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Leighton Meester Was Born In Jail

Leighton Meester Was Born In Jail

Gossip Girl sweetheart Leighton Meester was born in jail, Star magazine claims.

Her mother was reportedly serving a federal prison sentence in Texas when she gave birth to Leighton, now 22, was reportedly born while . Mama Meester was allowed to stay in a halfway house for the birth, but had to return to the slammer on the day Leighton turned three months. Leighton was raised by a close relative after her mom was busted for participating in a drug ring.

Also, according to the mag, Leighton‘s father, grandfather and aunt all did hard time in federal prisons for drug dealing.

Whether this is true or not, it’s great to see Leighton doing so well! XOXO.

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  • abby


  • Ashley

    shut up;

  • shay

    she looks semi trailer trashyy in person .. you get that hard bitch vibe from her

  • shay

    and i think she got a nose job. ?

  • Raquel

    Ouch… Great actress!! Really like her!! The past is the past (if it’s true, of course)

  • Kk

    Star is a tab therefore lies but by chance it is true then it is no ones busness but hers.

  • null

    Wow. That’s tough. I don’t really know her, except I’ve seen her pics on this site, but it looks like things are going better for her now, and I hope it continues.

  • Gabi

    YAY 1ST!
    X X X


    Leighton is a G! I totally like her more now lol

  • kayla

    omg! that’s kinda sad. i really like her too, she’s one of my favorite actresses

  • [B]cutiepie[/B]

    Leighton Meester at a Grammys after party in Los Angeles, “surrounded by a cloud of funny-smelling smoke. ” The 21-year-old actress seems to have a penchant for smokin’ joints ..

    She does drugs, thats no secret in the gossip world.

  • Say

    Ouch. This is what I call dirty laundry. At least she’s living a decent life. Good for her that she has overcome her family’s issues with drugs.

  • agi


  • leighton meester fan

    Wow that is sad. But Leighton is still a great actress.Love her she is awesome :)

  • Riley

    What? Thats some crazy shit, If its true.

  • S

    Star magazine is often lying and doing things bigger then they are :P

  • Jessica

    Star is not reliable.

    It’s ridiculous to make something like this up about a beautiful and talented actress.

  • Positive thinker

    Well good for her for pulling herself out of that cesspool of drugs and self abuse; she’s showing she has guts, and drive to be someone worthwhile…..

  • lauren

    Leighton’s one of the stronger actors on GG and I love her, but this is super tacky of any tabloid. To out someone’s private life like that. I’m not saying it’s unheard of or anything…it’s just not funny or clever and never will be. That said, I refuse to believe this especially if it comes from Star Magazine.

  • Bee

    OMG… L. I luv yaa

  • ilATEASE

    come listen to my tale about a man named Jed
    poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed
    then one day he was shoot’n at some food
    and out from ground came a bubbling brew..
    …..oil that is……black gold….texas tea……

    Here come the HILLBILLIES! YEE HAW!

  • ggfan

    [B] The Past Is The Past [/B]

  • dana

    i don’t trust star mag they report stories falsely all the time. But reporting on people’s private life like that is ridiculous and stupid. Leighton’s amazing, shes one of the better actresses on the show.

  • Amanda

    weird =P

  • Holly

    First of all Star isn’t a reliable source to begin with so just take the information lightly. If it true, the past has nothing to do with her accomplishments now. She’s strong and a cool girl. Go Leighton!

  • dialectic

    marajauna is not a drug, its a plant and it should be legal so the whole”she smokes weed so it figures she comes from a bad home ” attitude is just really ignorant.besides you cant judge someone for what their family has done.
    like bob marley said “love, peace, music and liberty” so excuse me while i light my spliff…

  • happy lol day

    If its true her nickname should be Phoenix because she rose from ashes :)

  • Bum

    She should be congratulated for followiung a different path, if it’s true.

  • Jimmy

    I’m reminded of the line from the musical Les Miserables when Javert tells Jean Valjean “You know nothing of Javert. I was born inside a jail. I am from the gutter too.”

  • Valerie

    I don’t think that what your family did has to effect on you, and I think that’s what makes Leighton a great role model. And if this is true (but it is star, so probably made up stuff to sell the magazine) then I don’t think it should be published. It’s no one’s business excepts her’s and her family’s.

