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Bristol Palin Busted In Underage Drinking?

Bristol Palin Busted In Underage Drinking?

It was announced yesterday that Bristol Palin, the 17-year-old daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is five-months pregnant. Now, pictures are surfacing on the Internet of the teenage girl supposedly drinking underage.

On top of all of that, The New York Post has identified the baby daddy as Levi Johnston (inset), Bristol‘s high school sweetheart.

The teen hockey player’s personal MySpace page admits to him being ‘in a relationship’ but also states, “I don’t want kids.”

Levi continues to boast, “I’m a f – - -in’ redneck who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes. But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s- – - and just f – - -in’ chillin’ I guess.”

He even warns, “Ya f – - – with me I’ll kick [your] ass.”

UPDATE: Here’s the link to pictures of Bristol supposedly drinking. People claim the pictures are of Levi‘s sister, taken two years ago. What do you think?

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  • oh snap



  • Tina

    The picture shows her being a regular 17 year old girl. Shocker. And it has been confirmed that the baby was unexpected, so obviously the guy is not going to say he wants kids when he’s 17!

  • Get Her Off of the Stage

    This is just the beginning folks~there’ll be more coming out about this family!

    It WILL be a bumpy ride!

  • Caring

    I am so sickened by what is going on with the republicans! Forget which party you are voting for, and think for a minute….hmmmm. SHE is NOT the best choice for VP!! Face it she was only chosen because she is a woman and McCain is trying to get 18 million votes!! The republican strategists who appearing on CNN and MSNBC believe the same thing but have to defend McCain’s choice. Face it the republican’s are pissed themselves! American women are not idiots McCain stop trying to lump as all as one with no thinking power. This is utterly disgusting!!

  • pppp

    in my country you have an ID at age 18 i don’t think its wrong for a 16 or 17 year old kid to drink.
    i used to drink sinc i was like 15 and nothing happend to me i’m at college and now i’m 21. plus i think at her age she is totally aware of what she is doing. i rather buy condoms to my kids or the pill to see them pregnant. the end

  • Lena

    AT 17, she will have a baby OMG!!!
    She’s crazy!!!! Poor Sarah Palin

  • Miz

    Eh is someone here trying to claim the moral high ground that they didn’t participate in underage drinking in their life?

  • fox

    How conservative and Christian of her. Let’s rename the Republican party to Hypocritical party, shall we?

  • WakeUpPeople

    Let’s face it, the reason people are so disturbed by Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy, underage drinking and her ongoing legal woes is because she is a conservative and one that preaches abstinence and is against teaching sex ed in high school. Maybe if her daughter learned about using condoms in high school she would’nt be knocked up now!!!

  • wow

    To “oh snap” I don’t blame the parents. Parents can’t be with their kids 24/7. All we can do is raise them the best we can and hope that they will make the right choices for themselves in the future. Not that its right but, this child is not the first and will definitly not be the last to get pregnant before marriage, Beside’s it the mom is the one running for office the daughter.

    Clinton couldn’t control himself and he was a grown man AND in the Oval Office, he was NO child and he couldn’t control himself!!

    Its no shocker to hear that another teen girls is with child.

  • Yum!

    What a bunch of hillbillies!! Great choice McCain! Idiot Republicans are all hypocrites!

  • sue

    oh snap…are you really going to sit there and judge people for something every teenage does in America. Did you have sex before you were married? Did you drink alcohol before you were of legal age? The hypocrisy shown by the liberal democrats have come into full light this week and America will show them on November 4 that they are tired of the liberal double standard.

  • matt

    To Tina: Um, if he’s saying he doesn’t want kids on his MySpace and his GF is 5 MONTHS PREGNANT, might he not have signed on sometime in the past couple of months since they found out and changed that? Please, this family’s a mess! All the right-wingers who make such a big deal over this stuff are the same ones now saying “oh, they’re so realllll, so humannnnn”—people, please, can you honestly imagine what these same holy rollers would be saying if this were a Democrat?

  • wow


    Besides ,its the mom that is the one running for office NOT the daughter.

