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Katie Holmes To Face Anti-Scientology Crusaders?

Katie Holmes To Face Anti-Scientology Crusaders?

Katie Holmes sports another floaty top and Roger Vivier buckled flats as arrives at NYC’s Minetta Lane Theatre on Tuesday morning.

The 29-year-old actress will be making her Broadway debut in the play “All My Sons” next month but anti-Scientology crusaders say they will sit silently among the audience at the Gerard Schoenfeld Theatre wearing masks of British Catholic revolutionary Guy Fawkes.

A rep for Anonymous tells The Sun: “We aren’t looking to shut All My Sons down. We don’t have the power to do that – we just want to prove a point. We just want to save Katie. We want to draw attention to Scientology, and hopefully get Katie out of it before it’s too late.”

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Credit: Jay Thornton; Photos: INFdaily
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  • stefany

    ew, ive had enough of her already

  • Jackie

    What does that mean
    Yeah Im tired of her too
    I want more SJP(Shiloh JP that is)

  • bejeebus

    Go Anonymous!!!! shut down the freak show money making machine that is scientology!!!!!


    stop posting on this old looking hag and her family no one CARES

    you post on her every F*cking DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I do agree with what they are about to do…I cant actually believe she get’s jobs when everyone know she’s part of the Church of scientology!!! I’m not even religious but I totally condemn this movement!!!

  • Tina

    Total hypocrites, this ‘crusade’ group sound like more of a cult than Scientology! She’s not hurting anyone and appears to be happy. Just a desperate attempt for people to gain attention, probably for money.

    As if security is going to allow them to stay in the theatre.

  • I saw the light!

    I feel bad for the other actors, but not for her.

  • Disturbia at the disco

    Rihanna Wannabe.

  • inb4 Jefferson

    $cientology is a business
    that operates as a cult
    pretending to be a religion.


  • cult tickets not selling well

    Good move, hopefully the show will close down quickly and she will leave New York.
    The other fabulous actors will find new parts quickly so I don’t feel badly for them.

  • Tina

    Even Tom Cruise has said that Scientology is not a religion, he said you can be a Christian and a Scientologist at the same time.

  • patricia

    I like her but have her photos here every single day is too much , she is always doing the same just different cloths. I got tired already.

  • A Concerned Person

    No, #6…’s an attempt to call attention to the fact that Scientology is a CULT that destroys families, takes away human rights and brainwashes it’s victims. Anonymous are concerned people who want to stop this cult from growing any further and damaging any more people. Anonymous doesn’t make money from protesting! That’s ridiculous. As a matter of fact, it costs them money and they do what they do because they care about the situation and want it stopped before it gets any further.

    If they are stopped from protesting IN the theater, they’ll protest outside and they have every right to do that even though Scientology would like to stop it. Anonymous is protected by the US Constitution and has every right to protest the cult.

    Before you stand up for Scientology, don’t stick you head in the sand. Do some research. They are responsible for the deaths of many, criminal behaviors, the destruction of families through disconnection…etc. Read the words of their founder, Hubbard. He was a hateful bigot who believed that teaching people to lie was a good thing. Scientology is NOT a religion, according to Hubbard.

  • I saw the light!

    Katie had to give up Catholicism to be with Tom Cruise. If you watched any of the interviews a couple of years ago, you also know that he said that he and Katie are only Scientologists, not Catholics anymore. One replaced the other.

  • A Concerned Person

    Even Tom Cruise has said that Scientology is not a religion, he said you can be a Christian and a Scientologist at the same time.


    That’s a lie Tina.

    YOU CANNOT BE A SCIENTOLOGIST AND ANY OTHER RELIGION. Tom was lying thru his teeth. I know. I was raised in Scientology and left a few years ago.

    Once you reach OT III, reading about, learning about or participating in any other religion is called MIXING PRACTICES AND IT IS PUNISHABLE BY SCIENTOLOGY BY BEING DECLARED AN SP. It is strictly against the rules.

