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Sarah Palin Didn't Give Birth To Down Syndrome Baby?

Sarah Palin Didn't Give Birth To Down Syndrome Baby?

On Friday, it was announced that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was chosen to be Republican presidential nominee John McCain‘s running mate. The 44-year-old Idaho-native claimed to be the mother of five children, the youngest of whom was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Palin‘s decision to have the baby was applauded by the pro-life community.

Here’s some new evidence Daily Kos has brought forward, showing Sarah Palin is not the mother of four-month-old Trig:

– On March 6th, Sarah announced she’s seven month pregnant. Even close members of her staff were surprised.

– Her water broke one month before Trig was due, but she kept a previous speaking engagement in Texas and then flew 8 hours to Alaska. No one on board noticed that Sarah was going into labor either. The flight lands in Anchorage, Alaska. Instead of visiting a medical facility that can accommodate a premature birth in Alaska’s most equipped city, she drives 45 minutes away to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, right outside the small village she used to govern as Mayor, Wasilla.

– On April 18, 2008, Trig was born one month premature. Sarah returned to work after three days. (Trig was diagnosed with Down syndrome while still in the womb.)

Trig is not Sarah‘s son, but grandson. It was her 16-year-old daughter Bristol (pictured right) who was carrying. (80% of the cases of Down Syndrome are in mothers under the age of 35.)

– Family had taken Bristol out of Anchorage High School due to contracting “infectious mononucleosis”. Reports say she was absent from school for five to eight months. Mono can last anywhere from two weeks to three months.

To read all of the incriminating evidence “proving” Palin is a liar, visit

Methinks Diddy has enough ammo for another verbal lashing in vlog #17! (Watch #16 here.)

UPDATE 1: The Associated Press has released an undated photo of a pregnant Palin, probably with her first child. And for kicks, this photo manip is so clever! This scandal is just calling out for Tina Fey to return to SNL to spoof all of this.

UPDATE 2: DailyKos posted a picture of Palin with what appears to be a baby bump. Check it out here.

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  • mcRN

    80% of children born with down’s syndrome are born to women OVER the age of 35….not under as stated

  • Tami

    does anyone remember how nicole kidman looked at nine months pregnant?? you couldn’t tell! DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THAT ANGELINA JOLIE TOOK FLYING LESSONS WHEN SHE WAS 7 MONTHS PREGNANT!!

    This whole thing indicates how DESERATE the liberals are to no cost. PATHETIC!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft


  • Jill

    heyyyo @ 08/31/2008 at 11:33 am
    so she carried the baby for her daughter? i’m confused.

    No. Her daughter was pregnant but like a good “family values republican” she didn’t want her daughter being an unwed mother, and she doesn’t believe in abortion, so once the baby was born Palin claimed it as hers. Think Bree in “Desperate Housewives”.

  • SundayRoast

    I’d like to see the statistics on in-breeding and the rate of D.S.. Who was the 16 year old having a baby with? WHere was her Mom.? WHat does it teach her daughter to lie about one’s own life? What sort of backasswardslady of the backwoods is she?? I would have her elected as the Mayor on a David Lynch movie set. I want to hear more from the Officer she used her power and influence to destroy his career for not being looyal to her! As if! People We Do Not Need THIS. Thanks, i wil jump off the stump now. Peace, Ya’all

  • albert
  • parisqueen

    Focus on entertainment news and keep out of politics. One more time of this preaching of your political views and I’m out.

  • sheryl

    Good grief, people asking this question are absurd and should really examine their sanity leveling this kind of hateful vicious lie towards Mrs. Palin.