  • blah. go OBAMA

    dude, she’s crazy! she’s pregnant and did u know that her soon 2 be husband doesn’t want kids?
    she’s fucking crazy. i hate her mother. how the hell can they run the world with this shit happening and her mother can’t even control her daughter?

  • Pahola

    way to go Bristol…… but I feel sorry for her, her life is going to be hell from now on with all the negative publicity…

  • a total fan

    To # 1



    The same way we expect Hillary to run the country, even if she couldn’t control HER OWN HUSBAND!!

  • periwinkle

    sounds like Palin has done some great parenting…. do you think she and her conservative friends are as forgiving on inner city kids (read: poor and/or of color) who engage in underage drinking and teenage pregnancy ?

  • Tina

    The Republicans would only be majorly up in arms if Bristol had an abortion, as they are pro-life advocates. And the fact she is getting married, somewhat changes the situation a little bit.

    It’s not like she is a 14 year old girl getting pregnant.

    And everyone talks shit on their myspace page. People are such hypocrites around here.

  • sara H.

    This girl doing underage drinking and getting pregnant is her responsibility. But as someone mentioned above, Palin preaches all this moral behavious stuff. She points fingers at other when she should be looking at the other 4 fingers point back at her house and her family. I don’t have issue with the underage drinking, but what kind of mother lets her daughter get pregnant at 17 in this day and age. Every good parent wants their kid to get a proper education and be mature and independent before they go about having a child. If she can’t give her children the kind of upbringing which will make them into mature adults how is she going to run a country. This is what i take issue with. She can’t run her own house properly how is she suppose to run the United States? She’s a bad mother and she won’t make a good VP either. McCain is SCREWED!

  • lol

    lol…just another stain on the republican party…go OBAMA!!

  • sss

    What a moron. 100 procent trailer traish!


    I thought that only in my country the level of politics had sunk so low as to attack the life of the candidate’s children… wait at least here the attacks have been to ADULT offspring, not teens and babies

  • hostas

    Gee – a teenager drinking – a pregnant teenager – how unusual in the good old USA! Like this hasn’t happened before and will continue to happen. I agree with Tina up above – people are such hypocrites – you tell me nobody on here had a drink or had sex before the age of 18!


  • lonestar

    Jared, what brilliant investigative reporting……. When did you become
    a political site? Everyone should just keep their judgmental opinions
    and comments to themselves and VOTE for the candidate of their choice. All of this ugly trash-talking isn’t doing anyone any good. Let
    us hope that all voters research the candidates and their platforms and not make their decisions based on ANYTHING they read in the media.

  • Jello Cubed

    Why shouldn’t we question any parent taking on a campaign for the 2nd highest office in the land when her family is in crisis?

  • Benny mars

    This is just another rumor. You guys are going crazy.

  • Mary

    I’m not saying this kid doesn’t drink but her appearance sure has changed a lot considering neither of those girls, to me, look like her. But maybe I’m confused about which daughter Bristol is.

    Secondly, I do think McCain was smart in choosing a woman and smart in choosing this one. No one can control their child unless they lock them up in a room all day. It’s not a reflection on her as a mother. At some point you have to just hope what you taught them sticks. Kids make mistakes. She’s doing the right thing by stepping up to the plate and dealing with it.

    I don’t see how she’s a bad vp choice. Don’t even start on lack of experience. It’s ironic the Obama campaign brings up lack of experience when he’s the one with the issue of lack of experience himself.

    Do you not think Biden was a strategic pick just like Palin? It’s politics. McCain needed a fresh face with him otherwise he doesn’t stand a chance. If he would have picked Romney or another man it would have just been the same old ticket. But he tried to mix it up which I like.

    If this election was based solely on political achievements and policies, and by policies I mean an actual plan of action not just Obama promising to do things without any form of solution, McCain/Palin would be a landslide victory. But the media is throwing up all these smoke screens to distract from the issues and its a shame if anyone buys into it. Hopefully America is educated enough to see past it on both sides!

