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Sarah Palin Didn't Give Birth To Down Syndrome Baby?

Sarah Palin Didn't Give Birth To Down Syndrome Baby?

On Friday, it was announced that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was chosen to be Republican presidential nominee John McCain‘s running mate. The 44-year-old Idaho-native claimed to be the mother of five children, the youngest of whom was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Palin‘s decision to have the baby was applauded by the pro-life community.

Here’s some new evidence Daily Kos has brought forward, showing Sarah Palin is not the mother of four-month-old Trig:

– On March 6th, Sarah announced she’s seven month pregnant. Even close members of her staff were surprised.

– Her water broke one month before Trig was due, but she kept a previous speaking engagement in Texas and then flew 8 hours to Alaska. No one on board noticed that Sarah was going into labor either. The flight lands in Anchorage, Alaska. Instead of visiting a medical facility that can accommodate a premature birth in Alaska’s most equipped city, she drives 45 minutes away to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, right outside the small village she used to govern as Mayor, Wasilla.

– On April 18, 2008, Trig was born one month premature. Sarah returned to work after three days. (Trig was diagnosed with Down syndrome while still in the womb.)

Trig is not Sarah‘s son, but grandson. It was her 16-year-old daughter Bristol (pictured right) who was carrying. (80% of the cases of Down Syndrome are in mothers under the age of 35.)

– Family had taken Bristol out of Anchorage High School due to contracting “infectious mononucleosis”. Reports say she was absent from school for five to eight months. Mono can last anywhere from two weeks to three months.

To read all of the incriminating evidence “proving” Palin is a liar, visit

Methinks Diddy has enough ammo for another verbal lashing in vlog #17! (Watch #16 here.)

UPDATE 1: The Associated Press has released an undated photo of a pregnant Palin, probably with her first child. And for kicks, this photo manip is so clever! This scandal is just calling out for Tina Fey to return to SNL to spoof all of this.

UPDATE 2: DailyKos posted a picture of Palin with what appears to be a baby bump. Check it out here.

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609 Responses to “Sarah Palin Didn't Give Birth To Down Syndrome Baby?”

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  1. 76
    Paulie Says:

    Look I’m voting for Obama/Biden but linking to DailyKos is a major turn-off for me, a Hillary supporter. Kos and the gang smeared Hillary and it looks like their new target is Palin. That site and many of its posters are sexist, and they don’t even know it. And you’re headline is misleading. You’re stating that Palin didn’t give birth to the baby as if it’s a fact and she has confirmed it. It’s a rumor, period.

  2. 77
    Sarah Says:

    I’m VERY confused!

  3. 78
    A2B Says:

    I am reading comments from others who should know better but have accepted this idiotic story full of inconsistencies and impossible odds as if it is gospel truth, just because they would like it to be true to further their own political hopes. Disgusting, and demented. Could you grow a brain, people?

  4. 79
    Seth Says:

    If this is true, she is a calculating liar. McCain should drop her and get a newer more honset one. Hope this will be proven right or wrong soon so we could move on. Really do not want a woman who could not accept reality of a teenage pregnancy.

    on the other hand it is had to beleive she is so stupid as to cover up something like this. she comes out as a cunning politician looking for bigger positions otherwise.

  5. 80
    African Girl Says:

    Wait. . . what? Is they Synopsis of a VC Andrews book?

    Jared You got some ‘xplaining to do.

  6. 81
    ace tomato Says:

    This is so dumb. If Bristol was pregnant and they were covering it up, she wouldn’t be out wearing a tight shirt for photographs..

    THINK people. THINK.

    Bristol would be the one wearing loose tops.

    People are so gullible.

  7. 82
    Craig Says:

    The problem here is not so much what Palin did, but McCain’s judgment in choosing her. He obviously didn’t vet her at all, or if he did, she lied to him. Not good either way.

