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Daniel Radcliffe: Equus Rehearsals Under Way!

Daniel Radcliffe: Equus Rehearsals Under Way!

Harry Poter star Daniel Radcliffe enters Broadhurst Theatre in New York City early Sunday morning to rehearse for his new play Equus.

Radcliffe plays the disturbed Alan Strang, a seemingly normal 17-year-old who is fascinated by horses but inexplicably blinds six of them. The play, which has Radcliffe naked by the end of the play, tries to understand why.

“Offended mothers were calling up and saying I shouldn’t be doing this, that they weren’t going to go see it,” Radcliffe admitted recently. “OK, don’t see it. They’re treating it like it’s pornography, and it’s not. It’s only seven minutes at the end of the play when I’m naked, and I’m 19 now.”

This will be Radcliffe‘s Broadway debut. Previews start this Friday and opens Sept. 25.

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  • ginn

    good answers daniel.he is very handsome

  • Bee

    First xP

  • philly

    for a moment i thought he was james

  • ifyoucouldbeanytree

    so hot when not shaved.
    so hot Dan.
    so so hot.

  • Russian girl

    Agree with ginn @ 09/01/2008 at 8:29 am

    And Dan you are Amazing! Really clever person and good actor!

  • justPatricia

    Some people are unbelievable, thinking they can tell others what they should do or not do… and I’m sure they haven’t even read the play, most people have a very distorted idea of what it’s about.

    I’m glad he is playing in a Peter Shaffer’s play, I hope someday he plays Amadeus, he would be perfect for it.
    Break a leg Daniel!

  • paula.

    could you add post about paramore?

  • Guste

    didn’t he play it in london? or is he just rehearsing for nyc?
    it’s not gonna be a totally different play, is it?

  • Holly

    I wish I could go see it

  • marc

    he looks suicidal, and depressed, sad.
    Bad aura, nothing against him.

  • lana

    he is good actor but he is not good looking at all!

  • Katty

    good looking and good actor, love the beard and the way dan answer to those moms.

  • Miss::CulleN

    Marc, you can tell how is he doing by the look? ohh, some people are amazing! you are just like that idiot mum who have nothing better to do than tell bad things about people life… why don´t you get one? ¬¬

    GOOOO Daniel!!! :) i´m proud of him! he knows what to say! ^^
    i would kill to see that play… to bad i live in Argentina :(

    kisses to every fan!
    and to the haters… a kick in the a$s!

  • Sarah

    Milla and you are a BIG JEALOUS,Lana are you blind??he’s HOT,get over it.Dan good anwser,you are really mature and charming.Dan rocks!!

  • marc

    eat a dick miss cullen, the guy looks sad.
    I read a interview with him by accident, and dear god, he was a pussy,

    And you know what, All pussy get fucked.

    Dan is gonna get fucked.

    I mean he looks secluded, he should shave and lose the cap and ipod, that just looks depressing.

  • cHRIS

    Marc: what a lot of silliness. You can try to make fun of Dan but it isn’t easy since he is, quite clearly, (1) bright (2) nice (3) talented (4) sensible. I suppose you could ask him if he thinks when one is 19 he is permitted to “flash” as much as he wants. Dan might find that funny. What is pertinent about Dan is that he has changed vastly from when he was 9. Then he was shy and diffident and unbelievably charming. Perfection in the role of David Copperfield. With his subsequent great success he has become very self confident, and I have no doubt that he is pleased about that, but the boyhood charm has disappeared. Now he is an adult actor, and pretty much like all the rest, except perhaps better behaved. His future will depend upon his professional smarts. I don’t think it will be terribly easy. He has drawbacks, like his small size and his lack of super good looks. He is nice looking but not super handsome. He will need to pick and choose his roles carefully.

  • cHRIS

    Lots of actors like to go around listening to music or whatever. It helps them avoid hearing all the screaming fans and other annoyances and it signals that they won’t pay any attention to you. Defensive device. Perfectly understandable. They can’t be bothered by fans all the time.

  • SundayRoast

    I was about to write about how creepy this kid looks. Maybe Marc is right. I never saw one, but it seems like that old conundrum of the child star making that Awkward transition to adulthood. Creepy kid/ adult blinding horses. It all sounds too creepy to me. Glad my son is too young to know who he is. Would freak me out if my kid had been a fan of the”child star” to witness his transformation into a naked, gay animal abuser. All respects to gay people. I dont think the direction he took was so great to say the least!

  • cHRIS

    Dan and his advisors (parents) were/are smart to put him into other roles besides Harry Potter. He needs career-wise to be seen as an actor and not as HP. Shirley Temple is the case in point. She was so identified with her cute little girl roles that she never could transition to adult roles. Nobody was willing to see her as anything but little Miss Muppet or whatever. Other child actors have also burned out for the same reason. So Dan has done other things without waiting that DIS-identify him with Harry Potter. Whether Warner Bros. is happy is not his problem. He is determined to become an actor and not just an eternal Harry Potter. I hope he succeeds.

  • cHRIS

    Sunday: you don’t have a clue. Alan Strang is NOT gay. He has a horse obsession. The idea that nobody should play the role of a disturbed person is nonsense. Actors play such people all the time. Dan doesn’t look “creepy” except perhaps to you. You think he should have played a virginal little boy all his life? Yeah, that would be great, Radcliffe at 50 playing Harry Potter. You are silly and foolish. Good you never saw a HP movie. Those movies were full of “creepy” people. He was a wizard there. That would have been “creepy” to you, no doubt.

