this newspaper ad and others are saying, how could he or the RNC be so dumb not to want people to question everything about this woman?

    If it is true that her daughter is the mother of this baby and currently having another baby, what is going on? Where are the parents? What message are we sending to other young adults and to the world?

    America is in trouble and you want to know something, all the talk about “country first” went down the toilet when he and the RNC put a shield around this lady.

    If “country is first” why are we compromising? We have compromised on everything in this country that it does not even make sense anymore.

    We have 20 million illegal immigrants in this country and no one even care that they are here now. It is acceptable. Our men and women they return from war and no one even cares if they are sane or have medical problems. Don’t tell, we won’t ask. They wave the flag and talk about the right to life, but how about marriage?

    It is truly a sin and a shame that out of all the women in the Republican Party this is the one he chose to tease the men and to give those 18 million undecided Democrat voters an opportunity to vote for a woman who is not qualified and not even at the level of any of the Republican women in Congress, Senate or even close to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Prayerfully, she will do what the British are betting on resign. If she doesn’t resign you can rest assure this article and other stories are going to come out about her. John McCain and the RNC will not be able to stop it.

    If they could take Barack Obama through the ringer for 19 months and continue to do so, you mean to tell me she can’t take two months of being investigated without calling it “sexist.”

    The devil is a liar.

    If she wants the job she is no better than Hillary Rodham Clinton or any other woman that is trying to break the glass ceiling.

    If it is too much for her she needs to step down now. She’s had her 15 minutes of fame, along with her daughter, the boyfriend and her family.

    This is the very reason why those foreign nations do not want us in their country.

    America deserves better.

    Check out

  579. 579
    JBUG'smom Says:

    This is such a LIE!!!!!!! If you like we can parade a bunch of witnesses.
    I got to meet the Gov that day.
    Why do you tell such lies!!!!
    Tell the truth and people will respect you.

  580. 580
    JP Says:

    Whoever posted this original story is a moron. 80% of down syndrome babies happen for women OVER 35, not under. Second, the timeline is wrong. The daughter is now 5 months pregnant so she COULDN’T have had that baby. Oi.

  581. 581
    Kara taylor Says:

    Has anyone noticed that all the moronic writeups written about Sarah Palin and her new baby spell DOWNS SYNDROME as DOWN Syndrome? It’s not a misspelling – these people actually think it’s spelled that way. I have read numerous articles with this illiterate spelling, and it isn’t hard to tell what kind of people write this junk.

    Go back to school and quit spreading falsehoods about matters you know nothing about or can’t even figure out with a simple 2 + 2 agenda. Right, it’s Bristol’s baby. Bristol is five months pregnant – and how old is baby Trig? Bristol is super human! Duhhhh 2 + 2 = 3. What planet are you from?

  582. 582
    Dr. V.J. Theodorides Says:

    If this garbage is unauthenticated then you should go to jail, I know you are protected from the constitution. You should also go and write about Obama’s lllical grus and other activities.
    Sarah is a fantastic lady. She is an excellent Governor and she will be an outstanding Vice President. A STAR is born in America.

    V.j. theodorides

  583. 583
    Dean Says:

    There are a couple of problems with your hate filled prattle.

    1. Down syndrome is NOT a disease. It is a genetic disorder that effects the 21st Chromosome. It is not a disease.

    2. Most down syndrome babies are born to women over 35. Births to women under 20 are quite rare. A 16 year-old has a 1 in 1654 chance of having a downs syndrome baby. A 44 year-old has a 1 in 52 chance.

    3. If Bristol Palin is currently pregnant she would have had to concieved on or just after that 18th of April. This is impossible. It has been 142 days since the birth of Trig. This then makes her current preganacy impossible at the gestation stated. If she is actually Trig’s mother, there is no way she is pregnant at 20 weeks, 5 months or probably at all. It can take 1-3 months after the birth of a child to be able to concieve. There are many variables that are uncertain. We will see.

    I realize that the left wackos will develop some dreamtime fantasy to explain the dates and the times, but just remember Obama-Bots, Humpty-Dumpty was pushed to silence him as a vast right-wing plot against Barack Obama.

    If you choose to believe the lies of the hate filled left, you are a party to this. Research a little, and you realize the rumours are not fact they are fantasies that are created for one purpose.

