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Daniel Radcliffe - "Details" October 2008

Daniel Radcliffe -

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is looking sexier than ever on the October 2008 cover of Details Magazine.

On his dream role: “I think part of me would love to play a drag queen, just because it would be an excuse to wear loads of eye makeup.”

On his generation: “I don’t pretend to do anything particularly wild. People talk about rebellion and they say, ‘Where is the teenage angst?’ But I say I try to do it simply by the choices I make in the work I do. I just like wrong-footing people. I write poetry and I love it. I like being different from most other people in my generation.”

On what he’s going to spend his big bucks on: “The only thing I’m likely to spend on is artwork, ’cause that’s the only thing I’m interested in that costs a lot of money. [The Golf GTI is] a good, small German car that zips around.”

The video with complete photo spread is now posted, along with the full Daniel Radcliffe cover feature at

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  • Mary

    Very handsome, clean cut no beard or maybe just a but – he looks very manly and love the hair style!

  • 567


  • Bubbaness

    Yeah, no thanks.

  • Russian girl

    Wow! Awesome cover! Dan is really handsome!)

  • zashley

    that pic looks like it was computer animated!!!!

  • dedee

    oh my god, here is so hot!

  • zashley

    and he’s got to be gay eye make up?drag queen???

  • mslewis

    That Details cover calls him “Harry Potter.” No wonder Daniel is doing plays like “Equus.” If he doesn’t spread his wings now he will be stuck in a box forever.

    I know that character has made him rich but Daniel is a really good actor and I hope he becomes a great Brit actor and leaves Harry Potter far behind!!

  • vanessa


  • εїз Butterfly εїз

    luv ya!!!

  • wazziebear

    Daniel is a good actor, he’ll be around for a long time. He’s got his head on straight.

  • Mary

    he’s into indy and hard rock- most of the singers in those bands weard eye makeup – that’s the reason he wants to wear it – he loves his music

  • rudy

    love it! Can’t wait to see him do other things. Bring it on, Radcliffe.

  • Microchipho

    Wow! He is gorgeous. Thr face is airbrushed because he was wearing makeup (nice countour on the nose….I do that shit too), and they added stuble later. But DAMN he is FINE!

  • Kada

    I hope Daniel continue to make movies in England instead of coming to Hollywood. He’s too good for Hollywood movies.

  • Marta

    this cover is hilarious.

  • JE*NNA

    Gross, this is sexy? This ugly little mutant is sexy? He’s gay… And incredibly ugly as heck. Who can look at this and this it’s sexy? Or even the least bit attractive?

  • fhaiuwa

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  • lilly

    wow he’s looking smokin hot

  • beci

    this is the sexiest thing i hve ever seen! god this man i so super sexy!!!!! yea i think hes sexy so deal wit it!

  • may

    wow he looks pretty good here. of course it was airbrushed just a little. I don’t know why but he is starting to remind me of shia labeouf.

  • 324705

    Damn. He looks cute. :)

  • sinistra

    Gracious!! He looks hot!!

    Loved the eye makeup quote! LOL

  • @17

    I agree, he isnt that attractive, but its not all about the looks. People like him because of his work and personality. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Tha

    Seriously NOT sexy.
    He used to be sooo hot and the he grew up and.. ugh. He lost his appeal years ago.

    And he looks so weird in that picture! The hair.. Zac Efron look-a-like much? That’s what they tried to pull off.

    And the interview. -shakes head-
    2 words: eye make up. hat’s the gayiest thing he’s ever said. I bet he DOES dress like a drag queen in his room.

    FYI: I’m not a hater. I’m a hcore Harry Potter fan but.. you gotta keep it real.

  • jorja

    i’ve died and gone to heaven

  • cHRIS

    When he was 9 or ten he was incredibly charming due to his diffidence and shyness and his naturalness. Now, pretty much grown up, he is or appears to be a sensible nice guy who is also an actor. But the old charm has disappeared along with the shyness, and he is quite self confident. Smart though, in the way he handles the questions. He always says the right thing, doesn’t make many gaffes, etc. Time will tell how he will fare as an adult actor. The rest of his career will be more difficult, without a doubt, than it has been up to now. He ought to do some comedy. He was hilarious in Extras as the sex-crazed Boy Scout. More of that would be very welcome.

  • cHRIS

    Actually the remark about the eye makeup and playing a drag queen is pretty good evidence that he is NOT gay. He is smart and expert at interviews and if he were really gay he would not say anything that might make him seem that way. Since he is NOT gay he can joke about it and not worry. Actors who are really gay are almost always, until they are too old for anyone to care, in the closet. And stay away from anything that might suggest they are like the plague.

