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Gerard Butler Premieres RocknRolla

Gerard Butler Premieres RocknRolla

Gerard Butler looks dapper in a suit at the world premiere of RocknRolla at the Odeon West End cinema, Leicester Square on Monday in London, England.

In the film, the 38-year-old Scottish stud plays One Two, a mobster with street smarts. You can watch new video interviews of Gerry and director Guy Ritchie at

Rocknrolla opens in UK theaters this Friday, September 5. It will open in US theaters on Halloween–October 31st! For more information, visit the movie’s official website!

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler premiering RocknRolla

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gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 01
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 02
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 03
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 04
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 05
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 06
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 07
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 08
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 09
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 10
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 11
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 12
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 13
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 14
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 15
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 16
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 17
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 18
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 19
gerard butler rocknrolla premiere 20

Photos: WENN, Dave Hogan/Chris Jackson/Getty
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  • tvc

    He is hot.

  • Gracie

    He’s looking less orange than of late = good thing. He still isn’t as hot as he was circa 300 and the days of bare chests and loin cloths :(

  • lina

    I missed him on the red carpet. Went on my break just to see him and I missed him. Damn. He is totally hot.

  • amy

    Now we talkin! no more of that 50 year old plastic surgery and over done make up face ho and her whissy looking son’s of her.

  • hela

    something of him reminds me brad pitt. He is a very good looking guy.

  • happy lol day

    He looks great, nice in a suit.. :)

  • Londongal

    I think he looks hotter than circa 300! He was way too thin in the face in the spring of 07. He looks great in RocknRolla (saw it at the screening a few days ago) and he looks great in Game. Saw a few snips at ComicCon. Gerry is looking Fine, Fine, Fine in these recent pics. He is suffering from some allergies as I hear it and also he had some hearing damage done from filming Game (says a friend in the biz). He has unfortunately had to go through some treatments and some medications that did not bode well on his mind or body. But he seems to be recoverings. Love him!

  • Aggie

    Jared!!! You are the BEST! Thanks for these fabulous pics. The man looks SO fine it’s Gerrygasm time.

  • Bailey


  • just saying

    I don’t find him attractive. A little too rugged for me. I’ve seen many hotter actors.

  • Luvmesumgerryguice

    Luv this man! Hollywood finally has a man’s man in movies for a change. Not those pretty skinny boys like Orlando Bloom or Brad (overdone and cooked) Pitt!

    Gerry should have been James Bond. He is rockin that suit and something tells me he would have brought sexy, humor and masculinity to the Bond empire. Sad they didn’t go with him. Although I quite do fancy DC in the role, he is no GB!!!

  • sharen

    He looks good enough to eat!!

  • jules

    Sigh, this man is just GORGEOUS! Thanks Jared…

  • Jessica

    I love him…he’s gorgeous.

  • remember da truth

    I don’t think Gerard Butler is suave enough for Bond — he’s a hunk, and rough around the edges. More of a Russell Crowe circa Gladiator type, than suave Bond.

    I like him and I hope that Guy Ritchie’s movie does well. Ritchie was doing well until he seemed stuck with nothing to say after making Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, followed by another ensemble gangster movie, same style, in Snatch (although Brad Pitt was hilarious in it).

    Comparing Madonna to Gerard Butler on the red carpet is so silly….. If you don’t want to see her, skip her thread. Madonna is a good match for Guy Ritchie — they challenge each other and are equal to each other. I just hope that Ritchie can find his artistic voice, as well as Madonna has found hers. Maybe having a man’s man like Butler in his movies can help.

  • Shygirl

    Handsome. :)

  • lola

    He is hot. Thandie is gorgeous.

  • ludacrest

    He looks really good but its obvious that he’s had work. He’s wearing makeup and even his facial hair has been darkened. Bring us back the pre 2005 Gerry where there was no distortion, no artifice! He and Thandie look great together. He seems to be comfortable with her, which is more than I can say for how he looked with most of his leading ladies (ahem, Angelina Jolie).

    That man has truly brought sexy back!

  • Postwatcher

    How can you tell he has make up on? I can’t… Plus his beard is salt and pepper. Ya think he darkened some of it and then left the grey ones there too?

    You are a dufus.

  • ifromoh

    Thank you justjared!!!!! Gerry looks great, much better than a week ago in NYC.He’s back to his gorgeous self.

  • Grace

    Kisses. He would have made an awesome James Bond.

  • cat

    just saying
    may be tommy girl for you since you love him ? lol may be you don’t know what is hot

  • fan

    #11 Brad is hot too even though he is not with jen lol. You just can take that out of him.
    I love butler he is hot. The rough look works for him than most.

  • suz

    Wow – Gerard James Butler…. the man in full…..

  • whatever

    Fan 23 Brad Pitt is overrated/overexposed/over cooked. YUCK. I am tired of his fugly face.

    I think Gerry Butler should make a movie with Angelina Jolie. I think they would make a HOT couple. The movie should have lots of sex scenes.

  • Barb

    Palin is a homophob bimbo.

  • gnmc

    Gerry looks incredible! What a MAN.
    I like Madge’s Cockney button dress. It’s cool.

