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Sarah Palin Didn't Give Birth To Down Syndrome Baby?

Sarah Palin Didn't Give Birth To Down Syndrome Baby?

On Friday, it was announced that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was chosen to be Republican presidential nominee John McCain‘s running mate. The 44-year-old Idaho-native claimed to be the mother of five children, the youngest of whom was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Palin‘s decision to have the baby was applauded by the pro-life community.

Here’s some new evidence Daily Kos has brought forward, showing Sarah Palin is not the mother of four-month-old Trig:

– On March 6th, Sarah announced she’s seven month pregnant. Even close members of her staff were surprised.

– Her water broke one month before Trig was due, but she kept a previous speaking engagement in Texas and then flew 8 hours to Alaska. No one on board noticed that Sarah was going into labor either. The flight lands in Anchorage, Alaska. Instead of visiting a medical facility that can accommodate a premature birth in Alaska’s most equipped city, she drives 45 minutes away to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, right outside the small village she used to govern as Mayor, Wasilla.

– On April 18, 2008, Trig was born one month premature. Sarah returned to work after three days. (Trig was diagnosed with Down syndrome while still in the womb.)

Trig is not Sarah‘s son, but grandson. It was her 16-year-old daughter Bristol (pictured right) who was carrying. (80% of the cases of Down Syndrome are in mothers under the age of 35.)

– Family had taken Bristol out of Anchorage High School due to contracting “infectious mononucleosis”. Reports say she was absent from school for five to eight months. Mono can last anywhere from two weeks to three months.

To read all of the incriminating evidence “proving” Palin is a liar, visit

Methinks Diddy has enough ammo for another verbal lashing in vlog #17! (Watch #16 here.)

UPDATE 1: The Associated Press has released an undated photo of a pregnant Palin, probably with her first child. And for kicks, this photo manip is so clever! This scandal is just calling out for Tina Fey to return to SNL to spoof all of this.

UPDATE 2: DailyKos posted a picture of Palin with what appears to be a baby bump. Check it out here.

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  • Linda

    I SOOOOO hope this is true; it’d be great to see that gun-toting, anti-environmentalist, anti-choice tw*t exposed for being a liar. It’s obvious that McCain only chose her because she’s a woman and he’s trying to court all of the Hillary supporters by making them think that he’s so progressive that he’d ask a woman to be his running mate. Hopefully they’ll not buy into that crock of b.s. and see that Palin and her anti-choice supporters would love nothing more than to take away women’s rights rather than uphold them.

  • http://deleted elizabeth

    What a fucking dumb bitch!!

  • Davey

    the real tita

    A good mother would have taught her daughter to take responsibility for her actions. We don’t hold our kids accountable anymore and its a shame.

  • katy

    She lied and faked a pregnancy and republican supporters are saying “so what” . Are you nuts, what she did was horrible! And this is not a pro-life issue, I myself am pro-life but she is just not VP matarial

  • shoes4life

    Well it could be true. Read this article of the interviewer who interviewed said when she claimed to be 7 months pregnant.

  • Emeline

    Before commenting on Down Syndrome stats, maybe you folks ought to Google DS? The facts are that yes, a woman over 35 is more likely to have a DS baby and those odds increase as she gets older. However, since most woman who have babies are still UNDER 35, the stat is correct-more women under 35 have DS babies simply b/c more women under 35 have babies. In addition, the odds of having a DS baby are also increased for extremely young (i.e. teen) mothers.

    Whether the story is true or not, the circumstances are very, very strange. If she is indeed so vehemently pro-life, then why would she put her special needs baby’s life at risk by insisting on delaying medical assistance for 8+ hours while in labor? And what a dedicated mother! Back to work 3 days later? Was the baby in intensive care since it was a preemie? Who was taking care of him while mommy was at work? And now that he’s all of 4 months old she’s going to campaign for VP? Let’s hear it for family values!!!

  • http://http Vote for All-American Family!

    Vote All-American! DO NOT VOTE for a KENYAN!

  • just me

    If this is proven false, I will not visit this website again.

  • lylian

    If this story is true, it reflects badly on Sarah Palin.

    Yes, she may have been a loving mother protecting her child but anyone with an ounce of sense will know the best way to protect your daughter in these circumstances is to stand by her side and help her go back to school, help her take care of the baby. It isn’t to create a lie for your daughter to live for the rest of her life. It calls into question Sarah’s judgment, and her values. Ask yourself, would you do this to your daughter? How would you feel if your mother had wanted you to do live this lie?

