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Britney Spears Catches Cirque Du Soleil

Britney Spears Catches Cirque Du Soleil

Britney Spears finally finds LOVE in Las Vegas!

The 26-year-old pop princess checked out a performance of performance of the Beatles-inspired Cirque du Soleil‘s LOVE show at the Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday night. LOVE celebrates the musical legacy of The Beatles through their timeless, original recordings.

A documentary on the making of LOVE entitled “All Together Now” is scheduled for release this Fall.

For more information on this Cirque show, visit

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  • panki


  • jam

    hot bodyguard :P

  • shine

    she’s looking fit. go britney!

  • alice

    she looks sooo pretty! That dress is very cute. Its great to see her on a better path. But she needs a good man! (gerald butler, luke wilson, aaron eckheart?) an older man is better because britney (most likely) needs someone who can handle being a father to her adorable sons! she is looking great! Keep up the good work britney!!

  • lily

    I have herd shes dating her hot bodygaurd. His name is lee and hes 31. Not bad. . . I think they’re a cute couple :)

  • kate

    shes dating the bodygaurd with the dark hair. I think they’re a cute couple!! she deserves a good guy!! especially after her white trash ex k-fed . . . hes a gold digger and no one can deny that.

  • philly

    he looks quite pretty

  • ewww

    she has always dirty hair!!!! fugly! never liked her.

  • Andrew

    She needs to do something with her hair.

  • gene

    fugly! oily face…greasy hair..and of course she’ll go with a bodyguard…well she f*cks that paparazzi adnan how much more a hunky bodyguard. Definitey a trailer trash

  • bet

    she is still a have a chunky body. If not for the rigorous training & diet I am sure she won’t fit the door.

  • N_N

    she IS NOT dating her bodygurad. He denied it.

  • christina

    if you people do not like her then do not comment on her. people like britney, shes someone people want to know about. I am one of those people. If you do not like her thats fine, but here if not the place for you.

    p.s- bet, according to Ok! magazine who britney recently gave an exclusive interview to about her new life and body, said she was 125 lbs. not a fatso. You are basing your opinion on what you think she is with no proof to back it up! I am basing mine on documented interviews

  • mela

    She looks better but homegirl is still certifiable CRAZY.

    And she looks CRAZY.

  • mela

    Christina, this isn’t a “britney fan-only site”.

    It’s a free world and do be honest, can you not see why people would think poorly of this girl?

    She’s certified crazy, a bad mother (according to the courts—thats why she lost custody), and lets be real– her weave is hideous.

    Take off your rose colored glasses and see Britney for what she is.

  • N_N

    Mela, get a life lol

  • mela


    Just because I think Britney Spears is CRAZY doesn’t mean I don’t have a life. (hello- she’s made two psych ward trips???? i’m not making it up).

    Everything I think and have said about her is based on FACT.

    Whats your argument here??

    “leave britney alone wa wa!”

  • alia

    Wow…she looks great!
    could we be getting old-school Brit back??

  • christina

    I see britney and I know the crazy things shes done mela!! britney has suffered a lot more then what you guys think. I have watched her E! true hollywood story and it really shows you what happened and why it happened. Britney suffers from some sort of mood-disorder so I think we can all be sympathetic to some extent. Shes trying!! It took years for her to develop a problem and it will take years to fix it. People shouldnt expect her to look like she did in 2002 within 6 months!! We should look at how far shes come instead of how far she fell. Yes, she lost custody, but once her conservatorship ends, she and kevin will go to a 50/50 custody arrangment. I’m sure her hair is the least of her worries at the moment. She is not certifed crazy, you better show me a ceritifcate! people suffer from the same thing britney does, with medication and therapy, you can get better and live a normal life. You know nothing about her so stop trying to act like you understand her situation and what shes going through because you’re just ignorant, You can take the time to insult her, but you cant take the time to actulley find out the facts!! wow! I cant believe how some people just dont understand that britney isnt sh*tney anymore!!