  • haha


  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Satrah Palin CAN AFFORD IT if her daughter gets pregnant and keeps her bay – she can afford to have 5 kids and feed them. WHAT ABOUT POOR GIRLS???? Should we let them keep kids they can’t feed to exhaust our government programs or should we not focus on getting young girls to know about birth control, etc? WAIT!!! Palin and her freaks don’t believe in birth control. Guess what Miss Alaska, let us send all the unwanted pregnancy births to your house and YOU can raise them. Oh and make sure you don’t teach those kids about those pesty DINOSAURS cause creationisma and all, you know? What a freak. You don’t respect women Sarah – you are a NAZI! WHy? Cause you support Buchanan who had nothing but nice words to say about the Nazis!!!! Des are no afraid – this is good – now we see what kind of “Judgment” our 72 year old, 4 time cancer stricken repub nominnee really has. Bring it on!!!!

  • kc

    The liberals are so crazy. Keep them from the White House until they regain their sanity.

  • sheryl

    OMG, Just Jared is an idiot….getting information from the Daily Kos is pahtetic……it shows just how out of you depth you are on political issues.

    Daily Kos is nothing more than a garbage in/garbage out website.

  • lol

    lol at all the people getting butthurt over him posting this. Get over yourself morons, this is pretty much gossip type news. It has been posted everywhere. Not mention posting has nothing to do with political views, news is news. Yeah its a celeb blog but it’s his blog, you leaving makes no diff, the majority of the people who come here don’t give a shit about this.

  • anonymous

    I’m been thinking about this.

    BE CAREFUL! Remember how Dan Rather got fired (the information he reported was true but the one document, which was false was a plant)

    Maybe this is true BUT if it is not it could be just

    ANOTHER KARL ROVE TRICK to draw attention away from the many, many, reasons this candidate for VP is a flop.

    Don’t give the republicans a chance to take control of the political conversation!!! ….dragging people away from the real issues and getting another sneaky slime on the democrats. After all, the republicans are running scared this year…..just like they did in 2004 when they swift boated Kerry.

  • jaye

    oh stop @ 08/31/2008 at 1:51 pm

    The Republicans are fearing McCain’s decision as well. Especially the hardcore up at the top Republicans. Most of you guys are running around supporting a person that none of you knew or heard of until 3 days ago, and yet she is the best choice????

    If McCain wanted to chose a woman why didn’t he chose Kay Bailey Hutchinson or some other stronger republican woman that is known.

    He made a dumb ass decision and a dumb one for a man that could drop out at anytime and yet you knuckleheads are ready to vote for him to put a person in office that was a mayor of a small town (not much executive experience going on there, maybe if she was mayor of Dallas then i would say okay) & governor for less than 2 years by default??? I see why our country is in the state that it is in. Proof is in the republican pudding
    A vote in a lot of cases is wasted. Many people don’t vote with their head, they vote with their emotions. It’s either their side or our side, not what is good for the country. Truthfully, most people couldn’t have a decent conversation on the issues because they don’t know them or what their candidate fully stands on.

    I’ve heard some ludicrous reasons for people voting for a candidate from she’s a woman to the NRA told me to vote for him. Oddly, Americans are in possession of a powerful tool, the vote; yet, they use it with the least amount of judgment. I’m not saying ALL Americans, but a great deal of them just don’t ‘get it’.

    Another point of emotions running the public is this ascertain that the story can’t be true. It COULD be true. More importantly it’s easy enough to prove that it’s NOT true and stop this train in it’s track. I’m assuming she didn’t have this child in the backwoods with a mid-wife. I don’t say she should do this simply for the public, but because she is running for the 2nd highest office in the land. She should be willing to set aside the notion that’s it’s personal to remove any taint from her nomination. I don’t care what her political affiliation is, I’d same the same of a Democrat.

  • raye

    mcRN @ 08/31/2008 at 3:03 pm 80% of children born with down’s syndrome are born to women OVER the age of 35….not under as stated

    I think it meant that the actual stats showed that 80% of children with DS are born to women under the age of 35, simply because those are the age where women are still fertile and there are many recorded births. Whereas women over 35 up are not that fertile anymore. so there are less birth hence less births with DS.

    although, it is true that the older the women giving birth the higher chances of them giving birth to DS babies, except that there arent many recorded births for old women compared to younger women, hence there are also few DS babies for those over 35 years old.

