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Cate Blanchett Takes Main Stage

Cate Blanchett Takes Main Stage

Cate Blanchett and director husband Andrew Upton pose at the official launch of the Sydney Theatre Company’s “2009 Main Stage Season” at the Wharf Restaurant on Monday in Sydney, Australia. (The couple currently serve as artistic directors of STC.)

The forthcoming Australian production of Tennessee WilliamsA Streetcar Named Desire will hit U.S. theaters late next year. The play directed by Liv Ullmann and starring Cate as faded Southern rose Blanche DuBois, will travel to the U.S. late next year. You can catch performances of Streetcar at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Harvey Theater during Nov. 27-Dec. 20. 2009.

10+ pictures inside of A Streetcar Named Desire star Cate Blanchett

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Photos: Gaye Gerard/Getty
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  • me

    I like Cate!

  • Zeek

    she kinda looks like a crayon.
    Go pikacho

  • babel


  • Hannah

    I like Cate. She is pretty cool and a great actress.

  • ponzierina

    She always looks elegant..

  • dRJUBE

    not so keen on the shoes, but she’s gorgeous.

  • Whatever

    she looks old

  • Whatever

    ack her nose.

  • hela

    I like kate .She is a very good actress and very pretty.

  • Starlite

    She looks gorgeous.
    THIS is a real actress.
    She reminds me of an old Hollywood starlet.

  • Ailyn

    so gorgeous! now if only her husband would just…

  • jughed

    i liked her in indiana jones and the crystal skull :) she kicked a**!

  • davey

    Happy 3RD Anniversary (1 Sept)
    ….to Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens….
    Live In Love Zanessa!

  • Hey Jared! it’s me again:-)!

    Cate is beautiful, her husband on the other hand—-fug!

  • qs

    Cate’s beautiful…

  • Calypso

    I DON’T LIKE KATE…maybe I’m wrong but she looks as if she she feels SUPERIOR from others and I don’t like that!

  • Calypso

    uups! ! I mean CATE.

  • zoe

    ohhh those two colours look gorgeous together. not sure about the fit but i love anything cate wears. the shoes doesnt look good though…total agree with #11

  • Oh Dear!

    I LOVE Cate Blanchett.

    She it a quality actress there is no doubt about it.

    To 17: She is SUPERIOR – average is not what she does – good for her!

    Work it Cate!

  • jojo

    ugly man …how come he turns her on … is it coz he is director ??

  • 7&7again

    Cate is the queen!Best actress of her generation! Good comment #20,she really is superior! But I don’t think she has such an attitude,Calypso of #17

  • lanolin…like sheep’s wool

    I love Cate!! She is such an amazing actress and such an an elegant lady!!

  • Oh Dear!

    To 22:

    I know but you can’t be superior without showing it. It doesn’t mean that you have an attitude. I’m sure that she is lovely, intriguing person to be around.

    She is not arrogant, she is all of that. How can you be arrogant if you are. Gush – we need more women like her on this planet – she’s wonderful!!! She seems to be the total package..

    These ozzie actresses are the business and she is the best of the bunch!

  • Mae

    So beautiful. She always looks relaxed.

  • KrissyKitty

    Oh My Gosh! I love everthing about her out fit! The coat, the dress the shoes. I love how she plays down the make-up and hair because of the colors in the clothes…. very smart! Love it, Love it, Love it!

  • Rita


    The lady knows her angle.

  • lana

    she is one of the best actresses out there and she always looks great!!

  • ……gosh……

    i love cate, she always looks elegant, and she’s so beautiful… of the rare real and talented actress out there

  • Lia

    I totally agree with #17 …she acts too much like she’s hot sh*t and
    to #20what exactly did she do to “be superior”? Make the world better?

    C’mon people stop idolizing celebrities.

  • What the…?????!!!!

    ????!!! Superior ?!!? No way no way no way!! Very average lady.

  • Oh Dear!

    She is talented not just a pretty face, she is comfortable with herself as a woman, she is intelligent.

    No-one is Idolizing anyone.

    She is hot shit and so am I and I only want to know people who are also hot shit because I am sick of sheeple.


  • Oh Dear!

    I judge people by asking myself would I hang with them or not.


  • Oh Dear!


    Go and give your boss a blow job to keep your job and then plan to go after a more attractive woman you know because she shows you for what you are.

    Oh and don’t forget to beat up all of the women who respect themselves and make you look like slut!

    And hate intelligent people who have invested in their education…

    In fact anyone who make YOU feel like the sh*t you are! that should keep them in their place and make them too scared to be themselves or achieve anything that might make them stand out and engage your wrath!!

    You people make me sick – be responsible for yourself for a change you’ll be alot better off!!

  • Oh Dear!

    Go on the Reese Witherspoon thread – she is your mascot!

  • whatever

    Pretty face? She’s the same age as Jennifer Aniston but she looks ten times older. Y’all are always pickin on Anistons looks but here you have a real “looker” and you think she’s gorgeous?

    Her husband is perfect for her. They are on the same level as far as looks go.

  • kelly

    Love Cate! She is an amazing actress and seems like a great person. She’ll do a great job as Blanche.

  • Oh Dear!


    I rest my case – you are completely clueless as to what life is about – you simpleton

    - eff off!!

  • Dear “OH DEAR!”, please calm down.
    Don’t you think you are taking this too personally ?
    You are pretty aggressive.
    If you consider yourself hot ****, you should respect other people’s opinions.
    Aren’t you a little obsessed with Cate? Maybe you would hang out with her but she probably wouldn’t hang out with you !

  • Oh Dear!

    Yes Dear!!!

    Now you Eff off too!

    Stupid Bint!

  • “Oh Dear” you are nasty! If being superior means being like you I’m pretty happy to be average!

  • Oh Dear!


    I don’t like you either….

  • Oh Dear!

    Part 1 of 5:

    Cate Blanchett (serious actress – all due respect to her).

  • Candy

    I have followed this actress’s career for 10 years and not one interview has given me the impression that she thinks she’s “superior” to everyone else. She happens to be extremely talented, yes, but doesn’t flaunt it like you apparently assume. She’s shy and sometimes it makes her seem a bit aloof, but when you get her to open up she’s a hoot! Take the time to do a little bit of research before you start making claims like that, you might just surprise yourself.

    I believe she’s the best actress of her generation and that’s not “idolizing a celebrity”, it’s just respecting her immense talents. I think she’s beautiful and always dresses so classy. I happen to love those shoes and want a pair like them!

    She’ll do a splendid job as Blanche in Streetcar, and with Ullmann directing, I can’t wait!

  • Tim

    Thank you Candy.

  • Alice

    Good colors!!! I simply love her! ^^

  • haha

    she is so absolutely BORING

  • kelia

    Cate Blanchet is great. She’s such a good person.

  • Angie

    She’s hardly boring to me! Wonderful actress and so beautiful! I want her skin!!!

    I love the Uptons as a couple too. He seems like such a pleasant down-to-earth guy and they are still so madly in love with one another it’s awesome! Cate the Great!