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Christina Aguilera - Baby Max's Day Out!

Christina Aguilera - Baby Max's Day Out!

Christina Aguilera heads out to dinner with her son Max Bratman and husband Jordan Bratman, but first takes time to stop and sign autographs for fans in Manhattan, New York City on Monday.

Max is now 7 months and quite the cutie-pie!

The 27-year-old singer stepped out in a strapless graphic print max dress and held Max, who earned the couple $1.5 million from People magazine for the first photos. Max‘s name means “Our Greatest Song” in Hebrew.

Xtina is working on her upcoming album and will perform at the Conde Nast Media Group’s 2008 Fashion Rocks benefit on Sept. 5th.

10+ pictures of Christina Aguilera and baby Max‘s day out…

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58 Responses to “Christina Aguilera - Baby Max's Day Out!”

  1. 1
    manny Says:


  2. 2
    lari Says:

    he’s so cute
    omg, look at his eyes

  3. 3
    krissy Says:

    what a cutie

  4. 4
    lari Says:

    OMG, he’s so cuteeee

    look at his eyes …own

  5. 5
    Sarah Says:

    He’s pretty cute.
    Christina’s hair looks horrible…
    I like it dark.
    BUUUT, I’ve got to say, she does look fab!
    Motherhood is doing her well!

  6. 6
    Sarah Says:

    He’s pretty cute.
    Christina’s hair looks horrible…
    I like it dark.
    BUUUT, I’ve got to say, she does look fab!
    Motherhood is doing her well!

  7. 7
    Floor Says:

    the baby it’s so cute,
    i love his eyes

  8. 8
    kirsty Says:

    What a cutie =]

  9. 9

    she’s snob person

    i don’t like opinion

    but babe’s sweety ^^

  10. 10

    she’s snob person

    i don’t like her but her voice’s ok hehe

    babe’s sweety

  11. 11
    Nick Says:

    I see straps. lol

  12. 12
    vivir sin aire Says:

    Not really a cute baby, nothing special about the eyes either, they are just blue. Xtina has white hair, why?

  13. 13
    Jessica Says:

    He’s adorable.

  14. 14
    laura Says:

    OMG…. what a beautiful eyes!!!

  15. 15
    Yum! Says:

    Must suck to know your Mom looks like a *****-ish Vegas showgirl. Jeez, poor kid is gonna have to grow up looking at that nasty face. Cute boy tho!

  16. 16
    Yum! Says:

    When did the word w-h-o-r-e become invisibile on this site? Who runs this site, Sarah Palin???

  17. 17
    andré Says:

    She’s going to perform her new single “Dynamite” at the VMA’s actually.
    Gilbert her dancer said that she was going to perform her single really soon but he didn’t say where.
    Jessi Peralta posted on her MySpace that she’s going to dance for Xtina at the Vma’s.
    Actually they’re hiding where and when she’s gonna perform
    Which makes me so anxious!!!
    Find it out, Jared! Pleeeease


    Rumor has it that she’s also going to release a Greatest hits album till November.

  18. 18
    lari Says:



  19. 19
    Ms.Nanny Says:

    He is a handsome baby. Christina had her crazy years ,wild look, and stuff and stopped and became a classy looking girl, quiet home life, got married ,had a baby. She is who Britney was looking to be and Britney became what Christina was looking t o be.

  20. 20
    Bella Says:

    How cute is he :)
    She looks great. . .not liking the hair though, too flat and too blonde.

  21. 21
    Hey Jared! it's me again:-)! Says:

    OMG, the baby looks just like his daddy. He has this funny receding chin. Oh well, there’s always plastic surgery.

  22. 22
    Lindsey Says:

    The baby looks like her brother and a little like Britney’s Jayden James..The baby will be 5 before his mother puts out a new cd.

  23. 23
    anonymous Says:

    what a cute little boy! seems really healthy and full of energy. He has his mother’s eyes yayyy

    @ BRAZILIAN GIRL : christina aguilera is not a snob person. She’s cool and even signed autographs for fans!

  24. 24
    guest Says:

    so cute! and christina looks great.

    love the site, btw.

  25. 25
    tika Says:

    He is cute I personlally found him cuter than hallie’s baby girl.

  26. 26
    Tammy Says:

    Baby is beautiful
    Xtina looks fantastic

  27. 27

    Max is absolutly ADORABLE..

    LOOOOOOOOK AT THOSE EYES, and christina is beautiful, there husband is ugly

    max is alot cuter than any celebs son ive seen

  28. 28
    hm Says:

    He is a cutie and his eyes are gorgeous. It’s good to see some of these mothers (Xtina, Alba, Halle, etc) seeming happy, healthy, and content.