    Having said that, I think the story is just a fabrication, and I dont think Sarah Palin would accept the VP nomination if indeed there is such a cover up in their family.

  • erica

    I had no idea there were as many idiotic leftwing nuts as there are idiotic rightwing nuts in this country, willing to swallow a story hook line and singer because it paints the other side in a bad light.


    # 42
    share @ 08/31/2008 at 12:03 pm

    The risk of Down’s Syndrome INCREASES with age, so it is more likely to occur in someone OVER 35, not under.
    Medical stats say, 80% of Down’s Symdrome cases are women under 35. Do your research.

  • jaye

    oops that’s assertion in # 265, not ascertain, but you knew that. lol

  • just asking

    Has SP denied the story????????????????????????

  • Stephanie Pepi

    That’s absolutely absurd. This is an intelligent, powerful woman who seems to be way to squeaky-clean for most in politics to comprehend. Therefore, fictional stories are created. The fact that you even post this means you pander to the unintelligent readers who be dumb enough to believe this. Don’t post things that aren’t true, it’s just make you look like the idiot.

  • vote obama

    It is like something out of a movie. Tha’s what I was thinking when I read this story. Hopoefully, this will ruin McCain’s chances of being president. If he was to become president, he would just be another Bush, who supports war and terrorism. Bush and McCain are the American equivilent of Adolf Hitler

  • jen

    For all of those of you who are saying that you wouldve protected your child by covering up for her and pretending to be pregnant must have no sense of what parenting is.. How is taking the responsibility for your child’s action helping them for their future, so what now? Everytime she does something wrong shes gonna run to mommy? is that how you teach your kids responsibility… this defintely made me change my mind about picking this lady, plus i find it offensive McCain pretends for us women to just vote for someone just because they are the same gender..

    Obama/Biden 08!!

  • Paulie

    Sarah Palin’s neanderthal views represent everything Hillary Rodham Clinton has worked against during her career. How DARE Palin use Hillary’s name and her achievement! Any Hillary supporter who would now vote for McCain simply because he is using Palin as a pawn should be ashamed of themselves. We supported Hillary because she was the right person for the job, NOT simply because she is a woman. Hillary would not want her legacy to be Vice-President Palin, an anti-gay, anti-choice, hardcore conservative.

    Sarah Palin, I know Hillary Clinton and you are no Hillary Clinton.

    Obama/Biden ’08

    Hillary Clinton 2016

  • Terumi

    If Mccain becomes president and she becomes VP than im moving to canada because he is just going to ruin our country like Bush did…it may not be intentional but he doesnt know whats right for our country…and Obama does!!!

    Obama FTW!!!

  • Benny mars


    Wow jared another fake posting. Still voting for Mccain/Palin.

  • Stacy

    I call bullshit on this one and I’m a Democrat. Sorry guys.

  • Independent

    Thank you for bringing this to attention. Whether it’s true or not, from the story it sounds like it does deserve some looking into. It also sounds like the proper vetting might not have been done?

  • Independent

    Thank you for bringing this to attention. Whether it’s true or not, from the story it sounds like it does deserve some looking into. It also sounds like the proper vetting might not have been done?

  • NY Daily News

    Sarah Palin’s Mother-In-Law: Considering Voting For Barack Obama

    WASILLA, Alaska – Sarah Palin’s hometown rallied around her as mayor – now Republicans wonder if the rest of America will warm up to the surprise pick from cold country.

    Though her mother-in-law has doubts.

    Faye Palin admitted she enjoys hearing Barack Obama speak, and still hasn’t decided which way she’ll vote.

    “We don’t agree on everything. But I respect her passion,” she said. “Being pro-life is who Sarah is.”

    Faye Palin said the governor never considered ending her recent pregnancy when genetic testing showed her son Trig, born in April, would have Down syndrome.