  8. 83
    victoria Says:

    AGREE ALEX NUMBER # 46…….. My daughter who works in a Dr.’s office, says they laughed themselves silly over this after church this morning. ( those who already read it ). In all the years she has worked there as an R.N., not any of them have encountered a MONO. case that has lasted THAT long, to keep a child out of school that many months… UNLESS, she had OTHER ongoing problems. ( obviously )……. Who cares if the daughter had a baby, for Lord’s sake ? It is 2008, the last time I woke up. If Palin is THAT far behind the times and has to hide things because she cannot deal with them, or does not want to think about what OTHERS think about HER or her family, then I will have to really think about BOTH sides all over again. But, I guess time will tell on THIS issue. The truth WILL come out, it ususally does. Look at EDWARDS.!!!!! YAWN< Here we go again !!!!

  9. 84
    maryanna. Says:

    so what!? its no one’s buisness! atleast she is more experienced then that attention-***** barack osama.

    and as far as “puff daddy” is concerned, he just needs to shut his trashy mouth and stick to lip-synching and creating stupid bands…

  10. 85
    WTH???? Says:

    If your water breaks in Texas.. you go straight to a hospital in Texas… especially a month premature.. especially over 40.. COMPLICATIONS!!! Any idiot would know that..esp someone who had been pregnant before.

    It requires swift action. If she is incapable of realizing that!! If she is willing to put her unborn baby in jeopardy while flying for 8 hours and then pass a well equipped hospital to get to a small hospital?? What does that say about her judgment skills? Her child was not a priority? Was it because she knew he had down syndrome.. she could callously risk his life with an 8 hours plane ride and and 45 minute drive???

    What can she possibly do if there is an emergency in the country that needs her immediate action???

    I have never heard of such a stupid thing? Well, sitting in a class room reading My Pet Goat for 15 minutes while the nation was under attack maybe.. or taking more vacation time then any standing President EVER leading up to 9/11.. that pretty stupid.. Oh congratulating someone in charge of relief efforts for a job well done while people die in New Orleans.. that was pretty stupid too.

    Great choice again Republicans!!

  11. 86
    ace tomato Says:

    This goofy rumor is DOA.

    Look at other pictures of the family from the same time. They are out on the web, easy to find with Google.

    Sarah wears looser fitting clothes, and Bristol wears form fitting tops and dresses. She has a little chub on the middle, but nothing beyond normal teen years baby fat. No baby included.

    There is nothing in any of the photographs that even remotely suggests Bristol Palin is trying to conceal a pregnancy. Instead, she is showing her figure and looks NORMAL.

  12. 87
    cutie pie Says:

    maybe she should have schooled her daughter more on condoms instead of abortions, stop the sperm before it develops into a fetus and i wouldnt vote for mc cain or her for all the tea in China, if she lied about her fast daughter what else will she lie about? A child can see thru those lies.. believe it and what damn grand mother says the kid is hers, not where i come from they dont lie and say that, the grandmother may help raise the kid but lying and saying its yours to protect your fast daughter is pathetic.

  13. 88
    tellin it like it is Says:

    Well, everyone saying this is an entertainment blog, it is all about CELEBRITIES and I think that it is DEFINITELY arguable that the presidential and VP candidates have become quite the celebrities. So what if there is talk on here about McCain, Obama, Biden, Palin, Beau, or Bristol. They’ve all been on TV and I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there (if only there were a raised hand icon) who find all of this controversy very entertaining. How McCain chooses a VP candidate who is a woman, obviously trying to pick up some last minute Hilary Clinton Fanatic votes, (cough cough sexcist cough cough). How said VP candidate has less than a full term of governer under her belt. How McCain is 72, with 4 bouts of cancer under his belt, so, uh, while it isn’t exactly pleasant, could die under presidency. How if that happens, we’d be stuck with Palin as president, and then where exactly do you think we’d be. How everyone seems to want to make this woman look bad. How everyone seems to want to make her kids and family look bad, and make Trig look bad. How everyone seems to think that the election is no where near entertaining and has no place on such blog. How everyone is complaining relentlessly to Jared about the above statement. I don’t know about you, but I personally find ALL of that INCREDIBLY entertaining.

