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Jennifer Aniston Goes 30 Rock Crazy

Jennifer Aniston Goes 30 Rock Crazy

Jennifer Aniston has a smashing good time filming her cameo for the hit NBC comedy 30 Rock” at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City on Friday.

The 39-year-old former Friends star will play Claire Harper, the former roommate of Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), and begins to stalk Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin). The episode will air this fall.

Looks like one of Jen‘s scenes included her and Jenna (Jane Krakowski) dancing around in spraying water. A fire hydrant or water sprinkler, perhaps?

30 Rock returns with its third season premiere on Thursday, October 30th 9:30PM ET/PT on NBC.

For the full set of Jen pictures on the set of 30 Rock, visit!

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jennifer aniston 30 rock crazy 01
jennifer aniston 30 rock crazy 02
jennifer aniston 30 rock crazy 03
jennifer aniston 30 rock crazy 04

Credit: David Krieger; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Kim

    it looks like shes having fun :D

  • ghost

    I wonder If that’s John Mayer hosing her down. Sorry . Couldn’t help myself.

  • tia

    i dont get the obsession with her. like i really dont understand? shes not that great. i loved her on friends but now shes just annoying. and i know its not her fault but the media has made her way overrated.

    i’d much rather read about angelina jolie

    the ‘homewrecker’ as some of you diehard maniston fans call her.

  • chriseler 1

    She looks good in that second picture. For a 39 year old she looks amazingly youthful.

  • hmm

    I see a theme going on here. In order to get people to tune in to watch Jennifer Aniston on tv you have to either promise a girl on girl kiss or a wet t-shirt/dress scene?? She can’t be on a show without some sexual innuendo to pull an audience for her??

    The samething happened with Friends she was well known for tight t-shirts/shirts/blouses that showed her on cue hard nipples (constantly), short skirt s and one hair cut, but not known for talent.

  • So teenish…

    That high school-type mane makes her look more stupid than ever. I would expect Miley Curus to have this on her head.

    Desperate ex wife is desperate to stay as teenish as possible ! She only needs a lolippop on her mouth and socks on !

  • I’mwatching you

    Her and I are the same age and I can say I wish I looked as good a she does. I look up to her and admire her! Jen is an amazing person and actress. Good Luck to her in all she does!!!

  • Caring

    #7…..I’mwatching you @ 09/02/2008 at 4:16 pm

    It is such a shame when I hear people say they look up to actors…couldn’t you find a scientists or a teacher etc. to look up to? what about your parents for God sakes!!

  • cody

    Jennifer is gorgeous and such a good person. She handles everything with such grace and class.

  • leno dusti

    blacken brows jen buy a pear of for yur uni – brows !
    tweezers kan be yur friend eh, uni – brow.
    she iz a manly lukin clown in dat make – up -frightenin.
    tight fug dress what a surprize.
    new bluest contacts, extentions – on a over large head – fat thighs – ewwwwww. onion toes !

  • to #7

    You can look good to if you work out and eat right. Jennifer is nothing special she just has money to do what her persona calls for her to do and that is look good at whatever cost. For her that cost has no limit because she has the extreme means and time to do nothing but concentrate on herself. She has no family, children or anything else that keeps her from concentrating on her.

    Buy hey don’t feel bad you should want to look up to yourself. You can do it even on a tight budget it’s called exercise and limiting your bad foods in exchange for better foods. Let your children (if you have any)look up to you as their role model for health & a great body not some celebrity who is rich and has nothing else to do but go to the spas daily, get facials daily, trainers, chefs, and etc. Nothing wrong with what Jennifer do but she can’t relate to the average person because her bank account took her out of average years ago.

  • leno dusti

    mistake on ten, buy a pear of tweezers for yur conect da dotts blacken brows.
    poor snake – call peta – those crustee feet shoved in thoze shoes – wrinkly – hur arms to. new blonde hare extentions – bozo da clown gone blind put hur make up on. ewwwwwwwww

  • Eloise

    OMG, Jennifer is HOT! Now she is someone I would go gay for!!! Can’t wait for 30 Rock.

  • leno dusti

    jens closed hur eyes whin water spurted, dant want to wet new blue contacts.
    she haz ruin da show. last pix, plain jane jenn. jen you kan lose da weight knot eatin- yu never be thin enugh cuz yur head iz hefty, heavy.
    just sayin.

  • happy lol day

    She looks like she lost a little weight. Her hair looks nice. Hope she can find some happiness in her life, she isn’t a bad person she deserves some happiness. :)

  • layla

    She’s beautiful and really talented. More power to her =)

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • hm

    I wish she would change up her style a little bit. It is a bit disconcerting that she has had the same look for 10 years and it looks like she’s clinging to her 20′s. Let it go and grap a more sophisticated and polished look.

  • juju

    She looks great.

  • Pahola

    loveeee you jen!!

  • http://justjared jennifer fan

    soooooooooo happy i love her she looks great


    It’s not that much airbrushing in the world to cover up that OLD UGLY

  • erica

    is she trying to be the next Ashley Tisdale? She has become such a joke!

  • justme

    she looks so f***ing B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!

    Now she’s trying to get attention too? c’mon I’m starting to think that you guys are jealous because she’s just beautiful and…you’re not =)

  • queenkimba

    #11, your right, and besides for a 39 year old who works her ass off to look good she hasn’t aged very gracefully, her face seems to get longer every time i see her and especially her chin! also she needs to find some new clothes that suit her age, she looks cheap and not just in this pics for the show but also in her free time. and on the last pics she got alot of cellulite on her legs, there are many woman in hollywood who don’t even do as much to their looks as she does and they look even better and some of them even had kids.