    “There was no question,” she said. “She was going to have that baby.”

    With a population of just 6,715, Wasilla is a fast-growing railroad town that got its start as a mail and supply hub linking the coastal towns of Seward and Knik to Alaska’s interior mining camps along the Iditarod dog sled trail.

    Scores of reporters descended Saturday on the A-frame wood hunting lodge where Sarah Palin’s parents live amid hundreds of sets of trophy antlers and a taxidermy collection that includes a giant moose head and a full-grown mountain lion.

    Faye Palin said the entire family was shocked by the news on Friday.

    “I’m not sure what she brings to the ticket other than she’s a woman and a conservative. Well, she’s a better speaker than McCain,” Faye Palin said with a laugh. “People will say she hasn’t been on the national scene long enough. But I believe she’s a quick study.”

    She said people doubted Sarah Palin when she ran for City Council, but that her daughter-in-law had a “singular focus.”

    “She was out there with [then-young son] Track, pulling him around from house to house in a wagon,” she said.

    Sarah Palin is well known as a former high school basketball star, cross-country runner, beauty queen, hockey mom, city council member and Wasilla’s mayor from 1996 to 2007.

    “I think it’s great. She’s a hometown girl from Smallville, USA,” said Felix Bruno, 43, a masonry contractor who plowed her driveway. “She’s not afraid to speak her mind. She really dropped the hammer on the politicians fleecing Alaska.”

    At the local Mat-Su Family Restaurant in downtown Wasilla, a Bible-study group that includes two ex-mayors from neighboring cities cheered her pick as McCain’s running mate.

    “She’s an excellent social conservative, fiscal conservative and political conservative,” said Tom Baird, 68, a Vietnam veteran who sat with his Gideon Bible opened to 1Corinthians. “If she can energize the conservative base, it won’t matter if she gets the women’s vote.”

    “This is a really nice person, and she’s disarming in that way,” said George Carte, 67, a retired geophysicist who was mayor of neighboring Palmer when Palin was mayor of Wasilla.

    “I was very impressed with her as mayor,” said Carte. “She did some housecleaning with her department heads. She had to learn about the sewers, the libraries, public safety.”

    But even with her impressive approval rating, Palin still has work to do even in her own hometown.

    “I’m still leaning toward Obama. I think Sarah has been really good for our state, and it would be wonderful to see her in the White House, but she’s on the ticket with McCain, and I can’t vote for McCain,” said Eileen Moe, 33, a second grade teacher at Iditarod Elementary, which Palin’s kids attended.

    “If it was her running for president, there’d be no question in my mind,” Moe said. “The Republicans right now are about big business and big oil. I don’t see Sarah as a staunch Republican in that way.”

    Not everyone is convinced her experience as mayor and governor are enough for a vice president who would be next in line to the presidency.

    “I wouldn’t say she’s qualified,” said Bill Gleason, 60, a contractor from nearby Big Lake. “I want someone with a little more experience. ”

  • rini

    I don’t mind stories like this getting posted on blogs. Thats why blogs are so great. To many gatekeepers are controling the mass media, but bloggers have the freedom to get stories like this out there to the public, weither it is true or not. The public has a right to know it something shady is going on and get the answer they need.

  • debjosy

    Why the hell wasn’t o’bama vetted with all of his Rezko and ayers dealings? Was he even born in the good old Usa.? How about him being a muslim and lying about it. I am black democratic woman and I’ll be voting Mcain/Palin this election. Don’t worry about Hillary she’ll be fine after the way she was treated by Obama and his minions. i hope mrs Palin sues Jared and all you neatherdals on behalf of her daughter and herself when you all look like fools when this is proven wrong.

