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Sarah Palin Didn't Give Birth To Down Syndrome Baby?

Sarah Palin Didn't Give Birth To Down Syndrome Baby?

On Friday, it was announced that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was chosen to be Republican presidential nominee John McCain‘s running mate. The 44-year-old Idaho-native claimed to be the mother of five children, the youngest of whom was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Palin‘s decision to have the baby was applauded by the pro-life community.

Here’s some new evidence Daily Kos has brought forward, showing Sarah Palin is not the mother of four-month-old Trig:

– On March 6th, Sarah announced she’s seven month pregnant. Even close members of her staff were surprised.

– Her water broke one month before Trig was due, but she kept a previous speaking engagement in Texas and then flew 8 hours to Alaska. No one on board noticed that Sarah was going into labor either. The flight lands in Anchorage, Alaska. Instead of visiting a medical facility that can accommodate a premature birth in Alaska’s most equipped city, she drives 45 minutes away to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, right outside the small village she used to govern as Mayor, Wasilla.

– On April 18, 2008, Trig was born one month premature. Sarah returned to work after three days. (Trig was diagnosed with Down syndrome while still in the womb.)

Trig is not Sarah‘s son, but grandson. It was her 16-year-old daughter Bristol (pictured right) who was carrying. (80% of the cases of Down Syndrome are in mothers under the age of 35.)

– Family had taken Bristol out of Anchorage High School due to contracting “infectious mononucleosis”. Reports say she was absent from school for five to eight months. Mono can last anywhere from two weeks to three months.

To read all of the incriminating evidence “proving” Palin is a liar, visit

Methinks Diddy has enough ammo for another verbal lashing in vlog #17! (Watch #16 here.)

UPDATE 1: The Associated Press has released an undated photo of a pregnant Palin, probably with her first child. And for kicks, this photo manip is so clever! This scandal is just calling out for Tina Fey to return to SNL to spoof all of this.

UPDATE 2: DailyKos posted a picture of Palin with what appears to be a baby bump. Check it out here.

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  • mela

    I think Palin needs to come up with evidence proving SHE was pregnant or this is going to get out of hand, FAST.

  • Thoughts

    All you Obama supporters are sure taking to the celebirty sites in droves!!! It makes me proud that McCain and Palin are featured in far more reputable and unbiased media outlets who focus on fair reporting. JustJared has obviously jumped on the celebrities for Obama campaign. I want JJ to post an intelligent and unbiased article on all of Obamas shortcomings (the list could take multiple posts), but of course he wouldn’t because that’s not the popular celebrity endorsed (nevermind intelligent) outlook! Got to pay those bills huh? Seriously I worry for our Country if Obama is our “leader”…

  • emma

    LOOK at the girl’s stomach area. LOOK. she is PREGNANT. that is not bloating from eating too much cabbage. it is not a fatty stomach. there’s a BABY in there. DUH. the girl got pregnant cause she was promiscuous (what a shock when it’s repulican girls! think bush twins! skank city) and the mother LIED and covered it up to avoid embarrassment. trig is sarah’s GRANDSON. sarah’s a liar.

  • remember da truth

    People are actually repeating the Republican mantra that she’s had more experience than Obama!!

    You people will believe anything if it’s said often enough, and the Republicans got you to vote for Bush twice, using fear and lies, so I can believe you idiots will fall for it again.

    The “inexperience” is about Obama having now FOREIGN POLICY experience. And experience as a mayor of a town of 8,000 is not the same as being a state congressman for the state of Illinois, nor a senator on the national/international stage, nor being smart enough to pick someone as your running mate who will be able to get your message across to Congress.

    This stuff is crazy and I’m not sure I believe it, but heck, the woman has been found lying already on the bridge to nowhere, and is under ethical investigation (apparently her own state thought that there was enough there to spend $100,0000 to look further into her reasons for firing someone).