    Most of the above down syndrome information can be found here:


  584. 584
    cam10 Says:

    While Obama/Biden locked my vote down months ago, I have still been following the news, both drama driven and politically driven, regarding Sarah Palin.

    Have Palin’s husband take a paternity test.

    The issue is not whether she covered up for Bristol’s first alleged illegitimate pregnancy. The issue is that Bristol Palin, age 17, is currently pregnant right now. Whether this is her being pregnant again, or pregnant for the first time, the problem lies in the fact that Sarah Palin is all for abstinence education ONLY. If she’s trying to diminish sex education in our school systems, she has obviously never had sex education in her own household.

    Palin’s kids were taught that sex before marriage, birth control/condoms/emergency contraception/the power of choice when faced with pregnancy were all sinful. If children don’t learn about these things from their parents, it doesn’t mean they won’t learn at all. It just means they will learn elsewhere. Bristol Palin knows what sex is, regardless of what she was or was not taught. And the baby bump proves it.

    Knowledge is power. I was taught at a young age, along with my brothers and sister, about sex, the consequences of sex and teenage pregnancy, the emotionally and financially draining process of an abortion, and the correct use of contraception. My health class in high school had us “parent” baby dolls for three full days. These dolls cried at 4am, burped on the school bus home, needed bottles during gym class, etc.

    I was taught all of that by my parents. And what I chose is abstinence!!

  585. 585
    Me Says:

    Is it incest?

  586. 586
    Peach Says:

    How many of you idiots had any math in school? Biology?

    Know how long the human gestation period is?

    Trig is 5 months old. Palin’s daughter is pregnant.

    You do the math…………


  587. 587
    Ken Says:

    Would we even be having this circus if she were a democrate? Besides I thought NOW wanted a lady to break the glass ceiling. Would somebody get their stories straight and stick with it.

    No wonder we are in the mess we’re in. No values, no honesty, no integrity, it’s all about me and what’s in it for me.

    And when did it become okay to drag the kids into the mix. Oh I am sorry Chelsie, you wanted the attention. Let’s go back to some good old fashion values.

  588. 588
    Ceecee Says:

    I’m surprised that this stupid, lying rumor is still on the net. Don’t you people know that the rumor has been proven untrue, and the people who started it have been proven to be liars.
    Trig was four months old when this rumor started. The family made the announcement within days that his older sister, Bristol, was five months pregnant. She was one month along when her little brother was born.
    That disproves the rumor, doesn’t it.
    I’m just amazed you people haven’t heard this yet. I’m also amazed that you are dumb enough to keep this rumor on your website.

  589. 589
    L61 Says:

    Sarah is covering up for her daughter, but “truth will always out”. I’d like to see the payoffs that people in the know around the birth got. Even the doctor who supposedly delivered Sarah has a fishy story about her advice to Sarah. Some data about that doctor has apparently been scrubbed from the internet, by… whom? Yes, taking on a disabled child is very admirable, but that isn’t the point. The lie will come out. And let’s see actually how long the new pregnancy of the daughter’s is. (We should believe the dates we are told?? Oh really….)

    Sarah is greed and ambition personified. Petty, vindictive, and charming. Listen to Air America on the radio for another point of view.

  590. 590
    RANDY Says:


  591. 591
    Angel Says:

    Does nobody else think that Bristol looks pregnant in that photo? If that was taken at the time, is that not proof enough?

  592. 592
    alyssa Says:

    Leave them alone, seriously. This is ridiculous. So what if he IS Bristol’s baby? Who cares? It has NOTHING to do with Sarah’s campaign. I don’t believe he’s Bristol’s.

    This needs to be let go of now.

  593. 593
    Palinbabyquestion Says:

    Here are two thoughtful sites that are trying to collect and publish information on the (still open) question of who are the parents of Trig Palin:

    or if you have to “copy and paste:”

  594. 594
    light Says:

    Um, you can NOT get on a plane a certain amount of time into your pregnancy. A pregnant woman would NOT THINK of traveling 8 hours after giving a speech while in pre-mature labor! She would have sought out a hospital in TX. Her pants are in flames!