  • victoria

    RIGHT ON NUMBER # 18….. The news this morning though, HAS claimed that the father of this baby Levi whatever, is a foulmouthed racist. ( according to HIS friends only ). They claimed he was ” arrogant”, and would be the ” worse possible husband and daddy”, per the news reporter. OF COURSE, his friends COULD be jealous that HE is in the news now, and they are NOT. There are TWO sides to this… I also read that private investigator’s were trying to find out the truth about the first baby ” TRIG “. HER friends said they never remember her having MONO, and she was gone for several months. AND what about Sarah’s own staff not even knowing she was pregnant? They interviewed her neighbors, and they did not know either. That is weird.. They saw her in normal pants and normal dresses with belts, but she NEVER had a belly… WHAT DO YOU MAKE OF ALL OF THIS NUMBER # 18 ????? others???

  • lylian

    Jared, you’ve changed the photo. What happened to the photo of Bristol hold a mug of beer or something with a girlfriend?

  • WakeUpPeople

    All you McCain/Palin supporters, get ready to join long lines to get a loaf of bread..because that is where we are heading if they win. We are already suffering because of these stupid republicans…God help us!!

  • big deal

    when a woman gets into a higher position they seem to dig for dirt faster – this site used to be nice – if you had photos of all youngsters that are born into most families at one time or another you would see them with a drink or bottle in their hand before they reach 21 – and the kids that can have a sip of something before that age don’t all end up alcoholics or drunks – get over it

  • WakeUpPeople

    #33…unfortunately, the reason she is being scrutinized is because she preaches something that is not working in her own family…such as abstinence and dedication to the word of the bible e.g. no sex before marriage, obviously she can’t make it work in her own family but Sarah Palin wants to tell Americans how to live their lives!

  • victoria

    me again!!!! I meant to say, Bristol having Mono, NOT Sarah …. Bristol left school for several months according to her mother.. Then came back a little thinner according to her friends.. ( Bristol’s )….. Sarah’s friends say she ALWAYS wore her same normal clothes everyday… You would think that if SARAH was pregnant, she would be happy and brag about it to her closet friends and supporters… BUT, they had no idea.. Until she claimed her water broke AFTER taking a phone call from Bristol according to a worker… They were shocked.. ODD !!! ISN’T this the way you guys heard all of this story also ????

  • caring

    Shame on Sarah Palin for accepting this VP nod, when she knew her daughter was pregnant and would be scrutinized because of her own belief. She is a selfish woman who ONLY thought about her career!! Shame on her!

  • victoria

    I dont think John McCain really researched enough about Sara Palins experience or her family life.

    He only chose her because she is a woman! and tryning to get hillary supporters votes.

    If only he chose a woman with experience. she is NOT ready to be VP. I would not want her running a country as big and important as america.

    she has too much baggage. Can she really focus on helping lead a country with McCain when there is so much happening with her family?

    Wasnt there another republican woman that McCain could have chosen who was more qualified. i think its a very poor choice. and considering the fact that McCain has been attacking Obama about his experience and age, BUT he chose Sarah Palin who has even LESS experience and is younger than Obama. it makes McCain look foolish.

  • M

    It is not 1950. Bristol does not need to be hidden away because of her “situation”. I am happy she has parents who are supporting her. I don’t judge her for keeping her baby, nor would I judge her if she had an abortion. It’s not my choice, it’s hers. As far as her drinking……….she’s not the only teenager to have ever been doing that. Just because her mother is who she is does not mean that Bristol is not like a lot of other teenagers………..and no matter how great your parents are, teenagers will still test their limits and do things they shouldn’t. I don’t feel it’s a reflection on Sarah Palin.

    And Caring – you are an idiot. Why don’t you read up on John McCain (and not just on far left sites) and then you can maybe speak a valid opinion.

  • hostas

    I’d rather have a mother of a pregnant teenager in the Oval Office than someone who gets spiritual advice from a radical, racisit “preacher”!

  • dave

    To the idiots attacking the adult for the misadventures of their teenage child, you must not have kids. Many teenagers do many stupid things. Not because their parents are bad parents or bad people. Teenagers were born to do stupid things, learn by their mistakes, grow up and be President(ala Bill Clinton …draft dodger, pot smoker…oh bad example…he still hasn’t grown up as he chases tail around the globe)………How Palin and her family handle their family crisis and support their daughter should how she should be judged not by the mistake of a 17 year old. If a 17 year old wants to have sex I dare say no parent unless you are able to lock them up can stop it. I admire the Palin’s for their family choices and commend their ability the weather adversity. That is a test of leadership.