    Here are some facts about downs syndrome.

    (1) Though the incidence of downs syndrome babies increase with age, even young women can have a downs baby.

    Does the risk of Down syndrome increase with the mother’s age? Yes. The risk of Down syndrome increases from about 1 in 1,250 at age 25, to 1 in 1,000 at age 30, 1 in 400 at age 35, 1 in 100 at age 40 and 1 in 30 at age 45 (6). Women over age 35 have been traditionally considered most likely to have a baby with Down syndrome. However, about 80 percent of babies with Down syndrome are born to women who are under age 35, as younger women have far more babies (2).

    (2) You cannot tell for certain whether you are having a downs baby just by ultra sound. However, using ultra sound, you may get some clues whether your baby might have downs.

    There are several other items that can be found during an ultrasound exam that some researchers have felt that may have a significant association with Down syndrome. These findings may be seen in normal fetuses, but some obstetricians believe that their presence increases the risk of the fetus having Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormality. These “markers” include echogenic bowel, echogenic intracardiac focus, and dilitation of the kidneys (pyelctasis). However, these markers as a sign of Down syndrome are still controversial, and parents-to-be should keep in mind that each marker can also be found in a small percentage of normal fetuses. In early 2001, a study (Smith-Bindman, 2001) was published that looked at all of the previous studies on this topic. The authors concluded that “[these markers] could not discriminate well between unaffected fetuses and those with Down syndrome.” A more specific marker that is currently under investigation is the measurement of the fetal nose; fetuses with Down syndrome appear to have smaller noses on ultrasound than fetuses without chromosomal abnormalities.

  • ez

    Here is a YouTube video of a state GOP convention meeting in March that very clearly shows a very pregnant Governor Palin.

  • Rose

    Justjared can put anything they like on their web site it is called his site and freedom of speech. Also I don’t know if all of this is true about Mrs. Sarah Palin but one thing I do find fascinating is that looking at this story I do know that when a women has had more than one kid you show bigger in your pregnancies not the other way around. I also feel it does make a difference if she is lying about having this baby, this women is already under investigation. This is a problem people, what will she do in office! Have we not had enough of this from the current administration? As has been said, she is pro-life. She should have supported her daughter, this proves people like her will throw us back to the 1950’s with this way of thinking.

    Also, women I hope you are not voting for her because she has a vagina. That is like African Americans voting for Obama because he is Black. If you were voting for Hillary then you would not vote for her and McCain. Mrs. Palin is Hillary light and she stands for NOTHING Hillary believes in.

    My rant


  • G550

    the real tita @ 08/31/2008 at 12:42 pm
    If this is true, then she is more of a better mother than most. If she’d let her daughter have an abortion, then it would have been not so cool. Shows you what a good mother she is. She is willing to sacrifice as any good parent should.

    I like her even more now!
    If this is true, the issue is not the pregnancy, it is the lying about it when you are a publicly elected official. Defender of your local constitution, ratifier and enforcer of your local laws.

    Please, no rosy pink glasses because she is a woman. She’s an elected official and if some guy tried to pass or not pass a kid off as his, that would be defrauding the state of dependent benefits, and that’s just the start of it. Equal playing field and equal pain for equal pay.

  • KrissyKitty

    McCain for president~
    I am Democrat voting for Obama… I am not scared by her nomination and I look forward to the debates. I cannot wait to see her under pressure. As a woman I am excited to see a woman as a VP Nominee, weather she is Rep. or Dem.
    As for this article it does not bother me one bit. As a mother I can understand that she would do that for her 16yr old daughter with her whole life ahead of her. A parent will do anything for their children. If it is true I would hate to see this become political fodder, it is a very personal issue that could harm her daughter and that little baby and has nothing to do with politics…

  • sunshine

    Davey @ 08/31/2008 at 12:48 pm

    the real tita

    A good mother would have taught her daughter to take responsibility for her actions. We don’t hold our kids accountable anymore and its a shame.

    Forget a good mother. She seems like the same old politician. Lying about her personal life to get votes. She was suppose to represent integrity . She was suppose to be a person of CHANGE not doing what other politicians did. What a fraud(if this is true)

  • Mar

    Your an a***&*&. This is for entertaimnet. Stick with what you know. It has nothing to do with the election and stay out of political blogging or lose fans….

