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Bristol Palin is Pregnant!

Bristol Palin is Pregnant!

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced that her 17-year-old daughter Bristol Palin is five months pregnant and is going to marry the father.

Sarah and husband Todd Palin released this statement via the John McCain campaign:

“We have been blessed with five wonderful children who we love with all our heart and mean everything to us. Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. We’re proud of Bristol‘s decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents. As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support.”

Bristol and the young man she will marry are going to realize very quickly the difficulties of raising a child, which is why they will have the love and support of our entire family. We ask the media to respect our daughter and Levi’s privacy as has always been the tradition of children of candidates.”

Reuters news service, which first reported the news, says this news is “intended to knock down rumors by liberal bloggers that Palin faked her own pregnancy to cover up for [Bristol].” Trig was born this past April with Down Syndrome.

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  • Gracie

    I don’t think it especially debunks – I think it’s a nice coincidence to be able to come forward as though they AREN’T embarassed that their 17-year-old daughter is pregnant in an attempt to disprove the rumours.

  • hhmm

    Where there is smoke there is fire…

  • Tracey

    Aha! I knew it! This is only going to get worse. I think the baby Trig is hers and this is just another cover up . Either that or she got knocked up again, as many first time moms do. But how did the daughter get pregnant five months ago if she was infected with mono? Gimme a break! This lady is a joke with her family values, lies, and cover ups!

  • MA

    WOW! I don’t condemn them – these things happen. But, it certainly makes McCain look like a fool.

  • brittany


    so much for family values! she can’t even keep her daughter in check and we’re supposed to trust this woman with the safety of the country.

  • hela

    I don’t think the first story is right.

  • jg

    this statement is said to look so supportive and sweet but you know Sarah Palin is freaking out about how this is going to look among her own party, all the conversatives that preach about family values and children out of wedlock, let alone so young. Yeah this is going to get interesting.

  • Dana

    Interesting. This could have been a time where she stepped to the plate about how abstinence only education doesn’t work. Instead her and McCain still hold onto those outdated sex education beliefs that Bush pushed in their heads.

    I don’t think this debunks her being the mother of Trig. And if Sarah is indeed the mother, then it brings into a WHOLE lot of concern about her judgment with thinking it’s okay to fly on a plan while in labor. Further to go back to work three days after having a child with ds. NEVER having a child with ds, but thinking it’s okay to not only go back to work, but step up to a position that will ONLY take you away from your child even more. If your judgment is lacking with your own kids, surely you aren’t prepared to be concerned about others.

    This is so trailer trash.

  • Nino

    What a coincidence. Now one of these things will happen:
    1. Palin will resign to deal with her “family issues”
    2. we will find out that the first baby is her daughter’s also and she got pregnant again
    3. her daughter will mysteriously lose the baby (or mysteriously give it up for adoption) since she’s not really pregnant but is still overweight from her first (real) pregnancy.

    This woman is a joke but I hope her daughter is OK.

  • nicole

    hahhh nice…

  • Yum!

    This broad is an f’ing fool of a candidate. For all her high and mighty moral standards, nice to see her daughter is as much of a dirty w-h-o-r-e as all the other girls that get knocked up in high school.

    I’ll bet Palin is out of the VP slot before the election as more and more stuff gets revealed.

    Way to go McCain! You just RUINED your chances to be the next Prez. We live in a great country folks!

  • Yum!

    This broad is an f’ing fool of a candidate. For all her high and mighty moral standards, nice to see her daughter is as much of a dirty w-h-o-r-e as all the other girls that get knocked up in high school.

    I’ll bet Palin is out of the VP slot before the election as more and more stuff gets revealed.

    Way to go McCain! You just RUINED your chances to be the next Prez. We live in a great country folks!

  • Gina

    I guess abstinence only education didn’t work in this case. Or maybe her daughter missed those class discussions due to being out for 8 months with “mono” (wink wink)!

  • victoria

    This is such a joke !!!!! The truth will prevail… Sarah needs to come clean….. Remember EDWARDS??? President Clinton ??? Do we need to go on?? Family skeleton’s ALWAYS come rattling out of the closet, when you are in the public eye, no matter how hard you try to bury them. Wake up Palin !!!! It is getting close to Halloween, AND Election day…. Any skeleton’s you need to air out before hand ??? It is only fair to all of us and McCain ……..

  • sheryl

    Even without this news this morning, the vicious lie that The Daily Kos (who supports Obama) started was being debunked here:

    Also Sarah Palin’s story seems to be life imitating art. The wonderful film “Juno” dealt with this exact subject and America warmly embarced that story. I think Americans are going to love Sarah for her openess, her warmth, her intelligence and will really being pulling for her to succeed.

  • sheryl
  • good luck with that

    WOW.. are the parents forcing them to marry to save face? Cause I can’t imagine marriage at 17 working in this day and age. A shotgun marriage really consolidates the message of family values, abstinence vs sex education and birth control.

    Sounds like someone needs to spend more time at home with her children vs less.