    That’s something Scientology tells “raw meat” (new converts) to get them into the cult.

    Please do your own research into Scientology if you don’t believe me. That information is all over the internet as are most of L. Ron Hubbards writing which Scientology tried to keep secret.

    Ask yourself this question: What REAL religion wants their doctrine kept secret even from their own people? The Bible is available for all to read. The Koran is available for all to read. Only Scientology hides their scripture and makes you pay to read it piece by piece.

    Get some real information about Scientology. It’s dangerous and destructive and has been responsible for the deaths of many as well as ruining the lives of many others.

    Just because a celebrity follows it doesn’t make it right. It’s a cult.

  • heather

    they’re going to infiltrate a dark theater and wear masks during a performance… the dark. they do realize that it will be dark in there right? and why should all the other people who paid to see the performance have to be freaked out by these crazy people in masks??? i mean scientology is freakin crazy, but it sounds like these protesters are a litle nuts too.

  • twinkle

    Katie is a smart girl. She knows which side of the her bread is buttered.

  • dido

    leave her alone , everybody can believe what they what, it doesn’ t enterest anybody, she is happy so what’s the matter?

  • to tina

    # 11 Tina @ 09/02/2008 at 12:40 pm Even Tom Cruise has said that Scientology is not a religion, he said you can be a Christian and a Scientologist at the same time.


  • montana mike

    religion or not religion-it’s her business and not anyone elses. why doesn’t everyone protest the catholic priest fucking child molesters. no religion or non-religion is perfect-live and let die

  • Debba

    If you know even a tiny bit about Scientology, you’ll realize what a bold-faced lie and a joke it is to claim you can be “both” a Scientologist and a Christian (or a Jew or whatever). What Scientologists believe directly cancels out the very basic foundations of Christianity. How in God’s name can you be both when in Scientology there is no God?

    Scientologist have to say it is a religion (even though it is nothing like one) so they can keep their tax exampt status.

    Theae individuals are free to protest against Scientology if they choose to do so. Last time I checked it’s still America. And the Scientologists are constantly forming protests about the perceived bigotry aimed their way. They are vocal and mean–as I’ve witnessed.

    So what if a bunch of people are going to sit in silent protest? The theatre people are probably thrilled to finally fill all those empty seats that Katie Holmes couldn’t.

  • lol

    i guess the show will be more exciting if they’d ramble inside or something. lmfao!

  • Sy

    He may have said that you can be a Scientologist and a Christian at the same time. But you really can’t. Scientologist believe that Alien ghosts have been brainwashed made to believe in Jesus Christ and then are implanted into our bodies. (in a machine called R-6 75million years ago) It is a teaching that you do learn until you have spent many years in scientology and reach the level of “OT 3″ Tom is OT 7 and “knows” that.

    Scientologist will tell you that the Space Opera story is from a screenplay Hubbard wrote you can hear him on Gawker.

    In the dissemination Course on wiki leaks L. Ron Hubbard explains that it is NOT fiction. (See the glossary for space opera) And goes on to say that it should not be mentioned in public.

  • Are You Kidding Me!

    Scientology is NOT just Katie’s “business”. It’s a cult that should concern everybody! Did you know that they want to have EVERYONE WHO IS NOT A SCIENTOLOGIST declared a suppressive person? That’s right. Anyone who is a Suppressive Person is to be “disposed of quietly and without sorrow” according to L. Ron Hubbard.

    Katie’s cult wants you “disposed of” if you don’t agree with them.


    This comes from NBC.

    When Katie Holmes’ Broadway show “All My Sons” opens Oct. 16, ticket holders won’t be the only ones in attendance. The anti-Scientology group Anonymous will be on hand for Holmes’ Broadway debut as well.

    “The group confirms that a protest will take place opening night. “We aren’t looking to shut it (“All My Sons”) down, we don’t have the power to do that, we just want to prove a point,” one spokesperson (who remains anonymous, natch) confirmed via phone.