  29. 29
    Indonesian Girl Says:

    Max is so cute!, look at his eyes!

  30. 30
    happy lol day Says:

    Glammy Momma, both she and baby look cute! :)

  31. 31
    shialoverrrrrrrrrr Says:

    the baby is really cute!!! omgg ilove her she’s so pretty

  32. 32
    Lisa Says:

    I just got this tee for my little boy at!! It’s by junkfood

    He has got sooo big!!!

  33. 33
    cdn Says:

    she’s not wearing a wedding ring

  34. 34
    diane Says:

    Max is a cutie…

  35. 35
    remember da truth Says:

    Christina looks so good with minimal makeup. I know that the red lipstick and so on is her signature look for occasions, but she is such a natural beauty I love seeing her like this.

    Baby is a cutie pie. Love how they chose a significant name for him.

  36. 36
    katkat Says:

    Awww, such an adorable baby boy!

  37. 37
    nguyen tran gia linh Says:

    baby Max cute :)

  38. 38
    elizabeth Says:

    baby!!! awww! he is too cute!!

  39. 39
    Nicole Says:

    Yeah I don’t think he’s that cute either. Rather average, not ugly, not cute.

  40. 40
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    …` her face and body are two different colors. lmbao

    `ugly kid.

  41. 41
    Daria Says:

    The baby is cute but has a run-away chin like his daddy. He could get a chin implant I guess someday.

  42. 42
    cindy Says:

    Christina looks gorgeous and Max is so cute. They seem like a happy and loving family.

  43. 43
    Lady Adorable Says:

    awwwwww max is sooooo adorable!!!!!!!!! truly a cutie pie!

    my top 6 cutest celebrity kids now : (lol)

    1. Nahla Berry Aubry
    2. Max Liron Bratman
    3. Kingston Rossdale
    4. Honor Marie Warren
    5. Suri Cruise
    6. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt


    matthew mconaughey’s son will join the top very soon too because he seemed to be really cute in OK’s mag’s picx………lol. gosh, all babies are adorable but this is really the list of the cutest !

    btw, haters back off!! Xtina looks amazing, she was dirrty (with two “rr” baby) and now she’s classy and have the perfect family life britney was promised too (yeah we all thought she would end up like this instead of xtina) and let’s face it, xtina is the best-looking one….even though i don’t really like the red lipstick, it is just her signature look for special occasions and whatever she is gorgeous! i’m her biggest fan and seein tough comments annoys me. and for the “recessive” chin you guys see on max, maybe you should get some glasses or something because really it’s like you’re seeing with your a.s.s……. being judgemental on a baby’s physical appearance is awful, i hope someday your own baby will be beautiful because you clearly are the fugliest people on earth. Max is a cutie pie…..and as a all-time fan of xtina, i’m really happy he has his momma’s beautiful blue eyes….. haters, get a life you’re pathetic!

  44. 44
    gforce Says:

    Butt-ugly Baby !!!

  45. 45
    gforce Says:

    Butt-ugly Baby !!!

  46. 46
    Kathi Says:

    her new perfume its awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..
    love it love it love it..
    and her baby is adorable..
    her arms are so bruised though!

  47. 47
    Rachel Says:

    Sweet :D

  48. 48
    lisa Says:

    awwww he’s cute,

    btw people who have nothing better to do than call young children ugly need to get a life

  49. 49
    Tammy Says:

    You are a freak.
    How can you say nasty things about an innocent baby?
    That baby is gorgeous.
    Xtina looks amazing.
    keep your mouth shut.

  50. 50
    Aimee Says:

    That baby is FUGLY like his daddy! Christina is also FUGLY! Her hair looks terrible!

  51. 51
    Monica Says:

    Her husband is the ugliest guy I have ever seen!!

  52. 52

    Lady Adorable is right along with most of the people who left comments

    how can u call this baby ugly? How? He is absolutly adorable and you know it and as for Christina i’m sure most of us wish we looked like her. I wonder how the people who hate on a little innocent child look?

  53. 53
    Antineah Says:

    WOW, the baby is sooo cute, he looks like his dad :-)

  54. 54
    DDJD Says:

    cute baby

  55. 55
    lousta Says:

    aww too much cutness going on right there.

    Max is such a cute little thing. He’s getting so big
    Christina looks good. Motherhood seems to be treating her well!

    They look like a happu family. wish them all the best

  56. 56
    Jackie Says:

    He’s gonna look like the dad.
    Thats gonna be torture
    Poor Max

  57. 57
    juliete Says:

    baby perfect *-*

  58. 58
    Calita Says:

    I hope we can hear christina´s new album before Max goes to college, lol, just kidding
    the 3 of them (even when Jordan is always on the back) look soooo cute

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