  • prettyme

    ok, jared, this post is so dissappointing. Full of crap, and if you like Obama, then just say so, instead of coming with bogus shit. I honestly thought you were better than this. I guess, you and other democrats were pissing your pants, when you found out that Palin were republicans candidate for vicepresident. McCain did the right thing, showing how he truly stands for change, whilst Obama didnt have the guts to choose Hillary as vicepresident, but choose a oldie like Biden. Go McCain!!! (and, please stop posting posts like this, just sooooo dissappointing)

  • Marsha

    And for you guys who are *itching about the source need to understand… The Edwards thing started in the NE. NO ONE in main steam media (CNN or FOXNews) picked up the story. (at first) Because it started in a supermaket tab.

  • helen

    LYING is what’s wrong with that, do you want this woman to be our president once McCain is gone???
    This woman who will cover things up for us, and never tell us the truth about situations. (and brush up everything under the carpet)
    Come on people, wake up, it’s clear that she should not be our VP, not now and not ever.

  • shoes4life

    I look at it this way if she covered this up and plus trying to cover up that she did not have her ex-brother-in-law fired she is already showing her lying side. Just like Hillary did when she was running from sniper fire and the girl in the hospital story. To much risk in going with a known liar. I don’t care what you say a lie is a lie.

    We don’t need another liar in the White House. 8 years is enough!

  • Go McCain

    You are starting to lose a lot of fans by publishing things like this Jared. Lay off the negativeity and find credible sources. Also, enough Diddy, can we please get some intelligent celebrity info for once?

  • sAM


    MCCAIN & PALIN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Davey


    I’m a med student and it all doesn’t add up for me. She was leaking amniotic fluid but still insisted on getting on 8 hour plane ride to Alaska. Okay… Then the staff says she was showing no signs. Okay… Then she goes back to work when she just had a DS premie baby. That’s just not the way a person reacts fifth baby or not. That’s not even taking into account how much she put that baby in jeopardy by choosing to fly instead of going to a hospital near by. I’d also like to talk to her doctor. Since when is it okay to fly during the 3rd trimester.

  • happy lol day

    SO bizarre why not speak in favor of helping girls who are pregnant and children with DS not make an elaborate lie but then have pix of her daughter pregnant. It’s not such an uncommon thing but this kind of lying, well is not so un-politician-like :(

  • david G

    Gul-li-ble!! Everyone knows that the incidence of downs syndrome increases with the age of the mother. it would be a massive surprise for a 15 year old to give birth to a child with that but a fairly common occurance for a 45 yrs old woman to do so.

    nice try – better luck next time mate!

  • carrie

    jared, you seriously don’t believe this do you?

    i can’t believe you have that posted….

  • ez
  • Larry gwaltney

    Jared, you can’t seriously believe that ridiculous tripe posted on the Daily Kos is a reliable source of information!

    This has been debunked six ways from Sunday for at least 24 hours.

    You need to retract this post.

  • julia

    Jesus At Some of You People.. You can’t tell Jared what He can and Cannot post… If You don’t like it, Leave.. It’s called Freedom Of Speech..

  • Besane

    Republican or Democrat, if you are running for Presidency you shouldn’t LIE. Edwards is NOT running for Presidency ANY MORE, is he? Palin should provide the proof of her pregnancy; if not this story of her LYING will not go away = she will be McCain’s biggest liability.

  • matthew

    If this is not an “entertainment” story, then why did McCain & Palin’s families (EXCEPT for McCain’s adopted daughter, who is from Bangladesh) appear in PEOPLE? These are public figures, people.

    Second, NONE of this story has been made up by Democrats or by anyone having anything to do with the Obama campaign. In fact, when she surprised the state of Alaska and announced she was 7 months pregnant, local papers asked all these same questions.

    Finally, remember that USUALLY, this kind of thing would be caught in the vetting process. But this time around, John McCain—by his people’s own admission—wanted a “shake things up” candidate. She was vetted for a couple of days and he’d only ever met her briefly once prior.

    In his mind, women will vote for any woman. In reality, MANY more fundamentalist Christians WILL vote for ANY candidate, like her, who his anti-abortion with zero tolerance.

    But the fact remains, this person was not investigated deeply. There is a very good chance this story is true (just like the John Edwards story wound up being true) and that it will be exposed. She is not the VP nominee until she is officially nominated at the convention, and even then, she can still be off the ticket.

    Watch for that—it’s coming.

  • Kristine

    This is pretty cowardly of her. I’m glad they kept the baby, but she is still a coward for not admitting this was her daughters child.