  • Lani

    Not only did she lie about the baby to protect her political career, but her daughter Bristol Palin is wearing a ring on her engagement finger. This is definitely damaging for her daughter, you people don’t realize the emotional stress of having to lie about a baby that you gave birth to. Sarah Palin needs to come clean about it. Sarah Palin is also under investigation for abusing her power by getting a state trooper fired… which so happens to be her ex brother in law that was in a custody fight. Sarah Palin had a lot of family photo’s up, but now the link is dead on her website. Either way John McCain only met her once before meeting her once again to tell her she was picked. McCain did NOT fully vet her. This die hard Clinton Loyalist will not support Sarah because she is far more conservative than George Bush. Sarah is the polar opposite of Hillary Clinton, and needs to stop using Hillary’s line of 18 million cracks. Sarah also called Hillary a whiner during the primaries.

  • al

    Go back to Post # 110 and # 126. There are pictures and video of Sarah Palin pregnant.

  • ridiculous

    The woman is a liar and phony hypocrite, Miss Family Values and right-winger is as much a liar as any fundamentalist.

    What’s her perfect family doing with a pregnant teen? She knew it would hurt her political career, so she covered it up.

    I don’t care if it had happened, but be honest about it. Painting herself as ethical when she’s the opposite is like McCain saying he’s a maverick when he votes with Bush, and being a “reformer” when his own campaign has ethical issues with lobbyists.

  • mela

    She gave “birth” in May.

    Here’s video of her “pregnant” in February.

  • G.A.

    “majority of Republicans are the most IGNORANT people in the WORLD.”
    Brilliant, just an utterly brilliant observation. Please! Liberals are just as ignorant! That is the problem with politics today, each side continously calling each other idiots and not working on strengthening our nation, on bettering the country for the people. Stop the attacks and focus on politics.
    If it were true that Democrats are oh so flawless and self-sacrificing this wouldn’t be the most useless congress in our history. Stop the blame game and work on getting both sides to work together for US instead of doing nothing and blaming the other side of the aisle. Both parties suck, we must find a third way of true public servants.

  • Dems in fear?

    Of course the Democrats are fearful of this soccer mom!

    The Republicans have used lies and fear-mongering to get the racists out to vote before and have used it again. No Hillary supporter would vote for the policies of the McCain/Palin ticket. It’s all the racists who won’t vote for a black man that are running to the McCain/Palin ticket!

    Racists are for McCain/Palin, and the proud people on here running to that ticket are showing their true colors — white, and far to the right!!

  • MC and Palin 08!

    WHO CARES ” JUST JARED” ! They still have my vote! But it’s nice to see your another idiot blogger who tries to be bias about their personal opinion. This is an entertainment blog. If you want to talk politics shut this baby down and go work for gold ole liberal CNN!


  • Wynters

    For everyone that complains about this being a celebrity site— McCain called Obama the biggest celeb out there. May as well turn the table on his camp.

  • Anie

    That picture? The newspaper identified it as taken in 2006.
    The baby was not born until 2008. Neither was pregnant at the time.

    As for what happened, the doctor talked about the delivery, back in April for the Anchorage Daily News.

  • Kameryn

    Sarah Palin is AGAINST SEX ED! She believes in ABSTINENCE ONLY! And this rumor started in Alaska, because she never ever appeared to be pregnant at all. Downs syndrome babies usually have to stay in the hospital at least 3 days, so there’s no way she could go back to work so soon, and if she did give birth and go back to work only 3 days later, she is just IRRESPONSIBLE! This woman in the White House is a JOKE!


    Obama doesn’t have supporters he has fans……its so funny. HAH boy they are gonna be sad on election day! Poor Mrs. Obama is gonna have to stop lightening her skin (which you at pics from the past to present) she obviously does!

  • McCainMoreoftheSame

    No Bush or Cheney at the Republican Convention, hmm, I wonder why, maybe to save them from getting booed!!!
    Congrats to McCain for nominating Tina Fey for VP!

  • ANNe

    I can’t believe that you post crap from Daily Kos, are you people for real. Democrats are running scared, as if a million people from the hospital to every friend, family member and co- worker wouldn’t know that this is not true. And are the doctors and nurses in on the lie too, Jared you are pathetic as if a Governor could cover up a fake presidency and then cover her daughter being pregnant, I like how in the last sentence you state this has fact, Daily Kos a left wing website, that’s like going to a KKK website for objective views on black people, your sad Jared.