  • Shrink

    I think she looks great and healthly. I don’t care how much work she has had done- that is pretty much the norm in her business- it’s also called job security, If she is happy good for her. What else can she do but move on and work?

  • jane

    JA look great<3


  • Megan fox rocks

    she looks so Beautiful and elegant

    she’s the best

  • Besane

    She looks the happiest being where she belonged in the first place. As a TV comedienne. Good luck with that.

  • nevermind

    she always looks great. and why does ones opinion make them a fan or not?

  • well…

    There is nothing beautiful about this picture Jared posted. Sometimes she looks good but this is not one of them. I hope the clown makeup is for the character.

  • http://justjared beautiful

    hahahaha no matter what you losers say she looks great and really hot

  • Kacy

    Jennifer is gorgeous and such a good person. She handles everything with such grace and class.

    Her time with John Mayer was not classy at all. She seem despart because she is pushing 40 real fast.

  • Erin

    I just feel so sorry for her. Her people have to send these pictures out begging for attention. Every body is getting tire of desperate x-wife crying and whinny about all the time. I wish she would get a new style hair cut to make her a little more interesting. She is just boring and dull.

  • jenny

    why a friday photo posted tuesday? hehe

  • brutally honest

    yeah!! Jennifer wet !! big huge smile :-D

  • Alice

    Let me guess she spent millions of dollars for beauty treatment because she is so insecure. Truly high maintenance.

  • sorry.

    jenny @ 09/02/2008 at 6:23 pm why a friday photo posted tuesday? hehe

    because today someone we know seen out…lol

  • anonymous

    If you look at the Bauer photos, the face work is very evident. Her face is very puffy as is the area around her eyes. Makes her look squinty like that catwoman. Jennifer, stop the plastic surgery. You are too young to start down that road. You will be fine and attractive enough if you just stay healthy and work out.

    Why can’t she do a real character? Why this ongoing Rachel repeats. She is too mired in her past. Jen, get a life coach who will kick your butt out of the past and into a better future with more condidence.

  • natta

    don’t care what the haters say…there’s a reason people buy mags when she’s on the cover…she’s freakin fab!

  • to natta

    What magazines??? The tabloids you mean? That’s the only covers she has been on lately.

  • Eva

    You must mean the gossip magazines. Jen is a big joke. If some one buy a mag with her on the cover then their is some else on the inside they really want to read about. She is a boring old hag pushing 40 hard. She is so pathetic she had to buy John Mayer.

  • Dahlia lama

    Good for Aniston. Network television is where she belongs. Most people won’t pay to see her recycled Rachel Green on the big screen, but they may enjoy seeing her on tv again.

  • dancer

    You know people are always criticizing Kidman and Ryan for plastic surgery, botox whatever. Well, what the hell has Jen done to her face. I’ve seen pictures lately where she doesn’t even look like herself. She obviously has had botox since her forehead doesn’t seem to be very expressive anymore and it looks like a forehead lift and maybe some jaw/jowls work done. If she keeps this up she will surpass kidman and ryan in the frozen department.

  • hahaha!!

    I have to say, I do think the make up on her makes her face look good but I am really sick of seeing her with the same hairstyle for the last ten years.

    She has made the best of herself and I think she knows that this look is the look that she can carry off the best.

    However, looking at the rest of her body I think she is putting on a bit of weight which does come with age – its harder to keep a slimmer figure when you are in your forties compared with thirties compared with in your twenties.

    Her calves look very muscly, overdone from exercising too much and her feet look really veiny which is a giveaway of her age. I guess the next step would be injecting restylane/silicone into her feet to keep them from looking so old?

  • They are recreating Friends

    Where she belongs

    As you know, Jennifer Aniston is guest starring on 30 Rock, back on tv where she belongs…truly a tv girl forever, in the wise, bitchy words of my Gwynnie.

    First shots of Jennifer shooting with Tina Fey have been released. They appear to be recreating the fountain shots from the opening credits of Friends.


    TV girl forever and Rachel Green forever. It is a brilliant move. A move that was too long in the making. And she looks incredible. Healthy, glowing, great hair as always, and happy too.

    It was a role that was made for her. It was a role that she was made for. The only role. She certainly plays it over and over again in every movie anyway.

    The MiniVan would LOVE The Rachel Show?

    Tina Fey thinks of everything.

    One Trick Pony indeed.

    Did Gwyneth Paltrow really call her a TV Girl? Ouch! That’s gotta hurt :lol:


    She looks beautiful and radiant.

  • selwyse

    omg, LMAO @ the tv girl onetrick pony comment from Gwyneth!!! Still Fish Stick isn’t really one to talk. She hasn’t done much lately (well, Iron Man, I guess). I have to give it to Jen, though, she looks nice (or decently styled and wearing color for once) here .. .

  • ooooooLaaaaa

    perfect ……… Just looking 4 the Fountain of Youth!!

  • David

    LOVE JEN <3

    LOVE JEN <3

    LOVE JEN <3

    LOVE JEN <3

    LOVE JEN <3

    LOVE JEN <3

    LOVE JEN <3

    LOVE JEN <3

    LOVE JEN <3

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    LOVE JEN <3

    LOVE JEN <3

    LOVE JEN <3