  • calman

    Gustav is the sign that God tell you to go home taking care of your 4 month baby with special need. You chose to receive this gift and can’t run away from your duty caring for him. He’s crying now for mother!
    If you don’t accept your God’s call anymore then you and people voted for you already know what will happen in the near future. In the end, you’re going home anyway in defeat and suffering.
    PS: Please relay this message to Sarah. She seems very busy now doing something else and not hearing her baby cries.

  • ace tomato

    I’m amazed at the amount of supposedly liberal people ragging on Sarah Palin for going to work right after having a baby.

    So women can have both careers and families for the Republicans, but the Dems say they have to stay home if they have babies.


    On the Obama/Palin experience issue – here is a direct question. We know what Sarah Palin achieved in her terms as Governor of Alaska.

    What are Obama’s achievements as a Senator? I read he supported a bill against nuclear missile proliferation, but that’s been a policy for both parties and all Americans for decades. It’s hardly innovative or any sort of fresh approach to anything.

    Seriously, could some of you list out what Obama has achieved while in public office? What did he DO as Senator that makes you think he is effective?

  • KARA

    I say GO Jared for posting this!

    My mother is a physician and she said there is NO WAY any medical professional would allow a woman 8 months pregnant leaking amniotic fluid to get on a plane for 8 hours before seeking medical attention. THEN-rather go to a large hospital with more resources go to a small out of the way hospital that does not have a means to deal with a HIGH RISK birth such as Downs Syndrome baby who are prone to any number of medical complications. There is also no record of this baby being born at that hospital per the hospital website…

    There is a great deal of protocol that an airline has to go through to let a woman at her fragile condition fly and NO one on the plane noticed she was in labor ????

    Although she was protecting her daughter , I also think she did not want to upset her Evangelical base by having a daughter who engaged in pre-marital sex and had a child out of wedlock.
    She certainly had no shame using the baby as a political pawn to advance her anti-abortion agenda.

    Any fair minded person would find these whole sequence of events to be very ODD AND QUESTIONABLE.

  • .

    i honestly can’t believe people are siding with sarah. this woman is running for a position where she needs to be TRUSTED by the americans and she lied to us all. i dont care if she was covering for her daughter, it’s ridiculous. there are plenty of teen mothers in this world, i wonder how her daughter felt when he mother pulled this stunt to hide how ashamed she was, i know i’d feel absolutely terrible.

  • paula

    McCain/Palin have my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love her, personal life, not really an issue. Unless she did something evil. Even if it where true still sounds like an act of love.

  • Grace

    Some of you people arent very bright. What the artical is saying is that she pretended to be pregnant while it was her daughter who was really pregnant. And it is bad that she did that because she lied about something as small as her daughter being pregnant. So if she is going to lie about that than what else could she be lying about or could she lie about if she were to become president. I dont understand how ANYONE could feel comfortable with either her or Mccain becoming president. Obama actually seems to be a very very smart man who can run our country, unlike Mccain and this Palin’s lady. Its really upsetting for me to think that I could be living in a country that is going to be even more distroyed than it already is, And that terrifies me because I am only 15 so hopefully I have a long time to live. But I dont want to live in a country that we cant be proud of, and if Mccain becomes president than that is just what is it going to be…a country we cannot be proud of(not that I am proud of it now). Why would we want to be in war for generations? I just want this war to end! But Mccain seems like he just wants to win..even if that means risking EVERYTHING. Obama doesnt care if ending the war may seem like he is a quitter, All he cares about is what’s right for the country and whats right for our country is to get out of this war soon..but also safely and that is what Obama will do. Although Mccain may not want to make our country worse than it will be if he becomes president, Because he wants to stay in the war..and idk about you but I dont want this war to possibly still be going on when I have kids. I dont want my kids born into a country falling appart and fighting whoever for God only know’s what reason Mccain would say why we are going to war with them.

    Yes and I am only 15…probably surprising to some of you that a 15 year old could be so interested in our country and whats right for it. But I truely do believe that Obama is the man who will get our country back on track to being a place where I can be proud to say I live in.