  • MC and Palin 08!

    That’s private info about her personal family who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • http://jared jimmy

    Even if Sarah covered for her daughter ‘s pregnancy and doesn’t tell the public about this, so what, that only shows she is a wonderful mother. I have difficuties with drilling. I am an animal lover and want nothing more then to protect every innocent animal I can and fight for the environment. I also want my country to not be dependent on countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudia Arabia for our energy. If I heard Pickens correctly we can with windmills supply 20 % of our energy needs but we also need to drill drill drill to get out from under these foreign countries that support terrorism and we also have to find alternative energy at home. What is more important animals and the environment or our courtries wealth and independence, that’s the million dollar question for me.

  • gina



  • Try and be me

    AMEN ANNE!!!! THEY ARE RUNNING SCARED TELLING BULL. It’s so funny. They have to make up crap to make those two idiots running for the dem’s look good! Rockstar Obama running with the guy who SAID HE WASNT READY TO BE PRESIDENT!!! HAHAH HIS OWN RUNNING MATE SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OBAMA 08 In another country!

  • Caring

    How can people say in this blog, that if it is true nothing is wrong with what she did?! SHE LIED!! is that who you want to be your VP?!!! wake up people!!

  • Elle

    I got mono and had to drop out of school for 5 months because I was so tired and sick. I attended night school instead which was only 2 hours long. Certain people get it worse than others. I personally had it really bad.

  • gina

    I’m a foreigner who obviously can’t vote in the US elections, but these allegations are stupid. Anyone with a normal IQ can see that the “proof” that Jared is peddling doesn’t add up.

  • steve

    Americans are stupid at math. No wonder the Chinese are beating them when it comes to economics.

  • you and me

    Sarah Palin story is an improbable story, but not an impossible story. Until we hear proof that her story is fictional, then and only then should be question her judgement. The story is starting to circulate now.

    However, it should be know that Ms. Palin is staunch opponent against abortion and birth control; and promotes only “abstinence only” policies.

    So we have a reason why she would lie, especially when she is a governor. One hopes it is not true that she lied about giving birth to a baby with downs syndrome.

  • sorry to tell you but

    It’s obvious this girl just gave birth

  • John

    Palin and McCain now have more in common – they’re both grandparents! :)

    Frankly, I don’t buy this story but it is very fishy. The weird part is: she boarded a plane from Dallas to Alaska after her water broke with a high risk pregnancy?? She’s a FREAK! Or, at the very least, an irresponsible mother. OMG!

  • just shaking my head

    Her teenage daughter (Feb’08) Baby born in April.

    The other photo is 2006 .
    Unless she’s an elephant, the gestation period is all wrong.

    I’m embarrassed for this young girl and the accusations thrown out about HER. She’s not running for anything.

  • rfb

    This story is sick. You really think people are this dumb to believe this?

  • annie

    The photo above is from 2006, and the baby was born April 2008! And we have seen that the baby is still an infant just last Friday. So how could they based that her daughter was the one who got pregnant from that pic alone in 2006. Does it mean that she carried the baby for like almost 2 years?? Lol, Its impossible right?

    Clearly, the story is a fabrication and a pure rumour!!!

    I think Jared should put it down, as it really baseless!

  • sti

    I thought all this sh** was funny, then I saw this posted on my favorite web site Now tell me she is not lying!!

  • just shaking my head

    Ok you Einstein’s … how do you propose she faked the breast feeding at the office? Some secret agent trick to make you lactate too?

    Really, try and find something more worthy of the space.

  • http://Ha!Ha! peepee

    Here is a link to the medical information:

    80% OF CASES OF DOWN SYNDROME HAPPEN IN WOMEN UNDER 35. I thought otherwise too before I read that but then I looked it up on Google.

  • A Greek

    This is UNBELIEVABLE. If this is true then this woman should not be allowed to deal with USA domestic and foreign policy. It is obvious she is against sex education, she did so many things to cover up her daughter´s -in all probability UNWANTED- pregnancy … imagine what this woman is capable of doing to cover up things that will not appear right to the American people if and when the republicans get ellected. I believe though that this is all a hoax since the repub party would have searched her background extensively before they would nominate her as VP. Nevertheless, she shouldn´t have gotten pregnant at 43 and thus producing a child with Down syndrome, I bet she is against contraception.