    Anonymous’ protests, when they take place in person (the group often launches Web-based protests) are easy to spot, thanks to the tell-tale masks Anonymous members wear. The group, which calls itself a “leaderless worldwide group of concerned citizens” recently picketed the Scientology Center on West 46th Street in New York.

    Of the group’s plans to picket the “Sons” opening, the spokesperson said their main aim was to “save Katie.” “We want to draw attention to Scientology, and hopefully get Katie out of it before its too late.” “

  • Janna

    why doesn’t everyone protest the catholic priest ******* child molesters.

    Many people have! Do you read the papers?!?!?!

    The major difference is that the Catholic Church does not have the molestation of children as part of their doctrine. They don’t support it. Some really bad people did it and unfortunately, there are bad people everywhere. The bottom line is that it’s NOT part of Catholic scripture. Besides, if one religion does something wrong, does that make it OK for Scientology to do things that are hateful and wrong? Of course not.

    Scientology scripture written by Hubbard teaches their people to lie, cheat, attack others, be bigots, deny medication to those who need it, disconnect from anyone who is not a Scientologist and also tells them that it is OK to hurt non-Scientologists in any way they want to. Is that something anyone would want to be part of? I don’t think so!!

  • Michell

    Since when did Katie look happy, she never smiles anymore. Yeah I know the paps are in her face all the time but I’d at least try and live normally and to me that is smiling and being happy if she’s not she needs to change her lifestyle. As for Suri I’ve never seen that kid smile, but if you look at Matilda, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams baby in 99% of pictures take of her she’s smiling or laughing seems like a happy child where as Suri doesn’t.

  • Amanda

    So true Michell!!

    If that’s what Scientology does to a person (makes them too miserable to smile), they can have it!

    Katie used to be a happy girl who was always smiling. Now she looks dead in the eyes, unhappy and brainwashed. I feel sorry for her.

    Look at Suri! I saw a news clip about her when she didnt know the paps were there and she looked miserable too. That poor kid! TC and KH need to get that kid out of that cult!!

  • heather2

    Anyone who wants to check out the actual Anonymous discussion about this can read it here. http: //forums.enturbulation. org/15-media/protests-planned-katie-holmes-broadway-show-opening-27941/2/#post546967

    (just delete the 2 spaces)

  • heather2

    Acutally, that’s page 2. Try page 1: http ://forums.enturbulation. org/15-media/protests-planned-katie-holmes-broadway-show-opening-27941/

  • irene

    A concerned person:

    excellent post!!

  • dancer

    Geez, she is a wrinkled mess today. I guess someone must have told her to roll her pant legs more uniformly as the rolled cuffs aren’t the mess they usually are. Top is not flattering at all in style or color, jeans and top are wrinkled. Goes to show money can’t buy style or class. She looks like she picked these up on the last day of a Wal-Mart summer sale.

  • save katie from what?

    Katie doesn’t believe in Scientology, but she subscribed to it because she knew it would buy her a luxurious life. I don’t think she wants to be saved. She’s as much a part of that life now as Tom Cruise is. He wouldn’t bother with her if she wasn’t.

  • Zenia

    JJ must be lovin this! He’s gonna get a million hits today but what he’s really doing is getting the idiots to support that cult. They’re morons. Do some research about Scientology. Read the positive and the negative and if you still agree with it, you’re sick in the head.

    Oh, and to all the Scientologists who will respond. Forget it. Thanks to Anonymous we know all about you now.

    Take a look at

  • save katie from what?

    #33: You’re right. This post is going to be a winner for Just Jared.

  • Quentina

    Any group that advocates and even highly encourages members to completely cut ties with family, mother, father, sister, brother if they do not share or accept the same beliefs is by my definition a cult or at the very least a dangerous and malicious influence.

  • Shauna

    I agree, save katie from what?!!!!!