  • Angeline

    She looks amazing! Go Britney :]

  • honeybee

    mela, seriously GET A LIFE! you obviously dislike britney but then you waste time writing annoying comments? what a loser! you seriously need to get a life! I recomend by reading your comments I can see you are a very lonely pathetic person who only wishes they had what britney had in her life! get over yourself!! christina is right!! if you dont like her then dont bother commenting!!

  • mela

    christina – you’re kidding right?

    I think being forcefully admitted to a psych ward and being under a conservatorship makes you certified crazy. If that doesn’t make you officially a nut job, then I don’t know what will!

    my thing is, I wish she’d go away and stop trying to be in the spotlight. When I saw her VMA commercials, it was pathetic to me. She is mentally ill. I take no entertainment pleasure in watching a troubled, mentally ill, bad mother, try to entertain me. It was pathetic and makes me uncomfortable.

    Perhaps Hollywood is all she knows but IMO it’s what lead to her demise. I think she needs to give it up and try something else. It doesn’t seem right anymore.


  • N_N

    mela, you’re more sick, crazy than Britney lol

  • Megan fox rocks

    she looks good , love ya brit

  • JA


  • mela

    N_N., honeybee..

    You will defend a woman who is mentally ill (mood disorders are MENTAL illnesses), a terrible mother who lost custody of her children, and over all pathetic figure??

    I’m entitled to be uncomfortable seeing Britney on TV and attempt to “entertain” me as an entertainer. You honestly can’t see how some people would feel uncomfortable seeing her on TV again after all her troubles?

    I’m all for second chances but Britney Spears is desperate. What good comes from her?

    If you really want analyze Britney Spears, why don’t we talk about how nasty and over sexualized she was when she first came out in the 90′s? That did no good for the young girls of her generation, I know this, because I was one of them. She has consistently been a poor role model for her “fans” and girls of the world back when she was promoting her hyper sexualized/ madonna/wh*re image to young girls. NOW she is a crazy woman and bad mother with some hygiene problems and a bad weave. Why should I like her?

    I dont understand why you two can’t see the other side of Britney, and why people dislike her.

    Actually, I think you can, but are too immature to admit it.

  • maggsie

    I actually like Britney now. She seems real to me now…not plastic. I used to hate her.

  • maggsie

    Bipolar DOES NOT= crazy Mela. Grow up

  • nic

    she’s looking mannish, she’s got lesbian tendencies though right? that hair of hers is just hopeless, for all the money she has, she can’t get herself a decent hairstylist?

  • mela

    Maggsie, actually Bi-POLAR does = MENTAL ILLNESS.

    Check your facts genius.

  • mela

    For all you Britney people who are denial that she doesn’t have a mental illness go read about bi-polar mental illness on WBMD

  • maggsie

    Mela yes I know bipolar is a mental illness but that does mean you are crazy. Oh good lord. Are you 15?

  • ……gosh……

    britney is looking much better. good for her. i’m really happy she’s getting back on track. As I used to be a huge fan of her (from 1999 to 2004), i really tought her situation was sad not long ago. so now, it’s cool she’s doing fine. even though i’m not a fan of her anymore, i want her to come back like before and make a big hit.

  • ……gosh……

    just to show people she still can do it………as everybody now put her down

  • maggsie

    Mela by your logic anyone that suffers from depression, anxiety disorder, etc than is crazy too. You are an idiot

  • Vshizzle

    Mela….many people have periods of trials and severe problems…they just don’t have the ENTIRE world looking…I give kudos to Britney – she is a brave young woman who will overcome….She is not the only one who has struggled with mental illness…and God Bless her for coming through to the other side. I hope she comes back bigger and stronger than ever – but this time with a lot of healthier people in her world – not the leeches.

  • Matt

    OMG… Britney looks HOT!!! Her dress her hair her face… all amazing.