  • A2B

    Watch the video in #110. The woman is obviously PREGNANT. End of story. Idiots. I am ashamed of every one of you who just never questioned the insanity being delivered in this pathetic, pathetic garbage trash story . People “laughing” about it after church? cutie pie, you know she has a “fast” daughter? How judgemental, how small-minded, how ignorant you all sound. Ugh.

  • mat

    Although 80% of Down’s syndrome babies are born to mothers under 35. The incidence of a Down’s syndrome among mothers over 45 is 20x as high among mothers 45+

  • http://buzznet Sarah Palin is My New Hero

    …:lol: ….:lol:

    I can’t believe the Obama lovers are losing their heads. Sarah Palin must be a real threat.

  • Besane

    ITA. She isn’t officially nominated yet. The Hurricane Gustav might turn into as a blessing, if GOP decides to postpone the convention. They will have time to pick a replacement. At this point the mistake choosing Palin is pretty clear so if they are smart they will ditch her pronto. She is too much of a liability for McCaine.

  • r
  • Renesmee

    Oh please. This is only because the democrats have to crap on her, so they have to find something.

  • Hun

    IF this is true, I’m not worried about her trying to protect her daughter but for LYING to the American people.
    But who knows if its true or not. i would like to know for sure.

  • Renesmee

    And even if it was her daughters baby, so what? What’s wrong with protecting your daughter?

  • nancy

    I am very disappointed in JJ for printing this complete and unsubstantiated CRAP from DailyKos, of all the raving lunatic websites!!! RIDICULOUS rumor. JJ is not a political blog, last time I checked. Well maybe it’s becoming one. That would be a shame as most of us come here for light celebrity entertainment not get into political arguments. And yes, an older mother as Palin was, in her 40′s, is waay more likely to have a Down’s syndrome baby than a teenager. The Democrat hacks must be getting worried to be spreading this kind of garbage!!

  • Besane

    Seriously, how is the Republicans going to educate Palin on foreign policy? SHe has to debate Biden! Put her through some kind of a boot camp?

  • Amy

    That site is full of crap. It’s also toting “McCain hates children because he doesn’t support no child left behind” which is the hugest slant I’ve seen yet because MOST TEACHERS don’t support it. It’s a broken program that’s really hurt the education system.

    As for the “80% of down syndrome babies are to mothers under 35… that’s because most births, period, are to mothers under 35. I can skew statistics too, ready? The average Democrat has an IQ below 95… because the average American does.

  • Besane

    Renesmee @ 08/31/2008 at 1:16 pm
    And even if it was her daughters baby, so what? What’s wrong with protecting your daughter?


    LYING, honey.

  • me

    What woman goes back to work THREE DAYS after giving birth?

    And especially when over 40 and the baby has downs.

    This part of the story astonished me right from the beginning.

  • Fingerhut

    YOU ALL SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!

    HPOE FOR THIS LAND, HOPE FOR THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • obamafan

    OMG, I cannot believe how so many americans are still so uberconservative!!! Or maybe they just post much more than relaxed people?

    I have respect for her decision to keep the baby,but that does not give her the right to make that decision for other women and that is what she does with her antiabortion blabla!


  • scrooge mcduck

    In 1886, The Republicans used the campaign slogan, “Ma Ma, Where’s my Pa?” The controversy about public service and private morality raged across the nation. The choice was between a man of personal immorality and public service integrity (Grover Cleveland) and one of a model family man guilty of using public office for personal gain (James G. Blaine). Cleveland narrowly won.

    After his election the Democrats answered the Republican ditty with “Gone to the White House, ha ha ha!”

    now we have: “Pa Pa, who’s my ma?” re: Palin

  • what’s funny

    To me it is hillarious that this woman comes out of “NO WHERE” mind you, no one knows her, governor for less than 2 years, and a mayor of a very small town (like somone said a mayor over what 2 people and 3 grizzly bears)and the republicans were praising her in an hour of the announcement and didn’t know a darn thing about her. You guys would cheer on a goat (because you already have a monkey in office) as long as you don’t see the Democrats get in.

    The Republicans don’t care about change or trying to make America better they just won’t to keep the same ol’ rigged ass, take care of themselves, broke down oil machine going.

    Well, you might as well get ready because even some of your own faithful republicans are jumping ship because of this retarded nomination by your nitwit McCain, a bad decision before the voting begins. That says a HELL of a lot to me.

  • bob

    GO BACK TO POSTS #110 AND #126.


  • taNIA

    OMG this is soooo Desperate Housewives !!