  595. 595
    light Says:

    Oh, doctors can be paid off to adjust the gestation time of a mother. Within a few months its easy. You can get pregnant within a month or two of giving birth – I’ve seen it happen.

    This IS an important issue because it states the character of a person who has openly admitted to the desire to become our nation’s leader! Sure, open up Obama’s family history – I have no problem with that. I want to know if my future leader is on the up-and-up.

  596. 596
    maskit Says:

    While I don’t like Sarah Palin, I feel I have to call you on your information. It is more likely that Trig is her baby. The truth is that women over 35 are more likely to have babies with Down Syndrome. I was taught this in nursing school. It is something that is a definite risk factor with the older mother, thus far more likely that Sarah is the mother of Trig, and I send her and her family strength because raising a down syndrome child is like a beautiful melody with harsh chords.

    One of the sweetest children I ever knew was a down syndrome child who decided that I was her grandmother, though I am hardly old enough to be so. She passed, regrettably for all who knew her, before her 30th birthday. It was my pleasure to know her, and my soul has an empty space where her presence made a home. I hope that this family (though I still cannot, will not vote for Ms. Palin because of her standing on almost every single issue in the world) enjoys their “Angel Unaware” as Dale Evans Rogers, in her book, said of her down syndrome child). Now that was a brave woman. Her child was born during a time when special needs children were warehoused and she would not do it, seeing her child as a blessing.

  597. 597
    Susie Says:


    Well, whoever’s baby her is, the alleged Mom, Sarah, sure does all she can NOT to raise him…how many mothers of 5 children, still breastfeeding a handicapped one, and with a pregnant teenager to boot, would jump at the chance to get on and off airplanes, sleep in hotels, eat fast food, and be investigated by the press? No one I know. Palin has shown herself to be the best promoter of Sarah Palin, and
    little else in the year since McCain dug her out of an igloo. Funny how her book has now dropped to 3rd on Amazon and 4th on BN. Guess the big conservative groups have made their buys. They’ll be giving it away once someone actually tries to make sense out of her “American Life” as a political wannabe.

  598. 598
    baily Says:

    Trig looks just like Levi !!. Who cares about hippa laws and lame excuses. She can tell the whole world where,when and the Dr. that delivered the baby. She can tell the truth and show the birth certificate,give the Dr.’s name. That’s freedom of speech. I can tell any one I want who delivered me and my mother’s name ect. Why the big cover up. If that’s your baby Sarah. Why don’t you prove it. Simply put there is no proof she’s the mother. She holds every one else accountable. Why not herself.

  599. 599
    ali Says:

    Here is a site with huge Information On Pregnancy Diseases And Genetic Testing. You can find information regarding Down Syndrome in the family in:

  600. 600
    Kelly Says:

    this is not right at all,
    bristol and sarah both had sons around the same time.
    Sarah’s son has down syndrome, his name is Trig.
    Bristol had a son that did not have down syndrome, and his name is Tripp.

  601. 601
    dave Says:


    yah it’s totally cool for a potential vice president of the USA to lie to everyone. choo choo the straight talk express. they passed that baby around like a joint at a grateful dead concert like a prop, which it was.

  602. 602
    Babs Says:

    @Mike: haa, that was my first thought.

  603. 603
    Babs Says:

    @Mike: haa, that was my first thought.

  604. 604
    Harriette Quiroga Says:

    Sorry for the huge review, but I’m really loving the new Zune, and hope this, as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written, will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

  605. 605
    ha Says:

    @liberals are scared: Really? Wow. Idiot

  606. 606
    not lol Says:

    Thanks pal. Awesome website you got here. Have some extra websites to link to which have a bit more stuff like this?

  607. 607
    Tina Says:

    Um, since you have been totally proven wrong on your Palin baby conspiracy (Bristol had her own baby, if you havent heard), perhaps you should remove this idiotic ranting article. It really makes you sound extremely ignorant.

  608. 608
    black currant oil capsules Says:

    I liked up to you’ll obtain carried out proper here. The sketch is tasteful, your authored material stylish. nonetheless, you command get bought an edginess over that you would like be delivering the following. in poor health no doubt come more in the past once more as exactly the same nearly very incessantly inside case you protect this hike.

  609. 609
    Mirella Says:


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