  • cHRIS

    If you want to see Dan in a comic role you should get the DVD of Extras where he plays a 17 year old sex-crazed Boy Scout who goes around propositioning all the females on the set.. He is beyond hilarious. One of the best things he has done. You can also see parts of it on You Tube. I recommend it highly.

  • Gasol_fan16

    HOT!! That is how to wear the scruff. It looks so sexy on him!! :D

  • Sarah

    @sundayroats respect??you don’t have respect in your mind!!first:he ISN’T gay and he IS HOT.second:if you aren’t fan of HP or him,why are you reading this new??GO AWAY.third:He is working in one play,HE IS AN ACTOR and he works in the play with ACTORS NOT WITH HORSES.Fourth:You are cleary a man,so you are VERY JEALOUS OF HIM.I feel sorry for you.

  • ihtp

    cool. i cant wait for more pics! :D

  • Mary

    I think he’s hot even when he looks serious very early in the morning, this guy is rehearsing every day, morning and night, he’s not partying or going to clubs and staying till 3 or 4 am – this guy works so hard that sometimes I wonder if he ever enjoys his succesful career, and I know after the Equus run in Broadway is over at the end of January next year Dan will go back to London to play again Harry Potter in February for 11 months.

    Dan is among the HP kids the most talented, handsome, smart, well spoken and very charismatic!

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    he is looking good. too bad i won’t be able to see the play

  • SundayRoast

    LOL! I am honored some of you think I am a man. Ok, ok, i have no right to judge, not having seen one H.P. Movie. Also, apparently I was mistaken regarding the gay character. he still looks perhaps, simply awkward to me. I don’t get that this was a GREAT decision on his part to go from a Hero to many children, to a confused horse-blinder.

  • anaid

    I wish i could go see it!!!
    i know he will be amazing!!!
    im happy he isn’t going to let himself just be Harry Potter. He has done great in December Boys and in My Boy Jack. Hes trying.

  • MARIE2

    dan you are really hott but for gods sake GET RID OF THAT BEARD IT DOES YOU NO GOOD

  • miss zanessa


  • Sarah

    Ok sundayroats sorry but if a few people still don’t difference between one character and one actor…well,is their problem.HE IS ONE ACTOR,HARRY IS IMAGINATION.Marie2 the beard is for Equus,he is obligated for the part.

  • SundayRoast

    All but for the misspelling of my name, I agree to differ. Regarding the significance of children’s role models tackling extremely mature subject matter. I suppose a boy of 18 going to Iraq to kill Iraqis could be a comparable moral dilemma that is relevant to Dan’s choice. How quickly the kids grow up these days.

  • Frankie

    Plp Dan has this bread and look on for the freakin’ play! I am sure he’ll get it off soon. But I don’t see wut the problem is, he looks fine to me. Luv you Dan :p

  • nomy

    hoooooooooooooooooot very very hot

  • Vfan

    like Dan but only 7 min?I agree with those mothers.


    He looks hot !

  • Sarah

    Then you are so close mental like them,Vfan.

  • anghi


  • Maria

    Come on people! Dan is wearing a beard because he has to have a beard for his role as Alan Strang in Equus! The director (or who ever it is) has told him not to shave. It was the same thing when he played the same part in London. When the play is over (in February) he will shave it off and go back to London to film Harry Potter, without the beard. As for him not looking happy: Well, you can’t be happy all the time. And especially not when there are people taking pictures of you all the time, whatever you do. Dan is a funny, happy, hard working and good looking young actor! I haven’t seen, heard or read an interview with his fellow co-stars (in whatever play/movie) that has said anything bad about him. They all say only good things about him. And look at his interviews on talkshows (like on Conan in the end of August). That will prove he is not depressed or sad or whatever you call him.

  • Sunshine

    Oh quit the hate, argueing and complaints, people! It’s uncalled for, off topic, and not needed.

    Anyway, Dan, you’re awesome and talented. Have a great show. :)
    <3 xoxo

  • vampy

    i was so lucky to see the play in london on the last night and as for the 7 mins of the play it was take as part of it. As you was drawn in to the whole play there was not one wolf whistle when he become naked as it was done with taste of the play.
    well done dan for this brave move and as a mother of 5 i didnt find it distasteful at all and would of let my older kids to see it but the aspect of the play isnt for younger one and this has been said.
    so plz do not pull him or the play down until you have seen it your self. And all so think he has a life outside harry potter and he is behaved i mean he could be partying or worse. So as a star in our kids eyes hes not doing to bad for them to follow.
    Dan good luck and all the best to you

  • Not Dan fan

    In d story behind d play Alan (Dan’s character) cant get aroused by d Jill character after a p**n play but Alan goes naked riding on a bare backed horse every nite at midnight. Another scene (in d play) Alan kneels naked (like praying) in front of a pic of a horse while whipping himself! & d famous scene is where he blinds like 6 horses! Its not just p**nographic but very twisted! Does d play really require Dan 2 so hairy?

  • anonymous

    u havea creepy penis…anditstiny….just saying sorry

  • blossombell

    i think he has a right to do as he please and i dont think its bad, i mean really hes only naked for seven mins.