  • Vshizzle

    Oh and Mela…I work with people who are in your words “certifiably crazy..” and let me tell you – once on a treatment program they are fine and contribute more to this world than most “normals” like you…I think you are extremely judgemental and are spew out poisonous hate towards people with mental illness. I hope you are never affected – but as one says “what comes around goes around….” Be careful of who you judge.

  • Vshizzle

    Oh and Mela…I work with people who are in your words “certifiably crazy..” and let me tell you – once on a treatment program they are fine and contribute more to this world than most “normals” like you…I think you are extremely judgemental and are spew out poisonous hate towards people with mental illness. I hope you are never affected – but as one says “what comes around goes around….” Be careful of who you judge.

  • alice

    mela, when will you give it up?? NO ONE AGREES WITH YOU!!! maggsie, said bi-polar doesnt equal crazy, and shes right!! shes right because you can get mecication so you do not suffer from it. .. you’re such a f*cking loser

  • mela

    My whole point regarding the mental illness, was for the britney fans who were denying she is sick.

    Thank you for confirming what I was trying to point out–she is mentally ill!

    That being said, my second point was that I feel uncomfortable seeing her on TV again trying to “entertain” viewers like me.

    In MY OPINION (which I’m entitled to have, and I am university educated), I think it’s awkward seeing her try to reclaim her popstar status, after her many years of troubles (many seemingly stemming from her addiction to FAME – dating a pap, 2007 VMA’s anyone?).

    Britney’s peak touring and recording years seem most likely behind her. Pop stars have a shelf life. and IMO, I’d like to see Britney make a graceful exit out of the spotlight.

    I’m sick of her.

    Is that a crime?

  • mela

    I guess I don’t enjoy watching a woman falling apart before my eyes on those VMA ads.

    Something is still off about her. I don’t think she’s well enough to be on TV . She’s turned into some sort of Michael Jackson -esque freakshow. I think she’s exploited, and is complicit in her exploitation because she’s addicted to fame.

    “We have not progressed as far as we think from Shakespeare’s day when the mentally ill prisoners of Bedlam Hospital were put on display as public entertainment.”

    Think about that.

  • WTF

    Still a mess.

  • Candy

    I wish she stayed out of all this.Come on Brit,its the same steps you teel before last years breakdown.And you dont need a man yet.Get strong first.You dont need a comeback.Be healthie first.Take one step after another.

  • sasha

    Go Britney !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • victoria

    I agree with others that her hair is always dirty looking. Is it because she is afraid of washing those expensive extensions? Do they fall out that easily ?

  • Vshizzle

    Mela you are just spewing generalizations about mentally ill people…many in this world have had “embarrassing episodes” there IS life after a diagnosis. The stuff you write implies she should just close the door and throw away the key….It is an old way of thinking in regards to people with mental illness.

    Britney getting BETTER is what we want…I do not think Anyone -except a few- really enjoyed watching her go downhill. I think MOST on here are glad to see her healthy again and hope she stays that way…WHAT is wrong with that?

    Your opinion is fine…just EXPECT to be challenged when you say things that are rather discriminatory about people with mental illness…Your saying “certifiably crazy” is really negative and judgemental.

    You say something is still off about her? How would you like it if the entire world was watching your every move? Especially since you have a mental illness and are trying to overcome it? Please Mela….get real.

  • mandy

    hey MELA shut the fuck up!!
    What’s you’re problem if she want’s to reclaim her popstar status???
    jealous?? Yes i guess!
    if yo don’t like her and you dont enjoy her performancesi wonder why you see those?
    dont watch the vma’s or turn the tv off if you see her!
    and go and fuck yourself and stop saying she’s a bad mother because you dont know her and u are making conclusions with the things you read in tabloids!
    stupid bitch

  • Vshizzle

    And…all of you who think her hair looks dirty? I can only imagine your hair from time to time…Let it go.

  • vanessa