    Brad Pitt is botoxed-lasered-fool and is ugly. Angie is ugly too, and it’s disgusting the way they photo-op those kids all the time. Pathetic!

  • FYI

    gnmc @ 09/02/2008 at 12:13 am Gerry looks incredible! What a MAN.
    I like Madge’s Cockney button dress. It’s cool.

    Brad Pitt is botoxed-lasered-fool and is ugly. Angie is ugly too, and it’s disgusting the way they photo-op those kids all the time. Pathetic!
    GB looks great as usual.sorry to bring this in GB thread but if you forget brad pitt. is someone who voted the sexiest man alive twice and always in the sexiest men list. Angie is the ultimate beauty. This is not something you can able to take from them. They always will be one of the most beautiful couples in the entertiment if not the most beautiful couple. This is the main reason that makes thier kids brith to be extermely anticipated. Everybody wants to see the incredble gene pool. You got to give it for them for using that anticipation to use it for helping those who needed it. BTW maddona soldl her baby pics in the past so are many stars.

  • Lady Adorable

    gosh, i love gerard

    he’s the only old actor whom i find super HOT!!

    seriously, he’s fiiiiiine……..gorgeous man

    LOL i agree # 25! haha i hate angelina more than anything… know kinda like rihanna lol. brad annoys me too now

  • I love gerry

    Goodness, I just love gerry butler. He is indeed a hot scot!

  • Brian

    GLADIATEUR.. xoxo

  • Joanna Gilby

    Gosh, dosen’t he look fine there? Man, I wish I was there so I could have met him, I bet he’s really nice to talk to and handsome to boot. He could’ve been Bond but they chose Daniel Craig and he did a sexy good job. Loving Gerry all the way!

  • remember da truth

    Angelina has worked with Daniel Craig in Tomb Raider, and Gerard Butler in the sequel!
    Kind of ironic…..

  • Tammy

    Gerard Butler.
    This guy can do anything.
    He’s an amazing actor and always looks different.
    Not the same thing over and over like some Hollywood peeps.
    I like a man shaved though.
    Sometimes he’s a bit sloppy but always HOT.

  • Witch

    I just wish you lassies could say more about Gerard than “He’s hot”. But you seem to be unable to concentrate on anything else than his hotness… and you would squeal “Hot!” even if the looked like a four-eyed pile of shit.
    Not that he looks bad here, but he has changed so much since last year and these changes were bad.
    But… don’t pay attention ladies, keep creaming your panties.

  • Becca

    Yummy. He is so hot.

  • DDJD

    Thandie is so pretty, she’s perfect

  • aMELIA

    Thank you Jared!!! Undoubtedly Gerard is one of the most handsome and sexy human beings around and although others may claim to that what they lack is that spark that draws you in and holds you whenever you see his pictures or see him in a movie roll or hear him in an interview.
    I do not know why, but prior to this movie premier, in some of his recent pictures I’ve seen on different sites, I thought there was sadness in his eyes but reading about his allergies and about his hearing and medication issues, I suppose it explains that something was troubling him.
    I thank him for all his hard work and I am saddened that people like me will never get to meet him in person. Best wishes always!!!

  • ayeoh

    Atleast he’s not wearing a shiny, silver ‘pimp daddy’ suit. His beard looks scraggly. He needs to grow it fuller then keep it, neatly, trimmed. Makeup does wonders for the skin. He looks flawless, daaaalings.

  • ayeoh

    Oh. I forgot to add. James Bond is a polished, worldly, uppercrust agent that’s flawless in appearance and movement. Gerard is too rugged to play Bond. The one thing that bothers me about him (Gerard) is how he walks. He’s a little pigeon-toed and his hips do not move as if it’s an effort everytime he takes a step (kind of like a puppet doll). I feel that Broccoli and partners realized he wasn’t a good pick. Not everyone would find him attractive. But, then again, they didn’t do a good job in picking Daniel Craig, either.

  • Kada

    I love this Scotsman! He’s damn hot.

  • more gerry

    Keep em coming Jared! I LOVE Gerard Butler, SO HOT!

  • KrissyKitty

    Oh man, that is YUMMI! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • STL

    THANK YOU!!!! That suit on that man is working overtime!
    Also, so glad to see the film is coming out sooner than I thought. And I love the photo with the male cast – they look great.

  • crazy4u

    I didn’t read any comments–I’m sure there are the usual snarky ones interjected here and there.—–He is looking sooo fine, YUMMY. Can’t wait to catch this movie!!

  • Holly

    He is Pairfect!
    He would have nailed James Bond. 99.9% of women find this man manly and extremely attractive. No offense DC, but Gerry Butler would have made your Bond look wimpy!

  • suse

    Now that is better Jared…please do not ignore the lovely Mr. Butler again. He is a star attraction

  • macordovil

    I saw Gerry in person… He’s gorgeous…
    He doesn’t need any make up.
    I love him… thanks JJ… Great photos!!!

  • Dannahbanana

    IMO, Gerard’s appeal and sexiness isn’t in how he looks but how he looks at you. There’s just something magical in his eyes that can capure many a heart,