    I was the result a high school love affair forced into marriage.. let me tell rarely works. My parents are so much happier apart and should have never married just to cover the mistake of my conception.

  • Sarah w.

    Actually, news outlets are reporting that McCain knew about the pregnancy before he made his choice. They’re trying to handle a difficult situation as graciously as possible, and I think it’s really underestimating the American people to think that a mistake made by a candidate’s daughter would dictate election results. Seriously, people…grow up.

  • emily

    This is similar to Jamie-Lynn spears all over again. They have no other choice but to be supportive but who knows what other secrets that are out there.

  • woot

    I thought they were conservatives i.e. no sex before marriage?

  • groovacious

    wow mccain way to go for choosing this woman

  • sheryl

    Obama’s attack site The Daily Kos is nothing more than a garbage in/garbage out website.

    If Obama had any class he would denounce their support for his campaign. If he doesn’t it proves that he isn’t a new kind of politician and deals in slimes and smears of other candidates and their families.

    Obama = The Daily Kos = smear site

  • KrissyKitty

    Sounds to me like Reuters is right.

  • Hmmm

    Kinda ends up making the case for sex education and birth control, doesn’t it?

    Now she will be lucky to get a GED and be married before 17 and a toddler before she is old enough to drink.. nice Alaskan life. Nothing better to do out there I guess, especially when your mom is never around.

    Good job Palin. Good example of leadership since it will not change your incorrect and stubborn view on sex ed and abstinence vs birth control.

    And just think.. your newborn and his nephew will be only a few months apart in age.. heartwarming!!

  • mazolaheiress

    Wow! i think they need a photo op with the Spears family ASAP!

    Jaime Lynn and Bristol can become BFFs, they already share funny names, crazy familes and dumb boyfriends!

  • LD

    I feel bad fr the daughter to get dragged into all of this. I think it’s best for Palin to withdraw.

  • Casandra

    Ha! This family is a joke! What is wrong with the mother, having kid after kid, most recently, a child in April, while her 17-year old is getting knocked up also?? Something isn’t right there!
    You don’t have to be pro-abortion to believe in contraception! Condoms, people, condoms……

  • mccain paline 08

    McCain Palin 08

    This news just secured every vote of PRO-LIFE voters!

  • You/Me

    I think the true face of Obama and his fanatic supporters is starting to show. Attacking a mother/child bond is not exactly going to help their campaign, and focusing on something as trivial as a personal pregnancy issue when there are far more important things going on in our country is …..well, just plain stupid.
    I mean really, smear her for some issue you oppose her on BUT THIS???!! Furthermore, before all the “but she lied” cr*p starts (which personally I think Sarah IS Trig’s biological mother) please don’t forget that it is basically in the genetic makeup for a politician to lie….
    OBAMA IS NOT GOD people, he is just more adept at hiding his skeletons.

  • Heaven ulrich

    I think that this was something that they are dealing with as a family. I don’t think Sarah needed to tell everyone about the pregnancy. Parents don’t hold press conferences about there teens pregnancies.
    But the rumors about the baby being Bristol’s that’s just wrong. But now I know why she was holding the baby(to cover the baby bump). Big deal about her being 17. Most teen pregnancies are around 16+ in America anyways. Wake up America she choose life! The real pressure is on the baby’s father, he better marry this girl out of love not out of guilt. You don’t marry someone just because your going to have a baby together, you marry because you want to. You can have a baby together and show the baby love without marriage as well.
    I had my first child at the ripe old age of 18. I didn’t marry the father until 3 years later. But when the time is right that’s when you do it. CT LOVES YOU PALIN FAMILY, JUST DON’T LIE TO US. We are mothers or we are teens, we can be very understanding if your honest.

  • Stella becker

    FISHY!!! if the girl is really pregnant its probably her second, and that pic that is suppose to refute is so not from 2006, the little kids did not grow in 2 years? give me a fucking break! I pity the fools!!

  • matt

    Nice! Interesting. Well, guess what? This doesn’t help them with pro-lifers all THAT much because at least some % of them are going to be appalled that her teen daughter is unmarried and pregnant and was hiding it in the first place.

    Second of all, she’s “five months pregnant” and due in “late December.” If true, the other rumors are false!

    But if she delivers “prematurely” by a month or two, who’s to say good ol’ Bristol didn’t have that other baby and get pregnant again???

    So far, so good.

    Hopefully, the media will keep looking into that mysterious birthing pattern.

  • debra77

    Again another example of America not facing the facts that teen are having sex. We need to discuss with our children the consequences of sex, and provide them with protection. We in this society want children to act like adults, want to give them so much freedom, want to be their best friends instead of their parents. I hope society opens it’s eyes, and realize that our children are dumb when it comes to sex, and what can result from it. The Palins are lucky in a way that all she got was pregnant. She could have had AIDS> NOW this so call joy about her getting married and raising a family when she can’t raise herself. I hate that the statement makes it sound so Fairy tale. Most teen girls are not given the choice of marriage, The boys walks away and the girl is left to raise the child on her own, or like so often the grandparent(s) are raising the children. I see this scenario everyday in my job. I know that the conservative line is keep the baby and get married. But a 17 year old is too young. She is lucky that her parents and probably the boys will help out. But for most girls in this society that is not the real world. She will not become and example of how easy life can be when you are pregnant. Remember Jamie Lynn.