    Katie is a pr wh*re and a gold digger. She thought Cruise would give her a career boost and lots of money. That makes her even worse that being a Scientologist. She sold her life and her womb to Cruise for some money and a career. We can all see how well that’s working out! LOL!! The play isn’t selling tickets, her movies are bombs and everyone thinks she’s a idiot!

    Go home to Ohio Katie. You’re pathetic!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debba

    I forgot to add that Katie looks like death warmed over in these latest pictures. Seriously what happened to that girl?

  • Mav

    Does Katie believe in Scientology? That’s something interesting to ponder. She has spoken of taking some classes and placed that experience in a favorable light. But that was when she first met Tom Cruise.

    Can anyone find it on record where she has spoken of it, or her involvement in it, since? And words Tom put into her mouth do not count.

    Of course if she isn’t allowed to speak of it, and interviewers aren’t allowed to ask, then I guess we’ll never really know.

    I’m inclined to think the idols Katie worships are more or the gold variety. Or plastic.

  • Bobbi

    The Scientologists will be here in a few minutes to defend the wife of their precious messiah.

    Don’t believe it. They lie and scream bigotry, but the truth is Scientologists are more bigoted than anyone here. They believe all black people are “mud people” and not as good as whites. They believe anyone who is not a Scientologist needs to be disposed of. They believe anyone who needs psychiatric medications needs to be locked up and kept away from the population, they believe their way is the only way. They believe all Psychiatrists need to be killed. What religion believes things like that?????!!!!!?????? It’s sick.

    Get educated about Scientology and tell those Scientologists to go to hell. Good for Anonymous. They are good people calling attention to a cult! I hope Katie gets out before it swallows her up.

  • Clinton

    What an awful thingto do.

    Who are these people to harrass Holmes for choosinga religion they disagree with?

  • Tom is weird

    Katie really sold her soul getting involved with that wacky cult.

  • Clinton

    He never said Scientology wasn’t a religion, #11

    Who says she HAD to give it up, #14

    Anyone’s religion is their business and their business alone, #24. Who are they to try to ‘save’ her?

    You always ‘conveniently’ miss such pics even thought they’re only a clock away, #26

    TomKat never did that, #35

  • irene

    Mav, Tom has spoken for her in an interview, when he said “we’re just scientologists” , this happen just a few moths later than when he said that people could have a different religion and scientology too. It is well known that Katie ws Catholic, and the all of a sudden he said that.

    That was what made me think that KH was a wimp with no beliefs of her own, easily to be brainwashed, she really thinks that TC is her prince, ha, why didn’t he changed his religion for her?

  • Forget Katie – Save Suri

    Read some L. Ron Hubbard quotes! Katie needs to get out of Scientology FAST!

    “Rather than give psychotics such treatment it would be far kinder to kill
    them immediately and completely…”
    * – L. Ron Hubbard, “Science of Survival”, p117

    “ENEMY — SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”

    “A Suppressive Person or Group becomes fair game. By FAIR GAME is meant, may not be further protected by the codes and disciplines or the rights of a Scientologist.”

    “The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to: suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology Ethics, unless absolved by later Ethics or an amnesty … this Policy Letter extends to suppressive non-Scientology wives and husbands and parents, or other family members or hostile groups or even close friends.”

    L. Ron Hubbard, HCO Policy Letter, April 1965

    “There are only two answers for the handling of people from 2.0 down on the tone scale, neither one of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts. The first is to raise them on the tone scale by un-enturbulating some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes. The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow.

    “The sudden and abrupt deletion of all individuals occupying the lower bands of the tone scale from the social order would result in an almost instant rise in the cultural tone and would interrupt the dwindling spiral into which any society may have entered. It is not necessary to produce a world of clears in order to have a reasonable and worthwhile social order; it is only necessary to delete those individuals who range from 2.0 down, either by processing them enough to get their tone level above the 2.0 line – a task which, indeed, is not very great, since the amount of processing in many cases might be under fifty hours, although it might also in others be in excess of two hundred – or simply quarantining them from the society.