  • Meredith

    I am still voting for McCain/Palin. Obama can’t seem to form an opinion about anything. Don’t even get me started on him not saluting the American flag.

  • Christine

    I love how, whenever their party comes into question, Republicans snap into defensive mode. Yet if it were the Democrats in this exact position, the Republicans would be the first ones to stand up, point their fingers and chant: “I told you so, I told you so”.

    Republicans can throw crap around, but can’t take it when it’s thrown back at them. They’re a party of hypocrites. That explains why Palin even got the VP nomination in the first place.

  • Brad

    she is breastfeeding this child do you have any explanation for that. This article is pure crap they have no evidence whatsoever. Just look at newspaper clippings from alaska about the birth. I am sure the vetters wouldn’t of missed this. Don’t you think she would of turned down the nomination if she had a skeleton like this in her closet.

  • lola

    I don’t understand the people posting on here saying this story is bogus. It doesn’t seem far-fetched to me at all. Covering up a teen pregnancy is nothing new. It was done way back in the day all the time. Jack Nicholson grew up thinking his mother was his sister. And since republicans, in general, hold on to values that were strong in the 1950′s (anit-abortion, anti-gay, anti-feminist) it’s not that surprising that she would cover up for her daughter. Clearly she would not want her Republican puritan image scarred by the misdeed of her daughter.

  • Amanda

    This is so ridiculous. Jared, when you usually post scandalous stories, you give celebs the benefit of the doubt, yet you can’t give an upright and accomplished woman the benefit of the doubt. To see this blatantly leftist, completely based on conjecture, article is extremely disappointing.

    McCain/Palin ’08!

  • malcolm

    PP l dont dismiss this. so easy . The entertainment blogs was talking about John Edwards affair for almost a year before the regular news media jump onto it. so we need to just wait.

  • marisa

    wow, NICE. just kidding. mhm.. jared, why don’t you post something about obama’s choice for vp that’s negative or about obama and save the world some down talking

  • the real tita

    #103″ People make mistakes all the time. Look at Edwards….and a lawyer to boot…look at Bill Clinton.

    Since when does protecting your young one from hurt a crime when it doesn’t hurt anybody but themselves? If I thought my kid had a future, I would have done the same.

    The thing is Dems would have had mass hysteria if she had encouraged the kid to get an abortion. This coming from the party that advocates early to late term abortion and from a candidate that wants kids who survive abortion to be killed. Hypocrites shouldn’t throw stones.

  • sm

    I have spent more time vetting baby-sitters and nannies for my darling daughter than this McCain dude has spent vetting this woman.

  • Ms.Nanny

    Stop bshing the Democratic party for this story. They are not putting out this story, but some militant ,fringe group is saying this UNTRUE STORY ABOUT PALIN. The Republican party has militant fringe groups too and you Republicans here, what about their sad ,stupid, ugly, mean, and untrue stories. They, these groups, will have some cray y stories out too about Obama.
    Get real people. This is ridculous.
    I am a Democract and I approve of this message.

  • the real tita

    If you guys think that this will ruin her chances with the women, then you have another think coming. Real parents would understand and see her as a lioness protecting her cub. Since when does being pro-life a sin in the eyes of God and his children.

    Pro-choice means pro-abortion. I wonder why liberals are too afraid to use that word? They’re not pro-life but they never will admit to their choice.

  • debra77

    I’m glad you reported this. So much is made about character. I am sure if this was Obama bloggers would report it as well. I find it interesting about this cover up if it is true. It just shows the cultural divide. Minority groups are criticized about teen pregnancies. “Middle class” people and “Upper class” people get pregnant too. They just cover it up in an elaborate scheme. I realize if she was protecting her child, but a lie is still a lie.

    I applaud McCain on picking a woman, although I think he waited until Obama’s speech to decide who he would pick. This was not a proactive decision. It was a strategic move. He is not pro women.. This is fact not an attack. I hope people make the best choice not the easy choice.