    I’m still curious about the other child Trig. Who is the real parent, and what is the real deal. I see a lot of drama on the horizon for Mrs. Palin. John McCain should have done his homework. I wonder if he knew this when he picked her. I won’t be surprised if she backs off the ticket. Time will tell. Al truths come to the surface eventually. Keep your seat belts on, This is looking like a bumpy ride ahead.

  • Dan

    Although a very common and accepted issue in this country, teen pregnancy is still a very touchy subject.

    Of course she is going to come out and say it, if not, the media would eat them up.

    saying that she feels blessed is simply a pro-life statement. The fact that she is not fetile, and can have children is a blessing, but in my opinion, having a child at 17yrs old, is not a blessing, it’s a responsibility.

    When your seventeen year old daughter is having unprotected sex, causing her to have a baby when she is still technically a child, there is a bit of a communication problem between parent and child.

  • Dana

    Sorry Sheryl, those pictures don’t debunk anything for me. If she’s noticeably pregnant in February 2008 but NO ONE in her office knew she was pregnant when she announced her pregnancy in March 2008, not even noticed her belly big, SOMETHING ISN’T RIGHT.

    Again if the rumor isn’t true, so be it. Now she has to answer for ALL of the neglectful things she’s done while pregnant with Trig. Either way, McCain needs to pick another VP.

  • s

    so much for the republican’s continuos scream of ‘family values’

  • Vshizzle

    Hilarious. I am laughing at all the Holier than thou comments…How Palin should withdraw blah blah…It never ceases to amaze me that the very people who think today’s world is so behind the times in America and now they think because her daughter is preg the woman is no good. I tell ya…this is so humorous and so ridiculous…Obama’s mama was a young White woman who became pregnant by a Kenyan who wanted nothing to do with them….Should he withdraw? HAHAH!

  • Omar

    Family values, for those uninformed, is a family sticking together when times are tough. That’s what this family is doing. As soon as this woman become the VP nomination the dirt, orchestrated by the liberal media, began.

    I’d like to see the attempt made to poke around and really report the skeltons in the Obamas closests. Racism would be called any everything dropped.

    But when it comes to sexism against Hillary or Sarah, no one says a word.

    That’s why the most unprepared guy will become president and then the problems will begin.

  • brittany

    If you’re going to argue that all rumors about conservative candidates are circulated by Obama then the same can be said about the vicious rumors regarding Obama’s religion, alliance with the Middle East, etc were circulated by McCain. The Republicans have been the ones doing the Swift Boat campaigning here.

  • jade

    mccain paline 08 @ 09/01/2008 at 1:12 pm

    LOL- Prolifers were voting for McBush anyway-

    But will this secure the swing (or undecided vote)

    HELL NO.

    I can tell you are in a panic, you need to be!!!!

  • mandy

    wowww is she pregnant with 5 months?
    when did her mononucleosis end??

    Yes, she’s pregnant, AGAIN!!
    I think someday they’re going to drown in all they’re lies!
    that pregnacy is a cover up for the last mistake her daughter did!
    the lie went bad because now they had to fake another pregnacy!! Her daughter’s!

    Shame on you sarah palin!!

  • WTF

    Hello? Adoption. No child should be raised by a 17 year old.

  • ah ohhhhhhhhhh


  • jade

    That’s why the most unprepared guy will become president and then the problems will begin.

    Are you asleep?

    Two Wars
    Record Deficits
    Record Foreclosures
    50,000,000 w/out healthcare
    Gas $4 a gallon.

    The problems have already begun (dumbass)

    Also Palin is against sex education in schools- and Ladies and gentlemen we all see where that gets you- BRISTOL PALIN- BLESS HER HEART.

  • obamafan

    This Palin woman is laughable. So typical: it’s always the most conservative people whos kids get knocked up at a way too young age. Palin should be ashamed of herself!

  • Orig Ruth

    I bet like h ell they are going to get married, shot gun wedding anyone.

  • osama husein





  • tellin it like it is

    World, look out, here comes another Jamie Lynn Spears.

  • MA

    As a mom, the more I think about it, the madder this makes me. Why on freakin’ earth did Sarah Palin accept the nomination and put her family in the national spotlight if she knew about this? To me, that’s child abuse – to make your child be the center of national attention at a time like this. I don’t condemn Sarah or her daughter for the pregnancy – just for putting ambition before motherhood. You can spout all the family values in the world – but returning to work 3 days after having a baby is NOTHING to be proud of. Putting your child in the national spotlight when she’s obviously pregnant and making her the center of speculation – that’s just totally WRONG.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Glad I’m a DEMOCRAT! :D