  14. 89
    G550 Says:

    Equity Demanded @ 08/31/2008 at 12:17 pm
    The media is going out of it’s way to try to dig up dirt about Sara Palin, they are bashing her for her womanhood, attacking her family, and making false accusations against her, all because she is a WOMAN
    Not at all. She’s fair game, and if she wants to play, well, she’s gotta play. She doesn’t get a 2d or softer set of rules than everybody else. Why, that would be some sort of special interest, curved scoring approach (which, if she had the qualifications of a Christie Todd Whitman or Kay Bailey Hutchison, she would not need).

    In the internet age, you don’t have to go out of your way to find information. It’s all out there. Permanently, whether you think you take down your My Space page or not.

    Also, you are supposed to dig to find out all you can about politicians, and make an informed decision, not throw away your vote in a beauty contest or blind allegiance. This is not a monarchy where you just shrug and get the next thing the family spawns for you.

    Wake up!!!!

  15. 90
    Tina Says:

    If it’s not on (which it isn’t), then it’s false. The internet is full of rumours.

    Don’t you think people would’ve noticed if she wasn’t carrying a bump?

  16. 91
    fran Says:

    I love the republicans saying us democrats are scared of this news. Are you f**king kidding me! This is awesome, this has nothing to do with abortion this is about her being a liar and deceiving woman. And by the way, why was she so ashamed of her own daughter that she she covered for her.

  17. 92
    Marsha Says:

    Wake up people this is politics… Its not a tea party. Its going to get uglier and nastier before Nov.

    And if this is true. Do you really believe all this was for her 16 year old little girl??? Or was some of it to protect her “Repub values” ?! Having a 16 year old knocked up daughter is a no no with the Repubs.

  18. 93
    jesse Says:


    Mccain/palin 08!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 94
    jaye Says:

    Good Grief ! Why are people up in arms about this. So Jared posted this, it goes with political territory. No was was complaining this much that it’s a celebrity blog when he printed the other threads that were political.

    Yes people do have skeleton’s in their closet. I understand how she’d have a problem telling the truth after all this time, but people can’t expect EVERYONE to ignore it if it turns out to be true.

    She can expect more of this; it happened to the male candidates, you can’t expect her to be treated differently because she’s female. That’s not sexist, that’s politics.

    Although what she did may be admirable to some, others will see it as just lying and wonder what other things she might be lying about. There is also the ‘other’ problem of her being under 2 ethiics investigations springing from accusations that she abused her office to pursue a personal grudge. If things keep coming out, after a while it doesn’t matter if they are true or not. We all know the voting public can be fickle.

    I know no one is perfect, but in politics they act like people should be.

  20. 95
    SundayRoast Says:

    Wow, that lady is Shady. Will the Real Slim Shady please stand up!

  21. 96
    Vote for All-American Family! Says:

    Wow! What a beautiful family portrait! They are a genuine All-American family!

    Vote All-American! Vote McCain-Palin 2008!

  22. 97
    Davey Says:

    For those that see nothing wrong with it. You honestly see nothing bad about her lying. She covered it up. She’s under investigation by her own state and now this. This woman and her family are a wreck. I don’t know about others but my parents taught me to live with my mistakes. I was taught that when I messed up I had to take responsibility and it was on me to deal with the consequences.

    But it’s okay because she’s a woman. An under qualified woman, but one about to make history, right? I voted for Hillary in the primary because I agreed with her views on how the country should be run. I’m now for Obama because he’s the candidate I most agree with. It would be highly offensive to my feminist mother that went to countless of rallies and protest in the 60′s & 70′s to vote for someone just because they’re a woman. That is not feminism. Feminism is what Hillary did.

  23. 98
    the real tita Says:

    If this is true, then she is more of a better mother than most. If she’d let her daughter have an abortion, then it would have been not so cool. Shows you what a good mother she is. She is willing to sacrifice as any good parent should.

    I like her even more now!

  24. 99
    ugh Says:

    I can’t see the problem.

    I can’t stand Obama.

  25. 100
    elizabeth Says:

    This lady is a dumb ***** and shes crazy. crazy stupid republican. we dont need any more you!

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