  • hailie

    80% of the cases of Down’s Syndrome are in mothers under the age of 35.

    i think this information is wrong. over the age of 35.

    very true. its a huge risk for women over the age of 35 to get pregnant and are closely monitored for down syndrome and other diseases

  • Besane

    We aren’t asking much. Give as the DNA RESULT if you want this rumor to go away. Or would you rather have a VP “who might or might not have lied”? Is USA setting for that?

  • Ivermom

    Nice story…….very confusing and very DUMB

    I don’t thing Sarah has much for skelton’s in her closet, if so , let’s hear it.

  • after birth

    We know it’s her baby and she loves it because she is breast feeding on the campaign trail to give it a good start in life and healthy attachment….right? Uh…..

  • after birth

    We know it’s her baby and she loves it because she is breast feeding on the campaign trail to give it a good start in life and healthy attachment….right? Uh…..

  • sti

    Also, as justjared just posted, the Associated Press also posted this photo of her pregnant another time. Look at her face in her other pregnant photo and her last pregnant photo. Something is fishy about this women and it is not only because she loves to fish!!! LOL

  • hailie

    Obama’s resume is thinner than Palin. Palin has more experience in governance. Obama does not have any.

    Vote McCain-Palin 2008!

    Vote Hillary 2012!
    could anything you just said be more true? agree completly!

  • ah ohhhhhhhhhh

    the truth is slowly slipping out pro-life candidate’s daughter is found to be pregnant well just do what most hyprocites do lie coverup denial and then make judgement on others about their private lives. but this palin women can decide public policy about a wman’s right to choice………………………….the nrecon are such a scary lot …………………………obama/biden08……………………peace

  • MA

    IF the story is true – I don’t necessarily condemn Sarah Paulin for trying to cover up her daughter’s situation. BUT, do so out of the public eye. Step aside, resign. Don’t try to fool people. Don’t put the kid through this scrutiny.


    Now, who wants a liar like that to be a heartbeat away from the presidency if by some small chance the warmonger McSame is elected. SHE IS A STINKING LIAR.

  • why it is important

    the reason this is relevant (if it is true) is because sarah palin has a pretty strong stance on abstinence-only education. it didn’t work for her family, but she could try to force it down other people’s throats by law. i don’t know if whether or not this is all true, but it definitely is news-worthy. I don’t mind if a 2 gay guys solicit sex from each other in a bathroom…but when one of them is a US congressman who supports anti-gay legislation, then the privacy argument falls to dust. same thing here. a mom protecting her little girl is fine….but her stance on abstinence only education takes a serious hit.

    in addition, one of her “badges of honor” is that SHE decided to have a baby known to have DS instead of aborting. that dog don’t hunt though is we’re talking about someone else’s baby. I admire her convicition if this really is Bristol’s child and Sarah still insisted on going through with it….but the real badge belongs to the daughter…

    lastly, if this baby IS hers (Sarah’s) then shame on her for flying after her water broke. again, her child,her decision…..but that’s pretty poor parenting in my opinion (and that of the americal medical association as well….and the flight authorities’, now that I think about it).

  • MA

    Oops, I just realized I misspelled her name in my last post – Sarah Palin.

  • ah ohhhhhhhhhh

    thanks jared for the info i just knew you were more than just a entertainment blogger. we all shoulld be more aware of politicsand not just what starlet is sleeping with what’s his name or which hunk is popular or not . some of us are more aware of the more important and pressing issues of the day

  • ah ohhhhhhhhhh

    thanks jared for the info i just knew you were more than just a entertainment blogger. we all shoulld be more aware of politicsand not just what starlet is sleeping with what’s his name or which hunk is popular or not . some of us are more aware of the more important and pressing issues of the day

  • chuck

    This Palin babygate makes me disgusted with some of my fellow Democrats.
    They are on the same level as the Obama is a gay muslim crack smoker types.
    A pox on all their houses.