  • Ha!

    Why are you posting this crap, Jared? This girl is not a celebrity, she is not Jamie Lynn Spears. Leave her the f*ck alone.

    Guess what, it’s not a matter of “controlling” your teenage children. People are born with free will and are going to make choices and mistakes regardless of what their parents believe or teach them. It’s called being human, people.

    [Gasp] She had alcohol before she was 21? Break out the firing squad – I’m sure that everyone posting on here waited until 12:01 a.m. the day of their 21st birthdays before they had a drink. BFD.

    Any of you claiming that any of this is hypocritical of being a Christian obviously has NO grasp on what Christianity is all about. Get over yourselves.

  • shut up man

    Trash…………Is there really anything else to say? Have a nice day.

  • what’s about biden’s son?

    isn’t Biden’s son in alot of trouble….up for indictment for something?
    will find out the details.
    it’s disgusting to bring the children into this, but hey, fight fire with fire.
    Osama started this, so let’s hear about his running mate’s son.

  • anon

    Uh, why is this something on this website? Leave this BS to the news. We’re here to see celebs humiliate themselves, not some unknown 17 year old!

  • Ha!

    Victoria (and others) – you sound like a moron. Stop posting, please? Do you really think for a moment that John McCain pulled her name out of a hat with no looking into her family, her background, her experience? Seriously, use your brain. I can guarantee you that his choosing his VP running mate is as thorough, if not more, than the screening process they use for CIA or FBI agents. Everything I’ve read about her from relatively neutral news sites (aka, NOT liberal bloggers) has been pretty positive. She is apparently a good leader, intelligent, strong minded.

    Whoever it was above who said she wasn’t equipped to run the country because of her family should be ashamed – I certainly hope you aren’t a woman. All of these politicians have families, what makes her any different? A vagina?


    Sarah Palin doesn’t care much for family values, she is an opportunist. look how she was giving a speech to oil fat cats while her amniotic fluids were dripping out. Then she flies to Seattle, then Anchorage, then drives 45 minutes to the hospital. IRRESPONSIBLE!!! Her daughter is fine, just trailer trash, but Sarah is NOT FIT TO BE VP let alone Governor!! Anti-bears, anti-sex-education, anti-environment, just a female version of Mr Bush. McSame, Sarah Bushlin!! Same old same old

  • neil

    pppp @ 09/02/2008 at 11:00 am

    The problem with many ‘right to lifers’ is that not only are they anti-abortion they also dislike supporting anything to do with contraception and spout off unrealistic nonsense like abstinence as a cure-all for anything to do with sex and the resulting complications attributed to it.

  • a total fan

    victoria- Its to early to really have a take on all this since the news just broke out but, as with the media-will we ever really know the whole truth? Time will tell all eventually. In my opinion the child is not running for office and she should be left alone. As a mom Sarah had to have been upset to find that her child is pregnant but all that is of a personal matter. I will concentrate on the mom and her political experience in all this as I will concentrate on all who are running for office.

  • Original jpf

    Not a McCain/Palin supported but that doesn’t mean I agree with what’s turning into a witch hunt aimed at Palin’s kids. What teen hasn’t tippled? Who here knows not one teen who’s been pregnant? Stop acting like the girl invented it! The drinking? I remember my first beer to this day and it damn sure wasn’t AFTER I was legally cool to indulge.

    Bristol is not McCain’s running mate her mother is and it’s pretty disgusting of any of you to use the girl as some empty political arguing point. It doesn’t matter what or who Levi is either for the same reasons and there’s nothing that can justify anyone standing in judgement over either of these kids just because you don’t like her mom.

    Damn some of you on both sides of the isle just make me sick to my gut at how low blow and evil you can be when you can hide behide a blog to do it. Bunch of Conservative & Liberal hypocritical cowards.


    Obama 08′


  • jOSH

    Not the kind of family i want running the country….

  • gina