  • Erin

    Trailer trashy?
    i seriously doubt shay has ever met Leighton.
    But all the pictures i’ve seen of her on here she looks beautiful make up or no make up.

  • newport beach, 92660

    really? NO! Star magazine….they’re just WRONG.. also they never get they’re stories straight. That’s why I read People… they’re like 99% right while Star is like 60%. Anyhoo I should probably turn my Laptop off and get studying… University is HARD!

  • laurie

    Wow nice family glad she is doing so well……

  • p

    If that is her in this picture then she had a fat NOSE JOB!

  • CH

    You actually state….”don’t know if this is true or not” and yet, you still publish it! Seriously, I hope a lawyer comes after you in a big way. I am sure you are about 18, but you need to think about the rumors that you are spreading. Good God!

  • kkcc

    sounds fakeeee. if that is true..then wow!! id be shocked!

  • gama

    it is true that her mother was involved in a drug ring–just google her mom’s name and the actual court papers are there for all to see.

    also her brother was charged as a rapist “Leighton Meester probably wishes her brother’s accuser had used a few of the same lines she will offer up in a bit role she plays on tonight’s airing of the new Fox TV show, “North Shore.”

    The teen actress is the real-life sister of U.S. Air Force Academy cadet Douglas Logan Meester, a Marco Island man who was accused of raping an 18-year-old female cadet in his dormitory room at the academy in October 2002.” see

  • gama

    “United States of America, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Constance Haas Meester, Jeanne Sanfratello Tumulty, Robert Haas, Edward Conrad Sawyer, Defendants-Appellants., 762 F.2d 867 (11th Cir. 1985 00:00:00)

    Clyde M. Taylor, Jr., Tallahassee, Fla., for Meester…… HENDERSON, Circuit Judge: The appellants, Constance Haas Meester, Jeanne Sanfratello Tumulty, Robert Haas and Edward Conrad Sawyer, were charged in a multiple count indictment with various drug related offenses…”

  • Alexa

    Low blow from Star Magazine but I’m not surprised at all. They’ll do anything for publicity. Whether this is true or not, it doesn’t really matter to me. It only makes me love her more for not using this as a sob story.

  • kchan

    so what?
    blair love u 4ever

  • rYAN

    it makes me sick to my stomach, that when this girl goes home she doesn’t really have a family stable enough to enjoy or appreciate her.

    It must be a lonely world to have all your relatives being consumed by the drug industry

  • magali

    really.. !? how awful for her..

    well.. like #28 said she; should be congratulated for followiung a different path

    i just adore her !
    we LOVE you Leighton !

  • ms anonymous

    Wow… what an invasion of her privacy! It’s nobody’s business but hers as to the type of life she had growing up or where she was born. This is the kind of filth that makes ALL of the media look bad-if it’s true imagine how embarassed and prob ashamed she feels to have her private life splashed all over a magazine! She would have talked aobut it if she had wanted people to know! Also, Jared I’m suprised you even put this up since it’s such an invasive and blatant invasion of her privacy…sure you didn’t put her in the mag but you are blogging about it! Everyone has had shameful family secrets and i just think this is really inappropriate for us to know….

  • the biggest fan of gossip girl

    OMG that is so sad
    how would say it if some1 asked where you were born?
    it must be so hard…how has your acting career been
    like my name i am the biggest fan of Gossip Girl
    you and serina are my fav out of the girls and the dudes r nate and dan… chase crawford is da bomb…lol have you ever fallen in love with one of the guys on the show???

  • the biggest fan of gossip girl

    that is so true “ms anoymous” but whether it is true it is an invasion on her privacy and it is rude to go ahead sayin crap likes this even though the dumbarse publisher doesnt no if it is true
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so rude to do this it is an invasion on her life and she has obviously put it to the back of her wardrobe to not remember about it so everyone should just shut up and if you dont no if it is true than DO NOT SAY IT because it is spreding rumours that could possible bring dark memories back to Leighton and anyone else that has put stuff to the backof there mind and may try not to remember it so everyone JUST LEAVE HER ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!