    “A Venezuelan dictator once decided to stop leprosy. He saw that most lepers in his country were also beggars. By the simple expedient of collecting and destroying all the beggars in Venezuela an end was put to leprosy in that country.”

  • dancer

    It is not a religion. It is a cult that has tax-exempt religious standing because they were able to convince/harass/bully/lobby the right folks into giving them that status.
    It is a dangerous cult. If you have been reading the posts on it then you would know that Clinton.
    I am assuming from past readings on Anonymous and their masked antics that many of the members have been hurt by Scientology.
    Perhaps you should read up on it first before making inane opinions on a blog that has a lot of informed folks about scientology. She chose this cult or was blinded by love.
    Look at the YouTube videos of Tommy boy making an ass out of himself over it. He is laughing like a loon as he spouts their hocus pocus crap. His videos are totally scary. If the rest of the cult is like him, we need to educate people on it as they are dangerous. Read about it Clinton and you will see if you can read about it with an open mind.

  • here we go

    Oh lord….the freak known as “Clinton”, “Jefferson”, “Roosevelt” etc etc etc has arrived. What a pathetic idiot he/she/IT is.

  • whatever

    Scientology was created by Ron L Hubbard to stroke the ego of the rich and famous. He also must have had a falling out with someone who worked in the health care industry. The more money you have the higher you move up the rankings. I find it funny that Cruise is a high school drop-out yet prides himself on being an expert in health care. He is only repeating what a higher up told him and making a HUGE bafoon out of himself. This “religion” is stupid and dangerous.

  • —-

    Fans (like Clinton) who love Tom Cruise hate free speech.

    Clinton wants us to stop talking badly about a celebrity’s behavior as it happens right in front of our eyes, but thinks it’s okay to pass judgments on those he has never met, seen or spoken to.

    Clinton is not only misinformed, he’s a huge hypocrite.

    Clinton is much like his idol Tom Cruise, his ignorance only matched by his arrogance.

    Clinton believes any negative comments about Tom Cruise or his aging, depressed wife should be censored and only the positive allowed.

    Clinton tries to argue every point made, even when he is repeatedly proven false. He keeps coming back, keeps trying to distract, keeps changing his words.

    Clinton is quick to draw the prejudice and bigotry card.

    Clinton claims he is not a Scientologist, yet follows their method of attack down to the letter.

  • Clinton Is Still Insane

    OH LOOK! It’s our resident Scientologist, Clinton/Jefferson/Truman!! LOL!

    “He never said Scientology wasn’t a religion, #11″

    Hubbard said it wasn’t a religion! Read something other than gossip mags and quotes from Tom and Katie’s PR people. Get educated. Do some research. Until then, STFU!

    “Who says she HAD to give it up, #14″

    Can’t you read Clinton? YOU CANNOT BE A CATHOLIC AND A SCIENTOLOGIST. Tom Cruise is a liar. It’s called mixing practices and it’s against Scientology laws. Look it up you ignorant git! Google is your friend.

    “Anyone’s religion is their business and their business alone, #24. Who are they to try to ’save’ her?”

    It’s not just Katie’s business when her “religion” is responsible for many deaths, human rights abuses and other disgusting things. Anonymous has the right to protest. End of story. Oh and again, Get educated. You’re totally ignorant. There’s more to this world than fansites and PR releases from Tomkat

    “You always ‘conveniently’ miss such pics even thought they’re only a clock away, #26″

    Katie looks like sh*t. Everyone agrees but you. Deal with it.

    “TomKat never did that, #35″

    He didn’t disconnect because his entire famiy are Scientologists. As far as Katie’s family goes, how often to you see them? Every once in a while. The minute they say anything against Scientology, they are GONE and won’t be seen at all.

  • hm

    That is beyond ridiculous. They are not trying to help Katie Holmes they are trying to draw attention to themselves.