  • elizabeth

    Um, why are we talking about airbrushing like it’s a new thing?

  • black

    Finally a cover that makes him look more normal….even if it is heavily airbrushed.

    But he sems like a nice guy.

    (Though he already spend alot of money on appartements…)

  • Cambria

    aww lil harry potter remember when he was just a lil kd with goffy glasses and look at him now! a grown up man cant beleive it

  • cHRIS

    The story if you read it makes my point: that he has lost all the boyish charm that made him so special and he is now just another movie star in the business. His talk about eye makeup would never have entered his head earlier. And his confession that he keeps an eye out for who in the vicinity has noticed him (probably so that he can flee if they get too close) is standard movie star behavior; pretty hard and professional. Charm gone; still nice and probably grounded, but he still has to get past booze and drugs. If he will remains to be seen. Maturity has taken away half of what made him so great. Age has not withered him yet, but it has blighted him for sure.

  • mojo

    Thanks Jared, you know I am rooting for this kid!

  • maila

    he does not look gay!
    This cover is HOT! He looks sooo fine! I can’t wait to get a copy of this!

  • cHRIS

    Being a movie star sucks the soul out of people. Some manage to retain more of their soul than others, but most become, as one expert said, “souless” creatures, interested mainly in the money. Without a clear perception of who they are since they have pretended to be so many other people. Katherine Hepburn probably kept her identify better than most, but others like Marlon Brando went completely to seed and became one big stomach. Others turn to drugs, or booze. Vivien Leigh became semi-insane. We’ll see how well Dan fares. He has already lost a little bit of his soul, there can be no doubt. He evidently writes poetry to retain some of his identity. I sure hope it is good poetry. If he made it public and it was ridiculed, I wonder if he could take that. He’d better keep it all under cover for now or publish it under a pseudonym for safety.

  • Zanessa-love4life

    Like him better when he’s shaved :)

  • Erin

    DanRad will always be known as Harry Potter.
    I’m sorry to say it,but its true.
    Most stars like Dan never out live their first role, especially if they are in it for 7 movies.
    But at least the main stars ARE doing something other than hp.
    For Emma it was Ballet Shoes, and shes voicing A princess in a cartoon, and for Rupert it was Driving Lessons, which i loved.
    I hope to see them all in other things.

  • nomy


  • Patricia

    too much photoshop!

  • ihtp

    whatever chris its called growing up, everyone grows up.

  • Levi

    Dan is doing something just like Emma and Rupert, Dan’s been doing things for the longest now he’s prob the only one who’s been doing that that no one would expect–playing a sex crazed kid, that Broadway show, and he has some movies coming up

    I think he looks great the best I’ve seen him, airbrushed or not, he’s not the first star to be airbrushed. Can’t wait to see his anything else he’s in in the future

  • newport beach, 92660

    haaaah. he looks GOOD. Although yeahh i agree he is airbrushed.. like to the MAX… But it makes him look so sexy…

  • kkcc

    ughhh he bugs

  • André

    photoshop can really make people look sexy.

  • Kathy

    he’s sexy with/without airbrush.
    he’s smart, handsome, telenter and very down to earth!

  • steph

    woooah. he looks GORRRGEEEOUUUSSS here.

  • anaid

    um… WOW!!!

  • Knight

    When does he start to be such a cutie????

  • ifyoucouldbeanytree

    Stupid people comapring him to Zac Efron just because of the hair. He is way HOTTER than Zac because he doesnt have a huge ego, he is down to earth, smarter…. and he seems a lot nicer.

    BEST PICTURE EVER DAN. sooooo hot!

  • cHRIS

    He confesses to losing his virginity to an “older woman” when he was 16. This might be the woman who helped to dress him and prepare him on the set of Harry Potter. He was known to have visited her house upon several occasions.s
    The most dangerous thing for Dan, I suspect, is booze. He got tipsy if not falling down drunk on his 18th birthday. Here in Details he says his preferred drink is Vodka with Diet Coke and that he drinks “in private” that might mean by himself. Vodka is the preferred drink for people who want to hide their drinking since it leaves no scent on the breath. I would hate to think that he might begin to drink shots of Vodka and Coke by himself when he gets depressed, as we all do. He needs to watch it, in my opinion. It would be a lot healthier if he went out with friends and drank some beers in public. Vodka and Coke in private sounds bad to me.